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  • Nerdzee

    Is there any particular reason Selena named Eragon after Eragon I?

  • Nerdzee

    Have there been any hybrids before Eragon, like any offspring resulting from a human rider and an elf?

  • Nerdzee

    In brisingr (paper back version) page 130, when Eragon is hiding from a group of soldiers one of the soldiers says “you heard what Morzan’s spawn said as well as I did.” So, what did Murtagh say?

  • Nerdzee

    If Eragon has the speed and strength of an elf and he has to have a sword made of brightsteel so it won’t break then how do the elves not break their swords? Are theirs made specially too or are they imbued with magic?

  • Vlatkovichka

    What happend with Brom’s Saphira’s eldunary?

    • Heard that it died with Saphira. In an interview: CP said so.

  • Who do you think has suffered the most: Murtagh, Arya or Brom? According to me all three have been the ones to have suffered the most. What do you consider of your own creations? Or is Selena the one?

  • Iyrean City

    I’m not sure if it’s appropriate but I’d like to ask a question about writing. Mr Paolini, I’m an aspiring writer, and I’d like to know how you plotted out the Inheritance Cycle, because plotting is something that I’m struggling with. Did you go about it by writing a chapter outline, or a synopsis or did you use a step-by-step method like building plot from conflicts? How did you create such a believable, great plot, weaved together with many sub-plots? Thanks very much 🙂

  • lalaru

    Does changing your true name through changing some part of your character allow you to break oaths you swore to yourself in the ancient language and not oaths forced upon you by the use of your true name? for instance if rhunon changed herself enough to affect her true name could she then forge as many swords as she likes even though the oaths she swore were only to herself not to or about anyone else or would the oaths shift with her personality because it’s a personal commitment thus continuing to inhibit her ability to forge swords… other examples being any promises anyone else swore to themselves and not to anyone else or infront of anyone else or for anyone else

  • fricai

    In BRISINGR when Saphira shows eragon Brom’s memory , Brom is fingering Aren. But this memory was after Teirm,right? how is brom still having the ring when he should have given it to Jeod’s messenger?

  • Eridor the Green

    – How many eggs does a dragon lay at a time? (How many eggs would Saphira lay at one time that could become riders/wild dragons)
    – In Eragon, Eragon notices that a dragon depends on his/her tail in flight. Will Thorn’s injury at Gil’ead from Glaedr (The last three feet of his tail being bit off.) affect his flying?
    – Would adding the Urgals to the rider spell make them less “brutish” like it did to the humans? And if they were added to the spell would human and elven riders grow small horns just like humans get slightly pointed ears?
    – In Eragon you mentioned that Eragon is an old name of power and that none but the elves know what it means. Will we ever find out what it means?
    – Are spirits what became of the Grey Folk after they enchanted the ancient language?

  • Matthe3k

    what is he doing with the sloan char? / will he be a better person or stay as he is

  • Anonymous

    If an experienced magician can change his/her appearances, then could that magician change his/her appearance to look like someone else in order to infiltrate Uru’baen and/or steal the green egg? And if so, could that magician change the sound of his/her voice to sound like a specific someone…like Galbatorix or his trusted servant if he has one?

  • dragonwings333

    I know this isn’t an important question but in Eragon on pg 662 Saphira says she wants to meet Solembum. Why does she want to meet him and does she ever actually meet him at that point?

  • dippedinchocolate

    Islanzadi has had small parts in the previous books, will she have a bigger part in book 4?

  • dippedinchocolate

    Will there be any chapters in Arya’s point of view?

  • Willy

    Q4. if Wild dragons just hatched could the last dragon hatch by itself and just be a wild Dragon?

  • Willy

    Q4. if Wild dragons just hatched could the last dragon hatch by itself and just be a wild Dragon?

    • HB

      Oromis says that special spells were said over the eggs given to the riders, to prevent them from hatching until they found their rider 🙂


    Angela seems to be immortal judging by what she has accomplished, and the fact that Oromis has seen her before, and i after the fall of the riders and Oromis went into hiding i doubt he would’ve seen her. so my question is: is Angela immortal? and will this mystery woman be explained.

    Q2 what was the point of Arya killing a shade besides suspense?
    Q3 Does Nasuada love Murtagh? every time he is mentioned to her, she days she rally liked him.

    • Willy

      she says she likes him*
      i think this is what the guy thought

  • iameragon

    Some more question from me:
    Q1 Which race is stronger: The Grey folk or the elves?
    Q2 What race does Tenga belong to?
    Q3 What happened of jarnuvosk’s eldunari?
    Q4 Are there any Grey folks left in Alagaesia?
    Q5 Do werecats live near or in rocks?

  • Anonymous

    when a shade is killed are the spirits killed too or are they just released back into the world?

  • Anonymous

    did glaedr have any offspring?

  • Anonymous

    are their any Indlvarn left in alagaesia?(riders who lost their dragon) someone that no one thinks is a dragon rider or thinks dead?

  • Anonymous

    how well constructed are eragons wards? everything seems to slip past them like the dwarf assassins blades.

  • Anonymous

    who is stronger? arya or blodhgarm?

  • Anonymous

    during eragons second battle with murtagh he subdued him but then there was a second burst of energy from nowhere. where did this come from? was it a reserve of strength or was it someone else?

  • The Rider of Fangs

    This will seem random since this doesn’t deal with the series at all. Although, I’ve been wanting to ask this for some time. Forgive me if this is rather long.
    Before you were given the call by Michelle Frey, what type of things did you do to self-publish your book. What I mean is how did you do sell it, put it on the market, and travel the country promoting your book. I am nearly half way finished with my first draft of my novel, but I’m worried about promoting the book, and of course, money. I visited the Random House site, but the only way that it could be recognized was if an agent sent the script to the publisher. I would like you tell me any tips, suggestion, or any guidelines you can give me that will help?

  • Anonymous

    why didnt eragon simply remove the memories of arya and himself from the lone soldier who was trying to run from them. why did he have to kill him? was it plot movement so eragon could learn a lesson?

  • Anonymous

    why did arya ask eragon if he had any trouble in the desert at the end of eldest?

  • Anonymous

    what is the old language that saphira refers to when telling eragon about her parents names?

  • Anonymous

    how did the riders choose their apprentices?

  • Anonymous

    what is the white flame of vandil the Gilderien the wise weirlds? is it his magic or a sword or is it the white light he is bathed in?

  • Anonymous

    did dragons get use of their fire-breathing through stressful task like riders learned they had magic or was it just a natural thing they found out? how were the dragons trained?

    • Fire breathing is natural for dragons but it occurs due to magic. It starts when a dragon is about 6 months old. But the dragons can be trained to keep the fire up for minutes and to direct it in the way they want.

  • Grond

    In Eldest, Oromis told Eragon that the humans had been added to the Dragon Rider Pact eight hundred years before. Also, in Eragon we were told that the elves were mortal and had the lifespan of a regular human until their covenant with the dragons. Further, in Brisingr, Rhunon said that she is one of the few elves left alive who were around before the first Dragon Riders. Finally, Brom said that the joining spell mellowed the dragons and made the elves immortal. However, all that it did to humans was make them a little more civilized. If Rhunon used to be a mortal and now she is immortal, then the spell must have affected the elves almost instantaneously. But humans have been part of the Pact for over eight hundred years! Why this huge discrepancy in the spell’s effect?

    • FACT BY CP:Because the humans were not part of the original pact and were only added later, the magic was not so potent in them. So the change in humans was too slow. But surely the change was occurring.
      SPECULATION BY ME:They were getting more civilised and also more powerful and long lived. But when Galbatorix killed the dragons, the balance of the spell was lost and humans lost what they gained in their 800 year bonding. Maybe, if Galbatorix hadn’t destroyed the dragons then in another 1000 years, humans might have become as strong as elves or atleast much more stronger than they are now.

      The human riders are an exceptional example: they were basically the faster version of the change occurring in the humans in general. And in particular, Eragon is the ultimate example of that change. Humans might have become like him in another 2 0r 3 millennia had not Galbatorix destroyed the dragons. The Agaeti Blodhren change was acceleration of his change+removal of his scars.

  • Anonymous

    has eragons true name changed?

  • BradGump

    I would like to know what Christopher does in his spare time when not writing the fourth book… what books does he read, music, video games, movies?

  • Mcase19

    how are words created in the ancient language, like, when something was invented that the grey folk didnt already have a word for, did it already have an ancient language name, was one decided for it, or was it simply a combination of two other words the grey folk didnt had, like, if an elf were to discover gunpowder and make a musket, would it already have a name, would the elf get to name it, or would it be something like “metal bow” in the ancient language?

  • Brothers In all but blood

    When Galbatorix bent Shruikan to his will, how did it affect the dragon mentally?

    What I’m saying is, how do the mental conversations work between them?

  • ThornisBeast

    Roughly how long is book four, is it larger than Brisingr which i suspect it is.
    During the start of your creating Book 4, did you have most everything set out, or did u make changes as you went along? how big were the canges? did you ever take any ideas from fans at inheritance forums?
    Do you have a guess as to when the book will come out? like in seasons: summer 2011 or Spring 2011?
    Are there many new major characters?
    In “King Cat” you don’t mention Arya or the green egg, is this important or did you just feel that they did not have any significance in the chapter.
    Will Tenga have any significance?
    Which way will the dragon be facing on the cover?
    Who killed Glaedr, Thorn or Murtagh?
    The floating crytal of Eoam is wild magic, is it just the as a reference to wild magic, or will it have some signifcance.
    i have a few more questions but i feel i have said enough.

  • was it hard coming up with the names, people, races, and storyline for your book

  • Will


    (i) If you were to write a help book for an aspiring teenage novelist, what would be the names of the first three chapters be?
    (ii) How do you get into a “flow” state of writing; how can you find constant feedback on your writing for self-improvement?

    Thanks for reading.

  • Rune

    Will we ever find out how old angela is?

  • Mwang1997

    In Eldest, Galbatorix expressed desire to rebuilt the riders, and in extension the dragons. Is this Galbatorix’s true intentions or is there something sinister underneath.

    • Brothers In all but blood

      Galbatorix truly believes he is doing right by his actions, his motives, and path taken to oversee this “rebirth” are impure, however.

  • Leahswimsfast

    When Eragon questions Brom about true names, Brom tells him that there are very few options to finding it, one being to “seek out an elf,” because elves “instinctively know” theirs. However, when Eragon and Arya are on their trip through the Empire in Brisingr, Arya tells Eragon she would not be able to guess his, and Eragon believes her. Is she just being polite, or does Arya lack this ability, or does she know Eragon’s name and not want him to know?

  • Wert

    What happened to the first Rider, Eragon’ s namesake?Did he die, or is he still alive?

  • Jake

    Is Thorn mentally mature yet, like Saphira?

    Can you store energy in the shell of a dragon egg?

    Can werecats use magic?

    Can Saphira and/or Thorn produce offspring as of the end of Brisingr?

    When a Rider or bonded dragon dies, their partner dies mostly from shock. Could a Rider or bonded dragon fairly easily survive their partner’s death by preparing and having full knowledge of it, like if their partner had a terminal illness?

