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It’s time for round two of the user-submitted questions for the second monthly interview with Christopher Paolini. If you simply didn’t get a chance to submit a question in time for last month’s interview, your question wasn’t answered, or if you’ve got a new question, now is your chance – simply continue reading this news post for the full rules and guidelines for submitting a question and post your question in the comments (user registration is not required to comment). And if you haven’t checked out last month’s interview with Christopher, you can do so at our Q&A Archive!Last month we asked our visitors to post any and all questions they’d like to see Shur’tugal ask Christopher in our first monthly interview. Hundreds of questions were submitted but only the very best could be chosen. Unfortunately, we had to say no to a large amount of great questions. If you feel as though your question still deserves to be asked, if you didn’t get a chance to ask your question last month, or if you’ve thought up a new question since our first interview, feel free to contribute. However, before doing so, please check out the following guidelines for asking a question:

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  • Who will be the last Rider?
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  • Vegtam

    Hi Christopher,

    In Eldest, Oromis said something about how it’s not speaking the words that matters for magic, but thinking them. Why then is Eragon so shocked at Tenga using unspoken magic?


  • steven

    after reading the books for about the millionth time i realised that eragon still hasnt paid back horst for the meat he bought him in carvahal. my question is this will he pay him back and will it have any significance in the forth book

  • Jack

    Will we see Thorn actually speak in Book 4, since he didn’t in Eldest or Brisingr?

  • SolembumRulesTheEarth

    Will you write about the Fall, or Brom? I know that I and a lot of others would love to read about that.

  • Slayer

    As the elundari are big, where does Galbatorix stuff them during battle to transfer power from them? Also if they are far away in his castle and he draws power from them from a distance, then someone can steal them while Eragon draws him out for battle, can’t he?

  • AdityaShah

    Hey, I wanted to know that if it took Galbatorix years to gain control of all the Elundari then how did he manage to defeat Vrael and the other elder dragon riders?

  • AnthonyJMoran

    I too am writing a book– a fantasy, no less– and spend much of my time plotting out the lay of the isle where the tale takes place. Though i started in the fifth grade, and am now a senior in high school, i still remember the first time i saw my isle in my mind, and the rolling hills that were there.

    My question (number seven thousand) is this: what part of Alagaesia came to you first?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    Brom killed, or helped kill, eight of the Forsworn. No one else had the ability to kill any of them, except maybe the elves. According to Murtagh, the other five Forsworn died from suicide, ambush, or overuse of magic. Arya, Faolin, and Glenwing might have helped, but Arya never mentioned such a feat as helping to slay a Forsworn. Remember that twelve elves = 3 Forsworn in power, according to Blodhgarm.

    Morzan would decapitate Martland in an instant if he tried to do so much as scratch his gleaming armor.

  • Elaine

    What are your thoughts on Nasuada and Murtagh’s possible relationship? because in the first book, Eragon gets the sense that Murtagh, because of the way he spoke about her, had some romantic interests in her.

  • DragonSkyGlyder

    Are there any new creatures or species introduced in the fourth book? If so, will they have a major impact on the plot?

  • christbenimm

    Why does Birgit think Roran owes her a debt?
    Eragon and Roran may be indirectly responsible for Quimby’s death, but it was the drunk soldier who threw the pitcher at him who actually killed him. I think Nolfavrell killed that guy anyway. The Ra’ zac are also more directly responsible than Roran, and they are dead too. I don’t know what your current plan is CP, but pleeeaase have Roran kill Birgit when she comes to collect her debt (whatever it is). She is such a bi*ch.

    Did Azihad, Jormunder, Arya, Glenwing, Faolin, Martland Redbeard, or any other elder members of the Varden kill or help kill members of the Forsworn?

  • SolembumRulesTheEarth

    In Brisingr, when Eragon is going to Tronjheim and Nar Garzhvog is going with him, Garzhvog tells him the story about the Urgal maid who wanted to be beautiful to attract a mate, and asked the goddess Rahna to make her beautiful. and let Rahna have whatever she wanted, without hesitation. it came back to bite her later when Rahna took her son.
    My obsevation is that the story is ridiculously similar to what Eragon went through with the Menoa tree.
    My Questions-Was this just a coincidence?
    Or will Eragon’s hasty decision “come back to bite him”?

  • manuel

    Do dragon egg fragments loose there color?

    Will the new book be longer than Brisingr?

    Who will win in a spar, Galbatorix or Eragon, in normal human strenght?

    Theres lot saying the last eggs is green, true?

    Do you already have a name for the 4rth book, not to say it but already have it in your head?

    How much can Eragon carry in a few seconds?

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    It is highly unlikely that this will be asked, but I’d like to give it a try anyway. I’m not asking where the Vault of Souls or Rock of Kuthian is, but I would like to know if we have already seen the location in the books, or just heard about it? Or maybe neither, and its location has not even been mentioned?

  • Eragonownes

    I saw this in an earlier review and just thought it was a really good question so now I’m curious about the answer. It basically asked if any of the Forsworn were elves and if any were female

  • Elias

    Cristopher Paolini
    were you at al inspred by “Lord of the Rings” and the Old Celtic Myths and Legend?

  • Glorfindel

    Guys, he’s not going to give away plot. Asking him who’s going to the next fight is a question I can tell you already he wouldn’t answer.

  • Lordoftheelves

    How old excatly is Angela? In your previos Q&A. you mention 1/2 elf 1/2humans, kind of in the past tense, so it migh tnot be arya eragon offspring, and i thoughtof anglea.Is she greyfolk or a 1/2 person?

  • Eljosho12

    Will there be another shade in book four?

  • jordi

    why did morzan name his sword misery even before he went bad?

    when Sapphira and Glaedr were training together in eldest and Glaedr attacked Sapphira (of course after she atacked him) and eragon had to go heal her, why did Glaedr fight so fiercely? i mean he was harsh

    what was the color of galbatorix’s first dragon?

  • Ergelgru

    On iTunes I recently purchased A Brief History of Alagaesia, the introduction to Domyr Abr Wyrda. Would you consider writing this?
    Or, any other companion book(s) to the inheritance cycle?

  • Ergelgru

    In Eldest, Arya remarks to Eragon that Elves simply have a greater allotment of spellcasters than the other races but still it i s rare and they only have a small amount. However, frequently during the period of Eragon’s stay in Ellesmera, it is suggested that all elves can use magic. And Throughout the inheritance cycle it is almost completely declared by Arya, Islanzadi, Nasuada and even at one time by Rhunon.
    Could you please explain these conflicting statements, and if the latter of them are true, is this because elves have always had magic inherently, because of the length that they have been under the spell that they and the dragons created to magically alter themselves and create riders, or is it for some other reason.

  • wingnut

    are we ever going to find out what happened to half of galbatorix’s army in the spine?

  • poisonsupra

    i was wondering why did oromis die? there has to be a reason behind it. I thought that maybe since the stone in naegling has so much energy in it: that the elves would give eragon the stone. So along with naeglings stone, aren, and the belt of beloth the wise he could do something amazing with all that power. Did that story have any truth in it at all? if not could you tell me why oromis died?

  • Rendi

    I was wondering if you have any advice for a teen writer. I would really appreciate it. Especially from my writing hero. So if you have any advice for writer’s block that would be great. thanx.

  • christbenimm

    Which has more energy in it? The diamond in Naegling or the Saphire on Aren.

    How many times more than the other?

    Is Angela the daughter of a elf/ human rider couple?

  • clockkitty

    First off I love your books and have been a fan since the beginning in 2003. The cover was what caught my eye in the store. Also my husband has become a fan and that says a lot because he doesn’t like to read fantasy books at all.

    My question is pretty simple. I understand that you will be finishing the Inheritance Cycle with book 4. Will you be working on any new material after the Inheritance Cycle is finished and what type of stories will they tell?

    I would love to see more stories by you. Your story telling reminds me of the author Andre Norton. I look forward to more books from you in the future to add to my collection. Thank you, Cailin Mistrille

  • Bargahvor

    If you cast a spell that expends too much energy you die. Does this apply to a dragon inside an Eldunari?

  • hayden

    why is it that the dwarves do not use their lanterns as grenades as it really would have helped on the burning planes and also is galbatorix’s original dragon a he or a she?

  • Fingolfin

    In Saphira’s memory of Brom he had Aren on his finger. This was after Brom gave the ring to Jeod. Is this an error of Saphira’s memory? Does it have significance?

  • Anduril

    I don’t know whether this is a pertinent question, but here goes: How much time do you usually spend on writing on a daily basis, and how do you spend the remainder of the time that you do not write?



  • skipper2424

    who will win the next fight between Eragon and Murtagh?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    There are a lot of pointless questions floating around here. I really wish some of you, if you really wanted to know more about Alagaesia from CP himself, should look at some of his other interviews; he’s done quite a few. He’s already explained a lot of things that people are asking, such as why Glaedr was still alive after Oromis died, that there were female Riders, that Shades are never good, how exactly Ismira died, etc, etc.

    It really isn’t that hard. Just google “christopher paolini interview” and you’ll find most of them. Loading questions that CP has already answered here is just wasting space. I don’t mean to be rude or insulting, but it would save everyone a great deal of time and effort if people just did a little research, you know.

  • Binnsyboy

    I’d like to know if Christiphor thought the eragon film was a flop, because, I missed it at the movies, so I got the DVD, I watched his little interview on it, he stated he envisioned eragon as a movie… it cant have been like what fox made…

  • Kay

    just putting this out there: the commenting/asking questions was supposed to close this morning…

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Have you ever played any games from the Legend of Zelda series? If so, which ones, did you enjoy them and did you get the idea of the Menoa Tree from the Deku Tree?

  • christbenimm

    Approximately how much can an average elf/ shade/ Ra’zac bench press?

  • Mc

    Is it possible for a dragon to get “infected” with spirits and become a “shade”?

  • christbenimm

    Did Galbatorix allow Morzan and the other members of the Forsworn access to some Eldunari as he did with Murtagh?

    It is implied in your books that Murtagh is stronger than any of the Forsworn where, including Morzan. Why did Galbatorix make Murtagh more powerful than Morzan and the other Forsworn when Murtagh is so much less loyal?

    What percentage of Galbatorix’s Eldunari hoarde does Murtagh have access to?

    Thanks again. Hope book 4 comes out soon.

  • Matt

    @ dragonfan, in Brisingr in ‘souls of stone’ glaedr or oromis refers to dragons alive whilst rider is dead. This idea that if a rider dies, their dragon must as well is a product of the films

  • Kay

    steven: The memory Saphira shows Eragon occurs before they meet Jeod in Terim. It is after they leave Carvahall if I’m not mistaken. 🙂

  • ann

    what happens to the dragon’s bodies after they die? are they buried in any place?or are they just left to decay?

  • steven

    in the memory saphira shows eragon of brom talking paulini mentions the ring on his finger, aren, however this takes place after brom gave aren to jeod to prove to ajihad that its is him is this just an error or does it have some significance.

  • VampireSlayer

    Will Nasuada continue to lead the Varden in Book Four?

  • rmccpt

    next time anyone want’s to ask a question is better that they the other ones because there ones equal or very similar!

  • CloudChaser

    Me again. I had a last minute thought and question. In “Eragon” Brom told Eragon that when a Rider dies, its dragon dies as well, but Glaedr remained alive even after Oromis was killed. The question: Did Brom tell Eragon that to kind of help prevent him from being too reckless? If he cared for Saphira, he wouldn’t want to put BOTH his life and hers in danger, right? That’s how I see it anyway. ^_^

  • CloudChaser

    Ok, I don’t know if this has been asked already but I have to ask anyway. You said that “Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia” would include some of your drawings. My question is: Will it or Book 4 feature drawings of the Ra’zac? I’ve been dying to know what they look like to you, the creator, since everyone interprets different things and I want to have a clear picture. If you can’t answer this question, or you’d rather not, I understand completely and still look forward to Book 4.

