Christopher Paolini Online Chat

Christopher Paolini will be joining fellow fantasy author Terry Brooks for an online chat with friends and fans on Wednesday, October 14th from 7 PM to 8 PM EDT. The interview will take place on, Random House’s fantasy and sci-fi blog! We’ll be sure to cover the event on Shur’tugal as well as post a chat transcript as soon as one becomes available. For more information on the event, including a blurb on Terry Brooks as well as time information for readers in other United States time zones, keep reading!So just who is Terry Brooks? Well, to be honest, we’re surprised if you don’t know!

Terry Brooks published his first novel, The Sword of Shannara, in 1977. Since then, he has written 28 books including the New York Times bestselling Genesis of Shannara novels Armageddon’s Children, The Elves of Cintra, and The Gypsy Morph; the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy: Ilse Witch, Antrax, and Morgawr; the High Druid of Shannara trilogy: Jarka Ruus, Tanequil, and Straken; The Word and the Void trilogy: Running with the Demon, A Knight of the Word, and Angel Fire East; the nonfiction book Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons from a Writing Life; and the novel based upon the screenplay and story by George Lucas, Star Wars:® Episode I The Phantom Menace.™ The author was a practicing attorney for many years but now writes full-time. He lives with his wife, Judine, in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a quick reference guide for United States timezones:

For eastern United States residents, the chat will take place between 7 and 8 PM.
For central United States residents, the chat will take place between 6 and 7 PM.
For mountain zone United States residents, the chat will take place between 5 and 6 PM.
For western United States residents, the chat will take place between 4 and 5 PM.

If you’re from outside of the United States or are unsure which US time zone you fall under, please reference the free time zone resource located at

  • mikepousson

    when will the firth book come out

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Yeah, but I won’t go and say that I don’t like Star Wars. It’s kinda nerdy, especially if you are one of those over-obsessed fans, but I’m not. I still like it, even if I’m a little too old to.:) For example, I got the video game “Star Wars the Force Unleashed” and havn’t been able to stop playing it.:)But I’m not over 17!!:D

  • kendy.kendy

    iHateElves, Oh yes! I agree with you. It’s nonsense to compare eragon with star wars. But I’ve seen many google stuff about this..! It’s not fair, CP is a very talented man, he doesn’t copy others to write..

  • iHateElves

    For you people out there comparing star wars…
    Many, many, maaaaaany stories/books/movies have been authored/made so it is not uncommon for there to be similarities between different stories/books/movies… Its like saying a leaf looks the same as a rock if you paint the rock green… All it takes is some slight thinking and a little imagination to put to stories on the line of similar…

  • allhaleeragon

    Mr. Paolini,

    Will the gray folk play any role in book 4, or will they just still be a dead people, playing on the perifory of the story?

  • 1076

    Saphorn, Maybe it’s similar but Eragon is a fantasy book. I really enjoy reading it. And Star Wars is a science fiction film (I don’t mind seeing it but I don’t like it at all..)

    So, It can be similar but not the same… And Star Wars is in a sort of future whereas Eragon is a fantasy world.

  • M194

    heh am back bah!!!! ihate starwars too nerdie for me hey wheres the fourth question sension its been two months

    if egg fragments dont lose color?

    there some in eldest greeen ohh but i doubt its hatch

  • Saphorn

    Don’t you think that Inheritance is really close to LotR or Star Wars? I mean, Brom=Obi-Wan, Oromis=Yoda, Eragon=Luke, Arya =Leia(sort of)? In LotR, there are Elves and Dwarves, Emperor=Galbatorix, Murtagh=Vader, Morzan=Dooku(sort of). Just think about it!

  • Evarinya

    Thanks Kendy :]

    Nah.. If greeny hatched for arya, would she keep it a secret? Wouldn’t you notice a little dragon flying around?? I think Eragon would notice.

  • Bid’Daum

    @Gelderien : Yeah methinks the third dragon has already hatched for arya…and as for where he might go, my money would be on alalea….oh man i cant wait for the 4th book!!

  • Bid’Daum

    We’re all on tenterhooks here…you the man!! this site…

  • 1076

    Evarinya, yes! very creative name..! =D I like it…
    Peter, tenth time..? haha, me too! or more, really can’t remember..

    Any news about book 4..?

  • Evest

    lol I like stars too. My dream is to be an astronaut by the way, Ironically I need perfect vision.

    Do we have to be members to chat or shurtugal would just make a list of questions again?

  • Evarinya

    Evarinya means star… Thats why its my name x]
    Stars are the best

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Ah. Good to be back… Terry Brooks! I love the Shannara books! Anybody else read them? And if anyone has, which one’s your favorite? Mine’s a cross between the Sword of Shannara and the Wishsong of Shannara. And C.P. has a comment in the back of one of the books that says something like,”If you haven’t read Terry Brooks, you haven’t read fantasy.” So I would encourage anyone to read them while we are waiting for book 4. Well, I probably won’t be back for awhile(:(), so peace!

