Second Q&A with Christopher Paolini – Transcript!

The answers to our second question and answer session with Christopher Paolini are now available! This time around, Christopher tackles the races and genders of the Forsworn, the dangers and limitations of magic, Eldunari, elven children, and a possible hidden ability of Eragon’s… This month’s answers are sure to be the beginning of many wild theories! You can read all of Christopher’s questions to our second Q&A here! (Don’t forget, the transcript of our first Q&A with Christopher is also available).

Didn’t get a chance to submit questions for the first two Q&As? Never fear! We’re now taking questions for our third Q&A. Head over to this news post to read the questions submitted so far and to contribute your own. Remember: question submissions for our third Q&A close soon but there will be more chances in the future!