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  • Fernparn

    If one was to right a glyph in the ancient language (exampleÇ risingr, adurna, vindr etc) would that glyph have power? for example, if you forged a sword and incribed a glyph in the ancient language to protect the sword, would it work?

  • RinoaHeartilly

    hmmm, well fine how about;

    is arya’s sword have the same or similar enchantments as a riders sword since it was made by the elves and is rhunon the only elf smith with knowledge of enchanting weapons?


    in eldest when dealing with religion it kind of focused on that fact that gods dont exist and argued that point but in brisingr it had the opposite arguements and even had an “appearence” of a god. Was there any particular meaning in why you wrote it like that?

  • Terafeir

    How long were perspective riders given with an egg? Since it took so long for Saphira to hatch for Eragon i was just wondering?

  • danthge

    could a rider have brightsteel wepon thats not a sword????

  • BigBrownEyez93

    If a dragons egg has been touched by many people and it hatches, then how do we know who its chosen rider is?

  • int.boii

    In Eragon Brom told Eragon that dragons can grow to be the size of hills. So if a rider’s dragon is really that big, how do they expect to land in enclosed spaces like Ellesmera?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Have you ever pursued sword-play as a sport?

  • Link

    Could energy only be stored in something that is carbon based, like a plant animal or dimond.

  • Link

    Could Eragon be able to steal energy from things other than animals and plants? Could he steal energy from light or fire?

  • shedelover

    i read the comments over here and there were many about durza sword and there is noting about it in the books except that it was really powerfull and can it match and of the riders swords???

  • Kate

    Could Eragon’s true name be closely linked with the nature of dragons or their magic? Considering the dragons’ ability to breathe fire, Eragon summons fire unconsciously when using his sword; and “Brisingr” was the first ancient word, and act of magic, that he discovered, again, without conscious effort. This afinity with fire, together with how the dragons at the Ageti Blohdren chose to change him when such an act had never before occured, makes me think that Eragon’s nature may be more closely linked with the race of Dragons than is normal, perhaps giving us a hint as to his true name?

    Thanks! Can’t wait for book 4, and would cry with happiness if the series was extended to 5 books! :’)

  • Kendra

    Why do the elves not have a religion. Most of the others I have read about do. Just curious.

  • Grabnarg

    If telepathy uses magic to manipulate another persons brain, then how do people block others from their brain (especially non-magic users) ?

    Also in Eragon page 156 Brom says, “As i said before, with the right instruction anyone can talk with their minds, but with differing amounts of success.” how can anyone learn to talk with their mind if it involves magic to accomplish ?

  • Smiley

    Eragon told Roran that the only way elves can make themselves younger was to lose their memories. But if elves can make their body look different, then why can\’t they make themselves look younger?

  • durza&varaug

    where did durza’s sword come from anyways? did he steel it or got it made as we know that it is very powerfull

  • Vijay

    Can you give us a rough date for the release of the fourth book?

  • Vijay

    Why did Thorn hatch for Murtagh? Didn’t Galbatorix immediately imprison Murtagh?

  • Willow

    Are dragons immortal?

  • InheritanceFan

    Are werecats immortal like elves or Riders?

  • durza/theshade564

    If you are a sorcerer or a shade and you get to much energy from a spirit can that spirit die?

  • dragon

    dude gladr didnot know that eragon was seeing through him and the inisible spell shields are wardswhich don’t protect the mind

  • shurtugaloo7

    PISSEDOFF u 2 should use u’r brains. Gladear in brisingr says that there invisible-shield were exausted. the question was why did’nt he use it when he was fighting murtagh.

    I am sorry staff and Christopher Paolini, this post is not a question, but some folks needs to learn manners. I was just doing my job.

  • dragon

    how did eragon look into glaedr’s mind without his knowing in the battle of feinster

  • shurtugaloo7

    our magical abilities are binded by our physical properties and OUR VOCABULARY OF ANCIENT LANGUAGE. in eragon how come eragon uses the word ‘Brisingr’ to fight the urgals when he didnt know it.

  • KevMo

    In Brisingr, when Eragon and Nasuada were looking at the injured soldiers and they came across the “insane” soldier who was claiming to see lights even though he was blind. Was he actually seeing lights? and if so, What would cause this kind of vision and what are the lights he is seeing?

  • aussiebra

    As book 2(Eldest) states…..

    Linnea slays her (ex)lover, when he was with his (new)love…..a young maiden

    ……was this young maiden …Arya…… and “Linnea’s (ex)lover”…the one in the second fairth (of a younger male elf)…adorning the walls of Arya’s bedroom……??

    (or probably the betrayal faced by Linnea is the reason why Arya fears falling in love with Eragon,

    that (young) Eragon might abandon her…. just as Linnea’s (ex)lover spurned Linnea…..)…Is it??

  • rob

    These questions are ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous, and I feel so bad for you Shurty staff, to have to waste time sorting through asinine questions from these little kids. And now to the question, which has been asked before, but Im hoping if many ask the same question that it will be posed to Paolini.

    So far throughout the cycle, the POVs have been of the same characters. I found this dissapointing and was overjoyed to read from Saphiras POV, not just because she is a dragon, but because she\’s a different character. So my question is will you write from Arya\’s POV, or Orik, or Murtagh, or Galbatorix even, just anyone other than Eragon, Roran, and Nasuada? Will new POV\’s be featured in BOOK IV. That would be tremendously exciting for me.

  • Lath

    Hey will eragon ever get oromis sword now that he is dead so that he can take all the energy in the gem on its hilt since there is soo much energy he might even have a chance against galbatorix with it

  • knurlagManeesh

    IN brisingr Ganel sommons Guntera . So is Guntera real

  • greenjeanz

    What will not be the name of book , and what do you do when you have writers block?

  • ThunderCel

    In the banishing of the names, what would happen if one of the dragons with a banished name was named after another dragon? Like how Saphira is the name of both Eragon’s dragon and Brom’s?

  • TaraMaclay

    Is Tenga the “god” that Eragon meets in Book Three?

  • WindRider

    Was Galabatorix’s first dragon a male or a female? In book 1, you said she was a female, but then in book 3 you make it sound as if it’s a male. So, which is it?

  • Grond

    What do you imagine Saphira’s voice to sound like?

  • Chris

    I’ll be closing this soon. Get your questions in quickly. 🙂

  • TheLookingGlass

    What would happen if Eragon were to scry someone that was scrying him? would that be like infinite regression like when you hold two mirrors together?

    could scrying be used as a weapon if Eragon Scryed onto an enemy’s eye’s so that foe would only see the inside of a tent rendering him blind?

  • Link

    1.Does a shade’s strength depend on the number of spirits in him/her or is there a cap on how many spirits can control a person?

    2.Does the ideals, veiws, and beliefs of the magicians that conjure spirits to make a shade decide if the shade will be good or evil? If yes then could the Varden’s magicians make a good shade?

  • Rookie

    Since Galbatroix and his dragon are not linked like other riders if he dies does his dragon?

  • Love~Animals

    When all the kids lined up to touch the dragon eggs, how would they know who the dragon egg hatched for if it didn’t hatch, say, til the next day, since Saphira didn’t hatch immediately for Eragon, and nothing noticeable happened when he first touched her egg? What would they do?

    What would happen if Person A swore not to do or say a specific something in the ancient language, but then Person B uses Person A’s true name and orders him/her to do or say whatever he/she swore not to do? (Which is the stronger force – ancient language or true name?)

    Is Tenga an ex-rider whose dragon died or was killed?

    Will the last dragon egg acually hatch in the 4th book?

    What is the evil place Galbatorix and Morzan go to, to learn evil magic and stuff, that not even the elves dare go?

    Do the traders from carvahall that support the empire come into the story later on?

    Did Brom know of any living wild dragons? (He said “if they have an end, it will be when the world perishes, for they suffer as the land does.” or something like that. But as far as Eragon knows, the only dragons left are Saphira, Thorn, Shruikan and the last egg.)

  • Baboo

    What proportion of Urgals (or Urgal tribes) are currently fighting for the Varden in relation to how many exist in Alagaesia?

  • CruelAsMurtagh

    how many eldunari does Murtagh approximately have to fight Eragon with?

  • Murtaga

    Brisingr the sword catches on fire when Eragon says “Brisingr” even if he is not trying to use magic. The book also says that it drains his energy.

    So, my question is what exactly is the point?

    I mean any skilled magician can set there weapon on fire using brisingr as a spell. So just because Eragon does not mean to use the spell it still drains his energy. It does not seem that big of a deal except he might set it on fire accidently.

  • book4now

    whens book 4 coming out, at least find out how far he is in it

  • KevMo

    I also noticed something weird about these comments. i don\’t know if this is for other people to but the times saying when my comment was posted is 7 hours ahead of what it really is. just something random to go with my rant lol

  • shademaster

    firestone just stole my question…..

  • KevMo

    I agree with the guest PISSEDOFF. you guys are asking a lot of simple question. just reread the books and most of them will be answered for you. well that and a little thinking. and the other people who are asking questions about the fourth book. obviously haven’t read the rules for these Q&A things. you are basically just taking up space for the other good questions. I too am sorry to the staff and Mr. Paolini for this small rant but come on people. use your brains for once instead of wanting everything spoon fed to you.

  • Firestone

    Could Galbatorix become a Shade, possibly? If so, why hasn’t he yet? For one already as cruel as Galbatorix, it seems sensible that he could just become a Shade, and be that much more powerful.

  • menoa620428

    Does the mark on Elva’s forehead look the same as Eragon’s gedwey ignaesia? Will her mark glow if she uses magic?

  • shademaster

    if Galbatorix does die, couldn’t he come back as a spirit and overwhelm a sorcerer and turn into a shade and wreak havoc on alasiea even if his empires already gone he could wreak havoc by assasinating the leaders “eragon, roran, nausuda, arya, the elf queen and orik

  • dragonriderwannabe

    In the first book, when Durza asks Eragon what his true name is, Eragon doesn’t know, so he tells him Dy Sundavar Freohr (death of the shadows) While this may or may not be true, Durza does not seem to know/care. Now in, Brisngr, when Eragon firgures out Sloan’s true name, he tests it by saying it, and Sloan reacts. Was there any reason Durza did not test Eragon’s? Does he think Eragon is too drugged to lie?


    Why do so many people ask dumb questions?? Please people, just research a little bit and you will find the answers on your own. Someone asked if there had ever been shades before Durza, of course there were. If Eragon knew of two heroes that killed Shades, then there must have been two others. SOmeone else asked why Oromis didn’t use the wards from Naegling to defend himself, guess what guys, he dropped it. Pretty hard to use the power of he doesn’t have it!!!!!!

    I am sorry staff and Christopher Paolini, this post is not a question, but I had to say something to some of these people.

  • zef

    Who wielded tamerlin the green sword before?

  • Mollik

    is it possible that there are still some eldunari left that the king doesnt know about and can it be that the the vault of souls in Eragon’s foretelling be holding some of the lost eldunari that some of the previous riders had found and kept them as a secret

  • durza/theshade564

    Will Tenga have a role on the fourth book?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    until brisingr we didn’t know much about arya and even in brisingr we found some things about her past but only glimpses on her thoughts on the present. Can we hope to learn more about what goes on in that beautiful elven/elfish (don’t know what’s correct) head of hers in the fourth book, even perhaps having some chapters from her point of view?

  • raz’acsbane

    i was just reading eragon and i was wondering where did durza’s sword come from???

  • Lachrymose

    Can an Eldunari be shaped in any way or form, or will that effect the dragon’s conscience?

  • RiderofArgorok

    I was just wondering whether we should show a bit of sympathy for Galbatorix. My question is ‘could the Riders have somehow helped Galbatorix through his time of grief to overcome his madness?’ My idea is that, if he went mad through grief, maybe another dragon could have subsided it a little? After all, we already know they were arrogant, maybe they brought the fall on themselves by refusing to help Galbatorix in any way.

  • storm

    how is glaedr’s mind being seen by eragon without glaedr’s knowing

  • storm

    when reagon and murtagh fight is saphira fighting with thorn mentally.if not why

  • Erik

    If the elves value their forest Du Weldenvarden so much, why would they allow a murderer to taint their most precious Menoa?

  • OverthrowGalbatorix

    will we ever find out the full map of Alegasia or will the north, south and east sections remain unknown?

  • Erik

    Christopher, you use a lot of references to religion within the stories…like the elves and dwarves and urgals all have different gods and beliefs.

    Do you do this because you have religious beliefs of your own, and if so what are they?

  • ra’zacsareawsome

    it is previously stated in eragons bone prophecy that he would leave alagasia forever.will it happen?on a related note,it is previously stated of a world beyond alaegasia.the ra’zac and the elves(and possibly the urgals) all say this.will we learn about this other world in book 4 or a connected book?will the ra’zac culture and land be explored?they’re mysterious charecters that I hope will be did a very good job of showing the brutal,animalistic side of urgals but then showing that they are like all of the other races(excluding elves).the glimpses and scenes that show thier culture are very well done!again congrats!hope the ra’zac can still be explored despite them bieng dead.

  • 7thwordofpower

    so when you lift a boulder up and it drains your energy. so when you want to move it around does the moving drain you energy since it is already drained it from being raised.

  • RigelNexus

    Mr. Paolini,

    My question comes in three parts. I’ll try not to write an essay here:

    first off what is the specifics on the typical gear that all dragon riders and their respective dragons are equipped with? The fact is that the gear is never thoroughly stated in either Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr.

    Secondly what is the dragon rider culture like? you do mention parts of the culture in all three books and probably more so in the fourth, but I ask is in the details or specifics as in Hierarchy, mythology, currency, artifacts, form of government,

    And Finally have the Dragon Riders ever explored the unknown regions of the Alagaesia?. thanks if it’s not too much trouble.

    – RigelNexus

  • SNd

    Will we ever learn of how oromis and glaedr became captured by the forsworn and how they broke him

  • BrisingrNation

    How long did it take you to come up with all the information about Eragon, the different races, and characters for your first book? It seems like it would take a very long time to come up the information because there’s even info. about Tenga’s father and mother and other character that are not important to the books so far.

  • SND

    1. on page 693 of Brisingr when Eragon is explaining to Oromis the theories Rhunon had to why his blade burns in fire every time he says Brisingr when Oromis murmers I wonder and looks into the distance why is that?

  • commentator

    In Eragon, it is stated that Saphira sees more of blue than any other color, then how is it that her memory of Brom could be so realistic for Eragon (the “gift” of Brom mentioned in Brisingr)?