  • peter

    when is the fourth bookdue out in the inheritance cycle just read brisinger for the tenth time can’t what for the next book,i’m 45 yrs old ilove it and so do my four kids keep up the good work, pete

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Star or stars, you get what I mean.

  • Vegtam


    “Vegtam, evarinya is star”

    Ah. Wait, shouldn’t that be pluralised? What’s “stars” then, “evarinyaya”? “everiny’ya”?

  • sirsimon

    I thank you Mike for working so hard on this site, your devotion needs much praise, but i have a question, when is Paolini releasing his next newsletter? I am starving for news on book 4, thanks mate.

  • Evarinya

    I cant wait… Omggggggg
    *bangs head on desk*

  • Firestone

    Oh, and I have a question. The website says ” . . . for an online chat with friends and fans on Wednesday, October 14th. . .” does that mean anyone can chat him at that time? I have another one too, will you be giving the questions for this months interview during this next months chat thing, or will you not even be in the chat? Thanks.

  • Firestone

    Thank you very much, Mike, for what you do. We who can think totally understand. You are doing a great job, and any of us who can understand or reason correctly thank you for your unfailing devotion to this site and the series. Thank you very much.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Mike, I’m just inquiring, are you lot going to have something for Halloween, like a costume contest or something? Just wondering.

  • noobydude

    Eragon is a really good book. It is my favorite book. I wish that Christopher Paolini would hurry up and write the 4th book. I look it up everyday. I am going to explode if he doesn’t hurry up. I want to read the book now. Oh my god I want to ready the book now.

  • Padfoot

    Vegtam, evarinya is star, varda is warded or something of that sort.

    Atra du evarinya ono vard.
    Ai varden abr du Shur’tugalar gata vanta.

  • ILikeEragon

    or Undbitr

  • D

    I think a good title for book 4 is Fricaya.

  • Evarinya

    Oh its alright. We all just need a bit of patience.

  • Daniel

    Chris, I really hate that word, but it seems that it’s become the staff’s favorite on this site… Oh, well. :-/

  • Gelderien

    Mr Paolini

    Atra Esterni Ono Thelduin (sorry if the spelling is not right but i’m greek person)
    I Just want to ask you…. If Eragon leave Alagaesia where will he go? Will there be other dragons? and most of all why do you choose to write that the green egg was hatched and the dragon with the dragon rider are hiding? You may not metion something like that in the eldest and brisingr but i know that you will write it that way….

    Best Regards Gelderien

  • Chris

    It will be a little while.

  • Bid’daum

    Mike, i know you’re totally swamped n all but could you like tell us how far away the monthly Q&A with CP is?? Like a rough idea?

  • Vegtam

    ALFreak: Look up an Old Norse dictionary, everything else is in there. Ofolr hvitr stjarna, I’d guess.

    Oh wait, Paolini’s word for star is ‘varda’. “Ofolr varda hvitr”, then.

    Mike: Keep it coming! 😀 Your time and effort are greatly appreciated.

  • ALfreak

    does anyone know the words for:



    and star

    in the ancient language

  • Evarinya

    So excited for the interview!!!!!

  • Giulia

    Mike, you are doing a great job! Can’t wait to read the fourth q&a. Thank you very much for the news and all about the cicle. This is the best website of it there is =)

  • 1076

    Ok, sorry Chris! Mike, ‘Our next interview with CP is still a bit away. I haven’t submitted the questions to Christopher yet but I will be within the next day. Things have been VERY busy. Good things are coming though. ‘

    WONDERFUL..! Thanks for telling us what’s going on! =D

  • Chris

    Keep the talk relevant to the news now, thanks.

  • 1076

    Did he really say that? Ok, many of us were little upset… But that was too much!

  • ShurtugalLiam

    lol 😛 well yeah, he was like “i got four words for you Mike I WANT THE INTERVIEW NOW”, so Mike blocked him =P too right as well, he.she was always moody and picky about news and stuff “/ really depressing tbh …

  • 1076

    Ok, thank you for the answers..!

  • mufajir01

    well the guy basically insulted the entire shurty staff!! i mean u dont just take those kinds of comments without doing something about it!

  • Chris

    I was just being nice by not responding to any of the criticism about the interview, but I would have suspended him if I would have seen that first.

    And these type of chats are usually moderated. Shouldn’t have any dumb questions….

  • 1076

    hey! why did you block r.i.pAjihad ? Just I want to know 🙂 I really don’t know who is haha..!

