Christopher Paolini Visits Random Buzzers

Random House just announced through their Random Buzzers fan portal and community that Christopher Paolini will be joining the Buzzers community as next week’s featured author to discuss The Inheritance Almanac and Book 4. Fans interested in contributing to the upcoming Buzzers discussion with Christopher can visit his thread over on their community. Be sure to check back throughout next week as Christopher visits and interacts with fans! We’ll be sure to re-cap any highlights from the week long discussion here on Shur’tugal at the end of the event.

  • I’ll try to go through all of Christopher’s answers at the end of the week and sum them up here on Shurty like we do with a Q&A.

    • Anonymous

      Would it be possible to try and arrange, a *Q&A* with the same set up as they are using on random buzzers, with CP answering Q’s directly?

      • When we hold a Q&A, we get over 500 questions submitted in the three or four days we leave it open. Christopher would never have time for that. 😐

        • Anonymous

          Ohh I see aha i just thought it was a nice change. But the Q&A setup used on shurtugal is very good to 😀 Do you know if the Q&A will be aired this month or next?

  • Anonymous

    Just a heads up, CP started to answer some questions.

    • Anonymous

      Where are the answer’s to the questions? on the same thread? I couldn’t find them :S

      • Anonymous

        When I saw them they were right beneath their questions. They were just like a reply.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah thanks, i realised the second time of looking, Thanks anyway 🙂

  • An unstable dragon rider

    Hope we get a nice big hint on whats in book 4!

  • Waffle

    Mike, you’re killing me with anticipation for this “surprise twist”. I hope it’s worth it! I’m already twitching from anxiety for Book 4, and yet you still have the guts to torment us fans with this mystery-but-supposedly-awesome interview coming up…grr…

    Still, I’ll go ahead and check out these “Random Buzzers”.

    • Just make sure you don’t get your hopes up TOO high. People like to take little things that I tease and turn them into MikeIsNowOprahLookHeJustGaveUsAllBrandNewCars events, which always leads to letdown. It’s going to be a fun/unique twist to our normal Q&As, but unfortunately I have no new cars to give away. 🙁

      • I’m gonna be the first one to say it: Mike is Oprah.

      • Anonymous

        Really? I was hoping for a mini cooper… 😛 I am now sad…


        I think that’s one reason why so many people complain on this site. They take your hints WAY too seriously and then are let down because it didn’t meet their expectations.

        I don’t blame them entirely though… you do have a tendency to make the expected surprises very exciting. Especially with people expecting/wanting a release date any day now.

        We are all at fault. 🙂

  • To avoid smashing anyone’s hopes, this is *not* the “surprise twist” to the monthly Q&A that I’ve been teasing. That surprise has yet to be announced (and will still be happening), so stay tuned!Enjoy the Buzzers discussion!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Mike, will this be done as an interview I.e. Recorded/written. Or will it use a different sort of format?

      • Which are you referring to – Random Buzzers or the next Q&A?

        • What is the time frame of when this new “twist” will be released

          • Some time between now and the future.

            Hate me yet? 😛


          • Rider of Fangs

            Somewhere around there.

          • Anonymous

            I was talking about the random buzzers?

    • Anonymous

      okay dude! You’re killing me now! D: lol