Christopher Paolini Q&A #5 – Questions?

By now you’re all wondering – why haven’t you guys at Shur’tugal asked us for questions for the fifth question and answer interview with Christopher Paolini yet?! Since we started the Q&A this summer, we’ve received over one thousand questions for Christopher from you guys! Because we can only ask Christopher a set amount of questions per month, a lot of great questions were left behind (but not forgotten). We’ve decided to play catch up and use some of the great questions that we had to skip for the fifth Q&A, as well as discussing Christopher’s two new fall release books.

So what does this mean for the fifth Q&A and all of the rest going forward? It means we won’t be taking questions for a fifth Q&A, but we will begin taking questions for the sixth Q&A soon (and plan to continue doing so for the next few Q&As, before we play catch up again and do a Q&A using our skipped questions). Sit tight, you’ll hear from us again soon!

  • rob

    @EragonFan08:it wasint eargon it was sum gay rippoff attempt 2 make a kids movie insted of thay bad ass movie thay shold have dun thats y it sucked

  • EragonFan08

    i have to know why does the movie of Eragon suck so damn much and why did it not show so much of the book and it was way off of what the book was based on about i hope when we get the next movie whenever that is i have it will make the first movie look worse than what it really is.

  • ggm

    in eldest when eragon was in elesmera someone tried to scry him, how could they scry him in elesmera?

  • BrennaHBG

    Hey if there are ppl out there who know how to send questions to Chris Paolini…. plz tell me because i have a great idea for him that i dont want to share cuz i dont want anyone to steel it.. but the person to give me the info i need …. i will tell them my idea.

  • lilapolly

    chris Paolini i am your biggest fan ever (i read all the inheratence seiries in a week! ) and i’m wrighting a book inspierd ny yours even though it is verry diferent but i love your wrighting style i love how you can see what you read in your mind i wish you could read my story but know you can’t anyway you are my hero!

  • rob

    @ianZ well you might have sumthing but it never sed the frist eargon was ded maby the Rock of Kuthian has sumthing 2 do with him maby it is a place ware he is hiding in the spine with bid’daum or on him if you and the others are right 🙂

  • ianZ

    what do you guys think about the theory that bid’daum is alive in the spine or that he is the spine, some people think that the spine is bid’daum’s tail and his body is somewhere in the north, its just speculation but that would be awesome

  • rob

    @Mommy i think that in the end sumthing will happen that will make all of those that are under the power of the dark king free and for forcing him 2 serv all of those years and killing his real rider Shruikan will b the 1 2 end Galbatorix maby not kill him but render him powerless or sumthing like that 🙂

  • yash

    when will the next book of brisingr release ?

  • take*me*under

    i dont think the next rider is going to be an elf everybody seems to have forgotten the fact the furtunetellr is also strong in magic and very old even older then arya so it could be her.and by the way does anybody know who she really is???that might be in the next book too

  • Mommy

    almost all the major uses of magic by dragons is when their really sad like broms burial saphira’s sadness for the star saffire and the dwarfs loss glaedrs sadness and fear at lossing i think that in the fourth book a big death happens to trigger a good dragon’s[maybe even thorn’s] saddness alowing the dragon to tap the magic and destroy galbatrix [who’ll likely have caused the death in the first place]-and the dragons magic already has overpowered galbatrixs magic through glaedr-.pure theory but kind a makes sense

  • Atashi

    Well it took about 3 years from the release of Eldest for Brisingr to be released, so I’m expecting the 4th book some time next year. The earlier the better as I can’t wait to see what happens!