  • pedgalad

    in eragon, it says that saphira’s vision has brighter blues but less green and red and it just so happens that the remaining dragons are blue green and red. is there any special connection there or just coincedence?

  • couragesoccer17

    While writing your books how do you picture the dragons? The covers of Eragon and Brisingr portrayed Saphira and Glaedr as more oriental dragons (i.e. longer, thinner bodies, more serpentine in appearance) but for Eldest Thorn looked to me more like the Occidental view of a dragon.

  • redfan

    In Elvish culture what does it mean to give someone a flower

  • IAmMurLoc

    Was Guntera one of the Gray Folk?

  • IAmMurLoc

    This may not seem all that important, but when eragon casts out to search for energy (specifically to get it from plants when oromis is teaching him this) how did he not sense Aren? Or for that matter, when draining energy from his Belt?

  • lizard

    Also, you’ve said that if a dragon really wanted to change their color they could. Well would the same thing apply to their gender (for example if the hatchling in the last egg really wanted to be a girl…)?

  • lizard

    On average, how many eggs does a female dragon lay at a time?

    Any chance of seeing an Arya point of view in the final book?

  • ShellyBellySmellyMckellyKee

    Hello. I’m just going to get straight to the point here.

    In the inheratence cycle. Elves having children is a really big event that rarly ever happens. (I know that this is for population reasons)

    My question is, did the Elves decide to rarely have children after the whole pact with the Dragons by their own choice

    Or did the pact just totally mess up their reprodutive systems?

  • DurzaFireSword

    Will Eragon ever look into the thief who stole the eggs for the Varden (don’t remember the name and don’t want to look it up). He is almost certainly dead by now, but he may have left information on the finalegg, such as where it is in the castle or how to acquire it. It seems likely that Eragon and Saphira will acquire the egg, or someone else in the Varden will, but in order to do so, they will already have to be attacking Galbatorix directly, since the egg is kept in Uru Baen.

  • DurzaFireSword

    Will Eragon ever learn about the fate of the Gray Folk? Will he perhaps learn how they enchanted the ancient language and from that learn the name for the ancient language?

  • Has anyone ever set an eldunari into the pommel of a sword or some other object that an eldunari is not expected to be found?

  • Dan1994

    Are you going to write books for the secondary colors now (asuming there will be 3 more books). You made the first 3 books the primary colors and put them in alfabetical order. Can we asume that the next 3 books will be green then orange followed by violet. This is all hypothetical of course.

  • jim

    Why doesn’t eragon use captured soldiers after battles or opposing soldiers during the battles as “batteries” to store energy in his belt? Seems to me it would be a continuous supply that keeps replinishing itself that would at the same time give the Varden a big advantage by either killing or really tiring the empires troops.

  • shurtugaloo7

    why didnt oromis used naegling’s (hi sword) (dont know the spelling!!!!) Gems when his wards exausted

  • WinifredBurkle

    Did the elves win the Battle of Gilead at the end of book three?

  • Carsaib

    Why Durza ‘s father was revealed as an Oath-breaker?

  • ancientlanguage

    At the fourth book will be the true name of the ancient language used? And if that happen who will use that name?

  • Shadeslayer007

    Where did durza’s sword come from as we know it was very strong and how did durza get it? Did he steal it or did he make it?

  • durza/theshade564

    Who made Eragon ‘s (the first dragon rider) sword? Where is that sword now?

  • Sydney

    Is Vanir (the elf who trained with Eragon in Ellesmera) related to Varel? Was Eridor Varel’s dragon? What colour was Eridor?

  • Elindor

    [Just in case, I use the same username at Inheritance Fan Forums, but the password retrieval hasn’t been sent to my email yet]

  • Elindor

    In the previous interview, in response to a question regarding Morzan’s blade, you said

    “or the sword was renamed (perhaps by him, perhaps by the elves) during the Fall of the Riders. Morzan might have even chosen the name Zar’roc during his dark apprenticeship under Galbatorix, when they were hiding in the wilderness. ”

    I have a question regarding this. In the first book, it was observed that the name ‘Zar-roc’ was carved into the blade by magic. If that is the case, how could Morzan have changed the name later? The sword’s previous name and the runes required to spell ‘Zar-roc’ would have differed in shape as well as size.

    Since that is the case, how would he have changed it later? The amount of metal which would have to be taken for the name to be carved in would differ. And since swords of riders are made from a special kind of metal, I doubt he would be able to replace the extra/lack of space caused by changing the names.

    I think that this would rule out your second theory of when and why Morzan named his sword Misery.

  • Casey23455

    sorry i thought that it didn\’t work

  • Casey23455

    Could an eldunari summon up sprits and become a shade

  • Casey

    Could an eldunari summon up sprits and become a shade

  • 7thwordofpower

    you never said what happens to anurin the lead rider before vrael and eragon 1 and bid’daum? If this questions do get asked how long did they serve as lead rider?Did they go off and study magic like queen T (forgot name) ?

  • Shaddx

    How did the original Eragon, the first rider, die?

    Did he die? I can’t remember actually hearing if he died or not.

    Could it be possible he or his dragon are still alive somewhere?

  • Bid’daum1233

    What happened to Eragon I and his dragon, i dont remember reading anything discussing there fate

  • JasontheShadeSlayer

    In your book, you have Eragon have these unintentional scrying dreams and you have him somewhat able to help the dragons in their magic.
    Is he the only dragon rider to ever have different unique abilities other than the normal abilities that they receive once becoming a rider? Or has there been others?

  • Notor

    Will Eragon ask the elves or retreive oromis sword where it fell so that he can take the massive amounts of energy that are in the gem on its hilt so that he can use it as it would be a great waste to let it sit for it could save him many times

  • Craiglin

    when oromis died he dropped his sword and in the hilt of it was a gem that contained and enormous amount of energy is it possible that ereagon will fetch his sword or ask the elves to so that he can put all the energy to use as it could help save him and defeat galbatorix

  • konungrkveykva

    Do dragons have true names in the ancient language? And since dragons can tell what kind of person they want to hatch for based on personallity and character of that person, do they know who all came into contact with their egg?

  • whitescales

    You said that Elven children are very powerful. When do there powers start to decrease, and at what age are they considered adults?

  • TheTitan

    What direction did the elves, humans, Urgals, and Razaac immigrate from relative to Alagaesia?

  • Tycie

    In the third Q&A then you mentioned several time you might wright a book V:

    Any and all questions concerning the Rock of Kuthian have to wait until after Book IV is released.

    This makes it sound like book IV is not the conclusion to the cycle, are you going to split book IV in half too?

    you also said:

    I’ve already thought up a plot for a potential fift book.

    would it be set after Eragons time or during?

  • Daniel

    In regards to the wards Galbatorix has put in place, has he put any in place that would preven certain things from being teleported away from him, despite them being impractical to move, such as internal organs (heart; brain), his sword, the air around him, Shruikan (or parts of him), or something along those lines? From what we’ve learned through the series, Galbatorix is extremely paranoid about magic killing him, but nothing has been emphasized about him protecting the objects around him and himself.

    How many half-elves has Eragon met in his life, if any?

  • Swisherboy19

    What is the significance in the green dragon shell found in Eldest? Is it just there to signify that the mighty dragons once roamed the land and now they have fallen, or is it symbolic of something, or does it foreshadow?

  • Shadeslayer70

    In the anceint language, you can’t lie. But when you swear oath’s in the ancient language, what actually prevents you from telling someone important information in english later on. For example, when Eragon was explaining things to Nasuada, about Oromis, he wondered how much his oath would let him reveal. Well why would he have to worry about that if his oath prevented him from saying too much.

  • Shadeslayer70

    Are Urgal spellcasters any different from human one’s? Like, are they called something different? And are there any urgal scorcerer’s? And if there are, then does that mean there could be an urgal Shade that would be more powerfull than normal?

  • Shadeslayer70

    Do you have to be a Rider to have a gedwëy ignasia? Wouldn’t it be possible to have touched a dragon hatchling – whether wild or not – and not be a Rider? And if so, would that person be able to have all of the powers of a Rider, just without the dragon?

  • GolPhee

    Is it only the bonded dragons that live forever, or do the wild ones live forever too? If the latter is the case, would there not be difficulty with population control. as a dragon would need a much larger territory than a human or elf. Or would they fight to the death amongst oneanother?

  • deetTastic

    Did Lennea (sp) ever have any kids with her lover before the guy cheated on her?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    “why did it take so long for saphira’s egg to hatch?”


    WHY do you people keep asking questions that have already been answered?! No offense, but you’re just wasting space and loading up pointless comments for the staff to go through, delaying the next interview.

    For Heaven’s sake, do some research, not just for other interviews here on Shur’tugal, but interviews with CP in general. Heck, just googling “Christopher Paolini interview” would go a long ways to finding out the odds and ends of the cycle that have already been anwered.

    Gosh, there should really be a gigantic FAQ somewhere that lists all the questions CP has answered in interviews ever. It would make things a whole lot simpler.

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    will there be more romance in the fourth book?

  • Orikrocks

    Can you explain a bit about why exactly is the cycle called Inheritance? Maybe I missed something in the books that answers my question, but could you please answer this for me?

  • aryadrottningu

    did you know that in old norse the word for god is ass?

  • Nath

    will eragon learn new and more powerfulk spells?

  • inheritancefanfor7years

    i understand that Durok Ornthrond carved Isidar Mithrim, the Star Rose, but in Brisingr, it says that it wasn’t him who discovered it. Will we get to know who did?

    Will we hear more from the blind man who screams about the light?

    Is Arya descended from the Menoa tree? In Eldest, the first eles they run into make up a song about Arya’s return. In the song there is a line that got me thinking. “Menoa’s scion is now safe this night.” I looked up scion in the dictionary, and it means descendant, or relative. Am I right about this? Will it be important? If you can’t answer my other questions, this is the one I’d really like the answer to. Thanks, and PLEASE answer!

  • Bookie

    On page 398 of Eldest, Eragon is shocked when Oromis tells him it is not the “particular patterns of pitch and volume” that trigger reactions that allow magicians to manipulate energy, but thoughts. Until then, Eragon has clearly believed that certain sounds can release the energy stored within his body and activate a spell, and that these sounds “might be produced at random by any creature or thing”.

    Why did Eragon have this belief in the first place? He of all people – he who struggled to lift a pebble in the beginning no matter how many times he said Stenr risa – he should’ve known, or at least guessed when asked by Oromis, that a string of sounds has little role in using magic. Eragon should’ve realized that if sound variations did activate a spell, then he would’ve been able to lift the pebble right away simply by repeating the words Brom taught him.

  • Xelba

    Will we ever learn the importance of the seven words in the Ancient Language that Brom whispered to Eragon as he died?

  • Colby10

    is it possible that eragon may enter the vault of souls and recieve more training from brom, oromis, eragon 1, maybe even vrael?

  • AO

    Will the hermit Tenga have more signifigance in book 4? And can you tell us what his relationship is with Angela?

  • Bill

    Are Alanna and Dusan, the two elf children, twins?

  • Joy

    Sorry !! I re read eragon and the first eragon’s dragon was called bid’daum….so the name of the white dragon who helped seal the agreement…is that what galby is looking for?? and is thatthe seven words brom told eragon?? Also if you cannot answer the above questions without spoiling book 4, why can the white dragon not be named??

  • shinybluescales

    Will we hear more about eldunari in book 4?

    If so do they have any connection to the vault of souls?

  • Joy

    Why cannot the first bonded dragon’s(the white dragon) who was paired to the first eragon, name be taken? Is Galbatorix Looking for it’s true name?

  • rino62

    why did it take so long for saphira’s egg to hatch? because it says in the books that at a certain age children would be lined up and would touch the eggs to see if one hatched for them so i suppose that they hatched whenever they touched them other wise it would take a while to find who it was that it hatched for say if it hatched like a week later or so

  • JR

    Will the fact that Galbatorix lost half of his army in the spine come back up and be further explained in Book IV?

  • TogiraIkonoka

    Please answer these Questions!

    Will we learn more about Brom’s Saphira?

    Will the first Saphira’s eldunari be in the last book?

    What is so special about Angela?

    Will the rings Eragon gave Roran and Katrina come in to play in the last book?

    Where are you in terms of writing the book; half way or two thirds etc?

  • C

    when Brom dies, he tells Eragon three words. What was the reason for this?

  • mufajir93

    why dont the spellcasters place physical wards that take their energy from the soldiers therby protecting them from harm until they are completely devoid of energy.

    also why can naegling hold more energy than zarroc because eragon says tht it will take him a few days to fill zarroc up while oromis has been filling naegling for years.

    also is it possible that the flower that the spirits turned into metal can absorb the energy from the sun and store it. if yes will this play a significant role in the fourth book

    also to the people who run this website i triedto register like four times and all those times i didnt get my activation email!!!!

  • iceira

    if Oromis and Glaedr did not have their injuries do you believe they would be able to defeat galby.

  • Ethros

    Why was one Ra’zac larger than the other? Were they male and female?

  • shurtugaloo7

    The 1st rule of magic is that it requires the same amont of energy as it does physicaly. so would’nt it be better to say things that require less energy to do the same thing. for example if i want to shift a sandune would’nt it be better to say ” i rise a grain of sand 1 at a time” in ancient language and then release magic instead of saying “risa”.

  • Guest123

    1. How come Galby dosent know where the elves city`s are located? when there where elves among the forsworn.

    2. Arya and Faloin where they mates? aka Lovers? She dosent really give Eragon a proper answer when he asks. She only said they where friends, can you enlighten us on the extend of their relationship?

    3. Any chance for Arya Pow in book 4? or are we just supposed to discover her feelings, past, etc as Eragon does it?

  • BedazzlerSapphire

    1. How was Brom able to hide his gedwey ignasia ?? And when he was dying…why did he ask eragon to wash his hands with wine???And what was the “brown dye”??

    2. Was the story Arya told about The Menoa Tree true… and was she trying to compare herself with the tree?? Or did she just cook it up just to warn him??

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    do you ever feel pressure when you write something that you know will be against popular fan desire? (e.g. : if arya and eragon don’t end up together fans , and among them me, will go insane)

  • Vishak

    Just one question:
    If a dragon egg ever hatched for you Mr. Paolini, what would you name him if it were a he dragon or what would you name her?

