Another Newsletter From Christopher, More Sneaky Book 4 Hints

Christopher has released another Alagaesia Newsletter, this time congratulating the winners of Random House’s recent Super Fan Video Contest in addition to offering an update on the status of Book 4, which includes some sneaky hints at a scene he just completed. Christopher also took some time to offer advice for aspiring authors who entered into the contest, as well as those of you who are aspiring authors and did not have a chance to enter into the contest. Excerpts from the newsletter can be viewed if you continue reading!

On Writing and Aspiring Authors:

“I would like to acknowledge the aspiring authors who submitted entries. I wish I could speak to each of you in person, or better yet create a roundtable of aspiring writers, where we could sit together and discuss your projects and find ways to improve your skills.

In short, read widely and pay attention to how authors craft their sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. You can learn a lot about the craft of writing by taking the time to study the books around you. Write consistently, then read your work aloud. You’ll be surprised how many awkward phrases and grammatical mistakes you’ll discover with this technique. And read a few books on grammar, how to craft a story, and how the publishing industry works. Finally, find a local mentor: author, English teacher, journalist, writers group, etc., who can help edit your work. Your local librarian may be able refer you to such a person or group.”

And finally, more updates that we’ve all been looking forward to…

On Book 4 – Progress and Sneaky Hints:

“Book Four is still in progress. As usual, each plot point seems to expand as I write it, but I think when you read it you’ll agree that the story was worth the wait. I just finished a scene that included a stone table, a brazier filled with glowing coals, a man with impeccably groomed fingernails, and a black cloak.

Thank you for your patience as I finish this manuscript. I think of you often as I pen this tale.”

Who do you think Christopher is referring to in his hints at Book 4? Let us know in the comments!