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We are now looking for your thoughts, discussion points, ideas, feedback, and theories for episode two. We will be reading “Saddlemaking” through “An Old Friend” in Eragon for our upcoming episode, so please make sure to base your thoughts on those chapters! If your email, comment, or voicemail is chosen by our staff and discussed/played during the show, you’ll have a chance to win some cool prizes, including signed books from Christopher Paolini himself! Voicemails enter you into the raffle twice!

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  • Baboo

    So I realize that this is way past the Tuesday deadline, but something just hit me while I was thinking about “Vault of Souls” theories (spurred by the Book 4 subtitle).  It is likely that you don’t really have much submitted about Woadark Lake and the Toark River(s), so this might fill a hole anyways if you get the chance to use it.

    As a geographer, something has always bothered me about Woadark Lake, it doesn’t make any sense.  I realize that this magical world was created by a 15 year old who may not have known a lot about geography, but I still think he would have clued in on this one.  In fact he addresses its strange state of existence directly in the text as Eragon questions how the Toark River can flow both inland and to the ocean at the same time.


    Here is the exact quote (Eragon pg. 171):

    When they finally reached the pass, Eragon saw that a river rushed out of it and cut across the road.  “This is the Toark,” explained Brom.  “We’ll follow it all the way to the sea.”

    “How can we,” laughed Eragon, “if it flows out of the Spine in this direction? It won’t end up in the ocean unless it doubles back on itself.”

    Brom twisted the ring on his finger. “Because in the middle of the mountains rests the Woadark Lake.  A river flows from each end of it and both are called the Toark.  We see the eastward one now.  It runs to the south and winds through the brush until it joins Leona Lake.  The other one goes to the sea.”

    [End of quote.]


    First, where does all of this water come from?  It has no inflows yet there’s enough water coming out of it to “rush across the road” in the eastward direction filling Leona Lake, and flow out in the westward direction to Terim and the sea.  Across the entire length of the Spine there is only one other river that is mapped (the Anora), so it’s not as if there is vast amounts of water coming out of the Spine.  I think that there’s a magical explanation for the water in Woadark Lake … but why?

    Second, why on Earth (or Alagaesia I guess) would Brom twist the ring on his finger (which just happens to be chalked full of magical energy I might add) before answering the question?  What a random thing for CP to write at that exact moment!  Is it necessary for Brom to do this (and for CP to even mention it), or does the former Rider know something that he’s not telling us (and Eragon)?

    Finally, if (as many people have suggested) the Spine is actually in the form of a dragon (due to several possible explainations), what physiological feature would be located right about where Woadark Lake is?  Oh that’s right, a heart … or more likely a Heart of Hearts (see pg 695 of Brisingr for a description of Glaedr disgorging his).  Where in all of Alagesia would be a more appropriate place to have “stored” the souls of dragons since the beginning of time (long before any settlements were created)?  The water could be protecting/concealing the Vault and/or it could be given off by the Vault as a lifeblood of Alagaesia.

  • bromandsaphira

    Okay, here is a therory based on what I’ve read for this weeks dissucsion:
    Do you think Jeod was orginally considered to have a more important role? Do you think he will play a role in book four? He and Brom obviously have a long history, and Jeod keeps popping up throughout the series to give aid to “the good guys” Is he going to do some spectacular in book four?
     also…When Brom is teaching Eragon magic. (One of my favorite scenes, by the way) I always liked to speculate on what he was thinking while teaching his(spoiler alert!) son magic….
    can’t wait for the next podcast!

    • SecretCountess

      I would like Jeod to have a bigger role. In Brisingr he tells Eargon that he is searching for more hidden passages, so maybe the Varden fight their way to Uru’baen and then have to find a way to enter the city without raisng the alarm, and then Joed comes forth with a  secret way in (His big moment).
      Or he could discover the entrance to the Vault of Souls. That would be spectacular!


  • If you’re international and don’t want to call our phone number, feel free to record yourself leaving a message and email that audio message to [email protected]

    Thanks for the tip, Marcos!

  • If you’re international and don’t want to call our phone number, feel free to record yourself leaving a message and email that audio message to [email protected]

    Thanks for the tip, Marcos!

  • Vikram

    How is it fair that people who live in the same country as you guys will be able to call you and leave a voicemail, and so have TWICE the chance of winning as any other CP fan living outside the US would when he/she emails you?

    • We can’t please everyone. Rather than complaining with no proposed solutions, perhaps next time you may consider feedback on how we can fix whatever you’re taking issue with.

      This is an audio show, obviously we need to incentivize audio over text. This is our way of doing that.

      In the mean time, services such as Google Voice and Skype allow you to call overseas for VERY cheap (in many cases, less than $0.10 USD per minute).

      • yeah, you’re right. But maybe there’s another option. I mean, haven’t you guys considered the idea of taking audio files? I guess it would be easier to some people… If we could record an audio file and then send you via email… It’s just an idea, though.

  • Adilas73

    I wish I could enter, but i’m in another country 🙁


  • Adilas73

    I wish I could enter, but i’m in another country 🙁