Book 4: What We Do Know Crowdsource Project

Our “Book 4: What We Do Know” page has been offline since our move due to its lack of updates. We’ve learned a lot from our numerous Q&As and interviews with Christopher Paolini (plus the Book 4 chapter released earlier this year) and our “What We Do Know” (confirmed facts) page is in dire need of updating. To ensure that we miss no fact and to get the community involved in a fun project, we wanted to open this up to contributions from our visitors!

Continue reading and you’ll find an old copy of our confirmed facts page, along with an archive of our interviews with Christopher since Brisingr released. Additionally, we’ve written up directions on how you can help contribute to the new confirmed facts page (and great prizes for people who contribute). Keep reading!

Contents of our old “confirmed facts” page:

  • The cover of the fourth book will feature an emerald (green) dragon
  • Murtagh and Thorn will play larger roles than in the previous books.
  • With the first parts of Eragon’s prophecies having been resolved in Eragon and Brisingr (weapon under the Menoa Tree, “There is a doom upon you, but of what sort I know not. Part of it lies in a death …”), we can expect the remaining prophecies to come into play:
    • Eragon’s vision of him and another leaving Alagaesia forever with their dragons
    • The Rock of Kuthian and the Vault of Souls
    • An “epic romance” (“I cannot say if this passion will end happily, but your love is of noble birth and heritage. She is powerful, wise, and beautiful beyond compare.” – Angela, Eragon… it is arguable that this romance/passion has already existed for Arya with a bad ending)
  • The origin of werecats will be thoroughly explored

Archive of interviews with Christopher since Brisingr‘s release:

Also consult for Book 4 facts:

How you can help:

We are looking for fans to dig through interviews (and their books!) to find confirmed facts about Book 4. These facts can range from “Solembum’s prophecies will be resolved” (we know this because part of his prophecy has yet to come true and Book 4 will be the final book in the series) to “Book 4 will feature a green dragon on the cover” (confirmed numerous times by Christopher).

If you are sure that you have a confirmed fact (please note that speculation and theories are not confirmed facts!), post it in the comments section below. Please cite your source (include a link if possible) — we cannot use facts that do not have a source!

Contributors get…

If you contribute to this project by posting actual facts in the comments (stealing others’ facts and reposting them disqualifies you), you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of The Inheritance Almanac and an Inheritance book plate/signed pictures pack (all signed by Christopher himself). We’ll be giving away a few signed books/Inheritance packs!

  • Dariusacuna

    i wnder if eragon will have a baby with that one new chik

  • Dariusacuna

    omg this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dude cant wait to read im on the 3rd right now

  • Daa7292

    what if Eragon gets infused with elundari in some way, you know how elves become like things that they appreciate maybe Eragon becomes a drgaon type version

  • Woogiedemarco16

    Has anyone noticed that they don’t mention the origanal Eragon, or his dragon? Maybe he gets into book four…This is speculation not fact. Also CP doesn’t mention the leader of the dragons…Mr. No Name… again , speculation not fact!

  • Woogiedemarco16

    Has anyone noticed that they don’t mention the origanal Eragon, or his dragon? Maybe he gets into book four…This is speculation not fact. Also CP doesn’t mention the leader of the dragons…Mr. No Name… again , speculation not fact!

  • Axel

    1. Christopher Paolini mention something about bringing Brom back to life, this may not be so simple but in book 4 Eragon may be able to wake the dead. (not much evidence)
    2. Orik mentioned that, after flying Saphira back from Du weldenvarden that, flying was a feeling like no other, culd this mean the very first dwarf rider could be orik?
    3. Arya’s magic is green according to the books, so is the last egg and the front cover of the next boot will depict an emerald green dragon. Will arya be the next rider.
    4. in one interview with Christopher Paolini, in the ‘No comments section’ one unanswered question was: does Eragon going to Vroenguard count as leaving Alagaesia?.does this answer the prophecy of Eragons future…
    5. Another unanswered question was: Dragons can grow to the size of mountains, does that mean some may still be in hiding? Christopher Paolini also mentioned that there are no ‘riders left in Alagaesia’ but dose this mean that wild dragons may still live in hiding???
    6. An elvish death will appear in book 4, is it islanzadi, will Arya become queen?
    7. Gilderin the wise was particularly mad when saphira had a go with the Menoa Tree. Will he denie Eragon and Saphira access to Elesmera now the Oromis and Glaedr arn’t their to help them.
    8. New charecters will definatly be added to book 4, are any of them future dragon riders??
    9. Roran is attempting to learn magic. he is currently attemptin to lift a stone with, sternr riese. will he be able to? could he be the next rider?
    10. Murtagh is said to have quite a few interesting bits in the new book, could he and Thorn change their true names, and defy Galbatorix and see to his downfall?
    11. Shruikan is being forced into service, could Eragon help him escape?
    12. Eragon asks oromis about the possibility of eldunari being left in alagaesia not under the kings control, Oromis doubts this but Eragon may stumble across something of this sort.
    13. Eragon will learn more of the nature of the spirits. Could they be the key to Galbatorix’s demise???