    I absolutely LOVE your books, by the way. My friends say I need help when it comes to the series since I’m so into it. Please keep writing!

  • christbenimm

    I have 3 questions

    In Brisingr when Eragon sees Brom in the memory Brom gave to Saphira, Aren is still on Brom’s hand. This is after Brom gives Aren to Joed and before Azihad returns it to Eragon. Is this an editing mistake or is there something we readers don’t know?

    If Eragon and Saphira were to travel back in time at the end of Eldest and fight Morzan and his dragon at whenever their primes were, (assuming that both Eragon and Morzan had a Za’roc) would Eragon and Saphira win?

    If not, how about at the end of Brisingr, assuming Eragon has Brisingr, Glaedr’s Eldunari, and Aren with him and Saphira?

    My last question is Are Saphira’s parents still alive as Eldunari in Galbatorix’s possession? I understand if you cant comment.

    Thanks. Keep writing cool books.

  • James

    When you originally wrote about Saphira, how did you imagine her voice? Was it deep and grating or soft and feminine, or possibly somewhere in between?

  • TheElf/HumanHybrid

    @sonia23 they would probaly need to know the feel of the persons conciense to change there’s

  • sonia23

    if an enemy wanted to get into eragon’s mind could they use a spell to imatate saphira or arya’s conscience

  • JCD

    What spell did Angela use to keep Elva from seeing what bothers her and does she eventually tell Eragon what the spell is?

  • WildDragons

    How long will the fragments of a broken dragon last?
    What happened to Saphira’s egg shell after she hatched?

  • Daniel

    If a dragon hatched and the person that it hatched for neglected to touch it, could someone else touch the baby dragon and become the hatchling’s rider? In “Eragon” it seemed like that could have happened.

  • James

    When the villigers leave Carvihal it is not mentioned that they took anything from Brohm’s house. Was this just out of common curtesy or was Brohm’s house protected by wards? I guess it could have been an oversight on their part but I always thought that if I were in their posistion I would have taken anything I could that would have helped me survive. I’m sure that they could have taken something that they at the very least could have sold.



  • CR10

    Thanks Glorfindel!

    I have another question for Mr. Paolini: do you usually read fan fiction?

  • mcdoogal

    what did eragon learn when he was instructed by glaedr

  • galby

    hi am a big fan of the books

    firstly when the elves took ceunon what were the ‘methods’ that they used to subdue the humans

    secondly will jeod have any luck with his work for the varden?

  • Athena

    On page 530 in Brisingr, Saphira refers to Thorn as “stunted-thoughts-red-scales-Thorn.”
    Is she simply insulting him, or does she mean that his actual mind has been harmed by his magically rapid growth? And, if that is the case, how would Saphira know? Has she communicated with Thorn?

  • TreeTurtle3

    Hello Christopher Paolini!

    The grass boat Arya fashioned in Brisingr has received almost a cult-like following from my friends and myself. Part jokingly and part seriously we suggest writing Book 5 for what we dubbed as “Floaty Boat”. Floaty Boat is actually one of my favorite characters, honestly.

    Will Floaty Boat make any further appearances, per chance any significant debuts? That would be awesome and ensure complete and loyal servitude. Thanks!

  • calebh

    What is Fireweed and what do dragons use it for? Is it based on this real life plant?

  • aryaxeragon

    Do you plan on writing anything after you finish Book 4?

  • naeglingmaster

    hi love the books

    i was wonderin wether we shall see any of the glyphs of the ancient language that oromis taught eragon is ellesmera

    also in the battle of farthen dur and the burning plains was it only the durgrimst ingitum fighting or were the others clans solidiers fighting

  • VampireSlayer

    Will Sloan play a role in Book 4?

