Brisingr Deluxe Edition Updates – Galbatorix Art!

We recently posted that the intended release date for the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr was October 23rd. This information was incorrect. The release date for the Deluxe Edition is this coming Tuesday, October 13th!

We’ve also received an update on the Deluxe Edition’s content. It will no longer include the artwork of Glaedr’s eye – instead it will feature a new piece of artwork done by Christopher Paolini himself – Galbatorix! This will be our first author-approved (or in this case, author illustrated) visualization of Galbatorix! For more information on the Deluxe Edition, click here.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the Brisingr Deluxe Edition for only $19.79 (saving you over $10!) through!

  • Evarinya

    Hurray for Allison!

  • Chris

    The designs are being done by Allison (Administrator of our forums), by the by.

  • Evarinya

    Wow.. writing in purple.. WICKED!
    what an awesome layout!!
    Keep up the good work guys

  • kendy.kendy

    Mike, ‘Maybe in the future we’ll offer the option to choose your layouts.’ wonderful!

    ..and I’m glad to hear the celebrations here; deluxe edition, guide to alagaesia, halloween.. yup, AWESON! you’re really creative guys..!

  • Mike

    It isn’t around for good. Just a week or two to celebrate the Deluxe Edition. We’ll be switching in a Halloween layout for Halloween, then switching to another NEW layout to celebrate Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia. 🙂

    Maybe in the future we’ll offer the option to choose your layouts.

  • Daniel

    It’s pretty cool, Mike. 🙂 Better than some of the older ones definitely!

  • Mike

    Still working on some of the colors. The ads take a few hours to switch over, unfortunately.

  • Daniel

    AAAAHHH!!!!!! NEW SKIN IS AWESOME (but the ad at the bottom is still in Glaedr Gold)!!!!

  • SolembumRulesTheEarth

    Hmmm…I think the Deluxe Edition, is a good thing, but the deal is is that I would rather by it if it released when the normal Brisingr did. I mean, why would you spend the money on two different books of the same story?

    And there is no way any self-respecting Inheritance fan would not own their own copy when the book originally released. I myself would actually rather own a Deluxe copy, but I don’t like waiting a year or however long to buy it. And I’m sure as heck not going to rent a copy or borrow one, and wait for the Deluxe copy to come out.

    Don’t get me wrong…like I said, I’d rather own a Deluxe copy, but I don’t see the point in buying another copy of Brisingr. I would, however, buy it if they offered it when Brisingr originally came out….

  • Evarinya

    It all sounds pretty awesome to me. Anything more about the cycle is sweet music to my ears. I’d pay to get it, but im broke.. haha, I spent all of my money on books!

  • Terminator

    Well, deleted scenes are always worth it I guess.

    Wait, CP’s trying to make a profit off of Brisingr? Duh.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I see your point. Like I have said, I will proberbly buy it (providing that I can also afford the guide later on) or I shall get it for christmas. I can’t wait for the stuff that’s in it…wish there was an excerpt for Book 4 though 🙁 (it’s not like he hasn’t written any, probs all the spoilerific bits he’s done though…as a writer I find these to be the most interesting bits to write) is the pic of Galby still in the Guide?

  • Mike

    No one is cheating anyone. Saying that they’re out for a profit is fairly obvious – everyone in the world exists to make a “profit”, especially large companies. However, saying CP is cheating anyone is just ridiculous. Is anyone forced to buy this book? No. Are a lot of people perfectly happy with paying money to get a Deluxe copy of the book with new content? Yes. If it isn’t for you, oh well. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t for anyone else.

    A LOT of people are looking forward to this book and a lot are going to be buying it (tons have already preordered). I recognize that some of you feel it isn’t worth it but it is to others, obviously.

    And lets not kid ourselves here. Plenty of content providers release “deluxe edition” re-releases of content with bonus content. Books, movies, CDs. For example, I just bought a re-release of my favorite band’s CD this week featuring a few extra remixes and a new song. Worth it to me. Not worth it to someone else? Sure. But they aren’t forced to buy it.

  • kendy.kendy

    ‘ @Kendy: Don’t get me wrong, I love the books and, providing I can afford it, I will buy the deluxe edition. Paolini is a brilliant writer, I just think that the normal and deluxe editions should be released at the same time for a slightly higher price.’

