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The Inheritance Cycle Book Club is a podcast-styled read-through of Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr aimed at refreshing fans and entertaining new readers as we venture toward the release of Inheritance. Each of the twenty episodes will discuss set portions of the books, in order, and will tackle the events of each reading, theories arising from the reading, and more. Join us for our adventure through the series!

Episode one of Shurtugal.com’s Inheritance Cycle Book Club Podcast has finally arrived! Our debut episode takes a look at what fans should expect from the episode over the next few months, including a major sweepstakes, occasional book giveaways, book discussion, interviews, guest hosts, theories, and more! Additionally, we tackle the first fifteen chapters of Eragon, discussing some of the most important events in the Inheritance Cycle — events which have shaped Eragon’s future, and the future of Alagaesia. Join us as we discuss Eragon’s discovery of Saphira’s egg and all of the resulting events, and be sure to read along as we read through all three books over the next twenty weeks!

Don’t forget that we’ve “hidden” a secret word in each episode of the Book Club. Collect all twenty words for a shot at an incredible grand prize, as well as many more runners-up prizes to be revealed in the coming weeks!

Fair warning: this week’s episode runs a bit on the longer side. We had a lot to get through — introducing ourselves, Shur’tugal, as well as the podcast and its contents. This week’s reading was also jam-packed with key events. Future episodes will be kept between 30 and 45 minutes (unless they feature interviews).

Shurtugal.com Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode One:

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Brief Outline for “Shurtugal.com Presents: The Inheritance Cycle Book Club, Episode One”:

  • Introduction! Your hosts are Mike Macauley (Shur’tugal, Lytherus, The Inheritance Almanac), Lauren Zurchin (Lytherus.com), and Chris Addison (Shurtugal.com)
  • Hosts discuss first discovering Eragon and why they’ve stuck with the series
  • Discussion of Christopher first writing Eragon and his long-lasting impact on the publishing industry and fantasy writing world
  • We jump into the book, discussing this section’s key events, including: the prologue; Eragon’s discovery of the egg; Brom’s history of Dragon Riders; Saphira hatches; Saphira is named; Roran leaving Carvahall; Saphira and Eragon’s first flight; Garrow’s death; Brom discovers Eragon is a Rider; Brom joins Eragon and Saphira; Eragon sees Zar’roc
  • Hosts discuss their favorite parts of this week’s reading!
  • Hosts discuss spoiler-free theories stemming from this week’s reading, including one of our favorites: the “Spine theory”
  • We reveal this week’s “sweepstakes word”… you’ll have to listen to hear it!
  • Announcement of next week’s chapters: Saddlemaking through An Old Friend
  • We want your feedback!
  • The spoiler-free portion of the show ends with a spoiler warning as we begin to discuss our spoiler-ridden theories!
  • End of episode one!

Next Week’s Reading: “Saddlemaking” through “An Old Friend” (stop when you hit “The Witch and the Werecat”)

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We want your feedback!

We’re looking for your feedback! We want to create the perfect book club for fans of the Inheritance Cycle; to do this, we need to know what you’re thinking after our first show. What worked? What didn’t work? What changes would you like to see made? Is there anything you’d like added to the show? Please — let us know your thoughts and we’ll do our best to accommodate all feedback and ideas. Submit your thoughts in the comments below or send us an email at [email protected] — be sure to include the word “Feedback” in the subject!

  • PrometheusLKR

    While discussing the egg’s appearance, I couldn’t help but wonder how the Varden got out alive with the egg in the first place! Similar to Faolin and Glenwing falling to mere arrows, you would think Galbatorix would have had them magically protected. Magic seems to grow stronger through the books.