  • LotsOfThoughts

    What if the green dragon hatches for a human?? Think about it. Oromis spent so much time and effort teaching Eragon everything he knows. This is on some part a wasted effort if Eragon is to teach the next rider, if that person is Arya. She is already privy to almost all of his teachings. So there would be no point in CP leading us to believe Eragon is to instruct this next rider. Another thing is, remember the chapter in Brisngr titled “Intersecting Sagas” what if this chapter contains stuff that could possibly be in the sequel to the Inheritence cycle that CP once mentioned he already thought up. Maybe it’s that woman and girl that Eragon blessed! And the chapter when those orbs/spirits come in contact with Eragon and Arya, that chapter is titled “Shadows of the Past” what if they are what remains of the Grey Folk? Or something else ancient that will come to play again in the last book?! These are just my theories and observations

  • itstheeyeothetiger

    take a chill pill.


    so this was posted on jan 16 and it is now feb 5, a day short of 3 weeks later, if you guys can’t get the interview stop posting things saying ‘you’ll have it soon because you don’t seem to know what soon is, if CP is busy working the book and you can’t get this interview done like you claim let us know don’t say you’ll have a monthly interview then only post anything of worth every month or so, we’ll understand if you just give us the heads up that your having problems or the CP is busy just post it. Personnally i’d rather have CP working away and getting the 4th book done than doing interviews.

  • FinallyLost

    @npe77 it’s been 4 interviews in 9 months and 1 interview in the last 5 months, that’s a horrible record. Some of us believe people should do what they, otherwise don’t.

    If you ordered a meal at a resturant and they gave you something completely different (or never came back) would you just sit there saying, “Oh I’m sure they’re doing the best they can”. Same thing. We are the customer because the owner of the site benefits from us clicking on his site all the time, otherwise I doubt he would continue the site. Plus there are the perks of having a relationship with CP. I’ve never been to another fan site with this issue…

    Again it takes 5 minutes to address why you haven’t posted the interviews, just communicate that to us and no beef!!

  • natalie

    can anyone tell me wen the fourth book will be released,its 2010 and i thought the author had already written some part of the book?

    iam getting quite impatient

  • CrazyBorris

    When is CP Gonna Publish The Fourth book??

  • jam

    what time was the book based on??

  • catwoman


    it seems to me an elf rider would be more powerful because of their centuries of training. overtime it could increase the human’s power but it would take a long time to become as strong as an elf. i dont know how to answer the last question because theses are just my thoughts. hope its helped

  • npe77

    It’s a shame that so many have come onto these forums only to submit tiresome complaints about the frequency of the Q A’s.

    Yes, I know, it can be frustarting when you are ‘misled’ by the ‘promise’ on the website for monthly interviews. However, five in eight months isn’t bad going.

    Seriously, I just don’t see what your issues are. I imagine that the staff work conscientiously to maintain this site and they fill it with useful information. Furthermore, I’m certain that he has more important things to do than constantly blog and edit on Shurtugal. Life a gift given to us all and unlike some of you, I imagine he’s making the most of it and enjoying himself. There’s a life away from the computer.

    It’s only a book series after all. There are things worth doing away from the world of Inheritance.

    Why don’t you take the intermittent messages and transcripts as a positive. Collectively, over one thousand questions have been submitted. Not only does this show that you must have a degree of intelligence, which never does anyone harm, it is also why Mike wants to answer as many constructive ones as possible. He feels that previously unanswered questions deserve a chance

    So instead of groaning like my laptop loading Microsoft Word, strive for a balanced outlook on this. Just like with the book, good things come to those who wait. Besides, if you like a read or author Q A, the world isn’t short on either.

  • =)

    @Tulkas -i was talking to myself,

    @Mike if you read these can you answer some of our questions?

  • Tulkas

    ezzie- The whole question posting has been postponed because they want to ask extra questions from previous things.
    Don’t insult Shur’tugal, and don’t defend Shur’tugal, because Mike actually reads this stuff and deletes both those that attack and those that defend. Just don’t say anything, Mike will take care of it.

  • No!!


    no i will not shutup!!

    its so fun to talk to urself lol

  • ezzie

    Were can I post my questions for the Q&A? Please help me, I really can’t find it…

  • Just.wait

    just wait and mike will write something untill then SHUTUP

  • FinallyLost

    @ MeghanSwiftSword I’m not freaking out from the waiting my problem is the owner of the site PROMISED monthly interviews and isn’t delivering. His site benefits from the Q/A but he doesn’t he fulfill his end of the bargain, that’s called false advertising and we should all have an issue with it. If the owner was forthcoming with information and told us what the problem was I wouldn’t complain. If the owner changed his ad banner to reflect a more accurate Q/A deliverable frequency, I wouldn’t complain.