  • dragonawesomeness

    Hi! I’ve commented before but I haven’t done it in a while so here it gose:

    So Galby doesn’t know about the drawing energy from nature, right? But hasn’t he figured it out by now?

    On page 126 it says the Thorn was flying around and Eragon saw him. Was Thorn without his rider or was he just hunting or something?

    Also in the book, it said that on page 129 that he mispronounced a spell, but nothing happened. Wouldn’t doing so have dangerous repercussions? Also in that page, a soldier say that “The king must be desperate to drive us so hard”. Why would Galby be desperate?
    And that same soldier also said that they were trying to catch a fugitive. Do they mean Eragon or someone else?

    I know we’re probably not supposed to ask about Tenga, in the chapter he was in it said that he just pointed to the firewood and it burst into flame. I’m just putting this out there, but is Tenga really good at magic or is he possibly part elf or maybe even one of the Grey Folk?

    That’s it for now but I’ll probably have more. 🙂

  • Gokugon30

    You said that even the weakest elf could easily overpower the strongest human, but in our own world there numerous examples of incredible feats of strength done by humans, for example the famous canadian strongman Louis Cyr once resisted the pull of four draft horses with two on each arm I doubt even Eragon can do that,There’s probably no human in Alagaesia that strong but this shows you the potential humans have, knowing this do you still say the weakest elf could overpower the strongest human.

  • Arteza

    Christopher, if an Elf and a Human were to mate and have kids, would the kids be hybrids like Eragon or would the be somthing else?

  • Anonymous

    btw.. thinging-ment thinking

  • Anonymous

    What year is Eragon’s world in? I’ve been thining about it when i first read your series. Please answer

  • Nrraiderballer3

    why are elf children rare? it never fully went into depth about it.. please ask this because think about it, if eleves reproduced like humans then they can definitley destroy Galby so why are they rare?

    • Eridor the Green

      Because elves view having children as the highest symbol of love and commitment since they do not get married and can “change partners” throughout their lives

    • Iyrean City

      Nice question. But honestly, saying “please answer” will (if I were choosing) lessen your chances of getting your question asked. Instead, if you have a interesting question, and put it out there with proper grammar and present yourself well, I suspect your chances will go up.

  • ajlkds

    Dragons to have a twin? (2 eggs, 1 pair of twins) (1 egg, 1 pair of twins)??

    • The Eldest Eragon Fan

      you took my question but im gonna like it anyway 🙂

  • Boo

    How come Eragon’s sword could not penetrate the wards surrounding the sorcerers when they were creating a shade, when it is stated that it is extremely rare for a riders sword to be effected by magic and Murtag’s sword easily got around his wards?

  • The Eldest Eragon Fan

    without the eldurani, who is more powerful: Thorn and Murtagh or Eragon and Saphira.

  • Where the seven words that Brom told Eragon before he died seven seperate words or a phrase?

  • Will Eragon or different main character take on an aprentice or teach others?
    i think that Angela might take on an apprentice and Eragon will take one on too.

  • Anonymous

    In the past, how were the leaders of the Riders chosen?

  • DMS

    Did Galbatorix told Shruikan to teach Thorn, just as Glaedr with Saphira, or did Thorn just learned from instinct.

  • Jmb194

    What were Brom’s detailed inner toughts of Eragon when he visited him with frequent questions?

    Is the diamond Brom buried in like any diamond or is it special in anyway besides sapphira making it?

    Does Murtagh’s scar pain him or only in his early childhood?

    Who made Durza and Arya’s sword?

    How did Ahjihad put a scar in Durza’s blade?

    • MusicMan

      Ahjihad put the scar on his blade trying to stab him in the heart. If enough force is behind steel, it can cut/scratch/dent/etc. other steal, just look at what happens when a sword cuts through a piece of armor, say a breastplate or a shoulder piece.

  • Caleblarson96

    Does a magicians personality affect their magic.(type of magic, how they use it, and how it affects other things).

  • ShadowOfTheMoon from IF was having problem submitting their questions so I’m submitting them for him/her:

    Here are my questions.

    One is a recent thread on IF about Elva and her ability.

    I’m asking that is it possible for Elva to guess correctly what a person’s True Name is, seeing as she can feel a person’s pain, emotions, sensations, and read minds?

    Second one: What does your sister think of the character Angela? Did you have any other characters that you related to other people you met in your life?

    Third (or Fourth, depending if you counted the last one as two)
    Exactly how twisted is Shruikan’s mind at the moment in the series? I ask because when ever Saphira refers to Thorn, she calls him stunt-minded or something along the lines of that. Would this pertain to Shruikan as well as he might have had his growth forced?

    Does an Eldunari grow physically as its energy store grows? If you don’t know what I mean, I view the Eldunari like crystals, when given the right amount of minerals, they grow. I ask if Eldunarya grow in size as they grow in power.

  • Patsucks

    Does the ancient language prevent its speakers from using sarcasm if the statement is technically true?

  • Samuraiassassin1

    On the bottom of page 187 in Eldest it says, “For Roran was convinced in his heart of hearts…”. Is this just a figure of speach or do humans have eldunari? Do any other species have them? Or do only magic using humans have them?

    • ZilchDonkey

      Ten bucks on “It’s just an expression.” I’m pretty sure dragons are unique is this regard. But either way, it’s certainly a question worth asking.

  • Vineethbhogadi

    In Brisingr Eragon met 2 strange characters, a woman and a youger girl i think…… he blessed them, so will we be seeing more of them in book 4 and also will they have a very important part to play in deciding the future of alagaesia?

    • Anonymous

      I think that Angela does say that they will play an important role in Alaglaesia later on

  • Cauzuza

    what about the ruins that eragon “found/look” across the lake, when he is departing from beors whit saphira to du weldenvarden, nearest the ending of the book 3.

    • It was a abandoned dwarf castle. It was abandoned during some earlier dwarf clan war. This was part of brisingr’s original manuscript but was removed during the editing

  • Rawkfist65

    are all dragons born with 4 legs and 2 wings or were some of them born with 2 back legs and have their wings attached to their front legs?

    has there ever been a dragon with 2 heads? what would happen if this egg was chosen to be given to a rider? what if one head chose one person and the other head didn’t, or chose a different person?

    is it possible to scry into your memories? would it be the same as simply remembering an event or would you see the event as if you were scrying something normally?

    • guest Keith

      to the 2nd question.. in Brisingr Eragon asked Arya this question and she told him that a group of strong elven spellcasters pooled their energy together, and even then they all (i think) died after conjuring a wavy picture on a mirror for only a few seconds

  • guest

    oh and for the people wondering about the menoa tree and the pain in his stomach it was probably nervousness because he wasnt sure about what the tree wanted him to do

  • As a question for the interview, What effects could learning the true name of the Ancient Language have, I know that it would have a great effect but what would happen or what could you do?

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      You could control everyone who used the Language.

    • Controlling everything that is born of the ancient language namely magic

  • greenisawsome

    This is my question brom or oromis (can’t remember which ) said that for reasons unexplainable Hefring only made off with one egg could it be possible that he stole only saphiras egg so that he could be a Rider himself ?

    • Christopher has always said that he hasn’t yet worked out the exact circumstances of the stealing of the eggs and so he couldn’t explain similar questions earlier.

      And why would Hefring steal just one egg to become a rider. If he had all three eggs than his chance of becoming a rider increases three fold. But I doubt that a dragon would choose such a selfish person as his/her rider especially after suffering under Galbatorix for 80 or so years.

  • Anonymous

    Were the dragons indigenous to Alagaesia?

    • Yes. They have lived in Alagaesia always. May be they might have come from far away lands like humans and elves but even if so no history about their coming is recorded.

  • Sockrocker47

    Arya tells Eragon that her tattoo should be kept a secret.
    Does Arya’s tattoo have any special significance?
    Does the yawe have another/hidden meaning, besides signifying that the owner is an elf friend?

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      It means she has given her life to improve the lives of the Elves, even if it means going against the Queen.

  • Sockrocker47

    When Eragon is first talking to Oromis, Oromis metions scrying him with Arya, how could he scry Eragon if he had never seen him before?

  • Sockrocker47

    When Eragon is first talking to Oromis, Oromis metions scrying him with Arya, how could he scry Eragon if he had never seen him before?

    • Just as Eragon knows of Arya by scrying Nasuada in Eldest. Arya would have been speaking with Eragon and Oromis would have noticed. Then he contacted Eragon by extending his mind to touch Eragon’s from Ellesmera itself. He is that powerful. Remember: Arya said she could talk to Eragon who is in the Beors from Doru Araeba itself.

  • Brandon Higgins

    If Eragon swore an oath (in the ancient language) to protect someone, and he was forced to swear an oath to kill the person he was supposed to protect, what would happen?

  • Brandon Higgins

    If Eragon swore an oath (in the ancient language) to protect someone, and he was forced to swear an oath to kill the person he was supposed to protect, what would happen?

    • I am sure Paolini would answer: COMPLICATIONS. He has done so already to questions like this.The truth is he hasn’t worked it out himself.

  • Anonymous

    you know the rock of kuthura solbme mentioned i was thinking that it might be on the island vroengaurd, or within the stone forest, or the middle of the hardack desert in the old rider dwellings of the mountain there, or it also might be deep in the caves of the stone of shattered eggs. those are the places i think the rock of kutherna.

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      Rock of Kuthian*


  • Julianerskine

    What would a vagly worded spell with a clear purpose do? For example: if Eragon said “kill galbatorix as efficently as possible and bypass his wards so I will not die” would the spell be compelled to find a way, or would it do nothing, or would Eragon die while the spell spends so much effort searching for a way to fufill itself or would something else happen.

    • Really good question. As for “by-pass the wards”…. It can be done only if there were a opening in Galbatorix’s wards. That is what “by-pass” does “finds an alternate route”. What if none exist?

  • Me

    question: When Oromis saidI wonder…… in the third book will that come up again, and does it have anything to do with the original (1st) Eragon?

  • Whitedragonrider44

    Will eragon or saphira ever see a urzhad aka cave bear in the series.

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      Don’t Eragon and Garzhvog see one on the way to see the dwarves?

  • Raemo

    Knowing Murtagh, since he is such a headstrong individual, he most likely did not, willingly, submit to Galby during his battle with Oromis and Glaedr. Of course he is under oath, but knowing him he probably did not agree with that plan ahead of time. Since he saves his mind for himself (and now Thorn) I cannot truly believe that he would willingly let Galby into his mind. Did he know that Galby would take over prior to the battle, and if not what was his reaction afterwards?

    • I suppose CP won’t answer this straight. May be a “No comment” or just “Murtagh wasn’t happy”…. What Murtagh’s reactions were is reserved for Book 4. And Galbatorix has already been in Murtagh’s mind. That is how he knows his true name. Murtagh would be really devastated now. But we have to wait till Book 4 to know how much he is affected by Galbatorix’s intrusion into his mind. But his is a really sad story.

  • IloveSaphira

    Where did you get all the ideas of those living creatures such as Urgals or Razaac? Is it something that just popped up in your mind, or did you get the idea from other books?

  • IloveSaphira

    Do wild dragons also have Eldunariya? If they do, does Galbatorix also possess those?