  • PrometheusLKR

    Eagerly awaiting Inheritance too! (and kinda hoping the plot starts to majorly differ from Star Wars…)

  • Inheritancevlog

    the urgals arrows were enchanted by the shade to penetrate wards.  brisingr states that

  • AustralianFan121

    This podcast is really great, I’m very glad you guys thought to do this!
    One thing that you didn’t notice/mention was when Brom was telling the story of the Dragon Riders (And I agree it was a great scene) and Eragon thought he saw Brom crying. I think that was a really good decision by Paolini (unconsious or not) cause’ it tells you that to Brom it isn’t just a story it’s real to him and he had a stake in it and he’s been plauged by it. I don’t know, I might be reading too much into it but I just wanted to mention it:)

  • Black Rose

    Quick note: I thought the fact that the dragon took so long to hatch was in itself interesting. When you read how the egg was continually brought before children etc the story makes it seem like the person never received the egg for more than a few moments. Was each person even given as long a chance as Eragon? I feel if they weren’t then who’s to say that none of them weren’t supposed to be a rider. For the story’s sake obviously it’s going to be Eragon, but I feel that the way he got it was cheated in that regard.

    I love that everybody’s secret wish is for their to be a real dragon alive somewhere-anywhere other than the ones already mentioned. It’s sad but it’s touching how many people have that hope regardless of how small the probability is. I think that is amazing how the book manages to manifest that same feeling to so many people.

  • Dude

    I am quite certain that CP has stated there are no other dragons than Saphira, Thorn, Shruiken (and the Green Egg) in an interview – which woul invalidate the “Spine Theory”.. Can’t remember which interview he said it in, though..

  • Maybe there is a live wild dragon in the spin

  • zewology

    This is a little late (I didn’t have time to start re-reading until a couple days ago), but I noticed a couple things during the discussion that I wanted to comment on.

    The first thing I noticed was everyone agreed basically on how they could really see the influence of high fantasy as soon as they started reading.  I’m not going to deny that CP used a lot of the same concepts, but I actually felt that the reason I liked it was precisely because it didn’t feel like “high fantasy” to me.  Whenever I’ve tried to read older fantasy — Tolkien, McCaffrey, etc. — I get bogged down by the language and the descriptions and everything.  As much as I love fantasy, I started off with Harry Potter and was used to a very accesible, almost conversational feel to my fantasy lit, and I really liked that Eragon felt the same way.  Like it was something I could read and enjoy without putting in *too* much mental effort.

    The second thing was about Eragon being 15.  I agree that when you think about a 15 year old today — the type of 15 year old who would be reading this — then it does seem like a really crazy series of events.  But this isn’t our world.  Eragon’s world is more like medieval times.  His life isn’t about going to school and whatever hobbies he enjoys.  Eragon’s life is about surviving.  His family is poor, and he not only must work on the farm and hunt so they can survive, he actually takes on some of that responsibility himself.  I mean, how many 15 year olds do you know who would essentially apprentice themselves out in order to get enough meat to survive the winter?  How many are placed in that situation to begin with?  And Roran is only 17, yet is going off to work and is planning to be married come spring?  These aren’t typical teenagers from our world here.  (I had jotted this down while you were discussing it, and it’s interesting in hindsight because of the conversation then about Eragon’s immaturity oover Roran leaving.  It’s an interesting mixture because Eragon is so much more mature than most actual 15 year olds, yet is just as immature in other ways.)

    The third thing was about the rock, and how could he not have suspected it was an egg?  Here are my thoughts on that: Eragon didn’t know it was hollow until the merchant told him so, and then he tested it for himself.  But while speaking with that same merchant, Eragon was also told that it was basically the hardest substance the guy had ever seen — harder than diamond.  To me, a hollow rock seems more plausible than an egg that’s harder than diamond, but maybe that’s just the scientist in me.

    Anyways, I wanted to say that I like Mike’s spine theory as well.  I don’t know if the spine really is a dragon, though they do liken really old ones to small hills.  But I think there is definitely going to be more about the spine.  I like the idea of a wild dragon (or dragons) still living there.  Other thoughts I had: during Brom’s story (the first one, Mike and Chris’s favorite scene), he mentions that Galbatorix went off to dark places to learn forbidden magic.  Where did he learn it, and from whom?  Could this have something to do with the spine?  But that wouldn’t add up for the spine “selectively killing evil” or however it was worded.  Just a thought.

