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With the answers to our second monthly Q&A with Christopher Paolini right around the corner, it’s time for us to take questions for the third interview! Join us after the break to view Q&A #2’s questions and submit your questions for Christopher to answer. Not familiar with the monthly interviews? Christopher Paolini has kindly agreed to answer fan submitted questions once per month, every month (check out our first Q&A with Christopher here)! Questions are submitted by visitors and the best of the best are chosen by Shur’tugal staff for Christopher to answer. Keep reading to submit your questions!We were in for some tough choices when we sat down to comb through and pick the best questions for our second Q&A. Our visitors submitted over eight hundred questions! Below are the questions we chose to submit to Christopher. You can expect his answers to be posted on the website in the near future!

  • Was Vrael an elf or human?
  • Several people have asked: Were all of the Forsworn humans? Were they all males?
  • Several people have asked: If a dragon hatches for a person, what happens if someone else touches it before that person?
  • Bargahvor asked: If you cast a spell that expends too much energy you die. Does this apply to a dragon inside an Eldunari?
  • Athena asked: On page 530 in Brisingr, Saphira refers to Thorn as “stunted-thoughts-red-scales-Thorn.” Is she simply insulting him, or does she mean that his actual mind has been harmed by his magically rapid growth? And, if that is the case, how would Saphira know? Has she communicated with Thorn?
  • Vegtam asked: In Eldest, Oromis said something about how it’s not speaking the words that matters for magic, but thinking them. Why then is Eragon so shocked at Tenga using unspoken magic?
  • christbenimm: Did Galbatorix allow Morzan and the other members of the Forsworn access to some Eldunari as he did with Murtagh?
  • Several people have asked: How does Galbatorix know that the last dragon egg contains a male?
  • AFreeAlagaesia asked: You mentioned in your last Q&A that it was Eragon, not Oromis that inspired the Dragons at the Blood Oath Celebration to use their magic. Also Eragon did the same for Saphira during the Dwarves’s Coronation with Isidar Mithrim, is it possible that Eragons Character, what defines him allows him to help the Dragons work their magic? by that I mean, somehow, does something about him help the Dragons – inspire if you will – to use their magic, when they would otherwise be unable to?
  • Janet asked: Will the two elven children play any role in the last book? We know that elven children are significantly more powerful than adult elves – they could be useful assets in war. Do the elves allow their children to go to war?

Unfortunately, we had to say no to a large amount of great questions. If you feel as though your question still deserves to be asked, if you didn’t get a chance to ask your question last month, or if you’ve thought up a new question since our first interview, feel free to contribute. However, before doing so, please check out the following guidelines for asking a question:

Please do not ask these questions (they will not be asked in an interview; we can assure you Christopher will not be able to answer these questions):

  • When will Book 4 be released? What is the title of Book 4?
  • Who will be the last Rider?
  • Any question pertaining to key plot points (or even vague plot points) that will be revealed or resolved in Book 4. (Examples: How will Galbatorix die? Will Galbatorix die? Will Roran become the king of Alagaesia? Will Eragon marry Arya? Will Murtagh turn good?)
  • Christopher, what is your email address? (Don’t ask!)
  • Do not ask a question that has been asked and answered before, especially in a previous Q&A
  • Do you have any news on a possible Eldest movie? (Answer: there has been no news regarding future Inheritance movies. If this changes, it’s a safe bet you’ll find the news on Shur’tugal the minute it’s announced!)
  • Please check out our first Q&A and Q&A two’s questions (listed above) to make sure you aren’t asking a question that’s already been answered.

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Don’t forget to check out our first Q&A with Christopher Paolini!

Question submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this Q&A! If you did not get a chance to submit your question this month, we’ll be doing this again next month and every month for the foreseeable future. Our interview with Christopher using the questions in this news post will be posted in the beginning of July.

  • Crazyskull50

    is it possible for a rider to bond to 2 or more dragons

  • HjartaabrBrisingr

    Hey, over at the FanFiction site we were wondering. If magic could be stored in any crystal. Couldn’t you store magic in salt? So Eragon could defeat Galbotorix with a bunch of seasoning?

  • gryffindorkeeper

    In Eragon, Brom tells Eragon that elves innately know their true names, and then goes on to imply that they could find others as well, saying “The human Riders usually went on quests to discover it – or found an elf who would tell them…” Why is it then that Arya said in Brisingr that she doubted she could guess Eragon’s true name?

  • dragonfan

    It seemed in Eldest and in Brisingr that Elva (understandably) had some resentment toward Eragon. After Eragon removed his spell, Elva seemed to enjoy hurting Eragon by telling him his fears. Will this prove more signifigant in the fourth book? Like, perhaps she turns on the Varden?

  • BookWorm

    You said that some of the Forsworn were elves, so why doesn’t Galbatorix know where at least some of the elven cities are? The elves would’ve known, and he could’ve easily taken the locations from their minds. Or does he know?

  • Maeglorim


  • Syler

    Oaths seem to be play a very important role in Alagaesia. Many characters, both major and minor, are bound by them. Murtagh was forced to make one of fealty to Galbatorix. Does an oath in the ancient language physically bind a person to where they can’t even attempt to break it? Is it that Murtagh physically cannot turn against Galbatorix, or is he just bound by his word? If so, why is the ancient language so constricting for all the races?

  • shadslayer777

    Is the vault of souls where Galbatorix keeps his eldunari


    It is said by Oromis that a dragons Magic is boundless or something like that.(may have been said by Glaedr) anyway they make it seem like a dragons magic is more powerful then any magical objects, which includes eldunari, could in theory a dragon use its magic to over power even millions of eldunari(this is an extention of the eragon being a catylist question) Really I just want to know-how powerful is a dragons Magic?

  • DragonSkyGlyder

    Could Eragon’s mother still be alive? If so, is she a candidate for being the next rider?

  • robrak

    Is there any importance to the two “pilgrims” who had their fortunes told by Angela in Brisingr?

  • Samantha:)]

    Murtagh said in eldest that Galbatorix knew his true name. i thought you needed to be an elf to divulge someones name. Unless Galby is an Elf Does that mean faolin or glenwing might be alive?


    are we going to be able to see more of Arya’s Character hopefullly pov??

  • Eva

    I didn’t mean that Isidar Mithrim was actually a ruby, by the way; I’m pretty sure it is described as a pinkish red anyway.

  • Eva

    @ Glorfindel
    Not all sapphires are blue…there are pink sapphires, orange sapphires (called Padparadscha), etc. You get the idea. A red sapphire is a ruby.

  • ArchillonShadeslayer

    Three questions:

    1) You mentioned that Brom would be able to defeat Eragon even after his transformation because of how Brom analyzes his opponents and exploits their weaknesses. But when they used to spar when Eragon was human, he would win. Now, he is almost complete elf, has more knowledge on maximizing his energy and he has Aren. How is it Brom would be able to go against that unless he tricked Eragon into thinking he was so weak.

    2) Is Eragon the most powerful elf?

    3) Will we see a chapter in Arya’s point of view to understand her true thoughts better?

  • Glorfindel

    Also why is it called a sapphire, if it’s red?

  • Glorfindel

    And have you by chance read, “The Sapphire Rose” by David Eddings?

  • Glorfindel

    Man, I was going to ask that same question about Isidar Mithrim.
    Adendum: Can it hold much much more than other jewels? Does size matter? So if it’s 5000 times larger that one of the diamonds in the belt of Belioth the Wise, could it hold 5000 times more energy?

  • Cody

    Could you write a sequal series and each book gives ideas about the character’s futures, like an epilouge, but with details from Book 4-Death?

  • JoeKing

    how did eragon I die

  • John

    Are there any plans for a release of a prequel to the Inheritance cycle? I’d love to read more about the original riders and the fall of the riders.

  • Dragons’nWizards

    It is noted that the Isidar Mithrim is a sapphire. Does that mean energy could be transferred to it? If so, did Saphira transfer any energy when fixing it, intentionally or unintentionally? Does the Isidar Mithrim play a part in book 4?

  • ShadeKing

    Murtagh said galbatorix taught him words in the ancient language that were lost until galbatorix discovered them, but how did he discover them?

  • RedRider24

    My question is two part:

    1. Has a dragon ever lost it’s first rider and later become bonded with a second of it’s choosing?

    2. Even if this has not occurred before, is it possible?



  • Kev

    When the last book is finished do you have plans on making the parts that were edited out of the books available in some way?

  • JoetheJoker

    i hope your not planning on making eragon get dragon harts from the valt of souls and in this way defeating galbitorax. because if that is the case this will be a corny book

  • ananya

    according to the book saphira felt very strongly about brom,so why couldnt she save him?

  • DarkAvenger

    Was the “god” from Brisingr one of the Grey Folk? Will we get more answers about it in Book 4?

  • shiningshurtugal

    I have a myriad of questions..
    First.. Are Eragon and Saphira going to be punished for what they did at the Menoa Tree?
    Next.. Does Brom have more secrets that he revealed to Saphira?
    And then.. Will we see more of Angela and Tenga?
    Moreover.. Will we know of that seven words Brom told to Eragon?
    Then.. Will Eragon go to Vroengard?
    Still not done!
    Will Roran learn magic?
    Will Eragon find Unbitr?
    Will Brisingr’s mystery will be explained?
    Will Glaedr’s Eldunari be of importance in the fourth book?
    What will happen to Elva?
    Are you going to provide more information about the Wyrdfell/Forsworn?
    ….. There are still more questions, but I think this will be enough, for now.

  • Katie

    Oh and somthing else:

    Since you said it was supposed to say in Brisingr can you tell us what the 7 words that Brom told Eragon were???

  • Katie

    (1)Why was Zar’roc named misery wile morzan was good?
    (2)Can a rider get chose twice; like if their dragon died could they get an other dragon, not like galbitorix but can an other dragon just choose them?

  • Saeb

    Was Jarnunvosk male or female?

    (There is a contradiction in the Cycle)

  • naruto17

    if galbatorix can take over murtaghs body and use his level of power why didn’t he do so to stop murtagh and thorn from letting eragon go the first time and losing the second time? did galbatorix give his dragons eldunari to murtagh so he could be sure murtagh wouldn’t fail him anymore?

  • naruto17

    this is one thats been bugging me for a long time. i know it’s possible to read the future with magic, but, using the ancient language, is it possible to SET the future? for example, if eragon said in the ancient language ‘i will kill galbatorix’ then would it make eragon impossible to kill because then it would make what he said a lie, which the ancient language prohibits. or would he simply be unable to say it at all, because it hadn’t happened yet?

    regarding elva, how did eragon manage to cast a spell on her if he wasn’t immersing himself in the flow of magic? eragon has said spell names before without anything happening

  • naruto17

    1. why wasn’t murtagh exposed to the dragon eggs before being taken back to galbatorix?

    2.given that arya stated that they rarely have children why would the egg keep being taken back to ellesmera when there wouldn’t be any new elves there?

    3. what happens to a dragon egg if it’s chosen rider is killed before it hatches? does it get a new chosen rider or is the egg just stuck unhatched forever?

    4. if arya was taking the egg back to ellesmera from farthen dur why was she so close to carvahall?

    5. how does a dragon in an egg survive? is it the same kind of power that lets an eldunari survive without sustenance?

    6. given that saphira had to be taught english and could only ‘think’ in images when she was born how could galbatorix ‘read’ the last dragons thoughts inside it’s egg

  • ShrrgRider

    since you have already said that if an eldunari uses too much energy then it dies, Did Galbatorix kill a lot of his Eldunari during the fall of the riders, and in the years since?

  • ForeverWaiting…

    Does the color of the paret dragons effect the color of dragon hatchling they have?say if two green dragons mated would the hatchling be green also?or any color a dragon can be.

    look forward to reading the fourth book,sadly the last..(tear)..unless you decide that one more book cant hurt…(looks hopeful)….

  • ~jennycat

    On page 263 of Eldest (paperback edition) it mentions that Nolla is a widow. On page 420 of the same book, it says that Nolla is Orval’s wife. Did Orval and Nolla wed during their trek thru the Spine, or are there two Nollas?

    What are the dimensions of Fisk’s shields?

  • peter

    was morzan depressed all the time, it then why he called his sword misery and joined the forsworn

  • Khephran

    can you tell us any more of the forsworns names? you mentioned last time that you were planning to mention more of them but that you decided to leave them out. also, can you give us details about them such as race or gender?

  • takeaguess

    do all the villages see galby as a regular king that just lived a long life, or do most of them know about the fact that he is a rider that took over algesia by force

  • GlorfindelSucksDick

    Glorfindel why are you always dising peoples questions?, like leave it for mike to decide witch questions to pick. Also your just makeing more work for people when you right a comment just to say “he wont answer that!”

  • eyeothetiger

    1. Do the raz’zac have true names?
    2. Do they know the ancient language, or are they bright enough to?
    3. Why did Oromis tell Galbatorics that even the gods do not endure forever if he said he did not believe in the gods?
    4. Why didn’t Brom have the strenght of an elf, and does Galbatorix have the strenght of an elf?

  • endlessquestions

    Sorry, two more…
    1. Will the mysterious events that occur around the spine ever be explained fully? For example, why half of galbotorics army just disappeared. It seems to be important why many people are terrified of the spine, yet eragon has always felt at home in there.

