Sneak Peek at The Inheritance Almanac

Although The Inheritance Almanac released just yesterday, our coverage of the book — including our upcoming free-to-read “Companion to the Companion” guide has only just begun! We’re excited to share a 14 page preview of The Inheritance Almanac with Shur’tugal readers thanks to Random House!

Continue reading for a free preview of The Inheritance Almanac!

Excerpt from Mike Macauley’s “The Inheritance Almanac”Learn more about The Inheritance Almanac at!

  • glaedr rulez

    im s huge inheritance cycle fan and can’t wait to buy this book!

  • Guest

    The preview looks pretty neat… I have read the books several times too, like I think most fans have… Found one problem in your timeline… the last dragon egg was not stolen from Gaby until he had been king for about 80 years. At the time the story begins, Gaby had been king for about 100 years, and the varden had stolen the egg about the same time Eragon was born… Brom was off trying to recover the egg thief or the egg (whichever he found first) when Selena made her trip to Carvahall to give birth to Eragon.

  • Zombiebrain1991

    Cheers for telling me it was finally available! I downloaded it from The Pirate Bay, and I’m reading it as an ebook now. 🙂

  • Kat

    I need to get this book

  • Edocsil6437

    Ahh, so it’s not enough to rip off Eragon, now you have to rip off your’ own rip off to make just a little more money off Christopher Paolini’s idea, is that right?

    I’m sure you’ve got some rights or another to write this ‘almanac’ but it would serve you right if CP sued you for twice what your’ little joke of a book will ever make!

    • Edocsil6437

      You might remember writing “no more than once per month, every month, until the release of Book 4”. That was a LIE!

      • Anonymous

        No need to shoot down someones hard work, and if you do have a negative opinion of it then im sure all feedback is appreciated, but i think it would be a little more appreciated if you did it respectfully.

  • Anonymous

    YESS MY COPY HAS FINALLY COME! but i still can’t read it yet :/ :L oh well

  • YouKnowMe

    Mike, where are the updates on why you’re delaying the next interview release? I haven’t seen them anywhere..

      • Edocsil6437

        He didn’t ask about your’ almanac, you worthless piece of crap, he asked why you promised us monthly Q&A’s then kept us sitting on our hands for months and months waiting! Why don’t you answer his question? “The Interview is in the works” is not an answer. “The interview will be ‘switched up'” is not an answer. The question is why did you lie to us all?

        • Edocsil6437

          If you’d said “Annual Q&A” or “Occasional Q&A” that would have been one thing, but you said “Monthly Q&A” and led us all to believe that CP had agreed to answer our questions once a month. Instead, you asked him questions every three or four months, and used the other months to promote your’ own ripoff

          • YouKnowMe

            Edoc, Mike loves feedback.. just not when it points out how crappy of a job he’s doing.. (He deletes these posts). He’s turned an Inheritance fansite into a promo for his own book and doesn’t realize how few people care. On topic: I would buy his book if he made a better effort to make the “monthly” interviews monthly.. Too bad.

          • I don’t think you understand that this actually has something to do with Inheritance. If this wasn’t here, there’d be more NOTHING.

            Something is better then nothing, take it or leave it.

          • YouKnowMe

            If hadn’t been working so hard on his book, wouldn’t that leave him a lot more time to get the interviews posted?

            I think You forget that people expect you to keep promises you’ve made. Edoc was right, Mike promised months ago that the “monthly” interviews would become more regular. I’m not accusing Mike of lying, because he probably did intend to keep his promise. But he has failed.

          • Undeniable

            If Mike hadn’t*

          • Sad

            Would you rather CP waist more time doing interviews or would you rather him finish writing the book? It is no ones fault that there isn’t an interview cause they have to wait for CP to be ready. Stop looking for someone to take your anger out on. Not directed directly at YouKnowMe more at Edocsil6437.

          • Sharal

            I think this book is actually a great piece of work and a nice contribution to all fans. You can argue whether Mike is using this as a nice way to promote his work, but if he is, then he’s right to do so.