    • Surely he does have Wild dragon’s Eldunari too. The dragons gave them to Riders for safe keeping and thus Galbatorix got many Eldunari that were even older than Bid’daum.

  • Imshanemac

    Is it possible to keep your mind from being detected by other mind readers. If not, how was the black hand able to get so close to Nasuada without being detected by one of the Varden’s or Surdan’s mind readers.

    • That is their job. They would have created distractions and such tactics to tackle the Du Vrangr Gata. It is just like infiltrating a physical defence. Find the loopholes and use them.

  • Mcase19

    is helgrind where the ra zac have always lived in alagasia or did galbatorix set them up there? if he did, did the tunnels there already exist as part of the preexisting religeon, or did they have to be dug out?

  • Mcase19

    is helgrind where the ra zac have always lived in alagasia or did galbatorix set them up there? if he did, did the tunnels there already exist as part of the preexisting religeon, or did they have to be dug out?

  • Mcase19

    did iormungor or vervada have their eldunaraya disgorged and captured?

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      I hope Galby has them, and when Eragon and Saphira go to fight him, Saphira will realize who they are, and will work magic to free them.

    • I would like this question answered too.

  • Jesse33125

    How do Eragon’s magical abilities fare against those of the greater elven spellcasters?

    • In strength he is their equal and may be even more powerful than them when combined with Saphira. But the ancient language usage will be a shortcoming for him whereas the rider’s secrets will be a plus point. Overall, he will now be one of the strongest spell casters in Alagaesia with some exceptions like Oromis, Arya, Islanzadi, Däthedr(may be), Murtagh(due to Eldunari) and Galbatorix(due to long years and eldunari). And I am sure somebody like Rhunon will be more efficient in spell weaving than all these people.

  • IloveSaphira

    You said that you based the character Angela on your sister Angela. Does that mean your sister also talks like the witch? (For example, saying things like watch out for ferrets and other random things?)

  • Xvr123

    In Eldest Gannel said that Angela won her huthvirn (her dual bladed staff) with a dirty trick in a game of riddles. What was that trick and can we expect something similar later? Additionally he said that Angela and Arya… and cut off. What did he mean about them having something in common?

    • Nothing other than their disrespect for Dwarven religion.

  • ColumbiaPhoenix

    At the end of Eragon, we see the end of Durza. When Durza slashes him he mutters something Eragon could not hear, what was that? Also when Durza’s body was ripped, three entities left his body, were there only three spirits in him. And finally, what is the fate of Durza’s sword after he drops it.

  • Dan

    I always read about the battles Galbatorix, in his rise to power, waged against the armies of the elves and humans. However, I never recall reading if Galbatorix (say, at the battle where King Evandar was killed) had an army of his own, or was it just the 13 Riders and himself vrs. the entire elvish/human armies. Did this get any mention during any of the books or could/would you shed some light on the aspect? Sorry, I just can’t picture the entire elvish army (plus Evandar and whatever riders were left) losing to 14 Riders, powerful as they were; Galbatorix had to had some kind of ground non-Rider force, even if its purpose was as lame as serving as a disposable distraction so he wouldn’t get attacked by ten thousand elves all at once.

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      He did have an army, Eldunari

    • The Eldest Eragon Fan

      I always ponder this. Even with all the Eldurani, how did he beat all the Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Riders, with just 13 Riders and himself.

    • Eridor the Green

      I think by that time Galbatorix had taken over the empire and was then able to use its army as his own since he made himself king.

    • During the Slaughter of Doru Araeba, he didn’t have any army. They may have used Guerrilla or such warfare techniques. Then when Vrael was defeated the riders would have panicked. During the war against the Elves, Galbatorix would have had the whole human army of the Broddring Kingdom which must have been mighty in itself. These are only guesses. We will need CP to write a whole book explaining the “Fall” to know the finer details.

    • During the Slaughter of Doru Araeba, he didn’t have any army. They may have used Guerrilla or such warfare techniques. Then when Vrael was defeated the riders would have panicked. During the war against the Elves, Galbatorix would have had the whole human army of the Broddring Kingdom which must have been mighty in itself. These are only guesses. We will need CP to write a whole book explaining the “Fall” to know the finer details.

  • Kevin Medeiros

    are you going to reveal the 7 words brom tells eragon as he is dieing in the cave and if not could you tell us what they mean

  • Flameofgrace

    I would like to know what happens to Oromis’ sword? Will it lead to another book series, or another interesting story is this series? After 100 plus years of pouring energy into the sword by Oromis and others it would be sad for it to simply fall into someone’s antique collection somewhere as the other swords have.

  • Big J

    i have a question that i asked a few times before. the question was Do angela and solembum share a special bond or is it more of along the lines of a type of convenience for them

  • IloveSaphira

    Where is Alagaesia? Is it on earth? or is it on a planet like earth in the universe? and are there any places/countries you based the map on?

  • Irishgreenny

    I think that book four’s title is going to be “Legacy”, for isn’t that something Eragon will inherit? the legacy of the riders? justt saying…

    • Flameofgrace

      Logical and a good theory, but CP stated the title is bad a.. and that he has known the title from the beggining. I think it will be a surpise, just like the rest of the stuff he comes out with.

  • Irishgreenny

    if galbatorix were to gather all possible strenght from his eldunaraya(sorry if I misspelled it), would he be able to raise the dead or scry into the past?

    • As Arya, Oromis & Brom have said it is theoretically possible. For there is no precedent to draw wisdom upon.

  • What?!

    What exactly are spirits?

    • A race in itself like the Dragons, humans, Elves, Dwarves and Urgals. But they don’t have physical shape.

  • why do you care?

    People, he says whats sloan’s true name is. Just in english…… figure it out yourselfs in the ancient language

  • IloveSaphira

    In Eragon, he touches Saphira with his hand, so his gedwey ignasia is on his hand. what if he touched it with his foot? would it be on his foot? and if it would be, would it be hard to use magic if he doesn’t use his foot every time?

    • Nice Query. But a bit weird. Who would want to touch a dragon with their leg unless to kick it.

  • Anonymous

    How is age and maturity calculated in dragon years? Obviosly, Sapphira doesn’t act like a one or two year old, but did her mind develop in her egg? Are all dragons simply born with the same mental age or do dragons differ?

    • When the dragons are born they carry wit them the instinctive knowledge which in itself is great. May be remnants of knowledge from people whom they meet while in the egg. Like when Saphira says “Wyrda” when Garrow is killed.

  • Vlatkovichka

    Are we going to find out more about ”7 words” Brom said to Eragon while he was dying?

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    When did Ajihad duel Durza? What makes him so special that he not only survived, but damaged his sword? In Eldest, it says that only 2 others have defeated a Shade, a Rider, and an Elf. Now while Ajihad did not defeat him, he must have hurt him enough so that he fled. What makes a normal human able do do this to a Shade?

    • Anonymous

      It’s possible that Ajihad was either a skilled swordsman, magically enhanced, or was just purely lucky. There’s also the possibility that someone else dealt Durza what they thought was a killer blow, say lopping off his head, thereby saving Ajihad and making Durza disappear. Just my theory here though

  • Mini-mitch

    1) Will Marna, the mountain/hill east of Gil’ead be visited or played a part in book 4?

    2) Where about was Arya when she was attacked and captured by Durza in Eragon?

    3)Is it possible at all for a Dragon Egg to break before it hatches, and if so what happens to the Dragon?

    4)In Eldest, some people from Carvahall stay behind in stead of following Roran into the Spine. Did these people survive when the Empire destroyed Carvahall or where they all killed or where they captured and force to work as slaves?

    5)How did Galbatorix loose half his army in The Spine? Was it an accident, or where they attacked? Will we find out more about it in book 4?

    • What?!

      What is that strange formation directly west of Lake Tudosten? What exactly created Helgrind?

    • Arya was in Du Weldenvarden probably going to Osilon from Farthen Dur.

  • Theexaltedmatthew

    IN Eragon, Brom says that people would line up to touch a dragon egg to see if it hatched for one of them. However, Saphira didn’t hatch for a few days after Eragon found her. So, how did people determine who a dragon hatched for?

    • This has already been answered rather a lot of times. Arya or any one who accompanies the egg will read the thoughts the dragon in the egg and hence determine if the dragon feels like it can hatch for a particular person when they feel their touch. But Saphira didn’t have any who knew to touch minds and she was vaguely aware of Arya’s troubles. So she was careful before hatching.

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    When did Ajihad duel Durza? And what makes Ajihad so special that he could not only survive such an encounter, but damage Durza’s blade in the process. it says in Eldest, that besides Eragon, only two others had defeated a Shade, one was a Rider, one was an Elf, so how could a normal human best him?

  • dj

    saphiras parents are dead but what became of their eldunari ???

  • Malagoth

    Is Alagaesia the name of Eragon’s entire world or is it just the name of the continent the adventure happens?

    And, will we see any exploration on unexplored lands or do you have plans to develop that part of the world in other books?

  • gg2ez

    Why weren’t the elves able to defeat Galbatorix in the final battle. I’m sure that if all of the elves pooled their power they would easily dispose of him. And how did King Evandar die.

  • Tyciebug

    In a previous A&Q Christopher said that he has taken a scientific approach to all the magic in Alagaesia. But in Eragon, when they ride together for the first time since Saphira “kid napped” him, then Saphira somehow took Eragon’s conciseness out of his body and into hers and Eragon was no longer able to move his or her body. How does this work? Wouldn’t his body die? His heart couldn’t keep pumping blood and he could breathing unless he brain works without his conciseness, but then why will one die if you crush their conciseness, their body would still live. I’m just a little confused. I’d appreciate it if you could explain this to me.

  • All Hail Emperor Murtagh

    1. I am aware that over time, a human Dragon Rider slowly begins to look like an elf. Would a human rider also gain elven speed and strength over time? Was Eragon’s transformation merely a speed-up of this natural process?

    2. Why was Varaug even stronger than Durza? Did it have anything to do with the number of spirits inside? If so, is there any limits to how strong a Shade can become? Furthermore, are there any disadvantages that come from a Shade having a larger number of spirits inside them?

    3. Would a half-elf have the superhuman speed and strength of their elven parent, or be somewhere between human and elven abilities?

    4. Before the Fall, were there any elf settlements outside of Du Weldenvarden besides Oromis’ birthplace?(Near Lake Tudosten.)

    5. If Rhunon can make indestructible swords, could she also make indestructible armor? If so, why don’t the elves use such? Would it require Brightsteel to make it completely indestructible? Is it possible to destroy enchanted Brightsteel in any way, such as with magic?

    6. If Galbatorix has a huge collection of Rider’s Swords, could he melt them down (with magic perhaps) to forge a suit of Brightsteel armor?

    7. Was Murtagh ever racked by pains from his scar, like Eragon was?

    8. How many eggs does a dragon lay at once?

    9. How strong are Kull compared to Elves? What about the Ra’zac? Would their iron-hard exoskeletons prove to be an edge?

    10. During the Battle of Feinster, the magicians’ wards successfully blocked repeated blows from Brisingr. Since Rider’s swords excel at cutting through all sorts of enchantments, how was this possible? Was it an extraordinarily powerful or creative spell, or is Brisingr not as good as other swords at penetrating wards?