    Yes… Saying like that I agree with you. But the other post was… Ok, I don’t want to argue with you. But yes! It could be so much better to buy just one book..!

  • Jonathan

    Well, I agree with Emerdarfan. Can someone please tell us why it can’t be accessed? And I am sorry that, like they said, it is off topic. But for many guests, this is the only place to post.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    @Kendy: Don’t get me wrong, I love the books and, providing I can afford it, I will buy the deluxe edition. Paolini is a brilliant writer, I just think that the normal and deluxe editions should be released at the same time for a slightly higher price.

  • kendy.kendy

    CrystalDragon\’sLament , ‘CrowsEye: I respect your opinion but is this really the place to put it? Most of the people who visit this site come here becuase they love the books, not hate them. If you want vampires then that’s what vampire books are for. But hey, it’s your opinion, just as this is ours.’

    Yes… what I said..

    ‘Don’t dwarves use the same alphabet as humans?)’ ooh! guy you really catch everything! Yes, I think you’re right.. maybe are ancient runes, I don’t know..

    ‘If you ask me, the whole idea of the Deluxe Edition versions is a complete money spinner.’

    Maybe… But I think it worth buying it. Emm, I mean if you REALLY like Eragon, then you’ll probably buy this stuff (Like many of us) If you don’t like it at all and think it’s a waste of money and CP is ‘cheating us’ (as you said..) then don’t buy it. I take your point, it’s your opinion, and this is my opinion.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    If you ask me, the whole idea of the Deluxe Edition versions is a complete money spinner. I know there’s ‘extra content’ (well, a little anyway) and that makes you all think that buying the deluxe edition would not be a waste of money…in that case buying the normal copy was a waste of money because that will become pointless and just get dusty on a shelf (what with having the original content inthe deluxe edition). If you ask me, they should either release normal and deluxe at the same time (with a slightly higher price tag on the deluxe and more extra content) or have a system where you can hand in your original copy to get money off the deluxe edition. Don’t get me wrong..I am a massive fan of the series (and, sadly, I will proberbly waste this money for the two good things) but I think it is unfair how CP is cheating us all like this…he is proberbly worth hundreds of thousands as it is (if not millions) so I don’t see how he needs us to buy this extra stuff with money we simply don’t have.

  • Bid’Daum

    mate, hate to bug you again but please please upload the interview soon?? i think i read brisingr about 10 times in the past week….

  • CrystalDragon’sLament

    We got the book early at the book store I work at and was allowed to buy it ‘cuz it’s not on a strict release! In my opinion it was totally worth it. But then again, I’m one of those crazy people. Haven’t read all the deleted scenes yet but I really enjoyed CP’s image of Galbatorix and the dwarven runes are interesting. Plus it’s all pretty and new. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the guide early too but you never know. As to saving money, that’s why I work in a book store.

    CrowsEye: I respect your opinion but is this really the place to put it? Most of the people who visit this site come here becuase they love the books, not hate them. If you want vampires then that’s what vampire books are for. But hey, it’s your opinion, just as this is ours.

  • iHateElves

    I totally agree with you. Even if their is interesting content within the DE, I HIGHLY doubt any important content is within. I agree on the image as well… CP’s image of Galby is no doubt different than mine…

  • Terminator

    Like Daniel said, I’m torn between Eragon’s Guide and the Deluxe ed. But, to see Galbatorix has got to be worth it.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    The picture of Galbatorix intrigues me, but I don’t really think I would cough up 15 bucks(at minimum) to read a couple of deleted scenes and to see a guide to dwarf runes.(Don’t dwarves use the same alphabet as humans?) I’d probably glance at the artwork of the big G if I saw the deluxe edition in the store, but beyond that . . .

  • Terminator

    Galbatorix? Wow….thts even better than CP first promised.

    I’m assuming he didn’t do the pic of Eragon holding Brisingr?

  • kendy.kendy

    CrowsEye, yes maybe you’re right.. But many people enjoy reading this book.. I enjoy it. but, is it neccessary (if you don’t like eragon) to post a comment like that? I take your point but I think is not.. appropriate for this web site.

  • Daniel

    I’m torn between Brisingr Deluxe, Eragon’s Guide, and saving my money. It’s a hard decision… Maybe if one of my friends doesn’t get the Brisingr Deluxe, I’ll buy it, but there’s still the issue of Eragon’s Guide and anything else I may need.

