Submit Questions for our Third Q&A with Christopher!

With the answers to our second monthly Q&A with Christopher Paolini right around the corner, it’s time for us to take questions for the third interview! Join us after the break to view Q&A #2’s questions and submit your questions for Christopher to answer. Not familiar with the monthly interviews? Christopher Paolini has kindly agreed to answer fan submitted questions once per month, every month (check out our first Q&A with Christopher here)! Questions are submitted by visitors and the best of the best are chosen by Shur’tugal staff for Christopher to answer. Keep reading to submit your questions!We were in for some tough choices when we sat down to comb through and pick the best questions for our second Q&A. Our visitors submitted over eight hundred questions! Below are the questions we chose to submit to Christopher. You can expect his answers to be posted on the website in the near future!

  • Was Vrael an elf or human?
  • Several people have asked: Were all of the Forsworn humans? Were they all males?
  • Several people have asked: If a dragon hatches for a person, what happens if someone else touches it before that person?
  • Bargahvor asked: If you cast a spell that expends too much energy you die. Does this apply to a dragon inside an Eldunari?
  • Athena asked: On page 530 in Brisingr, Saphira refers to Thorn as “stunted-thoughts-red-scales-Thorn.” Is she simply insulting him, or does she mean that his actual mind has been harmed by his magically rapid growth? And, if that is the case, how would Saphira know? Has she communicated with Thorn?
  • Vegtam asked: In Eldest, Oromis said something about how it’s not speaking the words that matters for magic, but thinking them. Why then is Eragon so shocked at Tenga using unspoken magic?
  • christbenimm: Did Galbatorix allow Morzan and the other members of the Forsworn access to some Eldunari as he did with Murtagh?
  • Several people have asked: How does Galbatorix know that the last dragon egg contains a male?
  • AFreeAlagaesia asked: You mentioned in your last Q&A that it was Eragon, not Oromis that inspired the Dragons at the Blood Oath Celebration to use their magic. Also Eragon did the same for Saphira during the Dwarves’s Coronation with Isidar Mithrim, is it possible that Eragons Character, what defines him allows him to help the Dragons work their magic? by that I mean, somehow, does something about him help the Dragons – inspire if you will – to use their magic, when they would otherwise be unable to?
  • Janet asked: Will the two elven children play any role in the last book? We know that elven children are significantly more powerful than adult elves – they could be useful assets in war. Do the elves allow their children to go to war?

Unfortunately, we had to say no to a large amount of great questions. If you feel as though your question still deserves to be asked, if you didn’t get a chance to ask your question last month, or if you’ve thought up a new question since our first interview, feel free to contribute. However, before doing so, please check out the following guidelines for asking a question:

Please do not ask these questions (they will not be asked in an interview; we can assure you Christopher will not be able to answer these questions):

  • When will Book 4 be released? What is the title of Book 4?
  • Who will be the last Rider?
  • Any question pertaining to key plot points (or even vague plot points) that will be revealed or resolved in Book 4. (Examples: How will Galbatorix die? Will Galbatorix die? Will Roran become the king of Alagaesia? Will Eragon marry Arya? Will Murtagh turn good?)
  • Christopher, what is your email address? (Don’t ask!)
  • Do not ask a question that has been asked and answered before, especially in a previous Q&A
  • Do you have any news on a possible Eldest movie? (Answer: there has been no news regarding future Inheritance movies. If this changes, it’s a safe bet you’ll find the news on Shur’tugal the minute it’s announced!)
  • Please check out our first Q&A and Q&A two’s questions (listed above) to make sure you aren’t asking a question that’s already been answered.

We will be taking questions until the comment function is disabled roughly one week from this article’s post date. If you want to make sure your question has a chance of being asked in the first Q&A, make sure to submit the question as soon as possible! If you are unable to comment before the time runs out, never fear: you can submit your question for the next Q&A!

Our interview with Christopher will be posted here on Shur’tugal once we’ve closed the comments, have chosen the questions, and have received Christopher’s answers! Please note that Shur’tugal staff will be the ones who pick through and choose the questions to be asked during that month’s Q&A. If your question is not asked, feel free to post it again for a future Q&A when the time comes.

Don’t forget to check out our first Q&A with Christopher Paolini!

Question submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this Q&A! If you did not get a chance to submit your question this month, we’ll be doing this again next month and every month for the foreseeable future. Our interview with Christopher using the questions in this news post will be posted in the beginning of July.