    11. Can we get some more information about the shaft of energy that Murtagh used against Hrothgar?

    12. About how many Eldunarya does Murtagh have in comparison to Galbatorix’s entire horde?

    13. Is it possible for a magician to conjure items from nothing? (Brom mentioned that a master could create gemstones with the word for “water” Adurna.)

    14. What color are Murtagh’s eyes? What about Brom’s?

    15. I noticed that during the fight between Thorn and Glaedr, Thorn surprised Glaedr by hiding in a cloud and then darting out. Interestingly enough, this was the same trick that Saphira used against Thorn earlier. Did he decide to put the technique he observed to good use himself, or was this just a coincidence?

    16. How much pressure is needed to destroy an Eldunari? How hard is the surface?

    17. Could Brightsteel cut through a dragon’s egg?

    18. Thorn is notably thicker than Saphira in the legs and neck despite his smaller size, and thus must be naturally bulkier in proportion to overall size. Is this ratio caused solely by Galbatorix’s magic, or are red/male dragons naturally more compact? Is this an individual trait of Thorn’s?

    • If you ask the same questions all the time and we don’t use them…think of something else.

    • Nora Jay

      Those are really good questions!

  • Metfan4eva57

    How long does it really take for a dragon egg, given to the riders, to hatch for the right person? In Eldest and Brisingr, you mentioned that children would parade past the egg, hoping it would hatch for them however in book 1, Eragon held Saphiras egg for days before she finally hatched for him. Was Eragons and Saphiras case just an outlier?

    • Anonymous

      This question has been addressed on this forum already. When the children were paraded in front of the eggs, there was a trained person there to tell if the egg reacted. It took them the same about of time to hatch as it took for Saphira to hatch for Eragon.

  • Anonymous

    My questions dissapear:

    1. What’s the real name of Beors? Orik said in Eragon that they don’t call it that way.
    2. What did Arya said to Glaedr Eldunary at the final of book 3?

    Sorry for my English, not my matern language, or any other errors

    • Anonymous

      Just saw that my questions are right above here. Sorry! -.-‘

  • firemonkey

    Also, does Galbatorix have on of Thorn’s eldunari? Is this how he was able to speak through Murtaugh to Oromis?

  • My questions dissapear.

    1. What’s the real name of Beors? Orik says, in Eragon, that they call it a different name, a name that they don’t tell to the other races.

    2. What did Arya said to Glaedr Eldunary in the final of book 3?

    • And sorry for my English, not my matern language, or any error.

  • Danny

    I have a few questions:
    #1: Why do the werecats hate Angela except for Solembun?
    #2: Did you make Arya’s magic green because she’s getting the green dragon?
    #3: Why did you make Oromis and Glaedr die?
    #4: Why did you make Murtaugh a dragon rider?
    #5: Why did you make ERagon think that he was Morzan’s son?

  • firemonkey

    Why are Arya’s eyes green while all other elves’s eyes, except Blodhgarm’s, are almond? Has her magic influenced her in a significant way or did she just decide to change her features because she liked green eyes?
    What color is Islanzadi’s magic?

    • Nerdzee

      I believe almond is the shape of their eyes

  • And did Arya talk to Glaer in the final of book 3? What did she say to him?

  • Hayley_blaber11

    is the handprint with the gedwey ignasia on it in eragons guide to alagaesia a clue as to who will be the next rider?

  • Arthur

    Are we going to see or get references in the Fourth Book about some other places besides Alagaesia?

  • Neilandio

    How big is Saphira now?

  • werekitty

    In Brisinger, Angela gives some account about how people never remember important details which is why she like to be present and witness for herself. She then tells Nasuada about a donkey with a rooster shaped patch and a man that cheated her in a game of knuckle bones over a very valuable stone. Why was this stone so valuable?

  • In the first book, Orik said that they don’t call the Montains by Beor, there was another name that they don’t tell to “strangers”. What is the real name of Beors?

    [I’m sorry for my English, I’m Portuguese and I’m not used to speak in this language 😉 )

    • What?!

      I think that Eragon may find out in Book 4, as he is a dwarf (legally). For the sake of the argument, I’m going to say that it has something to do with the word “Kuthian.”

      • Anonymous

        That’s my idea too. And this is a way to find out 😉
        And that would explain why Arya and Oromis ‘knows’ that

  • Kyle Kelley

    Do urgals look like Nathan Jones(Jet Li’s Fearless, The Protector, etc.)?

  • FelixGS2LA

    Say a good spirit (if there are any completly good spirits) thought that Galbatorix was evil and must be stopped would it be possible for the spirit to take control of a person and put a stop to it? Also, is Galbatorix stronger than the spirits?

    • Jake

      I think that spirits see themselves as above the human, etc. world and dont care…

    • Jake

      I think that spirits see themselves as above the human, etc. world and dont care…

  • Cavuy

    Given the nature of the bond between a dragon and a rider, and given how dragons have been anthropomorphized/humanized and given human characteristics (coherent thought, language, etc.), my question is whether there was ever a case of a rider and/or dragon developing romantic feelings for each other, and if so, how they dealt with it.

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      I think that their minds are so intertwined, that it ould be impossible to develop romantic feelings.

  • Blastoise87blue

    Are there any wild dragons outside of Alegaesia?
    What color is Angela’s magic?
    If Elva could use magic what color would it be?
    Will we find out more about Brom in some way (like how him and Jeod became friends?)
    Did Jeod learn some of the Ancient Language from Brom?
    Will we learn more about Ajihad?
    Will we learn more about Eragon 1 and his Dragon?
    Will we learn more about the Ra’zac, Urgal’s, and Kull?

  • Bpm135

    In Eragon it says that Galby cuts Vraels head off with a blazing sword. Does this mean it catches on fire like Eragons? If it is does is that indicative as what is to come?

    • Anonymous

      blazing could also mean a shimmering/shining sword, or something else, it’s just a great adjective. Great question though, just putting my thoughts on the matter

  • BrisingrBlue

    Do Thorn, Saphira and the “green dragon” share the same parents? or had Galbatorix managed to capture 3 eggs from the wild, if they are related, then surely the only dragon that saphira could safely mate with without creating any genetic problems would be Shruikan? sorry if shruikan is female i cant remember

    Also how is it a dragon is born knowing the name of its parents even though they may of been dead many centuries before the dragon should hatch?

    lastly, just wondering if the parents of a dragon chose the colour of the dragons they would lay or weather it was just genetical Brom said that dragons came in almost every shade of everycolour. so i was just wondering how they could be that many different coulors of dragons for it to be genetical

    • RiderOfIcewing

      Shrukin is a male. Dragons are not born knowing who their parents are. Glaedr told Saphira who her parents were, that’s how she knew. I don’t think Saphira has the same parents as Thorn and Greenie, unless their eggs were laid before hers, because the book specifically says that Saphira’s egg was the last one her mother laid. I guess they could have the same father. I don’t know if Greenie and Thorn are related in any way. Good question.

      • BrisingrBlue

        lol just shows how easy it is to confuse some things up, or just miss a little bit. i wonder were Galbatorix aquired the eggs then. well, i reckon myself that saphira will either mate with another unknown male wild dragon, or shrukin (once Galbatorix is dead, considering shrukin lives on as his bond with Gally isn’t optional). im not sure that thorn would be a viable male for mating due to his inexperience and actual youth. in size by magic he grew, but perhaps he still isnt near maturity

    • Anonymous

      No, Vervada (Saphira’s mom) only gave one egg to the riders

  • Stenr Risa

    Angela is first introduced in Eragon, and her physical description told me only two things: She’s a woman and she has curly hair. No new descriptions are added until Brisinger, when Nasuada exclaims that Angela can’t be much older than her. We know from her description in Eragon that Nasuada is a couple years older than Eragon. Angela claims she’s much older than she looks, but my question is how old DOES she look? Until Nasuada’s comment, I pictured Angela as a middle-aged, crotchety woman with curly hair. Now it seems she’s supposed to appear no older than twenty-five or thirty.

    • Axel Rivas

      Inspired in CP’s (younger?) sister, she shouldn’t be more than 25.

  • BrisingrBlue

    The pact that the Dragons made with the Elves back in the days of Eragon I. Only elves were able to be a rider, however, over time Human riders did appear. im curious weather or not a dragon actually has they right to hatch for anyone or any species, F.e if a dragon decided it wanted to hatch for a Dwarf or even an Urgal. would it be able to do so?

  • BrisingrBlue

    The pact that the Dragons made with the Elves back in the days of Eragon I. Only elves were able to be a rider, however, over time Human riders did appear. im curious weather or not a dragon actually has they right to hatch for anyone or any species, F.e if a dragon decided it wanted to hatch for a Dwarf or even an Urgal. would it be able to do so?

    • No, only elves, and humans later, were put into the pact.

  • nygirl

    Was is the exact nature of immortality and how would it mesh in a theoretical child between an immortal and non-immortal?

  • nygirl

    Was is the exact nature of immortality and how would it mesh in a theoretical child between an immortal and non-immortal?

  • inhirifan1500

    what are the words brom said to eragon on his death bed? does eragon know what they mean? has he used them yet? will we see him use them? thanks cp

  • inhirifan1500

    what are the words brom said to eragon on his death bed? does eragon know what they mean? has he used them yet? will we see him use them? thanks cp

    • RiderOfIcewing

      that question has been asked before. Look up the past interviews. CP wouldn’t comment.

  • Eragon11117

    the only way to kill a shade is to stab it in the heart. so if a dragon were to turn into a shade (mentioned in the last Q & A) and had already disgorged its eldunari, would you have to break the eldunari(heart of hearts) to kill it?

    in book one it says galby stole a hatchling. what happened to this dragons rider? did he kill him?

  • HB

    just a couple of questions:

    1) what happens to a dragons body when it dies?
    2) will we hear Thorn speak in the next book?

  • Kveykva

    I have a few questions. First, would it be possible for a magician, like Eragon or Trianna, to go to ones of the places of wild magic and siphon away some of the power, boosting their own with the natural energy? Second, what was the average age/size (doesn’t mater which) of the dragons included among the Forsworn? And lastly, how difficult was it for you or any other unpublished author to get a company to publish their manuscript? Thanks a ton if my questions are added, and I can’t wait to see what others get in to be answered. GO BOOK 4!

    • Axel Rivas

      Regarding the manuscript, Brandon Sanderson has a wonderful forum where he helps authors get published and such, and there are many, many cases to be studied of people trying to get published.

  • PGtir

    I your interview with Suvudu you said there are more battles in Book 4 than in Brisingr already, did you mean large scale battles or smaller ones?

  • Matt rider

    Okay. This is a little complicated.
    Christopher, in a book or interviwe, said that if you know the true word of something, with alot of practise you can achieve complete control over that thing. So take Arya for example, she had complete control over silver, as she said when testing eragon in book one. So if eragon knew the word for ‘jaw’ and said in the ancient language ‘jaw’- would that mean no matter the counter spell, because he had complete control and influence over murtaghs, take him for example,, he wouldn’t be able to open his jaw because he had his jaws true name… just brainstorming.

