Signed Book Giveaways – Round Four! CLOSED

Round four is your second to last chance to win autographed copies of Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia and the Brisingr Deluxe Edition, sponsored by Random House! The books will be given away via random drawing. To be eligible to win, entrants must live within the United States and Canada. Be sure to check Shur’tugal over the next month for a chance to win the last copies of Brisingr‘s Deluxe Edition, Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia, Eldest audio books signed by Gerard Doyle (narrator) and Christopher Paolini, as well as signed copies of The Alchemyst by Michael Scott and signed paperback box sets of Eldon Thompson’s The Legend of Asahiel trilogy! In other words, we’ve got a lot of great free (and autographed!) books to give away to you guys! To learn more on how to enter this round of the giveaways, continue reading!Here’s how the process will work:

  • Entering into the random raffle will be done via a pop up box located within the links below. You must submit your name and a valid email address.
  • After the allotted time period, our staff will close submissions to this round of giveaways. Those who entered during this round’s giveaway after its closure will be eligible for random selection to win one of two signed books. Those who missed the giveaway will have to wait for the next round.
  • Winners are chosen at random.
  • Winners will be contacted at their provided email address and will be asked to respond to the winning email within 48 hours. If we do not hear back from a winner after 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


  • You must live within the United States or Canada to be qualified.
  • You must use a valid email address when entering your information. You will be contacted at this email address if you are chosen to win.
  • You may only enter once per book, per round. People who enter more than once per book per round will be automatically disqualified from all rounds by our automated “scam checker”.
  • If you win a signed book from any of the five rounds you will be unable to participate in the remaining giveaways.

Round four is now open until April 17th at 12:01 AM PDT. After this time period, submissions will be closed and a random winner will be chosen. The next round will begin a few days later!

Round four is now closed! Check back soon for round five and more!

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    P.S. – I’m sorry if my previous comment sounded nasty in any way, that wasn’t how it was supposed to sound.
    Sorry for the double post, just wanted to clear it up 🙂

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Yeah, I know it’s up to the publishers what content we get, but it isn’t up to them to organize competitions. Are you listed as the official site for inheritance now, because Alagaesia has had nothing posted for months?
    Would you ever consider making Shurt’ugal more internationally friendly? i.e. a european division for competitions etc?

  • Mike

    If you’re living outside of the USA and you’re disappointed with the lack of contests/content, take it up with your publishers. The publishers outside of the USA are different from the publishers in the USA. They’re responsible for helping you. Paolini and his publishers in the USA really aren’t involved in what goes on outside of America — it’s up to YOUR publishers in YOUR country.

  • Bris

    Shouldn’t the contest be closed now?

  • Darkenedavo

    I’d love to win, I’ve been wanting to read the guide.

  • Krystalpegasus

    I check in on the site as often as I can. Our whole family can’t wait for the 4th book. There will be 3 bookmarks in it at once, LOL. About the contest, winning a signed book would make an awesome gift to someone who can’t get it another way. Just a thought.

  • Chris

    It’s mailed

  • Iwondersomtimes…

    So, do you mail the winner the book? Or you they have to pick it up somewhere?

  • sammyria

    I don’t think I’d go out and buy it anyway to be honest. The chapter will by in the new book, but it’s nice to get some news. Maybe they will do a complete deluxe one for us eventually with the chapter and all the artwork, that I might get, otherwise it seems a bit silly having several versions of the same book just so I can have the complete set of extras.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I know, it’s terrible. I must admit we have copies of the book in Smith’s, but none with the excerpt. I am disappointed that I have to wait until Book 4 is released before I can see something everybody else knows months in advance.

  • sammyria

    I know I was in sussex stationers yesterday, I looked just out of interest and they didn’t have any version of Brisngr at all! Nor did WhSmith.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I do admit it isn’t fair. I mean, you people in America get everything – in Britain we are lucky if we get the books.
    1) This competition is only for people in America.
    2) The Book 4 excerpt is only available in America.
    3) The drawing of Galbatorix isn’t in the British Deluxe Edition, but look, it’s in the American version. (p.s. I also found it incrediably difficult to find the deluxe edition of Brisingr in Britain, it wasn’t in ANY of my local bookstores, including the biggies like Waterstones).

    I think Paolini and his publishers need to learn that he has a fan-base outside of the USA whom he disappoints at nearly every turn.

  • sammyria

    Will there be any chance of competitions outside the USA and Canada in the future?

  • adada

    umm mike u kno i was being sarcastic, cause i read the rules and its ridicluous there are people outside of canda and usa who are fans

  • Tulkas

    I’m sure you could find some way to get it to them…

  • Mike

    If we choose a winner from outside the USA or Canada, they will be disqualified and we will choose a new winner. The rules specifically state (for legal reasons) that only residents of the USA and Canada can win. Sorry.

  • Mohammed

    I just entered this contest, AWESOME

    I’m one of the first!

    if I win OMG

  • adada

    oh yeh guys heaps awsome competition seeing as i live in australia i have a massive chance of winning thanks shurtugal this is the best

  • feanarang

    Entered! I might be the first entry for this round, haha!

  • Chris

    Go go go

  • Bob