Comic-Con Recap So Far

Comic-Con International 2010 has been a busy and exciting time here at Shur’tugal. It has been so busy that many visitors may not be able to keep up with all of the information streaming out of San Diego. We’ve put together all of the Twitter updates from the convention to make it easy for everyone to find without having to scroll through tons of updates.

Check after the break for the full time line of events so far!

July 21st

Preview Day

4:30 PM PDT Mike arrives at Comic-Con to a huge crowd waiting to pick up their passes.

July 22nd

9:30 AM PDT Day 1 Begins!

11:30 AM PDT The Power of Myth panel ends. Write-up to follow!

1:30 PM PDT Once Upon a Time panel with Christopher Paolini.

Christopher just sparked a Superman vs Batman debate at the Larger Than Life Heroes panel!

Christopher just pointed out that you should never fully count on prophecies — remember, someone in the books killed himself to prove that!

Christopher on fanfiction… “I think its a wonderful thing … go for it”

2:30 PM PDT Christopher’s Book Signing

7:00 PM PDT End of Day 1 at the Convention!

July 23rd

10:30 AM PDT Day 2 Begins

3:00 PM “Bite Me” Panel begins.

Had a great time talking with Lauren Kate before her Bite Me panel. Quite the down to earth and friendly author!

This panel has a great set of authors. They are very focused on moving away from the stereotypical (and sparkly) vampires.

Very fascinating panel on evolving urban fantasy beyond the vampire phenomenon! Lauren Kate’s books focus on angels, though fans of her books have drawn connections between the Fallen angels and the mythological vampires.

They are really drawing on the fact that vampires only recently took on the role as a romantic and a hero…though noted the reinvention.

The research methods many of these authors use are fascinating. Lauren discussed having to piece through many facts and choose which worked.

“Do you prefer working with a monster that has a huge background already or a new monster with no background?” “Both!”

“If you’re writing in a specific genre, you cannot read in that genre while you’re writing” take notes, aspiring authors! (More at @itsshurty)

4:30 PM PDT Christopher Paolini strolls the show floor enjoying dragon art.

1:00 AM PDT Harry Potter fans camping out for panel on Saturday. (Picture)

End of Day 2!

July 24th

1:00 PM PDT Day 3 Begins. Interview with Christopher Paolini to follow.

That’s the end of the timeline! For more, check back later.