    2. Brisingr is subtitled ‘The seven promises of eragon shadeslayer and saphira bjartskular”. What are the seven promisis?

  • Glorfindel

    I can promise you right now that he’s not going to tell you the seven words.

  • Glorfindel

    Never mind. Don’t ask that. It’s a stupid question. The most he could possibly say would be
    “Umm…… Maybe….. no comment”.

  • Glorfindel

    I’m not asking for plot to be given away here. And I know that you can’t answer this question in it’s entirety. Could the twinge that Eragon felt in his stomach POSSIBLY have significance?

  • lkjsdfj

    Just wondering, In Eragon, What were 7 words in the ancient language Brom told Eragon before he died? Does that have any importance in the 4th book?

  • aryadrottningu

    just a few more things

    1) what happened to naegling?

    2)is galbatorix a really little old man, coz thats how i imagine him?

  • aryadrottningu

    1)how the hell did nasuada find out that islanzadi is aryas mother, no one told her?

    2)who is your favourite character from the series.

    3)will there be any arya pov chapters in book4?

  • WildDragons

    How long do the fragments of a dragon egg last? What happened to Saphira’s egg after she hatched? Are the eggs still super strong after the dragon hatches?

  • endlessquestions

    Throughout Brisingr many new characters were introduced including tenga, the blind man who sees light, the two women angela talked to, as well as many others. Will these characters continue to play roles in the upcoming story? (No matter how minor they might be)

  • endlessquestions

    Is the restoration of Isidar Mithrim more important then it appears? Does it have a greater importance then just mending relationships between the dragons and dwaves? Will it come up in the conclusion to the cycle?

  • Felagund

    Can a rider bond with 2 dragons at the same time? (ie. a dragon hatches for him/her then another dragon hatches for the same person with the first dragon still alive)

  • Tate

    If morzan became evil after he got his sword why was it named misery?

  • M194

    Is Galbatorix first dragon male or female?

    What happen to Eragon elf horse?

    he left it in the nest of dragons

    Why is Brom ring in Saphira memory?

    he gave it away to Jeod

    How did Nasuada know Arya is Islazandi”s daughter?

  • AzSindriznarrvel

    I have a few questions:
    1. Are Angela and Tenga fully human?
    2. Will we be seeing more of Tenga?
    3. Will the former Angela be reunited with her former master Tenga?
    Thanks for the time! And please answer at least some questions on this subject as I know that I’m not the only one who’s curious about it.

  • iloveyouargetlam

    can a dragon eggs hatch to some1 how a;ready had or has a dragon? has this happen before?

  • Annie

    I have 5 questions:
    1)was Kuthian a forsworn that had it’s name banished because no one can remember his name?
    2) does the vault of souls where Galbatorix keeps the HoHs?
    3).Who has thorn’s HoH? or does thorn still have it?
    4) did Galbatorix’s first dragon give him a HoH?
    5) did Brom know his true name? if so what was it?

  • magyar

    What determines a dragon’s colour? Would Saphira’s and Thorn’s hatchlings are just blue and red, or could they be silver?

  • foreverfighting

    since the elves are known for growing stuff (singing) and for changing themselves, wouldn’t it have been possible to grow or create a new leg for glaeder?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1)Will you give us more information about Oromiss and Glaedrs life as you did with Brom?
    2)Was Eragon the 1st alive until the fall of the riders?Had he ever been in Vraels place?

  • Ruydragon

    To Mike- When will there be a new layout for

    To Chris- for about a hundred years Saphira had been inside her egg, what was that like? `Could baby dragons see the world while inside their eggs?

  • NebtheX

    When Eragon and Saphira got the brightsteel from the Menoa Tree, it said it wanted something in return. Then afterwards Eragon felt a ping in his stomach, was that his soul being taken away? After all it would play well into the story.

  • premonitions

    What question was Tenga trying to answer in Brisingr?
    How long will Book Four be in pages?

  • Kveykvakonungr

    Chris, we all know Eragon will leave Alagaesia, forever, etc, but could there be wild dragons in other continents, and, if so, would the different climate create differences, e.g. smaller wing span, or horns that curve differently?

  • Saeb

    Guys, remember, Christopher Paolini is not going to reveal spoilers. As much as we hope he will, he is most likely not going to.

  • Hiccup

    Are you going to write other books to do with Alagaesia or dragon riders?

  • noamw

    1)is there another hidden dragon\rider like oromis?

    2)is Arya going to be the new dragon rider in book 4?

    3)if Eragon leaves Alagaesia, will Arya join him?

  • RiderofArgorok

    Did inspiration for the Menoa Tree (a tree with a conscience) come from the Great Deku Tree out of the Legend of Zelda series?

  • Soup

    Will you write a book/series about Eragon 1st or any other riders?

    Maybe one about Galbatorix’s life?

  • Saeb

    Are the Elves capable of giving up their immortality in order to create a HUGE amount of energy for a specific purpose?

    (Like in Warcraft III :P)

  • Staci

    I have three questions:

    1) The two women that Angela spoke with by her tent that Solembum appeared to, will we discover who they are and why the one woman had such awful scars on her wrists?

    2) We know that in his society Eragon became a man at 16, at what age are elves, dwarves, urgals considered adults?

    3) We know that elves practice mating, is it as animalistic as it sounds? The elves seem very into ceremonies and celebrations so one would think that they would celebrate the union of two elves as well.

  • Saeb

    Will we ever find out more about Jarnunvosk, Bid’daum or Vrael’s dragon?

  • Saeb

    (I’m actually not sure if I already asked this, but better safe than sorry).

    Christopher, do you ever feel pressured by fans to write the plot in a direction you would have otherwise not intended to do?

    EG:If Eragon and Arya are not together, the fans (except me) would all rip up their pillows and scream. 🙂

  • DrahcirEittaeb

    In book 3 when Eragon is hiding from some soldiers on the return journey from Helgrind, one of the soldiers believes they may be looking for Murtagh, because od something they all heard murtagh say, what were these possibly traitorous words, or will we find out in book 4

  • Book

    Is elva going to have a large role in the next book?

  • OromistheWise

    Eragon and Roran share the same blood and Eragon’s mother called as the Balck Hand was considered if not a powerful magic user but a very dangerous one except for perhaps Galbatorix. Even Jeod says that Selena the Balck Hand is more dangerous than Morzan the first of the Forsworn. My question is whether Roran a dangerous warrior if not skillful will be able to use magic in the fourth book with the same effectiveness??

  • Fluff

    In Eragon and Eldest, the “morning star” is often mentioned. It even has its own name in the Ancient Language – Aiedail. Will this become relevant in the fourth book?

  • karina

    I have a few questions:

    1) From Brisingr we now know that Murtagh uses the Eldunari to boost his strength but we also know he does not seem to keep them on himself or his bags but as the “blind” man told Eragon they shine through Murtagh. Can you tell us how he still manages to use them yet not have them near him? Is my guess is right, has Thorn has swallowed them.

    2) Will the “blind” man play a significant role in Book 4

    3) Are there any plans for a world book tour for Book 4? Please include Australia if you do :).

    4) Can you tell us Angela is half-elf, half-human? If she isn’t how old is she and how has she managed to stay alive so long?

    5) Rhunon said there was enough brightsteel to make several swords but with only one dragon egg left will she make more than one? And who would she make them for if not for a dragon rider?

    6) What sort of methods/metals do the elves use to make their swords strong enough for them to use? As, if they are as strong as Eragon wouldn’t their swords break just as easily if made out of common steel and not Brightsteel?

    7) Will we find out more of how the Az Knurldrathn forest of stone came to exist?

    Please, please, please, please ask at least one of my questions 😀

  • Murtaga

    1. Last time you answered the question: If a dragon hatches for a person, what happens if someone else touches it before that person?

    Now my question is what happens if a dragon hatches for a person and someone who is already a dragon rider touches it first?

    2. Did Brom’s Saphira die with here eldunari still inside her?

  • KveykvaBjart

    To Josh.
    I do not think there is a pronounciation quide.
    I just make the word sound as cool and foreign as possible.Like Bjart Kveykva i purnounce Be a (a not aou but aaa) r (r with trill) t Kvaykva

  • KveykvaBjart

    Were you at all inspired by J.R. Tolken’s
    “The Lord Of The Rings”?

  • Saeb

    Is finding Brighsteel connected with the Riders? Rhunon only started finding it just as they were formed and didn’t find them during Galbatorix reign, but one appeared as the Riders begin to reform with Eragon…

  • Glorfindel

    Yeah, she makes it sound as if she only found brightsteel a few times.

  • Saeb

    Would spirits ever willingly give power to a creature of Alagaesia whilst letting them control their body?

    Like a Shade, but not evil and controls his own body.

  • Saeb

    Rhunon stated that she only found lumps of brighsteel every, well, once in a while. Seeing as the lumps obviously were not massive, did every single Rider have a brightsteel-Rider’s sword? It does not sound like there would have been enough brighsteel.

    Not part of question: With the Riders around for about 2700 years there must be AT LEAST 2700 Riders. Actually many times that. Therefore, Rhunon would need a heck of a lot of brighsteel to make that many swords.

  • TheAnswerer

    Morzan named his sword misery because that is what a sword should bring. In brisingr Eragon wouldn’t want to name his sword hope, because you don’t want to give hope to your enemies. On the other hand, you want to give your enemies misery

  • Josh

    Is there a pronounciation guide for the Ancient Language?

  • chowchang

    Morzan had Zor’roc when he was a good guy why did he name it misery?

  • Glorfindel

    Guys, PLEASE!! He’s NOT going to give away plot!!
    Also, Mike, question.
    It’s not a big deal, and I know you have things to do, but could you just post what questions you guys select as soon as you know?

  • TengaQ

    Most important of my questions- and not my last… Eragon’s vision in book one of a fair ship at a LONELY RIVER is being construed as Him and Arya leaving Alagaesia forever- is it the Elves leaving alalea, or something Different Entirely. For that matter, is it a premonition?… What is the Impact of BOOK 4?…

  • TengaQ

    ummmm… there is a problem, CP. If Arya IS the new rider, she has to steal the last dragon egg, or someone else, in fact. However, Galbatorix would probably sense this- he would have placed wards around the egg, right… so- What stops him from killing them by reaching out with his mind to touch theirs? For as you said, he is already familiar enough with the dragon to determine he is male.

  • TengaQ

    Was the name Galbatorix looking for the name of the AL? Or was it Tenga’s question- the name for how to eke energy from Fire lightning, wind, etc.

  • MitchellQuarrieNZ

    I have a bunch of questions I reread the 3 and picked these.

    1) Does Elva’s mark have any importance that we will learn about in the 4th book?

    2) In Brisingr pg 103 a couple of soldiers suggest the possibility of them hunting Murtagh after they leave Eragon wonders what it was that Murtagh said will we find out what he said or does it have no significance?

    3) Will Saphira 1 Jarnunvosk and/or Bid Daum’s Eldunari play any part in book 4?

    4) Are there any surviving members of the Arcena do they have a role in book 4? it seems to me that they whom find knowledge super important would have prehaps forgetten spells and other important information in their storehouse of knowledge

    5) Will we learn more about how the grey folk changed the nature of magic?

    6) Will Undbitr every be found?

    and I know this is not related to book 4 but

    7) Will you every supplement the cycle with prehaps the saga’s of other less detailed charecters such as brom i would enjoy to read about his life as a rider and his battle against Morzan

  • Undbitrbromssword

    1) Why would Morzan name Zar’roc misery before he went evil? Or has he always planned on turning against the dragon riders?

  • ShadeKing

    Are Undbitr and Naegling words from the ancient language?. If so want do they mean. Were all the rider swords named in the ancient language.

  • TH3KIll3RS

    Are we human, or are we dancer?
    If so are our signs vital, and are our hands cold?

  • Ethan

    Is Jarnunvosk male or female?

  • Ethan

    I know some others have noticed this and maybe they will help back me up, in book one, page 32, Brom tells us about how Galbatorix’s first dragon died in his arms. He mentions that the dragon was a she. In book 3, page 206, Arya says that Jarnunvosk is a he. So my question is: Is Jarnunvosk male or female?

  • Ruydragon

    In book 1, Arya seems to be a character who doesn’t show much about herself. In the end of Brisingr, Arya seemed to show off her personal suggestion about eldunari. Is this because she’s still in shock of Oromis’ death, or something else?

  • caseyhoward

    I know this question was ask sometime but i need to know the updated answer. how far are you in writing book four now? i just cant wait til it comes out.

  • m194

    (CP) i know you wont never do this.

    If Eragon turns into a shade can he kill GAlbatorix really easy?

  • RiderofArgorok

    I have a few questions about Shades.

    1) Is it possible for any other races, such as elves, dwarves or Urgals to become Shades?

    2) Is it possible for a Rider to become a Shade. As they cease to be human or elf, would there bond break? If it were possible, what would happen?

    3) If it were possible, has it ever happened before?

    4) Are all Shades evil? I assume they are, but was just wondering.

    5) Do you regret killing Varaug so quickly. Did you consider leaving him be and making the readers sweat between the books? It would have made a good cliffhanger.

    I would love to know the answers to these questions so, fingers crossed.

  • KveykvaBjart

    Were you at all inspired by J.R. Tolken’s
    “The Lord Of The Rings”?

  • Bookguy

    Will Elva Have a significant role in Book4?

