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  • MeganD

    How will CP tie up all his loose ends in book 4? Brisingr was split because it grew too big to be a single book so Im wondering how he can resolve the story properly in one book. Of course he will write about the big things like how Eragon tries to undermine Galbatorix and find other Eldunari and how the Varden’s invasion goes; but its all those little things that are left hanging like the promise to the Menoa tree, the teenage girl and the woman for whom Angela rolled the bones, the name the Ra’zac mentioned to Eragon,etc.

  • Mearad

    Identity crisis! lol I say every one just get new usernames.

  • Sal

    In the original Eragon right before Eragon was going to get hurt or in a dangerous situation his gedway ignasia would tingle(for example, right before he got punched by the first urgals he met in yazuac) , as if it was an early warning system, but after the first book it never showed up again or was explained. So what was the deal with that?

  • Legacy1

    What the heck??? How did you get my username and password? I’ve been using “Legacy” for months and now it’s shut down and I can’t log into it. Why are you using MY username???????

  • Marko&Polo

    Will their be a map of the WORLD not Alagasia in book four or other books?

  • Caitlin

    WHEN IS THE NEXT/FINAL BOOK COMING OUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! I don’t think I can wait any longer!! Can’t we have anything?

  • A.o.f.

    Ok so first of all I just want to say:THank you CP for the wonderful books

    2nd of all In Eldest, when Eragon leaves for the varden, does the song that the one elf sings have any thing to do with Eragon’s dream of leaving Aligasia?

  • Ruydragon

    *ugh. Chris, do you ever get tired reading these interview questions? It must be funto do so, but I really want to read the next book! Keep writing!

  • cgyj

    what were the 7 words brom told eragon in the ancient language before he died he said use them only in an emergency

  • Legacy

    Oh, I have another question. Spirits.. are we going to learn more about them in book 4? I find them terribly interesting. 🙂

  • Legacy

    Legacysusernamebroke – I’m Legacy excuse you 🙂 And thats not my email lol *Is confused and the theft of my username*

    Who were Brom’s parents? Did he have any siblings?

  • Drew

    Why doesn’t CP keep us up to date on book 4 more or on his web site or this site? I think people would be more interested in his books and characters.

  • greatguy

    since the third book was going to be called empire, and the main theme is inheritance could someone inherit the empire?

    Brom came from a familiy of illuminators. is it possible some of broms and eragons relatives lives now?

  • Legacysusernamebroke

    Hey Thorn12345, that sounds great! My e-mail is [email protected]. P.S.- I just got an e-mail saying my username is broken. ( thats why I’m posting as a guest)

  • ShadowOfTheMoon

    After The Banishing Of The Names, several forsworn went insane along with their dragons. Just how far did they fall in their decent to insanity?

  • ShadowOfTheMoon

    Jeod’s last name is Longshanks. Why is it that instead his father’s name followed by sson?

    Is Longshanks his nickname?

  • ganon:riderofargorok

    I was wondering a few things.

    1) Is it possible to live as a ghost after-death. If not, are there any other forms of ghost (maybe as a creature) in Alagaesia?

    2) Are the dragon-like creatures in the Beors a living subspecies of Dragon, or are they in a different Genus? Are there subspecies of any other animals?

    3) Why are dragon’s found in all different colours? They are hunters, so they would have to be more neutral colours for camoflauge. Are wild dragon’s like this and where does a Rider’s dragon get its food?

  • shane

    will book four be released this year? just wondering because eragon eldest and brisngr was all published 1 1/2 -2 yrs apart and the 2 yr quota is coming up, agian just wondering..


    Is Angela really Selana?

  • Tulkas

    Glorfindel- I believe that we mentioned the manner that I cannot hear the people talking in the senario video things, and the subtitles just go by really fast.

  • Glorfindel

    Why can’t you tell what they’re saying?

  • Neytiri

    What was the reason Murtagh chased the Ra’zac in the first book, ‘Eragon’?

  • Thorn12345

    Very well. Legacy, if you would like to chat, my e-mail adress is [email protected].

  • Tulkas

    Saphirarocks- I mentioned that it was in the book in my first set of questions. You are not the first to notice this.
    Glorfindel- Yes, the Amiela Black Campaign. It’s fun, though I wish that I knew what they were saying.

  • Eldest13

    brisingradurna88 that’s right.

  • brisingradurna88

    Saphirarocks1996: I believe that in a previous interview(here or elsewhere, idr), CP states that only the movies says dragons die when their riders do. Often they die from the grief caused by their partners death, by suicide or other means. When Glaedr died in Brisingr, he died not from Oromis passing, but from Thorn biting him at the base of his skull. If dragons died right when their Riders died(im assuming this is what you mean, correct me if im wrong), Glaedr would have passed some minute or so before. Just trying to clear the water

  • Scout

    If a dragon were to loose a tooth would it grow back like a sharks does or would they just never have that tooth again?

  • Jess

    I have many questions that i’ve thaught up after reading this series 3 times, so if you could answer them it would be great. Did Eragon the first ever die? If so, how? Is it possible to stop a dragon’s growth instead of speeding it up? Do dragons grow new scales or do the old ones just grow with the dragon?

    Do a dragon’s spikes wear away over time? Last question, did twisting the mind of a dragon change its outer apperance?

  • saphirarocks1996

    Thorn12345, It was not only in the movie about the dragons dieing when their riders die it was in the book. When Eragon was talking to Brom for the first time about dragons, Eragon asks how long dragons live. Brom says that they live forever or until their riders die. Then Eragon says that that would not be more then 100 years and Brom then explains how the riders have longer lives because of their dragons. SO no, it was not just in the movie. I agree, the movie had quite a bit of weird stuff in it and what they did do was wrong… AND I do not want to go by the movie, I meerly was pointing out that it also happened in the movie.

  • freeuser

    hey thorn12345, legacy and scout, why don’t you post your e-mail adress’ and you keep on chating on msn? We want to read questions about he book, not what you think about horses or whatever, stop soing that please, it’s annoying

  • Jurthain

    When you are making up new words in the Ancient Laguage do you always resort to Old Norse first, or do you think up your own sounds to begin with? And how long does the process take for the creation of a new word or names?

  • Legacy

    Thorn12345, aren’t horses great 🙂 I barrel race and mine randomly decides that the barrels are really scary and wont go near them. Its funny. 😀 I wish he was brave like snowfire lol. But his random freak outs are super fun 😀

  • Murtaghsforgottenfriend

    This question keeps running through my mind. Did Morzan ever love Selena, even one tiny bit? Or did he just see her as a tool whom he had complete control over?

  • Thorn12345

    Legacy: I love my horse for this! That’s why I bought him. Any other would just be boring comparing to him:)). I sorta rescued him because he didn’t live a happy life and that’s the cause of some problems but we are at work. I loved the Linda Tellington Jones ”Getting in Touch with Your Horse” and Alois Podhajski ” My horses My Teachers”. Great! Though my horse doesn’t believe in the rules the talk about and has his own point of view:)

  • Legacy

    Thorn12345, that sounds like my horse. He’s a pain. He’s not very cute though haha. The cows chewed his tail off so he’s kinda goofy looking. 😀

  • Scout

    Wow. You should see my house. 2 giant african millipedes, 5 cats, a tortise, a bearded dragon, 20 cobalt blue lobsters, a wolf spider, two bull frogs, feeder mice, two aquatic frogs, countless snails, and 11 painted lady butter flies ( thay all just laid hundreds of eggs for the spring) and that’s about it. : )

  • Thorn12345

    Scout: wow, exotic pets! That’s cool! Sadly, there is no place for more pets in my house. A horse, a dog, and a cat are quite enough:).

    What does Bid’Daum mean in the ancient language?

  • Scout

    That’s sooooo cool that you guys have horses. I collect exotic pets, but I’ve always wanted a horse.

    Has it ever happened that a egg was not the color of the dragon it held. Also if that happened would the dragon be like two diff. colores?? Has that ever happened?

  • Thorn12345

    Legacy: you didn\’t understand me:) My horse taught me more than all the books because he gives me a REALLY hard time every day:) Running from every shadow and rearing when he doesn\’t like something:) Not exactly intelligent or brave but at least he is pretty…

  • Legacy

    Thorn12345, I wish my horse was smart. He’s a coward. Blowing grass spooks him into a frenzy lol.

    So, I was confused as to whether Blodhgarm is more wild cat or wolf. The book said there were similarities to both..

  • Glorfindel

    Tulkas, as fun as Age of Empires III is, it really is a bit of a time waster. If you have better things to do, which doubtless you do, I don’t want to be the one responsible for keeping you from them. Anyway, I assume you’re on the Amelia Black campaign, which is a really good one.

  • Thorn12345

    saphirarocks1996: there were many strange things in the movie and CP has nothing to do with it. Stick with the books and forget the movie!

  • Thorn12345

    Legacy: I’m in the same situation:). I’ve read everything I could get, but my own horse is smarter than all the books.

    And a question came to my mind:

    Is there no way to memorize the forsworns’ dragons’ names?

  • magi

    If a person was worthy enough for a dragon to hatch for them does that mean that any dragon would have hatched for them or just that one dragon. for example if they would have stole the egg containing thorn instead of saphira would it have hatched for eragon?

  • raj4445

    what is sloan\’s true name eragon discovered in the third book?

  • Saeb

    Is it possible for a dragon to use their ‘magic blast’ to turn an Eldunari into, at the very least, a dragon egg that has the ability to hatch and grow normally?

  • philippapas

    we’ve been wait ohhh yes waiting …. is it worth the wait …. i was very happy with the action parts in the last book but some how the boring things that never seemed to go anywhere well just didnt go anywhere…. soo i should prollie ask my question now. Will this book be everything we have been waiting for for years now or will be flop, the last book means something and i dont believe you could do what tolkien or rowlings have done with there “cycles.” Just a reminder that this book either seals your place in history or crumbs it…. Please make it worth the wait

  • Tulkas

    Glorfindel- Well, I’m currently on the 4th senario of the third campaign, so I’m almost there. I haven’t done it in like two weeks… thanks for reminding me, I’ll get back to it.

  • darkranger313

    This isn’t exactly a question about the book or the plot, but I couldn’t help but wonder… Christopher, what was your personal opinion on the Eragon movie? I know a lot of fans disproved, but what are your thought?

  • saphirarocks1996

    So I don’t get it. In the Eragon movie it said that the Dragons die when their riders die and it said something like that in the book also. But with the third book and the heart of hearts I don’t really get it. Could you pleas clarify if the dragons die when their riders do and also how exatly the whole heart of hearts thing works and how it works into the whole rule… THANKS!! Also, was Gladir killed by Thorn and Galbitorix or was he killed becuase his rider died?

  • slerictheyoung91692

    did saphira and eragon after after the last battle in brisinger sleep and take some R&R or did they collapse from one of angela’s crazy potions sorry if this has been asked i dont have much free time after i spent 3 weeks reading all of the books

  • Xelba

    What color is Murtagh’s hair? In Eragon it was brown, but in Brisingr it was black.

  • ACord797

    In book one Eragon is told about the first Eragon and his white dragon that he names Bid’Daum. Then on page 466 of Eldest Queen Islanzadi says “As is our custom, and as was agreed upon at the end of The Dragon War by Queen Tarmunora, the first Eragon, and the white dragon who represented his race-he whose name cannot be uttered in this or any language-…”. The dragon is said to be white, was that Bid’Daum? Or was it a different dragon? If so why was the first Eragon there without his dragon? IF it was a different dragon, was he the leader of the dragons or of importance among them since he cannot be named? Thanks, this question has been killing me, I love your books and read them over and over.

  • ACord797

    When the dragons changed Eragon during the blood oath celebration, did they merely accelerate what would have happened over time? In other words would he have eventually become as strong as an elf? If yes, then it is safe to assume all human riders were as strong as he is now?

  • Dragonlover101

    I was reading Eldest the other day and thought about this,Is Galbatorix an elf or is he human? In the movie he was human(of course so was arya).


  • Glorfindel

    You know Mearad, I do believe we are.
    Tulkas, has the Circle of Ossus been defeated yet?

  • Shawn

    In Eragon it states that the elves preferred to fight with spears… Why is it the that we have only seen them use swords?

  • brisingradurna88

    Aaron1317: Im not criticizing, but if you think about it Eragon kind of already has a bond with the Urgals/Kull. He killed Durza and released them from there bonds so now they all respect Eragon and he has been invited to their cities….. just saying

  • brisingradurna88

    -When The Banishing of the Names took place, where were the Forsworn’s dragons and the dragons that were behind it?

  • Aaron1317

    Is there a possibility of Eragon creating/getting a bond to the Urgals, just like he has one with Elves, dwarves, humans, Nasuada, and the Dragons?

  • Legacy

    In Brisingr Arya talking about self sustaining magics like the woven grass ship she made, and she mentioned things like the floating crystals of Eoam. Iwas wondering if those floating crystals were made like the ship, by a magician, or if they just sorta happened.


    Why doesn’t any of the races have any sort of mechanics of any kind? I mean they have access to all of these magics and they don’t have a steam engine or boiler? Will there be anything like that in the fourth book?

  • Max

    How did Roran and Katrina know that Katrina was pregnant so early?

  • Legacy

    Thorn12345, I ride horses too 🙂 I’m a horse riding book loving dork lol I’ll have to read those. I’ve been running out of things to read. It’s tragic. D:

  • Thorn12345

    My, those Q&A’s are a good idea. I have something to wait for and I can talk with people who also like books. I hope that will continue the idea of the monthly interviews with CP after book IV is published…

  • Madison

    I love your writing! And I read the books over 15 times now!

  • Oromis1994

    How did Oromis scry Eragon, or attempt to, when he hasn’t seen him?

  • Thorn12345

    Thanks for the titles. And yes, I’m a girl:), Legacy. As you have probably noticed I too have like a thousand questions:). I can’t live a day without horse riding and reading. Those are my two passions. As for books I can recommend The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michele Paver. There are six books and I really liked them:)

  • ShurtugalLiam

    At the end of it though, everyone, people can like whichever series/writer they want. I too like Harry Potter AND JK Rowling, i don’t get how you couldnt, Glorfindel, if you haven’t met her or anything.
    If Mair doesn’t like CP or whatever, thats perfectly fine, but calling him arrogant …. i don’t understand how you got that assumption mate, especially when no-one’s heard a hiccup of CP since the release of brisingr (or around that time 😛 )
    so let’s all chill yeah? 🙂

  • brisingradurna88

    Thorn12345: I’m dying for Book IV to be released, too! I’ve scoured the web for anything I can find that is plausible. And yes, you spelled it correctly! =) I’m a book addict also… It’s my choice “drug” lol. I have soooo many questions! Oh yeah there’s also the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan if you haven’t already read them.

  • brisingradurna88

    I have a few questions that I thought of while rereading the books…
    -Why is Arya’s magic green?
    -Did Galbatorix ever love someone?
    -In Brisingr on page 131 when Arya and Eragon were returning to the Varden after Eragon left Helgrind, a soldier said, ‘Unless we be searching for Murtagh. You heard what Morzan’s spawn said well as I did.’ What did Murtagh say?
    -Are Tenga and Galbatorix both searching for the same thing? Are they searching for the true name of graymare? If not what are they searching for?
    -Will Rhunön play a larger part in Book IV?
    -Will Joed’s gift to Eragon, Domia abr Wyrda, help Eragon in Book IV?
    -Will the dwarf clan Az Sweldn rak Anhuin play a role once again by replacing Vermund?


  • Legacy

    Thorn12345 – The books by Tamora Pierce are excellent as well. I’ve only read the Song of the Lioness, The Immortals Quartet and the Trickster series, but they are fabulous and I highly suggest them. 🙂 Prolly best if you’re a girl though. I’m not sure how a guy would feel about them. I’ve never talked to one who read them. 😀

  • blagden

    Would you call Elva an empath now that she is free from Eragons curse?

    Did Sloan have anything to do with Ismira’s death?

  • Thorn12345

    Thanks Brisingradurna88 (hope I spelled that right). God, I can’t wait till book IV is published… I love the Inheritance Cycle and many other cycles and I hate waiting! I think that book IV will be great, and I hope it will be really long!

  • brisingradurna88

    Thorn12345: the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik are great! As is the Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray and The Demon King by Cinda Chima. The Drizzt Do’Urden series by R.A. Salvatore is really good, too! hope i helped!