  • dragonfan

    When a dragon dies its Rider can still live; but is it true that when a Rider dies the dragon does as well?

  • Bob

    Nice, great response so far! It’ll be fun to see which questions make this month’s cut!

  • Hannah

    Hi! First I just want to say really good books!

    I also really would like to know what color Murtagh’s eyes are.

  • knighty

    What color are Murtagh’s eyes?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1.Also,how did Aryas father die?

    2.Has Eragon found his swords true name(brisingr)?

    3.Will Elva turn against Eragon or anyway play an important role for the fate of Alagaesia?

    You re books are the best!!!

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1.How many Eldunarya does Galbatorix control?

    2.Were all the Forsworn humen?

    3.When a dragon became an Eldunari,could the rider get mad?

    4.How Galbatorix managed to have under control his 1st Eldunari?Did he use a trick or his own power to achieve it?

  • Ruydragon

    Why are many people asking the very simmilar questions over and over? *ugh!

    “Werewolves? We got Werecats!” X^D

  • 7thwordofpower

    When the menoa tree asked for what ever it wanted in book four for the brightsteel.Was the pain in eragons stomuch have any importance at all.because when i was falling off a tree i had a one of theose pains because i was extremely scared. thxs
    p.s. i love the books i am dieing to know what hapens in book 4 but if it is to much to fit in to 1 book put in into 2 books.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    You mentioned in your newsletter that you had just finished a good chunk of Book 4, and that the chapter is titled ‘Brains’. Could you tell me, maybe on a scale of 1-10, how important this chapter is to the main plot. Are there too many spoilers, or is it possible we may see it as a sneak peek in the Brisingr Deluxe Edition (as we saw ‘Light and Shadow’ in Eldest Deluxe?

  • DragonspwnFeraries

    does glaedr using his own magic to totally break galbies floating spell in brizingr have anything to do with how eragon might be able to overpower galby in book 4(saphira’s magic guided by eragon like when she fixed the star saphire)

  • argetlam72

    Are you planning on writing a new series after you finish writing book 4?

  • SocialStudies7

    In Eragon Brom’s color of magic was red (page 159). However in Brisingr it is mentioned that his dragon, Saphira, was blue (page 645). Since the color of the dragon matches the color of the Rider’s magic, why is it that Brom’s magic changed?

  • abhinav

    is the lady whose fortune angela tells in brisingr ajihad’s wife?

  • Elf/HumanHybrid

    @Saphira Lover: Also Both Brom’s and Eragon’s were Females. and both Murtagh’s and morzan were males

  • kveykvasverda

    Will there be a chapter in book 4 in Galbatorix’s point of view?

  • Glorfindel

    @Navi, there must be some way to make things immortal, because if you remember, that’s what Arya tells Eragon. That the elves became immortal. It does, however, sound more complicated than what Arya’s father could have done for Blagden.

    I think that it’s because Murtagh and Eragon’s scars were of different sorts. Murtagh’s was just an ordinary mark from a sword thrown, which could heal normally. Eragon was hit by the magic of a shade, and the anger of the spirits that controlled it. I’m guessing that there was something fundamentally different about the magic in the two swords.

    Now my question: Obviously, if you lift weights, say 150 lbs, over and over, you’ll get stronger. Now let’s say every day you lift a 200 lbs boulder wtih magic. Only magic. Your strength would increase right? Just like how it became easier for Eragon to raise the pebble. So if you did become stronger by raising the boulder with magic (stronger in magic, not in body), is there a limit with magic? Could your strength keep on increasing limitlessly if you kept “working out”?
    And I thought you said that it takes as much energy to do something with magic as it does by normal means. How come when Eragon lifts the pebble the second time, it’s so hard? He knows how it’s done, he can access the magic, and he’s way strong enough to lift a pebble without “struggling”.


  • CR10

    1. how could Nasuada already know Murtagh before he arrive on Varden? she talks about that when she visits Eragon for the first time, but when eragon visits Murtagh in Tronjheim, he says that Nasuada had visited him because she wanted to know him.