  • Zanna

    if would saphira’s parents also be blue or couls they be any color

  • VaildorsRider

    Is it possible to change ones true name just by doing something that would be oddly out of character? Like say someone incredibly selfish does an unselfish task?

  • spidermelon

    What does flutning mean in the Ancient Language?

  • KveykvaBjart

    Were you at all inspired by J.R. Tolken’s “The Lord Of The Rings”?

  • s

    can Eldunari absorb energy from light?

  • (Guest)

    In Eragon, Saphira envelops Eragon in her mind as they fly. Would it be possible, then for a dragon to envelop their rider in their minds, and then expel their eldunari with the rider in it with them? If this were to happen, and the rider and dragon’s body should die, would they both be protected inside?

    It is mentioned that since the humans were added to the spell connecting dragons to elves, they have become less barbaric and more fair. If the dwarves and urgals should be added, would the same result be seen? Would the urgals then perhaps find it easier to live alongside humans without the needs for warfare if this was done?

  • s

    will Elva’s curse cause her to have a turning point in the future. (will the curse maybe cause the last dragon to chose her over someone else)

  • SilverSanctuary

    Can you tell us anything about Oromis’ family?

  • wieberg518

    as you have said magic isn’t controled by the anceint language but more so by our thoughts does this imply that if somone can use magic without the ancient language that they can do so with other languages

  • Kveykvakongungr

    I wanted to know if Eragon the first was as powerful as normal dragon riders, as the bond hadn’t been made, I started a topic about it, and people thought I should ask.

  • Zachinheritance

    How come it seems like the Lethrblaka aren’t as intelligent as the Raza’c, not talking and stuff?

  • Saeb

    Did Murtagh/Thorn kill Glaedr by sword or by biting? If by biting, how did Thorn’s jaw fit around Glaedr’s HUGE neck?

  • Silvara

    Is Murtagh annoyed at Ormis because at the end of Brisingr, he asks why Ormis didn’t come out sonner to help him and Thorn. Becuase his under brother got the proper training and he didn’t.

  • Saeb

    Seeing as the Riders were not formed in any way when Eragon I found Bid\’daum – did Eragon I ever get the same bond any other Rider would have had with their dragon? Or did he remains just a \’friend\’ of his dragon?

  • stevenj

    @ Borgan
    yes it is a tatoo but with the elves magic they the memories of the race of dragons given substance. eldest pg 470

  • Saeb

    Would the Banishing of the Names affect somebody if they were outside Alagaesia at the time?

    How many Head Riders have there been since Eragon I?

    Do Head Riders serve for life? Or are they elected? If they serve for life, how many Head Riders have there been since Eragon I and what killed them?

  • Saeb

    Why did Morzan name his sword “misery” before he turned evil?

  • Saeb

    Christopher, do you ever feel pressured by fans to make the story in a direction or thing you would have otherwise not have done?
    (EG: If you don’t make Eragon and Arya together, ever fan but we will go ‘insane’)

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1)In Brisingr,in SOULS OF STONE,Eragon said; “Those must have been the Eldunari I sensed…I wonder where Murtagh put them?Thorn carried no saddlebags,and I didnt see any odd budges in Murtaghs clothing”.”I dont know”,said Saphira.
    Can you give us a hint about where could Murtagh have put the Eldunarya?

    2)In Brisingr,in ESCAPE AND EVASION,it was mentioned;”Unless we be searching for Murtagh”,suggested a third man.”You heard what Morzans spawn said well as I did”…
    Can you give us a hint about what Murtagh said to Galbatorix?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    Dear storyteller,

    do you ever get inspired by fan theories in order to finish your books? Or do you at least feel bad when you write something contradictory to a popular speculation and/or desire?

  • NialSonOfNone

    whats up with Morzan and naming his sword misery post evil-ness

  • Atli.Þór.ólason

    the Icelandic – Icelandic dictionary that i have (i am Icelandic) says that brisingr means eldur and eldur means fire so brisingur means fire in Icelandic.

    but C.P said that it was indeed from Nors-mythology and it is a necklace. And it is the necklace of Freyja(freyja is the owner of the necklace) it name is brisinga men – mein means in this case ornament or finery.(in Icelandic) the reason why the name is brisinga mein is cos of draws of the brising tribe made it and one day freyja saw the necklaces and the draws said that she could have it if she spent a night with every one of them and she accepted that.

    The nors mythology originally language is Icelandic or the language which was spoken in Scandinavia and England around the year 1000 but the other languages has change so much but the Icelandic language has hold kind of still change a little but i can read books from that time like snorra edda witch is nors mythology ore one of the main book behind it but at that time it was not by book so it only got on paper later on like around the year 1000 A.D

    and the language the elf’s speek in eragon eldest and brisngr is kind of similar Icelandic possible cos the mythology and the fact i told before so i ask you has nors mythology or old nors been some kind of inspiration to the elf language ? cos lots of the words match iclandic almost perfectly and even means the same thing … that is what i call a long birth of a question just want to say to you thank you for the awesome books that you have written that is if shurtugal staff allow these facts to be the q they ask u.

  • Saeb

    I, along with others, think Kuthian may be Morzan’s dragon’s name. Can you comment on that/expel the theory? Or you are not willing to reveal anything yet?

    How old is Angela?

    Is Arya 100% elf?

    In a previous Q&A you did not want to reveal whether certain Forsworn were male or female. Could one of these be Arya’s relative?

  • Saeb

    You mentioned that you finished writing a chapter entitled “Brains,” and after writing it you felt all warm and fuzzy. When Eragon meets the spirits, he touches one and gets a “Warm and fuzzy feeling.” Are the two related?

  • Mr.Gump

    On page 693 after Eragon explains to Oromis about the two theories behind why the blade bursts into flames when he utters its name, and when Oromis murmurs, “I wonder…,” and stares off to the horizon. What is it that is on Oromis’s thoughts?

  • Vanir’shot

    In Eldest both Oromis and Arya said that Kuthian sounded familiar but they did not remember it. Could Kuthian be one of the forsworns dragon’s name?

  • Vanir’shot

    Other than Galbatorix and Murtagh is there a possibility that another member of the forsworn could secretly be alive?

  • taylormadedbs

    ok we know that the third egg is green and that the rider will need a riders blade Támerlein is a riders blade it is green, will that blade be given to the new rider if it be an elf that is a desendant of Arva or a member of Lord Fiolr family and is vanir a member of his family?

  • konungrkveykva

    In you last q&a you said that Galbatorix knows that the last dragon is male by listening to it’s thoughts. Does this mean that Eragon could’ve listened to Saphira’s thoughts when she was still in the egg if he knew how?Or perhaps Brom could’ve read her thoughts if he knew eragon had the egg? And if you can listen to a dragon’s thoughts before it hatches, would the elves have been able to listen to saphira’s (or another dragon if they had another egg) thoughts and tell what kind of person she wanted to hatch for, and find someone quicker?

  • 7thwordofpower

    So whatever happened to the past leaders of the riders like anhurin. Whatever happened to Eragon the first and bid\’daum. Did they get killed during the fall.

  • Mr.Gump

    The soldier wounded in battle complaining about the light who said to Eragon, ” but i can still see you, a man of yellow flame with twelve stars floating around your waist and another star, brighter the the other, upon your right hand.”

    This man who is able to see the diamonds in the belt of Beloth the Wise, and the power within Brom’s ring, will he be returning to help Eragon find the vault of souls?

  • Jonathan

    Do the color of a dragon’s parents determine the color of an egg?

  • KveykvaBjart

    Were you at all inspired by J.R. Tolken’s “The Lord Of The Rings”?

  • beka

    Dear storyteller

    Do you ever read the fan theries or threads and if so what does you think of them in general and are there any that make you laugh?

  • borgan

    why do they say that the dragons healed eragon when it was not a dragon but a magic tattoo of a dragon?

  • Glorfindel

    ROUSCat, Thorn isn’t larger.

  • Glorfindel

    Elmiq, I think that physical contact is necessary.
    Borgan, I can tell you right now that he’s not going to answer that.
    Elizabeth, he’s not going to give away plot.
    For the last time, he’s not going to say what’s going to happen in the fourth book. Asking questions about the plot is pointless.

  • Bookdragon

    Can you give us any hints about Arya’s true name?

    Are you planning on telling any scene in Book 4 from Arya’s point of view?

  • Findarato

    What happened to the Grey Folk? Is Angela and/or are werecats, the dwarf gods, or spirits the last remnant of them?

    also: What did Angela foretell about Selena? I thought that she told her that her son would be important and she should name him Eragon.


  • borgan

    what is eragons true name?

  • GD21ST

    In an answer to the last Q and A you said that Galbatorix gained the Forsworns Eldunari by trickery, patience, and some other things. Could this mean that Galbatorix was in some way responcible for some of their deaths in order to get these.

  • eragon32

    If some of the Forsworn were elves how does Galbatorix not know the location of Ellesmera and the other elf cities? Surely they would have told him

  • BuffytheVampireSlayer

    Are there any more Ra’zac still alive?

  • Sarah

    Did someone, Galbatorix or otherwise, banish the Rock of Kuthian from the minds of elves and humans like the dragons did to the names of the dragons of the Forsworn? When Eragon asked both Oromis and Arya about it, they both said that the name echos around in their head, or something like that. is it because they did not want anyone to remember or know anything about it again?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    this isn’t a question to christopher it’s something i want to say to the other members/guests of the site. I would really appreciate it if no one else was using my nickname to submit questions. after all everyone who reads fantasy books has a pwerful imagination. i’m sure that you can come up with something else 🙂

  • jordi

    why doesn’t eragon use the energy from aren and if needed use the energy from the trees in ellesmera as well to just blow up galbatorixes castle and in turn kill him?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    will a dragon be the same color as its parents?

  • Gandalf

    In “Eragon” (p. 140,) Brom says that all living things used to speak the ancient language and that it was forgotten and went unspoken for eons in Alagaesia until the elves brought it back over the sea. In Eldest (p. 399,) Oromis says that the ancient language is the language of the Grey Folk. Why would “all living things” know the Grey Folk’s language, and why did the elves remember it when it was forgotten in Alagaesia?

  • KveykvaBjart

    Were you at all inspired by J.R Tolken’s “The Lord Of The Rings”?

  • AAe

    I know you don’t want to give to much away on book 4 Christopher but can you please try- Will there be more romance in the next book?- meaning it could continue to be between Roran and Katrina, start with Nasuada and so on…

  • Jonathan

    What happened if you broke a promise made in the AL?

  • ShadeKing

    If Aijhad was still alive in eldest would he have allowed the urgals into the varden, because in eragon he said that galbatorix making a pact with them was proof of his madness

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    Dear Storyteller,

    when do you plan to give us the next teaser (if you are going to) of the fourth book?

  • Cheesepuff

    will there be any more movies?

    maybe a better Eragon one and then the rest of the cycle?

  • SuperHubbaMan

    Are you (Christopher Paolini) going to do any events in Scotland like Edinburgh Book Festival?

  • @ndrea

    i am curious to know something about Brom. i have read that a dragon changes an human’s body but why doesn’t look Brom like an elf?

  • hayden

    how old is galbatorix and also was brom an elf because he was a really good swordsman and maybe galbatorix injured his head like oromis’ and i love you christopher paolini

  • bkmjet

    What dictates what the color of a dragon will be?

  • ROUSCat

    Thorn is larger than Saphira, but hatched later. Has Thorn’s mind been damaged by the magically accelerated growth?

  • fearme

    why are there only three dragon eggs what happed to the rest of them? like during the fall were they destroyed or do dragons not mate that often and when they do not lay many eggs?

  • elizabeth

    What is the significance of the two wild women that Eragon blesses in Brisingr? Will they play a part in Book 4? What did Solembum say to them, if he said anything, to make Angela cast the bones for them? What did the bones say?
    Sorry, I know that’s alot of questions! 🙂

  • Elmiq

    Brom’s ring contains a lot of energy. Why Murtagh cannot feel it/use it during the fight with Eragon ?

  • bkmjet

    If an egg takes as long to hatch as Saphira’s, how do they know who it hatched for if multiple people have been in contact with it?

  • Aragorn.rules.all

    why is zarroc called misery? even when he named it before he was a member of the forsworn?

  • Daniel

    How is someone stopped from lying in the Ancient Language? For example, if I had stolen a soda and tried to say “I never stole that soda,” what would be the thing that stopped me? Is it a force, or is it just a truth that would inhibit me from saying anything? As far as I know, there isn’t anything about lying and something happening in the books (though it is explianed in context with magic).

  • Shadeslayer70

    In all three books we have learned a little bit more about Eragon, and the history of the riders. Is there any important history left for us to learn in the fourth book pertaining to Eragon or the Riders?

  • Hermione

    does a dragons colour run in the family?

  • iHateElves

    How exactly do sorcerers use spirits in warfare? Are the spirits being summoned being subdued mentally, through the true name of that spirit, magically, or something else entirely?

  • Elaine

    Can sorcerers become as powerful as Riders or Elves, or, because of their lack of connection to dragons and training by elves, are they mostly inferior?

  • Danny

    If the Ancient Language doesn\’t allow you to lie, is it possible to say things such as paradoxes and oxymorons? There\’s also things such as perceptions of truth which could lead to several loopholes in the language. How do you explain absolute truth with the language then?