  • Thorn12345

    By the way does any of you know when these questions will be asked and answered? I can’t wait to read the answers to some of the questions (if they will be chosen that is). And can any of you recommend me some books because I recently ran out of ideas for books and I’m a book addict:)

  • Yusuf

    What was Selena’s fortune, what did Angela and Solembum say to her?

  • JessicaFalke

    In book one, Eragon, what was it that Arya told Saphira when Eragon first arrived in Tronjheim? Saphira refused to tell Eragon. Throughout the next two books it has not been revealed to me. Will it be revealed in the fourth book?

  • Tulkas

    Skeeta- Yes, Galbratorix was a dragon rider, and no, that is not Thorn upon the front cover.
    Glorfindel- In my last post, I mentioned that I agreed with Merad on that. On an unrelated note, I actually a few years ago accidentially sat next to J.K. Rowling’s daughter while my parents sat nest to J.K. Rowling herself at some play in Edinburgh.
    Merad- Yes. I agree with you, but I still like CP. And as far as no word goes- we’ve had the interviews.

  • Mearad

    Tulkas- Really, what you believe I should think isn’t relavent when I specifically say that that’s NOT what I think. And just for the record, just because I haven’t written a book, I am capable of reconizing the difficulties that may come with such a responsibility. Including that, I do have relatives that are authors writing long novels, which helps me understand that writing a book is more than a two day ordeal.

    Glorfindel– I’m shocked! Are we actually agreeing?? I like Harry Potter, too by the way.

  • Glorfindel

    I like the question about whether or not Thorn’s eldunari grows with the rest of him. I second that.
    I mean, you might think, yeah, of course it does. But an eldunari isn’t a heart, it’s a consciousness (I think). How do you grow a consciousness?

  • Glorfindel

    Tulkas, I’m sorry, but I do have to agree with Mair on this one. I can’t stand J.K. Rowling, and I could probably manage to insult her, but I love the Harry Potter books.

  • Cleverjoe119

    If Shruikan was still in his egg when Galbatorix stole him then how did he hatch for Galbatorix? Was Galbatorix able to force Shruikan to hatch somehow? If so, why didn’t he force Saphira to hatch for someone else? Or was Shruikan just starting to hatch when Galbatorix stole him?

  • Atrahasis

    SkulblakaBjartskular – It mentions in the paragraph before that one, that Eragon had a dwarf sword he had received when he attended Orik’s inauguration. Just wanted to answer that for ya.

  • brisingradurna88

    this is where u post questions for the upcoming q&a’s, right? thanks oh yeah if anyones looking for a good read involving dragons i recommend the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. Great books. love eragon/eldest/brisingr more though! =)

  • Legacy

    Are we going to find out about Angela’s mysterious past and age in book 4?

  • Landen

    How exactly did Ismira, SLoan’s wife, die?

  • Maugrim

    After the Menoa Tree gave up its store of brightsteel to Eragon, Eragon notes that he feels a pang in his lower belly.
    Please tell me… it didn’t take his fertility did it!?

  • Skeeta

    Hi. I love your books a lot!! Im currently reading Eldest and its fun. Anyways, i was reading and it said King Galbotrix had a dragon and it got taken away I think, then he stole one. Does that mean he was a dragon rider? And also, the red dragon on the front, is that his dragon?

  • Tulkas

    Mearad- I actually copied and pasted it. And you didn’t say anything about a haircut, you said that he was arrogant and thought that we hung onto his every word. I think that if you thought that his books were good, then you would like the author more. I find myself agreeing with you on the author/book thing, but there remains no reason to insult the author, who I am sure is trying his best. You try to write a 700 page book, with large pages, different languages and any form of a good plot, and see how far you get. I know that I couldn’t.

  • SkulblakaBjartskular

    When Eragon went to Ellesmera in Brisingr and was questioning Oromis about his family heritage, Saphira mentions that she knew the identity of his actual father. However he didn’t know what she was talking about and in his frustration he mentions that felt like tearing his sword out of its sheath and threatening all of them with it. How could he have done, if he didn’t have a sword at the time?

  • SkulblakaBjartskular

    CP–I absolutely love your books and I have read the Inheritance Cycle (so far) over 9 times.

    I was wondering whose injury was worse; Murtagh’s or Eragon’s. Until he was healed by the dragons, Eragon had many seizures inflicted by the Durza smiting him across his back. However, in Eragon (the book) I never noticed Murtagh having any such discomfort. I was wondering if Eragon’s wound had something Murtagh’s didn’t or if Murtagh’s pains had healed over time.

  • eragonbyrnsie

    And one more! Sorry it slipped my mind.
    You mentioned in Brisingr that some of the Forsworn were elves. Since this is true, wouldn’t Galbatorix have been able to use his elven Forsworn to find the elf cities in Du Weldenvarden?

  • eragonbyrnsie

    What is Eragon’s strength now, at the end of Brisingr without the aid of Eldunaria? Is he stronger than Arya?

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    So how baout everyone stay on topic??? If you don’t have a question, don’t post. The discussion boards are for that. This thread is to ask CP any questions about his wonderful books, not argue amongst ourselves in a futile attempt to sway one another. It will not work, and you are just annoying those of us who are trying to read the questions.

    Thanks 😀

    Oh and Chris,
    How old is solembum?

  • Nathan

    Will Queen Islanzadi have a greater role in the final book? More specifically, will her standing with Eragon and the Varden change since witnessing the death of Oromis and the supposed death of Glaedr at Gil’ead?

  • Eldest13

    hmm, just wondering, how old was Morzan when he betrayed the riders? all t ever says is ‘a young rider’.

  • Mearad

    Glorfindel- Sounds good to me.

    Tulkas– Did you like what I wrote so much that you wanted to type it yourself? Once again, you’ve flattered me! Concerning whether saying something to the author is an insult to his books- not true. For example, I could tell the author he needed to get a haircut. That would be insulting the author. Does that apply to his books now that we’ve said author and books aren’t separated when insulting them? No. See, there is and can be a separation between authors and their books. That is the separation I was referring to when I said I didn’t insult the books. I hope you see what I meant. Glad to hear you like the books, I do too; though I wouldn’t put all my honor in a pile of paper.

  • Glorfindel

    It’s fine Eldest13, I agree that it’s hard to tell sarcasm from not when reading a comment.
    Mair, I’m not sure what petty insults you’re talking about, but I also don’t feel like wasting my day making and taking shots. How about we just say we both could have not gotten angry, and let it go at that?

  • Thorn12345

    Can you quicken a human’s growing process the way Galbatorix did with Thorn?

    How does life in dragon groups look like? How do they choose a leader?

    If someone created an illusion of another person (the way Blotgharm did for Eragon) and you touched that image what would you feel? Could a magician make that image talk?

    If two people touched a dragon hatchling and the dragon hatched for one of them, what would happen? Would both of them get the gedeway ignasia?

    Are they elves’ hair always either black or sliver or can they be for example brown or blonde?

    If a magician who was already trained and had his own color of magic became a rider and his dragon would be a different color than his magic what would happen?

  • Lottiebeck

    Compared to the others, about how long is book IV going to be?

  • M194

    Mearad is becoming very popular here heh 🙂

    YEa i want to know too!

    How old is Eragon?
    And How big is Alageisia?

  • SonofVrael


    If a Dragon that recieves atrificaial or help with growth such as Thorn does the Elundari inside of the Dragon stay ,the same size it would as a hatchling, or does it grow when the Dragon is increased in size?

  • Eskierra

    Well done guys for setting up the website again!! Ever since it crashed i’ve been checking everyday whether or not it was running again!! 🙂 My questions for the interview with Christopher Paolini are:

    I know that ‘inheritance’ is mentioned a lot in the books (especially in Eldest and Brisingr) but WHY exactly did you call it the INHERITANCE CYCLE??

    Do you consider yourself more like Eragon or Roran?

    How old exactly is Eragon in Brisingr?

    In the books there are lots of references to cats. Brom tells Eragon he finds their mind interesting, werecats exist and Saphira is continually said to be as vicious and elegant as a cat. Why??

    Have there been female dragon riders?

    What EXACTLY are Eragon and Saphira’s 7 promises? As they have seemed to have pledged themselves to much more than 7.

    What are spirits? In Brisingr, Arya tells Eragon that Oromis must tell him what they are. But since he dies he doesn’t manage to.

    How did it all begin? Did you wake up one morning and decide to write a book and the story developed along the way? Or did you have a vague idea and knew what you were going to write? Or did you know every perspective of the story and you simply had to write it down?

    I’m sorry for so many questions but I simply love your books and I’m so glad I have the chance for you to answer my queries. 🙂

  • Sunny

    is der goin to b a 5th book or wil it remain 4 book series?

  • Tulkas

    Merad- “you can post about me as much as you want because I’m done with this. I’m not going to spend all day in front of a computer screen arguing about something that really has no impact on my life what-so-ever, with someone I’ll never meet. I’ve decided not to respond to your pointless petty insults by writing new ones of my own. I agree to disagree so have fun doing whatever you do. “

    It appears that I interpreted this phrase the wrong way. Insulting the author is insulting the book series, I deem. And this is my faveorite book series. “people like you” Interesting. Please do not insult my honour.

  • Mearad

    Ohh, I had just thought that was really cool.

  • Eldest13

    yeah, why?

  • Mearad

    Yeah, did you say you were writing a book??

  • Eldest13

    hmm, i’ll take your word for it.

  • Mearad

    You would be surprised how annoying it is having to lug it all over, and almost all our assignments are online, so when it breaks ( which they all do) I can’t get my work. Luckily I’m a frosh so I got the newest notebook, the senior laptops suck and all the girls hate them.

  • Eldest13

    i don’t eat lunch, it’s to much money. and i couldn’t remember my lunch number if my life depended on it.

  • Eldest13

    Really? wish are school allowed it. it would sure make my lunch easier.

  • Mearad

    Hahaha. I’m not usually on the computer this much, though at my high-school, laptops are required. So during the week I’m always on it.

  • Eldest13

    No not really, just am cripplingly shy and have a tendestsy (Yes i realize this is spelled wrong) to be on the computer. a lot

  • Mearad

    Thanks, Eldest13. You’re cool, too, and I can tell you’re a nice person. You’re great!

  • Eldest13

    shoot, i ment smart, not snarky! sorry!

  • Eldest13

    Glorfindel, sorry, i thought you were being snarky, tis fine! just hard to tell sarcasm from comment when you are reading it.

  • Eldest13

    Mair is cool, isn’t she?

  • Mearad

    Thanks steven. lol I’ve never heard of “chavs” before, but you can bet by next week I’ll be using it with my friends who happen to love U.K people ( if you’re from the U.K) and expressions like the freaks they are. lmao

  • steven

    Mair-its ok honestly nothing to be sorry about 🙂 an I like that you stick to your guns

    ShurtugalLiam-jeremy kyle haha lmao, trouble is its only chavs that seem to be on that show, so I don’t think we would fit in lol, with us having sum intelligenace lol

  • Mearad

    Thanks, Legacy. Just so you know you’re my hero for having said that. hahaha You seem pretty cool yourself.

  • Kohh

    What are your plans for the citizens of Alagaesia after the war? After a hundred years of feudalism and repression, I can’t imagine the populace would be too thrilled to accept another dictator as their leader. Viva la Revolution!

  • Legacy

    Well, I don’t care when the book comes out as long as it happens before the world ends. (haha) BTW, Mearad, you’re my hero 🙂 You handle things exactly the way I do. Except I’m usually being griped at for political stuff.. 😀

  • CaneThomas

    I see a lot of people upset over comments that have been made over the question of the release date for the fourth book in the cycle. However, it is fair and just question.

    I, myself believe that Paolini is in fact one of the brightest young minds in the industry today. But compared to the more respected authors in the genre, such as Salvatore or Lackey, he is a tad-bit slower in finishing his novels, which can be a set back. Whilst it is true that some consider his works to be part of the young-adult works, he is in truth a fantasy writer. Most authors in that genre produce two or more novels in a year, where as Chris is doing the same as Rowling did with her series. It is not a bad thing to say that he is being slow in finishing a book, it’s simply a fact.

  • brisingradurna88

    I have a few questions that I thought of while rereading the books…
    -Why is Arya’s magic green?
    -Did Galbatorix ever love someone?
    -In Brisingr on page 131 when Arya and Eragon were returning to the Varden after Eragon left Helgrind, a soldier said, ‘Unless we be searching for Murtagh. You heard what Morzan’s spawn said well as I did.’ What did Murtagh say?
    -Are Tenga and Galbatorix both searching for the same thing? Are they searching for the true name of graymare? If not what are they searching for?


  • ShadowOfTheMoon

    You have said that there will be Murtagh POV’s in the Fourth Book, so I was curious if going to add either Arya or Elva POV’s? I wonder what it would be like too read through their eyes.


  • Mearad

    Tulkas- Should I assume that flattering comment was directed towards me?? F.Y.I- I never insulted inheritance- I insulted the author who wrote it. And I wasn’t backing down or ” disappearing” as you so lovingly put it. I was and am trying to not be confrontational which is rather difficult because of people like you. P.S.– This is a very bored and pissed off me being heard from again.

    ShurtugalLiam– I’ve never heard of Jeremy Kyle but if it has people anything like Jerry Springer, I’ll be on there for sure. hahaha I’m definitely a girl with quite a temper. I also agree with you about the whole opinions thing. I sick of everyone being on my back. Whatever, have laughing, I think this soap opera could use more than one person laughing at it.

  • TylerJacobson

    I recently re-read Brisingr, and think i realised something pertaining to the eldunari, the third book states that there is a possibility that there are other eldunari that galbatorix hasn’t managed to obtain, but the elves and dragons don’t know where it is, now in the first book, Solembum tells Eragon that he must go to the Rock of Kuthian and speak his name to open the Vault of Souls, I was wondering, is the Vault of Souls a secret rea Where there are eldunari that galbatorix hasn’t gotten his hands on? please can you answer my question, thanks

  • scout

    Mair, it’s so weird that your asking me that. My dad totally like named me and my bro after that. My brother’s name is Atticus. Soooooo weird. I’ve nev. read it but i here it’s good. COolio

  • Tulkas

    And this too follows the pattern: after insulting Inheritance, the insulter disappears, never to be heard from again.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Sorry opinions and views are the same thing …. duh! 😛 but yeah …

    rather our views than our opinions of each other … and … ahh ive lost the plot now 😛 you get what i mean (i hope :P)

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lol Jerry Springer? :S Im from the UK lmao, so i’d say Jeremy Kyle 🙂 he’s awesome 😛 and funny, but yes i see your point 🙂 whether we agree or not should not be an issue 🙂 when we respect on here, i suppose we respect each other’s views more than their opinions or what they can type 🙂 and i respect both of you 🙂

    And I’m intrigued as to what Scout asks: what would happen if two different coloured eggs hatch and touch/bond with one rider?? :S

  • jw8754

    In a case where a human Rider’s dragon dies and the Rider manages to stay sane (like Brom), would that Rider still retain his/her immortality?

    Also, how common was it for a Rider to take a mortal wife? And if they had kids, would the kids always be mortal or is it possible for them to be immortal? Is immortality a gene or just a byproduct of the dragon’s magic in humans, because elves are born immortal, so if an elf had a kid with a mortal human, then wouldn’t they pass on the immortality gene?

  • Patrick66

    Did the name Arya come from Aryan?

  • Legacy

    Oooh… and the extra I that I threw into the end..

  • Legacy

    Wow, totally disregard my added word there. I meant also are. D:

  • Legacy

    Are the Ra’zac supposed to resemble birds or bugs more. I couldn’t figure it out lol because they have beaks and wings, and grow into big dragon-like bird things, but also to are hatched into larvae.. so I now I am comfused. 😀

  • Mearad

    Kimberly and shurtugalLiam– you guys are both right; we’re all going to end up on Jerry Springer at this point.
    Steven- I’m really sorry.
    Glorfindel— Clearly we aren’t going to agree with each other anytime soon. I’ve heard about Monte Cristo so thanks for that. As for the rest of your post, you can post about me as much as you want because I’m done with this. I’m not going to spend all day in front of a computer screen arguing about something that really has no impact on my life what-so-ever, with someone I’ll never meet. I’ve decided not to respond to your pointless petty insults by writing new ones of my own. I agree to disagree so have fun doing whatever you do.