    Non of the facts above where intentionally copied. Sorry if i have done.
    also, sorry for any spelling mistakes, give me a break i’m only 14.

    • Jimy6266

      like this ^

  • pseudonymous

    i know what will happen, murtagh’s dragon will die and hell become the king.

  • N64philisnot

    In his post Brisingr Audiobook interview Paolini says that you may be able to guess the name of the fourth book, saying “What does he get? So to speak”

  • Jake

    this is from the last Q&A
    Why is the series called the Inheritance Cycle? Will the Inheritance part come up in the 4th book?
    Because the whole series is about the younger generation (Eragon, Arya, Saphira, Nasuada, Roran, Orik, etc.) inheriting the roles and responsibilities of their parents.

    here he confirmes that Queen Islanzadi(sp?) will die and that Arya will become queen…

    • Dariusacuna

      tht is wat i said . but i dont thin queen Islanzadi will die but if she does ibet u tht it wasw thorn an murtagh kill her.

  • Blackhawks

    1.broms seven words will appear in book four.
    random buzzers pt.1
    2.the two women eragon blessed will have a role
    random buzzers pt 1

    3.murtagh and thorn get more screen time
    random buzzzers pt1

  • April

    I think that Eragon & the last dragon rider will defeat Galbatorix, but as the king dies, he puts a curse on eragon and Saphira, causing them to leave Alagaesia forever, but, the last dragon rider will not let him leave alone because of a few reasons:
    1. in ELDEST, page 217 of the paperback edition, Saphira states that she has noticed that every animal, no matter how vile, has a mate of its own. From this you can pull that she would like a mate and Eragon attempts to comfort her by saying that when they rescue the remaining egg(s) she can see if she likes one. Later, we find out that her only hope is to rescue the last remaining egg. so, since the other dragons have hatched to men, it would be perfect for the last egg to hatch to a woman (possibly Arya). if we know that the emotions of the dragons are connected to their human/elf partners, then if the last dragon and Saphira mate, it is possible that the last rider and Eragon will also love one another.
    2. It wouldn’t be fitting that the hero of the land leaves alone, without a companion. the last dragon rider may leave with him because she doesn’t want to be the last dragon rider in the land and if they were left alone, that would put too much stress and responsibility on the rider’s shoulders.
    on another topic, the person on the beach could be Roran, and i say this b/c the cousins would probably miss each other.(example on pages 658 and 659 of ELDEST paperback edition)the person could also possibly be murtagh, and he would be there wailing because his dragon was killed but, it might not be eragon’s fault because maybe the king could’ve killed thorn to fuel the curse on eragon and murtagh would’ve probably realized that.

    • Kittykat

      The only problem with the ‘Roran as the last dragon rider’ theory is Katrina. What would happen to her? Just my thoughts but nobody seems to be taking her into account.

    • Kittykat

      The only problem with the ‘Roran as the last dragon rider’ theory is Katrina. What would happen to her? Just my thoughts but nobody seems to be taking her into account.

  • Blackhawkschicago

    1.brom’s seven words will show up in book four random buzzers Q&A
    2.the two women that eragon blessed will be seen again
    3. Some new characters will be reveled
    4. the green egg shell fragment was a coincident and has nothing to do with the dragon on the cover.
    5.The title for book four has already been chosen.

    6. im not sure if this counts but when asked if elves had death ceremonies CP said to read book four this seems to be hinting that we will see a death ceremony of elves

  • arya lover

    and yet another theory, i think that murtagh will die saving eragon with arya and in the name of vengeance, eragon will fight galbatirix ven if he was very tired, then think that elva will help extensively, i think eragon will come to killing galbatorix but wont be able to take any more lives so will surrender and the warden will strip him out of his postnot that he has any) and will be forced to give al the eldunari’s .
    ***all this is not confirmed***

  • arya lover

    i think that the book will be called
    “solumbum(sorry if the spelling is not correct) and the werecat army” but it will be too simple.
    i guess that solumbum will bring a large army of other werecats yto help eragon and that like i lord of the rings, he will leave Alagaesia. but i read somewhere that if cp ends the book same as lotr, he’ll get sued so i think der will be an exciting ending.
    if the data’s rong then sorry but if its right, then the credit goes to me!!