  • Glorfindel

    When Brom is talking to Joed in Teirm, he says that “When we were in Gilead, I stumbled into a small room. There wasn’t anything extraordinary – just crates and boxes-, but out of curiosity, I rummaged around anyway. Fortune smiled on me that hour, for I found what we had been searching for…. I ran to the… ran to our friends, They stored it in a vault, for safekeeping, and made me promise to care for whomever received it.”

    It seems unlikely that they would be talking about the dragon egg, because how would just one of them be dumped in some unused room. It wouldn’t be very secure. Was it the dragon egg? Is this the place where Hefring had fled, and then just dumped it in the room? Or where was it something else? Will this be explored in greater detail, and can you tell us for sure what the object was? If not, will it later be revealed? And will the story of Hefring, and why he only got one egg, possibly be told later?

  • iHateElves


    We aready know you can. Rhunon controlled Eragon.

  • ashley

    why is zar’roc named misery?

  • Stenrgarm

    In Brisingr the blind man said he could see the lights and that the ones that illuminated Murtagh were angry. What was their anger directed at?

  • Glorfindel

    Mike, please ask Byrd’s question. I’ve been dying to know that for a long time.

    Now, is the way you can’t break an oath sworn in the ancient language that you die, (like an unbreakable vow in Harry Potter), or that it’s not physically possible, or that there are VERY severe other repercussions?

  • Glorfindel

    What’s with the weird %% signs instead of the number of comments?

  • Fireswrd

    When Eragon left Brom and Jeod to go check on their horses at Teirm, why didn’t Brom cast a spell that would prevent Eragon from eavesdropping on their conversation?

  • Ruydragon

    Yo, People who comment. Before you guys comment, I would recomend reading other questions first. It sickens me to read the same questions from different people.

    `Anyway, Chris, What inspired you to make those soldiers bewitched of laughing?

    `How old was Brom when he died?

    `When is Eragon’s birthday? Is he going to turn 17 in Book 4?

    `Saphira is barely a year old, How big would she get when she turns 20?

    `Glaedr once told Saphira that to control the direction her flame, to use her tongue. Does this mean that if she hangs her tongue out on the left side, the fire would burst to the left?

    `How many Riders did Galbatorix kill in the Riders’ Fall?

  • Jonathan

    Can we receive a time line for this? What year was the attack that resulted in the egg appearing before ERagon? What years did Eldest and Brisingr take place in? What year will Book 4 take place in, if it is a different year from Brisingr?

  • mk14

    What century is the Inheritance cycle set in? There are several hints in the story (e.g. what they do, things they have, technology they use, …) that can be traced down to some time between the 14th and the 17th century. Did you actually choose a specific year the story is set in (if so, which one and why) or are those hints just coincidental?

  • ShrrgRider

    i have another question,

    if dragon riders were immortal, and were so powerful, then how did the first riders die.

    are there diseases that dragons could catch, or that couldn’t be healed that killed off the eldest of the riders.

    also, how did the leaders of the riders die, since Vrael succeeded someone, he (the previous leader) would have been the most powerful rider, so how did he die?

    also, Galbaorix first dragon was killed by a stray arrow, but Galbaorix had alread finished his training, so he would be competent in wards. since wards can lie dormant practically forever until they are activated, wh wouldn’t his wards have protected his dragon from arrows?

  • kyle

    do dragons take on there parents colors?

  • Murtaga

    I was wondering if Galbatorix has his original dragon’s Eldunari?

  • Baboo

    Oaths in the AL are said to be unbreakable, but can be manipulated (e.g. Rhunon’s sword oath, Murtagh’s “attempt to capture Eragon” oath). Oaths of allegiance in the AL appear to be breakable without manipulation (e.g. Murtagh’s repeated acts of defiance, Lady Lorana’s support for Eragon & Arya over Galby’s magicians & Shade). At best oaths of allegiance are very weak. Why is this? Are there repercussions for breaking them?

  • elfchild302

    does the vault of souls have to do with the chamber or place that Galbatorix’s eldunari are stored? Is it because of the banishing of names that neither Oromis nor Arya can remember the Rock of Kulthian, though they swear it sounds familiar

  • TheJosh

    would a riders parents have the same coloured dragon as the riders?

    For example Eragon and Brom. Murtagh and Morzan.

  • GerarDoyle

    why in zarroc called misery?,was he depressed?, if so is that why he went evil

  • michelle89

    Didn’t Brom know of Murtagh’s existence? If so, why didn’t he look after him and take Murtagh with him after Selena’s death? He must have known that Galbatorix would sooner or later try to use Murtagh. On that note, why didn’t Selena take Murtagh with her when she went to Carvahall to give birth to Eragon? It’s not like Morzan would really care that he was gone. Plus, Murtagh mentioned in his narrative to Eragon that Galbatorix’s soldiers couldn’t find her. Is Murtagh bitter towards Eragon because she left him behind? Does he feel like she loved Eragon more than him? If Murtagh’s learns that he and Eragon are in fact only half-brothers would that effect how he feels about him?

  • hydokin

    how do you determine the color of a persons magic???

    and how to you determine the color of a dragon?????

  • Byrd

    In Eldest, Arya tells Eragon that she can talk with him from the gates of Vroengard to the other side of Alagaesia. Why can Arya speak from such a long distance and Eragon and Sapphira cant? Especially since he is now as strong as an Elf. And why could she not speak with him when he was in the Empire?

  • thunderman

    do the parents of a dragon have an influence on its color?

  • codyallanspring

    Is there any possible to take over someones body like mind coontrol? Say if you were able to get deep into their mind?

  • horhay

    what made morzan call his sword misery?

  • AlexandratheDragonRider

    Did you make Eragon’s sword burst into flames when he said Brisingr(!) so the Urgals coulstiil call him Firesword, or was that a coincidence?

  • sonia23

    in “Eragon” it was said that riders can only be killed by blade or posion. does that mean if a rider is hung or drowned they won’t die?

  • bloodlord

    does the color of the parents of a dragon egg have an influence on the eggs color???

  • DarkAvenger

    Will Book 4 be the biggest book in the Cycle?

  • Slayer

    1. As the elundari are big, where does Galbatorix stuff them during battle to transfer power from them? Also if they are far away in his castle and he draws power from them from a distance, then someone can steal them while Eragon draws him out for battle, can’t he?

    2. What is your daily schedule at the moment?

  • Leee22

    Since it has been made clear that Eragon and Saphira are going to leave Alegasia forever, are they going to end up leaving to look for other dragons in a whole different country? I was just thinking what if the last dragon egg ended up being a girl? Saphira may have to go and look for other male dragons.

  • M194

    How much time did the children had to be with a egg to see if it would hatch for them?

    Eragon got a lot like weeks or days

  • tenga

    1) do hatched dragon eggs lose their color?

    2) will the spirits we see in the third book come have any importance in the last book?

    3) how far are you in the last book?

  • shadow

    if both of a dragons parents are red would it be red?

  • Galimor

    I have just one question:

    Is it possible to enchant a sword or other weapons to steal the life energy from the people you kill with it?

  • Jonathan

    Eragon said that he would help Elain with her pregnancy. How many months has it been since she got pregnant? Is it likely the baby will die?

  • nightcrawler101

    why is zar’roc called misery?

  • Bazzarati1

    Could the hermit be Angela’s father?

    1.She could of run away because she stole the knucklebones off him-he could of got them from Glaedr

  • SESayed

    Are you aware of a trilogy of books that are more or less identical to yours except the names of places and people?

  • Ingeborg

    1. Is the ancient language inspired by other languages? I’m scandinavian myself (Norwegian), and I can see that many words are similar to scandiavian words…

    2. Is the city Tronsheim’s name inspired by the norwegian city Trondheim?

  • zorp

    does a dragon end up the color of its parents or could it be any color?

  • skulblakasaphira

    hello chris.

    i have 3 questions.

    1.) In Brisingr Oromis taught Eragon how to teleport items to different places. But is it possible to teleport yourself or another human/elf/dwarf/living creature?

    2.) In Brisingr Oromis tells Eragon that he and Glaedr have been storing every iota of their excess strength in Naegling and every week several elves come and transfer as much of their life force into the gem as they can without killing themselves. So will Naegling somehow find its way to Eragon so he can use all the energy inside?

    3.) Could you transfer energy from one source to another? For example: if Eragon did get Naegling could he transfer that energy into Aren?

    Thank you Deing for the 4th book to come out!

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    Heres a long with questions…;

    1)Will spirits play any role for the fate of Alagaesia?
    2)Why was Varaug stronger than Dirza?
    3)In Brisingr,Varaug said to Eragon;”You are full of light.(sth like that)Beautiful light.That will feed us for a long time”.What did he mean?
    4)Why does Blohdgarm have this smell?Has he noticed it?Why can only women smell him?
    5)Can you give us a hint about which/whom the true name has Galbatorix almost found?
    6)Why couldnt Eragon sense the Razacs mind?
    7)If a dragon riders dragon or elf/human died,could they be bounded with another dragon or elf/human?
    8)Can half-elves/half-humans become dragon riders?
    9)Is there a possibility Elva turn against the Varden & join Galbatorix?
    10)Will Eragon help Elain with her pregnancy?
    11)How old is Tenga/Angela/Solembum?Will you reveal it in book 4?
    12)Can you give us a hint about what Tenga seeks about?
    13)Is it possible to control the ancient l. by using the real name from its alphbet?

    I would like to learn more about Oromiss,Gleadrs & Angelas (and Solembums)past.
    Youre books are the best in the world!!!

  • MurtaghForever

    Excerpt from Eragon, Pages 465-466.
    (Eragon is visiting Murtagh in his cel)
    “Nasuada said that she visited you. Did she say anything interesting?”…..”No, she only wanted to meet me. Doesn’t she look like a princess? And the way she carries herself! When she first entered through that doorway, i thought she was one of the great ladies of Galbatorix’s court. i’ve seen earls and counts who had wives that, compared to her were more fitted for life as a hog than of nobility.”

    Eragon listened to his praise with growing apprehension. “It may mean nothing,” He reminded himself. “You’re leaping to conclusions. Yet the foreboding would not leave him. Trying to shake off the feeling he asked….

    Is Murtagh in love with Nasuada?
    What “feeling” did Eragon sense?
    Will we see more of the Nasuada/Murtagh relationship in Book 4?

  • tenrag

    could you please give us some more information about Saphira s appearance?

    for example

    * how long is she from head to tail?

  • jbegg

    why would morzan call zar’roc, zar’roc if it means misery and he named it before he joined the forsworn?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1)In Brisingr,it was mentioned that Angela had cast a spell in order Elva not to see what annoys and pains her.Why didnt she tell the others the spell?Can you give us a hint about what sort of spell is?Will we see it in book 4?
    2)Will Saphira learn more about her parents in book 4?
    3)In Brisingr,Rhunon said that the brightsteel from the Menoa Tree is enough for several swords,but she hadnt found any of it anywher else.When the last amount of brightsteel will be gone,from what material will be the next dragon rider swords be made?
    4)How old is Rhunon/Islazandi/Oromis/Glaedr/Orik?
    5)Are there any elves who live in Alalea?Where do humans and urgals come from?
    6)What is Galbatorixs/Sloans true name?If you dont answer,will we find out them in book 4?
    7)Will you reveal us in book 4,the 7 words Brom told Eragon & its content?Can you give us a hint about its content?(if you cant,just answer to the 1st part of the question)

  • t.j.parker

    if an egg is had by 2 dragons would it be the color of the mother or father? or both?

  • blaze

    why would zar,roc receive the name “misery” before its owner went evil?

  • Trekkie22

    There had been much speculation on whether Arya will be the next dragon rider. Have there been any female dragon riders before? If so does it matter what gender their dragon is?

  • Jonathan

    Chris, I notice that a lot of your ideas are similar to Star Wars plots, so I was wondering, was Star Wars a major inspiration for you?

  • christbenimm

    Is it possible to tell what one knows is a downright lie in the ancient language if they beleive that they can lie in the ancient language?

  • christbenimm

    What is the lifespan of a dwarf? How old is Orik? it appears that he is way older than Eragon.

    Why did it take so long for Saphira to hatch for Eragon? Was she waiting for a safe time to do it?

  • christbenimm

    When Murtagh shot Durza in Eragon, was Durza protected by any wards. If so were Murtagh’s arrows designed to bypass them like the urgal arrows?

  • ShadeKing

    Hi I have two question, the first one’s short, but the second one’s long

    1 Why did the ra’zac ‘s parents only have two children

    2 In brisingr at the we see a brief apperance of galbaltorx for the first time, and we got to see want he is actually like, because of all your characters he is the one we least about, we even know more about angela than him. He has been described only as an evil person which of course he is, who very charming at first, but then becomes violent and murdurous when people reject his offers, this what we see when he is talking to oromis, so here is my question: Is that his entire character or are you planning to develop his further and show more about him in book 4

  • BuffytheVampireSlayer

    Will there be more romance in Book 4?

  • hungarian

    Hi Chris,

    I have a question for you. In Eldest, after the battle Eragon, Arya and Nasuada agrees, that the Varden shouldn’t know, that the new rider is Murtagh. And Eragon refuses, to tell it to Orik too. But in Brisingr, everybody knows that the red rider is him(I mean Murtagh). The same goes for Arya’s mother. Eragon promised, that he never tells anybody, that she is a princess, yet in Brisingr, Nasuada knows it. So what? I don’t get it…

  • Bobkebab

    I was does wondering, Chris, how do you plan your fight scenes? Do you act them out yourself, or do you just imagine them?