  • Jarno

    My question to you, Mr. Paolini is: Why did Galbatorix never appear in one of your books until the fourth one? Is it not important for the readers and the plot to know him? It would be very disappointed if Galbatorix is not like every fan of your books thought he was. So, whats the reason?

  • Glorfindel

    The Count of Monte Cristo is an excellent book. A little on the lengthy side, but a good read.

    Mair, you seem to be of the opinion that respect means that you have to agree with someone. This is evidenced by ” and then try to contradict me?”. That’s not the case. Look up the word “respect”, and it won’t talk about agreeing with the opinions of everyone you respect. How is my disagreeing with you an automatic shunning of respect?

    Could you tell me just what “trash” I’m sitting here saying?
    Tell me what I said that wasn’t true.

    And I’m not trying to drag Eldest13 into anything. I merely pointed something out.
    And actually Mair, if you put your thoughts out where they can be read by everyone, they ARE everyone’s for dissecting. If you don’t want your opinions picked apart, then don’t air them on a public comments board.

    “Creepy obsession”… What creepy obsession was that, my statement that Christopher perhaps doesn’t think of himself as a god?

    “If you are entitled to feel like you understand how he acts, then I am as well.” When did I dispute that you had a right to feel how you want to?

    Finally, I would like to make it clear that I was giving “all due respect” to Eldest13, NOT to you. I have no respect for you whatsoever. Eldest13, if I offended you, I apologize, it wasn’t intended.

  • steven

    Mair I no you ment no offence and I don’t mind honestly but no I’m not illiterate nor have I ever been high lol I am however dyslectic (and yes I did have to look that up to spell it right lol) and I make most of my posts no here are from my fone, its easier than booting up my pc that’s why a lot of my words are abreviated so let’s all just calm down

  • blagden

    Is Sloan so scared of the Spine because he knows what happened to Glabatorix’s army, or is it just because of his wife?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lmao i agree Kimberly. End of the day, everyone has a right to say what they want. And enough with the wordplay. To make things shorter, Mair is bored of waiting by the looks of it. You will live 🙂 In the meantime don’t contradict people on how they type whether they type like this, or lyk dis. It’s a free website, so stop slamming yeah?

    And Tulkas you have a point, i’ve noticed that too … EVERY month. Lol “/

    Sirsimon; do you sometimes miss the simon part out of your name?? 🙂 just wondering ’cause there’s someone who posts as Sir and i was wondering if it was you 🙂

  • Kimberly

    this Q/A posting drama may prove to be competition for reality television

  • Tulkas

    Don’t get involved, Glorfindel. Every month another person comes on here insulting CP, and it always causes a big debate. It’s not worth alienating Mike over. For the record, CP is awesome, I think. There is no call to spend half a page insulting him.

  • Eldest13

    I will, and you should read the ‘count of Montecristo’

  • mearad

    No,prob, Eldest. And don’t thank me for defending you. Any person with a shred of dignity would do the same. Your great! Hope you like those books and I agree ith you that this posting has gone WAY too far and I too am done.

  • Eldest13

    thank you for defending me Mair, 🙂 peace out! again, to anyone i have offended, really!!! i am not looking for a fight, i am only posting a thank you!

  • Eldest13

    Mair, it seems true that you do have good taste, and for the record, i am a girl. and i lied, i only thought i was tripple posting.

  • Eldest13

    okay i just reread my comments, and i
    Apologize, i am not making to much sense. what i mean is, that i agree, that it is taking a long time for book four, but; it is an 900pg book, and yes, i agree we do have the power, because we do but the books. i do not agree with the god part, or really much else. and please, forgive me for tripple pasting like this. and really, i think this has gone on enough. come on, i’ll admit, not a smart idea to post this, (i say this because i think chris doesn’t really moniter this site, and it is not a question) nor was it a smart idea to comment. no offence is implied or anything, but i am sick of reading this stuff. so, i am not going to comment anymore, so, save your breath.

  • Mearad

    Glorfindel— “With all due respect” Honestly, how can you sit there and say such trash and then try to contradict me? “Respect”, you clearly don’t have any nor do you deserve it especially if you’re going to bring Eldest13 into when s/he hasn’t done anything to directly offend you.
    Furthermore, what I said regarding the “personal” factor of my commenting was right. It isn’t personal, at least not to you. My opinion was not and cannot be directed toward any fan ( even an overly obsessive one such as yourself) since I stated discernibly that it was directed to Christoper. You taking it to a personal level is 100% your choice and not my fault what-so -ever.
    As for my thoughts on how Christopher acts – you are one to judge. You’re clearly feeling headstrong about him NOT holding himself that way. If you are entitled to feel like you understand how he acts, then I am as well. There is no reason why I should have to prove myself to someone who refuses to do the same. My thoughts are mine alone and not yours for dissecting.
    Also, if I were writing a book, no I wouldn’t give away every detail, only a fool would. You misunderstood what I was trying to get across. However,It’s common decency to at least give the people who support you some level of equality by acknowledging that they may want to, at the bar minimum, have some sketch of a date.
    Finally, your “professional ethics”. They have no hold in this disagreement. Professional ethics is a concept, not a noun or thing to describe this situation.
    Professional ethics concerns the moral issues that arise because of specialist knowledge that professionals are at a means to attain, and how the use of said knowledge should be governed, controlled , and dished out when providing a service the public. Unless this argument is regarding hierarchy among corporate businesses and other such areas then it doesn’t pertain to this situation (even if you had managed to use it in the right context). Finally, I’m curious, how does your last spew of comments make sense? You clearly want to hear what I have to say since you just chose to read over everything involving what I typed and what I typed. In other words, maybe simplified so you can understand, you just did and are hanging on my every word. OOhhh, and I almost forgot, good luck with the creepy obsession you seem to have with a complete stranger. I’m done bickering with you,

    P.S- Eldest13- thanks for the copliment. I happen to read almost five books a week. I would suggest To Kill A Mockingbird ( just re-read it for the second time due to the 50th anniversary being on Mar. 2cd), The Glass Menagerie, The Old Man and the Sea , Faust, ANYTHING in Points Of Veiw Short Story Collection ( All time Amazing Stories), Sold, and House on Mango Street. Those are some of my fave classics that have to be read. Thanks again!

  • Eldest13

    not so much like the ‘act like a god part.’ sorry, but it’s the truth.

  • Eldest13

    let me clairify, i agree with the part that it has been a long time

  • Mearad

    Eldest13– Thanks for agreeing with me, and I am not the least bit angry or offended; I know as much as anyone seeing as my father and sister are authors. I also understand that it can be difficult but it has been a while and this isn’t some classic waiting to be released- it’s a teen book. By the way Scout is your name after THE Scout from to kill A Mockingbird? I just read that this week.

  • Glorfindel

    “Where to start? First, are you illiterate, high, or just incapable of typing common English???
    … I didn’t mean anything personal to his fans.”

    Correct ME if I’m wrong, but that seemed rather personal to me.

    @Eldest13, with all due respect, I don’t think that you actually “totally agree”, since you just disagreed with what Mair said.

    Mair, could you tell me where you draw the idea that Christopher “acts like a god” and believes that “everyone hangs on his every word”? And if you were writing a book, would you want to give away plot lines and crucial information before the book was finished? It’s called professional ethics. It’s inherent in an auther to present the whole work, as a complete surprise, rather than giving it away bit by bit.

    If you have something constructive to say, please, say it. I really would like to hear it. But if you’re just going to come on here and spill fallacious nonsense, I really don’t want to hear it.

  • Eldest13

    Mair, before i forget, like the stupid person i am 🙂 what do you like in a book? you sound like you have good taste. acutely, anyone anwser that question!

  • Eldest13

    Mair, while i totally agree with you, it really does take that long to write a book, and yes it is that hard. I know ’cause i am trying to write myself. Not trying to be rude or anything, but, um, rome wasn’t built in a day! again, take nothing i say to heart, i don’t like people mad at me!

  • Mearad

    Sorry, you’re completely right, Scout, and I was rude, Sorry. Again.

  • Scout

    Woohh, mair, settle down. This isn’t some life or death/ prove yourself to the world thing. Just a q/a site. I get what your saying but stop freaking out. And maybe you can say it a little nicer.

    And I agree with dusk. can more than one egg hatch for a rider?? What would happen in that situation?

  • mearad/mair

    Steven- Where to start? First, are you illiterate, high, or just incapable of typing common English??? LOL. And as for ranting to myself, obviously I’m not as long as you read what I write. By commenting on what I said, you clearly acknowledged that I’m not talking to myself.

    Dusk- Honestly, a low blow??? I don’t know what you think “low blow” means, but it certainly does not apply to this situation. By the way, I thing you meant “hiding”. Correct me if I’m wrong. Additionally, how do you suppose I talk to a famous author who lives almost 2,000 miles a way from me? Do you think I can just walk up to him? Get some common sense and a good argument or don’t bother to correct me. That doesn’t earn you any respect in my opinion. Sorry if I offended you in anyway by the whole comment; I will not type things like that again, since it clearly puts people on edge. And just for the record, I like the books, I just don’t appreciate having to wait so long and being treated like a pariah by the author. I didn’t mean anything personal to his fans.

  • Bromthebard2

    sorry i meant to say stuck not atuck

  • Bromthebard2

    I have a question for Mr.Paolini, I am currently writing a book myself and am atuck, I was wondering what you do if you get stuck with your book to help yourself continue?

  • Eldest13

    You mentioned that Brom had many strange customs, what a few more examples?

  • ShadowDragon

    Mr. Paolini, I was curious to know what songs you like to listen to (if any) while writing. Do you listen to music that fits the scene that you are writing, or just whatever song you want to listen to at that moment? Do any songs give you inspiration for anything that happens in the story?

  • GA

    Could you more precisely define the term “Creature(s) of Magic”?

    Is it possible that the dragons of the Forsworn mated and had other eggs that the Varden is not aware of?

    Not trying to be a perv here but… How do dragons mate?

  • Dusk

    Can a rider have multiple dragons if another egg hatches for them, and what would happen to the color of their magic?

  • Dusk

    wow that was a low blow mair… not nice at all, mabye say it to his face insead of hidding behind your computer screen

  • Dusk

    If Saphira and Thorn “make a baby dragon” will it be purple?

  • rino62

    i already asked these questions for the fourth one but as far as i know they werent picked for the 5th one and the first one probably falls under the category of asking about the plot and im sorry if it does so…

    1. could there be different species of dragons say like the ones of Chinese legend that may not be as intelligent and maybe not as powerful (but still strong) as ones like saphira ( not saying that the ones of Chinese legend weren’t smart) and could they possibly be what poached half of galbatorix’s army in the spine

    2.why did it take so long for saphira’s egg to hatch? because it says in the books that at a certain age children would be lined up and would touch the eggs to see if one hatched for them so I suppose that they hatched whenever they touched them, other wise it would take a while to find who it was that it hatched for, say if it hatched like a week later or so

  • Shawn

    Most of the questions I am asking are to settle debates that are going on in the InheritanceForums…

    Did the change during the Blood-Oath Ceremony speed up the changes happening to Eragon, or turn him into a elf-human hybrid?

    Did normal riders over time gain the strength of elves?

    How old were Oromis and Glaedr?

    Who killed Glaedr? Thorn, Murtagh, or Galbatorix?

    Seeing as Dwarves and Urgals have 7 toes, and Elves and Humans have 5, How many do/did the Raz’zac have?

    What does Naegling mean in the ancient language?

    How large is Alagaesia in comparison to landmasses in the real world?

    Will we ever learn the words said over a Dragon egg that allows it to bond with a rider?

    Will Thorn’s tail be regrown? If not, is i possible to be regrown?

    Which race is older? Gray Folk, or Dwarves?

    In Eldest Orik tells Eragon that the Dwarves have a name for the Beor Mountains, that they share with no one. When he starts to say more he is cut off mid-sentence. What is the Dwarven name for the Beor Mountains?

    What happened to the peak of Farthen Dur? Because I doubt even the dwarves are able to remove the entire top of a mountain.

  • Atrahasis

    What do the dwarves call the Beors? It is said in Eldest that the elves named the mountains, but the dwarves call it by a different name that is not shared with any of the other races.

  • steven

    Oooops I ment to say ‘Mair I get wot your saying I do, but shurty screans everything’

    Sorry lol

  • steven

    Mair I grt wot your sayin I do, but screans everything before it go’s ro CP and only QUESTIONS that are within the rules are sent to him so you’ve just had a massive rant at yourself lol

    Sirsimon it’d been a while sins I last saw you on here, I’ve got your first book it looks good so far, I think it could with an editor, only in sum places. Still good

    Now for my question?…….hummm(thinking)

    I would like to know how old eragon is at the moment (end of book3) and wot is broms sword called, in english that is, and why did he choose to call it that?

  • Mearad

    M194—— You may be right, but I don’t take it back. It needed to be said. I know I might have been a tad harsh, but I really just want to address the problem. I sound like a freak, but that is partially my freind, Jesse’s fault for encouraging me. Sorry! sometimes I get a little heated about books.( like the nerd I am)

  • Jdawg

    Hey CP i have a question about storing energy for spells. if you use eragons belt or broms ring they both have gems on them were you can story energy so what im trying to say is can you store energy in a random gem that you’ve mined from somewhere or does it have to be modified for some use ie a piece of jewellery for example.

  • Zaroc

    When eragon (in eldest) went to aid saphira on the mountain/cliff of broken eggs after her fight with Glaedr, eragon happened to see remnants of a green dragonegg shell. Do these remnants play any significant role?

    How old is Eragon now and how old will he be at the end of the 4th book?

    How is it that Saphira is already so mature and wise in her way of thinking? i mean she can’t be more than a few years old by the end of the 3rd book?

    Is it possible to control the ancient language as an entity if you know the true name of the ancient language?

    Is it possible to convert the forces of nature into energy instead of using other beings/creature around you by use of the ancient language?

    Why can you only control magic with thought and use of ancient language?

  • Zaroc

    When eragon went to aid saphira on the mountain/cliff of broken eggs, eragon happened to see remnants of a green dragonegg shell. Is there any significant role to these remnants?

  • Ay!caramba

    Do you ever consider getting married?

    Do you have a girlfriend?

  • M194

    OOh i forgot too

    Why is Brom’s ring in Sapphiras gift memory?

  • M194

    i kind of agree with you but i woulnt be as harsh still agree tough

    Do dragon eggs loose ther color over the years?

    What ever happen to Eragons Elf horse in the nest of shattered eggs?

  • Shura2

    So in eldest/Brisinger ( I don’t remember witch one) Oramis said somthing about elves and magic (again I don’t remember exactly what he said) that gave me the impression that not all elves can use magic. Is this so or if not could you explain what Oramis meant?

  • Legacy

    I’ve heard that a rider’s magic matches the color of their dragon. So in normal magicians, ones that aren’t riders, what determines the color of their magic? Or does it have a color at all?

  • Mearad

    Hey. So this is Mearad, most people call me Mair. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! I love the books, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been quite a while. I’m not going to wait the rest of my life to finish reading a book series I read two years ago. Christopher, are you serious? It’s not that hard to write a book and you’ve had plenty of time. Furthermore, you can stop acting like your a god and that everyone hangs on your every word. We don’t. I’m sure not telling your readers any piece of information must make you feel great about yourself and help you compensate for that “small problem down under”. Do you like the attention you get because of it? Do you think it’s an attractive quality? Honestly, I can’t fathom your reasoning to act like a child by leading people on only to withhold information. You don’t have any secret power by not telling ANYTHING about the 4th book. F.Y.I- we, the readers, have the power because we’re the ones who by your books. Give us a break and tell us something already. You look like a naive stuck-up.
    Yours truly,

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    @kogaTheDragonRider, umm there have been elven riders you know. Not just humans are riders.

  • Sir

    Mike, what about this interview, bud? You said it was going to be posted “as soon as” the site went back up. I’m being patient, but just be honest and tell us what’s up.

  • kogaTheDragonRider

    Hi i would like to ask about something:

    1. I was wondering, I remimber that There has never been a dragon rider who has not been any other race but human, Is this

    becuase of how We as human’s are? or can it be That Dragons Are looking for Something In ones own heart?