    2. Are the Black Hand still working for Galbatorix?

    3. What happens to Oromis and Glaedr’s bodies after the battle in Gil’ead?

    4. What happened to Brom’s sword and to the other Riders’s swords?

    5. Why did Galbatorix never appears him self?

    6. Why can’t the Eldunarí turn against Galbatorix?

    7. Why doesn’t Murtagh scar limit him so much as Eragon’s used to limit?

    8. Are still there many Ra’zac eggs in Helgrind?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    hey me again. im just thinking, if the urgals who are with varden decide to turn against them, will they place themselves under Eragon? or battle the varden there and then?

    will angela tell eragon anymore about her teacher? or about why she went to ellesmera?

    Will eragon ever draw upon Glaedr’s strength to help him and Blodgarm fight murtaugh?

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Hey, could the rock of Kuthian be a grave of a dragon from the forsworn? like Kialandi?

    Where did Murtaugh hide his hearts of hearts that Galbotorix gave him?

    Thanks! 🙂 Your such an inspiration to writers, Chris, i’m writing a story myself, I would LOVE for you to read some for me 🙂

  • Saphiralover

    Hi! I have a few questions.

    1. Both Eragons and Murtaghs fathers was Dragon Riders. Morzan had a red dragon, Murtaghs dragon is red, Brom had a blue dragon, Eragons dragon is blue. Is this something important, is it something that happens when a son of a Rider becomes a Rider?

    2. Where is the vault of souls located? Is it on Vroengard? Will we find out more about Vroengard and Dorú Areaba in book 4?

    3. In Eragon Broms says he thinks that the Ra\’zacs could have been the last of their race. Is that true?

  • ErikPange

    I was wondering whether, if it’s not too much of a give-away for your taste, will the Green Dragon and his Rider (or identity thereof) be introduced earlier or later in the next book? And I would also like to know if you have considered making the series five books instead of four? ….because I feel like that might do better justice to your story, which is probably my favorite out of all the books I have read (“Great job!”), and feel that it would be well worth the wait and make the series much better.

  • burningspear

    I heard that there was going to be a spear that would catch on fire: like Brisingir. But my sister says Eragon would not take spear for a weapon. Correct me if I’m wrong about the spear. if you can give some insight about whether it’s true or not, would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you, for your time.

  • jordi

    is it possible that the spell that allows the elves/humans to be riders will be extended for the dwarves?

  • Joe

    how drastically can a spellcaster change their appearance to the point of no one recognizing them?

  • blinkandyoumissit

    I was wondering how long and how intricate a process you underwent to create the history / backstories / societies of alagaesia before you began writing. also, what are your methods for writing? do you lay things out but then let the characters decide, ala tolkien? or do you plot each event in advance, and the situation in brisingr with helgrind (the “moral quandry” that caused the extension from ‘trilogy’ to ‘cycle’, was a freak incedent? thanks, and I think your writing is quite enjoyable; it’s gripping, and that’s the highest praise I can give. keep trucking! 😉

  • TheElfDragonRider

    What are the 7 words that brom muttered to Eragon?Is it possible for Galbotarix to revive someone since he has lots of power from the eldunrya?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Do elves have a different way of handling emotions than humans? If not, how do they have so much patience and self control?

  • Dustin

    will we find out aryas true name?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Since there are werecats, are there werewolves, weredogs, or other weres as well?

    Can a elven rider die of depression after losing his dragon like a human rider? Can elves dies of mental suffering like humans?

  • Navi

    didnt it say clearly in brisingr that you cannot make something immortal with magic? so then bladgen… he was “blessed to have long life” but im pretty sure that ravens only live for so many weeks and im pretty sure with a blessing you cant do more than double the regular age. besides that, it was Arya’s father that had blessed bladgen but he dies during the fall of the riders and that was nearly a century ago. so how did bladgen have such a long life/immortality?