            1: It’s about the inheritance series, hence it’s relevant to this site
            2: mike and the staff in general have undoubtly put a lot of work into this community, which we all enjoy and stalk as often as we can for any news regarding the inheritance cycle. So, it’s fair that all your time and effort actually pays off someway.

            It’s quite sad that you are sitting behind your screens moaning about a Q/A not coming timely then. Infact, just be happy with the fact that someone actually bothers making a community like this, it makes the inheritance cycle all the more valuable.

          • seanhiggy

            you all seem to be forgetting… this is MIKES WEBSITE. that HE STARTED. (hehehe i feel evil for using caps :P) he is free to post what he wants when he wants, and you can have your own opinions about it, but dont start hating just because he doesnt post EVERYTHING on time, he posts ALOT of stuff on time, and is going to post the next Q&A soon. Who cares if it comes out every 2nd or so months, its not the end of the world, you have lives other than inheritance i assume. if not, get a job, or a girlfriend/boyfriend, or a hobby.

            Don’t hate on Mike, he can do what he wants. He isn’t posing it for a reason, and im sure its a valid reason, and when the Q&A’s do get posted, there worth the wait!
            so be patient!!

          • stfu about Q&A’s

            well i just wanna say news on how CP is doing doesnt come out every day. Also so what if mike hasn’t been keeping up with the interviews. He has written the inheritance alamac (which should hopefully answer some of your impatient questions). Besides Mike hinted that the next Q&A comes out sometime in November. I dont know what timezone your in but for me November comes tomorrow.

          • I think this is filed under “not helping your own cause.”I’m not really going to touch on your angry calls of “lies” and calling people “worthless” because it feels like a waste of time. Instead, I’m going to point out how angry you’re getting on the internet and how you’re taking it out on the person who wants to see another Q&A done and ready more than anyone else.Frankly, I’d be ashamed of myself for surfing websites releasing anger on people who seriously don’t deserve it. Maybe your fiery attitude would be better suited to becoming some sort of lobbyist to get things done in the government! Lots of Love,Robert

  • aryashadeslayer

    great job mike i want 2 get a copy as soon as possible!

  • Musicalhurdles

    i dig everything about the inheritance cycle and all, but why doesn’t paolini work more on book 4 instead of approving of almanacs? i mean seriously, this book needs to happen in the near future…

    • Christopher didn’t spend any time “approving” this book… I’m sure he’s read through the book (he received a copy before I did!), but no more time than he’d have otherwise spent reading another fantasy book. I hope I don’t come across as rude with this but… newsflash: authors don’t spend every waking hour of the day writing! They have work time and personal time, just like every other person does.

      • I spent all of time making websites. I don’t even sleep! NOTHING ELSE!!!

  • Guest

    I’m not sure I’m going to get this. I looked at the preview and stuff, but it just looks like a really long dictionary. I don’t really know… I already knew everything in the preview and stuff, but I’m not sure…

    • It’s a lot different from a dictionary. For starters, it isn’t boring! 😛 There’s also a LOT of “did you know?” sort of information in the book that I guarantee you won’t know. It’s a great reference guide to keep on hand while you read the stories again (or once you get Book 4), and it’s also incredibly convenient for theorizing. There’s a lot more to it than a boring dictionary. Hopefully you can go pick one up, flip through, and perhaps be interested in picking up a copy. 🙂

  • *************************

    I WANT THE 4th BOOK TO COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. great job…. halfway done the almanac.

  • Karley

    I have a question:
    How is it that Arya was the courier of Saphira’s egg for seventy years prior to the series when the Varden only had the egg for about sixteen years before the Cycle began?

    • Guest

      She was the ambassador to the garden for 70 years, and then she became the courier. I think.

      • Guest

        That was supposed to say varden. My spell check changed it. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    I just got my copy, i cant wait to start reading it!

    • Make sure you comment later to let me know what you think! Feedback helps me improve in the future and I especially love hearing when people have enjoyed the book. 😛

      Have fun reading!