  • Thorn12345

    Does the mind of an Eldunari ‘feel’ the same as the mind of a normal dragon?

    is it possible to make any animal intelligent and able to speak the way Evandar made Balgden? O course if you are strong enough?

    How far are the elves with their research about everything being build of atomes?

    Did you draw the idea of dragons humming when they are happy from cats and their purring?

    When Saphira and Glaedr were wounded they didn’t let their riders tend to them. Why was that?

    In book I eragon thought that not even the strongest riders could influence the weather. was he right?

    are the horses bred by elves more inteligent than other horses or do the elves simply teach them to react to commands?

    If a rider’s dragon dies does the rider lose some of his magic abilities or does he just lose his immortality?

    are dragons totaly immortal? I mean, if an illness, spell, or sword doesn’t make them die do they live for ever in their normal bodies (not the Eldunari)?

  • Wolf2407

    Hi! So I was wondering about your writing style. Do you write on little spurts of inspiration, or are you a this-many-pages-or-words-a-day kind of writer? Because, I would really like to know. I’m writing a fanfiction book four (and also my version of Brom’s story), and I just go on inspiration, but what about you?

    Your friend and great fan,


  • sirsimon

    Hey guys, glad to be back!

    I have already asked my questions, they are in the earlier posts.

    Will start the third book in my series on friday

  • blagden

    Have you decided if there will be a sequel?

  • JDawg

    Yo Cp i have a question for you. i was wondering about angela and solembum. how did they meet and do they have a special bond. i was also wondering if solembum could up and leave angela if he wanted or does he stay just for convienience.

  • Legacy

    Who were the Grey Folk, and will they have any signifigance (sp?) in the next book?

    I can never spell that word.. :/

  • LiamLysander

    This probably means nothing, but I was just rereading old interviews and noticed some little things I’d thought I’d share (just in case it gave anyone ideas for questions). All of these are quotes from interviews with CP that can be found right on this website.

    “As far as Eragon knows, no one has found Undbitr.”
    (as far as Eragon knows…. caught my attention)

    Jornunvosk (Galbatorix’s first dragon) was a female.
    “Galbatorix had placed wards around his dragon—which is one reason he was so overconfident, and is also why he didn’t take greater care to shield her during the battle.”

    “In fact, if a werecat wanted to turn into an equivalently-sized dragon, I’m absolutely convinced that he or she could.”
    (I found this interesting because Werecats are going to play a bigger role in the last book.)

    And my question…

    In the first book, when Eragon says Zar’roc, and hands the sword to Murtagh to look at, Murtagh flinches.

    Is it possible that Zar’roc may be part of Murtagh’s true name? After all, it would be fitting if misery had something to do with Murtagh’s self.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    sorry about the double post 😛

    But what else was on the papers in arya’s room when eragon brings her the bouquet?

    And what happened to Glaedr and Oromis’ bodies when they fell? Because Glaedr never mentioned what happened to the bodies if a dragon had transferred his/her consciousness to their eldunari and they were killed… did Islanzadi have her elves protect it? or … yeah XD lol

  • ShurtugalLiam

    @ tatkiof8 – sorry to make a point (which i feel uneasy about doing because i dont like to be rude XD) but Eragon’s Saphira’s parents were mentioned in one of the books. Iormungre (i think) was her sire, but her mother was a free dragon. They were both killed during the Fall 🙂 hope this helps 🙂

  • magi

    Will we see more of the 2 women that angela read the dragonbones for. they refused to give eragon there names and it seemed like a pointless thing to put in unless they were going to be brought back in some shape or form. if they were important enough for a weircat to take notice i will be shocked if they are not at least mentioned in book 4.

  • magi

    How do you deal with fans and critics telling you that you got a character’s choice or speech wrong. J.K Rowling said that she wrote her books and characters the way she sees them are you of the same mind or do you actually listen to the fans and critics and change things you would write for a charater. It seems to me a choice between going mad trying to please people or doing your own thing and hopeing that people respond to it. what posion do you choose?

  • ShadowOfTheMoon

    Back with another one, first off a fan moment.
    OMG you are an awesome writer keep it up bro (you’ve inspired me to write!) and good luck on Book 4!

    Okay then:

    2.Before Eragon left to go back to Ellesmera in Brisingr, he was at a lake near Farthen Dur and notices an ancient ‘ruin’ or temple, he shudders.
    What is that place? Will it come up again in Book 4?

    3. Rider swords are unbreakable, but can they rust or look old after years and years later?

    4. Who named the mountain range near Carvahall ‘The Spine’?

  • Curtis

    Here’s a question that’s been bugging me. I have come to believe that do to the way in which Alagaesia has been usurped by magic, magic and all magic-wielders have been placed in a precarious position. What are the chances that when Eragon leaves Alageasia to never return, if in fact the prophecy is to be taken a face value, what are the chances of the him leaving along with the entire host of elves? In short, would you address the the chances of the elves leaving Alagaesia at the end of book 4. You don’t have to answer the question, just address it. 🙂

  • ShadowOfTheMoon

    1.Will the golden lily the spirits made for Arya have an effect later on Eragon and Arya’s relationship?


  • tatkiof8

    Did Brom’s dragon Saphira ever have an egg? If so what happened to it? Is it saphira, thorn or the other dragon still in the egg, or did it get killed in the uprising?

  • shadent

    Can two different people have the same true name?

  • eldunarigirl

    how far along is the 4th book?

  • Glorfindel

    Haha, you’re absolutely right. My correction requires correction, because my original comment required no correction. I’m an idiot.
    Scratch my last post.

  • venabre

    *so the ”spell” let’s call it that way, was casted by Murtagh and Sloan

  • venabre

    I’ve been thinking of this for a while and I still don’t understand it. Murtagh is suposed to get free from his oath if he changes his real name, but the process for this oath would have been similar to the one Eragon used on Sloan so as I see it Galbatorix only made him say what he said, so the ”spell” let’s call it that way, by Murtagh and Sloan, does that mean that if anyone makes an oath they can get free of it by changing their names or how does that process work? Am I missing something?

    PS: sorry if something’s wrong with the words used, ortography or grammar, I had to translate all that

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Lol it made sense as it was Glorfindel 🙂

    and people should read the rules first anyway … it does say in RED writing …

  • Glorfindel

    *Not GOING to say who the next rider is. My bad, I left out a word.

  • Glorfindel

    I don’t know how many other people have said this, and I don’t know how many times I’ve said it, but I’ll say it again:
    CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI WILL !!!NOT!!! BE GIVING AWAY ANY PLOT WHATSOEVER!!! He is NOT going to say if Angela is Selena, he is NOT going to say why Eragon leaves Alagaesia, he will NOT say who will be the ruler once Galbatorix is gone, and he will absolutely, positively, MOST emphatically, NOT say who is the next rider.

  • Evarinya

    Ahh, its nice to be able to get back on here 😀
    Missed all of you guys!

  • eragon12

    what inspired you to write such a breath-taking series like inheritance? Did you ever even imagine being a writter for a living?

  • eragon12

    good work getting the website back up!!!!!

  • eragon12

    When eragon said “Brisingr “ in the fight with durza, and zaroc light on fire were you foreshadowing what happen with eragon’s sword brisingr in book 3? Because i know that it means fire but don’t you usually have to say something more specific like “sword light on fire” when speaking in the Ancient language?

  • jonas

    Did Oromis and his dragon really die?

  • caspar

    also do eldunari have the same true names as their dragons

  • caspar

    what happens when you say the true name of a dead person

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Yay! Shurty 😀 and yes Tulkas, i was going to message you and say its back up this morning, but my tutor caught me on facebook lol.

    If the elves built Tenga’s tower, did they also build many of Surda’s settlements too? Or did the humans expand via the Broddring Kingdom?

  • Slayer925

    1.Will Eragon ever travel to Vroengard or Du Fells Nangoroth

    2. are you any good at writing love scenes ? (as in kissing)

  • DragonWell

    What is your opinion on the accusations of plagiarism in Inheritance?

    Will Eragon leave Alagaesia becasue he is banished or because he has gone to seek out the original beings?

    Since Angela told Eragon he would have a very long life, does that mean he defeats Galbatorix?

    What did you think about the first Eragon movie? Did you disagree with how much it diverged from the original story line of your book?

    If Eragon so detests taking lives of creatures, how long will he be able to keep killing other humans? Could he really be able to kill Murtagh if he has to?

    What will happen to the rock used to make the dragon swords?

    If Galbatorix has so many heart of hearts, has he corrupted those too, or are they still pure?

    If Galbatoix is so old, why is it that whenever he is described his body hasn’t seemed to age much. Even the elves’ bodies start to grow old with age and weaken.

    If Galbatorix had no dragon when he forced his other dragon to hatch, how did he know how to force the dragon to hatch and how did he convice Morzan (a young and not fully powerful dragonrider) and Morzan’s dragon to help him?

    Are there still any remaining wild dragons on Alagaesia or the other land?

    Sorry for so many questons, but I’ve never posted before and these have been bugging me.

  • Tulkas

    We’re back! Good, good, ShurtagalLiam and I were worried for about a week. Good job on getting it back! And sirsimon’s book came. Now it seems that I must think up a question… What was the origional purpose of Tenga’s tower? The Elves built it, but it must have been for a reason, as there were o large civilizations nearby?

  • Eldest13

    Man! This has been a long monthly Q&A! Anyone know when we get to see the fifth Q&A? not to sound ungrateful of anything, I just don’t have much to do… and good job getting the site back online!

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    I am sorry for all the posts, this is my last question ahha. Was Angela ever a Rider??

    She seems to old and knowledgeable not to be.
    And if she was, was she Shruikans rider??

    And if so, was Tenga her master?

    Again, I am sorry for all the posts. LOVE THE BOOKS CHRIS!!!

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    One more, short and to the poiint……….. Is Angela, Selena????

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    In Brisingr, Eragon tells Roran that he is immortal (except if blade, poison, or disease take him) but in another passage, it says that riders live for a very long time, as long as their dragon remains. So which is it? Are riders immortal or not?

  • allgoodnamestaken

    Do regular magicians (ones that are not elves or dragon riders) learn magic in a different way than dragon riders or elves and if they do how?

  • Brisingrfan3000

    In ERAGON, it is said that varel was betrayed to Galby. Who was he betrayed by?

  • agretotho

    I was wondering about the cover. On the past books the dragons head has always been sidways. On this cover will the dragon be looking straight ahead, into the readers eyes?

  • agretotho

    I had an idea of something that might happen in the last book. In the Vault of Souls could there possibly be Eragons, (the first), dragon and somehow both him and his dragon are inside the Eldunari, and, Eragon1 tells eragon2 some ancient secret about magic that he discovered but never told anyone and Eragon2 uses it to defeat Galbatorix. Is this theory close in any way?

  • diseasedchipmunk

    Hello Christopher Paolini,
    I would like to know If you plan on continuing your righting career beyond alagaisea. Your righting style has taken a hold of me and i fear i cant let go. I would appreciate it deeply if i could know weather or not you plan on writing more novels.
    Thank you.

  • diseasedchipmunk

    Hello Christopher Paolini,
    I would like to know if you have a relative time for the release of the 4th book. Will it come out later this year or in 2011?
    Sorry for the question on the release but I’m very curious and excited. I don’t want a release date because i don’t expect you to have one yet.
    Thank you.

  • saphirafire

    were Shruikans scales always black? or did they change colour from all of the dark magic Galbitorix used on him?

  • Tony11a3

    I’ve had this question for a while what is the vault of souls exactly a place where souls or past is kept??????

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Huzzah! Shur’tugal is back up.

    Good. I was getting a bit concerned until that notice about Shur’tugal being back soon popped up.

  • hashrin123

    hii CP. this is my first question i’m posting in this website.
    it is 100 per cent sure that eragon cannot defeat durza in his human form. but will he be able to defeat durza in his elf form??

  • Eragonvsharry

    Who would Eragon most likely choose to be King of the human race of Alagaesia? I say ‘who would Eragon choose’ as this doesnt help reveal anything in the story unless Eragon is specifically given the task of locating someone suitable for the crown.

  • FuryoftheTempest

    Hey Chirs, you know that magic that the dragons have that they can’t control? Well is their any chance at all for a dragon’s rider desprate to save his dragon take the magic and use it? Of course, I don’t expect their to be no-side effects.

  • Shayzlan

    I have been pondering this question for a while, but have not submitted it until now. Eragons emotions portrayed how he felt about draining life from animals and plants. He does not do it unless completely necessary. My question though, is in a battle such as the one on the burning plains, why does Eragon not just drain the energy he needs out of the soilders that fight for Galbatorix? He may have done it to a few soldiers, I don’t remember. But why does he not do it to all of the soldiers until he and Saphira can hold no more energy?

    – Shayzlan

    Se Onr Sverd Sitja Hvass!

  • Glorfindel

    Huzzah! It’s back up.
    I’m pretty sure the reason he had him search for a weapon of war, was that there was a war going on, dear boy. Getting a staff in the middle of a conflict makes pretty much no sense.

  • Bob

    No, we didn’t get hacked, we just had some massive server issues! Mike will post more sometime today, I think.

  • Etholgathal

    Just wonderding, but if Eragon ever had a kid with either human or an elf, what species would he/she be?

  • Asrafel

    Is there an elite group in the varden?

  • Sir

    Right around the corner, eh?

    What happened Shurty, get hacked?

  • hmmIwonder

    chris, do you feel your homeschooling helped you in any way to write your book?
    What book did you enjoy writing the most?

  • Elethina

    (an edit of my earlier post: fourth book)

  • cole

    anyone know why the site was down for so long?

  • AryaAwesome

    How do you come up with such vivid words to describe all that’s happening? It all looks like a movie to me.

  • allalea

    What happened to the first Eragon. Did he die, disappear or was he killed by Galbatorix.

  • Eldest13

    Who actultly killed Oromis? Galbatorix or Murtagh? Or both?

  • Elethina

    does anyone know when the fith book is coming out?

    Also, is it just me or do you get the feeling that there is a lighter side to Murtagh and that he is just staying in the dark rather than TRYING to escape from Galbatorix, because he is scared?

  • DragonInkWarrior

    My question – An estimate as to how many pages will book four be?

  • mufajir01

    lol! You completely just copied and pasted my question… But yes. it is a question that i had been wondering. And here is the question that is the most confusing of all (like what would have happened if Oromis let Galby get another dragon after his died)
    -If a dragon riders dragon dies, and he gets granted another dragon egg, does that mean that the rider will get ‘TWO’ Gedway Ignasias?”

    i put it in quotations for a reason so that i’m not copying but quoting so that people can know what im talking about when i actually say what i wanted to say

  • Kyle

    I remember that in Brisingr, Eragon and Nar Garzhvog were talking near the camp fire during the run to the dwarves sanctuary. They talked of the urgals kind and what would happen if the varden won the war, and that was the urgals would most likely be doomed to extinction,since the urgals need to defeat three chalengers before getting a brood mate.What i ask is if after the varden wins the war (asuming they do) can’t the varden do something with the urgals, you know like send people who broke important laws to the urgals to fight and if he won he was free? So really the question is, will you have the urgals driven to extinction?

  • Aga

    know someone has already asked that question, but I would like to repeat it: will Eragon\\\’s Guide to Alagaesia be published in other countries? I come from Poland, and I really would like to see it…

    As for questions, i have another one: if a dragon is in a state when it can use magic, can its power slip out of control?

    Who is stronger at this point in the Series: Eragon or Murtagh (without the Eldunari)?

    What inspires you when you are making your characters up? Are they all based on real people?

  • SquallLeonhart

    Bid’Daum and the dragon that cannot be named are not one and the same, Queen Tarmunora and the unnamed Dragon were each representatives of there race, it is not known if Eragon I and Bid’Daum were present at that time.

    As for my own question;

    How have you found writing the last book so far, has there been any unexpected surprises for you, or has it gone along as you expected it to.

  • emeraldblade

    Christopher, When Eragon gave Sloan his staff, why did you have him search for another sword?
    Why did you choose to have him search for a symbol of war and not one of peace Like another staff?

  • Aga

    Are there any more werecats (except solembum and maud)?

    How did galbatorix speak through murtagh in the battle over gilead? Was murtagh aware of his own actions?

    Chris do you have a favourite character in the series?