  • ShrrgRider

    I have 2 questions

    1) do the Vrenshrrg ride Shrrg into battle like feldunost

    2) In Brisingr, Eragon is fighting a major battle with the varden at night, to take Feinster, and it is not yet dawn, which comes at the end of the battle, yet during this time, Eragon sees through Glaedr’s eyes, and it is during the daytime. The size of the distance between Gil’lead, where Glaerd & Oromis were fighting, & Feinster, where Eragon & Saphira were, is nowhere near big enough for such a massive time gap, so my question is, on the map of Alagaesia, is the map in ancient asian style (east where our north is)? or west at the top of the map?

  • Brida

    How many time did you take to write “Brisingr”?

  • Nightstalker

    How do the werecates reproduce their selves?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    This not a real question it’s simply a fool’s desire : Give us some more romance in the last book. As I recall part of Angela’s prediction was that of an epic romance of which we have merely seen glimpses. I hope we will get to see it finally. However i think this kind of questions are not supposed to be asked. Therefore let me restate my question : Will we see the fulfillment of all the prophecies made by Solebum and Angela for Eragon in the last book?

  • Lishi

    Also, is it possible to tell a fictional story in the ancient language if you know its untrue?

  • Lishi

    What exactly happens when you try to lie in the ancient language? There was a bit in Eldest, was it? I just want to know more.

    Have there ever been any half dwarf- half humans?

    When is a dragon first capable of conscious thought?

    Was the ancient language the first language? Who brought it to Alagaesia?

  • SaphiraGlaedr

    Several times it is mentioned in the series that to block someone from entering your mind all you need do is concentrate on a single image/emotion.

    My question is this: If you focused on nothing, would your enemy simply find nothing in your mind, or would they be unable to sense you?

  • Hamilton1029

    hey why was zar’roc called misery when morzan was a good guy…or did he re-name it when his dragon got stupid during the banishing of the names?

  • uberdude!!!

    ya george has a good question

  • goerge

    if 2 dragons mate will the egg be the color of the parents???

  • Panagios

    At the end of book 3 Nasuada states that she was upset with Arya’s Mother, the queen.
    How is that possible if no one has told her she is the daughter of the queen?
    Or was that an accident

  • Vegtam

    Hi Christopher,

    A question unrelated to your books, perhaps–

    Are you fluent in the AL, or Dwarvish? Like, can you say anything without looking up the words? Could you tell us how to say “My hovercraft is full of eels” in the AL?

  • MurtaghForever

    Excerpt from Eragon, Pages 465-466.
    (Eragon is visiting Murtagh in his cel)
    “Nasuada said that she visited you. Did she say anything interesting?”…..”No, she only wanted to meet me. Doesn’t she look like a princess? And the way she carries herself! When she first entered through that doorway, i thought she was one of the great ladies of Galbatorix’s court. i’ve seen earls and counts who had wives that, compared to her were more fitted for life as a hog than of nobility.”

    Eragon listened to his praise with growing apprehension. “It may mean nothing,” He reminded himself. “You’re leaping to conclusions. Yet the foreboding would not leave him. Trying to shake off the feeling he asked….

    Is Murtagh in love with Nasuada?
    What “feeling” did Eragon sense?
    Will we see more of the Nasuada/Murtagh relationship in Book 4?

  • ÉtienneDucasGagnier

    Hi, i just want to say that Shur’tugal would be a nice name for book four.

    Well thats what i think


    The question that has to due with Eragon’s confusion with Tenga using a spell in his head is due to the fact that Eragon is surprised that Tenga would risk his life just to light a fire. CP specifically states that if your thoughts stray during a spell in your head, then you die.

    What does an Urgal’s face look like?

    Are Kull a different breed of Urgal, or do they become a Kull if they are deemed to possess the talents required of one?

  • jordi

    good point padfoot

  • timmy

    what determines the color of the dragon
    would it be the color of one of the parents or any color?

  • raemo

    Are there any ways to distinguish a male dragon from a female?


  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Jordi, we already know they can because Murtagh said that Eragon was Morzan’s son in the AL because he thought it was.

  • jordi

    if you can’t lie in the ancient language then what if you think that something is true but it is not, can you say it then?

  • borgan

    what determines a dragons color?

  • DragonInk

    Hi Chris! I was wondering…I noticed the number seven pops up a few times in the Inheritance cycle…Brom’s seven words and Eragon and Saphira’s seven promises. Are these just coincidences, or are they linked somehow, and if so, will this affect book four in any major way?

  • premonitions

    Mr. Paolini,

    Is it possible to force a dragon out of its egg before it met its rider (or good habitat)? if so,
    What would happen, would the dragon die, or something else?

    How big is the Domia abr Wyrda, like in inches?


  • kangag1818

    Can you give us a timeline for first three books? It would be nice to know how long has spanned since Eragon first found Saphira’s egg.

  • Hallie

    I just finished rereading “Eragon”, and just before the battle at the end of the book Eragon and Saphira were suited with the armor intended for another Rider and dragon. (The armor Eragon was given also had an Oak tree on it.) Is there any significance to the original/intended owners of the armor and Eragon and Saphira wearing their armor?

  • Kveykva

    1) Could Blagden possibly know where the vault of souls is, or the Rock of Kuthanian?

    2) Do people who venture into the elves minds return to them, like the sistuation with Captain Garven?

  • NarGarzvog

    1. Was there a so called concil of eldas for the dragon riders?

    2. Who ruled the brotherin (sorry about the spelling) kingdombefore Galbatorix took over

  • stevenj

    what makes the dragon a riders dragon is that the parents of the dragon give the egg to the riders and then they cast a spell over it which will only allow the egg to hatch if it senses its partner nearby.

  • jordi

    what determines the color of a dragon like for example if a red and a blue dragon mated would there eggs be limited to red, blue and purple or could the eggs be say silver or gold?

  • Maco

    Do you plan on doing something like Vroengard Academy for Book IV?

  • magyar

    1. What from a dragon’s colour depends? If Glaedr and Saphira would have mated, would they only had gold and blue hatchlings? Or how does it works?

    2. In eldest it said, that if you would know the true name of the ancient language, you could do almost everything with magic. But if we know the word of magic, why can’t we? I mean Eragon knows the word for fire, so he can control it. But he knows the word gramayier(sorry if misspelling it), so what? I don’t really understand that…

    I hope you can enlighten me! 🙂 Keep writing!

    (P.S: sorry for my English I’m from Hungary)

  • Elisa

    My question is: Why have we NEVER had a chapter from the pov of arya? Are you trying to hide something?

  • asdfg

    If the riders swords are imbued with wards that protect them against fire and battling in general where does that energy come from to sustain the wards. I’m asking cause in Brisingr when eragon lit his sword on fire rhunon reprimanded him and told him that hes lucky she had already put the ward to protect against fire.

  • Cher

    Dear Christopher Paolini,

    I have 2 questions that if you could, I would love for them to be answered. Thank you.

    1) In book one of the inheritance cycle, Eragon was told by Angela, that his fate will be to leave the land of Alagaesia forever. I f that were to happen, then what, if anything, would happen to Saphira ? If his, fate is to indeed leave.

    2) If the Varden were to get the last dragon egg, and it were to crack open, would Eragon, and Saphira train the new dragon, and his, or her, rider? And if so, would we get to see any of that training in book 4?

    Thanks again, for your time.

  • Bookworm119

    When Brom died he told Eragon 7 words from the Ancient Language. I was wondering if this would play a big part in the final book? Would it, for example, get past Galbatorix’s defenses and kill him? If not, will we found out what those what are and what they mean?

  • Ruth

    How old was Eragon when Marian told him that her and Garrow were not his biological parents? How old was Eragon when Marian died?

  • iHateElves

    How many pages do you predict Book IV will have?

  • ACE

    What do Arya’s poems mean? Are they connected?

  • Starbuck

    1. Has Brom always been Eragon’s father, or did you come up with the idea after you invented him?

    2. Based on the hype surrounding “Greenie,” the final dragon egg, everyone assumes that the egg will hatch only for a new rider. Yet a only a “rider dragon” hatches when it senses it’s rider is near. What about wild dragons? When do they hatch? Is that “wildness” genetic? Saphira’s mother was wild, yet her daughter isn’t. Is “riderness” genetic? What if Greenie simply hatches because it wants to? In summary, what makes a dragon wild or “riderish”?


    well i was looking at the map in brisingr and i found southeast of aberon that theres a C.P. and i was wondering why that was there

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    1. I am aware that over time, a human Dragon Rider slowly begins to look like an elf. Would a human rider also gain elven speed and strength over time? Was Eragon’s transformation merely a speed-up of this natural process?

    2. How large is Alagaesia compared to countries in earth?(e.g. as large as country A, half the size of country b, etc.) Can you give us a rough square-mileage?

    3. Would a half-elf have the superhuman speed and strength of their elven parent, or be somewhere between human and elven abilities?

    4. Before the Fall, were there any elf settlements outside of Du Weldenvarden besides Oromis’ birthplace?(Near Lake Tudosten.)

    5. If Rhunon can make indestructible swords, could she also make indestructible armor? If so, why don’t the elves use such? Would it require Brightsteel to make it completely indestructible? Is it possible to destroy enchanted Brightsteel in any way, such as with magic?

    6. If Galbatorix has a huge collection of Rider’s Swords, could he melt them down(with magic perhaps) to forge a suit of Brightsteel armor?(That would be so awesome . . .)

    7. Was Murtagh ever racked by pains from his scar, like Eragon was?

    8. Is there any chance of more characters dying in Book IV?

    9. How strong are Kull compared to Elves? What about the Ra’zac? Would their iron-hard exoskeletons prove to be an edge?

    10. How long do Urgals/Kull live on average?

    11. Can we get some more information about the shaft of energy that Murtagh used against Hrothgar? That was probably the most awesome magical attack in the whole book.

    12. About how many Eldunarya does Murtagh have in comparison to Galbatorix’s entire horde?

    13. Is it possible for a magician to conjure items from nothing?(Brom mentioned that a master could create gemstones with the word for “water” Adurna.)

    14. What color are Murtagh’s eyes? What about Brom’s?

    15. I noticed that during the fight between Thorn and Glaedr, Thorn surprised Glaedr by hiding in a cloud and then darting out. Interestingly enough, this was the same trick that Saphira used against Thorn earlier. Did he decide to put the technique he observed to good use himself, or was this just a coincidence?

    16. How much pressure is needed to destroy an Eldunari? How hard is the surface?

    17. Could Brightsteel cut through a dragon’s egg?

    18. Thorn is notably thicker than Saphira in the legs and neck despite his smaller size, and thus must be naturally bulkier in proportion to overall size. Is this ratio caused solely by Galbatorix’s magic, or are red/male dragons naturally more compact? Is this an individual trait of Thorn’s?

    19. How large are Lethrblaka compared to a dragon.(Say, Saphira or Thorn)Do they keep growing like dragons, or stop at a certain point? Are they immortal? How large would they be when they first emerge from their exoskeletons?

    20. Why was Varaug even stronger than Durza? Did it have anything to do with the number of spirits inside? If so, is there any limits to how strong a Shade can become? Furthermore, are there any disadvantages that come from a Shade having a larger number of spirits inside them?

    21. During the Battle of Feinster, the magicians’ wards successfully blocked repeated blows from Brisingr. Since Rider’s swords excel at cutting through all sorts of enchantments, how was this possible? Was it an extraordinarily powerful or creative spell, or is Brisingr not as good as other swords at penetrating wards?

    22. How old was Oromis at the time of his death? 700 years? 800? 900?

    23. How many eggs does a dragon lay at once?

  • rippledcyan

    will the green dragon have a part to play in the final battle?

  • Dragon.of.water

    Does Eragon’s dream about the circular stone city mean anything?

  • pedgalad

    in brisingr, it mentions that saphira’s eyesight diminishes the colors red and green, but increases blue. is there any special connection or just coincidence that the two other last dragons happen to be red and green, the two colors that are diminshed to saphira?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Daniel, I asked that question already and I got it answered, he said we had to wait for Book 4.

  • WhiteTiger

    I seen on another website that you said at a writing workshop that the cover of book 4 would have an “emerald green dragon” on the cover. Is this true?

  • jordi

    when eragon was changed in eldest did he become a half-elf, or a full elf or did he just have all the changes that would have accumulated over time thrust upon him all at once???

  • Daniel

    Are werecats born or made?


    This might be one for the publishers, but here goes : will the bonus material presented in the deluxe editions be released outside of those respective books at any point in time; perhaps as a collected volume?

  • Aradalf

    1) If there is only enough brightsteel left to make several swords, how will there be enough brightsteel to last another age of dragon riders?
    2) How will Rhunon make swords for the other dragon riders: do each of them have to make their own sword? or will they just find the swords of the previous riders and use those?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1)In Brisingr(p.204,SHADOWS OF PAST)Eragon read from Arya;”Adrift upon the sea of time,the lonely god wanders from shore to distant shore, upholding the laws of the stars above”.Is the lonely god Eragon?
    2)Why does Eragons gedway ignasia shine from time to time?Do all the gedway ignasia shine from time to time?
    3)In Eldest,Oromis mentioned that it is easier for a rider to expose the magic from the palm with the gedway ignasia.Why?
    4)Are there any traitors above the elves,dwarves,the Varden or the Surdans?
    5)Why are the werecats very rare now?Are they immortal?
    6)Where was Galbatorix hidden from the riders & why this was a place where they didnt dare to go?
    7)What are the names of ALL the Forsworn?If you dont answer C.P.,will you mention their and their dragons names in the book 4?
    8)Did Galbatorix know the Forsworn & their dragons names?Had he put them to promise in the ancient language that they would be his faithful servants?
    9)What is Oromiss illness & its cause?
    10) From what material are the dragon-eggs made?

  • Vegtam

    Why are the dragons such bright colours, instead of more camoflage-friendly ‘natural’ colour patterns?

    If a yellow dragon and an orange dragon mate, would their offspring be orange, or do the colours work like recessive/dominant genes where it’s either one or the other?

    I’d also like to know more about the werecats. Where did they come from? How many are there now, and how long do they live? Are they born as humans or as cats? Do they have any control over magic beyond their transformations?

  • Xelba

    When two dragons have a baby, is the baby the same color as one of the parents, or a mixture of its parents’ colors, or a completely different color?

  • CoheedFan

    Have you considered writing more books centered around Eragon after the Inheritance cycle is finished (seeing as how he is basically immortal)? Also, have you ever considered writing stories about the dragon riders before Galbatorix ever existed? I think it would be awesome to see an Inheritance Cycle set of graphic novels (just something to consider)!

  • tolkienandpaolinifanatic

    Since this question wasn’t answered in the last Q&A I will ask it again: In Eldest it takes Eragons several nights to fill up the belt of Beloth the Wise with energy, but in Brisingr when he is filling it up with energy from the animals killed to feed the Varden it says ‘The belt of Beloth the Wise seemed to be able to hold an almost unlimited amount of energy’. Why can it hold so much more in Brisingr than it can in Eldest?

    Have you ever considered writing a book on Grammarye?

  • Tengaquestions

    I have a question- or two, rather- about tenga. WHY is he looking for the way to get energy, that magical, ethereal substance, from Fire, the Sun, etc., and why (this is one you may be able to answer) is he in the third book. Is he in the fourth?!

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    While we know what Zar’rock and Brisingr mean in the ancient language we do not know what the name of the other known Rider’s Swords (Naegling, Tamerlein, Undbitr, Arvindr) mean in the ancient language. Can you give us a hint on this?

    May your sword stay sharp, Stroryteller

  • Random

    WHen are the questions coming out people? ROund 2 questions? I understand that the person in charge is busy 0 but could we please have a date as to when they’ll come out instead of “just around the corner”?

    If i have come across as rude or arrogant i am really sorry im just really eager to see th enext batch of q’s

  • vauxhallzafiraisoffensivetosaphira

    in eragon brom says “she died in his arms”,reffering to galbatorix’s dragon. in brisingr, arya says “his first dragon, jarnunvosk… was also saved, since it was not HIS fault … why is this and is the dragon male or female. also , what colour is it.

  • Shruikan

    Mr. Paolini,

    My questions for you are:

    1: Do you plan to give some insight on the actual Forsworn as far as giving more of a background story on them? What did they actually do to give them such a bad name?

    2: Is there any hope for a prequel to explain the actions leading up to Galbatorix’s rise to dictatorship, mainly speaking in regards to what happened to Shruikan as he was corrupted and the actions he was forced to commit against his will?

    3: I’ve actually started a prequel doing just this and, I know how busy you are writing your epic book 4 and going through an insane amount of fan mail, I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to take a look at it? I’m sure you get a lot of stories based off of your works but I feel like this is something unique and rare among the fan-fictions posted on the inheritance forums.

    If you could respond to any of the concerns listed, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

  • jordi

    did any riders have a silver dragon? just because if so then wouldn’t his sword just be plain?

  • jordi

    could any rider and dragon just decide to be evil or would something have to be done with the magic that joins them?, just asking because if the rider was corrupt then why would the dragon choose him?

  • tyler

    about how many Riders were there before the Fall?

  • jordi

    why did morzan name his sword misery even before he joined galbatorix?

  • rider111

    dear christopher

    it was stated in one of the books that the descendants of palancar reside in palancar valley, or more to the point, in carvahall. IF roran were the descendant of palancar, in order for roran to claim this title as king at the end of book four how would he go about tracing his lineage back to the kings of the broddring kingdom?

  • blazinspeed95

    As you said in an earlier interview, the plural of Eldunari was Eldunarya, which got me thinking. What does Arya mean in the ancient language?

  • stevenj

    Eragon hasnt payed Horst back for the meat that he bought him from Sloan in the first book. Does Eragon plan to pay him back?

  • Foreverwaiting

    Dear Ohwriterofthefinalbook,

    The first Eragon’s dragon was white could it be possible that this dragon was albino or in general can dragons be albino??

    P.S LUV your books and is currently pulling hair out waiting for the last book.write realyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealyrealy fast.

    May your pins stay sharp!

  • k.p.a

    1. will we find out about how Angela’s knack of knowing the affairs throughout Alagaesia?

    2. can urgals use magic?

    3. will orik’s ride on saphira have an influence on a possible dwarf rider?

    4. were those who remained in carvahall killed or did they manage to escape?

    5. does the stone of broken eggs have any significane to future events, or was it just a place that saphire and glaedr had merely went to and by chance they had their fight?

    6. will we learn more about joed? perhaps he will accompany eragon in an adventure?

    7. solembum seems to be quite fond of saphira, always rubbeing against her leg. is there some bond that the two share or is he merely being catlike?

  • Sterling

    In the first set of questions, you talked about half-elf, half-humans, and how they could disguise themselves almost perfectly as either race. I was wondering whether Arya is a half-elf, because for a while in Brisingr she looks human.

  • Bookworm119

    Here’s my Q: How far is CP into the book?

    I know you are not allowed to ask about the release date and such, but I’m just curious as to how far he has gotten so far.

  • Gogindragon

    well i have a few questions

    1. did riders have brightsteel armor and shields?

    2. why did galby smash all the eggs besides saphira thorn and the green dragons egg?

    3. are any elves going to start mating since they have joined the war and many might die??


  • Afire

    The heart of hearts are souls right? Would they have anything to do with the vault of souls?

  • typicaliowafarmgrl

    at first i thought that it was impossible to break a dragon egg. however i saw that Saphira mentioned “egg breakers” in book one as i was re-reading it. my question is if it is possible to break a dragons egg? and how would someone go about doing it? Also, if u did break an egg, would the dragon inside die right away, or would it have a chance of life? (however slim considering the horrible person who broke it in the first place would prob kill them right away) if it is possible to break an egg and not kill the dragon inside, why hasn,t galby done that to the green dragon yet?

  • WhiteFang

    id suggest CP just draw a dragon to answer most of FeilaHyuga’s questions 😉 im also curious of his vision of a dragon…

  • FeilaHyuga

    just a few questions…One the cover of each book, the dragons have those long feeler-ish things on the top of their heads…what are they for? Are they the dragon’s “ears”? Do they just sway around as the dragon moves its head or can a dragon control their movements? In Eldest you mentioned Eragon tickleing the skin under Saphira’s ear. Where are the ears on the dragon? And since the werecats exist and all, are there things like werewolves, werehorses…weredragons? And can a werecat in its human state use magic like a human? What powers does a werecat have? And how fast can a dragon grow? How big are they by 3 months? How big are they by 6 months? Is the gedway ignasia really just a silver oval on the hand? And when someone reaches out to touch a dragon for the first time, they usually use their finger tips. Can you get the gedway ignasia on you fingers? On your forehead even? Is the gedway ignasia like a burn mark or paint mark or something else? Will Glaedr be able to talk to Eragon and teach him more stuff from his Eldunari? And I heard that when a rider dies, so does it’s dragon, and so Is Glaedr still alive because he spit out his Eldunari? Can different magic users have more strength then others and use magic for longer? Also…when fighting another magic user, can’t you just say ANDLAT and they die? Is there a way to counter that? If Saphira can’t control her own magic very well, could Eragon just peek into her mind and unlock all her most powerful magic so she can easily use it? (I know this is NOT just a few questions but I kinda knew onequestion would help me lead to another) and what are dragon hands like? 4 fingers and a thumb? A cat paw? In Eragon you mentioned Saphira and called it a paw. Are the scales any different on the paws then on the body? Does a dragon’s tail have an arrow shaped weapon on it? Is there anything special about the dragon anatomy you could tell me? How do Alagaesian dragon’s breath fire? Is there a special gas in their lungs they mix with oxygen? How is it that baby dragons can smoke, but not breath fire? How many fingers are on their wings? does the skin extend from the last wing finger to the elbow to the hip or just straight from the last finger tip to the hip? how many toes do Dragons have? Are their back legs bigger than the front legs? How long does it take for the dragon to hatch after it has chosen its rider? Is it destined to a person or does it chose? How big is a baby dragon? Did Saphira only say eragon for the first month because she didn’t know how to speak? Do you have to teach a baby dragon how to talk? Did Saphira’s voice when she was just a month or two old sound like a male’s? Is that why Eragon at first chose male names? If Brom was a Rider, why isn’t he as fast as an elf when he duels Eragon? What are the limits of “Waise Heill”? Can it heal broken bones? Can it replace blood loss? can it heal poisen? How fast can a Magic user regain his strength after using some magic? After a wild dragon has hatched, can you still put a spell on it so it can have a rider? Is it impossible to ride a wild dragon because it would have spikes in the place where you sit? How many people can Saphira hold? How fast can Dragons fly? Is a dragon’s tongue forked or normal? Is it blue like a komodo dragons? Can some dragons have their own special powers or do they all have the same powers withing the laws of magic? Do you like your character, Arya? If she were a real person, would you like her? Usually when people think of dragons, they think of them like fire breathing lizards and so all the cartoons are usually green dragons, so why did you pick blue? Is it your favorite color? sometimes I thought it was just to oppose the origionial to be more special and unique!

  • GinnapherChoy

    also, what happens if a dragon hatches for someone but refuses to let that person touch him?

  • GinnapherChoy

    I have a ? if someone finds a dragons egg and it does not hatch, what will happen if that person breaks the egg or wills it open by using some advanced form of magic? Is this possible because in one ? someone asked if the Shruikan’s egg hatched if not then how did galby get Shruikan?

  • Jonathan

    Did any Riders beside Brom and Morzan have kids, or was it forbidden in the Rider order?

  • premonitions

    mr paolini,
    i have 5 questions:

    1. In Eragon, you mentioned that an elf slaughtered a dragon like an animal. Did anyone ever eat dragon meat? It does sound disgusting right?

    2. What color was Galbatorix’s first dragon? Was it a he or she?

    3. Will the green dragon need growth accelerations? It probably does, in order to fight.

    4. Do the comments on the forums affect your writing?

    5. Did you get inspiration from star wars? The plot line of a new hope is very similar to book 1

  • ANON

    there has been maybs at the possibilities of half elves has there ever been a human dwarf hybrid or are humans and dwarfs to genetically diffrent to have children

    will we ever see any of the places of natural magic like i belive in one of the books theres a dream pool and a floating crystal will we see any of these?

    what happend to all the dragon eggs the riders had did galby destroy them did the riders hide them during the fall or possibly destroy them to stop them from getting into the hands of galby?

    in eragon brom seems rather week to the standards in brisingr im sure its been a long long time since he did all his heroic stuff but he complained to eragon to not shield his mind form him because it was difficult to b heard allready did his calm days in palancar valley weaken him?

    when an hoh is destroyed does it explode or dissentigrate or some other fantastic thing because it seems to me that if the fragments of the gem werent completely destroy it wouldnt kill the dragon….

    are any other races able to do what dragons do with hoh is it possible the razac and there mounts are still alive by copying the dragons hoh? or is this something that is reserved specificaly for dragons?

    if when spirits are transformed into a shade the whole reason there evil is because there held in that body against there will ……. seeing as how there so angry to b confined wouldnt most shades be suicidal to end there imprisonment or just let people come and stab them in thereheart …….

    and also if only a handfull of people have ever killed a shade does that mean theres only been that many shades to be killed? because it seems there well known enough that there had to be many more than four or five throughout all of history …. or are they just so terrible and evil that thats the sort of mark four or five leave on the world?

    are shades immortal aswell as elves and dragon riders?

    oromis says that galby doesnt know how to suck the life out of plants and animals yet he inslaves the hohs ….. we all know galby is really really ol dand in all that time with his insane geniousness he didnt think that it was possible to do this with other living things besides dragons? it seems unlikely to me

    can dragon riders cure a common cold? by removeing infections and nasty germs or do thye have to put up with sickness aswell?

    will we see elva again in book four and if so will she play an important role in it?

    if there are werecats are there werewolves in the world of eragon?

  • Ghan04

    Near the end of Brisingr, we see a group of magicians summon a shade by letting spirits take over someone’s body. If summoning a shade comprises only someone to be “converted” and the appropriate magic, then why hasn’t Galbatorix created an army (or at least a sizable group) of shades during the 100 years he has been in power, seeing as they are so powerful?

