Happy 26th Birthday, Christopher!

Our favorite author and the man behind the fantasy series that has brought us all here turns twenty-six today! It’s hard to believe that Christopher Paolini sat down as a teenager over ten years ago and began what would become one of the most beloved fantasy novels of our generation. Since then, Christopher has inspired thousands of young adults to pick up a pen and paper to weave a fantasy tale of their own. His hard word, dedication, and imagination has shown even society’s most stubborn that a person’s age no longer dictates one’s accomplishments.

We all wish you a very happy birthday, Christopher! Just make sure to save us a bit of cake.

  • MrBill

    Look i love the books but you are taking way to long on the fourth book …am loseing intrest and you are no terry brooks by no means…lets get on with it unless your milking it for all its worth

  • elizabeth

    I’m so sorry Mr.CP!!!!!!

    my wishes are reaching you so late

    but still…..i like you and your books a lot

    may god bless you with all the happiness and success in your life

    happy belated birthday……..Sir………

    and waiting eagerly for more of your fabulous books…………

  • CallanDodds

    hey love the books hurry on book four happy birthday have fun but work hard you have procrastinated far to long but i do love the books give us a great book four

  • Fatima

    Hi. I’m Fatima.I live in India.Sorry I’m writing in so late.

    First of all, belated birthday wishes to Mr.Paolini.I’m a biiiiig fan of the inheritance cycle.I read Eragon when I was fifteen and was truly amazed to note that a person of my age could be so creative!!

    The plots, the characters, the secrets….. everything is just great.

    India might not be your first priority, but you must come to India for some book signing event or maybe to release the fourth book (for which i’m eagerly waiting).

    May the stars watch over you and May fortune smile upon me by giving me a chance to meet you.

    Till then, May your sword stay sharp and May you achieve new heights of success.

    Wishing you a great career ahead,

    Your ardent fan,


  • swapz

    hey Christopher….. i am your newest fan from India.. happy birthday(belated)….:)

  • Moonlight8670

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sorry I missed it. Take care and may God bless you.

  • KatieKorucho

    Happy birthday Christopher! I’d better say the same to myself, my birthday was on the 17th too! Only I turned sixteen and not twenty-six. It is because of you I want to write and become an author; I believe in destiny and finding out we have the same birthday, only you’re ten years older, settled it!

  • DrogoBoffin

    Happy Bday. I just turned 26 on the 19th.

  • chucksky

    i just want to wish u a happy birthday, i remember the exact day in which your novel was released and since then it has been hands down my favourite series of all time. you and your books have inspired me to start my own series so i want to thank u for the inspiration. so once again, i hope u had a great birthday and wish u the best in the future. im looking forward to reading the next book that comes out!

  • Jeremiah

    HaPpY BirThDaY! Dude you should so come to New Hampshire to sign books!

  • nienna.7

    Have the best 26th year ever!!! your books are soooo good. they inspired me to make dragons my new favorite animal haha.

  • Solenklier

    Happy Birthday!! Thank you SOOO MUCH for writing These books!! 😀 😀 😀

  • #$%&

    Happy late birthday!

  • Jesusfreak

    Happy (late) birthday Christopher!
    I absolutely LOVE your book. I can’t wait for the fourth one to come out.
    I hope you have a good year,

  • Rokua/Thanion

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    You’re Inheritance books are great! It helped inspire me to start writing my own series, though currently i’m stuck at chapter 1. 😛

    Happy Birthday!

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    Happy birthday Christopher!!!May you live long,live well and make us be on cloud nine with the 4th book!Eragon was the 1st fiction-book I read and Im really happy about it.Happy birthday again!(even if it is a bit delayed).

  • Evarinya

    We all love ya Chrissy xD

  • Brom22593

    Happy 26th Birthday, Christopher!(belated) thanks for writing some of the best books ive ever read in my life. looking foward to reading all your future books. your a great writer. and thank you for putting everyting you have into your writing, thats what makes your books so good. thanks again have a good one!

  • Benthedragon

    Happy birthday Christopher Paolini! Have a good birthday and thank you for making Eragon , Eldest and Brisingr. It really helps me sometimes when I feel sad or discouragred. Or when I get picked on at school for being wierd. And thank you for Inspiring me for wrighting my book I’ typing up. thank you so much. Thank you again. Good bye

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Don’t mean to double post, but I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!! Man, time really does fly when you are having fun!

    Anyways, I doubt you’re reading this, but if you happen to, Mr. Paolini, I just want to thank you so much for writing one of the best fantasy epics of our time. I read Eragon in just 4th grade, and even back then I could tell it was a true rarity. Inheritance always calms me down when I’m stressed out, and nothing puts me into a better mood than escaping from this world and going to Alagaesia to become Meghan SwiftSword.:)

    Your books have inspired me to write, and I’ve developed a love for reading and writing, and thanks to you, I’m on a writing team, pursuing a career as a writer. I just wanted to say thanks so much for inspiring me and many, many others that it’s not how old or how wise you are, it’s how hard you are willing to work at something you love. Thanks, and have a very happy birthday.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Happy belated birthday, Mr. Paolini!!

  • baj

    I may be a day or so late with this, but a very, very happy birthday to you Christopher Paolini and many more to come. I have thourougly enjoyed the Eragon series up to this point & look forward to reading the 4th & final book when it is released. You are a truly great author and I salute your imagination and creativity as you write each story. I am a part-time author myself, so I know the challenges but also the rewards that come with doing something you love to do. Keep up the good work and I hope to see Book 4 here soon. I will be asking for the new companion book for Christmas and looking forward to reading it. Again Happy Birthday (a day or so late) and I hope you have a great rest of the year!!!!

