The Inheritance Almanac: An “Insider Story”!

With us being stuck at Comic-Con for the next few days and busier than ever, it’s tough to share the story of “The Inheritance Almanac”. However, Shawn Speakman, webmaster for Terry Brooks (and other authors) and blogger on made a great blog post about The Inheritance Almanac and some of how it came to be. It’s a fun read — we definitely recommend it! Additionally, Suvudu is doing some great exclusive coverage at Comic-Con; check it out! Read more exclusive details about The Inheritance Almanac over at Suvudu!

  • Hhhhhhhhhhhhh


  • Bob

    I hope everyone’s looking out for that third word!

    Tomorrow, when you click the word, you’ll be able to enter the contest (with the three other words, too)!

  • Tulkas

    It looks like the artistry of a person who drew in A Tolkien Bestiary, an old book that I have. I wonder if it’s the same person…

  • Mike

    No, it wasn’t JJP. This is art from the same artist who did a lot of the line art in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia. Sorry, I don’t have his name on hand… I can check once I get home from California. 🙂

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Haha that cover is pretty damn sick Mike 😛 did JJP draw it? Sorry if this has already been asked and answered guys 🙂

  • Bob

    Write it down quick, it changes in just a few hours.

  • Bob

    The word is located on the home page in big words (it’s an image).

  • Mistgun18

    Is the secret word for the contest in this post?

  • BrisingrKonungr

    Was a quick short & sweet read. Good to see you have much support out there Mike!