    • guest Keith

      this was talked about in Eldest when Eragon prevented his sparring partner from retaliating with magic by clamping his jaw shut, but as Oromis explained it, one can just think of using magic and as long as their mind doesnt change, it will have the same effect as if they had spoken the words in the ancient language

  • Vitor_Patureau

    how did you come up with eragon’s books and world in the first place?

    Do you have a guide or alphabet of the ancient language? what about the dwarves language? if you do , do you plan to publish it someday?

  • werekitty

    In Brisinger Eragon meets a man who was wounded during the Battle of the Burning Planes, and he claims that he can now see the light. This man knows things, such that Eragon and Murtuagh are brothers, so he’s obvisouly special. He tells Eragon that his light shines brighter then murtaughs because murtaughs lights come from somewhere else, that Eragon is like a sun among candles. This obviously refers in part the the eldunari the Murtaugh has but what is this saying about Eragon? Is it simply refering to him being stronger then Murtaugh, or is it eluding to something more?

    • I think ‘seeing’ eldunary it’s like watch a light cross water (in this case Murtagh), it’s not really his energy. And in the case of Eragon, it’s because of the belt. But it stills be a good question

    • firemonkey

      it is actually refering to Eragon’s belt which contains jewels that have energy imput in them; this is stated in Brisingr

    • Guest

      The interview Christopher did with Suvudu asked a question regarding this man also. Christopher responded with something along the lines of it simply being an allusion to the revelation that Murtagh and Galbatorix were carrying Eldunari, and a segway for the later revealing by Oromis (I think?) of a Dragon’s Eldunari and its powers.

    • Jake

      He is referring to the belt of Beloth the Wise that circles his waist, with its diamonds stored full of energy, and his own energy is the sun.

  • Mikaelab

    Are Tenga and Angela part of the Arcaena?

    • why do you care?

      Sorry i forgot what Arcaena is….

  • Do you consider Eragon to be a fully grown man or do you think of him as a boy with lots of responsibilities?

  • Egnt37

    What does Undbitr, the name of Brom’s sword, mean?
    Also what does Tamerlein mean?

    • Qdarcey

      ooh i like this question

    • firemonkey

      Christopher said in a previous interview that he would not say what the name of Brom’s sword meant until Book 4.

      • BradGump

        this could be far fetched, but could it be Eragon’s True Name?

  • Thomas the Wise

    Since Eragon became one of the durgimst ingeitum (Book 1, Eragon) is he official a dwarf. Is it possible that the dwarfs are unwillingly now in the pack between elves and dragons (humans and dragons)???

    • Surely no….. official status does mean only Eragon to be a dwarf and magic doesn’t know politics. Sorry if it sounds rude…. but basically no chance for what you ask to be true.

    • Axel Rivas

      I gree with Sivashankar. It’s an interesting line of thought, though.

  • In the end of Eldest, Orik and Saphira are playing riddles. What’s the answer to the second Orik’s riddle? The one which mentions a lot of dwarven gods.

    • Boo

      the answer to the riddle is a volcano, which is easy to tell especially if you go back and look at what the gods he mentioned are associated with.

  • Higlesmythe

    How long do you think it will be before we are permitted to at least know the title of book 4?

  • Anonymous

    What is the Rhimgar most closely related to in real life, meaning what best represents it say like yoga.

    How many eldunari does galbatorix have? A specific number possibly? It will be understandable if you say no if it pertains to the book but if not could you tell us.

    And my last question. Has gilden the wise left Ellesmera? Being that he is the strongest elf and pretty much ever elf has left the forest except for the children of course, Will he join the elves in battle?

    • Gilderien the wise will never leave Ellesmera. His sole duty is to save Ellesmera from unwelcome intruders may it be dragons, humans, elves, riders… well anybody. It is important enough that leaving that duty will be a complete folly

  • A-C-Haley

    Hello im A-C-Haley and my question is if you might release a written version of Liduen Kvaedhi and a full ancient language compendium

  • TheChosenOne

    Is there a way to put the mind thats in a eldunari into a body,like if the body is about to die maybe?

  • Bid’daum was the name of the dragon of the first Eragon according to Brom in Eragon. But Glaedr says that the name of the dragon of the first Eragon cannot be said in any language in Eldest. What was the reason for this discrepancy?

    • Axel Rivas

      It’s different what its name was, and how it was called.

    • RiderOfIcewing

      Glaedr says that the KING of dragon’s name cannot be spoken in any language, not Bid’daum.

    • why do you care?

      Bid’daum is 1st eragon’s dragon
      The one that cannot be spoken was the elected leader when they made they bond between elf and dragon.

      • Anonymous

        CP never stated eragon 1st dragon’s name in any book. Might have missed it but i highly doubt that

        • Grey

          The name of Eragon 1’s dragon is revealed pretty early in the first book, when Brom is describing how the war between elves and dragons ended – and that name is Bid’daum. CP has said in previous interviews that Bid’daum is not the white dragon who cannot be named. He said the fact they were both white is purely coincidental.

      • Anonymous

        CP never stated eragon 1st dragon’s name in any book. Might have missed it but i highly doubt that

    • What?!

      How did Eragon I find Bid’Daum’s egg? Wouldn’t it have been in an area swarming with dragons?

    • Bobcat

      Only the dragons of the Forsworn had their names erased from existance. It was punishment for their betrayal. Shrukian was exempt because Galbatorix used magic to force Shrukian to hatch for him, therefore the dragons did not extend the punishment to Shruikan.

  • RoranForKing!

    Does Arvindr’s cumbersome and slightly beserker style of fighting leave a hint as to who the next rider will be, or was it merely an interesting plot diversion?

  • Is there any special and private training in magic given to the elven royal family like the rider training? If so how powerful will that training be as compared to rider training?

  • son_of_kialandi

    This is a two-fold question.
    After Eragon’s transformation at the Agaeti Blodhren, What race is he? Is he a human, with a powerful elvish influence, a “half-elf”, or something new altogether?
    And as such, being whatever he is now considered, what are the possibilities of reproduction in Eragon’s future? Does he have to mate with someone who is exactly as he is, or can he still be with a human or elf?

    • Axel Rivas

      it is slightly clear: he is a human, as if he’d been with his dragon for many, many years. I think this issue was already addressed at a previous interview.

  • Emeric

    There’s some theories that “brisingr” is part of Eragon’s true name. In book 3 we learn that “Brisingr” may be the tru name of his new sword, since Eragon can’t utter the word when he’s holding the sword without it nursting into flames. So, if Brisingr is part of Eragon’s true name and if Brisingr is the true name of the sword, why does the magic drain energy from him whenever he uses fire with his weapon? It doesn’t make any sense, same thing if Brisingr only is the true name of the sword.

    • Axel Rivas

      Regardless of brisingr being the true name of the sword, he is provoking a physical effect through the use of magic. It really doesn’t matter a lot if it’s voluntary or not, as when he threw the arrow that exploded: any and every way someone uses magic to alter their surroundings takes a toll on them.

  • Blastoise87blue

    What color is Angela’s magic?

  • Anonymous

    i have a questions that has bugged me for a while concerning dragon size;
    what size was glaedr roughly whenever he died and what size is saphira now at the end of book three and what size is shruikan??? i could never really imagine their sizes really

  • Shade

    Will we ever se a map that shows the surrondings of Alagaesia? And how old i Eragon now you kind if lost track of time after “Eragon”.

  • Lee Monroe

    I recently got involved in a discussion about Eragon’s mother. So here is my question is it at all possible for selena[i think you spell her name that way] to be alive. If so would it mean anything to the story line.

  • Smilyman6

    why didn’t eargon/galby or anyone else bless eargon blessed elva … but do it right ??

    • Anonymous

      Just like with Elva, the true meaning of the spell could be misinterpreted or not worded correctly causing harm instead of good.

      But on this subject, is it possible to “bless” someone with above average physical or mental strength?

  • Jake hamilton

    What inspired you to write Eragon in the first place? And did you ever expect Eragon (and Eldest and Brisingr) to become so popular?

  • Shire_rat1

    In the past couple of books, we have seen the story unfold from the viewpoints of several different characters. Will we be seeing any chapters from Murtaugh or Angela’s perspective in book four?

  • Shadeslayer49

    In the books, almost every place has a name. And almost every name has a meaning, for example: the Beor Mountains, Du Weldenvarden and Âz Ragni. But what is the meaning of Hadarac, the desert?

    • Shadeslayer49

      And, i forgot this one, from wich language is it?

    • What?!

      On a similar strand of thought, I should like to know what the significance of the formation near Gil’ead called Marna is? What does its name mean?

  • Greyman

    did you ever think about collaborating with peter jackson/christopher nolan to reboot the eragon movie and make it more like “your” version of inheritance fantasy?

  • Du Skolir Fra Rauthr

    Will Murtagh ever return to good?

    • firemonkey

      this is a major question about book 4 and I doubt CP will answer it

  • Jeremy_jj14

    In the preview for book four, in the back of Brisngr, Grimrr the King of the Werecats said Eragon is Galbatorix’s weakness because he would not kill him. Doesn’t that mean that to exploit that weakness werecats would have go after Eragon and threaten harm to his life to get what they want from Galby? Was this a hint of what is to come or of who it is that is torturing Eragon?

    • Really good thinking. But why would they torture him?…. They are his allies after all.

      • Anonymous

        Are we sure that they’re allies? I’ve read a preview of the new chapter, but I’m not sure if I’ve read it fully. If they’re not allies, it makes perfect sense for them to torture him

    • Really good thinking. But why would they torture him?…. They are his allies after all.

  • Jeremy_jj14

    In the preview for book four, in the back of Brisngr, Grimrr the King of the Werecats said Eragon is Galbatorix’s weakness because he would not kill him. Doesn’t that mean that to exploit that weakness werecats would have go after Eragon and threaten harm to his life to get what they want from Galby? Was this a hint of what is to come or of who it is that is torturing Eragon?

    • Lolz

      You asked this exact question already. Do you think that asking twice might help it to be answered?

  • Cjlambert

    In Brisingr in return for the Meorna tree giving Eragon the brightsteel he must do something for her but she never says what it is however when Eragon gets the brightsteel he feels a pain in his stomach, is this the repayment the Meorna tree asked for

  • Cauzuza

    i have one question, i think it’s for the shuturgal too..
    i was thinking about menoa tree and when eragon “steal” the brightsteel. i was wandering if the menoa tree colect sperm from eragon. i now this is strange, i don’t know how it’s put in english but in portuguese (i’m from Brazil), in the book 3 is writen he felt a ichness on his lower abdomen. so, my question is: is possible to menoa tree, or linnea, be pregnant from eragon?

    • PrettyBullet

      Oh wow! Thats a great idea! i doubt tho, if asked, we will get a response. if anything it will be no comment, I’m sure what the Menoa tree took will be addressed in book 4. but you have a really good theory, and one i haven’t heard yet. 🙂

    • kpkelley

      Maybe the Menoa tree planted a seed within Eragon, which will continue to grow until it consume him :O

    • Bromsson

      I actually had the same thought, until someone pointed out that there isn’t really much of the male reproductive business going on in the area that Eragon felt the twinge.