    How tall (comparing to say mount everest) is the spine and the beors?

  • Neytiri

    Inglrvarn: I’m almost sure that ‘Brisingr’ means ‘fire’ and ‘Istalri’ means ‘flames’.

  • Eskierra

    Why is Saphira constantly being compared to a cat? I mean…. I have a cat of my own and I enjoy reading those parts. But WHY are cats so central to the theme in the books? Solembum is very intelligent and cunning and he’s a werecat…. Werecats exist…. Saphira is compared to a cat…. In Eragon, Brom tells Eragon that he used to find cats’ minds interesting to read…. Why is that? Do you like cats? Or is there a deeper meaning?

  • Annabelle

    How did it all start? Did you wake up one morning and say “hey! I want to write a book!” and planned the story along the way? or did you have a vague idea what the story was to be about and you thought of the plot as you wrote it? Did something inspire you to begin writing? Or did you have a very good idea of what was going to happen in the book and you could picture every different angle of the story, and so you sat down to write?

  • LiamLysander

    When Eragon is travelling alone after defeating the Ra’zac, he has to hide himself from soldiers by becomming invisible. During this time, he overhears the soldiers talking about Murtaugh. So my question is:

    What DID Murtaugh say?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    If eragon reaches out with his mind to roran, could he cast a spell THROUGH roran? if so, would this help Roran in developing his magical abilities?

  • ferrarif430

    In the last book, will you write a chapter/page/passage from the perspective of either of the following characters:
    or anyone else we may not have heard from???

  • Stimpy

    @arock Christopher has already answered this question on another Eragon site.

    He said, “To clarify, Bid’Daum and the original Eragon convinced their respective races to make peace during the great dragon war. Then the acknowledged leaders of those races, Queen Tarmunora and the unnamed dragon, formalized the peace treaty. The fact that Bid’Daum was also white is merely coincidental.”

  • Inglrvarn

    In Brisingr when Eragon sends Saphira away from Helgrind he uses the Ancient Language, telling her “Ganga!”. Is he compelling her to leave through magic or just insisting? In other words, does the AL have the power of compulsion or was Eragon using it for emphasis?

    What is the difference between ‘brisingr’ and ‘istalri’? Both are defined as ‘fire’ by in-book indices.

    In Eldest, Arya sends Lifaen and Nari to Silthrim to call for reinforcements in Ceris and to give the elf-captain Damitha this message: “Tell her that that which she once hoped for – and feared – has occured; the wyrm has bitten its own tail. She will understand.” What did she mean?

  • Eldest13

    okay sorry for so many posts, but i just realized i misspelled the guy who answered my Q so, sorry Baboo! really!

  • Eldest13

    how did the first Eragon – the elf – die?

  • Eldest13

    What ever happened to the Wild dragons? all i’ve heard was the dragon RIDERS were destroyed! did they leave? or did the evil one kill them all too?

  • Eldest13

    thx baboon 🙂

  • Baboo

    Eldest13 asked: Where did you find the name Eragon? and if anyone else knows, plz, do tell.

    I always assumed it was just derived from “dragon” except the “d” is changed to an “E”. But I honestly don’t know for sure.

  • Baboo

    I am under the impression that only 1 clan (or maybe a few clans at most) of Urgals are currently fighting for the Varden. How does this compare with the total number of Urgals in Alagaesia? Are there any Urgals still fighting for Galby?

  • Nor

    Eragon experiences a minor existentialist crisis when discussing the possibility of an afterlife with Oromis in book 2. Do you plan to explore this subject or any other “battles for his soul” in book 4?

  • HI

    What is with eragon holding the Eldunari up to the rising sun. I mean seriusly wouldn’t someone notice it like a spy for galbatorix or something.

  • HI

    What happened to carn did he die in the last battle or will he be back.

  • HI

    What is your favorite charecter besides eragon or saphire.

  • HI

    Will religus struggle for eragon play a role in the next book.

  • neneth,arizona

    i think your books are great! but the movie for eragon to me was a let down… do you think you should re-make the movie ?
    and what about eldest?

  • HI

    I only counted six promises fullfilld by eragon and saphira in book three yet you said their were seven which were these.

  • FantasyFan

    Ok this is a little weird but is there chocolate in aligasia? you see not only do I love fantasy but chocolate is the second best thing in the world for

  • HI

    Could Angelas prophecy be fullfilled by Eragons death. (The one where he leaves Alegasia forever)

  • Eldest13

    Where did you find the name Eragon? and if anyone else knows, plz, do tell.

  • arock

    The first Eragon named his white dragon Bi’daum, then in Eldest Gladear says that to make the pact between dragons and elves the first Eragon was there and the white dragon who’s name could not be uttered in this or any other language….was that Eragon’s dragon? or a different white dragon?

  • saphirafire

    are shruikans scales naturally black, or did they change colour from all of the dark magic galbitorix used on him

  • Tulkas

    Where does the energy that Wards Du Weldenvarden come from?

  • IronPyrite

    I have a similar question to Fools Gold [about the influences of other languages]. Did some of the names come from Irish mythology? i.e There was a king [in the mythology] named Nauda, of the Tuatha Dé Danann, who was known by the epithet Airgetlám which translates as Silver Hand or Arm.

  • THEnegros

    what part will the jews play in the next book? if the varden need money they should just rob them. jews and urgals must be “whacked”. PS I LOVE U CHRIS

  • Glorfindel

    MAN! I’m sorry for triple posting like this. I can’t spell today. “Question” should be plural, “that’s” should be “that”, and “concern” should be “concerns”.

  • Glorfindel

    That was badly worded. I mean that he’s not going to give an answer, (although probably Mike just won’t pick those questions) to question that’s concerns something happening. He’s not going to tell you if Roran ever returns to Carvahall, or if Nasuada will rule once Galbatorix is dead.

  • Glorfindel

    Guys, a reminder that he will NOT be answering any questions involving plot. He’s not going to tell things that may or may not happen.

  • HomeschooledToo

    Will we get to see Urgal towns in Book IV?

    In Brisingr, you introduce a woman and a teenage girl. Angela tells their fortunes in the Vardens camp. Will they be in Book IV?

    Do you think you’ll write other fantasy books?

  • Fool’sGold

    Do the names of the elves/dwarves and their languages come from influences from any other languages?
    ( example: argetlam=silver hand/palm arget=siler in latin
    and the irish word for hand is lámh[‘lawv’])

  • RiderMike

    My question(s) is this: Where did werecats come from? and how did they suddendly die out or in other words decrease in numbers? It seems that if there so powerful they would never die.

  • MartaM

    How old are Albriech and Baldor? (I believe their ages weren’t mentioned)

  • Dracolord101

    Is it true that the 4th book will have an emerald dragon facing the right?

  • Dracolord101

    Is it true that the fourth book will have an emerald dragon facing the right?

  • AlmightyDwarf

    Is the person that Shruikan originally hatched for dead? If so, how is Shruikan still alive if his original rider is dead? Also, if Galbatorix dies would that break the bond so that Murtagh would be free.

  • Eldest13

    did/does Galbatorix have a wife or someone he is close to? It seems like he would because he was surrounded by traitors for so long.

  • Eldest13

    Do you think the first Eragon would approve of the human Eragon’s atctions? or would he have acted differently? How so?

  • TheLegend

    A few questions,
    1. Angela…… Is she human, elf, a mixture of both, dragon rider, grey folk, or something else.
    2. Is the language the humans use english?
    3. How far are you into the 4th book?

  • Pyrophanous

    Rhunon-elda and Angela share similar qualities. Both have a mystere around their age, both share enough respect and power to be their queen’s/leader’s right hand. Are they at all connected/related in any way?

  • questioner has Angela managed to stay alive for so long since she is human and is not a dragon rider?
    2.why did Brom send his ring when it was full of energy when he needed to keep the new rider alive, and it may have saved his life?

  • Pyrophanous

    Hey Chris, is Angela simply an interesting character due to the respect towards your sister? Or will she and Tenga play a larger role in the final book?

  • dragonloverrr

    In the first book, when Eragon was captured by durza, durza asked Eragon what was his true name… But why didn’t he realize that Eragon maybe could have lied, why didn’t he try to read his mind? That would have been easier…

  • FollowerofChrist

    What is going to happen to the two elven children that were seen in Brisingr? Will we see them again? Are they of any significance in the final book?

  • Aga

    Did dragons actually love each other or was their relationship more animal-like? Did they stay in the same pairs for ever, or did they change mates? Glaedr, in Brisingr, ‘thought about the TWO hatchmates…’. Does that mean that dragons have more than mate? Will you talk more about dragons in book IV? In Eragon it just said that Brom talked about it with Eragon.

    How fast (im miles/kilometers per hour) could dragons fly?

    Is a dragon’s tail as important to it as it is to a cat for example? If yes, what will Thorn do now that Glaedr has bitten quite a bit of his tail off? Can Galbatorix regrow it? After all, the elves didn’t regrow Glaedr’s leg.

    Is it possible to give a human immortality 9without making him/her a rider)?

  • Elerth

    When eragon was fighting the dwarves he said he could not read or feel their minds…

    The same thing happened with the Razak.

    In the book it is said that maybe galbadorix has done something with magic…

    How is this possible?and

    Could this mean that the dwarves were working with Galabadorix?

  • Irnstad.the.rider

    When Eragon felt “a twinge in his lower stomach” after the menoa tree took something from him, did she place any sort of spell on him? Maybe a compulsion to leave alagaesia?

  • thornisbeast

    how far are you into book four.

    if you had to guess, what date do you think book four will come out.

    can you please give us some spiolers.

    are there a lot of twists in book four or is it just tieing up loose ends and going smoothly.

    you’ve said that the urgals, without the riders, have become much more numerous. since many were killed at Farthen Dur, how many are there now, like since the riders. will they have a large part in book four.

    around how many dragons were there at the time of the Fall?

  • Solenklier

    lol! You completely just copied and pasted my question… But yes. it is a question that i had been wondering. And here is the question that is the most confusing of all (like what would have happened if Oromis let Galby get another dragon after his died)
    -If a dragon riders dragon dies, and he gets granted another dragon egg, does that mean that the rider will get ‘TWO’ Gedway Ignasias?

  • Solenklier


    The book said that when you try to rezerect someone from the dead, they come to a place that it devoid of life and magic. It will suck out all your energy and you will die.
    Hope that helps eliminate some similar questions. 🙂

  • MindropGuest

    What is the enviroment you write in? Do you play music and if so, what kind, or do you prefere silence? Where do you like to write?

    Will we get to see Du Fells Nangoroth in the next book? I know Saphira expressed her wish to go there and that it has a special place for the dragons.

    After the Riders were established, they built a vault for the Heart of Hearts. Did the wild dragons move the Hearts they stored in Du Fells Nangoroth?

  • DragonFlower

    Ok, so 1) I’ve heard rumors that there could possibly be a fifth book in the series. Is this true?
    2) Will we ever get to see Galbatorix and his castle in Uru’baen? I’m really anxious to see what he looks like.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • mufajir01

    “You said that Galbatorix killed Shruikans real dragon rider, and controlled Shruikan through black magic to serve him. Did Galbatorix Kill Shruikans rider before he hatched, or after?”

    a dragon doesnt have a rider before he hatches

  • mufajir01

    “1. – Did you conceive the idea of Eldunari from the very beginning of the series, or was this a concept that you invented during the writing of Brisingr?”

    this question has also been answered
    he said in the first or second interview that he had been sitting on the idea for over 10 years, since the start of the series

  • mufajir01

    “In the book you mention that in the time of the riders children would parade past the dragon eggs and touch them, and the dragon hatched for whoever he wished. That means the dragons had to hatch the moment their rider to be touched them, or else there would be no way of knowing who he hatched for. But, Saphira hatched only a few days after Eragon touched her. How is that possible? “

    this has already been answered
    its because saphira thought that maybe galby was trying to trick her

  • Eragon

    In the book you mention that in the time of the riders children would parade past the dragon eggs and touch them, and the dragon hatched for whoever he wished. That means the dragons had to hatch the moment their rider to be touched them, or else there would be no way of knowing who he hatched for. But, Saphira hatched only a few days after Eragon touched her. How is that possible?

  • sirsimon

    Hi, paolini, thanks for greating the best fantasy books ever, but I have a question,

    You mentioned that Thorn was built for power and strenght, with Saphira built for agility and flying.

    What will the green dragon’s anatomy be designed for?

    Also, will Thorn be handicapped by the loss of the 3 feet off his tail, or will Galbatorix simply regrow it.

    And finally,

    will Thorn and Murtagh get more page time?

    because though i love the two characters, I feel as if they are neglected.

  • Kimberly

    It seems as though Eragon has an innate ability to discover the true nature of an object. Are these instances just coincidence? Also, does the length of an object’s true name correspond with the complexity of the named object?

  • AeternaMortis

    Hello Christopher!
    First off, thanks for writing the greatest series ever (you rock ^_^), now my questions:

    1. – Did you conceive the idea of Eldunari from the very beginning of the series, or was this a concept that you invented during the writing of Brisingr?

    2. – Besides Angela, are any other characters in the series based off people that you know/met?

    3. – At this point in the series, exactly how large is Saphira? (length, width, and height)

    4. – When a dragon is inspired to use magic, is there anything that they cannot do? What I mean to say is: if a dragon begins to use magic, but directs his/her energy towards completing a task if immense difficulty (like tearing down a mountain, levitating all the waters in the ocean, or waking the dead), can all of his/her energy be consumed, resulting in death? Or does a dragon’s power become limitless while they are in this state?

  • Naglein

    Will Eragon ever find out any of the names of the Forsworns Dragons names. I know they were erased by the dragons after their treachery but in the future as he looks for a way to defeat galbatorix will any imformation on the subject be revealed.

  • Eldest13

    I know Brom was trained by the elves, but was he a vegetarian? if he was, why didn’t Eragon notice?

  • ErbschaftLeser

    Wow, some people who are posting a question, read the books, and then read the rules. Many many of the questions are answered in the books, and most others are in previous Q&As. Some are good though. READ the books!!!

  • Incongruent

    Just a quick question… Is Murtagh’s hair black or brown? In Eragon, in the “Murtagh” chapter, Murtagh is described as having a “serious face and fierce eyes … framed by locks of brown hair”. However, in Brisingr, in the “Fire in the Sky” chapter, it says “Murtagh was bareheaded, and his long black hair billowed behind him like a sleek mane”. Do they have hair dye in Alagaesia? Haha! Anyway, I was just wondering what colour Christopher pictures Murtagh’s hair as when he is writing about him.

  • Glorfindel

    Can an elf give up his or her immortality and age like a regular human, so as to live a “normal” life married to a human? And if an elf and human get married, are they children immortal, do they have an increased life span, (like Elros) or do they die as a normal human does?

  • ?

    umm… wraith… is your 1st question serious?

  • Evarinya

    Hey, this is just a random question I was thinking about…

    Hey Christopher,
    When you were thinking about writing your series, did it ever occur to you that your story seems alot like Star Wars? I’m not saying that it is, but I was just wondering.
    Did you get any of your ideas from that series? Or was that totally a coincodence?

  • parco

    I’ve asked this five times already, but anyways…

    how do you compare your series with star wars? especially eragon. I noticed the entire series (so far) seems really similar to the star wars saga.

    can elves be possessed by spirits and become shades? i think they would be too powerful to be forced, but if there was a particular evil elf, he could go willingly.

    do the forum ideas and fanfiction affect the way you write the books?

    are the seven words brom told eragon when he was dying separate, or is it a phrase?

  • Banned4ever

    im hungry

  • Wraith

    Two questions:

    1. Can females be Riders?

    2. In “Eragon”, Brom says that it would be impossible to raise someone from the dead because it would take all of a person’s energy and kill them without accomplishing the task. I can understand this. However, why couldn’t, say, ten powerful magic-users each use some of their energy to raise someone from the dead? Even if ten would not suffice, it seems like several powerful magic-users, all working in sync, should surely be able to raise someone.

  • fan404

    in eragons guide to alagaesia, at the map, it said place of riders. does that mean there are riders or dragons in du falls nagorath, or the other place?

  • Eelas

    Will their be a new series after the Inheritance series ends?

