Signed Book Giveaways – Round Two! CLOSED

Every five days over the next month, Shur’tugal will be giving away copies of Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia and the Brisingr Deluxe Edition signed by Christopher Paolini. The books will be given away via random drawing. To be eligible to win, entrants must live within the United States and Canada. Be sure to check Shur’tugal over the next month for a chance to win during each round! To learn more on how to enter round two of the giveaway, continue reading!Here’s how the process will work:

– Entering into the random raffle will be done via a pop up box located below. You must submit your name and a valid email address.
– After 24 hours, our staff will close submissions to that rounds giveaways. Those who entered during that round’s giveaway submissions will be eligible for random selection to win one of two signed books. Those who missed the giveaway will have to wait for the next round.
– Winners are chosen at random.
– Winners will be contacted at their provided email address and will be asked to respond to the winning email within 48 hours. If we do not hear back from a winner after 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


– You must live within the United States or Canada to be qualified.
– You must use a valid email address when entering your information. You will be contacted at this email address if you are chosen to win.
– You may only enter once per round. People who enter more than once per round will be automatically disqualified from all rounds by our automated “scam checker”.
– If you win a signed book from any of the five rounds you will be unable to participate in the remaining giveaways.

Round two is now open for approximately 24 hours. After this time period, submissions will be closed and a random winner will be chosen. The next round will begin a few days later!

You may enter once per giveaway per round. Since we’re giving away two different books, we’ve set up two different entry forms. Fill in your information once per form per round! You must have popups enabled for the below links to open.

Click here to enter to win a signed copy of the Brisingr Deluxe Edition!

Click here to enter to win a signed copy of Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia!

Good luck and remember to check back every few days for a new round of giveaways! Entering in round two will only qualify you to win during round two. You must enter in each round to qualify to win in each round!

Round two is now closed! Check back for round two soon!

  • Brom22593

    when is the next round?

  • kendy.kendy

    Jade♥Ophelia, didn’t you know how to do the heart before? XD

  • CeldurShurtugal

    That still doesn’t answer my other question: My email includes the initials of the country it was made in(e.g. for China CN, for Australia AU, for United Kingdom UK). The email was made outside of the United States (US) and Canada (CA), and therefore, it includes the initials of a country different from these two eligible countries. Yet I am currently residing within…one of the two countries…not saying which in public. Will the raffle still consider me eligible?

  • Jade♥Ophelia

    @dravarian26: Yes, Round Two is closed.

    But, don’t worry, keep checking back for Round Three.


    Lol, what do you guys think? ♥ or &?

    Heart: Alt3/L

    press those buttons all at the same time a few times to make a ♥

    Mor’ranr Lifa

    ~ Jade & Ophelia

  • dravarian26

    Is it too late too enter this contest or is something wrong with it?

  • BlodhduabrEdocsil

    It works the way that a computer checks everything about the emails and the names that you use. if it is similar to another one a noticable amount, it will notify the admin at the time and the admin will check up on them. if they are 2 different people, he/she lets it pass, if not, then it is the boot. That is how it usually works, i dont know what mike is doing… Mike?

  • CeldurShurtugal

    two things. one, I entered an email with the abbreviations of a country that is not US or Canada, as the email was made outside of these two countries. Is it still eligible? two, how does this “scam checker” work? I clicked “Click here to enter to win a signed copy of Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia!” twice for round two, but only entered my name and email once. the first time was to see what information i needed to send, and the second time was to actually enter. Feeling a bit nervous about these two, i might not be eligible at all for these reasons. how does this raffle thingamajig work?

  • Mike

    If you share a computer with someone else, our system will only allow one entry per computer. It will prevent any second entry even if it is for a different person.

  • Mike

    It’s for USA and Canada only for both reasons – laws and shipping costs.

  • Evarinya

    Don’t worry, you are allowed to register for both on the same round!

  • Dreesirk

    Were we allowed to register for both in the same round? Because I did. Sorry If I wasn’t supposed to.

  • kendy.kendy

    Saeb, It’s because of the shipping.

  • Saeb

    It is a pity it is for US and Canada residents only. Is this because of conflicting laws on the international scale, shipping prices or something else entirely?

  • Tacoma

    If you win one of the books, say E.G.T.A, can you, in the next round, try for Brisingr D.E.??

  • Hayden

    i love inheritance, i hope i win!

  • Evarinya

    Can’t wait to see who wins!

  • kendy.kendy

    ‘Just cause I don’t have it and EGTA seems like it’s just telling us what we’ve read in the book. ‘

    Well, I am not from the USA, so I don’t have the E.G.T.A. but people here really like it because of the pictures. Have you seen the pictures that shurtugal post in the site? (as a link, of course) I really enojy Ellesméra! It’s wonderful..!