  • anon

    I have to ask, as an aspiring author to an acomplished one, how do you know when your hints are too obscure, or worse, too obvious? Is there a rule of thumb that you use? It’s just that I struggle with this and you seem to have considerable skill in that department.

  • Eragonthefirst

    How do the elves and the dragon choose which dragons should be with a rider or not being that a dragon can wait for hundreds of years before it could find it’s rider?

    Also did anyone destroy any dragon eggs to keep Galbatorix from getting more then he already have?

  • Rutscbk

    What happened to all Broms’ belongings in Carvahall? In Eragon it says he had all these old scrolls with angular runes. Where they possibly valuable scrolls with the true names written on them?

  • Paige56227

    I understand the the elves are athiest, and the dwarves are pagan, but what about the humans of Alagaesia?

  • Zefith

    What happened to Naegling?

  • Shaddx

    Question on true names.

    Does every being in Alagaesia have a true name? If yes, would a god also have a true name?

  • JC

    Hey Christopher, I have a few questions regarding true names. How exactly does it work? Is it physically impossible for a person to fight against it? And is there a limit to the amount of control a person can have over another? What would happen if two different people knew the true name of someone and both tried to take control?

  • WhiteFang

    Why did Galbatorix even want another dragon after Jarnunvosk? Doesn’t that kind of seem like it would be disrespect towards her if he immediately went off after she died and demanded a ‘replacement’ dragon? You portray a dragon and its rider as having a loving/friendly relationship with each other. For example, if a person from this world’s best friend died, they don’t go off and look for a new best friend right after leaving his/her funeral.

  • Erik

    1. Since a promise in the ancient language was able to be manipulated around in order for Eragon to have a sword made, is it possible for someone with enough time and determination to possibly find a loop-hole in one of Galbatorix’s promises…or is he to good?

    2. Will the scrolls of ancient language lists of names at Tenga’s house have any significance in the next book?

    3. Will we find out the importance of the seven words that Brom said, or is it just a blessing that is not important for the plot?

    4. Will we get to have a new foe in this new book, or just a spicing up of the old foes?

    5. If Eragon and Roran got in a fight to the death and Eragon couldn’t use magic, who would win?

    6. How powerful is Galbatorix, I mean if you had to describe what size of a force it would take to overpower him…what would it be?

  • Murtaga

    Do you ever read theories, comments, etc from IF?

    If so, have you ever commented maybe to throw some false theories in there?

  • Shadowhunter

    How old was Evandar when he took the throne?
    How old is Galbatorix when Brisingr ends?
    Was Evandar older than Islanzadi? If so, by how many years?
    Evandar is described as having gray hair. Do elves show signs of aging like humans, or was his grey hair a result of something that happened to him? If so, what happened?
    Did Arya make the fairth of her father that we see in her room? If not, who did?
    How old was Arya when the Fall happened?
    Can she remember the Fall?
    Was the Agaeti Blohdren that we see in Eldest the first one that Arya has gone to?
    How old is Islanzadi at the end of Brisingr?
    Was Morzan’s dragon killed before he was, and if so, did he get another one?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    1. I am aware that over time, a human Dragon Rider slowly begins to look like an elf. Would a human rider also gain elven speed and strength over time? Was Eragon’s transformation merely a speed-up of this natural process?

    2. How large is Alagaesia compared to countries in earth?(e.g. as large as country A, half the size of country b, etc.) Can you give us a rough square-mileage?

    3. Would a half-elf have the superhuman speed and strength of their elven parent, or be somewhere between human and elven abilities?

    4. Before the Fall, were there any elf settlements outside of Du Weldenvarden besides Oromis’ birthplace?(Near Lake Tudosten.)

    5. If Rhunon can make indestructible swords, could she also make indestructible armor? If so, why don’t the elves use such? Would it require Brightsteel to make it completely indestructible? Is it possible to destroy enchanted Brightsteel in any way, such as with magic?

    6. If Galbatorix has a huge collection of Rider’s Swords, could he melt them down(with magic perhaps) to forge a suit of Brightsteel armor?(That would be so awesome . . .)

    7. Was Murtagh ever racked by pains from his scar, like Eragon was?

    8. Is there any chance of more characters dying in Book IV?

    9. How strong are Kull compared to Elves? What about the Ra’zac? Would their iron-hard exoskeletons prove to be an edge?

    10. How long do Urgals/Kull live on average?

    11. Can we get some more information about the shaft of energy that Murtagh used against Hrothgar? That was probably the most awesome magical attack in the whole book.

    12. About how many Eldunarya does Murtagh have in comparison to Galbatorix’s entire horde?

    13. Is it possible for a magician to conjure items from nothing?(Brom mentioned that a master could create gemstones with the word for “water” Adurna.)

    14. What color are Murtagh’s eyes? What about Brom’s?

    15. I noticed that during the fight between Thorn and Glaedr, Thorn surprised Glaedr by hiding in a cloud and then darting out. Interestingly enough, this was the same trick that Saphira used against Thorn earlier. Did he decide to put the technique he observed to good use himself, or was this just a coincidence?

    16. How much pressure is needed to destroy an Eldunari? How hard is the surface?

    17. Could Brightsteel cut through a dragon’s egg?

    18. Thorn is notably thicker than Saphira in the legs and neck despite his smaller size, and thus must be naturally bulkier in proportion to overall size. Is this ratio caused solely by Galbatorix’s magic, or are red/male dragons naturally more compact? Is this an individual trait of Thorn’s?

    19. How large are Lethrblaka compared to a dragon.(Say, Saphira or Thorn)Do they keep growing like dragons, or stop at a certain point? Are they immortal? How large would they be when they first emerge from their exoskeletons?

    20. Why was Varaug even stronger than Durza? Did it have anything to do with the number of spirits inside? If so, is there any limits to how strong a Shade can become? Furthermore, are there any disadvantages that come from a Shade having a larger number of spirits inside them?

    21. During the Battle of Feinster, the magicians’ wards successfully blocked repeated blows from Brisingr. Since Rider’s swords excel at cutting through all sorts of enchantments, how was this possible? Was it an extraordinarily powerful or creative spell, or is Brisingr not as good as other swords at penetrating wards?

    22. How old was Oromis at the time of his death? 700 years? 800? 900?

    23. How many eggs does a dragon lay at once?

  • peter

    eragon said that he gets taken off guard a lot by the thing he can do after the dragon changed him.
    are we going to find out more thing that eragon can do and will he do thing other rider could never do

  • thenigga

    is there another egg hidden somewhere or forgotten about??

  • Murtaga

    1: Does Galbatorix have the HoH from his original dragon? If so, is this of any significance?

    2: Did Brom’s Saphira die with her HoH inside her?

  • Shadowhunter

    Hi, more questions.
    Was Durza the first Shade in Alagaesia?
    If not, which one was?
    How many shades have there been in Alagaesia?

  • SouravMazumdar

    hello sir,

    i have 3 doubtful questions:

    1.Was there any evidence found that proved Selena had died?

    2.Also, was there any evidence of the death of Shrukian’s original rider?

    3.For when oromis died so did glaedr, though glaedr was trapped in his eldunari, so how come Shrukian lives if his original rider died?

  • Shadowhunter

    Can dragons become shades? (by being possessed through their rider.)
    Did Galbatorix have a rider’s sword made for him by Rhunon?
    Did Galbatorix ever go to Ellesmera?
    How long was king Evandar on the throne?
    How long has Islanzadi been queen?
    Why is it that in Eragon, you say that Eragon 1 named his dragon Bid’daum, but in eldest, Glaedr talks about a dragon who’s name cannot be spoken in any language. Were the 2 dragons the same one? if not, who was the second dragon? (was he bonded to a person, or was he wild?)

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1.In the battle of Feinster,Eragon & Saphira could sense Glaedrs thoughts from time to time, without touching his Eldunari.Also,when Glaedr was trapped in his Eldunari,he could sense Eragons, Saphiras & Aryas minds,without his Eldunari being touched.
    How could Eragon & Saphira sense Glaedrs mind & the opposite,without touching the Eldunari & why was that connection from time to time?

  • dragonwarrior16

    during the battle between oromis and murtagh, gladeur(sorry don’t know spelling) mentioned thier wards were down. why didn’t oromis use the diamond on naegling to reinforce the wards? had the energy run out? there must have been at least the same amount as Aren. Can you compose a spell to only draw energy form things around you, instead of you channeling the energy for the spell? ex. the spell drawing energy directly from naegling.

  • mufajir92

    are all elves spell casters because oromis told eragon that they are rare in every race but eves have more of them thereby implying that not all of them were spellcasters however during the rest of the book i got the impression that all elves were spellcasters??

  • Xelba

    In Eldest, while Eragon is in Ellesemera, Rhunon commented on Saphira’s scales, saying, “Good color. Not like those brown dragons, all muddy and dark.” Was she talking about wild dragons, or the Forsworns’ dragons?

  • Emeric

    Will there be a fifth book (Eragon continues hunting Galbatorix, or a book in somebody elses point of view), or do you know for sure that it is only going to be four books (Galbatorix or Eragon dies in book IV)?

  • binnsyboy

    when eragon the first got bid’daum, was he as powerful as normal riders?

    it is stated that the elves gained immortality from the pact with the dragons, but before the pact, could dragons perform their rare feats of magic?

  • Afire

    In the special edition of Eldest on page 693 of the List of Everything under the definition of Eragon it says ‘a young dragon rider from Carvahall and the last true dragon rider.’ Does that mean that the green dragon rider was before Eragon, or was it simply a mistake.

  • ivar

    looking at thorns grewth you can see that he obviously has been taking power from eldunarya so the logic would be that king galbatorix has a reserve of eldunarya, but wouldnt that be dangerous (for him) and maybe his downfall? couldnt eragon steal most of the hearts? and how does thorn keep the hearts at all does he eats them or is there another kind of magic involved?

    ivar 15 belgium

    (sorry for wrong spelling sometimes english isn’t my native language)

  • BuffytheVampireSlayer

    Has Shruikan disgorged his Eldunari? Has Thorn?

  • Cody990

    Ok, In Eldest, One of the scrolls that Oromis gave Eragon explained that over the years a few human-elf relationships have occured between human riders and elves, but all of the relaionships have ended in tragedy because the humans aged and died, while the elves “escaped the ravages of time”. But in Brisingr, Eragon tells Roran that he is immortal. He can only be killed by blade or poison. He says that it is because he is a rider, and not becaus eof what happened to him during the Blood-Oath Celebration.

    So my question is, Which is it, do riders age and die, or are they immortal?

  • ShadowAngel

    Did Arya’s true name change during the Campfire conversation?

  • dragon666

    We know that ‘Zarroc’ means misery and ‘Brisingr’ means fire. But what does ‘Naegling’ , ‘Tamerlein’ and Brom’s sword ‘Undbitr’ mean in the ancient language?

  • maky

    Hi Chritopher, why didn´t Brom use the energy of Aren, when he was injured?

  • Kevmo

    In Brisingr, when Eragon and Nasuada were looking at the injured soldiers and they came across the “insane” soldier who was claiming to see lights even though he was blind. Was he actually seeing lights? and if so, What would cause this kind of vision and what are the lights he is seeing?

  • FireBlade

    Was there a reason that Glaedr didnt mate with Saphira, i mean shouldnt they have mated to produce more dragons?

  • Maco


    Eragon had not consumed the drug that prevented him from using magic, and the book says that he reaches out with his mind to open the lock.

  • brsingrfart

    when Eragon broke out of jail in Eragon how did he open the lock without magic? is it like the Force from Star Wars?

  • christbenimm

    Do dragons reproduce by conventional sex or with magic?

    Did any older members of the Varden such as Fredrick, Lang, Jormunder, Ajihad, or Martland Redbeard kill or help kill any of the Forsworn and their dragons?

  • christbenimm

    I have several questions
    Did Kornunger find Farthen Dur before or after the elves arrived in Alagaesia?
    When Solembum know what was under the Menoa Tree and what was at the RoK/VoS when he gave Eragon his advise in Teirm, or was it a breif sporadic insight?
    Are Saphira’s parents still alive as Eldunari?
    When Murtagh shot Durza in the head, were his arrows enchanted to bypass wards? or was Durza just unprotected?
    Did Nasuada’s decision to whip Roran decrease her popularity with the Varden?
    Did the elves successfully take Gilead at the end of Brisingr? or did Murtagh and Thorn drive them all off?

  • QueenMindi

    Just curious: have you ever read Twilight, and if so, what do you think of it as a piece of writing?

  • justhurryupsowecangetbook4!!!

    well said ZOMG…

    “(not a question)

    Seonrsverdarsitjahvass stop being a noob.

    and everyone who is, stop wrighting comments and not questions becouse it just gives the people more crap to look through and makes it take longer for the transcript to come out so just cut the crap!”

  • CordeliaChase

    Would you ever consider writing a book from Murtagh’s point of view– possibly concerning his years with the Empire, his kidnapping and torture, his missions within the Empire, etc?

  • eragonthemastermagician

    With his current abilities and Saphira,but no assistance from anyone else(eldunari included),could Eragon defeat any of the Forsworn? And if so,how many at once?

  • dragonmastereragon

    Why was it tougher for Eragon,Arya,and Saphira to defeat Varaug than it was to defeat Durza?Also,in a one-on-one fight,who would win between Durza and Varaug and between Vanir and Arya?

  • Lau

    Well… a scientific one:

    In BRISINGR, Eragon mentions that while humans and elves have five fingers, Urgals and Dwarvs have seven. Once WE know about the Natural Selection, is it possible that both Humans/Elves and Urgals/Dwarves have some commom ancestor, as we do with monkeys?

  • Ghan04

    If wards are designed to protect against specific attacks directed against a magician, would it be easier to bypass a magician’s wards if the attacker did not use the ancient language, but instead used magic like Tenga with the fire and Eragon when he was attacked by the dwarves?

  • sonia23

    have u ever considered having Eragon attacked by by hundreds of screaming girls and adoring fans?

  • Xelba

    What color is Murtagh’s hair? In Eragon it was stated to be brown, but in Brisingr it was black.

    Wouldn’t Eragon’s sword actually have to be made of fire in order for its true name to be fire?

  • ZOMG

    (not a question)

    Seonrsverdarsitjahvass stop being a noob.

    and everyone who is, stop wrighting comments and not questions becouse it just gives the people more crap to look through and makes it take longer for the transcript to come out so just cut the crap!