    It’s not a patience thing, you will never hear me complain or ask CP when the next book comes out because the only thing he’s promised is that there will be a 4th book.

    Yes the only reason we have the Q/A is because of the owner but much is expected to whom much is given

  • Shurtugalfan

    So I had a question about Eldunari. If you can draw energy from an eldunari, can you also give energy to the Eldunari? And if so, how could this be of use?

  • Tulkas

    Eragon- Actually, I’m his biggest fan. I agree, I did meet him in person, and it was great. (Downer’s Grove, Illionis, Brisingr book event- 3 hour drive)

  • Eragon#1biggestfan

    the inheritance cycle is the best book series ever Chris Paolini is my hero I wish I could meet him in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that would be great

  • Foolyoubetrippen

    haha btw i go by a couple names 1 of them Banned4ever my favorite name

  • Foolyoubetrippen

    do u like my name or comment?

  • Solenklier


  • Gone.till.tomorrow

    Yeah i agree i want the boook to come out to but it does not have a realeese date but CP said that he named the book before he even started

  • Tulkas

    Goncalo- No.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    True, the elves having sped up Eragon’s change from man to half-elf. I see your point. Thank you for correcting me.


    I agree, it has been more than “two seconds”; wrong expression for me to use. However, we don’t need to complain endlessly, because it’s not getting us anywhere.

  • GoncaloPortugal

    Hey, Please can someone of the company please answer this question? Does Christopher Paulini have any ideia of when could the book come out?

  • Foolyoubetrippen

    Cussing is bad

  • mufajir01

    i agree that swearing on the internet is not that good. however this is the reason i used the short hand so everyone knew what it meant and yet its not as offensive
    btw sorry if i sound like an ass. dont mean to come off like that

  • Glorfindel

    MeghanSwiftSword, I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I think that his point is that it’s been a little longer than two seconds.

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    @madmartigan7, Elf riders are more powerful because they are stronger, faster, and are better magic users.

    @MeghanSwiftSword, while it is true that human riders do experience changes over time, Eragon is the only one to change as much as he did. So no including him, elf riders are more powerful. Eragon is excluded because the changes he underwent gave him the abilities of an elf.

  • Evarinya

    Lol, thanks sirsimon 😛
    And your welcome Glorfindel

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    Chill out. We’re lucky that we even have Mike and the others doing this for us. Without them, we would have next to no update on anything. Just wait two blasted seconds, because believe it or not, we have to wait for some things in life.

    Sorry, I don’t mean to sound rude, but seriousy, don’t yell at the staff. You just sound rediculous (SP?) when you do. We all understand your frustration; I know I’m pretty bad at patience as well, but seriously, just… Try to not rant on the comment section.


    An elf Rider would be more powerful, however over time a human Rider would transform into a type of half-elf, equaling the power of an elf. I would say that being linked with a dragon would give an elf no changes. That’s just my guess though.

  • madmartigan7

    Who is more powerful an elf rider or a human rider? And over time does being linked with a dragon make a human as powerful as an elf? Lastly does being linked with a dragon have any physical effects on an elf?

  • FinallyLost

    While I don’t agree with people cursing and being rude, I do have to say this web sites record of getting things posted is frustrating. Since the August interview we have had 1 interview! That is an embarrassing record. If you can’t deliver on your promising of posting 1 interview a month then take down that sign you have claiming it. It’s false advertising. He has unique access to the author of our favorite book and thus has a unique responsibility to deliver on this promise.

    Finally all this talk about being too busy is also embarrassing. We are talking about sending questions and posting the response. That takes all of about 10 minutes. The choosing of questions I suppose could take a couple hours. 1 interview in 5 months?? I don’t know any other fan sites that have this problem and none of them complain about money.