  • Tulkas Astaldo

    Oh… it looks like CP answered a question pertaining to this in the new interview. Sorry…

  • Tulkas Astaldo

    Guntera shall be mentioned more in Book 4. This may not count, as I have no link to this, but when I was at Downer’s grove, Illinois, and CP was signing my book I asked a throughly idiotic question (I had intended to ask the “if you were a fan, what question would you ask Christopher” question), “Was the vision of Guntera real, or an illusion?” And he stated, “You’ll have to wait until Book 4 to find out!” I was nervous at meeting my favorite author…

  • TristynW

    In the second book (which I am now re-reading for the 9th time ;]), when Eragon and Saphira are talking at some point, one of them says, “… and we have yet to see Vroengard…”
    I am thinking they might be visiting there in the fourth book.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so very much for updating these crucial pieces of information.

    I hope, that Eragon does not have to leave Alagaesia.

    But, I am skeptical actually. If Eragon does leave Alagaesia, and start off new on the other continent, does that mean another inheritance or trilogy from Paolini?

    • aaa

      i would also like new/more books and agree that it would suck if he left, maybe only yhat part wont come true

  • Anonymous

    “Shades. So far there have been only two in the IC, Durza and Varuag. I’ve noticed that both were formerly human males and I was wondering if any if the previous Shades had been something other than a human male. More importantly, is it possible for a female human or both genders of the dwarves, elves and urgals to become Shades? -ShadowOfTheMoon

    Christopher Paolini: This is alluded to in Book Four, but the short answer is that spirits can possess the body of any creature, human or not.”(May 2010 Q&A)

  • Jake

    On the length of Book 4:
    Book Four will be done just as fast as I can finish it. And (fingers crossed) I don’t think it’ll be quite as long as Brisingr.

    Does the piece of green dragon egg shell that Eragon found at the Stone of Broken Eggs in book 2 have anything to do with the green dragon that will be on the cover of book 4?
    Nope. It was just a coincidence.

    Is it possible that there might be more riders hidden in the world that Eragon could run into?
    Only Galbatorix.

  • Gazalare

    In the recent interview:

    Is it possible that there might be more riders hidden in the world that Eragon could run into?
    Only Galbatorix.

    So that means the broken green egg from Eldest isn’t recently hatched.

  • Cleared out all of the non-Book 4 confirmed facts comments (again). As a reminder (again), this isn’t the place for “when does Book 4 come out?” questions or theory discussions.

  • Darkofmon

    The dwarves are going to have a bigger role in book 4

  • Skulblaka
  • Erataugh

    The fourth and final dragon *is* going to be green, so you’re right about that!

    • Erataugh

      It’s near the bottom of the page

  • Brianleonard23

    I dont have any facts to contribute, just wanted to share my feelings on the inheritance series. I got into the books a little later than most and was able to read the first two back to back, and only had to wait a few months for Brisingr. The first 3 books were amazing, they pulled me in and truly engulfed my imagination. I remember going to sleep emerged into the world of Alagaesia, anticipating the release of the final book to bring this wonderful series to an end. That was three years ago… Now every month or so I check up on the latest news only to find that there is no official release date yet. I understand that there has been an Almanac or something published, but what does that do to quench the thirst of true Inheritance fans? I know that he planned on ending the series in the last book, so there was obvious work to do, but 3 years? I and surely others are slowly loosing interest in the upcoming release of the 4th and final book. The fact that there is no unofficial release date, such as a year or even a decade, leads me to believe that the book is no where near conclusion. I fear that some of the original fans will be lost to this indefinite release date and will be reluctant to finish the series, which is a shame because these books were so well written and enjoyable.

    • odewbre

      Agreed however with or without interest I will still read the final book to put end to this infernal mystery we call the inheritence!

      • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

        From the randombuzzers interview, it seems that the book will be out next year. He keeps on saying that the title and release date will be announced very soon, and he is very close to the end. I would hazard a guess at Autumn ’11.

        (this is not a fact btw Mike, just pointing it out)

    • Inheritagon

      I think you should know – Mike is the author of the Almanac, not CP.
      He’s still writing.

  • Mpkiller1645

    first, it is obvious to me the green dragon will hatch for a previous character, rather than creating an entirely new character….Im guessing Arya, as eragon loves her and he will be doomed to leave the land with another, and she has shown some deep affections for him if u look closely. does anyone know when it will come out? i love the book more than any i have read, and ive read a lot of books

  • 7th

    Some history or knowledge about Eragon 1 and his original dragon will apear in book for if not themselves. Angela is involved in the creation of a non-human shade

  • Sierra

    Did no one read the random buzzers?