      • Cauzuza

        yeah, but i don’t think CP would mention about family jewels on a book like eragon… but… i also don’t really believe that my suposition is possible, because the implications of the fact would yield at least one more book…
        and yet, i can’t take this from my head, what happens if the Linnea are pregnant from eragon??

  • In a previous Q&A Cristopher Paolini stated that Galbatorix knows that the last dragon egg contains a male by listening to its thoughts,so my question is : Can any dragon rider or,generally any creature who has mental powers,communicate with a dragon who’s still in his/her egg???

    • Not communicate in a way they do with ‘grown up’ dragons. But they can listen to the dragon’s thoughts and determine the basic and instinctive knowledge that the dragon in the egg will have. In this way, Galbatorix has known the dragon to be male as dragons know these things by instinct

  • iameragon

    In Eragon Brom mentions that the dragon of the first Eragon was Biddaum…
    then in Eldest during the blood oath celebration Glaedr while addressing people of Ellesmera says somewhere that the name of the dragon of the first Eragon cannot be expressed in any language..
    Why is that?

    • I too was having the same doubt and will be pleased if CP can answer it. But I think, it is because of some forgetfulness on the part of CP.

    • It wasn’t the same dragon. Despie both being white, the dragon which interacted with Tarmunora wasn’t Eragon’s dragon.

      That’s as far as I get it.

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      As said above, Glaedr was talking about the King dragin, not Buddaum.

      • why do you care?

        not king, just elected leader.

  • liamomega11

    What did you think of the Eragon Movie?

    • Flameofgrace

      He has already answered this before, something to the effect that the movie took a different artistic directection than he did with the books.

  • convertedmoviefan

    CP said that there have been Elf/human halfbreeds before is Angela one of them.

  • Anonymous

    Why did Arya wear leather in Eragon and Eldest? Because it must have been what she was wearing while transporting the elf in Du Weldenvarden…

    Were all three eggs the same age, or different ones?

    Did Jeod know about Eragon being Brom’s son – “That boy has an unnatural propensity for being wherever there’s trouble.” “Are you surprised?” “Not really”. (Apologies for the bad grammar)

    What does “tuatha du orothrim” mean? It’s a phrase used by Brom explaining why he can’t take Eragon directly to the Varden; is it a stage of training? What does it involve?

    • Axel Rivas

      iirc, tuatha du orothrim is the first phase of the training, the one Brom was in charge of doing. It was something Eragon and Oromis talked about.

  • PrettyBullet

    Wow, everything I can think of at the moment has to do with key plot points, or minor, to book 4…. lets see…. if this has been asked or answered before i’m sorry.

    Since Elves have long lives, how old will they be before they are considered a teen, or young adult? How long really in comparison of humans is there childhood? Are they conceived the same way human children are? or is there more to it because of how magical the elves are? Really i guess my real question is in the matter of how they are conceived… I always wondered if elves have the same sexual urges as humans, and wonder if there is more to it then the action its self (as in us humans) i’m assuming magic is heavily involved on the creating of elf children.

    I hope this isn’t to direct, and unappropriated. but i am curious 😉


  • Jim at Ft misery

    Eragon set spells on sloan that derived magic from sloan and the spell he cast on elva drew power from elva. Is it possible to set a spell on someone that draws power from that person that is “in the background”, and by releasing more energy to counteract that spell, that person is just fueling the background spell more and winds up in a catch 22. For example, say they used letta on a powerful magician, and the more they released the flow of magic to release themselves, the tighter the restraint would be.

  • Could you share a new spoiler/teaser of book 4 with us?

  • Gregorious9182

    in eragon angela said that shades practice the most unholy of magics after necromancy can you elaborate on what necromancy is

    • I think he already anwers that question

    • Axel Rivas

      Necromancy is a form of magic involving the summoning of spirits.

  • kpkelley

    While Oromis and Brom both told Eragon that Hefring only stole one egg, is it possible that he stole either or both of the others? If so, was he able to hide the green dragon egg before he was caught by Morzan?

    Hefring is described as a thief, what race was he?

    Was Hefring a member of the varden?

    Why was Hefring chosen to steal the eggs instead of someone else?

  • Nimaybolar

    has there beeen any female rider? if so, why are they not mentioned in any of the tree books

    • Kialandi of the forsworn is a female rider mentioned. And there were as many female riders as there were males


    Would it be possible for Saphira to disgorge her eldunari, leave it next to the menoa tree so when the final battle came, Eragon and Saphira would have the menoa tree supplying them with all the energy in Du weldenvarden to use against Galbatorix?

    Also as queen of the elves would Islanzandi pose a formidable foe against Galbatorix or is she just as powerful as any other elf?

    In eldest it was mentioned that the ruler of the elves before Arya’s father retired from the thrown to explore other avenues of magic (or something along those lines) is it possible they will make an appearance in book 4 if they are still alive?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think that you will be answered. Well, Islazandi is a regular elf, i guess, if she dies she would be followed (supposely) by Arya who isn’t the wisest and the more powerful of the elfs. They just need to put their people above everything.

  • Nsam85

    During the riders reign of power on Doru Areaba, were all the riders(humans and elves) vegetarians, or was this practice adopted after the fall when the last riders hid with the elves. Was there a difference between the humans and elves when reguarding what they ate?

    • Axel Rivas

      I think that’s a tad obvious: just like Eragon, riders tended to become averse to eating flesh as they gained and practiced the ability to access/understand the feeling/thoughts of other living beings.


      continuing that, is Galbatorix a vegatarian now?

  • ZilchDonkey

    -Last time Eragon and Arya had a sword fight, Arya won. How do the odds stack up now?

    -How does the amount of energy Galbatorix has stack up with the amount of energy Du Weldenvarden has? (pardon the spelling)

    -How genetically similar are the four humanoid races of Alagaesia (urgal, dwarf, elf, human)? More specifically, can hybrids exist?

    -Eragon’s silver necklace draws upon his energy whenever someone scrys him. Does this require consent, or can any properly imbued object draw energy from you?

    -If part of an Eldurnia gets destroyed (say, it gets dented), what happens to the occupant and the energy capacity?

    -Is the rate of an Eldurnia’s energy regeneration proportional to its size, or does it always stay constant?

    -Which continent did (do?!?!) the Grey Folk live on?

    • What?!

      Did the Grey Folk have any connection with Alalea? What does Alalea mean?

  • Katerina

    Okay,I’m kind of new around here,so I don’t really know the kind of questions people tend to ask..I’ll just give it a try.I checked briefly the other Q&As and I didn’t find anything similar,but in case I missed something,sorry!

    So,I read somewhere that when CP decided to split the books,he had to write an event,significant enough to close Brisingr.One was Eragon and Arya fighting against the Shade and the other was Oromis’ death.I was wondering..If Brisingr was the final book,would Oromis have the same fate(killed over Gil’ead,by Murtagh)or would things turn out differently.For example,maybe he would take part in the final battle..
    To sum up.Oromis’ death at the certain point was part of the original plan or it happened due to the fact that there would be another book and something big was needed for Brisingr’s epilogue?

    PS:I apologize for my English or any spelling mistakes.

    • CP had always planned to kill Oromis and Glaedr…. But the circumstances were changed due to the splitting. He has answered exactly this question already

      • KatHale *Team Young Major*

        Really??Didn’t see it,sorry!
        Anyway…Thanks for the help!

    • Anonymous

      He awnsered this in a previous Q&A, he said no matter what even if he didn’t split the books Oromis was going to die

  • Elfini14

    Is there some sort of prophecy or foretelling about Elva? Because when Eragon told Oromis about her, he seemed as if he was keeping his own counsel about Saphira marking her, and was rather surprised about the fact that Saphira was able to mark her.

  • Tenga the Questioner

    Will the Islands of Beirland, Nia, etc play a part in book four?

  • Iridrin

    This is a question i have wanted to ask for some time.

    If a dragon rider becomes a shade how will that affect his/her dragon?
    Will the dragon become a shade to, will the dragon kill the shade/rider or will the dragon blindly obey the rider/shadow becuos the bond is still to strong?

    • BrisingrBlue

      Was Morzan not a shade?? he was a rider and his dragon was not the death of him, Brom was

      • RiderOfIcewing

        Morzan wasn’t a shade. where’d you get that? no where does it mention that Morzan was a shade!

  • zguida09

    Is Galbatorix the definitioin of evil? or does he actually know not to cross the line at certain points and decides that is too evil of him to do?

    • Axel Rivas

      As far as we know, he is just out of his mind. I’d stick with the embodiment of evil version.

  • Ariel13

    could the Vault of Souls be a person instead of a place

  • MasterBrom

    Movie questions;
    Who now owns the rights to Eragon?
    After the movie was made did the rights go back to you?
    Did you sell the movie rights to the rest of the series yet?

  • Rbnguevara’s obvious that whatever the menoa tree took from Eragon in book three will be revealed in book four but what i want to know is if it has something to do with why he must leave alagaesia or could it have something to do with his upcomming battle with galbatorix. Q2. in book three as Eragon is returning to the varden after is battle with the razac he meets a hermit Tenga who is searching for an answer and then later Angela acknowledges that she knows him but little is said about the actual hermit my question is. Is the answer Tenga is looking for related to the true name of the vault of souls which Eragon is also searching for and does Tenga know the location of the vault of souls and if that is the case is Angela aware of this.

    • ZilchDonkey

      I have no idea what Tenga was looking for, but he did mention the secret of plants. My bet is he’s looking for a way to universally convert energy. The plants handle part of that through photosynthesis.

  • Bradeheir

    Was the first Eragon affected by the spell that the Dragons cast with the Elves to bond them?

    Could the first Eragon use magic? (I remember in the books that there were stories on how the Elves were just like humans, with little magic and such, and I was wondering if He could)

    Did Eragon get the silver palm after the spell was cast by dragons? I assume not, but I’ll ask anyways. If he doesn’t have the silver palm you’d never know it was him unless he told you who he was.

    • I can say that all elves used magic just as humans do today during Du fyrn skulblaka and they knew the ancient language like the back of their hand even then and so they were considerably powerful in the use of magic. But their strength was increased by the bonding with the dragons. The other questions are really wonderful

      • ChestershireCat

        Well you can teach anyone to speak the language, but on order to make it magic you have to break that barrier in your head. We speak English, but it doesn’t cause things to happen. You know what I’m getting at? lol

  • XxxX

    Here’s my question
    Oromis mentions that magic’s proper name is ‘Gramarye’
    he says this explicitily, expecting Eragon to use Gramarye instead of’ magic’
    If Gramarye is the proper (true) name of magic, then, why hasn’t any elf or human used it to control the essence of magic itself as Arya did with arget (Silver)?

    • Intriguing…….

    • werekitty

      I’m pretty sure Oromis tells Eragon that Gramarye is the proper name for the writing of magic… but not magic itself.

    • DuSundavarFreohr

      Just a though, but eragon DOES control magic, so true name or not, he still has complete control over it.

    • What?!