  • jordi

    why do they say that the dragons changed eragon in eldest and not that the elves did i mean wasn’t it technically a tatoo that changed him ¿?

  • Seonrsverdarsitjahvass

    Will you be my best friend, Christopher!? 😛
    If you haven’t read them yet, I suggest The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. Wonderful books! It’s about a man named Richard Cypher who is an ordinary man from an ordinary land, Westland. He then finds out that he is much, much more: the first true Seeker of Truth in 3,000 years!

  • Albriech

    When do the characters in The Inheritance Cycle poop? It’s never mentioned in the books. I theorize they do it secretly and then blame it on the horses….

  • Kvister

    In Eragon he checks for distinguishing marks of gender and, evidently, there were none. My question is how exactly do dragons mate? I assume it is through magic of some sort?

  • inheritancefan15

    Sorry, you probably can’t answer this, but…

    Is there a chance that Palancar’s letharblaka painting will be the 4th book’s cover instead of a dragon?

  • Jeirda

    Will we see more of Blagden in book four

  • Lex

    Will Eragon come face to face with Galbatorix before the time when Eragon kills him? (Assuming Eragon will kill him, of course)

    And, how hard is it to change your true name? Please be specific!

  • nastasia

    Since so many people are assuming Arya will be the next dragon rider, and also assuming she will be Eragons love interest what type of relationship will they have? I am assuming that Saphira is likely to find a mate in the green dragon and if that dragon is Arya\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s, will it be a 4 way relationship? Will this add to their power and will the relationship be a sort of shared rider/dragon thing, where they are interchangeable with their dragons and the dragons with their riders?

  • hypothesizer

    Regarding the workings of Magic:

    Numerous examples have been given to show that it is possible to convert mechanical (non-magical energy that you can\’t use to restore your energy) energy. For instance, Carn performs a spell in Brisingr that converts the kinetic energy of an arrow coming directly at the Varden to the kinetic energy of an arrow traveling off to the side. This is easy to do without the use of magic, by creating a surface that deflects the arrow off to the side.

    So, could you, say, convert the kinetic energy of a river into electrical energy, and use that electrical energy to electrocute someone? Just as the arrow example, this is easily possible without magic by building a water turbine and sticking the electrical output on someone.


  • question

    How old is Angela and where/how did she learn so many languages?

  • iri5ht4t3rz

    If Guntera is not making another appearance in the next book, could you explain what exactly it was and if it was an actual being or if it was an illusion created by Gannel and other dwarves?

  • Melissa

    Once the Inheritance Cycle is complete, what do you plan to write next? We’re all dying to know; you’re such an amazing author! You said a Brom Prequel would be far off if you wrote it at all (even though many have asked for it, it’d obviously be highly anticipated). So what can we expect from you next? You mentioned in an interview you had other works set aside that you wanted to finish. Another dragon story perhaps, or something completely different?

  • shaderider

    how far along is paolini into the 4th book

  • Potterinhericycleblogger

    I apologize for re-writing my questions,but I had some additions.

    1.Are Werecats immmortal?

    2.Can you make a fairth depicting a person,place,or thing made up by someone? If not why?

    3. Can Dragons communicate with other animals?

  • joakim

    1.Did all the three remaining dragon eggs had the same parents? if so, are they related to Jarnunvösk?

    2. What’s the name of the white dragon that Glaedr sent pictures of in the Eldest? (not Bid’Daum)

  • ShadeKing

    All the races except the razac can use magic. Why is that? What is preventing them from using it?

  • Ellen

    What is Sloan’s true name?

  • ElvenChild

    In Eldest Oromis mentions the Grey folk. I was wondering if they were still existent in Alagaesia?

    If so, have we already meet one?

  • Kingslayer

    Just one question out of curiosity.

    What is the name of Galbatorix’s sword and was it forged by Rhunon?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1.Can you give a hint about what is Tenga searching?Will he play any important role in book 4?
    2.In “Eragon”,when Eragon was exploring Durzas memories,Durzas parents were “called” oath-breakers.Why?
    3.Why the shade Varaug,in “Brisingr”,was even stronger than Durza was?Is that because the spirits the magicians called were more or stronger than Durzas?

    Please,at least ask 1 of my questions to Christopher Mike!

  • Chubba

    Elves live forever and Dwarves for a very long time, but how long is the average human’s life in Alagaesia?

  • Killcycle

    I apologize beforehand if someone has already asked these questions.

    1. In ‘Eragon’, I came to understand (Via speech from Brom) that if a dragon’s rider is killed, the dragon is killed in the process. However, why is it that Glaedr (Hope i spelled that right) was able to survive Oromis’ death, even for the short time he did?

    2. This is also something i’ve always wondered about The Lord of the Rings; if you look on the map in Eragon, there is an entirely unknown area to the north, east, and south. Across the ocean is supposedly where the humans hailed from, but are there any civilizations of any kind to the other areas of land? Also, when the riders were still in power, did any of them try to discover what lied beyond the seas, the mountains to the south, the forests to the north, and the empty space to the east? Was there ever any discovery made?

    3. Has there ever been a rider that dual-wielded swords? (Just asking because that would be sick.)

    4. (If this was mentioned and i simply forgot, apologies) What is the origin of Dragons; in both creation and location? Are there any speculations as to where they came from, and how they came to be? (i.e. the dwarves believe they were created by their god)

    5. Do Eldunarya (Woohoo grammar) have any outward power beyond the limits of a few feet from them? Like say i walked by an eldunari on the street (lol), would it have the power to A) See into my mind, B) Influence me in any way, C) use any form of magic to influence the things around it?

    6. so i hear you like mudkipz… nah just kidding! But really, another question: There have been references to things before the fall, during the fall, after the fall, next to the fall, several feet to the North West of the fall… anyways (haha), are you planning at all to have a book depicting the events of that time, and possibly even before then? A book on Brom’s life would be excellent, but I think a book on the time of the Rider’s strength would be interesting as well; or, even better, a book following the war between the dragons and elves?

    7. While Saphira was in her egg, did she have any telepathic capabilities at all? If the answer is yes, then could she have known the other dragons within the eggs to any extent?

    8. Will an Eldunari ever ‘expire’, or die? And, is it possible to destroy an eldunari?

    9. How often do Dragons need to eat..?

    10. In your most recent Q&A, your description of scrying was much more technical and scientifically based than i would have thought; this is somewhat more of a style question, but do you base most (or all) of the capabilities of a magic-user on what is possible and what isn’t? Obviously the magic brings the ‘impossible’ to the table, but as with your description with scrying, you make it for the most part just the power to accomplish something that is possible, except normally the power to accomplish the goal would be impossible to get. (Sorry if this question is confusing… lol)

    11. You’ve talked a lot about how it is impossible to bring back a living creature to life once it has passed the barrier into death; in the series, do you think there is / will be anything PAST death, such as a ‘heaven’ like place where the spirits rest? -vault of souls? huh? what? -cough- :)-

    12. Are there any people / elves / dwarves / etc. that LACK a ‘true’ name in the ancient language? If so, what would be the consequences of that?

    13. Is there a way to bypass the requirement of magic that states ‘you can only accomplish something if you have the required energy at your disposal’? By this I don’t mean simply acquiring more sources of energy, I mean is it possibly to entirely bypass the requirement of energy?

    14. If I swore an oath in the secret language not to die… what would happen? Along the same lines: If i swore to person A that I would, say, go to the store and buy some bread; then, i swear to person B that i will NOT go to the store and buy some bread, what would the consequences be?

    15. Okay, last one: So far, i’ve only heard of jewels and gems having the ability to store magic; are there other items that can store magic as well, whether they be weaker containers, or stronger?

    Hope none of them were confusing =P P.S.: Love the books, can’t wait for the next!

  • will

    When eragon and brom duel in the first book they blunt zaroc which is a riders sword could oromis not have blunted Murtagh’s sword so he could not get cleaved and could eragon do this in future duels with riders

  • JasonKular

    Why did Eragons new sword Brisingr turn erupt into flames eveytime he says “brisingr”?

    by the way ur books are GOD

  • deathmanic

    This is not asking who the last rider is. How much of the last rider do we know and are there hints in the 3 books and do they appare in all of the books

  • nikhilgoyal6

    Can there be twin dragons. I mean inside one egg, and seperated not like siamese twins or something…

  • NikhilGoyal

    Can there be twin dragons?
    I mean seperate, not like siamese twins or something…

  • Brisingr36

    When i said Shur’tugal below i meant Shruiken. Sorry, my bad.

  • Maco


    If you don’t like Paolini’s books, then don’t read them, and don’t waste your and the Shurtugal staff’s time posting unnecessarily critical and sarcastic questions.

  • brisingr36

    I have only three questions, but I would love it if they could be picked!

    1. In one of the early books, it is said that Galbatorix used magic to break Shur’tugal’s mind and then to bind the dragon to him. I was wondering if: 1. the spell ever has to be renewed, and 2. if it is possible for Shur’tugal to change his own true name, (like from an act of kindness by Eragon and Saphira) thus breaking the hold Galbatorix has upon him?

    2. If a dragon’s rider dies, is it possible for him/her to choose a new rider? I know it would never happen with most dagons because of the bond with their riders, but Shur’tugal and Galbatorix are much different. If released from his curse, I do not think Shur’tugal would feel mush loyalty.

    3. Lastly, in the ancient language, you cannot lie, and from my understanding you can’t break oaths. If that is true, could someone like Arya have Eragon swear to her to never make an oath to Galbatorix (even if his true name is discovered) then later, if Eragon got captured, would he be able to make an oath in the ancient language if Galbatorix used his true name and attempted to force him? I was not sure. I’m sorry this is a really confusing question. I hope you can understand!

  • Wyocountryboy

    In Brisingr, Angela said that she saw to it the day she met Elva that she would not be able to know what troubles her. Now what and or how did she know how eragons spell worked on Elva in order to cast the spell or was it as simple as just casting an ordinary spell?

  • kat~21

    1.are we going to learn more about eragons mom in book 4?

    2.will glader play a teacking role in this book also or are there other reasons for eragon to have his heart of hearts?

    3. will angela revil a part of eragons fucher that she may have kept hidden for his own good? it posable that we will get an Arya pov in the 4 book?

    5.will eragon beable to viset broms grave?

  • Potterinhericycleblogger

    I have only 2 questions,but I hope they are picked.

    1.Are Werecats immortal?

    2.Can you create a fairth depicting a person,place,or thing made up by someone?

  • whatever

    When Eragon was talking to the last Ra’zac, it was like:

    “…let Galbatorix deal with you as he will. He has more heartsss then you do”

    Eragon laughed, “Hearts? I am the champion of the people not him”

    “Foolish boy”

    Was the Ra’zac talking about the Eldunari?

  • commentator

    Could dragons “make up” memories? Adding or deleting certain details of the event? For Saphira’s memory of Brom mentioned Aren in his right hand, but the incident occurred after they left Tierm, where Brom sent away Aren to prove his I.D.

  • wingnut

    so if elves can change shape and appearance could they also make them look like a different human? so they could wreak havoc if someone thinks that they are someone else?

  • aryasvkna17

    1. Will Angela’s former teacher, Tenga, be explored further or play a part in book 4?

    2. In what “roundabout manner” was Oromis pursuing Galbatorix’s true name?

    3. After the change at the Agaeti Blodren, would the Ra’zac’s breath have affected Eragon or is he immune now?

    4. In Eldest, Eragon, Saphira, and Orik were required to swear to Islanzadi they would not speak of Oromis and Glaedr to outsiders without permission from her, Arya or whoever may succeed them to the throne. In Brisingr, after Arya, Eragon and Saphira killed the shade, Eragon told Arya that Oromis and Glaedr were dead. He said this while Lady Lorana was in the room. On the next page, while Eragon and Arya are escorting Lady Lorana down from the tower, they encounter the other elves. The elves ask him why Saphira roared earlier.

    “Eragon glanced at Arya. His oath of secrecy to Queen Islanzadi would not allow him to discuss Oromis and Glaedr while in the presence of anyone not from Du Weldenvarden — such as Lady Lorana — without permission for the queen, Arya, or whoever might succeed Islanzadi to the knotted throne in Ellesmera.

    “She nodded and said, ‘I release you from your vow, Eragon, both of you. Speak of them to whomever you choose.’ ”

    How was Eragon able to speak of them while they were up in the tower room with Lady Lorana but he couldn’t when the elves asked him on the stairs?

  • LadyRhee

    -How can you justify writing a fifth book? When I first read the headline that it would exist, my first thought was, “My God, does he really want money that badly?” What story is there left to tell after Galbatorix is vanquished, et al?
    -Your explanation of scrying was too scientific. I realize that you want magic to make sense, but it’s magic! You don’t explain how dragon’s work their magic besides, “They’re magical creatures,” which is no explanation at all. Your response?
    -How in the world can elves come up with ideas for cells and atomic particles? The discovery of the atom is in part due to the discoveries of subatomic particles, which required experiments using refined materials that no one in a medival-era world can get their hands on. You said that spells could figure it out, but unless an elf asked an omnipotent god “Do atoms exist?”, there’s no concivable way for magic to tell them this. How do you explain this?
    -Are you aware of the fact that nearly everyone I know who’s read your books or watched the movie says that it’s a Star Wars rip-off? What do you think of all the criticism you’ve recieved about taking ideas of others?
    -Do you believe that you would have gotten to the point you are now (in your [in]famy) if your parents didn’t own a publishing house?
    -How much control did you have over the Eragon movie? Did you cry with the rest of us over it’s absolute horribleness?
    -I can tell by your books that you’ve played Dungeons and Dragons before. Have you ever reached epic, and what’s your views on Verison 4, the version no one plays?
    -Do you think that you’ll end up like J.K. Rowling, in the sense that you can’t write anything else without being thought of by your earlier works?
    -How come the only race that you invented–the Urgals–just seem like glorified Orcs? Why didn’t you come up with more creative beings to inhabit your world?
    -What’s with your fascinations with dwarves and elves?
    -I could tell while reading Brisingr that you’ve gotten involved in Anime and/or Manga over the writing of the book. Did you “make” Eragon a “ninja” on purpose?

  • Negin

    1. The last living Ra’zac told Eragon that Galbatorix had almost found out “the true name”. Tenga, the hermit, is also looking for an answer. Could they, perhaps, be searching for the same thing, just in different ways?

    2. Can we expect any parts of Book 4 to be written in Arya’s point of view, or is that one character whose thoughts will slightly remain a mystery?