    *The possibility of bringing Brom back to life will be adressed
    *Murtagh and Nasuada’s relationship will be adressed, but “Murtagh’s actions toward the Varden would have invalidated any feelings she {Nasuada} may have had.”
    *The broken egg shells in Eldest are just coincidence with the next dragon being green.

    All of these were found on Random Buzzers (not sure about the last one, CP may have been kidding, since it was followed with a suspicious no comment to another question)

  • Anonymous

    While it isn’t a fact, I’d like to say the hearts of hearts of wild dragons are probably the ‘souls’ in the vault of souls, collected by dwarves before they made peace (to an extent).

    1. Dwarves hated and killed a lot of dragons, and could easily have collected hearts. This could even be the source of power for their ‘god’ that Eragon saw.
    2. Dwarves have an affinity for rock, if a race is associated with the ‘rock of kuthian’ it is undoubtedly them, as Oromus didn’t know about it and humans wouldn’t have much to do with magical/older things in that land. Eragon’s name being the password also would make sense, as it was the first Eragon who brought peace and would have made the dwarves hide the dragon’s hearts (they were supposed to be a secret, and that was probably his/his dragon’s choice).
    3. Eragon is supposed to get help when his power is insufficient by going there, so more Eldunari seem like the most obvious choice given the rules we know of so far.

    • Mpkiller1645

      that would clear up a lot, THANK YOU!!! u saved me from a lot of restless nights dreaming about what the book will be about

    • That’s the common theory. I’m actually hoping it won’t be Eludnari because that would be too obvious. I’m hoping for something no one thought of before. That would make the story really interesting!

    • David

      That doesn’t seem likely. Why would a wild dragon give up its’ heart of hearts to an enemy? Granted there are POSSIBLE scenarios in which a dwarf could get his/her hands on a heart of hearts, but at least to me it doesn’t seem likely. Then add in the Dragon Riders. I just have a hard time believing the Dragon Riders themselves wouldn’t notice the heart of hearts after that many years, nor can I see the people (like Oromis) who were deliberately searching the land for them not finding them. The most likely reason I don’t believe this to be the case is how the dwarves’ “God”‘s mind sounded. Glaedr’s mind was anything but similar to the “God”‘s mind, and even the consciousnesses Eragon senses in Murtagh’s head are not like the “God”. While I don’t believe your theory to be the likely outcome in Book 4 I do enjoy looking at the stories from a different point of view. I never even considered the dwarves might have knowledge of the “rock of kuthian”.

  • Silvermoonwolf12

    There will be more from Saphira’s POV
    ” ” ” excerpts from Domia Abr Wyrda (?)
    ” ” ” no true names stated
    ” ” ” a killed character, involving spikes
    Eragon will be hanging off of hooks (oops, manacles:)
    We will meet galbatorix
    From Comic-con
    Werecats will play a bigger role.
    From a Shur’tugal article about the excerpt from Book 4 (i’m too lazy, you know what i mean)

  • Austin

    when will this book be out ?

    • Rsayegh1

      my same question

  • Gokugon30

    The title of book 4 will be the name of something Eragon Inherits.

  • firemonkey

    1. Murtagh will play a larger role in this book.
    “I think it’s safe to say, we will see a lot more of Murtagh in the fourth book.” (CP in first post-Brisingr interview)
    2. The meaning of the name of Brom’s sword will be revealed.
    (CP in first post-Brisingr interview)
    3. The seven words Brom told Eragon as he was dying will be revealed.
    (CP in post-Brisingr interview; since he had “no comment”, I am assuming that this will come into play in the last book.
    4. We will learn more about the two women who come to Angela to get their fortunes told.
    (CP in post-Brisingr interview; it’s safe to assume that “no comment” means something will happen with these women)
    5. More will be done with magic in the fourth book.
    (CP says this in the post-Brisingr interview after he talks about Brisingr bursting into flame and Oromis’s reaction)
    6. We will see more of Roran and Katrina’s wedding rings in the fourth book.
    “I think it’s safe to say, we will see a lot more of Murtagh in the fourth book.” (CP in post-Brisingr interview)
    7. The two elf children will come into play in the fourth book.
    (June 2009 Q and A)
    This is what I got from all the interviews except the comic con ones, which I believe others covered.

    • Dariusacuna

      it would be cool if he turnd against the dumb king and help the varden but if he dosent i wonder who would kill him

  • Skulblaka

    Maybe in Book 4 there will be Forsworn’s name

    “Galbatorix is going to have a *much* bigger presence in Book Four.”
    Source: at about half page

    • sirsimon

      of course galbatorix is going to appear, hes has yet to be seen

      • Tama

        and that’s why he is so scary.