  • Erogon’sapprentice

    Hey!!!! I am new to all this and loveing it more and more! I never knew it could be so good!!! I am never putting the book down!!! Uhhh…. I am not as expereonsed as you all …. I am still on book one…. I thought there were only two books!!! SAPHERA MATES!?!?!?!?! Shells! Dose any one know if she has an egg? What dose Eragon think? Dose Eragon merry the elf??? Yes this book has been a BIG sucsess…. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I would like to meet CP…. Or talk to him! Soo cool!

  • Firestone

    Let me reiterate that. Don’t start swearing when you’re frustrated.

  • Firestone

    Keep it up Glorfindel, and I’m glad you agreed, WTF, or mufajir01. But may I add that if you are frustrated, don’t get frustrated with swearing, because online it’s never called for or wanted.

  • mufajir01

    yep i fully agree with u glorfindel
    however i needed to present my irritation.
    on another note any type of ad brings in revenue so…
    the only problem is that i think they could be doing a bit better with this and thats why i posted that, tho in my defence i waited at least 2-3 months before doing so.

    A.K.A (wtf, i felt the name more appropriate for my earlier comment :p)

  • MayJ.

    my password won’t work either.
    wonder what’s up?

  • NPE

    I know this is the wrong place to post this, but my inheritance forum pastword isn’t working.

    I was wondering, do any of you think they could reboot the inheritance films by making a prequel FILM. The idea of a prequel BOOK was discussed in one of Mike’s interviews, but I was wondering that if Paolini wrote the script and teamed up with someone other than Fox, it could work out.

  • Smoke


  • Glorfindel

    Thank you.

  • sirsimon

    Amen to that Evarinya

  • Evarinya

    Well said, Glorfindel.

  • Glorfindel

    Kindly give your overworked jaw a rest, dear boy. You haven’t said anything that has not been said a dozen times over.
    You’re not going to win anyone to your point of view, you’ll just make them mad at you. I understand your frustration, I want an interview too.
    I for one haven’t heard anything about bills to pay. I would like to point that Mike is not the only factor in this equation. Maybe Paolini is working full bore on Book IV and would like to be interrupted as little as possible. Who knows? These things take time. I realize that the things that people like me are saying in defense seem to be wearing thin to you. Well, sometimes they wear a little thin to me too. I promise you that I want the interview as much, if not more, than you do, and that I sometimes get frustrated as well. The point is, this is, unless they DO get money from the ads, a non-profit website. There’s a lot of maintenance involved in running a website, and hopefully Mike has some kind of a life. Remember that Mike really doesn’t owe us anything. This is a project that he works on in his spare time. We’re not paying customers who aren’t getting their money’s worth. This is the best Inheritance news site that there is. I haven’t ever seen any other one with any real news.
    The point of this is that while I’m frustrated and would like an interview also, the complaining won’t move things along any faster.
    Again, I do NOT blame you for being frustrated, and maybe more than a bit irritated.

  • WTF

    k guys seriously

    this was supposed to be a monthly interview. do u know how many months it has been?


    guess how many interviews we have.


    and whenever anyone complains u guys just delete it. wtf

    oh and dont give that bs that u have bills to pay and that you dont get payed to run this website. im pretty sure advertisments pay and i see a couple ads up top so why dont u just do wht u said or tell us u cant/wont and tell cp u wont so someone else can cause im getting really pissed off at how u guys are holding this right above our heads “oh were working on some really gr8 things”. guess what, i havent seen shit. and its been over 2 months since i saw thaat

  • sirsimon

    Ha ha, that’s sounds funny Mordor, we share the humour, I can see it now.

    Great idea Tulkas, I think we all should pitch in about the film idea to Paolini.

  • Tulkas

    What happened to the Eragon movie idea? I could do an animation myself, but I have no artistic ability. Maybe this interview we could ask CP about the movie?