      • Anonymous

        Im about half way threw and i must say i think its really great and i also think that it will come in handy when reading the 4th book because if i come across something i dont remember thats being referred from a previous book i could just look it up in the almanac which is very convenient. I love the random facts and pictures to because i feel it helps the break the book up and makes it more enjoyable. just one question, i believe that in a past interview someone asked what galby looked like and he said that we would have to wait until book 4, but in the almanac there is a picture of him so im wondering if that is what he looks like now or if that was before he gained all of his power and went mad.

  • Anonymous

    Mike, I can’t wait to read it! I plan to go get it tomorrow. It looks like you did a great job!

  • Just finished writing part one of the “making of” The Inheritance Almanac. It’s a long but fun read, I think, and tells the story of how I got involved in fandoms, how Shur’tugal started and grew, and what the Almanac was like long before it became the “Almanac”. Part one should be up tonight.

    Part two will go into detail on how the Almanac changed from the odd version it was back then to what you are reading now. It’ll also talk about how I got picked up by Random House and what the publishing experience was like (along with some of the mistakes I made, of course). Part two will likely be shorter as the core of the story was in the build up. 😛

    Once these “making of” stories are out, we’ll start with the Companion to the Companion guide. Sneak peek for those of you reading the comments in the sneak peek news post: first major theory I tackle is “who the heck is Angela?!”. It’ll be a fun one, I promise. 😉

  • Jgruenloh

    This looks awesom!! i bet i was first to buy it,because i went to books a million at least 20 times befor i saw it!

    • Some book stores are a bit slower at putting out new releases. We ran into that problem with our local Borders (so I hopped over to Barnes and Noble and bought my copy there). Glad you were able to find it!

      If anyone else is having problems finding it at their local store, walk up to the front and ask them when they’ll be receiving their stock and/or ask for them to order you a copy. They’ll have one ordered and sent down to the store with no extra cost to you. Or just hop over to another local book store, whichever works for you. 😛

      Either way, I appreciate the support! I hope you enjoy the book.

      • Seanhiggy

        Mike, will you sell an e-copy of the book?
        I understand if you wouldn’t, cause of piracy and stuff, but it would be nice to have one on the computer and not needing a hard copy.
        you could sell it through the site or something, for a little discount off the RRP cause your cutting out the middle man ie the book shop.
        if you don’t though, i will probably buy a hard copy.
        Good work! 😀

  • BearJew

    Mike, thanks for the preview. Question: Is there any hidden info in the Almanac that hints in the 4th book?

    • You’re welcome! 😀 Would it be hidden if you were told about it? 😛

  • Anonymous

    This looks like it will be an awesome book! I am going into town this afternoon to buy it! Thanks for writing this book Mike!

  • Night Angel kage

    @ Freddie. You know you shouldn’t tell an other that you went and read his book in the back of the bookstore for free, it’s kinda ruder, wait! it is rude.

    @YouknowMe. You should really be patient and perhaps even thank Mike for all of the hard work he does for us inheritance fans, he owes us nothing and yet he still works hard for us so don’t criticize him for it.

    Again good job Mike!

  • YouKnowMe

    Cool. Good for you MIke, but the next interview is long overdue.

    • This news post is completely relevant to an interview that I apparently owe you.

      • YouKnowMe

        Can you direct me to those updates?

  • Pianokz99


  • Night Angel kage

    Yes very impressive Mike. I may Just go and buy it.

    Good job!

  • Nsam85

    Very impressive

  • Chaelom

    wow just WOW

  • Freddie

    its good, just don’y get offended when i read it for free in a bookshop

    • You’re right, I shouldn’t be compensated for the year+ of hard work that I put into that book.

  • Great sneak peek; ive already read this part though haha.

    just wish there was a bigger map in the almanac than the one under the Alagaesia caption.

  • Anonymous

    Mike….I LOVE IT!!! There is bound to be so much I do not know about the cycle in this book. Great job, I was laughing with giddy glee as I read this info! I will definitely be buying this book very soon I can assure you. Again fantastic job on the book mate, if the first couple pages then the rest of the book must be.

    • Trust me when I say that despite the fact that I had read each of the books over ten times each, I was STILL learning new facts while writing this book.

      I also had a great time writing the introduction and I’m glad that everyone gets to view that part for free. Glad you liked it!