      That’s a good question. I too have been wondering about that, with an addition: in the glossary at the end of Eldest, the word vanyali is said to mean elf in the Dwarfish tongue. it goes on to say that this word was borrowede from the Ancient language, wherein it means magic. If this is the case couldn’t that word (or gramarye, perhaps) be used to control all magic, or rather to completely control any and all types of energy manipulation?

      • Nerdzee

        because gramarye is the name for magic not the ancient language itself

  • Aikosmom

    My Question: Are all of the Forsworn dead?

  • My Name Is Dan

    In Eragon, before Eragon and Roran went to meet Dempton so Roran could work in his mill, when at home Garrow was acting a bit strange, giving them both a speech that seemed as though he would not see them again, Giving his blessing and things like that (it will make more sence if you read that chapter over) and it says that he would not walk into town with Eragon and Roran ‘Despite the young men’s cajoling’. Then ‘When pressed for a reason, he only said that it was for the best.’ Plus he gave Roran some money despite the fact that he knows he is saving up so will not be spending any.

    My question is this: Did Garrow know or suspect his time was up? did it have to do with the prophecy his mum got from Angela? Did Garrow have to stay there and sacrifice himself so that Eragon and his son could live? Well, thats more than one question but hey-ho.

  • Flyboy

    IS it possible for someone to lie in the ancient language if they have been drugged or they are drunk?

    • When was the… well that thing in Ellesmera when Eragon became more like an elf… he was like a drunken person and He tells all the true (even what He doesn’t want to say). And, when ‘you”re drunk it’s more probable you say the true 😉

  • Kithsahan

    What happens if you find the true name of Alagaesia?

  • Mr Jimbob

    Will we see anymore from smaller characters like Vanir or Trevor(from Daret)?

  • kevin1996

    1.In giant wars (like in all three books), coudn’t a strong magician
    who knows how to use or take energy from other living things
    around them suck or store away all of the enemys energy and kill them?
    It is cowardly but you can save your sides lives.

    2.I thought you made Angela as a joke? Then does that mean Angela
    is not a character that gives a lot of importance in the plot? Or did
    you change it while writing?

    • Denmark111

      They would be protected by that sides magicians

    • About 2. He already anwers that. It started to be a joke but Angela grows as a character to be what she is today

    • Axel Rivas

      In answer to the first question, if the enemies weren’t properly warded, it’d be possible.

    • guest Keith

      to question 1… when oromis teaches this technique to eragon, he says that only advanced riders learned it, and he wasn’t even sure if galby or arya knew it. so unless galby knew this technique and taught it to his magicians, they wouldve never even thought about it

  • Muggleboy12

    I was watching a animated movie known as origins spirits of the past where the plants come alive or more alive and take back the planet. Something seemed familer to me concerning the Big Tree in the elven forest. If the elves are going to leave in the end like they always do is the tree going to become a child so she can go with them when they leave. And if she dose will it be considered Eragons child. Because that might be the thing the tree took from him .

    • Denmark111

      What are you talking about? “If the elves are going to leave in the end, like they always do…” They don’t always leave! And if they did and the “Big tree” would be an elf again, why would it be a child?
      Might be wrong about that big tree you are talking about, but I guess you mean the tree the elven woman song herself into (why don’t I remember the name either)?

      • Is Menoa Tree

      • Axel Rivas

        I think in “they always leave” he means in other works of fiction, like LotR. And about the child, I think he’s wondering wether the Menoa Tree is pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    Will we see anymore of Vanir?

  • guesswho

    How long and why was Angela Tenga’s apprentice?

    • What?!

      Who is Tenga based off of?

  • Pseudonaja textilis

    What lies east of Alagaesia?

  • Amanda :)

    How did Solembum and Maud meet?

    • Ashton

      How did solembum and angela meet?

      • What?!

        Will we ever hear a bit of Solembum’s history?

        • Anonymous

          Probably will since CP is going deeper into the weercat territory.

        • Anonymous

          Probably will since CP is going deeper into the weercat territory.

  • guesswho

    is the true name of the ancient language relevant to the story?

  • Gizmo

    Ok so cp has stated that elves were once like humans in physical strength and were mortal but when the pact between dragons and elves was made the elves became stronger, faster ect and immortal over time. This had not hapened to humans before the fall as they had not been part of the pact for as long as the elves. My question is this, was eragon made into a half-elf after the bllod-oath seramony in Eldest or was he made into what humany would one day have transformed into if galbetorix had not kill most of the dragons.

  • Sirsimon

    What was the gender and colour of Morzan’s dragon? Did this affect the relationship between him and Brom, as well as their dragons.

    If Zaroc is red, does that mean his dragon was red? Or can riders change the colour of their swords?

    many thanks mike and paolini

  • Denmark111

    Did you take some of the titles to your names in the books from real names? Like Gil’ead from the book and Gilead from the the Old Testament, or your coin, the crown, and the Danish/Sweedish/Norwegian/etc. crown?

    • nlilli

      Gil’ead translates to “pain”
      (as in the saying “balm in Gil’ead”)

  • RenegadeShroom

    Is it plausible that the riders were in fact corrupt, if only a little, during the Fall? And, due to this, is it possible that Brom/Oromis exaggerate about Galbatorix’s evil, due to their personal bias?

    • Riders weren’t corrupt but a little arrogant and uncaring because of the long peace. What Galbatorix did: killing a whole race of dragons, burning down elf cities, killing dwarves on sight…. they are no simple things to be exaggerated. They are crimes of the highest order.

  • Anonymous

    im fairly new to the website so i dont know if this question has been asked yet or not so im gonna ask it anyway to see if it has or not its been bothering me for ages. i was just wondering when arya was carrying saphira back and forth between the varden and the elves in the book it says that arya and her companions would watch the egg while all the kids paraded past and touched the egg to see if it would hatch but that makes it seem like the egg hatches straight away but saphira doesnt hatch for eragon until a couple of days after eragon found the egg. so i was just wondering why it took so long for saphira to hatch for eragon?

    • Denmark111

      I’ve been wondering the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not positive but I think this question may have already been asked. I seems to remember it but like I said I’m not positive.

    • Rescuenick

      This question has been answered, but no problem. Someone would touch the dragons mind and “survey” its feelings about who was in the immediate vicinity and if its destined rider is there.

    • The thoughts of the dragon in the egg can be heard by trained people. Arya was trained for it. But in the case of Eragon there was none to do it. Saphira was vaguely aware of Arya’s difficulties and was quite wary about hatching and hence took her time. All this was explained by CP himself in some previous QA or interview

    • DMS

      CP has already answered this before, the dragons didn´t hatched right away they selected their rider inside the egg and hatch in some time. But how did they knew that person was the rider? They always had a person or elf capable of entering minds and they could feel the reaction in the dragon´s mind and take that future rider apart.

  • Eragon93

    What happens if a dragon’s Eldunari smashes beforwe they die?

    • nlilli

      If they have already discorged it, they will die, body and mind.
      If they have not transferred their consciousness to it…thats a very good question 🙂

      • MaggiMC

        How could it smash if it hasn’t been disgorged? If you crushed a dragon’s chest enough to to ruin the Eldunari inside of them I’m pretty sure they’d be dead anyway…

  • Nerdzee

    is elf reproduction and growth much the same as humans? That is do they have the same gestation period, growth rate etc. or is it more accelerated because if elves are more ‘magical’ when they are young it would be dangerous to have so much power in the hands of say, an infant.

  • Bigred28655

    From Bigred28655:

    Hard questions.
    I have read the series happily to many times to count so far, but I have found some things I am unsure off. First why did Saphira us the AL word Wyrda the morning of their return to the farm, before Eragon was taught any of it?
    Second: What happen to the Sixth man that entered Rorans and Katrina’s room in Eldest. I read three fell and two rose no more. I feel like I am looking for the one armed man.
    Third, Their were Dwarves’ to set sale on the Dragon Wing that would be need to be paid “Red Gold” for their spots?” What is Red gold, and why would Dwarves be on a ship of the Empire or outside the Boar Mountains. I just found the above to funny extra’s for the longest time.

    Easy questions. What characters have you been surprised by their growth and development in your story? Have you seen one, (Outside of our favorite wacky witch) that had become more then you thought they could. Lastly, I find Eragon to have grown greatly in all three books physically, mentally, and in his maturity, is there much room left for him to grow.

    • nlilli

      For your third question, the comment was that the refugees from carvahall would have to “pay a room full of the dwarves red gold to afford passage on that monster (The Dragon Wing)”

      • Bigred28655

        Ya I does sound sort of a play with words explaining the sheer amount of money they would have to pay. Just should the times I read as if the dwarves where on the boat and I was like what?. Ty for the explanation and the above about red gold. .

    • ZilchDonkey

      I don’t know about Eragon’s world, but I’m betting they have the same periodic table as ours. That being said, their Red Gold is most likely the same thing as our Red Gold: Gold alloyed with significant amounts of Copper. It’s not quite as valuable as pure Gold, but it’s still quite a luxury.

      I think the dwarves were mentioned because they’d be the only one with a room full of Red Gold. And let’s face it, if it’s the dwarves, it’s probably a big room.

    • Axel Rivas

      Cp has stated he was surprised by Nasuada and Roran, also.

  • Ciaxdrys

    Have Galbatorix forced Thorn to give him his Eldunarì for communicate over long distances with Murtagh?

  • Fmesto

    Why did Galbatorix take control of Murtagh for kill Oromis in “Brisingr”, but not when Murtagh tried to catch Eragon and take to Uru’Baen both in”Eldest” and in “Brisingr”?

    • nlilli

      As to why Galbatorix did not take control of Murtagh, I have have no clue. I do believe, though, that he did take him over while Murtagh was fighting with Oromis is because he wanted to speak with them before they died.

      • Anonymous

        Or maybe, Galby lost his confident in Murtagh so he probably would take some actions to prevent another ‘mistakes’, maybe making Thorn give him his Eldunary so He could stay in touch, or Shruikan’s (what I don’t believe cuz hes older and more powerful than Thorn)

    • mynameisdan

      I liked this accidentally (no offence) Oromis also says to galbatorix that he cant keep it up for long, I doubt he would have the energy to do it to both oromis and eragon and perhaps he feels that murtagh should be able to defeat eragon but oromis is very old and very experienced, he would have klilled murtagh if not for galbatorix’s interference. Perhaps it was out of desperation? or he only just bonded with murtagh that way after he failed to capture eragon a second time?

    • Paul Ashbourne

      This is actually explained kinda subliminally in the book. Murtagh disobeyed Galbatorix when he let Eragon go, and he lost again to Eragon. This is when Galbatorix lost his trust in Murtagh, “punished” him, and probably then starting to keep a better eye on Murtagh.

    • Jake

      I think that is because he knew he had no hope of convincing Eragon to desert the Varden, whereas he thought that he might have been able to convince Oromis. Galbatorix is much more of a silvertongue and a better liar than Murtagh; Galbatorix thought that he had a better chance than Murtagh.

  • The Eldest Eragon Fan

    Is it possible for a dragon to hatch as a twin?

