The Inheritance Almanac Hits Stores Today!

We are overjoyed to announce that after years of hard work, The Inheritance Almanac – a comprehensive A to Z guide to the world of Alagaesia – is now available in stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom, with more countries coming soon. The Inheritance Almanac is the only A to Z guide to all things Inheritance currently available, and is officially sanctioned and approved by Christopher Paolini (and published by Random House).

Christopher Paolini’s world of Alagaësia is a magical land, full of mysterious people, objects, and places-one that has captivated millions of fans across the globe. Now, with the Inheritance Fan Book, those fans have a resource in the form of an A-to-Z almanac, where they can find everything they ever wanted to know about this fascinating world. From Arya to Zar’roc, this is an exhaustive encyclopedia about the land of the Inheritance cycle that also offers little-known facts gleaned from dozens of interviews with Christopher Paolini.

Did you know . . .
-that Helgrind, the den of the Raz’ac, is based on a real rock formation?
-that Saphira’s blue-tinted vision was inspired by Paolini’s own color blindness?
-that the Broddrings are the original humans who traveled to Alagaësia with King Palancar?
A must-have book for every Inheritance fan!

We highly recommend visiting our Inheritance Almanac mini-site located at for more information!

Join us after the break for more information on The Inheritance Cycle, including a sneak peek at the massive amount of exciting promotions, activities, events, and interviews (including a spin on our upcoming Q&A with Christopher Paolini)!

Mike Macauley’s introduction to The Inheritance Almanac truly sets the tone for what readers — both new and old — can expect from the Almanac:

The Inheritance Almanac is a compendium of knowledge and information, from the known to the unknown, the serious to the absurd, detailing the expansive history of Alagaësia. This tome enables Inheritance adventurers to refresh their memories while exploring such topics as Murtagh and the battalions of soldiers who cannot feel pain. Readers will uncover the mysteries of the Eldunarí, the heavily guarded secret of the dragon race; journey through the ruins of Edur Ithindra, one of Alagaësia’s most ancient elf outposts; conquer the treacherous Spine mountain range; and roam the harsh and unforgiving Hadarac Desert. The Almanac will answer many readers’ questions, rekindle distant memories, and inspire new ways of interpreting the cycle’s contents.

Fantasy sleuths and Inheritance fanatics will immediately recognize Christopher’s homages to fantasy and science-fiction works that have inspired and entertained him scattered throughout the Almanac. These hidden gems have provided dedicated fans with a “mini-game” of hunting down Christopher’s latest references, from the obvious, such as the dwarf king Hrothgar, a direct allusion to Hrothgar, ruler of Denmark in the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowolf, to trickier references, including the “lonely god,” a modern-day reference to the British sciencefiction television show Doctor Who. And there are real-world character and location inspirations, such as Christopher’s sister, Angela, whose personality provided the basis for Angela the herbalist, and his home amid the picturesque Montana landscape, which inspired much of Palancar Valley’s beauty.

Whether you are a fan of many years or a new reader just beginning your journey through the Inheritance cycle, the Almanac will serve as a trusty companion while you experience Alagaësia in its full measure of glory.

Over the next several weeks, Shur’tugal will be rolling out a series of promotions tied to The Inheritance Almanac. We’re excited to share a sneak peek of what you should expect in the future:

  • A “round-table” podcast interview featuring Mike Macauley, author of The Inheritance Almanac, and Christopher Paolini (recorded at Comic-Con 2010)
  • A “live” surprise twist to our next Q&A with Christopher Paolini. Stay tuned!
  • Our new Companion to the Companion guide, a free online companion guide to The Inheritance Almanac featuring in-depth looks at some of the most controversial and obscure theories in the Inheritance universe. Fans will be given the opportunity to chime in, debate, and theorize with the staff, in addition to participating in polls revolving around each theory.
  • “Making of The Inheritance Almanac” – a two part series looking at the founding of Shur’tugal and the long journey the Almanac took before finally reaching book shelves. This column will also offer aspiring authors a chance to ask burning questions!
  • A huge book giveaway!
  • More coming that we can’t yet discuss. Stay tuned!

The Almanac represents a collection of the vast amount of knowledge, information, and “insider scoops” amassed throughout the past six years, all compiled to give Inheritance fans an inside look at some of the hidden secrets and back-doors to the Inheritance cycle. This book is a guide for the fans, by the fans, and is the perfect item to have at your side whether you’re beginning your journey through Alagaesia for the first or fiftieth time.