  • Ruydragon

    isn’t this more of a spoiler to the 4th book? What I mean is that we never seen Galby in the books, only mentioned about a hundred times. Now seeing his picture rather reading a chapter of him seems…odd. I may be wrong, for Saphira and Thorn had had their picture before we knew who they were. I guess people cannot help themselves until the last book comes.

  • S4phir4

    @ CrowsEye
    Yeah, i agree with you. But cant you See that its fascinating for some guys?

  • CrowsEye

    I cant agree with you Mike.. Only the young would, IMO, be willing to pay $15 to $18 for this ” great new content “.. I also can’t see what’s great about it. You have a picture of Galbatorix, which is cool, but I would rather keep my own image of him, because my imagination has made it just right. The deleted scenes were deleted for a reason, I cant see whats so important about them. And the new information on the races of Alagaesia doesn’t do it for me. I’ve gotten out of the typical, traditional fantasy, ” dragons, dwarves, and elves, ” with happy endings and good guys and bad guys and the hero gets the girl.. blah blah .. If the characters and races in the series were original and realistic then I could see buying a book just for them, but not here in this series. A dwarf is a dwarf, regardless of the differing folk lore and tradition that comes with different books and series’. Now say, a cross between a dwarf and a vampire, a short, brutish, blood sucking vampire – dwarf… Well, give me that and I will definately go buy a seperate book about them. This just isn’t interesting enough to compel me.

  • jeremy

    ok cool

  • fan404

    sry im posting a theory here, but ima guest, so i have a theory about the rock of kuthan. remember in eragon, page 120 it says *Above them, growing larger with every step, loomed utgard. the black ROCK! of a mountian obsorbed sunlight…* just a theory, tho…

  • Mike

    Let me answer some of these questions:

    Will there be an excerpt from Book 4 in the Deluxe Edition? Nope.

    Will we be posting any content from the Deluxe Edition? Nope. This means we will not be posting any copies of the pictures included, nor will we be posting the deleted scenes or guide to dwarven runes. NONE of the Deluxe Edition content will be available for viewing online.

    I realize that many of you are younger people without a source of income. However, please realize that if you feel compelled to see all of this new content, it’s probably worth the $15-18 to buy a copy. The “I already have a copy” argument isn’t too valid because of all of the new, great content in it. If you want to see it, you have to pick up a copy.

  • alucard

    That’s INSANE!!! did nobody know of this until now?

  • EmerdarFan

    I’m sorry this is off topic, but this is the only place I know how to comment. Can someone tell me why Emerdar is no longer on the fanfiction list?

  • codeywhite

    can\’t wait for that first pic of galbatorix and what the extra scenes!nd i just read brisingr like a week ago haha

  • kendy.kendy

    So much better! I can’t wait..!

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Cool! Galbatorix… should be much anticipated.:) Can’t wait!!

    Isn’t “Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia” supposed to feature it too??

  • S4phir4

    they wanna make more money till eragon IV is comeing out

  • ShurtugalLiam

    oh cool 🙂 galby … finally … sicne the film ive always pictured him to be like john malkovich lol. but still … WILL you be posting the deleted scenes? cause tbh im not going to buy something vie already giot … BIG FAN and all 🙂 but i just think bringing out a deluxe edition a year after the original is a bit pointless …..

  • K

    Yes! Hopefully Amazon will ship it out to Australia for me sooner now 🙂

  • S4phir4

    I don’t think that they’re allowed to because of Copyright…

  • Kevmo

    that is really cool. im sure it will be a great illustration. what i would like to know is will there be an excerpt from the 4th book like there has been in previous deluxe editions. and if so, will you post it on here? and if you will post the deleted scenes that will be in the deluxe version that wasn’t in the original brisingr.

  • SolembumRulesTheEarth

    yes! We finally get to see Galbatorix. I’ve always wondered what he looked like….I absolutely can’t wait for the Guide!

  • S4phir4

    Finally you changed the Counter 😉

  • Shadeslayer70

    Oh my god thats so cool!

  • feanarang

    Sounds awesome. To finally see King Galbatorix… Wow.

  • Evarinya

    Amazing!!!!! Wow… I sooo want to see it.

  • Potterinhericycleblogger

    SWEET!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!! It sounds so cool! 🙂