Inheritance Almanac Mini-site Launches

With the Inheritance Almanac right around the corner, we’ve put together a mini-site to give an overview of the upcoming book. From the mini-site, you’ll be able to see new Inheritance Almanac news as well as learn how you can pre-order the book.

The Inheritance Almanac is a fan resource where you can find everything you ever wanted to know about the fascinating world of Alagaësia.

For more information, visit The Inheritance Almanac releases on October 26th and will be available at most major retailers. Be sure to pick up your copy!

  • Josh Arnold

    Huuurah!! Oct. 26th is here. Today’s the release day!!!! I’ll get in three days I hope…

  • npe56756

    Looks good. I’m not optimistic about book IV, mainly due to the lack of activitry in recent weeks. Still hoping for a christmas 2011 release,probably in vain .

    Anyway, moan over….Well done Mike on your book, just don’t complain when I read it for free whilst in the shop.

    • Definitely won’t be out this year I’m afraid

      • Anonymous

        well i wouldnt think so, especially since the year ends in 2 months. Though, based on the pattern of publication, Im going to agree with npe56756 and say fall/winer of 2011 is a good bet.

  • Cobyjjj

    i hate to be the person to ask this but when will the q and a come out?

  • Rootrot

    Would it definately be worth it if I tried to buy this book? It looks like it’s pretty interesting.

  • All kinds of information is in the almanac…lots of background information of the world and such, and interesting tidbits that you would never have thought of.

  • Some1weird

    I assume it’s gonna be hard for me to get the copy of this book .. since i live in finland(north europe) since it’s released in UK .. i might be able to order a understandable copy if it .. with a little extra cost ..

    Could you inform how many pages will it include? Same question with Book IV ..
    Also didn’t know CP could see blue more “strongly” than the other colors ..

    God damn i MUST get my copt of this! 😀 since im a HUGE fan on Inheritance Cycle 😀

    • Josh Arnold

      However you got the other books you’d get this one I suppose, right?

      • Some1weird

        Yes im probably getting this, if it doesn’t cost that much .. im having a hard time to even find eragon guide to alegaesia(sp?) .. haven’t seen a single copy anywhere near me .. so yeh..

  • melguinha

    Hello ^^

    Will the book be release in Portugal?

  • will it be released in germany?

  • 7th

    Cant wait to get my hands on it


    not gonna lie this is pretty stupid… If CP needs to just buckle down and finish the book… its kind of pathetic

    • This book was written by Mike Macauley.

      • Josh Arnold

        Stop the CP bashin! Thanks for clearin it to em Robert Cox

  • Rafa

    Great news guys, but I really need to know if the book is going to be released in other lenguages, or should I practice my english a little more? 😛

    • Tulkas Astaldo

      He said below it would be released in Espanol.

    • Tulkas Astaldo

      He said below it would be released in Espanol.

    • I know it’ll be released in Spanish…

      • Rider of Fangs

        (sarcasm) Well done, Cox. You have managed to get 5000 people to come knocking on your door! Hahaha! At least Mike will finaly get a break from the fans’ questions about book IV. How many countries will this be released? I live in U.S. but I want to know if the almanac will be released In China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Republics, and the Middle East and South, south west Asia. Now MIke can start sharing the Inheritance publicity with Paolini.

        Rider of Fangs
        Rokutenchi (

        Has anyone read my chapters on booksie yet? I don’t mean to be desperate, nor annoying, but I just want to know if anyone might enjoy it.

        • I don’t think there’s anything yet for those other locations; but I can’t be sure…

  • Satwb098

    Inheritance related. WOHOO! Thank you MIke!

    • Pfff, I posted it! Hahaha

      Mike is actually away from the office for the next couple of days, which is why you gotta put up with me!

      • Chackt

        Well Robbie, today we like you better! (No offense, Mike…)

        • ROBBIE?!?!?!


          • You can’t call him that! That’s the name of our old rival. 😛

          • I wouldn’t exactly say rival! Robby is the reason I even work for Shurtugal right now 😛

            Without him, Mike would have crashed and burned by now without my awesome moral support!

          • So he’s who we have to blame…

          • Rulemetal

            im sry,but who’s robbie ACTUALLY?

  • Waffle

    I have a question. If you gathered all the info from the first 3 books of the series in order to make the almanac, then won’t you still be missing the information that’s going to be revealed in Book IV? Wouldn’t it have been better to wait until after Book IV was released?

    • Anonymous

      yeah that makes sense, cause the Almanac wont have information about the VoS or anything “/

      • Protege

        Can make similar complaints about Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia though.

      • Anonymous

        That is why someone down the page asked if they were planning a supplement or a deluxe edition. I’m assuming they were suggesting that either of these would contain the additional information. It would be cool because I think it should have information on all the books too. It might be too early for them to know if they are releasing something additional though. I’m no expert haha.

        • I’d say, a bit too early to speculate. I don’t know of any current plans to change the book at a later date. I could be wrong, but…

          Oh, I don’t know–stop asking tough questions!

  • Wadellz

    Will it be released in Australia?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Am i right to assume this book is not being release in the UK? :S

    • Adamdavies07

      I managed to order a copy, off Amazon… but it doesnt get here till a couple of day’s later… In the UK.

      • Anonymous

        Ahh right thanks i’ll order one in the coming days then … Waiting for my EMA to go through :/

    • It will be in the UK. I’m pretty sure of that.

  • Protege

    Finally! Something Inheritance related.

  • Anonymous

    i didnt know paolini was colour blind 0_0 hmmmm deffo buying this book then , oh and thank goodness we have new news up!!!

    • Tulkas Astaldo

      He isn’t actually color blind, his vision is just more blue-tinted.

  • guest

    Will the inheritance almanac be available as an ebook and will it be available on ibooks

  • guest

    Mike, very good on the mini site. I have already preorder your book.

  • fomfl

    What sort of things are in the almanac?? ( the mini site looks cool btw :-])

  • Anonymous

    I know the book hasn’t even been released yet, but are you planning a supplement to or a deluxe edition of The Inheritance Almanac for after Book 4 is released?

  • Chrissy096

    The site looks awesome! 🙂

    • Mike showing off his design skills! He still maintains he can’t do it.

      It was pretty easy to turn his image into a website, too 😀