    Also, one other thing I thought was interesting in this section that no one commented on: Eragon is having those dreams when he’s at Gertrude’s right after the Ra’zac have attacked, and in it he sees people leaving on a ship, a man and a woman arm in arm and one man at the shore, and two dragons flying with the ship (poorly paraphrased).  Could this actually be foreshadowing to the very end of the book?

    Anyways, that was longer than I meant it all to be.  I’ll finish by saying thanks for doing the podcasts, it’s a good way for my to time my re-reading well so I’ll be ready to go for inheritance (I only actually read through the books once before now and I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten), and, as was mentioned during the talking, it’s interesting to hear how other people see things differently and find significance in things I may not have noticed.


    Imagine Brom’s feelings when he realizes that Eragon is a Rider! That his flesh
    & blood is carrying on the legacy of the Riders….

  • Du Hjarta Skulblaka

    I had never thought of the Spine theory either, but i love it! Although, whenever i think of the Spine i think of the Highlands of Scotland and the story of the Roman Legion that was lost there- No idea if thats what CP based it on, but have always felt that way, especially with Galbatorix’s lost army there

  • Bertimus

    Arya told eragon that the urgals arrows were enchanted. She said Durza boasted of them ibn Gil’ead

  • Ekarwelden

    I really love the theory section. I love to hear different ideas you guys have had.

  • Ekarwelden

    This is awesome. I’m excited to follow along with it. 

  • Weigraf

    The question you brought up was answered in the book. If you remember from the end of Book 1 Eragon asked arya why they didnt ward themselves against arrows and arya told him it was some spell Durza created (and was gloating about it when she was a prisoner) just wanted to mention that.

  • tell me why only survivor Saphira’s egg from Galbatorix’s hand?

  • Sully

    I had to break this episode up like three times due to the length of the episode. Still it was awesome to listen to.Can’t wait for more episodes

  • Katherine

    Really enjoyed this episode, really made me think about knew parts of the books.
    I like the spine theory, and had never really thought of it before.
    This really makes me want to reread Eragon now and join in, have to get my copy of the book off my friend now.

  • Rachel

    Just another crazy theorie on this site, but what if Galbatorix is the good guy and he is right about the old dragon riders beeing fat and lazy?

  • i can’t remember the colour of brom’s dragon. can someone tell me?

    • Anonymous

      blue like Eragons dragon. 

    • Abc123

      Its blue like saphira. his dragons name was saphira too.

      • wow!! literally a huge coincidence.

    • Kristoffer Strand

      …. blue 🙂

  • Michaelfahmy

    Spoiler alert through the book 4 preview

    Why does everyone think the spine must have wild dragons? For all we know it could be anything dangerous. Personally after reading the whole series I think the spine is the home to many werecats, which could possibly explain their appearance in the book 4 spoiler.

    • Kris Strand

      you right 🙂

  • I think you need to get to the reading. I don’t care why you started to read or why it is a great book.You should also let a lucky fan get to read a paragraph each week. Gove them a sall prize for it too. Something along the lines of $10 for iTunes. I know this is the first one, but you have some things to take car of.

  • Johnjacksnap

    the vault of souls has got to be the vault where galbatorix keeps the hearts of hearts

  • extremeblarg

    Spine theories got me thinking… what if the rocks of kuthian/vault of souls are located in the spine?  It could be some guardian that killed Galbatorix’s soldiers in there.  Heck, he could have sent them in there to find the place.



  • Can anyone tell me how to download the audio file? My speakers aren’t working right now but i could hear it on my mobile if i can download an audio file of it.

  • Mrthree31


    I don’t know if it was your mic or my speakers, but yours, Mike, seem to drown out the other to hosts.  The Podcast was Awsome though.  I got some great insights and a few different point of veiws to look at with a different angle. Thanks!  This Rocks!! 🙂  I can’t wait for more.

        I like the idea about there being wild dragons in the Spine.  However I don’t that there will be more than one.  I posted on another article that maybe the next rider will be created with a wild dragon already hatched.  My theory is that Arya will be that rider.  Who else would easily adapt to be a rider on such short notice.  The new dragon would have the magic to have made it grow so fast.  Besides, what better way for Eragon and Arya to further their understanding of each other and become more and more partners/equals, especially in wisdom and knowladge which seems mostly to why Arya refused Eragon. 