You can purchase a copy of The Inheritance Almanac in any book store starting today, as well as ordering the book online through Random House, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and more!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds fascinating. The world that Paolini has created is so very real that, you need something like this to keep in line with the occurring events. Very interesting facts there! 😀

  • Gazalare

    I think I found two typos in the Almanac.

    On page 96 under Gray Folk in the soft-cover, there is a space between subsequent and history. The space is larger than all the others between words, so I’m assuming two spaces were put there.

    On page 200 under Varden, The, you accidentaly spelled Deynor as Deynon.

    • Kiddrain

      You also refer to Formora as Formosa

  • Anonymous

    When will it come out in New Delhi?
    Will i be able to get it soon?

  • ines_13

    Hi! I’m a portuguese fan of The Inheritance Cycle and I would like to have the The Inheritance Almanac. Do you know if it will reach Portugal?

  • FaninTURKEY

    i am in Turkey and i am a big fan of eragon!I want to have almanac but i think in Turkey we dont have it!Please help the fans who live in Turkey..we want to have

  • gazalare

    Mike, have you ever thought of, or made a fan fiction of book 4?

    • I understand and appreciate fan fiction and the role it plays in fan communities. Back when I was incredibly involved in the Harry Potter community, I was an avid reader of fan fiction (and moderated MNet’s fan fiction website for some time).

      However, when your actual job involves knowing solid facts about every page of the Inheritance cycle, fan fiction starts causing more harm than good. If I begin to read fan fiction and my brain starts smudging the lines between what happened in the book vs. what happened in a fan fiction, it’d end badly. Think: me accidentally including fan fiction facts in a future Almanac.

      • I read some Harry Potter fan fiction one time! I didn’t blur (or even smudge) any lines between the two!

        Harry married Draco, right?

  • Gazalare

    Mike. I’m so glad you made a book like this so I didn’t have to look up everything on the Inheriwiki! I just bought the book today and it looks great already.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mike,
    Question: What inspired you to write the INHERITANCE ALMANAC? It’s a great idea and I can’t wait yo get my hands on it!!!! =D

    • Good question! I’ll be publishing a two part editorial which will answer that exact question. Stay tuned!

      • Anonymous


  • Fleetfox

    I gotta say, this is the best book website ever!!

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I’m confused, it states quite clearly on here [the official website, in a manner] it has released in US, Canada, Australia and the UK, yet on a number of websites (Asda, Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmiths), it states that it is published/released on 04/11/10. Perhaps you wish to mention that the UK release date mentioned here is wrong, otherwise some people might have a wasted trip into town ;p

    • Sorry about that. I don’t live in the UK and only assumed that it was releasing at the same time based on an email I received with foreign dates.

      • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

        No problem mate, I was in town for other things anyway (and got my Nintendo magazine :D), so I didn’t waste any time, just thought it should be mentioned for other people 🙂 ).

        I’m going to read the preview now, and hopefully get my hands on a juicy copy as soon as I can :D, thanks for taking the time to write this book.

        • Thanks for buying the book and supporting me/the site. 🙂

          • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

            No problem. A great site, and the preview of the almanac is brilliant 😀

  • Zharn

    The B&N near me didn’t have any in stock when I went there… so I made them send out a special order for me so I could get it sooner 😀

    I hope to have the book within my hands in the next two days. And I love the idea of it – now when I get confused about something regarding the Inheritence Cycle, instead of trying the find the exact page of the book it was mentioned in, I could just consult the Almanac. Thank you, Mike, for (temporarily) quenching my Eragon-related thirst.

  • Billmury

    Seriously when are we going to hear more about Christopher’s book instead of yours?

    • Jumpergirl93

      When there’s news to report. This is an Inheritance fan site. This is Inheritance news. Maybe not from Christopher, but still. What’s the problem?

    • If you’d like, I can start inventing news for you.

      Coming soon at 11: Pikachu is Book 4’s newest villain!

    • Pretty sure we just posted a newsletter with news on book 4.

      • Doesn’t quite live up to the murderous Pikachu!

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I am ordering mine friday 🙂 i am getting this with my EMA mike, so be happy 😉 haha! (btw, if this is received badly, i’m sorry it was a joke like this is what i was saving it for :L)

    • Not taken badly at all. I appreciate your support!