  • Wmmcinnes

    yhaaaaaaa winapeg

  • Wmmcinnes

    :] yhaaaaaaa

  • 7th

    Angela knows more about creating shades, and can be involve in the creation of one or more non-human shades. Eragon gets caught by someone not of galbatorixs croonies.

  • Kmc995

    We will learn more on Eragon’s sword, Brisingr, and the theories on why it sets on fire when Eragon says it’s name.


    Q: In Brisingr, there were two theories behind why the sword Brisingr sets on fire when its name is called by Eragon; that he imbued a part of himself into the sword when he helped make it or that he uncovered the sword’s true name. But if it was the latter, wouldn’t anyone be able to set the sword on fire by calling out its true name, or are there special circumstances to consider, like maybe Eragon’s intentions of the word Brisingr when he was naming the sword?

    CP: Book Four will shed some light on this.


    p.s. sorry for the triple post 🙂

  • Anonymous

    There will likely be different (Read: Not Eragon’s) POVs in Book Four–May 2009
    There will be some new creatures introduced in Book Four–May 2010
    There will be exerpts from Domia Abr Wryda in Book Four–Comic Con Part Three
    Isidar Mithrim will play a larger role in Book Four–Alas, I have forgotten which interview this comes from. I will search for it after I post.
    (The other things I gleaned from the interviews have already been posted and I dare not re-post them for fear of being disqualified and losing my chance at winning a signed book…)

    And then there are the things common sense tells us:
    We will learn who the next Rider is, or if there is a next Rider at all.
    We may learn the gender and name of Elaine’s baby, or if Elaine has her baby at all, given the troubles she has had with her pregnancy thus far. (Poor Elaine, everybody’s too worried about Roran and Katrina’s baby to even think about her…)
    We will discover the “true name” that Galbatorix has been searching for.
    We will learn the meaning of the seven words Brom whispered to Eragon before his death.
    And finally, we will discover the reasons behind the several infuriating “No Comment”s that Christopher Paolini is so fond of giving us.

    P.S. There were several things I almost could have put in here but was unable to because even though we all know that “No Comment” means either “I can’t tell you but you’ll learn in Book Four” or “YES YES YES GOD YES”, anything we may glean from it is still considered a THEORY and therefore not CONFIRMED. 🙁

  • Kmc995

    The 4th book contains Red-eyed rabbits.


    Q: Could you please just tell us a ton of info about the fourth book, but only give us hints and half the info like a cliffhanger so that we all go insane with predictions such?

    CP: Beware of red-eyed rabbits.


  • Kmc995

    There will be more than one death in the final book


    Q:You hinted that there will be another death in the fourth book (I’m assuming other than King Galbatorix). Did you shed any tears?

    CP: More than one. And yes, a few tears.


  • Patsjunky54

    The two women Eragon and Saphira blessed and had their fortunes told by Angela will be re-addressed in book 4

  • vadersapp

    *The ability of the gedwëy ignasia to sense danger before it happens will appear again in the 4th book.

  • Harp

    We know that something to do with a Shade and Angela will happen in Book 4.
    PROOF: Comic-Con Interview with Christopher Paolini – Part 2

  • sirsimon

    Here’s somthing for you Mike,

    Galbatorix named Shuriken and forced the name upon him rather than Shuriken choosing the name or having being called that by his previous rider.

  • we know the werecats will play major part and join the battle as we found out in the king cat chapter preview.

  • outlaw_bmx

    we will find out what Galbatorix looks like

  • Skulblaka

    There will be: “a one-sided game of knucklebones, an evil assassin, bags of flour, a water-born battering ram, streets lined with lead, a knife in the back, and the death of a character.”
    Source: newsletter “From the desk of Christopher Paolini” (May 29, 2010)

    And CP can “see the light at the end of the tunnel”

  • PLEASE use citations with the facts you’re submitting. Either say which interview you got it from or link to it! Thanks.

  • garzvhog

    well int he chapter king cat (which happens early on in book 4) the characters are tired from a fight so there will be a battle pretty early on in the book
    Source: Chapter “king cat” from the paperback edition of brisingr

    • garzvhog

      *in the

    • Lupyfroots12g

      Seeing as Paolini makes the times between the books pretty short so as to not miss anything, I think its safe to assume that they are tired fron the battle at Feinster. (or the city after, I don’t have my book on me…)

      • garzvhog

        oh ya thats true and i was feinster

    • Dariusacuna

      u rely gona make ur name garzvhog

  • Fwacha!Dragonrider180

    Um…. can we ask questions on here? This one’s been bothering me. But if it hasn’t already been posted, for the contest thing, there will be chapters with Saphire’s, Murtaugh, and Thorn point of views.
    And my question: I don’t get how dragons need magic to fly. I mean, birds don’t need magic to fly. I guess its a weight and wingspan sort of thing. Can someone explain this for me?