  • superbob92

    Someone probably told you this already, but CP stated either in one of the later books or an interview that Durza had heavily enchanted the arrows that killed Faolin and Lifaen.  Also, Durza planned it that way so he would have to face as few elves as possible, leaving as little chance of the egg’s escape as possible.  If one of the others had lived, they might have split up and Durza could only follow one.  Which is why he was lucky he killed all but one.

  • Arriana


    Going off the theory of the Spine being a huge dragon that is unable to move, and the Rock of Kuthian. One of the theories involving the RoK would be that it is the Heart of Hearts of a specific dragon, as it would give Eragon (or whoever gets their hands on it) more power. What if the dragon that makes up the Spine is named Kuthian? The Vault of Souls could possibly be the dragon’s mouth, as we know from Glaedr that dragons expunge their Heart of Hearts through their mouths. This would certainly fulfill the prophecy and give Eragon the power he needs. I mean, if the dragon was that old, just think of both the knowledge and power that he (or she) would possess. It could defiantly give Eragon an edge over Galbatorix

    • Fairth

      I personally doubt that the spine is a massive dragon, but for the sake of this comment, and just because I think the idea is cool, I’m going to assume it is for this post.

      With that in mind, what if the-dragon-that-is-the-spine is the dragon of the first Eragon.  There would be few other likely candidates that would be old enough to be that big.  Also, it would make sense, then, that Eragons name would cause this vault to open.

  • Andlat

    This podcast was of perfect length. Don’t restrict it to 30-45 mins please

    • DuSkulblakaEbrithil

      Agreed! I loved hearing so much discussion about even a few chapters of Eragon! It is cool to hear about theories I never thought about.

  • dragonegg

    I just listened to your podcast and LOVED IT!! You guys presented theories and ideas i’ve never thought of before, very insightful! I was hoping if you all could spend a little more time on spoiler theories, those were very interesting. Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike,
    I asked this a while back, but with the podcast and everything I was wondering whether any of the theory articles that you got us involved in and asked us to pitch in on(I think, last year, you had a sample one about Arya being the next rider) would be sifted through and added to the podcasts? I know and appreciate the amount of work your’re doing, and I get it if you can’t. just asking.

  • Shurtugal Brisingr

    spoiler i agree about the spine and dragon theory but also what about the grey folk maybe some of them are lurking in the mountains

  • Anonymous

    This was great, i love hearing other peoples point of view and seeing how they compare to mine. I remember i read eragon in 7th grade, the only reason i picked it up was because i needed a new book to read while waiting for the next harry potter and i saw this book at a school book fair and i thought the cover was cool so i picked it up. I cant wait for the episodes for weeks to come because most of my theories lie later in the series.

  • Brisingr

    in the  next Q&A can you ask gim id the humans in alageasia speakt the same language as us or is it different

  • Arya

    Is it possible that you can have a link to download the podcast…
    (possibly iTunes?)

    • J.G.

      On the podcast, there’s a button at the bottom that says you can subscribe to their podcasts on Itunes!!

    • There’s a link in the post with a link to download the podcast from iTunes.

  • Desirea Yardley

    I read Eragon for the first time after be taking by DEFAX
    while I was at a children home. The Previous owner had donated the book. The
    Inheritance cycle really help me escape from the world at a difficult time in
    my life. I then read Eldest at my first foster home and Brisingr at my second
    foster home. My second foster parents (who happen to share my taste in books)
    adopt me and my brother and sister. I am eternally grateful for the joy these
    books gave at the worse points in my life.

    • That is such a nice story to hear. I’m so glad to hear that you found a happy home and a book series to enjoy. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike, I was just wondering. Does the name Lytherus have any special meaning, or did you just think it was a cool name?

    • It’s a word we invented out of frustration (as all of the words we did like were taken).

      • Anonymous

        From the Book of Blog, Chapter One Trillion, verse 99

        And from that day, the blog was known as Lytherus, which means frustration.


