Coming Soon to a Shur’tugal Near You

The future of Shur’tugal is looking brighter than ever as we work hard behind-the-scenes to bring our visitors new features, articles, news, podcasts, and more! We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the exciting upcoming events and features we’ll be rolling out on Shur’tugal over the next month or two.

Kaleb Nation, author of the Bran Hambric series, will join us as a guest blogger to discuss his upcoming book, how Christopher inspired him as a fellow young author, advice for young authors, and more! Kaleb and I will be taking questions from fans in the comment section regarding fantasy writing, being a young author, self publishing, finding a publisher, and more! Now is your chance to get your foot in the door to becoming an author!

Sneak Peek at Bran Hambric: The Specter Key — Kaleb Nation is offering Shur’tugal fans an exclusive video of him reading the first chapter from his upcoming book here on Shur’tugal!

The Inheritance Almanac hits shelves on October 26th! To build momentum for the book’s release, we’ll be releasing a two part editorial series as a behind-the-scenes look at The Inheritance Almanac! The editorial will touch on Shur’tugal’s history, the original idea for a fan guide, how the Almanac came to be, and exactly what you can expect from the official companion guide!

Companion to the Companion series — Shur’tugal will be launching an in-depth look at some of the most heated, outrageous, and fun theories in the Inheritance world in our multi-part series entitled “the Companion to the Companion”, a complimentary theory companion to the upcoming official companion guide to the Inheritance cycle: The Inheritance Almanac. In addition to enjoying staff theories and weighing in with your thoughts and opinions in our comments, readers will be asked to contribute in polls tailored to each individual theory.

Giveaways Galore — We’ll be giving away loads of signed copies of The Inheritance Almanac as well as signed Inheritance memorabilia to celebrate the release of The Inheritance Almanac!

New Shur’tugal and Inheritance Clothing — Just in time for the change in seasons is our new line of Shur’tugal and Inheritance clothing and merchandise! In addition to our old Shur’tugal designs, we’ve launched two new designs based on the hilarity that is Angela the Witch, including a “Beware of Ferrets” t-shirt and our “Avoid roasted cabbage” shirt! (Shirts are $15.99, hoodies are $37.99)

Q&As with Christopher Paolini — Our next Q&A series is still in the works but we’re excited to share that our October/November Q&A will have an exciting twist meant to bring fans closer to Christopher! Stay tuned!
As always, we love and appreciate feedback from our visitors. Is there something realistic and interesting you’d like to see added to Shur’tugal in the future? Let us know in the comments!

  • Novaluke

    Will we be able to submit questions for the October/November questions? If not, when will the next opportunity be?


    • Anonymous

      We already did. It’s now closed to questions.

  • Rider of Fangs

    How are your Almanac books going, Mike? Probably alot better than when they started out. I hope I buy one!

  • F H N

    Mr. Paloni, you have taken what people really enjoyed and turned it into a money scam. I once used to love reading this Inheritance cycle, now I’m ashamed to even think about this “fourth” book. It has been almost… no… it has been more than a year since your last book was published. Is your book that long? That intense? You started all of this… you should finish it, isn’t that the whole point behind your books? What being a “dragon rider” is all about, “those who have the ability to take action, have the responsibility…” I’m glad your famous, and you have made your mark on children, you did on me, no question there. Just get on with it, postpone your dreams of immense wealth and finish what you started, just like Eragon would.

    • Anonymous

      Do you understand how rude you are? You can’t expect a person to stop living his life and devote it only to writing a book. That is selfish of you and I believe it is what you are accusing him of being. I want to see you write a book and make it as successful as his books have been in the time you expect him to write books. Don’t complain unless it has merit otherwise you just sound dumb.

    • bloop

      Haha, and you should probably make sure your grammar and spelling are good to make people take you seriously. “Mr. Paloni”? And why do people keep thinking that CP is actually going to read this stuff?

    • Anonymous

      1. The whole Dragon rider reference… kinda geeky.

      2. PAOLINI (Spell it right) isn’t going to read this and think:
      “F H N is right! I have been a bad boy, I am now moved and inspired to finish the book twice as fast as I am now. Shame on me for not being as wise and tenacious as F H N.”

      In fact, Paolini isn’t going to read these comments anyways. You know why? Because he is busy writing a book.

      I guarantee you, once the book comes out, you will read it. And then we will all call you a hypocrite.

      Once again, (As I have said in many comments)… Get on with your life, stop griping and moaning. Find something constructive to do while we wait for the 4th book to come out. I know you are just as excited as all of us, even if you do complain.

  • AnimE_FeveR

    As a suggestion to help improve Shurtugal, you should post on the Facebook group these same announcements to keep that page active and to bring more fans in 🙂 Just a suggestion

    • Rahul Deshpande

      well…the shurty staff like tweeting more than FB……….

      • AnimE_FeveR

        Yeah but you wanna show your active in all the sites, whats the point of having a facebook group if you do not update it, this was only a suggestion to Mike since I really like this site 🙂

  • aryashadeslayer

    so on a the 26th is the inheritance alamac gonna be sold in canada or usa? or both?

    • Both, with the UK releasing Oct/Nov and Spanish language copies releasing Oct/Nov.

  • Why everyone hates America


  • whyispaolinisoslow

    who cares! i want book 4!

  • Anonymous

    Great! I cannot wait for the exciting “twist” Estimated time on the release of the Q&A questions or will time tell on this one also?

  • Glorfindel

    Sigh, what happened to the old shurtugal?

    • Uh..?

      • Glorfindel

        No, I don’t mean it negatively. The new layout looks great, things are running smoothly, and everything’s more convenient. It’s just that of all the people who currently frequent this site, I’ve been here almost longer than any of them, perhaps all of them, unless some changed their names, and I can’t help but feel some nostalgia and regret for the old board, with half it’s pages eaten by spam, and the old blue Saphira on the tan layout.
        Again, nothing negative meant by it. You guys have done a great job, it looks really good, and I do like it a lot.

        • Rahul Deshpande

          hey…i can understand if you are visiting new Shurtugal for the first time….new layouts new disqus system..etc….

          well…the dragon u see above is not saphira….its the white dragon whose name cannot be taken in any language…lol…j/k…..

          • Glorfindel

            I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I’m not visiting shurtugal for the first time. I’ve been here longer than almost anyone.

  • alfa_kona_123

    exciting twist: video???!?!? idk! i’m so excited!

  • Bucketbaby

    BTW – Like the new graphics on the webpage!

  • Bucketbaby

    Are you going to add new shirt designs in the near future? I’m waiting for the “Train hard, strike first” design….

  • Cadet

    Hey Mike, any idea how much the inheritance almanac is gonna cost?

  • BlackandWhiteDragons

    Excited excited excited!!

  • Anonymous

    Will the giveaways come in a form of contests?

    • Time will tell!

      • Anonymous

        Awesome work man! Appreciate the work u r doing to keep the fans happy! Im eager for the interview with Kaleb Nation,The Almanac and ofcourse the interview and the twist in it!

      • Anonymous

        Mike, even though you don’t make bunches of money, you should. And hopefully with the book, you will! 🙂

    • Denmark111

      Where is the giveaways gonna be? Is it to be send (to other places than USA) or is there some place..?

  • MeghanShamp

    Oooh, an exciting twist? I wonder what it could be…

  • Anonymous

    I am very excited at the prospect of the “exciting twist” 🙂 and at being the first to comment on this post.

  • Anonymous

    I am very excited at the prospect of the “exciting twist” 🙂 and at being the first to comment on this post.