  • Maco

    This question was asked by WildLaura, but I think it’s a good one so I’ll repeat it.

    If someone has made vows in the ancient language to multiple people, what happens if they are given conflicting orders.

  • commentator

    could there be twin dragons? or triplets? and if so, could the green egg possibly produce multiple riders?

  • DLR

    In the fouth book will we be tolled if angela is half elf half human since oromis said that he met her long ago and in the books so far they said that the only outsiders to enter ellesmera are eragon and orik. also is it possible for eragon or any other elf to tie the fate of another race like the urgals or dwarfs with magic like the elfs did to humans or is that spell lost or forbitten

  • JoshGalbatorixson

    There has been a lot of discussion lately over the remaining swords of the riders. So I want to know, did Galbatorix keep the swords of the riders he slew? If so what did he do with them? Also, what were the names of Kialandi’s and Vrael’s swords, and what does Undbitr mean? Thanks!

  • *guest*

    Does Galbatoix have Vrail’s Dragon’s Eldunari?

    Will the new green dragon rider take over the green sword Tamerlein?

    What happened to Naegling and all the energy stored inside it?

    What color is the sword Arvindr that is held in the elven city Nadindel?

    Are there other hidden Eldunari throughout Alagaesia?

    Could the 7 words that Brom said to Saphita and Eragon possibly be th whereabouts of Brom’s Saphira’s Eldunari
    or something to do with the vault of souls or the rock of kuthian?

    What was Arva’s (The original owner of Tamerlein)Dragon’s Name?

    What does Undbitr mean and has anyone found it?

    Are Eldunari the color of their dragon?

    What does Arya mean?

    What does Eragon mean?

    In Eragon’s dream could the two taller people on the boat be Roran and Katrina, and the two dragons
    be Eragon and the new rider, and the man on the shore Sloan weeping because he has to leave Katrina?

    Are there wild dragons in The Spine and if so will Katrina meet them if she does go in The Spine to protect
    her child?

    “As he lay dying on the battlements of Ileria, Arva gave his sword, Tamerlein, to Naudra that she might protect
    herself. With Tamerlein, Naudra fought free of the Forsworn and returned here with another dragon and rider.”
    Brisingr, page 647

    Whom did Naudra return with?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1.How long do werecats,dwarves,lethrblaka and urgals live?
    2.In what age do the elves become adults?
    3.Why the elves have cast protecting spells around Du Weldenvarden that do not allow the magic “pass” even if he/she who cast the spell is an elf? Are they afraid someone of their kind is or become a traitor?
    4.Are there any traitors from the elves/dwarves?
    5.When Solembum mentioned the rock of kuthian and the vault of souls,did he know what are these?
    6.When Blagten said to Eragon the riddle about his father(in “Eldest”),had he heard about Eragons true father or was it a prochesy?
    7.Does Galbatorix know what the rock of kuthian and the vault of souls are?Also,does he know his true name?
    8.In “Eldest”,Murtagh said to Eragon that Galbatorix had found out forgotten words of the ancient language which were of incredible power.What kind of words are and what makes them so special and with that power?

  • waterbug

    What does undbitr mean? I have looked everywhere and I can’t find what the actual meaning is.
    Thank you

  • gryffindorkeeper

    Are Alanna and Dusan twins, or is it by mere coincidence that they were conceived around the same time? Who are their parents?

  • Solenklier

    How old is Eragon at the end of Brisingr?

    How come Angela has lived as long as Arya? With that be revealed in book 4?

    Is Angela going to be important character in book 4?

    When a rider dies, and its dragon doesn’t, will the dragon become wild, or will it travel with a new rider?

    Will we get to know more about murtagh adn thorn in book 4?

    Is there any possibility that there will be a book 5???

    Will we learn more about what happened to the soldiers in the spine?

    We’ve talked about the fall of the rider.
    The fall of the RIDERS.
    What about the wild dragons?

    Why hasn’t Galbatorix hatched the green dragon egg yet? Is he waiting for someone, and if he is, do we already know them of will he/she be revealed in book 4?

    Thanks for reading my questions!

  • Buddy

    Why was Hefring chosen to steal the eggs, why did he only steal one, and why did he flee?

  • iceira

    was vrael human or elf and what is the name, gender, and color of his dragon.

  • Thorntagh

    I’m rereading the series, and so far two questions have been planted inside my head from it.

    Question 1.
    Brom did not respond at once. His chin sank to his chest while his fingers tpped the pipe thoughtfully, light reflecting off his ring. ” Sorry, my mind was elsewhere. Yes, a dragon will live for quite a while, forever, in fact, as long as it isn’t killed and it’s Rider doesn’t die.”
    “How does anyone know that?” objected Eragon . “If dragons die when their Riders do, they could only live to be sixty or seventy.”
    Eragon – page 79

    If that is so, then why was Saphira talking about what she’d do if Eragon died, and how was Glaedr able to live for those few minutes after Oromis was killed?

    Question 2.
    The chapter Deathwatch in Eragon, page 119, will the dream Eragon had have any relevance to the fourth book? Or was it just that, a dream?

  • commentator

    How old does one have to be in order to be considered as an adult in elf society? in dwarf society? Also could you give a range of Angela’s age, such as 100 to 200?

  • Carvahallian

    Here’s my new list:
    Are werecats immortal?
    Are werecats related to humans or cats?
    How old was Durza at his death, and how old was he when he became a Shade?
    When Murtagh shot Durza in Gil’ead, what happened to the body?
    When Durza reappeared after Murtagh shot him, where did he do it? Did he reappear in someone else’s body, or was a totally new body created? Which body was Carsaib?
    What parts of Alagaesia are part of the Empire?
    Was Surda always part of the Broddring Kingdom?
    If Eldunarya is the plural of Eldunari, is Arya the plural of Ari?
    Now that the Varden have won at Feinster, is Feinster part of Surda?
    At what age do dwarves come of age?
    How do you pronounce Iorunn?
    How old is Orik?
    At what age do elves come of age?
    Does Rhünon look older simply because she is old, or because she is older than the blood-oath?
    At what age do Urgals come of age?
    How old is Garzhvog?
    In Eragon, it briefly says that Galbatorix was born in the now-long-gone-Inzilbeth province, or something. Where is that?
    Where was Morzan born?
    How do you pronounce Petrøvya and what language is it from?
    Are Kialandi and Formora male or female?
    What is Selena’s mother’s name?
    How does one create a Shade?
    How old is Jeod?
    Is the world in the Cycle round or flat or something else?
    After Murtagh first escaped Uru’baen, where did he travel?
    Mike: thank you for choosing the dragon color question.

  • commentator

    How much energy was required for Oromis to use telepathy to contact Eragon after the battle of Farthen Dur. It is surprising that even with the energy stored within his sword, that he could contact Eragon from thousands(?) of miles away, when even Saphira could not reach the core of Eragon’s mind.

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1.From what material are the dragon eggs made? Could this material “replace” with success the star metal “brightsteel”?Also,does this material “melt” when the dragon hatch?

  • commentator

    How much energy does one need to break through the wards placed around Du Waldenvarden? For in Eldest Murtagh was able to attempt to scry Eragon while Eragon was within the forest, traveling to Ellesmira.

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1.Which was the place where Galbatorix was hidden from the other riders and why it was a frightening place for the riders?Does it exist until now?
    2.In “Brisingr”,Angela told the future to 2 women. When Eragon asked for their names,the older woman didnt want to respond.Why?
    Furthermore,will these two women play any role in book 4?(If you cant answer directly,at least give a hint or answer what you can answer from this large question).
    3.Will we learn about Oromiss and Glaedrs past in book 4?(what the forsworn did to Oromis, how he escaped,what is his illness,a bit about Glaedrs and Oromiss personal life etc).
    4.Angela told Eragons future with some dragon-bones.From who dragon are these dragon-bones?
    5.Is there a possibility for a prochesy to be proved wrong or not?

  • Elzeth

    No offense intended Starbuck but have you read the books recently? Female dragons would present a few of their eggs to the riders each year, these eggs would have a SPELL said over them that would cause them not to hatch until their destined rider was in their presence.

    I have one last question:
    can we possibly have a general date when the cover art for the fourth book will be released?, I can’t wait to see it!

  • menoa620428

    I have a few questions. . .

    1. Is a dragon in an Eldunari able to stop people from accessing their mind?

    2. When an Eldunari breaks, does it lose all of its color (kind of like the fairth that Arya broke) or does it keep its color (like a dragin egg that’s hatched)?

    3. Is an Eldunari made of the same material as a dragon egg?

    4. Since a dragon is ready to hatch after the egg is laid, when the elves broke the dragon eggs in the Dragon War, did the dragons come out of the eggs live, or did shattering the eggs kill them too?

    5. Is there a minimum or maximum age for a person to become a Rider? For example, could a baby or an old man on death’s door become Riders?

    6. Did Morzan ever have true feelings for Selena or was she always a matter of convenience for him?

    7. Has a dwarf clan, like Az Sweldz Rak Anhuin, ever been banished before?

    8. Hrothgar mentioned that a dwarf’s life span is much longer than a human’s even though they’re not immortal like the elves. How long is their life span?

    9. Suppose you see a fairth of someone. If you can memorize their features exactly, would you be able to scry him or her?

    10. What exactly happened to Ismira when she fell down the Igualda Falls? What was she doing in the Spine in the first place?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1.In “Brisingr”,the one Razac had told Eragon that Galbatorix had almost found the true name.Will you give a hint about of whom or of what object has Galbatorix almost found his/her/its true name?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1.Whats is Sloans true name?
    2.Why couldnt Eragon sense the Razacs and Lethrblakas minds?Where they protected by Galbatorix?If they werent,is that because humans are the food of the Lethrblaka?So,e.g. an elf,could sense their minds?
    3.Did Galbatorixs true name change when Jarnunvosk died?
    4.It was mentioned that the word “brisingr” is much more important for Eragon than he can imagine.So,will you give an explanation(or hint) about why is it so important about Eragon(or what makes it so important).
    5.Why Eragons gedwey ignasia shines from time to time?Does this happen to all dragon riders? Why it is easier for dragon riders to “release” their magic from the hand with the gedwey ignasia?
    6.When a dragon gets bonded with a rider,does its appearance change?
    7.Can a half-elf/half-human become dragon rider?
    8.I asked that in a previous comment,but I didnt ask it correctly.So,let me ask correctly;
    In “Eragon”,when Eragon had talked with Angela in Farthen Dur,Angela said about Brom; “…He loved a woman,but his love destroyed her.” …Eragon;”Brom had never talked to me about a woman.”…Angela;”I learnt it from someone that it was not possible to tell me lies”.
    Who told that to Angela?
    9.Why does Blodhgarm have this smell and why only women can smell him?
    10.It was mentioned that when Galbatorixs 1st dragon died,he asked the other dragon riders to give him another dragon.So,is it possible for a dragon rider that his/her dragon is dead(or the opposite)be bonded with another dragon?
    11.In the 3rd Q&A,you mentioned it is possible to write a sequel to the Inheritance cycle.Do you mean the sequel-plot will be when the battles against Galbatorix will be done?
    12.In “Brisingr”,when Eragon saw that when he was saying his swords name,his sword was bursting into flames,Rhunon had 2 possible explanations about it.Do these explanations trully exist or is there another reason?
    13.In “Eragon” it was mentioned that in the Spine Galbatorix “had lost” his half army from a mysterious reason.Please,will you give a hint about what was that?

  • Daethdr

    Does Eragon have some sort of problem with his wards? I have noticed on 3 occasoins: (When Roran gets his leg cut on the ox horn, When Murtagh is able to bypass his wards, and when fighting the dwarves’ assassins in Farthen Dur) Will this be more explained in book IV?

  • babye…hehe

    is there gonna be any mega twists in the 4th book because personally I couldn’t believe it when Brom was Eragon’s actual father?

  • Starbuck

    So far in the series, all the dragons we’ve met have been rider dragons. So I was wondering, what decides if a dragon is wild or if it bonds with a rider. Genetics? the original binding spell? Or will you address that in book IV?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    When Arya said to Eragon in Eldest, during the blood-oath celebration, that she only sees him as a friend was she speaking in the ancient language?

  • UncleGalbaRules

    Hey there!

    – In Eragon you said that who knew the real name of the Ancient Language would have in his hands the fate of whoever can speak it. But how could you guess the name of a language? What would your clues be?? And could there be anybody/anything that could help you?
    – Also, we know how Eragon managed to guess Sloan’s real name (it was made of 3 words): he knew him quite well and could judge his life from an objective point of view. Oromis “knows” Galba too, he’s objective in his judgements and he worships logic. But how can he guess Galba’s name “indirectly”??
    – Talking about Galba’s name: you said he cast a spell on it, and whoever uses it, dies. But do the people who just know it die, too? Or do you have to say it out loud??
    – Will the Domia Abr Wyrda be useful to Eragon in book IV?? And why did Galba try to burn every copy of it?? Jeod said that in Surda many people had it, but it didn’t sound like they knew important secrets or anything important.. or maybe they weren’t looking for the right thing (like a certain place..)? Do the elves know that book?

  • Dravarian26

    Can a member of any race become a shade?

    Will there be any new races in the next book?

    Are there any races besides humans that are still on Galbotorix’s side?

  • RedNoise

    can two dragon eggs hatch for the same person, after the first dragon is dead?

  • ShrrgRider

    i have a number of questions

    since you have already said that if an eldunari uses too much energy then it dies, Did Galbatorix kill a lot of his Eldunari during the fall of the riders, and in the years since?

    if dragon riders were immortal, and were so powerful, then how did the first riders die.

    are there diseases that dragons could catch, or that couldn’t be healed that killed off the eldest of the riders.

    also, how did the leaders of the riders die, since Vrael succeeded someone, he (the previous leader) would have been the most powerful rider, so how did he die?

    Galbaorix’s first dragon was killed by a stray arrow, but Galbaorix had alread finished his training, so he would be competent in wards. since wards can lie dormant practically forever until they are activated, why wouldn’t his wards have protected his dragon from arrows?

    do the Vrenshrrg ride Shrrg into battle like feldunost

    In Brisingr, Eragon is fighting a major battle with the varden at night, to take Feinster, and it is not yet dawn, which comes at the end of the battle, yet during this time, Eragon sees through Glaedr’s eyes, and it is during the daytime. The size of the distance between Gil’lead, where Glaerd & Oromis were fighting, & Feinster, where Eragon & Saphira were, is nowhere near big enough for such a massive time gap, so my question is, on the map of Alagaesia, is the map in ancient asian style (east where our north is)? or west at the top of the map?

  • storm

    once a rider dies can the dragon choose another boy/girl to become a rider?Will they be also having the shining palm or not

  • Cheesecake

    Is there anything else to learn about Selena or other members of Eragon’s family?

    If a Rider was gay would the dragon be too?

  • FINRider

    In book one Eragon is 15 years old, but how old is he now in the end of Brisingr?

  • BromTheNoble

    If You are going to write a sequel to the Inheritance cycle, will it be an addendum to the Cycle (i.e. The Characters’ future life) or a new journey of an inspired rider?
    And why is the fact that “There has not been a Dwarf rider” reiterated so many times?
    And what is your view on inter-gender Dragon-Rider relationships?

  • Nightslayer234

    Did Glaedr have any children?

  • Caedus

    Since Rhunön’s oath doesn’t prevent her form making armor why doesn’t Eragon ask her to make some for him because her’s would be stronger than the dwarves’ because of the spells she weaves into the armor?

  • Clinton

    When Oromis died he dropped his sword and in the hilt of his sword was a gem that contained many tons of energy is it possible that eragon will ask the elves for this gem or retrieve it and the sword himself so that he can put all that energy to good use as it could save him

    please ask this question i need to know the answer

  • anon

    I might have missed it, but I couldn’t find the answer in the books. Chris, you said that communicating with the mind becomes increasingly difficult over a great distance, but if that’s the case, how did Oromis manage to both communicate with and aid Eragon after the battle of Farthen Dur? Eragon didn’t seem particularly receptive at that point and all but “the smallest of spells” are out of his control, and the power escapes him. I know it says that he reached out and tuched him with his mind, but as I said before, how could he do so at such a distance and in his condition?

  • Caedus

    In Eragon the Twins ask Eragon to summon the escence of silver. Could Eragon have done it and ,if not, could he do it now?

  • SolembumRulesTheEarth

    Will Vanir make a reappearance in Book IV? he really seemed like an important character in Eldest.

    and like someone earlier asked- if dragon brothers and sisters mated *shudder* would it have a negative outcome on the offspring’s appearance, like humans?

    a similar question-

    I am in no way trying to be gross here, but how on Earth do dragons mate? in Eragon, it said that Eragon could find no significant gender marks on Saphira. I’ve wondered towards if it was a mental thing, since dragons are like that………..its a weird question, but it been bugging me since the beginniing of the series…..

  • roragon

    how strong is Eragon compared to pas riders, in both magic and swordplay?

  • ~Valbrandr

    Will Vanir make a reappearance?

    What if, as is the case with Oromis and Glaedr, a male dragon has a male Rider or a female Rider has a female dragon? How does this affect their relationships? Is one type of combination more prevalent than another?

  • RedNoise

    are Saphira, Thorn and Greeny brothers? and if they were and Saphira mate any of them, would their offsprings have genetic problems, just like humans?

  • couragesoccer17

    While I realize that you can not tell the name of the title, technically it should be the same as the planned third book (i.e. not Brisingr) right? Is this true or not?

    What was the moral dilemna in Brisingr that caused the trilogy’s change to a cycle? I’m assuming it was the fate of Sloan, if this is true what did you originally have occurring with his fate? If not, what was the problem?

  • MitchellQNZ

    I have a couple of questions I re read the 3 and picked these.

    1) Does Elva’s mark have any importance that we will learn about in the 4th book?

    2) In Brisingr pg 103 a couple of soldiers suggest the possibility of them hunting Murtagh after they leave Eragon wonders what it was that Murtagh said will we find out what he said or does it have no significance?

    3) Will Saphira 1 Jarnunvosk and/or Bid Daum\\\\\\\’s Eldunari play any part in book 4?

    4) Are there any surviving members of the Arcena do they have a role in book 4? it seems to me that they whom find knowledge super important would have prehaps forgetten spells and other important information in their storehouse of knowledge

    5) Will we learn more about how the grey folk changed the nature of magic?

    6) Will Undbitr every be found?

  • Luke


    Will the last book be over 1000 pages? I really enjoy reading your books and in my opinion, the longer the better.

    I get really annoyed when I am loving a book and it finishes to quickly.

    Don’t Give us a 300 Pager!

  • davidewing

    One more question.

    Does a newborn child, of any race, have a true name in the ancient language? What about a dragon that is still in it’s egg, does it have a true name?

  • asdfg

    What did Vroengard (sorry on the spelling) look like before and after the fall of the riders.

  • davidewing

    I have another question,

    Eldest, p. 359, Oromis tells Eragon that he must always speak in the ancient language.
    “Adopting the elven tongue, Eragon vowed, ‘Then I will work ceaselessly until I not only think, but dream, in your language.'”

    It seems to me that he should have worked constantly, without time to eat, drink, sleep, talk or anything because of this vow. obviously, he does not. What is going on here?

  • randomdude

    How many eggs can a female dragon lay in one birthing?

  • Samuel

    How old is Orik?

  • havok10

    Can a dragon egg choose to have rider or be a wild dragon?

  • A.D.C.

    Is there any possibility of the 4th book being split in to two books? Because frankly, there are quite a few lose ends left for one book 😉

  • lolrider

    why didnt any of the forsworns draghons mate???

  • Inheitfan

    how powerful is Eragon compared to pass Dragon Riders in Magical and Swordplay?

  • rockydog

    when eragon was with the elves in eldest his necklace wokehim up because someone was scrying him. how did someone scry him when he was in de wendalvarden.

  • Thorndragon

    Will you ever write a full version of Eragons peom for the Agaeti Blodhren?

  • davidewing

    I do not know where all those slashes came from but I decided to re-post…

    For some reason I was unable to post with my account, so I had to post as a guest.

    These are my questions…

    Eragon p. 50, Brom tells Eragon that “A brash elven youth hunted down a dragon…” Why would an elf hunt down a dragon if they don’t eat meat? Were Elves not vegetarian at that time?

    Eragon p. 294, Regarding Arya…
    “She was dressed in dark leather pants and shirt” Why is Arya wearing leather if elves don’t “needlessly inflict pain.” (Eldest, p. 283)

    Brisingr, p. 134, after Tenga uses magic, “Eragon tensed, ready to grapple physically and mentally with Tenga.” Why is Eragon Suddenly afraid that Tenga will attack him now that he knows Tenga is a magic user? Is he just startled at Tenga’s ability to use magic?

    Brisingr, p. 338, after Eragon battles Murtagh Nasuada says tells Eragon to “inform Trianna that… we should have a few hundred swordsmen… who are immune to physical suffering”, On the next page Eragon “conveyed Nasuada’s instructions” later pp.465-466 Nasuada asks Roran if she should make immune soldiers. Does this mean that she hasn’t yet? And if this isn’t too spoilerrific, will we see anything about these immune soldiers in Book IV?

    If plants are living things why do elves eat them? Do elves only eat the fruit (nuts, vegetables, etc.) that have already detached from the parent plant?

    Since Brom was a Rider did he go through the meditation training like Eragon? If so, did he become a vegetarian like Eragon and the elves? How did he justify eating meat later, when he lived in Carvahall?

  • ShadeKing

    1When eragon blessed elva he said ‘may luck and happiness find you’ and they he messed up the spell with the shield working and made elva able to sense other peoples pain, but what about the first part of the spell, did that also work, because elva dosen’t seem very happy. Did the second part of the spell affect the first. By the way why made saphira bless elva with the mark on her forehead

  • davidewing

    For some reason I was unable to post with my account, so I had to post as a guest.

    These are my questions…

    Eragon p. 50, Brom tells Eragon that \\\\\\\”A brash elven youth hunted down a dragon…\\\\\\\” Why would an elf hunt down a dragon if they don\\\\\\\’t eat meat? Were Elves not vegetarian at that time?

    Eragon p. 294, Regarding Arya…
    \\\\\\\”She was dressed in dark leather pants and shirt\\\\\\\” Why is Arya wearing leather if elves don\\\\\\\’t \\\\\\\”needlessly inflict pain.\\\\\\\” (Eldest, p. 283)

    Brisingr, p. 134, after Tenga uses magic, \\\\\\\”Eragon tensed, ready to grapple physically and mentally with Tenga.\\\\\\\” Why is Eragon Suddenly afraid that Tenga will attack him now that he knows Tenga is a magic user? Is he just startled at Tenga\\\\\\\’s ability to use magic?

    Brisingr, p. 338, after Eragon battles Murtagh Nasuada says tells Eragon to \\\\\\\”inform Trianna that… we should have a few hundred swordsmen… who are immune to physical suffering\\\\\\\”, On the next page Eragon \\\\\\\”conveyed Nasuada\\\\\\\’s instructions\\\\\\\” later pp.465-466 Nasuada asks Roran if she should make immune soldiers. Does this mean that she hasn\\\\\\\’t yet? And if this isn\\\\\\\’t too spoilerrific, will we see anything about these immune soldiers in Book IV?

    If plants are living things why do elves eat them? Do elves only eat the fruit (nuts, vegetables, etc.) that have already detached from the parent plant?

    Since Brom was a Rider did he go through the meditation training like Eragon? If so, did he become a vegetarian like Eragon and the elves? How did he justify eating meat later, when he lived in Carvahall?

  • Chris

    Some of these questions I’m seeing have been covered in interviews before. You should do some research on whether or not they have, and ask a new question if you want to actually get one in part of the interview

  • Murtaga

    You answered the question: If a dragon hatches for a person, what happens if someone else touches it before that person?

    Now my question is what happens if a dragon hatches for a person and someone who is already bonded with a dragon touches it first?

  • Therinsford

    First of all,let me congratulate you on being able to write a series which has had my my complete undivided attention for a long time.

    Next,I have a few questions:

    1)Is Arya’s poem in Eldest supposed to have a deeper meaning,or is it just there with no more importance than Arya’s contribution?

    2)How much time has elapsed since the first page of Eragon to the last page of Brisingr?

    3)Do you have any intentions of killing off any main character in a fit of evil in Book 4?

    4)Who was the blind beggar who was the only person apart from Selena and Eragon to have their fortunes told by Angela?

    5)Is there any possible way to revive the dead through dragon magic?And is it possible to harness the energy used by an inspired dragon for an intention different to the dragon’s?

    6)Will you write any prequels or sequels of the Inheritance Cycle?I hope so b/c your fantasy writing is the best I’ve ever read.I am currently an IC fanatic.

    7)How do Murtagh and Galbatorix harness the eldunaris’ power?Are they near them physically at all times or do they only needed to be contacted mentally?

    8)Are there any more hidden dragon eggs apart from the green one that Galbatorix might have missed?

  • Trustin

    Will Vanir return for the 4th book or was his role finished with Eldest?

  • Jen

    In a case where a human Rider’s dragon dies and the Rider manages to stay sane (like Brom), would that Rider still retain his/her immortality?

    Also, how common was it for a Rider to take a mortal wife? And if they had kids, would the kids always be mortal or is it possible for them to be immortal? Is immortality a gene or just a byproduct of the dragon’s magic in humans, because elves are born immortal, so if an elf had a kid with a mortal human, then wouldn’t they pass on the immortality gene?

  • Patonpants

    This is a question that hopefully wont reveal the plot in book 4. At one point in brisingr eragon comes across angela using the dragon knuckles for two people. I wont ask who they are but will they play a vital part in book 4?

  • joehall

    In Brisingr when Eargon is fighting Vraugh he wraps his mind around Vraughs to prevent him attacking Arya and Saphira. Why then can’t Earagon use this same technique on Galbatorix and sever his contact with the eldunari. Then Earagon would be able to slay him at will assuming Mutagh and Thorn are out of the picture.

  • Adam

    Will Bid’aum’s Eldunari come into play?

  • Fabian

    What colour had Vraels dragon

  • sonia23

    in “Eragon” Brom metioned riders can olny be killed by blade or posion. does that mean a rider couldn’t be killed if they were hung or drowned?

  • Elzeth

    Were any of the Forsworn’s thirteen dragons female? If so why didn’t Galbitorix force them to mate with his (or one of the other male) dragons and ‘resurrect the dragon race’ sooner? Surely if he was in as much control of he forsworn as he has been said to have been he would have done that- and he could have avoided being so dependent on Saphira now.

    When a rider’s true name changes does his/her dragon’s change as well or do they have to change their true names separately?

    Will we ever get a more detailed account of how Galbitorix bound Shruikan to himself? Could you give us one now please?

    What ever happened to Murtagh’s horse, Tornac?

    Could you give us some more information on animals using magic? (you’ve peaked my interest I want to know more!)

    Are there any visible physical differences between male and female dragons, or is the only way for non-dragons to tell them apart the dragons mental voice?

  • DavidMusci

    Hey I am a big fan. Any way, When Glaedr bit off the last three feet in Thorns tail, Is there anyway to heal in injury like that. Or re-attach the part of his tail in any way. If so how much energy would be needed?

  • slayerofthedead

    hey Chris. Umm well this is more of a misunderstanding… cause i’m only 13….. but is Glaedr dead? because in book 3 (brisingr) it only describes Oromis dying, is glaedr in his heart of hearts?

  • lordvrael

    could edocsil contain important info in scrolls that can only be accessed by Saphira, Thorn, and Greeni, on how to defeat Galbitorix.

    because in Eragon Brom tells Eragon that Vrael defeated Galbitorix but hesitated on the final blow, Galbitorix injured Vrael because of that, and Vrael fled to edocsil.

  • magyar

    I’ve got a few questions:

    1.If Eldunarya is the Eldunarí’s plural form, than Arya’s name means hearts? Or is it a stupid idea?

    2.If Saphira and Thorn would mate, would that deepens Eragon’s and Murtahg’s relationships too? You know how I mean, right? Or how can the riders block these feelings out?

    3.It was said in Eldest, that if someone would knows the true name of the ancient language, he/she could do almost everything. But if the elves use the ancient language as their native tongue, and they talk about the AL, then how they say it? Change back to the common language while they say the word “ancient language”, then speak again in that? Or how does it work?

    4.And if they doesn’t know it, they still knows the word “magic” in the Al, so why can’t they control it as they want? I mean if you know the word magic, you have absolute control above it, right?

    I hope I didn’t ask very stupid things, and you understood, what I meant.

    (sorry for my English, I’m hungarian… Oh, and if anyone else knows the answers for my questions, don’t hesitate, please!!!)