    • Yes. Its the bulk of the dragons. For normal birds with the bulk of dragons to fly as well as they do, a wing-span of several metres will be needed. (Which will make a dragon ridiculously shaped, mind you). So to fly as superbly as a dragon does in the Inheritance cycle with a relatively short wing-span they need magic. (CP tries to sound as much ‘plausible’ as possible. That is why ‘dragons use magic to fly’ thing)

  • shruikensrider

    Oh yea almost forgot. We know a character will die.

  • shruikensrider

    Well we know we will learn more about Angela and a shade. Comic-con 2010 part 2 or 3. Also we will find out if Roran has a son or daughter unless something happens to Katrina or the book is less than a few months in length.

    We will also learn about were-cats as well thanks to the preview of chapter 4 ‘King Cat’.

    We know there will be another Rider. Also Murtagh will play a larger role. Also that the title is something Eragon inherits. Interview with his editor right after Brisingr came out.

    We will find out what will happen to the riders, like whether they will rise to power again or not.

  • shruikensrider

    So where do we post these facts?

  • Ccarmon32

    don’t forget that angela perdicted that sombody would betray eragon a family member & that sombody was murtagh.

  • ErAgOnBrOmSsOn43

    Eragon will be found hanging by manacles in a dungeon at some point in the book. I believe Christopher revealed this in one of his Comic-Con interviews.

    There will be lots of battles in Book 4: Christopher has stated this several times.

  • Tulkas Astaldo

    Hopefully this hasn’t been posted already…

    Eragon will not die in the years following the capture of Fenister, as Angela stated that he would live an unnatural or long life.

    All of the others I could think up have already been posted… thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Were probably gonna find out what the menoa tree took from eragon

  • Crystal

    I was reading through book three again… somewhere before Roran & Katrina get married, the have the battle, ect. RIGHT BEFORE THAT (when Eragon is talking quick battle plan with Arya and Nausada) Arya says quote ‘Do not let Murtagh hurt you, Eragon. I would hate to see you broken by him. I…” or something like that. This possibly furthers the A&E theory.

  • Jazzinator

    In the preview of Book 4, Chapter 4, “King Cat”, Grimrr Halfpaw states: “But not her” and points to Angela. Apparently, Grimrr has met her before and she harmed him by sifting through his mind.

  • Prtlyon

    the menoa tree has not told eragon want she wants yet

    • Prtlyon

      i mean the menoa tree will tell eragon what she wants in the fourth book

      • Doo7ization

        if eragon has any rational thinking left in him he will never return to the tree,
        i dont know what she wants but it cant be good…

  • Kasey

    Eragon’s fate to leave Alagaesia has been highly speculated, but in the end of the guide to Alagaesia, there is a letter to future riders claiming that both he and Saphira left in order to investigate something. I also found it interesting that he left the future rider Glaedr’s eldunari to guide him in times of trouble.

  • Dino997

    The death in the prophecy is the death is that of Oramis and his dragon. i can’t spell either of their names, sorry.

    • Joe

      methinks that was Brom.

    • aaa

      the death was about brom since he was his father

  • guest

    The werecats will ally themselves with the varden.,-book-4-fragment/

  • Vincent Moorehead

    Angela will have a larger role in book 4. Christopher Paolini states, “There is a lot more to Angela than meets the eye. If you like her, you’re in for a treat with Book Four. Angela gets several crowning moments of awesomeness therein.” (near the middle of the page 🙂 ).

  • Vincent Moorehead

    Angela will have a larger role in book 4. Christopher Paolini states, “There is a lot more to Angela than meets the eye. If you like her, you’re in for a treat with Book Four. Angela gets several crowning moments of awesomeness therein.” (near the middle of the page 🙂 ).

  • Jahooty **

    Book 4 will feature a chapter entitled “Brains”

  • Mikaela

    The werecats will join the Varden.
    The dwarves will (properly) join the Varden.
    Eragon will be hanging ‘bloodied’ from manacles (And not Galbatorix’s manacles-he’s in a different dungeon, and this is near the end of Book IV.)
    We will finally see Galbatorix.
    We know that Galbatorix is very powerful because of the Eldunari and is close to finding ‘The name.’

  • Mikaela

    The werecats will join the Varden.
    The dwarves will (properly) join the Varden.
    Eragon will be hanging ‘bloodied’ from manacles (And not Galbatorix’s manacles-he’s in a different dungeon, and this is near the end of Book IV.)
    We will finally see Galbatorix.
    We know that Galbatorix is very powerful because of the Eldunari and is close to finding ‘The name.’