    What is in the Spine, and how come it atacked Galbatorix’s soldiers but not Eragon?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    i have asked this many times and i will foolishly ask it once again : when arya said to eragon after the blood oath celebration that she only sees him as a friend, was she speaking in the ancient language?

  • JMb194

    Why was Aren i Saphiras vision?

    Did the other forsworn have castles?

    When elves weremortal at age did they usuallly died?

  • Solenklier

    Sorry, on the comment below, i meant to say:
    “he said that OROMIS saw the evil in him.” 🙂

  • Solenklier

    Galbatorixs first dragon was killed by a group of Urgals. Oromis said that the Urgals had enchanted arrows, and that was how they killed his dragon. But im pretty sure urgals dont walk around with enchanted arrows all the time. Does that mean that The attack on Galbatorix and his dragon was deliberate? Were they sent to kill him? While Galbatorix was talking to Oromis in the end of book 3, he said that Galbatorix saw the evil in him and refused to give him another dragon. Does that mean that Oromis sent the Urgals to kill Galbatorix because he was afraid of what might happen if he lived?

  • Solenklier

    😛 lol and…
    Who exactly killed Oromis, Murtagh or Galbatorix?

  • Solenklier

    Oh yeah, and this:
    You said that Galbatorix killed Shruikans real dragon rider, and controlled Shruikan through black magic to serve him. Did Galbatorix Kill Shruikans rider before he hatched, or after?

    And another i just thought up that i am extremely confused:
    *If a dragon riders dragon dies, and he gets granted another dragon egg, does that mean that the rider will get ‘TWO’ Gedway Ignasias??*

  • Solenklier

    I’m a huge Eragon fan, so heres my Question!:
    *If Eragon can take energy from living creatures such as the lizards and rabbit in book 3, then why can’t he just absorb the energy from an entire approaching army, wiping them out, while at the same time making him uncontrollably powerful?*

  • Typhon

    CP, in aprevios Q and A you said that half-elves existed. My questions on this are:

    1. How do elves view half-elves?

    2. how do they view elf/human relationships?

    3. How do humans view half-elves

    4. what do half elves look like (naturally, not when they use magic to change themselves)

    5. What abilities do half-elves have?

    6. Can they become dragon riders?

    7. I think you said that “most of the time” they couldn’t but can they ever have children?

  • IsraelFTW

    Hello, my question is simple

    i wanted to know if the eragons guide will be published in more countries, u see i live in israel and i want to read the guide too.

  • Cudgel

    good questions firestone. that was a lot of them. lol

    here’s my questions. if a dragon is driven by magic, why do they need wings?

  • Whiteley,C

    What are Arya’s (personal) views on becoming the Elven Queen?

  • Zeratide

    My favorite part of Book I was when Arya and Eragon dueled. Is there a chance they might duel again to see who is the strongest Shadeslayer?

    In Book IV, will we learn a bit more about the early lives of Galbatorix, the Forsworn, Oromis, and Oromis’ capture and loss of Glaedr’s leg?

  • Aga

    Did the rider and dragon’s power increase over time or did it stop ”growing” once it reached a certain point?

    Does Alagaesia have a true name? If it does, than if someone found out what it was would he be able to control the whole land? In what way?

    Can you change the appearance of someone else the way you can change yours (like Arya in Brisingr)?

    In Eldest Eragon placed wards around himself and Arya told him that there are ”more elegant ways” to protect yourself. What did she mean?

    IS it possible to bring back the dead? I know it is forbidden, but would the strongest magicians be able to do it?

    Would Arya be able to resist Galbatorix if he tried to break into her mind the way she did with Durza or is Galbatorix to strong?

    How did Galbatorix force the Eldunari to serve him? Did he do it with a spell or by threatening them some way?

    Does every single animal have its true name the way humans/elves do? And I’m not talking about a whole spiece (like horse), but about every single animal.

  • nique

    Is it easier to transfer energy to another being by touching them? Like when arya touched eragons leg to give him energy.

  • ShadeFIN

    In The beginning of book I Eragon was only 15 years old. How old is he now in the end of book III?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    first LOL sirsimon 😛 i hate that image the media give teens :/ really does put a bad image on us …
    and i know ive already submitted some questions but .. yeah

    1) could a dragon turn on its rider if it didnt like what he/she was doing? if so, why didnt the forsworn’s dragons do so?

    2) what did Rhunon do with the rest of the brightsteel?

    3) will we get to see more of the elven cities? could the new rider (if its arya) travel to say, Osilon to get the other rider’s sword?

    4) is there “fork” in murtaugh’s forhead relevent to his holding of the Eldunari?

    5) how did galbatorix find out about the eldunari? did he force his original dragon to part with his before he was killed by the arrow?

    thank you 🙂

  • Maor

    I have only question.
    Its not mine, I have seen it somewhere but Its really intresting so I thought I would post it.

    In one of the previous interviews you mentioned some of the Forsworn were elves, does that mean Galbatorix knew all along the location of the elven cities?

    And that’s about it, all of my previous questions
    were asked by other ppl in previous interviews.
    Too bad all the questions that gets answered are about the first 3 books, I hope CP will give us
    some new information on book IV, I mean, its been more than a year and a half!

  • Mchael

    are their other dragons outside of Alagaësia. and if their is why can’t the elves use the same spell with them and make the riders alive again just like before. after all they don’t know whats outside of Alagaësia no one has gone.

  • shade

    will we get to now Angela better in book 4

  • Firestone

    Will Eragon meet any new deities in book IV?

  • Firestone

    Are you able to regulate what you say out loud with your mind? Say that you say “letta” meaning “stop”, you would have to regulate with your mind what you want to stop, for instance, to stop a horse from stomping on you. If you said “letta”, essentially, “stop”, and you weren’t able to regulate with your mind, you would be stopping the whole world from running, and you would die. In Eldest, Oromis says “Never use absolutes,” but “stop”, if anything, is an absolute, and “letta” was used by its self many times over. Can you explain how that works?

  • Firestone

    In the interview 4, you said that a Werecat could change into a dragon if it wanted to. I am curious why Solembum does change, and changes into only one other creature, which is, most surprisingly, a naked boy? Why on earth would Solembum want to take that form, if, after all, humans are drab little creatures in most cases, especially when compared to him himself. After all, Werecats only ever change into one other thing, most often, a human. Bjut, if, in fact, a Werecat can change into anything it wants, shouldn’t it be called a changeling?

  • Aga

    Why did Brom tell Eragon (in teh chapter ”tea for two”) that a dragon couldn’t read it’s rider’s thoughts? Isn’t that the way it is?

  • Firestone

    If people of Alagaësia believe in some mythical creatures, where on earth do the lions live that give the idea to the Dwarves for a mythical griffin? Maybe you should put some into your next book?

  • Firestone

    In interview 4, you said that Galbatorix’s Dragon was killed by an enchanted arrow. Do Urgals carry around enchanted arrows with them all the time, or was the ambush planned, and was intended to kill the riders, and therefore having the arrows pre-enchanted? Also, weren’t all dragon riders, even if human, and all elves in general able to feel the presence of other beings close by after their training was complete? If so, why weren’t Galbatorix and the other riders able to feel the Urgal’s presence, and therefore alert them of the ambush?

  • Firestone

    Was Eragon’s lack of ability to summon the essence of silver due to lack of knowledge of the ancient speech, and not know what the words were, or was it because of lack of strength? At the part in the book, Arya said (and quoting from memory) “Shame for asking him to do what only a master can do,”. Now, we all know that he was not a master at the time, but what is a master, then? A person who is both strong and knows a lot of spells in the ancient language? It seems likely that that is not all that is involved. What else is involved to being a master?

  • Patrick

    Is there any chance for Christopher to come to go on a world tour or just go to where I live (Belgium)? I’d love to get a signed copy …

  • Lafele29

    Ok, I mostly want to know when this interview will be up? please!!!

    But my question is, will Elva be seen more?

  • sirsimon

    Its incredible on how many people on this site are writing novels, this is good, it proves others of the creativity of us youth and opposes the streotypical image of a drunk litter lout causing damage to society

  • jasonkular

    are there any lands north,south,east, or west of alegasia?

  • IronAngel

    I was just reading ‘Eragon’, specifically the chapter ‘tea for two’ and just was wondering about the part where Brom asks after the fictional trader Eragon mentioned to hide the fact he was a rider, does it mean that Brom suspects another rider besides Eragon, Oromis, Brom and Galbatorix is out there somewhere?
    Also, why didn’t Brom confront Eragon about Saphira while they were talking in the chapter ‘Tea for Two’, and save a lot of heartache?

    Thank you.

  • deathmanic

    What was it that the menoa tree took from Eragon in Brisingr for the brightsteel or is going to be explained in book 4

  • Wryder

    How were the ra’zac born? Were they hatched from eggs (soft or hard shelled?) or live birth? Did they develop much like humans, or were they supported in pouches in their parents?

    And how does a ra’zac become a lethrblaka? Is it like catterpillars where they wrap themselves in a shell or something for a couple of months?

    Also, are you going to be doing any poems for Book 4? The ones in Eldest were cool.

  • Neilandio

    Does the human/elven/dwarf race have a name in the ancient language? And if it does, can a man control the entire race just by knowing it?

  • mangaluver

    How long does it take for a dragon egg to hatch? It took a long time for Saphira’s egg to hatch for Eragon, a couple months i believe. So how does one know if the egg will hatch for them if they each have to just walk up to it, touch it, and if nothing happens, to leave. I’ve been wondering this for quite some time and would like it to be answered. Please and thank you.

  • Armyntian

    I would also like for the book 4 to be very long


    In the book it did not mention if Rhunon elda put the other pieces of brightsteel away did sh or has she mad it into other things because she cannot make another riders sword?

  • Armyntian

    I am currently writing a novel and I wondering if you have any suggestions for proofreading

  • M.F.

    Are the horses elves use trained a certain way or do they help the elves because they want to?

  • Sasha

    Do dragon egg fragments disinigrate over time like most things do? For example, if someone were to dig up saphira’s egg ,lets say 80 years later, would it still look the same as it did in the first place?

  • AlexanderSmith

    the sword in ellsmera that is green that is metioned in book three… is it going to the next dragon rider because there is so little silversteel?and if so that would make the rider a man right? or you dont have to answer that if you dont want to and just please hurry with book four and make the book nice and long but not boring!

  • SilverOracle

    In eldest, Eragon scries Katrina for Roran. Roran can see her. But, if Roran had NEVER seen Katrina, and he looked at what Eragon had scried, would he be able to see her? As in, If the person who is scrying someone sees something that someone next to him has not, can they see whatever or whoever is in the image?

  • Annie

    are there any new important characters to be added in the last book?
    if so can you tell us a name?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Is it possible for Murtagh to change his true name by showing mercy, or some other trait he doesn’t usually show?

  • steven

    Broms sword undbitr, wot dus it mean? and how did he come to call it such? I would realy love to know

  • MiwAuturu

    Is it possible that the original Eragon is stil alive?

  • Sierradragon

    Can dragons and fanghur breed together and if so, has it happened before?

  • Dragonrick

    On a previous Q&A several people asked what would happen if a dragon hatches for a person and someone else touches it before that person and you, christopher, asked “complications”. How do you mean exactly with complications?

  • jargon

    going along with the inharatance theme ive been thinking would the next inhartance have to be to eragon? i mean why couldnt it be to arya i mean she obviousaly going to inharite the throne so could that be the next one?


    My question is this, Did Garrow ever suspect that Brom was Eragon’s father? Why did Sloan dislike Eragon and Roran so much?

  • Edocsil6437

    Was Galbatorix based in any way on Vercingetorix, the revolutionary who led the Celts on some of their final stands agianst Rome? If so, why did you choose the name? it seems like Vercingetorix was a decent guy, tryng to protect his tribe, alot like Eragon. I would also like to know if the fourth book will go any farther towards explaining how Galbatorix lost that army in the Spine?

  • gjert

    what would a vaugely phrased spell like “protect me in the most efficient way from any harm” do

  • Aga

    If a rider turned evil, could his\her dragon turn against him\her? Or are dragons loyal to their riders no matter what?

    Is it possible to take too much energy into your body? Would it harm you? In what way?

    The Meona tree said that no one is more powerful than the whole forest. Was that true? Would Galbatorix be able to defeat the forest and the Menoa tree?

  • Aga

    Can you transport a human or animal from one place to another the way Arya did with Saphira’s egg? If yes, would it take more energy than transporting an object?

  • IceSword

    Why did Elva end up to be such a jerk? I was looking forward to the time that she and Eragon would make peace, and now she is so selfish and cruel to Eragon. I understand that she’s been through a lot, but once Eragon half-healed her, she really did’nt have to turn on him, then mock him by being nice to Saphira.

  • Olivia

    Okay first I love your books!!!!!! And Im really sorry that the other books couldn’t be made into movies because so many key points were excluded. My question for the annual Q&A is if when the next dragon hatches in the 4th book(assuming a dragon does hatch seeing as how you confirmed that a green dragon is on the cover of the last book) it WILL choose a rider. But if the rider is lforced under Galbatorix’s comand how will it get a sword? I remember reading that Galbatorix had Rider swords in his castle but what if like Eragon and Tamerheim( i think thats the correct name not sure) it didnt feel like the extension of his arm like Brisingr and Zar’roc to Eragon. And what if the Rider is an ally to the Varden will Rhunon consent to make the Rider a sword? Oh, and I heard the book was to be named Eldunari, could you confirm the rumor?

  • Ciara

    How big is Alagaesia? In comparison to other countries. I imagine it to be roughly the size of France.

  • Murtaga

    Brisingr the sword catches on fire when Eragon says “Brisingr” even if he is not trying to use magic. The book also says that the fire drains his energy.
    So, my question is what exactly is the point?
    I mean any skilled magician can set there weapon on fire using brisingr as a spell. So just because Eragon does not mean to use the spell it still drains his energy. It does not seem that big of a deal except he might set it on fire accidentally.
    Does it take less energy than if he meant to use the spell?
    If Eragon was dueling another magician and said Brisingr to set his sword on fire the other magician would not even know the difference.
    It just seems like a pointless attribute

  • IsraelRules

    I’ve been thinking for a while is there a chance that there are more elves outside alagaesia and if so, are they communicating with the elves from Du Weldenvarden?

  • ShinyBlueScales

    Was Galbatorix the first rider to use other dragons’ eldunari to make themselves more powerful?

    Did anybody before Galbatorix know that you could use eldunari to make yourself more powerful?

  • Tulkas

    Oh, two more questions. Why do we have conflicting information on the whole dragon dies when their rider does thing? Not just the movie- In Eragon, when Eragon and Brom are talking, Eragon says, “That’s impossible! If dragons die when their riders do they could only live to be 60 or 70”, and Brom goes on to rant about how dragon riders were immortal.
    Also, when will the newsletters start back up?

  • Masterofthewind

    that’s a very interesting question tjb2417

    i like to know the answer

  • tjb2417

    Is there any chance of a connection between angela and selena? As in maybe they are the same person?

  • knight

    Saphira took a while to hatch after meeting Eragon, so the dragon eggs do not start to hatch immediately when they meet their rider. how then would Arya have known which child the egg had hatched for when she had the varden’s and the elves’ young line up to touch the egg?

  • Lisa

    What was your favourite book to write, and why?

  • mufajir01

    “Is lifting a stone using gramarye like lifting weights? If you practice every day lifting heavier and heavier rocks with magic, will you continue to get stronger? And unlike lifting weights, is there a limit to how strong you can get if you do this every day?”

    nice question glorfindel

  • duAiedail

    How do elves grow up? Will they grow up the same way as we do and at which time is an elf grown up? I think it just can’t be the same, elves are immortal so they don’t physically grow if they are adult. So if they grow up like humans, do they then stop growing later?

    And can elf children also change themselves in any shape they like? And could that be important for the growing of their body? So can an elf let himself grow up instead of growing like humans?

  • JARED1

    ATTENTION ALL RETARDS WHO DONT READ THE THING ABOUT WHAT THINGS YOU CAN ASK? Kerusso, adamfrombtown, and armorer, you are all idiots, read the RULES first. *mutteres quietly* “damn idiots”

  • dusindavarfreor

    in brisingr, eragon, on his way back from helgrind met an old man living in a tower apon meeting this man, this guy says hes looking for something. what is it?