  • Akshay

    this was a great podcast…. good job mike 🙂

  • Helen Beddis


    Hi I loved the podcast, I think you did a great job. I have two comments, firstly when Brom was telling the riders history did you notice that Galbatorix is described as killing Vrael with a blazing sword, I think that could be some very early forshaddowing. Also I agree that Garrow’s speech was to Roran and Eragon but I think he knew Eragon was a rider “first, let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered. One may be a free man and yet be bound tighter than a slave. Give men your ear but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don’t follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not. Consider none your superior, whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly or they will seek revenge.” I think most of this applies more to Eragon than Roran at this point but they both follow his advice throughout the series.

  • DragonsAreAwesome

    My comments include **SPOILERS**.

    In the podcast, Mike discussed how, in certain parts of the story like when Roran left, Eragon’s actions indicated that he needed to “grow up” and while this is a “coming of age story”, as Christopher Paolini described it in an interview, I feel that these actions are of great importance to the story because it helps people to connect with the character, grow with the character and makes the overall story more realistic.  There are many traditional hero stories where the hero is faced with a challenge, he/she is confident, knows what he/she is doing, and then he/she succeeds.  This person is very difficult to connect with because they make him or her so perfect, whereas Eragon’s imperfections add to the story.  Later on in the other books, as Eragon is faced with battles, he has to overcome his reluctance to harm people even when it is necessary.  It bothers him greatly that he has to kill and I like this because, eventhough I am so engrossed in the storyline that I want Eragon or Roran to defeat those soldiers, I feel that it would be only natural for someone both so young and new to this style of life to feel this way.  I also enjoy Eragon’s discussions with Oromis as Eragon questions him about death, religion, and much more and I believe that everyone has times when they really want an answer to those questions.  But back to the book at hand, I feel that Eragon’s sometimes childish attitude really displays the inner child in all of us and enforces the reality that humans, and other creatures, are innately imperfect.

    Some feedback about the podcast:  I enjoyed listening to it because despite having read the book numerous times (seriously, I’ve read Eragon at least 10 times; HUGE FAN), I find that there is always more to learn and discover.  Different viewpoints are good to hear.  This may have been mentioned before but I feel that you should keep a running storyline and just connect events because sometimes you would jump between events and then have to go back later on because you had missed something, ex. when the Ra’zac arrived at Carvahall.  Still, overall I enjoyed it.  Keep up the good work!!

  • Anonymous


    I was listening to the rest of the episode last night and i thought of something. Personaly, i like the idea of there being wild dragons in the Spine. But what that isn’t it. What if those wild dragons are guarding the rock of Kuthian? That could mean that the chunk of Galbatorix’s army that dissapeared in the Spine could have been sent out to find that rock, but they encountered the dragons. Now Galbatorix is building his strength so he can fight those dragons ( that i would like to see actually be some of the mountains themselves) and get to the rock. And this could mean that the name Galbatorix is looking for is Eragons true name so that he could open the Vault of Souls and gain whatever is in there (possible lots of Eldunari) 

    Thoughts on the theory? 

    And btw, love this podcast. 🙂

    • Kaseylenortracing

      That is exactly what i was thinking

      • Arya

        omg! that would be sooo cool MIke should totally talk about this next week!!!!!!

    • Fairth

      My thoughts exactly about the Rock of Kuthian being in The Spine.  I also agree that the RoK has something to do with the disappearance of the soldiers, although I would allow more freedom as to the contents of the Vault of Souls and it’s protectors.  They could be dragons, spirits, werecats, the amassed Eldunari somehow effecting the outside world (if that’s what’s in the Vault).

      Also, I wonder if the Vault is somehow connected to the first Eragon, and the current one needs only speak his natural name rather than his True Name.  This may seem too easy a “password” for people to figure out, but think about it, even many elves don’t know about it and fewer still are likely to know it’s time or origination; therefore making it hard to choose the right work.  If, on the other hand, it is Eragons true name, then whoever or whatever created entrance “password” would have an incredibly detailed knowledge of people an events in the future, a province of very few indeed, werecats, strange creatures created by magic, the gray folk of times lost, and possibly dragons.  The last possibilities are that 1.  He is somehow part of the entrance mechanism so that his true name would allow someone to control it.  Or 2. That his name, true or otherwise, provides some means that, when imbued with magic, allows someone to move mountains (figuratively, or, possibly, literally).

