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Greetings from Inheritance Forums! The staff of Inheritance Forums,’s official Inheritance Cycle community board, has put together a fantastic introduction post for those of you who are currently unaware of all of the awesome Inheritance-related as well as off-topic discussions going on in our massive fan community. Join us for a post full of information, thread highlights, and more! With Inheritance around the corner, now is a great time to get into theorizing and discussing with fellow Inheritance Cycle fans!

For those of you who don’t know, Inheritance Forums is the largest Inheritance-based forum on the web. It is a side-project of Shur’tugal, created by Mike Macauley in 2004. We have over 30,000 registered members, and almost two million posts. Every day, hundreds of users come online and have great discussion. The central focus of the forums is our thriving Cycle discussion section, where you can talk about each book in the series as well as share and discuss theories on Book IV. In addition to this, we have various other sections for things not related to Inheritance.

At Inheritance Forums (IF for short), members are able to come and talk to each other about the news, discussing their opinions on Book 4, and trade theories about what will happen in the last book. The recent announcement of the title, cover, and release date of Book 4, or Inheritance, is exciting to all of us. We have a thread just for discussion about this news, here.

Another example of something that you can discuss on IF can be found in this topic: Modern Military versus Magic: Who Would Win? Here, users debate whether modern military, such as tanks, guns, and missiles, could defeat Alagaesian magic. Users in this thread have quality discussion on who they think would win.

A third topic that I’m sure many of you are interested in is The Next Rider. Here, members of IF can talk about who they think will be the one to ride the green dragon. The discussion there is always active, and anyone is welcome to put forth their opinion.

These are only three examples of the many great topics that our Cycle section offers. Other threads that warrant a mention are Eragon’s Girlfriend, Finding the Last Egg, and Vault of Souls Theories. Recently, we even added a forum dedicated to the discussion of Future Alagaesia Books!

Inheritance Forums is not limited to only Cycle discussion, however. We also have a great Creative Arts section, where members can come and post their own Inheritance fanfiction, original writing, poetry, art, and graphics. Our member base continuously gives great feedback to the writers and artists there, and it is a great place to show off – and improve – your talents.

In our writing section, we highlight a monthly Featured Story, which features one of the best pieces of writing or poetry in the section for that month. This month, we featured Cloudnigh, an original story written by Spinner, a longtime member of IF. The Featured Story thread, along with links to all previous Featured Stories, can be found here.

The writing section, known as the Writers’ Hangout, is comprised of several parts. In the first part, Writing Discussion, members can talk about the various aspects of writing and trade tips and ideas. In Original Writing, authors post any of their own original work. Inheritance Fanfiction is a section for stories based on the Inheritance Cycle, which is full of many different stories, set both as Book IVs and in other times of Alagaesia. There are also sections for General Fanfiction, poetry,, and Forum Stories, which are stories based on Inheritance Forums and its members.

On the art side, one of the many great artists on IF is Eliza_Lento. Very popular with Cycle fans for her fantastic fan art, she also does a lot of original art. She has been posting her art on Inheritance Forums for over a year now. Her art thread can be found here.

A second art thread that has earned a mention is 11thAng3l’s, which can be found here. 11thAng3l creates intricately detailed art, most of which is based on the Inheritance Cycle. If you look through either of these artists’ work, be sure to register an account and let them know that you liked their artwork!

Another sort of visual art – graphics – is also done at IF. Graphics are images made using programs like Photoshop or GIMP. Our graphics section has several outstanding artists. Here is just one of the many examples of great graphics to be found on IF:

Posted Image

The staff of IF hosts a weekly signature contest called Sig of the Week (SotW), which is open to anyone who wants to enter. After all participants have submitted their entries, they are voted on by any members who want to vote to decide the winner. A good example of SotW can be found here, in the voting thread for SotW #116.

For anyone looking to get into graphics making, who is new to it, or just wants to get some more tips, we have a Graphics Design Boot Camp run by some of our most talented and experienced graphics artists, which teaches new artists how to create their own graphics. Participating in the Boot Camp has helped several people improve in their graphics and become adept graphics makers themselves.

IF also features a Role Playing Games section, where members can participate in text-based games. For more information on Role Playing, I would recommend reading RolePlaying 101. Role-playing is a text based game in which a group of people (consisting of 6 or more individuals) join a RPG to participate in a world that another person has created.

This month, one of the promising upcoming RPGs that’s still in the development stage is The Two Way War where the heavens and hell are raging a ferocious war and you’re stuck in the middle of it all, desperately searching for one object that could change the fate of the war, and the world. Over in the actual section where the RPGs take place, we have quite a few excellent RPG’s already in progress. Blood Moon is one of the outstanding ones currently going on, since it is the currently the longest RPG in progress, at 23 pages completed! It centers around the conflict of the flesh-eaters Werewolves and Vampires, who’re fighting the Angels. The conflict between the two is that the flesh-eaters, who feast upon humans to survive, have been condemned by the angels and slaughtered until they were forced into hiding. Though times have changed and everyday they grow stronger, waiting for the day that they can rise up and overturn those who’ve hunted them so long! But go ahead and head on over to the section, as that’s only a small sample of what’s going down!

IF also includes sections to discuss Books, Movies & TV, Video Games, Music, and a General Discussion area for topics that don’t fit anywhere else. It’s safe to say that no matter what your interests are, Inheritance Forums has something to offer to you. We welcome you to join; register an account – a quick, easy, and free process – and get to posting! This article has been a highlight of only a few of the many threads on IF, and there is a lot more to explore.

Article written by Thorin, Inheritance Forum’s administrator. We hope to see you on the boards soon!