Exclusive Clarification on Rumored Page Count

The announcement of Book 4 officially kicks off the next round of the “rumor mill”, where rumors and misinformation are likely to fly. The first round of rumors focuses around the supposed page count of Book 4, which has not been officially announced by Christopher or Random House. Book sellers have begun listing placeholder page counts for Inheritance, as many of their book listing systems require the inclusion of a page count to list the book for pre-order or sale. Because of this, Inheritance has been listed alongside “estimate” page counts — none of which are official or a confirmation of the book’s final length.

The Paolini family has asked us offer clarification for fans on these rumors:

The length of the fourth book is not set yet. The 704 pages length listed on Amazon and other sites is not the true length. It’s a placeholder number. The real page count will come in time, after editing.

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