  • oromisthewise

    when glaedr was fighting thorn and galbatorix was able to hold them in place for so long. Since distance is a factor in using magic does this mean that galbatorix was closer to the battle than we knew?? Thank you very much

  • navi

    can you create a fleshy body with magic? if you can is it possible to insert a eldunari into a magic-made body?

  • cama900

    Have you ever considered writing a book (or books) about Brom, The beginning of the riders, The fall of the riders, When the elves came over the sea, or other simmilar things?

  • rosenqueen

    Where did you learn Old Norse?

  • TheDragonSlayer

    ok is there any way saphira can be so powerful that she can defeat Thorn and Shurikan by herself

  • DanielA

    How much of book 4 have you written.

  • aryadrottningu

    will more be explained about spirits in book 4?

  • ChrisA.

    Do you have a specific writing routine? For example, do you simply pick up a pen and paper and start writing or do you have a certain place where you like to write, etc.?

    You are an inspiration to young writers everywhere!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Wait, Doctor Who? I have seen the newer ones, the ones with Barty Crouch Jr. in them, I liked those, but I have never really seen the others.

  • LilyRed

    A little off topic, but I’ve wanted to know for a long time…

    After reading your explanation of the “lonely god” part in Brisingr and realizing that ment you were a Doctor Who fan as well, I’ve wondered who your first Doctor was. I’m a Who-vian as well (Eccleston was my first, and shall always be, my doctor) and I know how important the first Doctor is to their fans.


  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Roran, Eragon, and Murtagh have all been a one point wounded badly on their backs, is there any meaning to that?

  • brisingr123

    The 4th dragon rider, of the green egg, will it be someone that has been introduced already in the book, a lot or a little doesnt matter to me?

  • Glorfindel

    RedRider, open your eyes. Have you ever read David Eddings? When the heir to the Rivan throne is born, he’s brought to the orb and is made to lay his palm upon it. There is a surge of sorts, and a *SILVERY WHITE OVAL MARK APPEARS ON HIS PALM”. It glows sometimes, and it’s through that that the power is channelled. Does an a beautiful elf with long black hair who’s name is Arya bear any resemblance to a beautiful elf with long black hair named Arwen? How about Eragon and Aragorn?

  • Brisingr123

    Will the topic of the original eragon & his dragon be brought up? Will we find out what happened to them?

  • nobunaga

    does the vualt of souls refer to a place where the eldunari are kept? If so, solumbum told Eragon to speak his name to open the vault (probably his true name) so was eragon always destined to become a rider if only so he could use his true name to free the eldunari?

  • stona

    Has Galbatorix’s thrid and final egg hatched already, and is the rider apart of the Empire or the Resistance?

  • A.C.

    1. Were Kialandí and Formora from the Forsworn?
    2. Will Oromis’ disease be explained in book 4?
    3. How did Thorn kill Glaedr?

  • ShadeKing

    1-How does galbatorix know that the last egg is male. I guess he could try to sense the dragon inside, but eragon couldn’t tell that saphira that was a girl until she could talk

    2-Every race but the ra zac can use magic why is that

    And Garen this my opinion of nasuada and the urgals. I think she dose hate them, but she never let her feelings get in the way of the varden. There absolutely nothing she won’t do to keep the varden from falling apart and she also treats the urgals fairly because knows her father would have done the same thing

  • A.C.

    In “Brisingr”, Oromis dies with a blow on the back, similar to that Eragon and Murtagh have already suffered. Has this fact some special meaning?

  • Garen

    I was just wondering about Nasuada’s feelings towards Urgals. In Brisingr, she manages to bring the dwarves, humans and Urgals together by making them her bodyguards, yet they are the creature that killed her father. Does she hate them or resent them or has she forgiven them? She managed to act in a very civil way, almost friendly! Is she just very quick to forgive or will we see Nasuada’s revenge served cold in Book 4?