  • ShadeofAwesomeness

    can Aria speak Dwarvish?

    any chance of making an Eragon Anime? straight to DVD at least.just wondering

  • AryaxEragon

    in Eldest Oromis said that Brom came from a family of illuminators. What is an illuminator?

  • nuunuh

    Could you please tell us if Eragon will inherent annything else?
    I mean it’s called the inheritannce cycle.

  • Firemonkey

    How did Katrina have some of her possessions from Carvahal in book 3 when she was imprisoned in Eldest and could not have taken her things along with her to Helgrind?

  • AAe

    What was the inspiration behind creating Arya such as her eye color, hair color, etc…?

  • ErbschaftLeser

    Will all loose ends be tied up by the last page in Book 4? Or are you planning on opening the door to more novels? (If you can tell us)

  • ErbschaftLeser

    Will Galbatorix and Eragon have their final battle in the Spine?

  • ErbschaftLeser

    Will the religious group of monks who compiled “The Dominance of Fate” play a role in Book 4? (ie help Eragon and Saphira locate the Rock of Kuthian?)

  • ErbschaftLeser

    I motion that we only do these Q&As once every quarter so that the busy Paolini can continue to finish the fourth book which we are all dying to purchase.

  • Sir

    Glorfindel, that is a great question!

    To continue that though, but as a seperate question, ” What makes Blodhgarm the strongest spellweaver of the elves? Is it a matter of practice and exercise, or is it his natural ability?”

  • Glorfindel

    Is lifting a stone using gramarye like lifting weights? If you practice every day lifting heavier and heavier rocks with magic, will you continue to get stronger? And unlike lifting weights, is there a limit to how strong you can get if you do this every day?

  • eragon12

    When eragon said “Brisingr “ in the fight with durza, and zaroc light on fire were you foreshadowing what happen with eragon’s sword brisingr in book 3?

  • Ruydragon

    Hey Chris. I’ve loved your books so far. :). Can you tell me if you are going to write about any other place that is not in Alagaesia map?

  • Aga

    Can a human (oe Elf or dwarf) magician break into a dragon’s mind?

    Oromis told Eragon that he didn;t need to scry him, he could just reach out with his mind and touch Eragon’s. How far could he reach out?

  • Sean1212

    In brisingr right before gleadr is killed galbatorix says he is going to become even more powerful. When he says that is he refering to the true name he is trying to find or gleadrs eldinari that he thought he was about to get

  • Aga

    It was said that every now and then the dragons gave the riders one or two eggs. How did the dragons inside the eggs know that they were supposed to hatch for a rider and not because they just wanted to do so?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    @Thorndragon – lol, buddy … just pretend the film didnt exist lol, stuff in there, like you picked out (the dragon dying when the rider dies) it was just made up in the film, it has no point to the cycle 🙂

    1) does murtaugh know the ancient language as eragon does? if not, could he not make some mistake and die, or has he taken precautions against a backfiring spell?

    2) In Eldest, Glaedr says Bid’Daum’s name cant be said in any language or something, but yet Brom named him in Eragon? And why CANT his name be mentioned? is it because he betrayed his race to partner with an elf?

    3) did the forsworn know of the eldunari?

    sorry if any of these have been asked 🙂

  • adamfrombtown

    1. How much of book 4 have you finished writing?
    2. Do you have a rough estimate of how much longer it will take to finish writing and to get the book released? If so when?

  • Denmark111

    I have been thinking much about this: Why did you chose to make the currency in Alagaesia the crown? Is it inspired from the Danish/Swedish/Norwegian/Icelandic crown or is it something you made up?

  • Kerusso

    1.Are the first Eragon and Bid’Daum dead?

    2.Does Jormundor die in book 4?

    3.Does Elain have a miscarrige or die in childbirth?

    4.What is the Menoa tree going to take from Eragon & Sapphira? (Frankly I think CP was warning him with that story that Nar Garzvog told on their way to Bregan Hold about the female urgal who begged a god for beauty and said she would give ANYTHING in return and then later the god took her oldest son and when the urgal protested she stripped her of her beauty )

  • armorer

    1. Is there a time frame for when Book IV will be released? Even an inkling? Like how many chapters are you into it?
    2. Since Eragon has been endowed with the abilities of an elf, can he guess true names like an elf?
    3. Is your true name tied to your Dragon Bone prophecy?

  • hopeIhelp

    Ricardo (Guest),
    He already answered that. He said that Saphira didn’t hatch so soon because she thought Gably was trying to trick her. Other dragons hatch much more swiftly.
    hope this helps!

  • AFan…

    I was wondering if the hermit in Brisingr chapter 9, Tenga was going to be playing any part in book 4. sorry if this question was already asked i didnt see it. Thanks =)

  • Ricardo

    I have one question. In ‘Eragon’ it says that when a human or an elf touch and egg this egg hatches and so the human/elf becomes a rider. As i understood, hundreds of people touched an egg until the egg hatched for one. This act was instantaneously, i mean, the person touched the egg and it hatched at the same moment, but in ‘Eragon’ it took about seventeen days since Eragon found the egg until Saphira was born, so the question is: does the egg hatch at the same time the person touch it?, or does it take weeks for the egg to hatch? If so, how did people do to know if they were the chosen riders or not? Did they keep the eggs per weeks or what?. Thank you very much.

  • Nashington

    In Brisingr, Frederic mentions to Eragon about the “curse of the named blade”. Eragon has a sword that is named, but will Roran name his hammer? I think that would be pretty boss even if it didn’t pertain to the overall plot of the series as Brisingr does.

  • ThomasC.

    Will the Razac or Lethrblaka make a reappearance in book IV?

  • Guy

    How many pages do you estimate book four will be? I’m hoping it is about 800. That would be awesome

  • Shura

    What would happen if the dragon’s destined rider dies before he/she is exposed to the egg?

  • Gore

    I was just curious if you have thought about extending the series more or writing a side series to supply the readers with more background information because id love to know more about the characters they seem so interesting and id hate to see it all end in this the final book.

  • Brofaux

    What do you estimate is the current land mass of Alagaesia (in terms of square miles)? What current day landmass would you compare it to?

  • Thorndragon

    I have been confused about this for years, now I’m hoping for an answer!

    In the Eragon movie, it states that should a dragon die, its rider lives on, but if the rider dies so does their dragon.

    Is this true? Or is it just something the script-writer came up with to make the movie more interesting.

  • Peacekeeper

    Is Murtagh an evil, power-hungry fiend, or is he a victim trapped by fate and circumstance? Is he still trying to resist Galbatorix? This is a HUGE arguement on the forums. As of now, there are 62 pages of theories, opinions, and evidence pointing one way or the other. The only way to end this is to get an answer from the author.

  • IronAngel

    These questions been eating me for a while:

    If a magician used the spell that teleports anobject from one place to another without crossing the intervening distance, and the point the magician wanted the object to appear was inside a person (e.g. Galbatorix) would the detonation that follows the materialisation decorate the surrounding area with that persons insides as it goes bang, or would the object materialise near the person and just blow their clothes off?
    (I am of course talking about the spell Arya used to transport Saphira’s egg into the spine.)

    Was the reference to the Doctor in Brisingr just for a lark or is there more to it?
    (The TARDIS materialising between the charging Varden and Imperial armies would just be hilarious).

    Are there any other races near or around Alagaesia?
    (e.g. winged humans, merman, minotaurs, centaurs, etc.)

    Thank you.

  • will

    riders swords cannot be affected by magic except eragon blocked zar’roc when he sparred with brom and murtagh. could this help he dull the edge of zr’roc if he engages in a sword fight with murtagh?

  • Cax

    Will eragon use the seven words brom taught him, if not what are they?

  • Aperson

    The elves have been around for thousands of years. So why do they, or any other race not have any type of advanced technolegy, despite having almost as much knowledge as we do? Why don’t they even have lightbulbs?

  • ShadeslayerAsrafel

    CP..I had a “few” questions…

    1. If a half elf or half human mates with another half elf or half human will their children be half elves/humans. Or be full human/elf?

    2. If a half elf/human mates with a elf or human, will their children be half or full?

    3.I was wondering what was the color of the sword in the elven city Eragon couldn’t go to.

    4. I was wondering if Murtagh was still resistant to Galbatorix or is he loyal?

    5. Does Myrtagh have more Elduyanri(sp)than Morzan or any of the Forsworn?

    6. Was there other human empires besides the present one and the Brooding Empire?

    7. Did any children of King Agernost survive against Galbatorix?

    8. Are there any Grey Folk left?

    9. Who is your favorite character?

    10. Donated for Haiti? Hehe

    11. Going to the Olympics?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Awither

    In Brisingr we know that Blodgharm has altered his appearance to make himself look like a wolf if i remember correctly. Anyway, if one had seen him before his transformation but not after, would they still see him if they were to scry him? If so, does this occur in all similar situations?

  • Bookworm11

    In ‘Brisingr’ it was said that to teleport an object from one place to another takes the same amount of energy to get it a couple inches away or miles and miles away, so why didn’t Arya send it to the Varden?

  • Bookworm11

    When using a person’s true name to make them do something does it have to be spoken out loud? (for example: when you speak Galby’s true name you instantly die, can you just think it really hard and it will work the same?)

  • Jared1

    Will vanir play any part in the 4th book, i do not need to know about what but if he is going to play a part?

  • Sir

    My queston is this:

    If these are “monthly” interviews, what happened to September, October, December, and January? I’d like so see those posted.

  • someone2122

    In Eragon, Brom says that Galbatorix’s dragon died in his arms but how can Galbatorix hold his dragon if his dragon is months old?

  • Tulkas

    Oh, another question: Why DOES an object make that sound when you teleport it? And how much energy would Eragon need to teleport? In Eragon, Ajihad says that Arya could not send the egg to the Varden because they were too far away, but distance does not matter. Why did she not send the egg to the Varden?

  • guitarplayer

    Did the old riders ever use non-European style swords (katana scimitar) and did they ever use weapons other than swords (spear, ax, mace)?
    Was Eragon’s transformation during the Blood Oath Celebration unique or just an acceleration of what would have happened to every human rider?

  • brandon

    does the vault of souls hold more dragon eggs or when eragon opens it will he see his mom and father (Selena and Brom)???

  • bill

    will we get to read more about saphira and will she mate with either Thorn or the green dragon to safe their rade

  • SirMagnikus

    Once you’re finished writing the Inheritance books will you continue to write of stories set in Alagaesia (I’d like to hear more on Eragon the first) or will you create a whole new world?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    1. I am aware that over time, a human Dragon Rider slowly begins to look like an elf. Would a human rider also gain elven speed and strength over time? Was Eragon’s transformation merely a speed-up of this natural process?

    2. How large is Alagaesia compared to countries in earth?(e.g. as large as country A, half the size of country B, etc.) Can you give us a rough square-mileage?

    3. Would a half-elf have the superhuman speed and strength of their elven parent, or be somewhere between human and elven abilities?

    4. Before the Fall, were there any elf settlements outside of Du Weldenvarden besides Oromis’ birthplace?(Near Lake Tudosten.)

    5. If Rhunon can make indestructible swords, could she also make indestructible armor? If so, why don’t the elves use such? Would it require Brightsteel to make it completely indestructible? Is it possible to destroy enchanted Brightsteel in any way, such as with magic?

    6. If Galbatorix has a huge collection of Rider’s Swords, could he melt them down(with magic perhaps) to forge a suit of Brightsteel armor?(That would be so awesome . . .)

    7. Was Murtagh ever racked by pains from his scar, like Eragon was?

    8. Is there any chance of more characters dying in Book IV?

    9. How strong are Kull compared to Elves? What about the Ra’zac? Would their iron-hard exoskeletons prove to be an edge?

    10. How long do Urgals/Kull live on average?

    11. Can we get some more information about the shaft of energy that Murtagh used against Hrothgar? That was probably the most awesome magical attack in the whole book.

    12. About how many Eldunarya does Murtagh have in comparison to Galbatorix’s entire horde?

    13. Is it possible for a magician to conjure items from nothing?(Brom mentioned that a master could create gemstones with the word for “water” Adurna.)

    14. What color are Murtagh’s eyes? What about Brom’s?

    15. I noticed that during the fight between Thorn and Glaedr, Thorn surprised Glaedr by hiding in a cloud and then darting out. Interestingly enough, this was the same trick that Saphira used against Thorn earlier. Did he decide to put the technique he observed to good use himself, or was this just a coincidence?

    16. How much pressure is needed to destroy an Eldunari? How hard is the surface?

    17. Could Brightsteel cut through a dragon’s egg?

    18. Thorn is notably thicker than Saphira in the legs and neck despite his smaller size, and thus must be naturally bulkier in proportion to overall size. Is this ratio caused solely by Galbatorix’s magic, or are red/male dragons naturally more compact? Is this an individual trait of Thorn’s?

    19. How large are Lethrblaka compared to a dragon.(Say, Saphira or Thorn)Do they keep growing like dragons, or stop at a certain point? Are they immortal? How large would they be when they first emerge from their exoskeletons?

    20. Why was Varaug even stronger than Durza? Did it have anything to do with the number of spirits inside? If so, is there any limits to how strong a Shade can become? Furthermore, are there any disadvantages that come from a Shade having a larger number of spirits inside them?

    21. During the Battle of Feinster, the magicians’ wards successfully blocked repeated blows from Brisingr. Since Rider’s swords excel at cutting through all sorts of enchantments, how was this possible? Was it an extraordinarily powerful or creative spell, or is Brisingr not as good as other swords at penetrating wards?

    22. How old was Oromis at the time of his death? 700 years? 800? 900?

    23. How many eggs does a dragon lay at once?

  • pikachu

    Please answer a question that has plagued me since book 1: Will we find out the names/genders/races of ALL the members of the Forsworn? and their dragons color and their fate?
    What were the 2 names that were edited out of Brisinger?

  • M.Flan

    I know that you recieved a similar question but what I would like to know is when you do spread your writing exprience you said that you will part with the Inheritence cycle, though not perminantly. When you write your new series, will it be modern or will you go back to the “dark ages” theme, if so do you think that the large impact that the inheritence cycle did to readers and you affect how the new story will come out? Like will you write a character similar to eragon or the challenges that the new protaganists will face are similar? Or even feel that you cannot write something that will only come once in a lifetime?

  • sirsimon

    Was was the purpose of introducing Varvaug the shade, though he was an amazing character, his page time was less than 8 maybe 9 pages, and he barely speaks.

    So why was he there?

    What was his purpose as a character? It is strange to introduce a cool character and than kill him off moments later.

    I think it is because Arya could be a slayer of shades, like Eragon, so they share the same title, urgo, same name in marriage.

    So in all, why did you create Varvaug? and why so close to the ending?

  • Aga

    If someone wrote you or told you something that was not true, but you didn’t know that, would you be able to say those things in the ancient language?

  • Expressionist

    In Brisingr, Eragon and Nasuada are talking. Nasuada jokes that if he, Roran, and Murtagh were locked in a cell together she isn’t sure who would survive. Eragon replies that it would probably be Roran, because he won’t let a little thing like death get between him and Katrina. Nasuada’s smile becomes strained, she is silent for a “score of heartbeats” and she ends the convorsation. I feel like I missed something here. Why does Eragon’s answer bother her?

  • Aga

    Is a dragon egg the same color as the dragon inside it?

    Do dragons ever stop growing?

  • Aga

    What would a dragon do if its rider changed into a Shade? Are Shades always bad? Was there never a good Shade?

  • Aga

    Can there be shade females? Was there ever one?

  • Aga

    Why did the elves leave the land they orginally come from?

  • Aga

    Why is it not possible to draw energy from the elements or fire?

  • swimsthemile

    Ok, so I have a question pertaining to elven magic. In Brisingr, Rhunön says to Eragon, “As (elves) age, our blossom withers somewhat, although the magic of our early years never completely abandons us,” implying all elves possess magic. As yet, Eragon hasn’t met an elf who lacks the gift of magic. Yet, somewhere in Eragon or Eldest (I forget) either Brom or Arya mentions that the elven race is just like the other races in that magic is a gift, bestowed to a few, not all, albeit more commonly than among humans. So do all elves have magic or not?

  • Aga

    Is there any way to resist the wishes of someone who knows your true name? Even if he uses it?

  • Jake

    If Gramarye is the word for magic, and it is in the AL, why is that not the name for magic and the way to control it?

