Lytherus Has Arrived: Announcing Our Scifi, Fantasy, Horror Blog

We’ve been teasing for over a year… and are now very excited to announce that Lytherus, our new fantasy, scifi, and horror blog is now live!

Lytherus was founded as a response to the lack of quality scifi/fantasy/horror blogs on the ‘net catering to true fans of the wildly popular cult genres. While multiple brilliant web destinations cater to specific genres and fringe content, no blog or news resource has truly managed to package it all together into an enjoyable, fun-to-read experience. We’re here to fill that void.

Lytherus aims to provide news, reviews, editorials, and guest contributions ranging from the familiar to the bizarre. Our dedicated staff of fans, consumers, industry insiders, and true “geeks” will discuss any topic that appeals to us and our visitors. We will also frequently feature articles written by guest contributors from the various industries, including (but never limited to) authors, editors, screenplay writers, directors, game developers, viral marketers, industry “insiders”, and more. You’ll soon learn to expect the unexpected from Lytherus, and it’s exactly that which puts us above and beyond those other guys.

Shur’tugal will be hosting a collapsible top bar on the main page of the website which displays the five most recent headlines from Lytherus. In addition, Shur’tugal will periodically offer an editorial which highlights some of the best articles over on Lytherus as a way to show our readers what’s going on in the zone! (Shur’tugal is now considered a sub-site of our new Lytherus network.)

Over the next week, Lytherus will be running a series of holiday recommendation guides for books, movies, TV shows, and comics — all which we recommend checking out if you’re looking for more fantasy, scifi, and horror content to add to your wishlist or buy for friends! We will also be running a series of amazing giveaways, including autographed books, video games, and more. On December 2nd, Lytherus will be home to author Henry Neff’s blog tour stop!

So what are you waiting for? Plug in to the Lytherus machine and begin consuming, chief!