Calling All Junior Riders!

Random House has released their newest promotional website for the Inheritance cycle, giving fans a chance at becoming a Junior Rider in Alagaesia. The website currently sports a theater and Rites and Rituals section, both of which allow you explore the world of Alagaesia through videos, interviews, and documents featuring activities and Inheritance cycle information. The Junior Riders’ Training Arena, which will offer fans a chance to train as a Rider, will be opening in the future. You can check out the new website over on Alagaesia!

  • Eragonisawsome/fan56

    Christopher is a genius at writing the books I love them!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Learenshurtugal

    love the books!

  • Murtagh’sfriend55

    Um … it ever going to start?

    cool vids though

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I kind of meant the humans of the middle ages, Jeod would be like a middle class citizen whilst Eragon would have been a peasant before he found Saphira’s egg.

  • Bobkebob


    which humans? English? French? Anglo-Saxon? Indian? Chinese? Nordic? African? German? Aztec? Pacific Islander? Middle Eastern? Russian? Mongolian? Tibetan? American Indian? Egyptian? Inuit?

    customs change all the time, it’s stupid to assume the alagaesian humans are some generic crop with no distinct traits, hobbies or rituals. Its also stupid to assume they have the same culture as us, because duh they’re not european/australian/american/asian/brazilian/middle eastern/russian. They’re Alagaesian, they should have a distinct culture and set of rituals.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Bobkebob, we are humans, they for the most part have the same customs as we do or had.
    Carving soap? Sounds good to me, I mean, Eragon is a more adult and adolescent book series, I think that most of us can be trusted with knives by now. I actually own some.

  • Bobkebob

    This is a really bad idea Or rather a good idea implemented badly.

    The rites a& rituals stuff is horrible, full of bad ideas. carving soap? not safe. “invite” a yoga insteructor? Yoga teachers cost money, usually quite a lot especially for private private fuctions. Talking $30 an hour minimum. honey cakes– thats just lame, laze writing. they don’t even provide a recipe.

    why don’t the humans have a section in it? They not important or “special” enough?


  • Potterinhericycleblogger

    That’s cool. I looked at it and I really like the videos. Thanks Mike for all your hard work on the site and all the updates. It’s an awesome site. I love it. Peace out!

  • Evarinya

    Oooo cool!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    The Rites and Rituals link that shows stuff about the races is cool.

  • Chris

    We’ll probably make another post when it’s updated again, so don’t worry about missing the updates. 🙂

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Hmm, sounds a bit like vroengard academy… cool!

  • Daniel

    There’s a sillhouette of Shruikan. It looks really cool. 🙂 Oh, and Roran’s hammer.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer


  • Chris

    They have some pretty interesting stuff to look at on here. I hit the mute button pretty quickly though. 😛