  • UndbitrBromssword

    1) How old was Galbatorix when his dragon died?

    2) Have there been any female riders?

  • Vlad

    I have a question:

    What will “Eragons Guide to Alagaseia” contain?

  • ColumbiaPhoenix

    Many people from the Shur’tugal FanFiction Site were wondering:

    Magic can be stored in any crystal. Well salt is a crystal, so is it possible that all Eragon needs to defeat Galbotorix is a couple wagons filled with seasoning?

  • Nairb

    After being banished, will Az Sweldn rak Anhuin(sp?) play a significant role in book 4?

  • Carvahallian

    This is a bit long…
    Are werecats immortal?
    How do werecats turn from cat to person?
    Are werecats related to humans or cats?
    How old was Durza at his death, and how old was he when he became a Shade?
    When Murtagh shot Durza in Gil’ead, what happened to the body?
    When Durza reappeared, where did he do it? Did he reappear in someone else’s body, or was a totally new body created?
    When the elves formed the bond with the dragons, did it affect only the elves in Alagaësia, or in Alalëa too?
    What parts of Alagaesia are part of the Empire?
    Was Surda always part of the Broddring Kingdom?
    If Eldunarya is the plural of Eldunari, is Arya the plural of Ari?
    Now that the Varden have won at Feinster, is Feinster part of Surda?
    At what age do dwarves come of age?
    How do you pronounce Iorunn?
    How old is Orik?
    At what age do elves come of age?
    Does Rhünon look older because she is old, or because she is older than the blood-oath?
    At what age do Urgals come of age?
    How old is Garzhvog?
    In Eragon, it briefly says that Galbatorix was born in the now-long-gone-Inzilbeth province, or something. Where is that?
    Where was Morzan born?
    How do you pronounce Petrøvya and what language is it from?
    Are Kialandi and Formora male or female?
    What is Selena’s mother’s name?
    In Eldest, Eragon says, “Saphira un eka” as part of a spell. Shouldn’t he use her true name?
    What determines a dragon’s color?
    How does one create a Shade?
    How old is Jeod?
    Is the world in the Cycle round or flat or something else?
    After Murtagh first escaped Uru’baen, where did he travel?

  • Bookworm119

    Is this where you post questions for next month’s Q&A? if so hears a question: How long is Book IV going to be? And how far are you through it?

  • David25


    “The Seven Promises of Eragon Shadeslayer and Saphira Bjartskular”
    Is another name for the book; Hence the word “Or”.

  • Shadeslayerfan

    Is the story of Galbatorix’s army being lost in the spine of any importance to teh story, or is it just there to provide backround information?

  • commentator

    why didn’t the original saphira transfer herself to an eldunari and save brom from great pain and a brief period of madness?

  • commentator

    After the Banishing of the name, many dragons and five of the forsworns went mad. How could they have been any use to Galbatorix during the Fall? And why is it a great accomplishment for Brom to have arranged the death of several forsworn if they are incapable of thinking/fighting in the first place?

  • raemo

    In Eragon, Joed said there was 3 Eregons in history. The first Eragon with the white dragon, this Eragon with Saphira, and a third one……is this at all important?


  • Jack

    Will we see Thorn actually speak in Book 4, since he didn’t in Eldest or Brisingr?

  • Commentator

    Du Waldenvarden is protected from scarying by wards, but how was it that Eragon’s necklace was activated to protect Eragon from being scaryed during his first journey to Ellesmira (he was deep within the forest)?

  • cc12321

    Does Glaby have Jarnunvosk’s Eldurnari, and will it play a role in book 4?

    Was there a reason you did not reveal Sloan’s True Name? Is there a tendency among all true names for people that would easily reveal Eragon’s or another important character’s True name?

    In Brisingr, Eragon gave out 3 gold orbs. One to Gedric, one to Helen, and one to Roran and Katrina. Did you simply forget about his debt to Horst, or will it play a part in Book IV?

    Saphira I was Blue, and yet Brom’s magic was described as red. Can you explain this?

    Other than Murtagh and Roran, is there anybody else directly related through blood to Eragon alive in Alagaesia?

    There is a spot on the map just southeast of Helgrind of what appears to be a temple enclosed by hills. What is this?

  • EragonSaphiraNZ

    Will we learn more of Angela’s past? Like how Oromis knew of her and why she could enter the Varden without having her mind examined?
    Can Angela use magic?
    What determines a dragon’s color?
    Is there anything a dragon can’t eat?
    Can dragon’s dream?
    Why were Durza’s parents called oath breakers?
    Why don’t elves sleep?
    Who taught Garrow how to read and why did he not teach Eragon and Roran how to?
    Are there any inanimate objects, other than crystals, that can hold energy?
    If Galbatorix created the Helgrind illusion with magic why didn’t Brom or Oromis know? Surely both of them had been to Dras Leona before the Fall and afterwards noticed it’s strange appearance? And wouldn’t they have been able to sense the energy being used there?
    Has there ever been any female riders?
    Who was the healer that kept Murtagh alive after his back was laid open by Morzan?
    Brisingr Page 130, “Unless we be searching for Murtagh,” suggested a third man. “You heard what Morzan’s spawn said as well as I did.”
    What does this mean? What did Murtagh say that would make the soldiers think they were searching for him and not Eragon?

  • AnthonyJMoran

    A question about the ancient language: It is a magical language that negates one’s ability to lie while speaking it, even though they can speak partial truths. However, it is still imited by the speaker’s knowledge of it, so they cannot innately understand words and phrases they’ve not heard before. How then did the bird that Brom spoke to to prove that he could not lie know what he was saying (the one he made fly to his hand), when Eragon found that Arya and other elves knew words and phrases he’d not heard, and he didn’t understand them. He was trained, and i can only assume the bird was NOT…… was this, perhaps, a case of speaking more with the mind than the tongue, or something else?

  • Stenrgarm

    If anyone wants to know the questions choosen for the interview about to come out, all they have to do is look at the top of the page

  • DJDshadeslayerMSIII

    What exactly is an Illuminator?

    Riders’ swords are adept at “ignoring” wards and combating magic. When Eragon and Arya were trying to stop the magicians in Feinster from summoning the Shade, Varaug, why did Brisingr (the sword) have such a difficult time slicing through those pesky wards?

    There are a few places Eragon, and we as readers, have not yet visited. Is it likely that we will be lucky enough to visit, or just glimpse, such places, namely Ristvak’baen or Vroengard?

    I am looking forward to the new edition of Brisingr in a few months, especially because of the “deleted scenes.” How many scenes can we expect to be added? I love extra content!

    I noticed when Eragon searched for the minds of the Ra’zac in Helgrind that he couldn’t sense either of them or the Lethrblaka? How is this possible? Are their minds so different from humans/elves/dwarves/urgals? Or did Galbatorix play a role in this?

    Can you please write us a book weaving the tale of Brom?!

    Thanks guys for considering my questions!

  • Binnsyboy

    I have three questions:

    1) In an interview, on the eragon DVD, you said you’d envisioned eragon as a movie, I watched the movie, it seemed to stray very far from the actual plot, what were your views when you saw it?

    2) did any of the riders before the fall have multiple bright steel weapons, e.g. a sword & dagger, or dual katanas?

    3) if male and female riders got together, would the dragons fall in love, regardless of if gender, and if male and female dragons fell in love, would the afore mentioned effect happened to their riders?

  • Shadeslayer70

    Will we find out more about Angela in the last book?

  • CruelSirEragon

    Hi Christopher
    In Brisingr near the beginning of the book, directly after the map of Alagaesia, There is a page with the title and under the title are the words “or The Seven Promises Of Eragon Shadeslayer And Saphira Bjartskular” what are the seven promises and their importance in the cycle?

  • Siera

    Remembers one of my questions!

    In Brisingr, It says that Angela is Extremely old. How can that be? and oromis said that, “If she is the same person im thinking of, then she is a very important person.” Could Angela possible be an Elf in human discuise? Or could she be a dragon rider who’s rider dies in battle? I know shes going to have a very important roll in the next book.

  • Jonathan

    My favorite part of book one was when Eragon and Arya duel. Now that Eragon is an elf, will they duel to see who is the stronger Shadeslayer? Who do you think would win?

  • Siera

    Hello! I have a couple questions that i know some other people will think about when i say them.

    1. If Eragon can suck energy from plants and animals, then why cant he just suck the life from all the soldiers in battle?

    2. Are all spirits bad? Because ever time someone tries to suck a life from a spirit that has more power than them, the spirits control them. And then they’re always bad. Is it possible for someone to turn into a good shade?

    3. Did Brom’s Dragon, Saphira, give her Eldunari to brom? Or did she keep it inside her? (You probably wont be able to answer this)

    4. Is it possible that Selena is still alive, possible in another form? *cough* Angela? *cough*
    (Probably wont be able to answer this one either!)

    4. Will eragon go into an urgal City in Book 4?

    5. If an elf and a half elf had a baby, would the baby be three quarters elf, one quarter human, or would it even be possible?

    6. When eragon told Oromis about Angela, he said: “If she is the person im thinking of, then she is a very important person” Any hints?

    I had 2 other that were stuck in my mind along with the first one but they just disappeared! 🙁

    Thank You so much for making this Q&A thing! ITS SO GREAT!

  • firemonkey

    Will you be releasing any book 4 spoilers any time soon?

    How did Nasuada know that Arya was Islanzadi’s daughter?

    Will we get to know the names and personalities of the 12 elven spellcasters?

  • SensiblyImpulsive

    I noticed the “lonely god” part in Brisingr, and recognized it instanty. I’m a Doctor Who fan as well, and was wondering who was your first doctor?

  • PadfootUnewriathSlayer

    KvethFricai, what, mate? What did I ask about that? I do not remember. I know I asked something about Brom, but the only thing I remember asking about the ra’zac was if there was still some and what would the curse the last one laid upon Eragon do.

  • PhoenixLord

    was galbys first dragon a he or a she? in eragon brom was telling the story of the riders and he said that SHE died in his arms but in brisingr, Arya said that it was not HIS fault HE was killed by urgals.

  • Firestone

    Did you put the island of Sharktooth in for a reason, or is it just another island added to the map?

  • inheritancerules

    Will the Grey Folk be involved in the next book in any way?

    Do you plan on wirting any more books about Alegasia after this?

    Will the Spine play any role in the next book?

  • Ariel13

    If the true name of Galbatorix is supposed to kill any person who tries to use it; does it apply if a person thinks it? or only if they speak it?

    Is Galbatorix a good swordsman?

    do you plan on writing a sort-of Prequil to Eragon about Brom?

    What is your favorite type of Sword?

  • CordeliaChase

    Are there any other races in Alagaseia that we have not yet met?

  • luke

    if you casted a large spell that would kill your opponent… but the spell will kill you also… will the person who was casted a spell on survive or die?

  • 00blackhand00

    I have a few questions i wish to ask.

    1) If the “Grey Folk” are actually extinct, could the spirit that crowned Orik possibly be one of that race?

    2) Eragon lost his shield and his helm during the fight with murtagh and thorn at the end of eldest, do you think those will ever be recovered and returned?

  • Smithy

    1. If the green egg were to hatch for a member of the Varden will they use magic to enhance its growth? otherwise it will take too long to grow and not be much use to the varden (this is assuming the Varden can get the egg, otherwise i guess Gallabortix would see to its growth pretty fast!)

    2. When Murtagh curses Oromis for not being there to help him and Thorn sooner, is the reason for Gallabortix intervening because Murtagh’s true name was on the verge of changing due to the hope of another dragon rider, but a ward alerted Gallabortix? or is it simply because Gallabortix was watching the battle somehow and happened to notice Oromis and Glaedr and hoped to get them to join him?

    3. Does Jeod find any ways to enter the castle at Urubaen that aren’t yet known of?

    4. Toward the end of Brisingr, Eragon apologizes to his elven protectors for not allowing them to do their job properly, does this mean that they will play a larger role in the next book?

    5. Are there any of Broms secrets still left unsaid that will be revealed in book 4?

    6. The man Eragon met who could see the energy stored within people and objects and had been wounded in battle, will he be in book 4 at all and if so will it be of any importance?

    7. Will Tenga be in book 4 and answered his question or any more since Eragon met him on his return to the Varden? Also was the question of any importance he was trying to answer at the time?

    8. Will the Urgals allience with the Varden suffer any more problems in book 4?

  • UndbitrBromssword

    1) Was Galbatorix’s first dragon a he or a she?

    2) What color was Galbatorix’s first dragon?

    3) Is Galbatorix’s sword black?

    4) If Brom’s dragon was blue, why, in Eragon, was his magic red?

  • Boris

    Dear Mr Paolini,

    We know that Galbatorix’s current dragon is black, but what colour was his original dragon? If it was a different colour, would the colour of Galbatorix’s magic change to match that of his dragon or would it not be affected?

  • murtagh 1

    how did Murtagh Scry Eragon when he was in Du Wendelvarden nothing magicle can enter its borders. is Galbotorix stronger than the enchantments placed by the elves.

  • ThunderCel

    In Brisingr, Arya tells Eragon that because of the banishing of the names the forsworn’s dragons names are gibberish. Does this apply to a dragon that has the same name as one of the forsworn’s dragons like how Saphira is the name of both Brom and Eragon’s dragons?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    Arya is one of the most important characters in the cycle now only because she has been appearing since the first book, but also because of Eragon’s feelings towards her. Even though we learned some interesting things about her past in Brisingr we still do not know how she feels about certain events of the present. Will we learn more about what goes on in that beautiful elfish head of hers in Book 4, even perhaps having a chapter from her point of view?