  • Mordor

    Ha ha xD.
    That’s hilarous, sirsimon.
    Then Eragon would be jelous, and be like
    “Jierda!” and knock Paolini out of the front seat. I could just see that 😛


  • alucard

    Oh thats awesome! Thanks for posting that! They go live at 12pm eastern time, 9am pacific.

  • Sarah

    Hey guys, Christopher Paolini’s going to be on a radio show tomorrow. Looks like it includes an interview. Here’s the link:

  • Loll?aughoutloud!

    yeah, there were some rumors flouting around saying that it might come out in 2009, but that didn’t happen.
    I hope the same for Murtagh and Thorn.
    But what I really wanna know is what book four’s gonna be named.
    I wish someone would tell us!

  • sirsimon

    How far do you think Paolini is on book four, its now almost febraury 2010, seven months until the 2nd anniversary of Brisingr, two years ago!!

    And he said about 1/5 of the fourth book was already done, god Paolini must be cooking some sweet eggs if he’s taking this long!

    Hopefully Murtagh and Thorn will have a great page time, especially Thorn.

  • Irnstad.the.rider

    hahaha I had braces for 4 years too, and headgear and pretty much everything you can have… My teeth were really crooked, but now they’re perfectly straight!! 😀

    and I can’t wait for the next Q and A!!!


  • princessarya

    You can read the third one here,
    and the fourth one here,
    I hope this helps.

  • Silvapreliator

    Where can i acctualy read thid Q&A? can’t find them between interviews

  • Evarinya

    Puuuuhhhhleeezeeee. After getting braces on your teeth will hurt for a week.. and you won’t be able to eat much. Just saying from 4 years of experience here.

    xD!!! Dude, that totally made my day. That was hilarious! Haha!

  • whymustIhaveaname?

    thank you for informing us, my friends and I were like, what’s going on with shurtugal?
    But this sound fun! pick out the best ones, Mike!

  • hmmmmm

    fan404, so did that mean it hurt like heck?
    or like heck, it doesn’t hurt?
    I’ve never had braces…

  • fan404

    like heck!

  • hmmmmm

    fan404, oh I hope they don’t hurt.

  • fan404

    just got braces!!! lol

  • taylorswiftfan

    thanks Mike, I know there are some good ones that were left out!

    I ♥ inheritance!

  • sirsimon

    Ha ha glad you all found that humourus, it just popped into my head,

    I’m glad you all like my ideas, and you guys are right, I think the one with Saphira wouldn’t work, but the one with Galbatorix would make my day

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    Also as to the whole “if Brom was not a rider Eragon would not be” thing, I meant that he wouldn’t be the rider he is today.

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    @Firestone, yah, i was pretty much talkin emotional. I don’t remember seeing that question, but it does make sense. Sorry bout that. But I still think he inherited all his knowledge (or most of it anyway) from Brom, and Brom being a Shurtugal, I think could be a good reason to name the book such. Just an opinion though.

  • yehboy


  • Firestone

    DuSundavarFreohr, I think what you are getting at is that it was an emotional inheritance? Though technically, since he was a rider before Brom died, he was Shur’tugal from the start. But as for “if Brom was not a rider Eragon would not be, in a past interview, Paolini said that it had nothing to do with it if a person was chosen to be a rider, and his father was also a rider.

  • GeneralAssembly

    Well done Mike! I will just have to keep my eyes open for the sixth Q&A. As I have some good ones to throw at ya.

  • hmmmmm

    okay thanks!

  • Joanna<3

    I know 🙂 that’s what I said, except that we don’t know it yet 🙂
    LOL =D that made me laugh thanks hehe (faints from excitement) lol I just pictured that in my head…. LOL =D you made my day! 🙂 😉

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    @Firestone, techinically Eragon did inherit the shurtugal trait from Brom. I doubt that if Brom was a rider Eragon would be. But I know what you are sayin, it isn’t really an inheritance, but in a way it is. That’s my opinion anyway.

