Lytherus is Now Hiring!

Lytherus has been teased around Shur’tugal for ages now. What exactly is Lytherus? Lytherus is our upcoming fantasy, science fiction, and horror blog and news resource. Our goal is to regularly cover all news, reviews, and information in our favorite genres over a variety of content types, including books, movies, TV, video games, anime/manga, comics/graphic novels, web content, live events, and more. We’ve already assembled a group of fans, consumers, authors, and industry insiders to lead our team of passionate fantasy/scifi/horror fans for Lytherus and are now in search of a few more members to round off our launch team. If you think you’re interested in contributing to an up-and-coming fantasy/scifi/horror blog and news resource and are passionate about media in those genres, keep reading for a list of requirements and job perks.

First off, what’s Lytherus?!

Lytherus is the result of a group of bloggers immensely passionate about fantasy, science fiction, and horror. We are geeks and consumers from all walks of life who enjoy reading, reviewing, discussing, and theorizing. Books? We read ‘em. Video games? Hardcore gamers. Movies? Been watching since we were born! Zombies? RUN!

Lytherus aims to provide news, reviews, editorials, and guest posts ranging from the known to the bizarre. Our dedicated staff of fans, consumers, industry insiders, and geeks will dissect anything that appeals to us and our visitors. We will be covering many media types, including books, movies, TV, video games, anime/manga, comics/graphic novels, web content, live events, and more.

We’re hiring!

We are currently in search of skilled writers and avid fantasy/scifi/horror consumers to join our team at Lytherus. If you feel as though you share a passion for the genres we cover and enjoy sharing news, reviews, and opinions with like-minded fans and consumers, this may be for you!

Lytherus is currently looking for writers interested in the following media types: books, movies, TV, video games, anime/manga, comics/graphic novels. It is not required that you enjoy each of the listed media types, but at least two are a requirement (and more than two is a bonus!).



  • We ask that all potential writers be 18 or older. (We are willing to make exceptions in very rare circumstances where past experience or accomplishments may make up for lack of age. Please inquire if you feel as though you have exceptional experience which may exempt you from this requirement.)
  • You must be an avid consumer of fantasy, scifi, and horror materials of at least two types, which may include: books, movies, television, anime/manga, comics/graphic novels, web content, and video games.
  • Passion for sharing news and reviews with like-minded individuals
  • Habit of browsing your favorite news resources for breaking news on a fairly regular basis
  • You must be a skilled writer

Bonuses (not required but definitely appreciated):

  • Experience blogging and reviewing for other websites (not necessarily of the same types or genres)
  • Experience working within the industries that we cover (examples: publishing industry, movie production, game development, etc)
  • Experience with WordPress, a blogging platform
  • Currently attending or have graduated school for writing, journalism, etc.

Interested in joining our team? Please send an email to with your name, age, brief “bio” of yourself (be sure to include any past experience and details on what qualifies you for the job), and a sample review of any piece of content relevant to our audience.

**At this point in time, Lytherus will be a “write for fun” (not-for-pay) part time job with perks and benefits, which may range from access to advance content from publishers and developers, to access to some of fantasy, scifi, and horror’s greatest content producers for interviews and discussions. Lytherus will also offer writers and bloggers an unique opportunity to exercise their writing skills and passion for fantasy, scifi, and horror in an environment where you will be surrounded by like-minded and equally passionate individuals.**