Junior Riders Academy Opens Their Arena!

Random House’s newest Inheritance cycle promotion, the Junior Riders website, recently launched its game section, which now includes four flash-based games in their Training Arena, three of which are currently playable. Participating in the games allows you to collect points, to be kept as records on the website. The week’s top participators are displayed on the website for all to see!

You can check out the recently added games over at Alagaesia.com. Keep in mind that the Junior Riders Academy is geared toward a younger audience.

  • Brightwatcher

    How do you get there? I can’t figure out how…

  • kendy.kendy

    MeghanSwiftSword, haha. Nor do I..! Believe me.. I just visit the website and it wasn’t that bad! I showed the game to many friends (younger than me) ans they liked it very much.. Also you can see there other interviews or whatever..

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    I’m not really a younger audiance, but I’ll check it out!!

  • Brightwatcher

    I enjoy visiting Shur’tugal.com so much! I think that it is my favourite place to visit online. I especially love the Fan Fiction so much. I visit it every single day!


  • Daniel

    Wow, it worked in Safari.

  • Daniel

    I’ll have to see if I can register with Safari. I’m using IE8 now.

  • Elzeth

    I got in! It might have something to do with the server you’re using- because when I was using Firefox all I got was a blank box when I tried to play a game and then when I visited on Safari it worked!

  • DuSkulblakaDrottning

    I just tried the JRA like ten minutes ago, and it didn’t do anything. I didn’t even get a menu. Just a screen with the Academy icon on it.

  • Mike

    I’ll let Random House know about the registration issue. 🙂

  • Daniel

    But other people have obviously gotten through because I saw some of the high scores. :-/

  • Chris

    That was my problem

  • Daniel

    Has anyone not been able to register a name?

  • Evarinya

    Sounds cool!

  • Chris

    I couldn’t get the games to work lol

  • 1076

    Ha ha I’ll visit the website now..!