  • ShurtugalLiam

    I agree with you for blocking r.i.pAjihad Mike, honestly 🙂

    i think you’re doing a great job & bills am bitches :L but im thankful i dont have to pay them yet …. XD

    Cant wait for the transcript of the video thingy … cause like i got a REAL crap comp so i dont think ill be going on a website with THAT much traffic XD lol


  • 1076

    ‘There’s going to be a LOT of traffic on I don’t know how they’re going to manage it. Can’t wait to read the chat transcript though.’

    Ha ha, I really agree with you..!

    Here’s hoping they don’t ask any repetitive or insane questions (like, “Christopher, will you marry me?”).

  • WOH

    Hey, are you guys going to be covering the release of Brisngr and the guid to alagaesia book?? I hope so!

  • Negin

    There’s going to be a LOT of traffic on I don’t know how they’re going to manage it. Can’t wait to read the chat transcript though.

    Here’s hoping they don’t ask any repetitive or insane questions (like, “Christopher, will you marry me?”).

  • feanarang

    Way to lay down the law, Mike!

    Those of us with any common decency know that those of you who are Shurty staff are volunteers, and that you have lives as real and as busy (or more, because you’re also running this website) as the rest of us. Like I stated on the last news item, life takes priority over running a website about a fictional work, no matter how good that fictional work is.

    Keep up the good work guys, we really appreciate it!

    Daniel, a lightning bolt would have done just fine, though if you did use a lightning bolt, it appears you zapped the spam and our comments about it right out of existence. lol.

  • LtMooch

    I really don’t mind the how long it takes mostly because I visit this site every few days and like to read the comments or browse the forums.
    And every fortnight or two you post an interview or something else that I enjoy.

    So Thank You.

  • Daniel

    Knuckle touch, Mike! 🙂

    So are the questions all decided upon, or are you still in that process. There were a lot of questions this time around. Just curious here.

  • Evarinya

    Oh.. You just got PWNED

  • Evarinya

    Mike and shurty staff, Please do not listen to r.i.p.ajihad
    They don’t know what they are saying..
    just being rude and unappreciative.
    You guys are the best, thanks for the update

  • Mike

    Please enjoy your vacation from posting comments on my website, r.i.p.ajihad. Remember – I do what I do for free. You don’t pay to use my website. I try my best. If you don’t like my best, leave.

    The interview will be posted when it’s posted. I have other important jobs and I have bills to pay. I’m sorry if this is a tough concept to grasp.

  • Potterinhericycleblogger

    I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!!!

  • r.i.p.ajihad

    Mike, I know you’re website is really cool and all that, and you’re pretty amazing too. But you’ve got to stop taking advantage of our loyalty and faithfulness. Its the 23d and you haven’t even submitted the questions?!?!
    * As far as I know, you ain’t a superhero, so you cant be busy saving the world.
    * You ain’t in Sydney, so you aren’t affected by the Dust Storm thing.
    So, the only thing to conclude is, you’re just a ripe, young fellow like the rest of us keeping his head down and studying. Now, as far as I know, I haven’t met or seen someone as busy as you.
    Mike, I got four words:


  • Eragondragon

    sweet, terry brooks is awesome, every1 needs to read sword of shanara!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer


  • Daniel

    Thanks Mike! Always nice to know what’s happening behind the scenes.

  • dragonassassin123

    what about the monthly q & a thing?

  • Mike

    Our next interview with CP is still a bit away. I haven’t submitted the questions to Christopher yet but I will be within the next day. Things have been VERY busy. Good things are coming though.

  • waterbug

    AWWWWWWWWWWW Those two are my favorite authors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait at all……….Can it happen any sooner????

  • Daniel

    So anyone can do that chat, right? I’ve got plenty of questions that I’ve been saving for CP.

    Will a lightning bolt do, Feanarang?

  • alucard


    after >1 month of nothingness.
    Good thing its not 4 a while, I’m swamped with homework.

  • feanarang

    Haha, Daniel.

    BTW, I think Blackfang needs to do some work on that spam in the last news post…

  • Daniel

    The interview, at the moment, seems to have fallen into an inter-dimensional rift and is unaccessable until the clean-up team gets to Mike’s house.

  • KevMo

    That online interview is going to be hella packed. i bet it will be difficult to get our questions answered with everybody posting things at once.

  • feanarang

    Sweet! I’m gonna have to check it out.

    Um… Mike/Chris/Robert? Any news on the latest interview’s transcript? Is it safe to assume that it’ll be out soon since you’re posting news?

  • Daniel

    ZOMG! Im gonna have to get in on this!

  • mufajir01

    but yeah it does!!

  • Jakob

    Sounds interesting

    First to comment!! 😀