  • Stephen

    How does the “automated “scam checker”” work? I’m asking because I entered the contest, and I have a lil bro who also uses this computer that wants to enter; however, I’m afraid to let him because it might disqualify us both.

  • Solembumlover

    AHHHH i hope i win the contest!!!!

  • Jade&Ophelia


    If I do win I hope I win DE Brisingr. Just cause I don’t have it and EGTA seems like it’s just telling us what we’ve read in the book.

    Peace Live

    ~ Jade & Ophelia

  • Mike

    The reason for USA and Canada only is shipping reasons and some laws that make it challenging to have contests for other countries. Random House sponsored the books but did not issue any restrictions – those are from us.

  • kendy.kendy

    Brisingr, I think they told us it was because of the shipping. What about sending a book to.. China? or Brasil? Too expensive.

  • brisingr

    mike, i understand you must be from us or Canada, but why? Is it because of shipping reasons? Or because Random House wants it to be US/Canada?

  • kendy.kendy

    So, good luck Shadeslayer70, AHEM, and everyone here! -only USA people, of course-
    I’m so excited about the interview 🙂

  • Shadeslayer70

    Ahh, Rules. I don’t think i won the first round but perhaps i’ll have more luck in the second!

  • Bob

    Feel free to enter both contests! Bear in mind, though, if you win one, you’re disqualified from the other!

  • SMK18

    Can you enter both the Brisingr drawing AND the Guide to Alagaesia? Or just one of the two?

  • Bob

    If you saw the error last night when the contest first opened, your entry DID go through. So you’re all fine!

    On that note, the problem was fixed fairly quickly and nobody should be getting any more issues from the form.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Sorry, Mike (But, yes, it is going well. ;D)

    I don’t think I am going to enter. ;D

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    So the winners have already been emailed? Well, I guess that means I didn’t win round one. On to round 2!

  • Sarah

    I had the same glitch last night and when I tried entering again this morning, it acknowledged that I had already entered.

    So no worries!

  • blinkkandyoumissit

    yeah I encountered that glitch too; it won’t disqualify me to try it again, will it?

  • sirsimon

    Sorry about that Mike, I’ll be more cautious in future, I agree with you Bradley, I am to excited about the interview, you gotta thank the Shurtugal team for that.

  • kendy.kendy

    Mike, ‘Anyway, interview’s going up tomorrow (technically today, since it’s 1:30 am as I write this). So yeah, keep checking back. ‘

    wonderful! Thank you, shurtugal staff!!

  • annie

    Thank you

  • Chris

    That’s usually just a temporary glitch. Just try again.

  • annie

    I also get a MySQL error box when i tried to enter, what does that mean?

  • Bradley

    I can’t wait to see the September interview.

  • DragonFriend

    I LOVE Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr!!!!! I hope i win!!! 😀

  • BlodhduabrEdocsil

    Mike’s the big man, you gotta listen to him, lol. I cant wait for the draw, hope i win!

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Alright, after reading the post someone copied and pasted of something you said in october Mike, i’m just gonna wait patiently “/

    we are all human and lose patience sometimes. but im not gonna bother commenting bad stuff anymore “/

    and i dont know im commenting on here anyways seeing as im from the UK and can’t win :S oh well

    well done round one winners and i cant make a username to get ON the forums so …

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Wow, the interview is coming :D. Can’t wait Mike, thanks for everything you do on this site.

  • Mike

    Sirsimon, this is very obviously not a chat room nor is it a place to leave messages for friends. Please do so over IM or email, or register at to discuss things with your friends.

  • sirsimon

    Hey PadfootUnewraithSlayer, how’s the book going?

  • Bhen

    I’m sure there was nothing that could have justifiably broken any rules but thanks for your response anyway. I look forward to the interview.

  • Mike

    I personally didn’t remove a comment. If it was by another staff member, please remember that we do have rules here and if a post was deleted, it’s likely you broke one.

    Anyway, interview’s going up tomorrow (technically today, since it’s 1:30 am as I write this). So yeah, keep checking back.

  • Bhen

    I’m going to give you the benefit of doubt and assume that my earlier comment was removed by some error and not because you deleted it – that would just be petty.

    Seriously, how can you do this and not the interview? It has been months in the waiting and yet you find time to organise another competition!

  • Evarinya

    Haha, good job to the winners :]

  • Antonio

    I get a MySQL error 🙁
    Please fix it…

  • EbirithilAbrBrisingr

    I hope i win!

  • Mike

    Also, due to privacy reasons we will not be releasing the names of the winners.

  • Mike

    Winners from round one have been emailed! If you entered in round one, please check your email to see if you were a winner. 🙂

    Good luck on round two!