  • KvethFricai

    PadfootUnewraithslayer: the Ra’zac put seithr oil on their weapons to slow the healing process

  • sirsimon

    Hi christopher, i have a few questions to ask please,

    1) What inspired you to name Eragon’s dragon Saphira? Was there inspiration behind it, or just because you liked the name and it fitted the character.

    2) Will Thorn talk in the final book? He has been silent since eldest and i would like to know how he would communicate.

    3) Does Saphira have feelings or affection for Thorn, i believe she called him many vile titles near the climatical battle, yet she refrained from tearing off one of his wings in the battle against Murtagh in Brisingr,

    Thank you paolini, may your swords stay sharp for all eternity.

  • Steven

    This is completely stupid.. How are we supposed to know what to ask if we don’t even know what’s answered in the next session. It’s just going to create more work for you… the lazy no good non-site updaters.

  • M194

    omg good question!

    i want to know too!!!

    How many toes does a elf have!?:)

  • JoannafromAustralia

    Hi Christopher,

    I really love your character Angela. I have read in interviews she is based on your sister. There has been a lot of discussion on the boards about the possibilites and the development of this character, but some of the replies have been along the lines of, “CP wouldn’t do that as the character is based on his sister”.

    I would like to ask… has the character of Angela taken on a life of her own one that is now separate and apart from your sister? Or does your sister’s idiosyncracies and personality still guide you on Angela’s development?

    Thanks so much,


  • Rendi

    I asked this last session,but just in case they didn’t choose it: I would like your advice on what to do if I am having writer’s block or if I am writing about a new character. I would love it especially from one of my favorite writers. Thanx.

  • JoannafromAustralia

    Hi Christopher,

    I have a question regarding Indlvarn. In the chapter “Souls of Stone” you wrote, “if a dragon experienced body death yet their rider still lived, together they became known as Indlvarn” You said many dragons and riders adapted to the change. You then said if dragons rider died, the dragon would often smash their eldunai or arrange for it to be smashed. “But not all”.

    This has me very intrigued. I would like to clarify… does the term Indlvarn relate to riders only or are riderless dragons also Indlvarn?

    Will Indlvarn feature strongly in the next book?

    Thanks so much.


  • InheriPotterFreakish

    1. How old was Oromis when he died?

    2. How old is Angela?

    3. How much is one crown?

    4. In the Ancient Language, Fricai means friend. Then why does Vinr Alfakyn mean Elf Friend?

    5. How many toes do elves have?

    6. How do you pronounce Eldunari?

  • zguida09

    I am a writer and i was just wondering, how did u decide what to put in ur first book and what to save for the second and third

  • Saeb

    Christopher, can you comment on the plagiarism claims on the Inheritance Cycle?

    Alagaesian Dragons lay eggs, yet they need a mate to do so, not the normal egg-cycle like a chicken. Are they like Cane Toads, or is it some other system unique to Alagaesia?

    When two dragons have eggs, what determines the colour of the eggs? It cannot be true that they simply mix the parent’s colours because then the Primary and Secondary colours would die out. Is it random, or does it perfectly fit the personality of the dragon in a similar way as your dragon’s colour or your true name are formed?

  • Viola1933

    When a rider loses his dragon, does he start aging like a “normal” human again?

    I just wondered because it seems to me (because of the descriptions), that Brom looked much older than Morzan, although Morzan was the older one of them, if my memories don’t fool me.

    Sorry, if this question has been asked yet and for the crappy English, I’m from Austria.

  • Shadeslayer70

    Eragon told Murtagh that if he was able to change his true name that he may be able to escape Galbatorix’s oaths, but how would he know if his true name changed and he is free?

  • HeWhoIsAFool

    When Arya said to Eragon in Eldest during the Blood Oath Celebration that she only sees him as a friend was she speaking in ancient language?

  • Shadeslayer70

    It has been said a few times that dragons like symmetry, since you started your first book with Eragon finding Saphira’s egg and it hatching, will the last egg be found and hatched near the begining of the last book?

  • Shadeslayer70

    Eragon has yet to pay Horst back for the meat that he bought him from Sloan in the first book. Does Eragon plan to pay him back?

  • Shadeslayer70

    Regarding the Rock of Kuthian, it seems that every time Eragon mentions it to someone they say that the name sounds very familiar. Could this be some of the same sort of magic the dragons used to banish the foresworns dragons names? And will we learn why everyone thinks it is so familiar?

  • Shadeslayer70

    Will Eragon and Arya’s relationship (romanticly more than anything) play a larger role in the last book?

  • j

    Vegtam asked: In Eldest, Oromis said something about how it’s not speaking the words that matters for magic, but thinking them. Why then is Eragon so shocked at Tenga using unspoken magic?
    i believe the answer to this question is that although possible to use the AL without speaking it is extremely dangerous as any stray thought could twist a spell to light a fire into burning eragon because of this you should only think spells in the most dire of situations not just to light a fire.

  • Luke

    Hello Christopher,

    In a TV interview you spoke of how hard it was to get your book published.

    Did many publishers turn you down, and if so have you since spoken to them and rubbed it in that the book has been so successful?

  • Claudia

    How could Nasuada already know Murtagh before he arrive on Varden? She talks about that when she visits Eragon for the first time, but when Eragon visits Murtagh in Tronjheim, he says that she visited him because she wanted to know him.

    What happens to Oromis and Glaedr’s bodies after the battle?

    What happened to the other riders souls after the Fall?

    Why does Galbatorix never appear himself?

    Why can’t the Eldunarya turn against Galbatorix?

    Why doesn’t Murtagh’s scar limit him so much as Eragon’s used to limit?

    Will Oromis disease be explained in book 4?

    How did Thorn kill Glaedr?

    In Brisingr, Oromis dies with a blow on the back, similar to that Eragon and Murtagh have already suffered? Has this fact some special meaning?

    Do the dragons change their mates?

    For two dragons mate must exist some special connection between their riders?

    The dragon’s eye that appears in all books is from Saphira?

  • IAmEragonBromSon

    I have noticed certain similarities from your books and others that I have either read or heard about. Here is my question: Did you get any inspiration while outlining the world of Alagaesia and the rules of magic from the Earthsea series? Because in those books, everyone has a true name, and anyone who knows your true name has immense power over you. Sound familiar? Well anyway, I was just wondering.

    P.S. I love your books.

  • Professor0110

    Dear Mr Paolini,

    How are the plot outlines for the Inheritance Cycle formatted? For example, are they chapter-by-chapter outlines, or a sequence of the major events that happen, or something else entirely?

    I\’ve read in some of your interviews that you plotted out the entire Inheritance arc before you began to write, and from a writer\’s prospective, I\’m very interested as to how you\’ve planned your novels.

  • Hubbin

    What was the reason Garrow didn’t go with Roran and Eragon to see Roran off? Did he know something?

  • Glockenturm

    Firstly, I would like to say that in my few years here on Earth, I have learnt that what the author says is not quite as important as what the author DOESN’T say.

    That said, in a semi-recently released teaser you mentioned finishing not only a large chunk of the book, but that doing so made you feel ‘warm and fuzzy’.
    Were you warm and fuzzy from your accomplishment, or was it something else entirely? Perhaps dealing with the content of the chunk?

    Thank you for your time, Mr. Paolini.

  • iHateElves

    In Brisingr, the Ra’zac that Eragon dueled said that Galbatorix had almost found the name. If this name is the name of the Ancient Language, and Galbatorix dicovered it, he would have enormous power over all who use the AL. What exactly is the extent of the power of that single name?

    Also, if one knew his/her true name, and if they had someone controling him/her through it, would it not be possible for that person to break the bonds without the aid of a third party?

  • poisonsupra

    so i was wondering why did oromis die? i had a theory that since naegling had so much energy in it that the elves would give the stone to eragon so eragon could become more powerful was that true on any basis?

  • Vegtam

    Thanks for chooseing my question!

    What language do the humans speak? The Elves have the AL, Dwarves have Dwarvish, Urgals have Urgal, but what language do the humans speak?

    On a similar note, what’s the story about that city in Surda called Petrøvya? It’s such a different name from everywhere else, and I haven’t seen any use of the o-slash outside of that one name… Was it perhaps settled by foreigners from another land? Is it from the Nomad language?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Okay, I got a long list here:
    Do elves have a different way of handling emotions than humans? If not, how do they have so much patience and self control?

    Since there are werecats, are there werewolves, weredogs, or other weres as well?

    Can a elven rider die of depression after losing his dragon like a human rider? Can elves dies of mental suffering like humans?

    Roran, Eragon, and Murtagh have all been a one point wounded badly on their backs, is there any meaning to that?

    Do you spar to get ideas for the fight scenes, or if not, have you ever sparred at all?

    What happened to all of the swords of the fallen Riders? Did the foresworn that beat them keep them as trophies?

    To what extent can a elf change his body, is there a limit? Can his change himself to look almost exactly like a certain animal and can if so can they change into something as large as maybe something like a dragon?

    Are the Ra’zac really dead? And what will the last Ra’zac’s curse do to Eragon?

    Is an elf’s sense of smell also more advanced than a human’s?

    What is the use of Blodhgarm’s smell?

    Did you make Brom after someone? If so, who?

    How old was Brom?

    Will that encasement that Saphira put on Brom mummify him in a way?

    What was going through Brom’s mind when he found that Eragon could not read? (Just wondering)

    How much of the Rider’s history did Brom really know?

    (Mike, may I please put a poem on here I made for Brom? Please!)

    How hard was it for Brom to watch Eragon grow up with Garrow and his wife and not be able to tell Eragon the truth?

    Is Eragon more like Brom in personality or Selena?

    Are we ever going to get the full AL?

    What happened to Oromis to make like he was, Glaedr said something about it, but was it magic or physical, what was it?

    Is one’s true name more than one word or just one?

    Are ever going to learn the seven words that Brom told and translated for Eragon just preceding his death?

    What does the Ra’zac put on their weapons to make the wounds inflicted by them heal so slowly?

    Do you spar so that you can make Eragon’s fight scenes better?

  • Nightslayer234

    Im actually surprised that this didnt make the cut. Was Jarnunsvok male or female?
    Also, Will there be any possibilty Eragon will bless Roran’s child?
    What was the gender of Morzan’s dragon? Just wondering that because if it was female it could have mated with Shruiken most likely and saved their race.

  • Raintat

    I’m not sure if you already answered this, but here goes: In the first set of questions you said that if human-elf half bloods were still living they would be very skilled in blending in with either race they chose to live among. My question is if this means that Angela is a human-elf half blood, which might explain why Oromis said he knew a woman similiar to her with a different name.

  • iHateElves

    What does Naegling mean?

  • blinkandyoumissit

    what sort of processes did you go through to create the histories and races of Alagaesia before you began writing? or did you make things up as you went?

  • Elemental

    What works have influenced your writing?


  • Vinny.K

    In the first Q&A you answered a question pertaining to half-elves. After reading it, I came up with an odd thought; Is Angela the Herbalist a half-elf, or do human spell weavers have extended lives?

  • Megan

    Did you create two entire new languages with the Ancient language and the Dwarvish language, or just certain words that are needed at certain times? If you did create entire languages, what inspired the spelling and structure of them? Also, is there a pronounciation guide available anywhere for either language or a place to study them more in depth? Thanks, and I really look forward to book four.

  • RiderT

    In Eragon, it was said that the first Eragon’s dragon was named Bid’daum. In Eldest & Brisingr, it was stated that the name of the dragon chosen to represent their race couldn’t be said. Both dragons are white. Are they the same, or are they different dragons?

  • lizard

    my question is (again) : were al the forsworn’s thirteen dragons male, and if there were females, why didn’t Galbitorix breed them before so he wouldn’t be so dependent on Saphira now?

    (by the way Kay that question didn’t make the cut because it’s been asked before, try going through the other iterveiws on this site-I know I’ve seen it somewhere before. Paloni responded that he wanted to give readers a look at another way to make a shade as well as balance out Ormis and Glaedr’s fight with Murtagh and Thorn by giving Eragon and Saphira something interesting to do)

  • Lunario

    hey mr paolini first off i love ur books big fan
    my question is
    they say that the first Eragon had a white dragon but that his name was bid, daum but they mention a dragon whose name can not be exspressed in any language are these two dragons the same? or are they different ones but the nameless one was wild?

  • LM24601

    Dear Mr. Paolini,

    What do you hear your characters’ voices sounding like? What sort of accent? For example, in the Eragon movie they all had British accents.

  • Kay

    i asked this last time, but it didn’t make the cut, so lets give it a second go around!

    During the battle at the end of Brisingr, a shade was created and killed all within the span of a chapter or two. What, then, was the purpose of the shade if he was just going to die? I have heard rumors that it was so both Eragon and Arya can now be refered to as “Shadeslayer.” this implies that there will be more potential for their relationship since both have the same last name, and married couples generally have the same last name. Is this true, and if not, what was the shade’s purpose?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Um, Let’s see, I dunno what was answered in the second one, so I shall try to think of a new one.

    What was the name of Vrael’s dragon?