  • JakeW

    I have noticed that in the books you have shown much sympathy toward animals that are commonly eaten. I wondered, being a vegetarian myself, do you follow the elves in their diet? Your writing on that topic seemed to suggest that you do.

  • Can’twaitforbook4

    I have some questions regarding Arya.

    1.Was her father-the Elven King Evandar a Dragon Rider?

    2.Eragon received his powerful magic skills,the abilities of an elf and that cool blue fiery sword Brisingr.But Arya still seems to be if not more powerful,at least equal to his abilities as a warrior and a sorceror.So I ask this:Who is/were Arya’s teacher/s?

    3.Did Arya rejected Eragon’s advances during the Celebration of the Blood Oath in the Ancient Language?

    4.Was there a more powerful opponent than Durza that Arya has faced in her life ?

    And two more questions about the dragons:

    1.Every race has it’s leader-humans,dwarves and elves have their king or queen-how about dragons-did they ever had a leader of their own?

    2.In Brisingr Oromis or Glaedr-I don’t remember who,said to Eragon that a dragon’s Eldunari can gather a particular amount of energy-the energy of the dragon.He also said that this energy’s amount would depend of the age of the dragon.If a dragon is older-than his Eldunari would be more powerful.So let’s say that by any funny and odd chance Eragon and Saphira find just like that Bid’Daum’s Eldunari.Would his Eldunari be just as powerful as any other Eldunarya that Galbatorix possesses?Wouldn’t it be the oldest and most powerful of them all?

    Sorry if I asked stupid questions but that’s life…

  • BuffytheVampireSlayer

    Could an Eldunari possess a human, elf or dwarf, like Gabalatorix possessing Murtagh at the Battle of Gilead?

  • AnAussieFan

    Hi Chris,

    Do you know how to use a sword? Do you own any of our own?

  • Eragonvsharry

    When Eragon was talking to the Menoa tree he felt a slight pang of discomfort in his stomach. Does this have to do with what the menoa tree took?

  • Claudia

    Do the dragons change their mates?
    For two dragons mate must there be some special connection between their riders?

  • Tinuviel

    On Brisingr, last chapter, Arya tries to explain why the egg appeared to Eragon rather than in an empty field.
    She said “I should have guessed that you were Brom’s son”. Could you explain how does the teleport spell works?
    I mean, do you try to sense something like a magnetic/energetic DNA around a person and then send the object?
    If true, does that mean that you could know if someone is related to other people just by sensing this energy?

    Can an eldunari recognize their offsprings without being presented (just by sensing their presence), or do they have to be introduced first?

    Is Eragon still in debt with Horst?

  • simon92

    Hi Paolini, thank you for answering all our questions, could you please answer this question? Its been bugging me for a while now,

    What gender was Morzan’s dragon? This could contribute to Morzan and Brom’s rivalry, Morzan’s dragon could have been male and had a relationship with Saphira I, this relationship could’ve made Brom and Morzan allies again. Also what was the colour of Morzan’s dragon? It could very well be red because of Zar’roc’s blade colour, but could the colour have been changed by Morzan, or someone else.

    Thanks Christopher, greatest author in history!

  • Mr.E

    During the series up to date, there are three riders from the old order whose fates are not mentioned: Irnstad, Anurin and Eragon 1. Is it possible to reveal their fates or will they be revealed in a future work?

  • Wyocountryboy

    As mentioned in Brisingr; Angela said she saw to it the day that she met Elva that could not see what troubles her. How and or what did she know about how eragons spell worked on her in order to cast this spell?

  • traveleravi

    1. is it possible to take energy from fire, light, lightning or other natural sources of energy?
    2. is there a reason why he felt energy leave him when he lit his sword on fire the first time but not the second time?

  • Bookworm119

    Arya said that when she was cornered by Durza she had to send the egg somewhere, and that Ellsmera was out because of the magic around it and that the Varden was too far away… But in Brisngr when Orimis taught Eragon how to send an object (like Arya had) he said that sending the pebble in his hand from one hand to another would take just as much energy as sending it across all of Alagasia and the only thing that made it more difficult was the size of the object. So she could have sent it to the Varden with the same amount of energy.

    So was it just a fluke or what?

    Also, why was Arya where she was when Durza captured her?? The books say she was between Dur Warrden (the big forest I forget the exact name) and Carvahall… but thats not in the path between the Varden and the Elves where she was farying the egg between.

    And one more question.
    Arya said that Galby cast a spell that instantly kills anybody that speaks his true name, But I was wondering if someone just thought it while their mind was wide open would that harm them? And she also mentioned that Orimis and Gladear were the only ones brave enough to keep searching for it, so would Gladear have any info about Galby’s true name?

  • WindRider

    The “answer” Tenga is searching for, is it a name, or a place. Like, maybe the name of the ancient language, or where the Rock of Kuthian or something is? That or another place? Just some wild questions to add with my theories…

  • Scott

    Do you think that after Eragon wins and Galbatorix is dead that he and the new rider will be able to re-establish the dragon order like it was in the past?

  • coralstar

    here are my questions:

    1. why did eragon’s sword act like it did when he said the name. has any other rider named their sword something like this in the acient lang.? if they did and nithing happened, does this mean that eragon is special?

    2. is their a special reason that eragon is named after the 1st dragon rider?

  • Vegtam

    In Eragon and Eldest, it is repeatedly stated that magic requirtes the use of the Ancient Language. It was said that the Grey Folk bound magic to the language so it can’t be done without it.

    So how, in Brisingr, was Eragon able to “reweave the fabric of the universe into a pattern more pleasing to him”?

    I’m really curious.

  • TiamatKat

    In Eragon, Brom says of Werecats that “…they could certainly do unusual things. They always seemed to know what was going on and somehow or another manage to get themselves involved.”
    Was Brom referring that Werecats possess an innate ability to predict the future? Or is Solembum unique to his kind?
    If so, will there be future developments of his power, and does he have other, hidden abilities?

  • Khephran

    can you tell us any swear words in the ancient language 😛
    also, have you ever considered publishing a dictionary of the ancient language? or maybe a dwarvish one

  • PinkLily

    I had a question about dragon eggs:

    How do you smash a dragon egg? Eragon couldn’t open it nor could anyone else. Is there a specific way to do it? Through magic perhaps? And is there anything protecting the eggs besides the parents or people assigned to protecting them?

  • Chris

    Don’t bother asking questions that seem like they would have to do with the plot of the book. He wouldn’t answer them even if we submitted them to him.

  • cc12321

    I got a few questions, some of which I have asked before.

    In Brisingr, Eragon made 3 golden orbs, giving one to Gedric, one to Helen, and making the other into rings for Roran and Katrina. Is Eragon still in debt to Horst for the meat from Sloan in Eragon, or has he somehow repaid him?

    In Brisingr, Eragon discovers Sloan’s true name, and yet it is never actually written in the book. Is there a tendency among true names that would easily allow us, the readers, to figure out other characters names?

    There is a location of what appears to be a temple surrounded by hills just south-east of Helgrind on the map of Alagaesia. What is this?

    Does the plural of Eldunari, Eldunarya, have any connection to Arya’s true name, or is it just a coincidence that her name is in it?

    Are werecats like werewolves, in the sense that they go through a forced transformation, or can they transform willfully?

    When Brom died, he said seven words in the Ancient Language. At that time, Eragon did not have a strong understanding of some AL words as he does now. Did he understand what all the words meant, or what they were even for, or is he in the dark as much as we are right now?

    Where did Angela acquire her Dragon Knuckles? Are they in any relation to Tenga or Glaedr’s broken leg?

    What does Undbitr, Naegling, mean? Do their names hold any significance to the story?

    Will Eragon visit the Beirland islands at any time during book 4? Or were their only purpose to hinder Roran and Carvahall during their escape to Surda?

    How did the elves battle at Gil’ead end? Will it pick up from Glaedr’s death near the beginning of Book 4?

    Is there anything special about Marna, the mountain east of the Isenstar Lake? It seems to have some importance, as it is the only isolated mountain that is actually given a name.

    Oromis and Glaedr mentioned that wild dragons would store their Eldunari in Du Fells Nangoroth. Did Galbatorix know of this place and take the HoHs, or has it remained untouched by all civilization throughout these years?

    What prompted Angela to use the knuckle bones to tell the woman’s and her daughter’s future? She rarely used them in the past before Eragon’s fortune, so was there an interaction between Solembum and the women, or did she have another reason?

  • earagon24

    Are the nomadic tribes that live on the plains at the entrence to palincar valley (mentioned in Eragon) the same dark skined nomads of the Hadarc Desert

  • TheGhostOfBrom

    Why did you kill me?

  • Vishaal

    If Murtagh sweared an oath to Galbatorix than how is he supposed to change his true name when his oath prevents him? Does that mean that their are holes in swearing in the Ancient Language?

  • TheRockofKuthian

    Now that Roran has bested a Urgal when he wrestled him, does this end the threat of future challenges when commanding other Urgals?

    Was Brom aware of the existence of Elurundi?

    In Brisingr, is there any significance to the crumbling structure quickley mentioned after Eragon left Farthen Dur heading back to Oromis?

  • Michael

    Why is tenga put in the third book? What importance will he have in the next book?

  • EyeoftheStorm

    You mentioned that Angela had visited Ellesmera before and I was wondering since Glaedr is missing a leg if Angela got her knuckle bones of dragon from him?

    Is Angela entirely human?

    You said elves are immortal so couldn’t Tarmunora and Dellinar still be alive?

    As Brom showed signs of his age because his dragon Saphira had died does that mean that if a rider’s dragon dies then the rider is no longer immortal?

    What does Undibtr and Naegling mean?

    Can elves have a different hair colour other than black and silver?

    Since elves, before the war with the dragons, were mortal living about the same amount of years as humans and the fact that they look so much like humans could it be possible that the elves and humans originated from the same species?

    Do elves eat cheese? (sorry I just had to ask!)

  • mimi

    did arya say she didnt love eragon in the ancient language?

  • Quimby

    Why did Birgit not accompany Eragon and Roran to kill the Razac like she swore she would?

    What did the forsworn do to break Oromis and how did Glaedr lose his leg?

  • FloweroftheNight

    When Angela told Eragon his future in the first book, and she spoke of him falling in love with someone of noble birth, could that possibly mean Nasuada? What I mean to say is, could Nasuada be considered noble?

  • RiderofArgorok

    I partially understand why Glaedr rejected Saphira’s intentions to mate, because of the whole teacher-student thing, but I was wondering…wouldn’t Glaedr be wise enough to know that he could make an exception for the sake of the Varden, the Riders and the Elves? I mean, if he wasn’t so stubborn about being ‘proper’ he could have bred with saphira, who would then have had multiple eggs that could hatch for different members of the Elves and Varden if they were made into rider’s eggs. So, my question is, why didn’t Glaedr see the chance to bring back the dragon race from the verge of extinction and give his allies a great advantage of 1-20 (I don’t know how many eggs a dragon has) new dragons and Riders?

  • DiogoFelgueira

    I know you already answered about a prequel of Brom but did you thought about a prequel of Eragon the first rider or Vrael?

  • EkaEddyrDuShurtugalAbrSaphira

    My first question is about the Ancient Language and true names.

    Okay, so what I’m wondering is what is stronger, your true name or the Ancient Language? What I mean is let’s say you were a guy and someone knew your true name and they told you, enforcing this with your true name, to say that you werea girl in the ancient language. What would happen? I know I might not have explained my question properly but I hope you get the idea.

    My second question is not quite as serious but has been bothering me for quite sometime. Where is a dragon’s ear?

  • IAmEragonBromSon

    Regarding Dragons and reproduction…

    When Dragons choose to mate, how long are female dragons pregnant. Do dragons mate and then the females deliver the eggs the next day, or is it over a period of time just like with humans? Also, when Dragons are pregnant do their bellies swell up just like humans? If so, does being pregnant affect a female dragons ability to fight or fly or do any other type of activity?

    Now a question regarding the Riders…

    Exactly how long had the Riders been established before the fall of them? Was it many centuries or what? Also, according to history, who as the strongest rider ever recorded? Was it Vrael or Eragon I the first rider?

    Exactly how old is Rhunon?

    How old was Brom?

    What was Sloan’s true name?

    Does Saphira know her true name?

    In Brisingr, after Eragon learn’s Sloans true name and forces him to swear the oaths in the AL that he will never speak with or see Katrina again, he decides that he will devote more time to uncovering his own true name because it could prove useful to know ones own. My question, is how is it useful to know ones own true name? Does it give someone immense power over ones self or something else that could be deemed useful?

    What does Naegling and Undbitr mean?

    Exactly how many Riders were there in all including the ones that died during the fall and before that? A rough estimate?

    When was a Rider presented with his own sword from Rhunon?

    How was it that Rhunon learned her craft? And is the master that taught her as renowned as she is?

    Exactly how old was Glaedr and Oromis?

    Well that was a little longer than I anticipated haha…But hopefully one of these questions gets answered :D.


  • BladeOfTruth

    AS elves get older do they age normally or do they live in a state of eternal youth?

  • BigC

    There was a question answered in q&a #2 that is similair, but i think this is different. In Eldest, Oromis tells Eragon that in his time, elves would line up each day to touch an egg. Saphira gave me the impression that dragons hatch several days after their destined rider touches the egg. So if people lined up each day to touch one egg and it hatched, how would they know who the true dragons rider is?

  • BlackDragon

    This is more a suggestion than a question really but I think it would be great to have a progress bar regarding the fourth book (like the one Brandon Sanderson have regarding the wheel of time series).

    Is there a chance of you implementing something like that?

  • Cheesecake

    Do werecats have the ability to choose when they are cats and when they are humans?

  • SquallLeonhart

    In Eragon, after Brom told Eragon that the first rider was also called Eragon, Eragon asked what his name meant, Brom told him that he didn’t know and that only the elves would know now, can you tell us what his name means, or will that be part of the 4th book?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Do elves have a different way of handling emotions than humans? If not, how do they have so much patience and self control?

    Since there are werecats, are there werewolves, weredogs, or other weres as well?

    Can a elven rider die of depression after losing his dragon like a human rider? Can elves dies of mental suffering like humans?

    Roran, Eragon, and Murtagh have all been a one point wounded badly on their backs, is there any meaning to that?

    Do you spar to get ideas for the fight scenes, or if not, have you ever sparred at all?