  • Firestone

    Haha, funny sirsimon (humorless laugh). I know, no one laughs at my jokes either. Anyway, Shur’tugal would not be an inheritance, because he’s already called that since he’s a rider. An inheritance of the title for “head of the order” would be, all I can think of would be “master”

  • DuSundavarFreohr

    @sirsimon, that would definitely be different. aha, Galby turn into a dragon, could be possible, i don’t rly think it’s likely, but definitely possible. As for Saphira turning against Eragon, wouldn’t happen. It would take Galby too long to break Saphira’s mind to make a difference in her loyalty. Even witout her Eldunari, she is still faithful to Eragon, until her mind is broken, and as Ormomis said in Eldest “It is a hard thing to do” not a direct quote, but something like that aha.

  • sirsimon

    I think the fourth book’s title will be either Shurtugal, or Eldurnari, as Paolini mentioned that the title will be something Eragon inherits, either the eldurnari of Gladr or the eldurnari of the vault.

    Also, Shurtugal would represent the inheritance of the title of the head of a new order of dragon riders, hence Shurtugal.

    Just some ideas, but I for one can say that it is unlikely to be named Empire or Brom.

    Oh and by the way, I have an amazing idea for the fourth book climax, Paolini, if you are hearing of this, then take it into account,

    Eragon goes against Galby in a beautiful clash of the old and new order of riders,

    then Galby…TAKES SAPHIRA’S ELDURNARI AND SHE GOES AGAINST ERAGON, FORCING HIM TO DEFEND HIMSELF, it sounds strange, but it sounds good in my head.

    Oh maybe Galby does something totally unexpected, MAYBE HE SOMEHOW SWALLOWS AN ELDUNARI AND….BECOMES A DRAGON

    How cool would that be????!!!!!

    (faints from excitement)

  • PadfootunewraithSlayer

    Some of my friends think they KNOW the fourth book is called “Shur’tugal”, but I think it’s a load of waffle. It will probably something to do with that books plot like Brisingr was, hmmmm I dunno…..

  • Sir

    Mike, may I ask how soon to expect the next interview? And also that you let us know the next time you take a 2 month vacation?

    The reason I ask is that I check the site every day for updates..

  • fan404

    sirsimon (Guest), that would be sweet! so, i know the title!

  • Evarinya

    Haha! Sirsimon,
    I can just see that happening now 😀

  • Glorfindel

    Should be good. My thanks to Mike and Company.

  • sirsimon

    Of course the fourth book has a name, its just it is closely guarded, if we found it out, Paolini would come crashing through our roofs on Saphira and points Brisingr at us, saying,

    “You do not know the name of the fourth book, you are unaware of its title” you stare up nodding,

    “I do not know the fourth book’s name,”

    lol rider power!

  • Ginaqu

    Please disregard my last comment. I looked further into this website and saw that you already answered this ques. Thanks. : )

  • Ginaqu

    Does anyone know if there is a release date announced for the fourth book yet? I am clinging to the edge of my seat waiting.

  • Freedom11


    Yep the fourth book dose have a name CP said that at that Steinbeck thing he went to.

    At least I think it was called Steinbeck.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Well, this is encouraging. The first major news in quite a while. I haven’t really commented here for some time, but I’d like to add that I’ll be looking forward to these next two Q&A’s getting here at long last.

  • Joanna<3

    yeah I know 🙂 all I was saying is that they are good questions which could be used for the next Q and A after this one 🙂 and that they make people think of questions they could also ask.
    the fourth book does not yet have a name that we have been made aware of… Tho I’m sure it does have a name 🙂 we just don’t know it

  • Evarinya

    Oh okay. Thanks Mike!

  • Firestone

    Joanna<3, yes, they may be good questions, but we haven't started asking questions yet. I didn't read the text in this news post, and I asked the questions. Then I found out it said that they would not be asking questions for the 5th Q & A session, they are using old ones. So I guess the significance of this post is just giving an update of what will be done for the next one. Right?