    • Jill

      I think ‘the name’ Galbatorix is searching for is the true name of the ancient language

  • Gazalare

    Oh uhh, the Werecats hate Angela for some reason, and it is seen in the chapter King Cat of book 4.

  • Gazalare

    Eragon will play a part of book 4. Some of his prophecies have yet to finish 😛

    Umm, I’m going to go look for info.

  • Jeriah

    Eragon will be tortured, “left hanging bloodied by manacles.” It was mentioned particularly in the Suvudu interview at comic con, but also in the first part of the interview by

  • Anonymous

    Tenga will make a reappearance, though to what end is unknown.

  • Potterfan1012

    In this book, we will see the last of Angela’s prophecies come to pass, as well as Solembum’s cryptic message to Eragon regarding the Rock of Kuthian.

  • Rawkfist65

    In Part two of the Comic Con interview the question was asked if Christopher could tell us more about the presumed deaths of Eragon I and his dragon. Christopher answered no comment. From this we can assume that one or both of these characters may play a role in book four and Christopher does not want to reveal it.

  • As a reminder everyone: no theories in this thread. I said it in the original post and I’m asking again. It’ll be very hard for me to sort through theories and facts. Please post your theories on IF, not here. I’m going to clean out the theory posts here so we can keep it all-facts.

    • Anonymous

      Umm… is there a limit? cause I have like 20 things

      • No limit, but if you have a lot of facts, please put them (or as many as possible) in one post instead of making a new comment for each fact.

        • Anonymous

          thanks! just wanted to give other people a chance.

  • sirsimon

    I wish Paolini would tour in the UK, he tours all over America and Canada, yet never UK

    • He’s been to the UK on book tour more than once. Also, this is not the place for this discussion.

      • Ennauriel

        This is the reason I rarely visit this site anymore: the aggressive and rude controlling of fans in the comment section, to the point of discouraging discussion. It’s like you don’t want people to spend time on your site and actively participate, which should be a large part of any fan community. Yes, I realize there are forums, but the way comments are handled/responded to is completely unprofessional.

        • ZachyD

          Uh, if Mike were really being a jerk he would have simply said don’t discuss that here(though that isn’t even really being a jerk). However, as you can see he actually bothered to correct the persons comment, and then simply said this is not the place for this discussion. This topic is simply for the community to join in and give the facts we know about Book 4, would you like to read through a bunch of off topic talk to find the comments people left that were on topic? No look, you’ve caused me to add another off topic comment, that should probably be removed along with yours. Also, this is not the place for your whinning, head over to the I.F. for that.

          Fact: C.P. has said that more than one main character will die.
          And something about streets of some city covered in coal or something? I remember people were speculating it was the capital Ura’ban I think it is.

          • Mpkiller1645

            ****…… why do they always have to kill the good amazing main characters?>

          • Dariuscauna

            i know rit i got ###n pist wen brom died


          Actually, I find all the off topic posting very annoying. I want to read relevant comments, not stuff that I don’t find interesting.

          • Gazalare

            This is off topic. Oh snap my post is off topic too! 2012!!!

        • jumpergirl93

          If there was a general announcement and fans started getting a bit off topic and Mike corrected them, I agree that would be a bit harsh. But seeing as he stated very clearly in the article that the comments section for this one is only for participating in the contest, I think it’s very reasonable that he should want to keep them that way. Let’s see you sift through the hundreds of off topic comments there would be if he let them to find all the facts he needs. Not to mention that he has to check every one to make sure they’re true, even when not all of them have a source, on top of his life outside this site.

        • David

          I hope you’re a troll. Otherwise I may lose faith in humanity. That post was anything but rude and aggressive. It was short and simple. As for “controlling of fan in the comment section” I’d imagine most people would prefer that there would be some semblance of organization. That way if someone wants to go look at say Arya’s role in Book 4 they don’t have to deal with Roran’s job from Book 1 or Angela’s theories on toads and frogs. It’s just keeping things organized. That’s all it is. And I can’t help but laugh at the unprofessional bit. Care to explain how “He’s been to the UK on book tour more than once. Also, this is not the place for this discussion” was an unprofessional response?

      • sirsimon

        Sorry mike, when did he visit the UK?

        • D007ization

          bro…isithar mithrim was fixed in brisingr…

    • Lauradejongh_21

      As for me, I wish he’d tour in the Netherlands. There are a lot of fans here.