    What happened to all of the swords of the fallen Riders? Did the foresworn that beat them keep them as trophies?

    Are the Ra’zac really dead? And what will the last Ra’zac’s curse do to Eragon?

    Is an elf’s sense of smell also more advanced than a human’s?

    What is the use of Blodhgarm’s smell?

    Did you make Brom after someone? If so, who?

    How old was Brom?

    Will that encasement that Saphira put on Brom mummify him in a way?

    What was going through Brom’s mind when he found that Eragon could not read? (Just wondering)

    How much of the Rider’s history did Brom really know?

    (Mike, may I please put a poem on here I made for Brom? Please!)

    How hard was it for Brom to watch Eragon grow up with Garrow and his wife and not be able to tell Eragon the truth?

    Is Eragon more like Brom in personality or Selena?

    Are we ever going to get the full AL?

    What happened to Oromis to make like he was, Glaedr said something about it, but was it magic or physical, what was it?

    Is one’s true name more than one word or just one?

    Are ever going to learn the seven words that Brom told and translated for Eragon just preceding his death?

    What does the Ra’zac put on their weapons to make the wounds inflicted by them heal so slowly?

    Do you spar so that you can make Eragon’s fight scenes better?

  • Shadeslayer70

    Eragon told Murtagh that if he was able to change his true name, then he may be able to escape Galbatorix’s oaths. But how would Murtagh, or anyone else be able to tell if their name had changed?
    And how exactly does controlling someone with their true name work?

  • jalawood

    If Angela’s magic is primarily with herbs, how has she managed to live this long? Is it just the herbal power, or is there something else?
    And is Angela purely human?

  • Shadeslayer70

    In all three books we have learned a little bit more about Eragon, and the history of the riders. Is there any important history left for us to learn in the fourth book pertaining to Eragon or the Riders?

  • rino62

    could there be different species of dragons say like the ones of chinese legend that may not be as intelligent and maybe not as powerful (but still strong) as ones like saphira ( not saying that the ones of Chinese legend werent smart) and could they possibly be what poached half of galbatorix’s army in the spine

  • conqueso

    Will the fifth book (if you write it) be a continuation of this inheritance cycle, something else based in Alagaesia, or something in one the other worlds across the ocean.

  • Glorfindel

    And about shape-shifting, you said that all they were doing was moving around the stuff that was already what they were. What about in Eldest, the Elf that Eragon sees that has something like armored scales and fire in his nostrils? What about the fur that Blodhgarm has? You say in Eldest that Elves have no hair anywhere except on their heads. So Blodhgarm obviously didn’t just make it grow longer. Wouldn’t he have had to add something to achieve that?

  • conqueso

    When Eragon guessed Sloan’s true name he already had his change into an elf hybrid. Galbatorix has been around over 100 years near a dragon. Does this change help them guess true names like an elf?

  • Glorfindel

    So, just to get this straight, when you say that two people, one standing at the gates of Vroengard, could speak clearly with anyone else, what you mean is, if they used a spell like the one that Islanzadi and Eragon use to talk to each other?
    And if Eragon is, say, in the Dragonhold at Farthen Dur, and he knew that Oromis was sitting in his hut, could Eragon reach out and touch Oromis’s mind, since he knew where to direct his thoughts? And in “Eragon”, when he’s lying on his bed after the battle, and Oromis speaks with him, since he’s speaking directly into his mind, wouldn’t he have had to reach out and touch it?

  • booksmart78

    If a dragon gets injured can thier Eldunarí break inside of them? What happens if it does? Can Eldunarya heal?

  • Glorfindel

    When Eragon stabs Durza, at the battle of Farthen Dur, he shouts “brisingr”, before doing so (as you well know).
    The book states that “heatless flames” ran down the length of his sword.
    If the flames were heatless, what was the point of his saying it?
    And when Rhunon forges Brisingr for him, and he speaks it’s true name, how is this any different than what Zar’roc did when he reached into his mind, and imbued the word with magic?

  • conqueso

    How large is alagaesia compared to the U.S. or another country?

  • SkulblakaabrWyrda

    1. In Eldest -Orgin of Names- You mentioned the Utgard mountain was derived from Dwarfish, Why would the riders name a mountain in Dwarfish if it was their outpost and none of the Riders were Dwarfs?

    2. Vrael when was injured by Galbatorix fled to the Utgard mountain to regain his strength. It would have been better to taken refuge in BOAR, Spine or Du Weldenvarden where he was much likely to be found by Galbatorix instead of Mount Utgard which was easy as he had a Dragon? (I do have a hidden intent to the question 🙂 )

    3. In Brsisngr you mentioned on Dragon breaking their Eldunari Gladear mentions “Not unless the inspiration to use magic should sweep over the dragon and allow them to break their Eldunarí from within, which to my knowledge has happened but rarely”. And you mentioned in your interview that Eragon acts as a catalyst to the Dragons for inspiring them and helping them to use magic. so would it be possible for Eragon to inspire the Eldunari under Galbatorix control to use magic and break it from within?
    Thanks in Advance for answering my queries. Thats is if you do 🙂

  • Stronghammeroran

    Will we be seeing anything in Arya’s point of view? What about Murtagh’s?

  • BobHope

    Why, if the elves are advanced enough to know about cells and postulate on the existance of atoms and molecules, have they not created a simple gunpowder and rifle/cannon/musket?

  • Starlight

    You mentioned in a previous Q&A that Kialandi of the forsworn was an elf and I couldn’t help but notice that the names Kialandi and Islanzadi sound similar. Is it possible that they are siblings or related or are the similar names just a coincidence?

  • RepoGirl24601

    Dear Mr. Paolini,

    What do you hear your characters’ voices sounding like? What sort of accent? For example, in the Eragon movie they all had British accents.

    On the map of Alagaesia there is a compass with the letters X, H, Y and I. Are those the initials of the directions in the ancient language? What do they stand for?

  • OneOfManyQuestions

    There have already been questions regarding elf-human crosses. However, have there ever been any examples of other races hybridizing, such as human-dwarf, elf-dwarf, or urgal-human (gross!)?

    Also, does becoming a rider change one’s genetics – in other words, is the immortality given to riders purely a magical phenomenon, genetic phenomenon, or a mix of both? Would a child between a human rider and an elf still be immortal, or would they just live as long as an ordinary human-elf would?

  • fly106

    Who is the friend Arya confides in in Elesmera?

  • fly106

    Who does Arya trust more, Eragon, or Izlandzadi? If she had to betray one or the other who would she betray?

  • jim

    At the Beginning Eragon used magic accidently, when he used brisngr. So he has magical abilities and had just needed to be taught how to control and summon it. Wouldn’t the same be true for dragons. They have immense magical properties but can’t summon it at will. Like all magicians, couldn’t they simply be taught how to control and summon their powers. Like with star sapphire, she knew she could do it, but didn’t know how. Seems all it would take is practice just like any Rider needed to practice.

  • Tulip

    When Saphira talked to Arya as if she was now a part of Eragon and her family what had changed in the way Saphira viewed Arya, or what made Saphira speak to Arya differently? Does Arya notice the difference? Does she appreciate it?

  • Tulip

    If Eragon and Arya sparred, just on the spur of the moment, with no magic allowed who would win?

  • WhiteFang

    Are John Jude Palencar’s illustrations of the dragons (Saphira, Thorn, and Glaedr) an accurate depiction of how you first imagined them?

  • Frederick

    Is past queen Dellanir still alive, and if she is, will she play a role in the future?

  • General57

    Tenga. Is he mentally impaired, blabbering away mindlessly, or actually intelligent? As well, since he “kicked” Solembum, does this signal some type of hatred that werecats may have caused?

  • Frozenfire

    If it is possible for you to accidentally teleport yourself into someone else, could you teleport yourself *to* someone else? Could you go to them, imaging the person in your mind, even if you don\\\’t know where they actually are? It doesn\\\’t seem like you would need to know *where* they are, to get to them, it seems like you could just go *to them*, not thinking about where that might be. So can you get to a person without thinking or caring where it might be? After all, it seems like you needn\\\’t be going to *where they are*, but rather, to *them*.

  • Khephran

    Rhunön states that brightsteel is more flexible and stronger than normal steel, also she states that it is very rare. if this is the case, how do the elves create swords which don’t shatter? Also have any riders had a sword not made from brightsteel?

  • ForeverWaiting…..


    I was wondering about Werecats,are they the same as a Werewolf?If a Werecat bites you,do you turn into a Werecat yourself?.Like you would if a Werewolf bit you.I was Also wondering if a Dragon can be albino and if they can,would it be rare or simply a white dragon like the first Eragon’s Dragon? Thankyou for ansering my question if you do.

    May Your Pen Stay Sharp!

  • mindrop(waiting4accountactivation)

    In Eragon, THE HARDARAC DESERT chapter, Eragon comments to Shaphira about the Hardarac desert, “then when all of this is done, perhaps we can return.” Page 630 (hardcover) of Brisingr, Glaedr states “before we formed our pack with the Elves, we kept our hearts in Du Fells Nangoroth, the mountains in the center of the Hardarad Deaert. Later, after the Riders established themselves on the island of Vroengard and therein built a repository for the Eldunari, wild dragons and paired dragons both entrusted their hearts to the Riders for safekeeping.

    The mountains in the Hardarac Desert have a special meaning to the dragons, will they play a role in the fourth book?

  • blinkandyoumissit

    what sort of processes did you go through to create the histories and races of Alagaesia before you began writing? or did you make things up as you went?

  • Kari

    What happened to the bodies of the dragonriders killed on Doru Araeba? Were they left there to rot?

    Where did the inspiration for the Dwarves’ and Elves’ languages come from?

  • cattie12

    In Eragon, Brom said, “Those who speak the language (meaning the ancient language) have two names. The first is for everyday use and has little authority. But the second is their true name and is share with only a few trusted people.” Does that mean that only those who speak the ancient language have true names? If so, what about Sloan? What does that imply about him?

  • PhoenixStarr

    If one were forced by multiple people who knew their true name to make oaths that contradicted others they had made previously, what would happen?

  • PhoenixStarr

    If one changed their true name, would they be released from all their vows, or just the ones made through the use or invocation of their true name or the control asserted over them by another who knows their true name?

  • mindrop(waiting4accountactivation)

    1: Is it posible/happened in history to have a two headed Dragon?

    2: Given enough energy, Knowledge, ect., can someone make an Eldunarí for themselves?

  • RoranFTW

    As compared to the Dragon Riders of old, how powerful is Eragon at the end of _Brisingr_? Could an “average” rider have defeated a Shade with the help of one or two companions (rather than alone)?

  • awesomeshurtugal

    If you could, would you like to have the Eragon film remade? Were you disappointed in any way by Fox’s version?

  • Jack

    It was said that Oromis was able to handle only the simplest of spells because of what the Foresworn had done to his mind. If they were able to do this with his mind, why didn’t they do it to Glaedr’s as well? Or was it a case of Glaedr not being with Oromis at the time?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    1. If an elf lost a partner that they were in love with, would they be able to move to another and fall in love again?

    2. Brom said a person’s “color” of their magic varied. If a person were to become a Dragon Rider, would their color of their magic automatically change to the color of their dragon’s scales? For example, if Saphira were to have hatched for say, Arya, would Arya’s color of her magic change from green to blue?

    3. In your opinion, what qualities of a person would attract a dragon to hatch for them? Is it possible to lie to a dragon to get him/her to hatch for you?

    4.Will the words in the Ancient Language Brom gave Eragon before he died have any effect in book 4?

    5. Will Tamerlein have any part in Book 4?

    6. In “Eragon”, Eragon notices that a dragon depends on it’s tail for flight. Will Thorn’s injury at the hands of Glaedr effect his flying?

  • shreyasumesh1811

    When Eldunarya are stored together, is it possible for a dragon’s mind to reach out to the other dragons’ minds and inspire a revolution or rebellion against Galbatorix?
    (As far as I know, it is impossible for orbs to move on their own, but the strength of many dragons’ magic is not negligible, and strange things are wont to happen around a dragon, aren’t they?!)

  • WildLaura

    If one vows themselves in the ancient language to multiple people, what would happen if said person were to receive orders that contradicted the other?

  • Jonathan

    Eragon said that he would help Elain with her pregnancy. Can we receive a timeline so we know just how long these things have been like this? Also, is it likely that Elain’s baby will die?

  • Jonathan

    What would happen if you somehow managed to break a promise in the ancient language?

  • Roranson

    how far are you into the book?

    is the ancient language inspired by old norse?

  • Jonathan

    Did you find inspiration from Star Wars? I noticed a lot of your ideas are similar, like a fallen Rider now ruling, similar to a fallen Anakin ruling. Also, there was a massive fall of both Jedi and Riders. These are just examples.

  • premonitions

    1. Why did you put the dream about a great circular stone city and the girl singing a haunting melody (pg 232, Brisingr)? Is the girl someone, and where is the city? If you can’t answer that, then is the dream important?

    2. What does Undbitr mean?

    3. Did you get inspiration from Star Wars? The plot of Eragon is very similar to Episode 4.

    4. Are there any markings on a dragon’s body that tell the difference between male and female?

    5. Will the fact that half of Galbatorix’s army disappeared in the Spine play any role in book 4?

    6. Why did Sloan mutter “someone walking on my grave” when Eragon said his true name?

    Thanks for your answers.

  • poisonsupra

    if the elves can find out other peoples true names then why don’t they find out someone’s name that is close to the empire and do some damage with it?

  • WizardsnDragons

    Shruikan is bound to Galbatorix by his true name. You say Shruikan is a good dragon. If his true name changed would he become a wild dragon or become bound to someone else? If that happens in book 4 will he help Eragon and the Varden?

  • Jonathan

    Will Eragon and Arya duel again to see who is the stronger Shadeslayer?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    PS;question 2 is based in Angelas words;”He loved a woman but he didnt succeed to it”.

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    1)Can dragons have more than 1 mates?(In Brisingr it was mentioned that Glaedr had 2 mates).
    2)In “Eragon”,when Eragon had met Angela in Farthen Dur,it was said;”Brom had never talked to me for a woman”said Eragon.Angela;”I learnt it from someone that its impossible to tell me lies”.
    Its not written like that exactly,but its okay.Can you tell us who did say that to Angela?If you cant,will you give us a hint about it?(for example;why it was impossible to tell her lies OR SOMETHING ELSE).

    Ill ask more tomorrow,when we will be able to see the 3rd Q&A.