Shur’tugal’s Comic-Con Contest: Enter now!

Each day during our Comic-Con coverage (starting July 22nd and running through the 25th), we released a “word” on the website. For everyone who visited the site each day in order to find the word, we’ve opened up the contest entry form to allow you to enter for your chance to win one of three (3) prize packages!

Click here to for the entry form.

More details on the contests of the prize packages including over eight books from five authors, all autographed – including at least book one from Christopher Paolini himself – promotional DVDs, t-shirts, signed photos, and more!You will enter all four words into the form along with your email address. On July 30th, we will close entries and randomly select three winners! Winners will be contacted via email.

The three Shur’tugal Comic-Con Prize packages will include:

  • At least one of Christopher Paolini’s novels, signed by Christopher himself.
  • At least one of Michael Scott’s (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) novels signed by the author.
  • One autographed copy of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series book.
  • One autographed copy of a book from Esther Friesner’s Nobody’s series.
  • A signed box set of Eldon Thompson’s “Legend of Asahiel” series.
  • One exclusive, limited print (and not available elsewhere!) Vroengard Academy t-shirt.
  • Collection of exclusive stickers, Inheritance cycle book plates, and signed photos of Christopher Paolini!
  • Promotional materials only available at Comic-Con, including DVDs and CDs containing sneak peeks at many of the above authors’ series.
  • More to be announced during or after the convention!

So now you have it! Visit each day during our four day event coverage at Comic-Con International July 22nd through the 25th and you’ll have a shot at winning one of three amazing Comic-Con International prize packs containing over eight autographed books and more!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the contest, please leave them in the comments below. Good luck!

  • Dragonasker

    I am beginning to think that this was fake.

  • Dragonasker

    Yeah Who Won?

  • zasekr1


    nah just kidding 😛

  • Smoke

    Does anyone know anyone who has won. Or is it just a myth. I see know one on here saying I WON I WON. I know I would. I may have a conspiracy theory on my hands.

  • Smoke

    I didn’t win again. I never win. What is the secret winners?

  • Dragonasker

    Anyone won yet?

  • Dragonasker

    its the 30th, oh wait no thats only in Nz, yeah that right I am in the futrure

  • Tulkas

    Ah, of all of the 58 weeks in the year, this is the one week that I could not gain all of the words. I got three of them, P, A, and V, but the other eluded me, and ShurtugalLiam, PadfootUnewraithslayer, and Glorfindel knew them not, and I have yet to hear from Feanarang. Curses. Has anything been gained from this complaint on my luck? No, though it does add to ShurtugalLiam’s comment…

  • zasekr1

    here what about the other competition ?? any word back about it?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Haha, i would enter but i did not check the site’s pages everyday for words, though i got plenty of facebook messages from Tulkas and others puzzling over the words haha!
    Good Luck everyone 🙂

  • Dragonasker


  • Mistgun18

    @Dragonasker: Thank you

  • Dragonasker

    the 30th, read the whole post… it is at the bottom of the second paragraph 🙂

  • Mistgun18

    When will you announce the winners?

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    Im so depressed, My internet went down, so i missed the last 2 words 🙁

  • Dragonasker

    I got them all right, I am so happy… the prize pack looks great! Even though I doubt I shall win because I live in Ne Zealand. Good luck everybody and thank you Shur’tugal!!!!

  • HeXrider

    *sigh* ever heard of Tiresome syndrome? neither have i :p but i am growing tired of all the event’s i cannot visit… i just want my book *cries*

    :p no rlly i like all that’s going on, but… im a tad sad book 4 isn’t still here

  • Terminator

    Awesome, thanks for another killer contest. Hope the books sells good, man.

  • Mike

    If someone outside of North America wins they will still get the entire box’s contents. The DVD will simply be a shiny mini-Frisbee.

  • SilverMagic

    Good luck everyone!

  • #$%&

    submitted, but I’m not completely sure it is worldwide. if it is and someone outside North America wins, you could just send the books and the other stuff, and give the dvds to a fourth winner. couldn’t you?

  • Mike

    Thank you all very much for checking the website every day! I wish I could give you all a prize pack but as you know, that’s not possible. Three is plenty, though! Good luck.

  • sammyria

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Smoke

    I hope I win

  • zasekr1

    submitted!! woohoo!