The Announcement is Here: Inheritance Quest Launches!

We’re incredibly delighted to share with you all some fun news: Random House and Christopher Paolini have launched “Inheritance Quest” — a story-driven game through the world of Alagaesia. Inheritance Quest allows players to play as one of five major characters, starting with Angela, and quest through the story in the character’s shoes.

I am also thrilled to announce that I was heavily involved in the game’s development as a creative consultant and co-writer and wrote a majority of the storyline and quest text you’ll see in the game. I can personally vouch that the story flows fun and accurately for Inheritance fans — I kept the heart and life of Inheritance in every page written. I hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed working on this project!

As a last note, we should all thank the incredible team behind the app’s development, Nick Braccia (of Vroengard Academy!), and the entire Random House Children’s Books team. Take a look at this game — you’ll quickly realize how much time, dedication, and fun went into its creation. These guys are incredible at what they do and it shows! Working with them, as always, was a delight.

A word from Christopher:

Hi Everyone,

I’m thrilled to unveil to you today two exciting Inheritance cycle announcements from Comic-Con International in San Diego!

For all of you who are on Facebook, we’ve launched a great new Facebook game called Inheritance Quest. In this game you’ll have the opportunity put yourself in the shoes of many of your favorite Inheritance cycle characters. Each character quest includes ten tasks comprised of a variety of challenging visual puzzles, mini-games, trivia, and choose-your-own-adventure activities. Completion of tasks earns players badges, three in total, and ultimately a trading card for each of the five characters: Angela, Murtagh, Galbatorix, Saphira, and Eragon. This week we’ll be kicking off the Angela quest.

The other piece of news is that is getting a whole new look! Now you’ll be able to easily discover my new videos, see photos from all my appearances on the book tour, hear about the latest announcements, and check out Inheritance cycle activities.

I hope you enjoy the Inheritance Quest and the new look of I look forward to hearing your reactions to them. Good luck with your quests, and may your swords stay sharp until we talk again in August!

You can play the game on Facebook by visiting Inheritance Quest on Facebook. You can check out the all-new at its old home —! Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments. And trust us… it gets even more fun as new characters are unlocked. Good luck!