  • Joanna<3

    Why would they be deleted? They are good questions, and they make others think and come up with questions of their own 🙂
    Hey, have you been gone? Haven’t heard from you here in a while 🙂 And, yes we are crazed lol 🙂 But, if we can do what we have been talking about, it will be awesome; if we don’t, well, then, we all have our crazy dreams 🙂

  • Mordor

    Uber. Welcome back to your crazed IC fanz Mike.

    Sounds sweet, I can’t wait until it’s up.

  • Mike

    I was referring to Brisingr DE and Eragon’s Guide having been released in fall 2009.

  • Rae

    Wat is the name of the fourth book?? PLz some 1 answer me!!!!

  • Evarinya

    OH okay, thanks guys for clearing that up for me xD I was totally baffled!

  • Neytiri

    Great! I missed the Q&A so much 🙂
    Welcome back Mike!

  • Firestone

    Oops. Not like I read the post. Heh heh. My bad (grins nervously) Oh well, save ’em for next time. Is it possible to delete them? If so, please do.

  • ShurtugalLiam

    firstly, welcome back mike 🙂 hope your vacation was good.

    secondly, Firestone … thats a lot of questions lol 🙂 but we’re not submitting yet lol.

    and thirdly, by the two “fall release books” do you mean the deluxe edition of brisingr and the guide? or two books for 2010’s fall? :S

  • system1988

    Did the first Dragon Riders have any kind of ceremonies and celebrations? Was there an oath a new Rider had to take in order to join the rest of his kind once his training was over? What was the name of the largest Dragon ever to have lived?

  • Smoke

    Mike, welcome back. Hope your vacation was a good one. Can’t wait for more news……….I think everyone else feels the same way.

  • adamtheant

    Firestone, no one is submitting questions yet, there are plenty left over from the previous Q&A.
    Great to see you back Mike, looking forward to what’s coming up.

  • Firestone

    Will Eragon meet any new deities in book IV?

  • Firestone

    In Eldest, Oromis said that a magician can say “water” but mean “gem” and a gem would appear. That points to the fact that what you mean in your head is what makes the magic take effect, not what you say. In that case, since Eragon’s intentions were to mean “sköliro”, when blessing the infant, wouldn’t “sköliro” have taken effect on the infant, since he meant “be shielded”, instead of “be a shield”? Can you explain that a bit?

  • Firestone

    Are you able to regulate what you say out loud with your mind? Say that you say “letta” meaning “stop”, you would have to regulate with your mind that you only want, for instance, to stop a horse from stomping on you. If you said “letta”, essentially, “stop”, and you weren’t able to regulate with your mind, you would be stopping the whole world from running, and you would die. In Eldest, Oromis says “Never use absolutes,” but “stop”, if anything, is an absolute, and “letta” was used by its self many times over. Can you explain how that works?

  • Firestone

    In the last interview, you said that a Werecat could change into a dragon if it wanted to. I am curious why Solembum only changes into one other creature, which is, most surprisingly, a naked boy? Why on earth would Solembum want to take that form, if, after all, humans are drab little creatures in most cases, especially when compared to him himself. After all, Werecats only ever change into one other thing, most often, a human. Also, if, in fact, a Werecat can change into anything it wants, shouldn’t it be called a changeling?

  • Firestone

    If people of Alagaësia believe in some mythical creatures, where on earth do the lions live that give the idea to the Dwarves for a mythical griffin? Maybe you should put some into your next book?

  • Firestone

    In the last interview, you said that Galbatorix’s Dragon was killed by an enchanted arrow. Do Urgals carry around enchanted arrows with them all the time, or was the ambush planned, and was intended to kill the riders, and therefore having the arrows pre-enchanted? Also, weren’t all dragon riders, even if human, and all elves in general able to feel the presence of other beings close by after their training was complete? If so, why weren’t Galbatorix and the other riders able to feel the Urgal’s presence, and therefore alert them of the ambush?

  • Firestone

    Was Eragon’s lack of ability to summon the essence of silver due to lack of knowledge of the ancient speech, and not know what the words were, or was it because of, like, lack of knowledge of how to work out what you want the ancient word to do in your mind, or some such?

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