      • Maping

        Now imagine, the first Eragon did “create” the Vault, and to open you muyst speak his true name. However, both Eragon’s are so alike, that they have the same true name. THat’d be cool.

    • Gumwarrior

      i have been thinking that the rock of Kuithian and the vault of souls is in the spine since i listened to the podcast on thursday. and was thinking that maybe somehow the vault is behind the Igualada falls where Sloan’s wife fell to her death.

  • Anonymous


    I was listening to the rest of the episode last night and i thought of something. Personaly, i like the idea of there being wild dragons in the Spine. But what that isn’t it. What if those wild dragons are guarding the rock of Kuthian? That could mean that the chunk of Galbatorix’s army that dissapeared in the Spine could have been sent out to find that rock, but they encountered the dragons. Now Galbatorix is building his strength so he can fight those dragons ( that i would like to see actually be some of the mountains themselves) and get to the rock. And this could mean that the name Galbatorix is looking for is Eragons true name so that he could open the Vault of Souls and gain whatever is in there (possible lots of Eldunari) 

    Thoughts on the theory? 

    And btw, love this podcast. 🙂

  • bromandsaphira

    I just thought of this now…:)
    Why do you think Brom kept putting off telling Eragon he was a Rider? He evades the question several times….

  • My first time with Eragon was with the Movie. After I saw the movie, I saw Eldest in my school’s library, and I read through it all. Then by the time I was done with Eldest (It took me a long while. I ended up buying a paper back version to keep reading) Then Brisingr came out. I read that, and after all that was done, I read Eragon.

    • It must have been a bit weird to go from the Eragon movie to Eldest, considering the huge plot differences between Eragon (book) and Eragon (movie). Did you get to a point where you thought to yourself, “wait, what the heck?!”?

      (Side note: nice posting icon!)

      • My case is the same of yours! I saw the Eragon movie first then I read Eldest. And yes, sometimes I was really like “but wtf?”. And then I read Brisingr. After all, things didn’t get so confuse, so then I decided to read Eragon, and everything became brighter in some points.

      • That happened with the Raz’Ack in 3, but I just figured that well seance Durza brought them up from the ground, that when Brom ‘Killed’ them, they just went back into the soil, and came back out. I was sort of confused with the fact that Roran leaving was different, but I just figured they changed it for the movie. I knew about Katrina because I saw the Directors Cut of the Movie. I thought it was odd that in the Theatrical Version of the film, she was not there. 

  • I really liked this podcast. it is always nice to know that I am not the only obsessive fan out there =]. 

  • First of all, I liked this first one a lot. The fact that it was quite long didn’t bother me that much, so there’s no need to keep talking about that XD.. One thing I noticed was that you guys were kinda nervous, I guess.. (there was one person who pointed out that Mike was saying too much “umms”, and I agree… But I think that he was a bit nervous, so that’s fine).

    Ahn.. I loved the podcast, the beginning was really interesting.. You guys expressed your opinions pointing at each little detail.. I loved it, and I agree with almost everything you said. That part of Eragon’s first communicating with saphira.. I thought the same you said.

    Well, I was really excited to hear about the theories’ discussions and when Chris mentioned that the Spine was a Dragon I was like “what?! LOL the guy is crazy!” XD Well, I don’t think the Spine is a Dragon (as Lauren said, there would be a whole forest growing in its back LOL). But I was thinking about it some days ago.. The Spine really is a mysterious place, and it hides something. Maybe a race, forgotten for a long time, like the Werecats (someone  already mentioned that). I was also thinking how incredible would be if Eragon and Galby ended fighting in the Spine… I’d rather this than if the final battle happened in Uru’baen =S

    Now, I’m really excited for next week 😀 I think that we’re gonna enjoy a lot this club 😉
    Awesome work!

