Suvudu Contest to Win an Inheritance Audio Book Set

Our friends over at Suvudu have let us know of a new contest they’re running which gives readers a shot at an Inheritance cycle audio book set! The contest is a simple matter of answering the following question: “If you could have a flying dragon like Saphira for one day, where would you go and what would you do?” Remember to be creative with your answer! Keep reading for a nifty Inheritance cycle audio book widget (a preview of the audio books) as well as more contest details!

(Above: Audio widget courtesy of Suvudu featuring a series of clips from the Inheritance cycle audio books narrated by Gerard Doyle)

Interested in entering the contest for a shot at the audio book pack? All entries must be sent in to Suvudu by Friday night! You can find a complete list of terms and conditions, as well as the email address for contest entries over on their website! Please remember that Shurtugal is not involved in this contest. All questions and entries should be sent to Suvudu!

Don’t forget to check out’s Inheritance book story, including an audio book section!

  • frustratedweirdasianfan

    murtagh didnt say it in the ancient language and he didnt explain how they knew, so what if he was lying. thatd be low of him, but still cool.

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakyn

    I dont remember the page,but it is mentioned in “Eldest” by Murtagh ,to the battle of the burning plains, that the dragon in the last egg is male and that Saphira is the only female dragon that exists.You dont need to look up it,mate, in order to see if Im right.Im sure about that.

  • frustratedweirdasianfanwhocantlogon…

    im sorry this has nothing to do with anything here, but i dont know where to put it. anyhoo, what if the menoa tree took away saphira’s ability to reproduce, because after saphira burned her she said the fire must be extinguished, then only because of eragons threat, relented. then, she said she could take what she wanted, then eragon felt a twinge in his lower stomach. if saphira cant reproduce, then the dragon race is doooommmeeddd…….
    unless, of course, one of the eggs is actually female. speaking of which, can anyone tell me where i can find the part that says saphira’s the last female? ive looked and looked, but cant find that one part….
    sry for the digression

  • Xelba

    I would just fly around all day. That would be so much fun!

  • MeghanSwiftSword


  • Mike

    Those are all interesting questions… however, I think you might be looking just a bit far into things. 😛 Don’t forget, it’s just a simple contest.

  • Shadeslayer70

    And why do we only get to have a dragon for one day? I mean if our personalities matched and the dragon wanted to spend more time with me i don’t think there is anyone who could make it leave. lol. Hypothetically speaking of course. 🙂

  • alucard

    Im guessing that it could be in either our world or alagaesia, they dont really specify.

  • Shadeslayer70

    Very interesting indeed, but please excuse me if i dont say where i would go and do, no offense but i don’t really even know myself right now. 🙂 But i do think i will take a crack at this.

  • Nightslayer3

    I would go to the Northern Lights. IF it was on Earth. BUt i would definetly visit the Beor Mountains in Alagaesia.

  • Daniel

    Very much so, my friend.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer