Video of Christopher Paolini’s “Epic in Epic Fantasy” Panel Now Available

Our friends over at Random House’s “Suvudu” have released the first half-hour of the “Putting the ‘Epic’ in ‘Epic Fantasy'” panel from Comic-Con! The panel, which we chronicled in-depth during Comic-Con, featured a plethora of famous fantasy authors including Christopher Paolini as they discussed the panel’s subject and more! Continue reading for the videos!

Huge thanks to Suvudu for filming the panel!

  • SecretCountess

    It worked fine for me.
    Just wished part three was here!

  • Mr. Anonymous

    What are the names of the authors from left to right please?

  • My Comments go along with the interviews parts.

    Dang, I must really love my characters, my series is so long it takes 9 books. (800-500 Pages Printed Each) Of course I have been writing them seance 2001. There aren’t to many small stories in my Series. Chris is right, my main character M starts out as being a goofy kid, to being a dark heart broken soul as an Adult. I made my characters, then had to build a world around them. Of course I had to rework the story and world around my main characters to match a teen novel setting instead of a children’s comic book like they were in when I wrote the first two ‘books’ in 6th grade.

  • Adilas73

    I can’t seem to watch it, as soon as the page loads the videos turn black. I am a New Zealand viewer, can it only be viewed in America?

    • asdfasdf

      nope doenst work for me either

    • Not sure what to tell you. Works fine for me and even if it didn’t, I have zero control over Vimeo. 🙁

      • Adilas73


    • eternalrider

      so am I, I can watch perfectly fine. lol

  • Ethiwen

    The first video, for some reason, continues stopping at 05:54 but it all seems great. 🙂 Will watch the rest of it (part 2) later. ^^

  • Anonymous

    It is great to see Christopher on a panel with other amazing authors.

  • Shishkabob123456789

    “he wrote some books about dragons or something” lol…
    and also first.