  • Terminator

    Haha, we should.

    Happy Birthday CP!

  • Daniel

    Happy birthday, Christopher.

    (I wonder if he’s looking at these… That’d be cool if he was. Maybe we can make a virtual birthday card for him. :D)

  • HappyBirthday

    Happy Birthday Chris, Sorry I’m a few days late!!!!!!!!

    You’re books are inspiring and amazing. I love them so much!! Thank you for all the wonderful words you have written.

  • MeghankaChakravarty

    Special Birthday Wishes…. though I am late 🙂

  • Evarinya

    xD We all love CP so much!

  • Bob

    Happy Birthday!

  • brisingrbrightscales


  • SamandCali

    happy bday Chrissy P.!!!!!!

  • Shayzlan2

    Happy Birthday Christopher. You’re certainly the best fantasy author of the decade! I hope you have a great birthday, and keep on writing!!

    – Thanks, Shayzlan*

  • kennethpennock

    happy birthday chritopher you have inspired me to write my own books

  • sirsimon

    I’m close to publishing my second novel, beginning my third. Paolini inspired me and I have to thank him for that,

    so thank you lol!

  • Evarinya


    HB CP! Have a good one :]

  • WhatsInAName

    He ain’t no spring chicken no mo’ yo!

  • Lurker

    Happy Birthday,

    You certainly inspire me, haha, being fifteen myself and in the process of writing my own novel. Maybe one day we’ll meet for a writer’s chat (chances being very slim… ah well). Keep improving and best wishes.

    -the Lurker

  • Joanna<3

    Thanks for writing your awesome books!! 😀 i can’t wait for the last one!!!!!!! Happy Birthday 😀

  • cplover

    ur awesome i hope u treated yourself to something today

  • Tulkas

    Happy birthday, Christopher.

  • baileyaccount

    Love your books, hope you enjoyed the day!
    Best wishes! 😀

  • RthuEndra

    Hope you have an awesome day! Glad that someone my age is out there writing books that me and others love!

    Happy birthday!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer


  • Dailynn

    Wow, can’t believe it’s been over TEN YEARS since he started writing Eragon… woah. Happy Birthday (belated)

  • oromisfan

    happy birthday! you are a great author! by the way, what is your favorite quote/conversation from all 3 books so far?

  • Firestone

    Very poetical, Mike, but still true. Well said!

  • sirsimon

    happy birthday Paolini, enjoy your special day!

  • alucard

    Wow, happy bday!
    That means its been ~10 yrs since Eragon was started…

  • wyrdan

    Happy B-day!!!!!!!!! , atra esterní ono thelduin


    anyway have an exellent day , and continue writting the fourth book (make a fifth book would not be a bad idea… XD)


  • Enza

    Happy Birthday Christopher! Treasure these 10 years that have made you a man and a great writer! I hope you can have many other years like these 😉 (also for us, your affectionate readers!) HB

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    There probably wouldn’t be much cake to be had if it was divided among everyone here at Shur’tugal . . .

    HB, CP.

  • Serenephile

    Many well wishes.

  • kendy.kendy


  • Jade&Ophelia

    ♥ Happy Birthday ♥

    I Love your work, and I know Book Four will be an excellent addition to the series.

    Ophelia ~ Atra onr agaetí waíse bjart un atra ono mor’ranr lífa unin onr hjarta

    (Ophelia is my dragon)

    Mor’ranr lífa

    ~ Jade & Ophelia

  • cooldude2012

    WOW!!!!! happy 26th brithday CP….. Hope u have fun and and its a good one!!!!!

  • aryasvkna

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER!!!! You are one amazing writer and have given me and countless others a wonderful place to escape to in Alagaesia. I don’t know what I would do without books like yours to get me through life. Whenever I’m stressed out or depressed, Inheritance gives me a much needed distraction and automatically puts me in a better mood. You inspire me to give my writing all I’ve got and to never stop. Thank you so much for everything you give to us fans and happy writing!!!! I <3 you! And HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  • feanarang

    Happy Birthday to CP! Happy Birthday to CP! Haaaaappy Biiiiiirrrrrthday dear Christopher…..
    Happy Birthday to CP!

  • Niartserof

    wow, he’s getting on up in age now isn’t he?

    @Vegtam, you write your book your way, but shut up about how another book was written if you don’t like it.

  • saphiraisthebest!

    happy birthday! i love you books they carry me away into distant lands when i am bored or don’t wish to think. i love your work and can’t wait for book 4

  • S4phir4

    HAppy B-DAy Chris! You just make us happy with your books and i cant wait to get my nose into Book IV

  • Ed

    Happy b-day Chris your books are the best i have read i cant wait till your fourth book is done

  • Taslin

    Happy Birthday!!

  • eragon7985

    Happy Birthday Christopher!

  • Bid’Daum

    happy bday christopher….sure would like a copy of the fourth book as a return gift…. lol..

  • Aurora

    Happy Birthday, indeed!

  • Vegtam

    Age may not dictate accomplishments, but it still correlates strongly to experience, ability and talent, which holds true in Paolini’s case.

    I think now would have been a perfect time to publish Eragon… _after_ 10 years of world, story and character development.