    Also, Oromis teaches Eragon that you can cast spells without using the AL- that it just focuses your mind. Why then does knowing someone’s True Name matter? Couldn’t you just use your mind?

  • Aga

    If you swore something in the ancient language to someone, and the person died, would that deleat all your oaths? Even if they didn’t have anything to do with the person who made you swear them?

  • LottieBeck

    How long is this book going to be?

  • Austriana

    Will Arya become the rider of the green dragon on the cover since her magic is green?

  • brandon

    What will happen between arya and eragon?

  • viole

    Are we going to learn in book 4 Murtagh’s real name in the ancient language?? (just a yes or no question).

    Thank you Christopher for answearing our questions. It’s really kind of you!

  • Saraiiii

    What does Naegling mean in the ancient language?

  • Shadeking

    In Eldest when Eragon tells Murtagh that he no longer had a scar on his back Murtagh seemed very upset byit.Why? Does he like to think that eragon is the same as him.If so how well will he react when finds out they are hafl-brothers

  • TheWhiteRider

    In Brisingr, we hear briefly about one of Eragon’s dreams, involving a young girl in a lonely city. Could this be our first view of Doru Areaba?

  • TFS

    Why hasn’t Vrael’s Dragon been mentioned? What was his/her name/color/gender?
    How was Galbatorix able to defeat Vrael and his dragon?
    How was Brom able to defeat Morzan and his Dragon?

  • BigJ

    In Brisingr Arya told Eragon about Faolin. Were the two of them a couple? if i remember correctly arya didn’t want to talk much about him.

  • BigJ

    Is it possible that there could be another dragon rider in the one of the other elf cities besides orrmis even though he’s now dead

  • S4phir4

    In the final battle of Eldest: Why hasn´t Eragon used the Energy of the birds? you write that they were flying above the battlefield…

  • RobinPillar

    If you were to access your magic and then speak random words in the ancient language, what would happen?

  • eragon

    Why did you decide to kill Oromis and half kill Glaedr
    (his dragon forget how to spell)

  • Cecalae

    My question is about Arya: What are Arya’s views on becoming (if the situation may demand it) the elvern monarch? Because she has accepted the yawe, does that mean she is not interested in becoming the elvern monarch, or would her becomming Queen be just a bigger statement of her life commitment to her race?

    (because she is loads of peoples favorite character I thought it would be interesting if CP told us this, as there is lots of specualtion about this on the fourums)

  • Roran

    Do you read the fanfictions to see if anyone is close to guessing facts in book 4.

  • Eric

    In Brisingr we learn that Elain, Horst’s wife, is having trouble with her unborn baby.
    At one point Horst asks Eragon to check up on her when he has the time.
    At another point in the book some random guard asks him to take a look at his wifes tumor or something along that way. Even though he is on his way to some duty with Nasuada he agrees to it. So why is it that he hasn’t helped Elain yet? To me it seems very strange that he would help a guard right away when he is on his way to Nasuada and not Elain (it was on his day off Horst asked him, when he was looking for the leather maker from Carvahall).

    Can’t wait for book four, I hope it’s going well!

  • Terminator

    What is the major difference between the Dwarves and the Elves in their ability(ies) to use magic?

    Would Galbatorix last forever if he were left alone with all the Eldunari?

    What other series have you considered writing after you finish the Inheritance Cycle? and will they remain in the same genre of Fantasy, or will you try something completely new?

    How much do you write in the average day?

    How full and complete of a control does a person have over magic? What does a person have to have to be able to be fully in-control of magic?


    in harry ptter and the deathly hallows when harry goes tothe deathly hallows and meets dumbeldore it is mentioned that he knew in his heart of hearts is that were you got the idea from.

  • ????????

    I was wondering, do you ever read the LATEST BOOK 4 THEORIES or LATEST BRISINGR DISCUSSIONS here on shurtugal to see how close we are to guessing?

  • mk14

    What century is the Inheritance cycle set in? There are several hints in the story (e.g. what they do, things they have, technology they use, …) that can be traced down to some time between the 14th and the 17th century. Did you actually choose a specific year the story is set in (if so, which one and why) or are those hints just coincidental?

  • Gizmo

    I know you cannot tell use when book 4 will be released but can you tell use how far your in writing it e.g. half way?

  • booksmart

    Is time travel possible in Alagaësia? If yes then can Eragon do it? If not what would happen if you commanded in the Ancient Language to travel to another time period?

  • Senbonzakura

    How much time does an egg need to hatch after it meets its rider? Saphira waited for a couple of days after Eragon found her egg. Is it a normal duration or a little big long?

  • Shayzlan

    In the first book, Saphira told Eragon that she wanted to meet someone. Later Eragon walked into the cave above the Isidar Mithrim where Saphira went to meet with someone, and she was talking with Solumbum. I was interested to know if what they were talking about was anything that happended to be important?

    My other questions are how many years of age must the Raz’ac be before they transform into the Lethrblaka, and how long will they live?

    – Shayzlan
    Se Onr Sverd Sitja Hvass!

  • BRog

    If killing off the Ra’Zac was Eragon’s biggest goal, why did you have them die so soon?

  • Neytiri

    Another Q&A!!! Thank you so much, Shurty staff 🙂

    My question is:
    In “Eragon”, when Eragon and Brom are passing near Ristvak’baen, Brom told Eragon that Ristvak’baen is where “Vrael took refuge, and where, through treachery, he was found and defeated by Galbatorix.”
    Who was the betrayer that told Galabatorix where Vrael was? Was it one of the Forsworn?

  • sirsimon

    What was the gender of Morzan’s dragon?

    Because this could have had a substaintial impact of Morzan and Brom’s relationship.

    If Morzan’s dragon was male, and Saphira I was female, maybe they were mates, and attempted to stop Morzan and Brom from going against each other, eventually splitting by choice or force, it would be great in a backstory chapter; or maybe Morzan’s dragon was female and would have hated each other, thus speeding up the antagonism between the two riders.

    This question has been burning in my skull for over a two years now, it would be great if it were answered, for it would give me peace of mind.

    Also, it would give us an idea of how dragons love one another, and what would they do to each other as a result of love, it could be romeo and juilet

  • Mr.E

    The map of Alagaësia doesn’t show most of the eastern, northern and southern parts of the land.

    Why is that?

  • TheJaffaMan

    Best question so far;

    ‘What kind of accents do you hear your characters talk in? For example in the movie most characters had British accents.’

    My questions

    1. Are you burning to write a prequel, about Brom perhaps? Or do you intend to have it as part of book 4 perhaps?

    2. What was one of the first (not necessarily finished) chapters or parts of the series you wrote?

    3. Are there any half human, half elves, living in Du weldenvarden?

    4. What was the worst thing yo ever had to cut? That is to say, what did you have to cut that you regretted the most?

    5. Forgive me if I’ve failed to fathom how the ancient language works, but is there actually a word for hello, or goodbye? There are greetings, but is there a short, sweet word we can use? The may your swords stay sharp has been rinsed a bit by most fans lol.

    6. Was Eragon (the character) ever called anything else? Maybe a working title for him?

  • eragonide

    What does Undbitr, the name of brom’s sword mean??

  • Eragon.SaphiraNZ

    – Will we learn more of Angela’s past? Like how Oromis knew of her and why she could enter the Varden without having her mind examined?
    – Can Angela use magic?
    – What determines a dragon’s color?
    – Is there anything a dragon can’t eat?
    – Who taught Garrow how to read and why did he not teach Eragon and Roran how to?
    – Who was the healer that kept Murtagh alive after his back was laid open by Morzan?
    – If Galbatorix created the Helgrind illusion with magic why didn’t Brom or Oromis know? Surely both of them had been to Dras Leona before the Fall and afterwards noticed it’s strange appearance? And wouldn’t they have been able to sense the energy being used there?


  • whitetiger40

    When are we going to get an update on Book4’s Progress? Or to put it another way, Can we get an Update on Book4?

  • DiexGaaf

    Does the blind beggar Angela mentioned Solembum spoke with in Eragon have any significance to the story?

  • Timeless

    Who is taller, Eragon or Arya?

  • BayouSaint

    Please forgive the typos ShurtyStaff.

  • BayouSaint

    Thank you Christopher for a entertaining series of books, congratulations on your success. There were loose ends wrapped up in Brisingr, but, understandably, some were left for Book IV. Ex. – Eragon and Angela’s foretelling, Murtagh and Galbatorix’s fate, the new dragon and Rider etc. etc. Of the majority of these, would you say their resolution will come as a surprise, or will they be somewhat predictable

  • vanir

    Will we find out why the thief was only able to steal Saphira’s egg

  • yehboy

    ok i kno this is off topic but plz dont kill me haha, well i was wonderin wat happened to that newsletter CP use to always send out on his progress through the books

  • xChelsx

    Christopher, in Eragon the movie, what scene did you think was portrayed the best and what scene was portrayed the worst?

    And what did they leave out that you wished they had put into the movie?

    Will other locations be explored in book 4, like the islands near Arroughs, Vroengard or an Urgal village?

  • Angel

    Has arya’s true name changed in the course of the books? Did it change in the Campfire conversation in Brisingr?

  • D.F.Ulysses.

    Is the ability to use magic, based upon genetics, random chance, pure experience, or something else?

  • saphirafan21

    my question is : you state that a human who is chosen to become a dragon rider, becomes immortal. if a Human rider were to survive a fight but his/her dragon die’s does that mean that the Human rider is no longer immortal?

  • Protege

    Half of these questions have been answered in the books. :/

    How powerful are werecats? There is mention of their wisdom, but do they have power?

    Have you come against the same issue as with the 3rd book and are thinking you may need to split up the 4th book?

    If Shruikan’s rider was killed by Galbatorix, how come Shruikan didn’t die, considering he was only a whelpling at the time?

  • conqueso

    How large is alagaesia compared to the U.S. or another country?

    When Eragon guessed Sloan’s true name he already had his change into an elf hybrid. Galbatorix has been around over 100 years near a dragon changing and getting elvish powers. Does this change help them guess true names like an elf?

  • KVSDheeraj

    Was Morzan’s Dragon killed during the fight with Brom or was it killed Before??

    Who was he Leader of the Riders before Vrael,what happend to Him or Her??

  • KVSDheeraj

    Did Angela know of Brom being in love with Selena? She mentioned that to Eragon in Tronjheim, when he first met her there.She said”He loved a woman,but it was his affection that was her undoing”.

    Who were the Three fighters who could defeat Brom,he mentioned in Eragon when Eragon beat him while sparring near Dras Leona??

    Is the blind begger who Solembum has spoken to is Brom or Vrael? who was it?

    We are having some doubts about Selena,Is the older of two women whose future Angela has predicted in Brisingr can be Selena,is there a chance that she is alive and the Healers have lied to Brom?

    Was Oromis Arya’s Teacher too???.If not where did Arya learn Ancient Language and also in Brisingr,when Eragon told that Oromis and Gleadr are dead Why did Arya mourn him so much,i mean she started to cry,why is that?

    Can you tell us what type of sword did Brom use after he lost Undbitr during the fight with Morzan,and the other Forsworn.What was his fighting style,mean did he parry edge on edge like Eragon,if so his sword whould have been chipped by Zar’roc how did he fight?

    Who was Oromis reffering to when he said that He would ask the older Elves about Rock of Kuthian??

    Can we know more about Eragon the First Rider with his Dragon Bid’daum.What happend to them??They seem to be vanished of the face of Alagaesia.If they are dead how did they die?If killed who killed them?Is there a chance that they are alive or Eraon is alive with Bid’daum’s Eldunari?Is he the one referred by Oromis as Older elf?

  • KVSDheeraj

    In the Third Q&A Sir you said that Telepathy requires more energy than how Arya had said.So how did Oromis contact Eragon in Tronjheim after he killed Durza and protected him??Is it telepathy or something else??

  • Shadeofawesomeness

    someone else just asked this question, but it was worded rather vaguely. what was that Dragon tattoo thing at the Agaeti Blodhren? I thought it was the essences of all the Dragons of old combining their powers into that tattoo. but Now we find out that all the Dragons are still alive and elsewhere as eldunari. so what was that tattoo thing?

    also, is the Gedwey ignasia always on the hand? what happens if the Dragon hatchling brushes the person’s arm or something?

    I’m worried about Thorn. He did actually hatch for Murtagh on his own, right? Galbatorix didn’t force him to hatch, did he? on the burning plains, Murtagh said “…when Thorn hatched for me…” that does mean Thorn actually did hatch for Murtagh the way he was supposed to, without any provoking by Galbatorix, right?

  • Tulkas

    Hmm… Well, why was Aren in Eragon’s vision from Saphira, and Brom didn’t have Aren? (I didn’t see this asked before)
    It was said that when the stlagtites in the dragonhold fell, then they have been known to cleave a horse in two. Why was a horse in the Dragonhold?
    When Eragon is in Dras-leona, he jumps over a wall to evade the Ra’zac, then runs away. Later, he tells Brom that he would have stayed and fought, had it not been for the soldiers. There were no soldiers, and it would have taken only a few seconds to kill the Ra’zac, before he ran his mile. Galbratorix’s wards would have defeated his spell, but he didn’t know about them, did he.
    If you were a fan, then what question would you ask Christopher?
    It is said that the Anchient Language had died out in Alagaesia, until the elves brought it back. Yet at Orick’s coronation, Gannel chants in the Anchient Language. How did the Dwarves summon Guntera before the Elves returned?
    How large is Alagaesia relative to the rest of the continient that it lies on?
    In Eragon, right before the Battle of Farthen Dur, the Dwarves have a map that shows the entire Boer mountain range. This means that they must have mapped the Southern end. What would a Dwarf see if he (or she) was to look south from the Boers?
    Would you mind if a short fan movie made for non-profit on the Rise of Galbratorix was made, in a way that does not conflict with copyrighting? I only ask because here on Shurt’ugal we spent a few hundred comments talking about it.
    Every story has a begining, middle, and end. What part do you feel that you, at this moment, have reached?
    You said that strange phantoms lived inDoru Areba. Can you describe those phantoms, and do any of the speaking races that we have encountered thus far live there?
    Are there any other sentient races in Alagaesia?
    Which set of gods did Brom believe in?
    Is Tenga more powerful than Angela?
    Has Eragon thought about Brom’s seven words since he reached the Varden?
    Did the Urgals destroy Daret, or the Empire’s pirates kill Martin?

  • zguida09

    We have the Humans, Elves, Dwarvs, Dragons, and Razac. Can you tell us if there is going to be a sixth race intorduced in the fourth book? if so, are they possible to be dragon riders like humans and elvs?

  • andre

    why did the movie suck so bad? the books were so much better, when i watched the movie it made me want to read the book again! (so i did)

  • BigJerk

    When are you gonna get off your ass and write the book

  • thornisbeast

    CP states that it takes an Eldunari about five years to reach its max power. So how powerful is an eldunari then. Murtagh has more than one since he says ‘ better to cut out my heartS.’ with an ‘s’. if fifteen powerful magicians ( including eragon and arya) can defeat more than one eldunari and a magician(Murtagh) then how powerful can an eldunari be? How strong can an elf become, if that helps.

  • AudreyTwoie24601

    What kind of accents do you hear your characters talk in? For example in the movie most characters had British accents.

  • eragonwithagun

    With his current skills and knowledge,how well would Eragon do in a fight with a member of the Forsworn?Would he be able to defeat Morzan?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    When elves or Riders talk to animals (example: Brom talking to the bird), do the animals actually understand the words, or do they just KNOW, if you get my meaning?

    I might have missed this in the series but: What actually would the Grey Folk look like if they were to appear in the series?

    How old is Angela?

    Will we ever know the alll the basic words in the Ancient Language, like, enough words so that we could be able to communicate if we wanted, like Vulcan in Start Trek?

    Does the Blood Oath Celebration transformation have anything to do with Eldenarya?

    Is Eragon more like Brom or Selena?

    How does a Ra’zac turn into a Lethrblaka?

  • Arwen12

    At what point in Selena’s life did she met Angela? Was it before she met Morzan?

  • flameofgrace

    why does Eragon not use the energy from his enemies during battle? He could sustain his own and inflict greater damage that way.

  • Maxmax2020

    Were groups of wild dragons usually led by males or females? How long did young dragons remain with the mother?