    • Willy

      not trying to spam please dont hate on me, but please put the comment “sort by” thing on all of the settings so you see all the questions. again please dont mad at me

    • Seanhiggy

      as an extension from this question:
      has this ever happened to a rider?
      what happened to the other dragon?
      would that rider have two dragons?
      would he chose one, and the other one let free, or would the dragons chose who gets the rider, and the other goes free

  • sam

    Are the “Grey folk still alive?
    when they binded magic to the ancient language, where they in alageasia or somewhere else? Are they related to the elves?
    And how long ago before the dragon riders did they live?

    • why do you care?

      the grey folk are not alive. He answers this in eldest i think. It says that that they used almost all their power and only a few survived. and that they mated with the younger races.
      i got no clue to the 2nd one.
      And i’m pretty sure he mentions this in either eldest or brisingr.

  • The Eldest Eragon Fan

    * (Mistakes!)
    It is obviously well known that Brom finished off the Forsworn, however it is not well known what became of their dragons. Were they sleighed by Brom (which would be extremely difficult killing both Rider and dragon without a dragon) or is there the possibility they became wild? And on wild dragons, do they have the ability to pick a Rider even though they may be wild.

    • Squall Leonhart

      I think you’re forgetting about the banishing of the names, the Forsworn’s dragons were more than useless.

    • why do you care?

      Squall is right. and nope. there have been no riders that CP has mentioned who has gotten a bond with a wild dragon. Galbortix had another rider’s soo i think thats the closest thing. Plus Brom was super beast and he also said he was an expert in breaking minds, so he coulda done that and they’d be completly useless.

  • The Eldest Eragon Fan

    It is obviously well known that Brom finished off the Forsworn, however it is well known what became of their dragons. Were sleighed, or is there the possibility they became wild? And on wild dragons, do they have the ability to pick a Rider even though they may be wild.

  • Sam

    Will the “Grey folk” be in book 4?

    • Denmark111

      That would be a plot point.

    • Anonymous

      This is kinda direct as to asking what the plot will be, if the gray folk did apear in book 4 it would greatly influence the outcome on who they side with being they made the AL

  • shadegrown

    What happened to the dragon bodies when Gragonriders were destroyed? Huge skeletons and thousands of beautiful coloured scales were left around Kingdom. Did the Forsworn destroy everything or did the people gather the treasures? Are there graveyards in Kingdom and if yes, who made those?

  • sinar

    what of oromis ‘s sword and the energy stored inside its stone is that sword and its energy with Galbatorix ?…

  • Jamie_1493

    is eragon more powerful than previous dragon riders due to his quick learning of magic

    • why do you care?

      More powerful than some, less than others. Oromis, and gleadr were more powerful than eragon and saphira. But i think that the few who would be more powerful than him would be the elders and stuff, more experiance. Cuz he went through training faster than any1 else.

  • Arunims

    like Glaedr can talk to eragon and saphira from his Eldunarí ……is there a way a rider could do so ?…

  • Mutleys Revenge

    It was said that Galbatorix’s union with Shrukin was a farce, If their union was somehow broken would Shrukin be able to forge a relationship with a new rider?

    • Anonymous

      Shuriken’s original rider was killed by Galbatorix, and if we use previous knowledge, then no, Shuriken would technically be a free, or lone, dragon…my theory

  • Protege

    Other than Galbatorix, has there been any dictators, or those would would strive to be, in the history of Alagaesia?

    What is the philosophical/religious stance of Galbatorix?

    If you can absorb power from the life surrounding you, is it limited? For example, could one drain Du Weldenvarden of life to supply the energy for a massive spell?

    You speak of magic being from energy more than a magical force, and there are places of wild magic, is the energy similar to those of our world, kinetic, heat, light, etc and if so, is it possible to create energy or a source of energy through something such as friction?

    • Denmark111

      The last question, Oromis said that if it were possible, had nobody ever succeeded in doing so.

  • How many Eldunari did Murtagh have with him when he attacked Eragon before Roran’s marriage? If the number is greater than ,say, 7, how could 14 elves and a dragon defeat a group of dragons and a human? Aren’t dragons more stronger than Elves?

    • why do you care?

      oromis said he would have been giving a couple. so by the end of brisingr he should have around 2-4. this a guess but a couple is 2 and he fights murthag again and he was stronger than last time, so i’m sure he got 1 or 2 more between the fights

  • The Dwarves and Elves who have lost one clan and some cities & their king respectively claim to have lost the most in the wars against Galbatorix. Why don’t humans who have lost the whole of their kingdom say so? Aren’t the humans the ones who have lost the most to Galbatorix? …. Sorry a bit weird. But I would like an explanation.

    • Denmark111

      Probably because most humans don’t know the others exist and because Galbatorix’s kingdom also is human.

      • I was expecting this kind of answer. But not even the Surdans and Varden’s people speak of the downfall of humans like the Dwarves and Elves do of theirs

        • Denmark111

          Because the men have expanded, and the others have pulled back. While the dwarfs and elves have lost both teritory and lives, have the humen’s country only parted. But of course, I don’t know how it looked before, so I might be wrong.

        • MaggiMC

          I think it is mostly about life span. The Elves and Dwarves personally remember the differences between pre Galby and now. The humans are an entirely new generation (even the Surdans). Those in the empire have never even heard tell of how things were before Galbatorix and the Surdans have only heard stories. The bitterness of the Elves and Dwarves is greatly enhanced because they fully understand what was lost.

  • Gunjandeep Singh

    Who were the Forsworn defeated by Brom? Also It is said that Brom was personally responsible for the death of many Others among Forsworn, Who were they?

  • Chasebos

    Will Eragon have to revisit the Spine in Book IV? Could Eragon use something he finds in the Spine to his advantage during the events in Book IV?

    • Denmark111

      I would say this is a vague plot point.

    • What?!

      What inspired you to make the setting of the Spine such a unique and mysterious place?

    • What?!

      What inspired you to make the setting of the Spine such a unique and mysterious place?

  • Is Niduen of Islanzadí’s house, mentioned in Eldest (who presents clothes for Eragon) a relative of Arya? If so, in what way? If not why was she mentioned to be of Islanzadí’s house?

  • Has Arya fought any of the Forsworn personally? Is so what was the result: forsworn’s death or Arya’s defeat?

  • When a person tries to break into another’s mind and the victim is affected by a sharp physical pain(like whipping), won’t the victim’s concentration shatter hence allowing the attacker to access their mind or can the victim hold even then?

    • Denmark111

      That would depend on how strong the attacked is, and how good he/she is at consentrating.

  • Gunjandeep Singh

    While energy can be tapped from other living beings & (theoretically as said by Oromis) from even infinite sources of energy like Sun, Is it possible to tap energy for magic (casting a spell) from other existing Magic like say like the Dream Caves if you are close enough?

    • Ashton

      or maybe the menoa tree?

  • rowley

    is there a part of the story you look back on and wish you could rewrite? or just add more detail? and if so what part?

  • Celtic Guardian

    When you are writing book four, or when you wrote the other books, do you, or did you, listen to music while writing? If yes, does it, or did it, influence the mood of a particular scene?

    I know, it’s a weird question.

    • CP has answered yes for this question in ‘borders’ interview on the eve of brisingr release.
      Here is the link if you want:

      • ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, South American-Native American for Elves. Generally Classical and movie sound tracks. Its in the last parts of ‘Stuff Christopher likes’

  • When a stronger person(say Galbatorix) tries to break down the mental defenses of a weaker person with strong mental barriers(say Orik), can the weaker person keep the stronger one out till he dies or faints or will the stronger person be able to gain access to the weaker person’s mind?

  • Christiangothgirl3

    what was your inspiration to create Murtagh?

  • Were all of the Forsworn ‘youngsters’ like Galbatorix and Morzan or were there members of forsworn who were elders like Oromis?

    • MyNameIsBob

      i believe it was said either in the books or an interview that Kialandi was an older rider, but i don’t know if he/she was as old as oromis.

  • ChristopherV

    When Eragon and Saphira joined minds with Arya and the Elves to fight Murtagh and Thorn in Brisingr, why did the Elves who no longer had enough strength to sustain the output of magic merely faint instead of pass into the void?

    • Mutleys Revenge

      I would imagine that they would have worded their spells carefully to ensure they would not die if they didn’t have the strength to continue.

  • cerulia

    Is it possible to have female Riders, or are they only ever male?

    • Protege

      There is mention of a few female riders in the books already.

    • Cecile

      I think CP said half the riders were female.

    • Kialandi of the forsworn was a female… and as Cecile said nearly half of the riders were female.

  • Tulkas Astaldo

    Most of my questions were already asked, but…

    Mental battles.

    CP has shown numerous mental battles. The “mental probes” and “defensive barriers” set up using telepathy are a bit distinct from the “concentrate on something random”… anyway, Brom said that few outside the Dragon Riders could maintain the level of focus needed to deflect a mental attack, however in Eragon Murtagh appears to have powerful mental defenses. Did I miss something, or does Murtagh constantly “concentrate on one thing to the exclusion of all else”? Nor was this unique to Murtagh pre-Thorn; the Dwarves and the Varden have similar shielding. Initiating a mental attack takes seconds at best, so… well, I’m tired, maybe the Shurty staff can rephrase this into something that makes sense… there’s a whole host of unexplored information on the telepathy.

    • Axel Rivas

      Well, Tulkas, afaik “Anyone with the proper training” would be able to hold off. Particularly, magic users can know when someone is sniffing their minds. Think about the people you’re asking about, now: Murtagh, raised near galby and trained in several arts by several mentors, surely was trained to have some level of concentration maintained in order to keep a barrier, probably letting him known when being attacked, thus enabling him to defend. He is not the only one: Orik, Nasuada, and other relevant characters have received such training. In order, though, to sustain the barrier against an attack, /then/ it is necessary to “focus on something to the exclusion of all else”.

  • If there were Elves in the Forsworn, then why did Galbatorix not know of Ellesmera’s location from them and if he already knows of its location why did he torture Arya for that information?

    • Denmark111

      It says in, I think it is, Eldest.

  • coralstar

    why has solembum been staying with angela? do all werecats pick a person to have as a companion?

  • Commentator

    How was it that Brom had Aren on his finger in the vision thru Saphira, even though it was after their visit to Teirm, where Brom sent the ring to Ajihad

    • I believe this has been asked in a previous interview or Q&A.

      • Taslin

        Can you tell me in which?

  • Superbob_92

    Are the thirteen Forsworn of the Inheritance Cycle in any way related to the thirteen Forsaken in The Wheel of Time series?

  • Shooeyshushu

    When a werecat is in man form, is it “human” enough to be included in the spell that binds a dragon to it’s Rider? If so, would the bond only exist when the werecat is in human form?

    Will you ever delve into Angela’s mysterious past?

    • Zoie

      I don’t think werecat’s have a specifically “human” form, more, vaguely humaniod and since dwarves are not “human” enough for the spell, I am inclined to think not?

    • What?!

      Why do Werecats know so much?

  • Jjosephhannah

    Is the reason your having difficulty with the last book, due to you having anticipation for another series your working on?

    • Christopher isn’t having difficulty writing Book 4, he’s simply taking the time he needs to complete it.

    • nlilli

      Don’t be maen to CP, we don’t want him to go on strike.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed some authors are turning their books into Comic books… any plans on doing the same with the Inheritance Cycle sometime in the future?