    • I make no promises that any of my theories will be sane. Just wait until we get to the part where I discuss my theory that Galbatorix is really Angela in disguise. 🙂

      • Kaylee

        Angela being Galby in disguise would be so awesome!!

      • Daniela Sammet

        I do think Angela and Galby are related in a way…

      • Mrthree31

        It could be that she is a sister or even his mother.  I just don’t think Salumbum would hang out with Old Galby.  He new Eragon was a rider to.  I could definately see Angela being somehow connected to Galbatorix though.

  • Ethiwen

    This was really fun listen to. There’s so many things I haven’t even thought about, like all this teories about the spine. One thing I started to think about while reading the book for not to long ago, not sure exactly were in the book this is mentioned, is about King Palencar. Could it be possible for Eragon and (especially) Roran to be related to him? That would support the “Roran taking over Galby”-theory AND Roran would inheritance his ancestors role as king. Just a thought. 🙂 And btw, sorry if my english is bad, I’m from Scandinavia. ^^

  • Dama Lunnaris

    I think that in the Spine live the werecats, they have to live somewere, and it really fits their personality, misterous and nobody knows anything about it. Please speak about this topic because if not, were the hell are the werecats!!!
    P.S.:Someone aready sais this but i still like to point it out. 😀

  • Boo

    What I want to know is why did Saphira take so long to hatch for Eragon? What if he had given her to Sloan that day in exchange for the meat or whatever? She really took her time…..

    • Anonymous

      i think i heard in an interview that she was waiting for it to be safe/the right time. cause remember she can sense her surroundings

    • Daughter of Poseidon

      She was in Galbatoroixs captivetey for so long that she waited to be sure that Erago was the one that she wanted to hatch for

  • By the way I think I saw this comment below, but why didn’t you mention Eragon’s dream? I thought all his premonitions were going to be discussed.

    • Sometimes we’ll miss things. We have a lot to discuss, limited time to do so, and a lot of points to hit. Some fall off of our radar. I’ll try to fit that into next week’s ep.

  • For feedback I think you should plan more of what you’re going to say. I noticed Mike saying “umm” a LOT during this time. I’d try to avoid that as much as possible. And also I think you should just skim through the events chronologically until you reach something significant you have to discuss, so we also know what happened between the important stuff. Other than that you guys have done a pretty good job, and I look forward to the next podcast. 🙂

    • If we plan too much the show becomes scripted. Saying “umm” is a bad habit of mine and one that I’m very unlikely to completely break if we are keeping the show free-flowing. I’ll work on it, but I can’t make any guarantees.

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    • Dama Lunnaris

      *SPOILER* *SPOILER* It does, in book 3 in the chapter “Two doomed lovers” (I think) and it says that she dies in Morzan’s castle some days after giving birth to Eragon.

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    • We’ll always push past the limit if we have to, but the goal is to keep within 30 to 45 minutes where possible.

  • Flipguy

    I think the spoiler segments should be longer

    • They will be when there’s more spoilers to discuss.

    • They will be when there’s more spoilers to discuss.

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    • I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you re-phrase it?

      • stardust

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        • No clue. I doubt that he would choose to share that information with his fans.

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    Keep it up, and I’m eagerly waiting for next week’s podcast!

    • We kept it as short as possible because we were worried about time — the episode was already 20 minutes over our time limit. It will be longer in the future.

      • Steven

        I dont mind that it went overtime. You could have kept talking for another hour or 2 and I would have still have been wanting it to go longer.

        Looking forward to next Thursday now.

        • While I’m sure many listeners wouldn’t have minded, some would have. We have nineteen more episodes we can use to yap your ears off! 🙂

      • ckmc

        Yeah, I thought it might have something to do with that. Introductions, while necessary, seem to eat up a lot of time.

    • We kept it as short as possible because we were worried about time — the episode was already 20 minutes over our time limit. It will be longer in the future.

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    • Steven

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  • Jefftj91

    The question about the arrows is addressed in the third book. They were enchanted.

    • Steven

      I just came on here to mention the same thing. Though I think this was only added because CP noticed his error.