  • Hey, Mike…. I found one discrepancy in your ‘After Creation’ dating in the Almanac: 7903 AC: Saphira’s egg is rescued. But actually I think the date is more like 7983 AC. Please do update it in further prints. I am sure you have noticed it already, but wanted to make sure that the small discrepancy is corrected in the very good book. Thanks.

    • Looking into this, thanks. 🙂 Over two hundred pages of content surely leads to an error or two.

  • coralstar

    YAY! i really want to get it, now if only i wasnt a college kid with no money………..

    hey mike, when will there be another q&a session post?

    • “A “live” surprise twist to our next Q&A with Christopher Paolini. Stay tuned!”

      From the above post.

      We’ll go with “soon”. 🙂

  • Amethyst Rose

    It’s only $11.04 (without tax) at And it is available on Nookbook from B&N as well as on the‘s Kindle! It’s fun to find stuff out when you’re bored… (just looked it up on line) So, there you guys have it! If in doubt, look it up!

    as for the book itself, It’s SO going on my Christmas List! (though I may get it before then…)

  • quick question though…Mike will you be updating the almanac after book 4 comes out?

    • I’d love to, though I would also love to write a second book (think “volume 2”) in a slightly different way that incorporates information gleamed from Book 4. Time will tell.

  • amazing book, read half of it so far and loving it

  • Some1weird

    I hope i can get my hands one 1 copy of it! 🙂

    • If you’re from the countries listed above, it should be pretty easy. Major booksellers like Barnes and Noble and Borders have the book available in their “top picks” section. Look for it in the YA Bay up front at Borders and in the “Top Teen Picks” section at B&N. Of course, you can always find it at indie booksellers and online as well. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yes!!! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this to come out!! =D
    Awesome idea, Mike! =)

    • Thanks! Means a lot that you guys are as excited about it as I am. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Mike is this basically how the whole series was written and the back ground to it? An example would be like how Sapphira blue vision, etc.

  • alexis

    This is why we don’t have a book four yet!!!

    • Uhhh… I wrote The Inheritance Almanac, not Christopher.

      • Anonymous

        Ignorant people are funny sometimes. That post made me laugh. 😀

      • Anonymous

        LOL omg… as if that isnt explicitly stated in like 5 articles…made my day 🙂 Glad to see your back on the site Mike!

        • I enjoyed my lovely vacation to Arizona and California for a week and now I’m back in action, doing my sacred duty: trolling trolls! 😛

          • Anonymous

            have fun reading the comments on the Kaleb Nation articles. LOL those got so out of hand….

          • Suesuesue10639

            yeah lol… but that guy (can’t remeber the name) did deserve thoses comments for having a go at sirsimon, like all sirsimon did was reference himself as an author… i don’t see anything wrong in just saying he’s’ an author cos he is an author and he has a right to be proud of it. I don’t see him having a go at good old mike here for referencing himself as an author…

            (sorry for bringing it up, i just feel strongly about it)

            btw… can’t wait to get my hands on your almanac Mike!!!! I don’t think i can wait for christmas to get it!! Something to fill the eragon craving!!! 😀

  • Anisha baishya

    wowie! a must have for fans like me. waiting madly for 4th book

  • Zauber_wuerfel

    I ordered it over the german Amazon site, so it seems to be available in Germany as well, without extra fees! According to the site, it will be shipped to me tomorrow. I was lucky however, because was already out of stock and now it takes 2 to 4 weeks to ship.

    • Glad to hear you’re buying the book! So cool to know that there are fans in Germany buying something I wrote!

      • Zauber_wuerfel

        🙂 No prob, I can’t wait to have it.
        Apparently, there are more german shurtugal fans than both you an amazon thought, because it was out of stock the day it came out! Here’s the site:
        The Hardcover is still available though

  • Hey, Mike…… Do you know when the Almanac will reach India? Because Amazon charges a heavy $50 as delivery charge to India.

    • Kasturi Panajady

      Id like to know that as well, sivashankar…are we expect it in our local bookshop a couple of months later, and if so when exactly? Can you please answer this/

      • Mikaela

        I don’t suppose the Almanac will be an ebook? That would make things a lot easier 😀

    • I will let you know as soon as I hear more.

  • I approve of this message.

  • I approve of this message.