Exclusive Sneak Peek at Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia!

Our friends at Random House have given us an exclusive look at two folds from Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia, a visual book written by Eragon himself for future Riders of Alagaesia. The book takes readers on a journey through Alagaesia to meet never-before-illustrated people, creatures, and places in the Inheritance cycle, as well as offering information on each narrated by Eragon himself. The book was written by Christopher Paolini and illustrated by a dedicated team of talented artists who made their best effort to stay as true to Christopher’s vision as possible and it certainly shows in these exclusive spreads! Continue reading for a look at two spreads from the book as well as details on our upcoming giveaways and how you can get your hands on a copy of this book!Each spread we’re offering is very large in size due to each being an entire scan of a folded-out book. By clicking the image, you may zoom in to read each spread’s narration.

Dragon Riders

The first spread contains a beautiful illustration of Eragon flying on Saphira and discusses Dragon Riders, the Rimgar, Rider swords, the bond between dragon and Rider, as well as the Gedwey Ignasia.

Click here to view the Dragon Riders spread.


The second spread offers our first look at the forest of Ellesmera. The spread’s illustration contains several elven buildings grown out of tree trunks deep within the heart of Du Weldenvarden. The spread’s narration discusses the elven capital as well as Du Weldenvarden, elven architecture, elven celebrations, and elven clothing.

Click here to view the Ellesmera spread.

Looking to get your hands on a copy? Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia releases in the United States and Canada on November 3rd and can be pre-ordered through Amazon.com for only $16.49 (saving $8.50!).