    • Brayday

      also australia

      • bee

        malaysia too

      • Dariusacuna

        hek no

  • Alydar


    will the books also be distributed to winners outside of America? ;o Since you did not wrote that down. =)

  • Suzana

    Galbatorix is so much powerful because of his Eldunaris, so, Eragon will have a way to communicate with the souls, like Brom or Oromis, or the others dead dragons, and will have more power to kill Galbatorix, and, Murtagh will not kill Eragon, because his promise is just to take Eragon to the castle of Galbatorix, and Eragon, with his new power can kill Galbatorix with help of Murtagh, or… Murtagh can help give the other egg to Eragon, and maybe Nasuada will be the next rider… I don’t want that Nasuada be killed… his a perfect love to Murtagh, she likes him e he likes her! it is on the second book! I think too sad Murtagh be killed, because he is not bad e Nasuada is a big leader and person on the book to be killed in the end… I don’t like sad histories, don’t need be sad to be a good and epic history! will be great if, Eragon kill Galbatorix with help of Murtagh (because Murtagh must have his revenge, he suffered too much in all history!) and Nasuada can be a next rider when he get the egg when Eragon and Murtagh are fighting with Galbatorix, and the egg hatches!, she can be a wonderful leader!
    Buuuut… A king that never dies is not a good choice…. So.. Roran can be the next king, when Nasuada can be a next rider, and be a beautiful love with Murtagh! The two can be a couple because the two will be immortal…
    And will be a big, BIG mistake if Eragon dies…. everybody read the history and in the end, the hero dies! I think, the things that Angela says in the first book, that Eragon will never return to Alagaesia again, I hope it means that Eragon will change… He already change, he is a half-elf or something like this… he is not the Eragon that he was… he change… is possible that his real name change too.. so…the Eragon will not return to Alagaesia, because the new Eragon born.

    • D007ization

      I really really really like the idea and seriously hope that will happen
      buuut it just wouldnt work itd be too perfect and thered be no thrill, tragedy, grief,
      fury which is major part in any book especially in the way cp writes his

    • Anna

      When you say he will leave Alagaesia… why couldn’t he go to the place across the sea? That was mentioned in the second book, the place the elves came from? Maybe there are others to train over there.

  • Taxer1234

    Here’s a couple revealed.
    * Eragon is hanging in captivity, bloodied and confined by manacles
    * The dungeon Eragon is in is not Galbatorix’s dungeon

  • Lcollins7

    A theory here: do we really know if Selena is dead? I mean, she had magic. She could have very well faked her death.

    • Idyla

      I for one think that Brom, a dragon Rider, would have checked if his beloved is faking her own death. ;o And be able to find out if she is faking it.

    • Idyla

      I for one think that Brom, a dragon Rider, would have checked if his beloved is faking her own death. ;o And be able to find out if she is faking it.

  • Kingelf

    The fate of Orik and the dwarves will be decided

  • Austin Senecal

    looks like i am going to enter! signed copies? i am in!

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    There will be chapters entitled ‘King Cat’ and ‘Brains,’ with ‘King Cat’ being the fourth chapter and introducing a new character – King of the Werecats, Halfpaw. (Brisingr Paperback edition, Paolini Newsletter –

    Werecats will agree to help the Varden in their battles. (Brisingr Paperback edition)

    Dunno if that’s alright :S

  • knighthawk

    I agree with daerontelperion it has been a massively long wait for book four and years down the line we dont even have a title yet let alone a cover or release date, in fact the book is not even finished i have never heard of an author taking this long to finish an already half finished book, he is milking it. but dont get me wrong i am still a massive fan of CP’s work just dying to read the last book

  • Driceman

    Daerontelperion: Not really. The first three books all took him three years to write each. Considering the fact that Brisingr is the longest thus far and is only HALF of what he had planned for the final book, I can’t blame him, especially when he’s kind of… well, new to this whole writing thing. Not as new as he clearly was with Eragon, obviously, but relatively new. Cut him a little slack. This book is probably going to hit 700-800 pages.

  • Daerontelperion

    I think he is just prolonging the book and its release for the fame and money now. I mean he hasn’t gotten this book done yet and its been two years and he had the first hundred pages of the book done. Then when the release date should be given, instead another book comes out. Not bitter or anything like that just beginning to wonder about this whole thing.

  • The title for Book IV was decided by Paolini even before he started working on Brisingr, in fact Brisingr was supposed to have the name of Book IV until it was decided that the final book will be presented in two parts.

    This surely isn’t new for most if not all. But for the very few who may not know this. Here it is. Book IV’s title is decided and that too it has been waiting to be unveiled for atleast four years now.

    Source: There are many. But for example:
    (The last question)

  • There won’t be any true names used ‘Literally’ in Book IV. For example, even if Eragon’s true name has a part in the tale, we won’t be knowing what his true name is like… that is, there won’t be some name like ‘symbol of freedom’ for Eragon in Book IV. The true name will be just ‘true name of Eragon’