    • Whoops!

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    I’m glad you guys had the spoiler-y section at the end. I’ve read Eragon and Eldest upwards of six times each, and I appreciated that there was a part for people who had read the Cycle multiple times

    • Those sections will grow as we move forward. We kept that section short because we were already well over our allotted time. Lots of spoilerific theories to come, I assure you! (They will *always* remain in a spoiler section, so no worries for new readers)

  • Rebekka


    I have always wondered about Eragon’s name in general; and please be aware that some of my facts might be a bit scewed because I haven’t read Eragon in years. Is there some significance behind Eragon being named after the first dragon rider, besides him being the first new rider in decades? Why did Selena name him Eragon if Brom was not there when she gave birth? Was Selena trying to send Brom a message of “this is your son, and you will know this because of what I named him?” Also, about the Spine, is it possible that it isn’t a dragon in there but another magical person that is trying to keep an eye out for Eragon, just as Brom was doing, but obviously not in a fatherly way? Just as an after thought, wouldn’t Eragon ever notice any resemblence that he held with Brom, being his son? I have other ponderings but until I am able to get my hands on a copy of Eragon, I’ll keep them to myself.

    Loved the podcast by the way. Oh and Chris, speak up a bit more?

    • I think there’s more to it than her wanting to name him after the first Rider. What there is to it, we have yet to find out. CP has hinted that we will learn or experience something relating to the original Eragon and his dragon. We’ll see if there’s a connection.

      • Rebekka

        Okay thanks. It will be VERY interesting to see how CP plans to have things play out.

  • Diogo Regateiro

    To download, select the RSS feed on the player, then choose RSS and then you’ll have a list of the podcasts with links for the mp3 files.

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    • Entirely possible! I hadn’t thought of that, actually. Nice catch.

    • Daniela Sammet

      girl, I think you got it! If werecats don’t hide either in Du Weldenvarden or in Beor Mountains (I think elves and dwarves would know about it), The Spine is most likely the only remaining spot. wow. thanks!!

    • Daniela Sammet

      I think you got it! If werecats don’t hide either in Du Weldenvarden or in Beor Mountains (elves and dwarves would know about it, I think), The Spine is most likely the only remaining spot. Thanks for sharing this thought!!

  • Thelton

    because we can’t send stuff to them on this episode i want to chime in on the spine theory.
    I go along with your idea of the choosing evil and getting rid of it, but then why did Sloan’s wife die there? Sloan has no love for the Spine now but he had no reason to before she went over the Falls. so if you have ideas or information i missed, please reply.

    • Many people fear the Spine, not just Sloan. Sure, Sloan’s reasons for *hating* the Spine are because his wife accidentally died in the Falls. However, the rest of Carvahall (and many humans within the Empire itself) fear the Spine for unknown reasons.

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    I liked in eragon how brom basicly tells eragon “I will teach you about dragons and what I know, but I wont tell you how I know this stuff.” I think it added some mystery to brom to begin with. Brom is 1 of my favorites he is definitely my favorite in this book.

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    I realize this would be very hard, but I would rather read this. I’m not asking you to type it all out. I’m just saying that I find reading it more appealing than listening.

    • I hear you, but I’m already stretched thin work-wise as it is, so I’m likely not going to be able to make this happen. It’s possible that fans will step in and eventually write transcripts for each episode, but I cannot organize that.

      What I suggest is listening to this while you drive around (bike or car!), go for a walk with your headphones in, sit in bed and listen, etc. It’s a great way to relax. It’s very easy to enjoy and listen when you do it alongside another activity.

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    Also, I love how childish Eragon is in this book. He thinks he is so powerful, espically in that memorable first swordfight with Brom. One thing I would like to possibly discuss in next weeks podcast (in the spoiler section, of course!) would be, what do you think Brom’s impressions were when they were first sparring? Was he possibly thinking of Oromis and his own training? Brom is my favorite charecter, so I’ve always loved theorizing about him. 🙂
    again, incredable job guys, I love how you have put this togather! I’m going to have a great 19 weeks!

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