The Buzz: Enter the Inheritance Cycle Super Fan Contest!

Christopher Paolini today announced one of the most exciting Inheritance Cycle fan contests yet: proving your status as a super Inheritance fan to win a trip to Montana to have lunch with Christopher! Random House is in search of the biggest Inheritance cycle fan on the planet and it’s up to you to prove that you’re it! They’re looking for fans to grab their video camera and submit a video explaining to viewers why the Inheritance cycle is such a great read. Twelve winners will be chosen and prizes include a trip to visit Christopher Paolini in Montana, a Skype call from Christopher Paolini, and signed copies of The Inheritance Almanac. Check out Random Buzzers for more information!

  • Nandani

    I live in Canada though! 🙁

  • Rider of Fangs

    This doesn’t seem like a good idea. No offense intended, but it is not the best series I’ve read. Manny people I talk with agree with this. I like the books, but they could be better and less unpredictable. But I’ll hold off my conclusions until Book 4 is out.

  • Savio266

    hi i write for all of the italian forum like
    we have a problem with the contest because we can’t do this contest because we are not american but i’ m italian yes but i live in america so i think too do this contest for all of the of the forum of course i come if i win to the house of paolini but what do you think ?

  • Ruydragon

    can we make a simple animation to it??

    • This contest is being hosted by Random House, Christopher’s publisher. You’ll have to check with them regarding any rules. Sorry!

  • Waffle

    well, it’s always been my biggest dream to go to Montana so I can eat lunch…

    • Montana is beautiful and Christopher is always a delight to talk to. Trust me when I say that whoever wins will be in store for a memorable lunch!

    • But doesn’t it really depend on what’s for lunch…?

  • Eldest 13

    DANG IT! I don’t have a vidio camera.

    • Check your local library or your school’s technology department. A lot of libraries/tech departments will allow students use of their cameras, especially for something cool/educational like talking about why you enjoy reading a book series. Good luck!

  • Protege

    It’s US citizens only… Even the books and Skype call O.o

    • There are a lot of tricky laws that prevent international contests, unfortunately. Write your publishers outside of the United States and ask them to throw contests of their own! They’re always looking for new ways to please fans.

      • Anonymous

        But now I wish I lived in three countries, NZ, UK, US. That’s where it all happens… UK for the BBC Us for contests and NZ for gaming,we get games a month or so before the UK and the US. Ah well, life can’t be perfect…

  • Riley Relfe

    Lunch with Christopher… yummy 😉