    In Eragon, I couldn’t help but notice Murtagh’s praise of Nasuada. Let’s say for a moment, we’re in an alternate universe Alagaesia and Murtagh hadn’t been dragged to kneel at Galbatorix’s throne. Would they be a good match for each other? They seemed to like each other before Murtagh was forcibly turned traitor.

    Thanks and I hope this gets to you

    Keep up the good work


  • lrum

    What is the word `Inheritance`in the Ancient Language ?

    What influenced Murtagh to name Thorn, Thorn ?

    Will the title of book 4 be in the Ancient Language ?

    Why did you name book 2 Eldest?

    Will Vanir appear in book 4 ?

  • Navi

    everyones been assuming that the green egg will hatch in book 4. my question is : will it?

  • eragon&saphira10

    if a dragons rider dies so does the dragon.so there is somthing i dont get.galbatorix murdered shruikans original rider so how is possible that shruikan can still have a rider that can actually ride him?shouldnt shruikan be living in his eldunari?

  • magyar

    I’d like to asksomething about the ancient language. If Eragon and the elves too, know the true name of “magic”, then why can’t they use it for what ever they want? I mean thats OK, that magic is ruled by the ancient language, but if they know the word for magic, isn’t it enough? I hope you understand what I was trying to ask! =)

    PS. I love your books

  • Kvothe

    In Eragon, you stated Galbatorix’s first dragon was a female. Later in Brisingr, it was stated he was a male. So was Galbatorix’s first dragon male or female?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    Dear Christopher,

    I recall to the question about the names of the Forsworn & their dragons,about what was the name of Galbatorixs first dragon & the question about the pain that Eragon felt from the Menoa tree.I just noticed that the book has mentioned his dragons name & that the 2nd q. was included in the 1st interview.So,my q. about the Forsworn is this;Which are all of the Forsworns & all of their dragons names?Also;
    How old is Tenga?Could you mention some information about his castle?

  • Orikrocks

    1. You hinted in an interview that you have plans for a Book 5, have you made any further plans on that subject?

    2. Will Orik play a large role in Book 4?

    3. Will the rings Eragon made for Roran and Katrina be important in upcoming events?

  • rmccpt

    when book iv is released will you make a tour around Europe including Portugal?

  • Yusuf

    Dear CP
    please can you make a prequel it would be great
    e.g knowing about brom, oromis, morzan, galbatorix, and most importantly the fall would be amazing!

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1.In “Eragon” Brom mentioned that an egg which was to be bonded with an elf/human,a spell was cast in order to ensure that it would hatch only if it was touched by the elf/human whom it was his destiny to be bonded with that dragon.Which were the spells words?

    2.Can a human dragon rider compete an elf in power & generally in elvish skiils?

    3.What was the question that Tenga wanted to answer?

  • rohitgupta

    In Brisingr Arya tells Eragon that Galbatorix has cast a spell which alerts him when someone uses his true name, but if one doesn’t know one’s true name then how can one cast such a spell, as Eragon wanted to do????


  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    In Brisingr Angela mentioned that it would be safer for her to look in the elves mind.Why???

    I hope that you will leave us amazed with the book 4.Continue the hard work!
    Γεια σου “the Greek” (guest)!Είμαι από την Ελλάδα κι εγώ!(Hello “the Greek”(guest)!I am from Greece too)!

  • Coolguy

    will the vault of souls give Eragon Eldunari or will it just simply increase its power or bring back the dead dragons and riders?

  • Kat

    What was the name of Vreal’s dragon? What color was he? THE BOOKS ARE AWSOME!!!!

  • Glaedrisabeast

    how did glaedr lose his arm? also how come when you wrote from the dragons point of view you made them sound so primative (falling towards the wing break ground) You describe them as wise and intelligent they should know proper speach right?

  • Hero

    You said that you were almost done the third book when you decided to split the book into 2. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t the fourth book be done?

    And is it possible for an Eldunari to speak inside other people’s mind, or can they only speak when someone is touching them?

  • Firemonkey

    Is Angela a half elf and, if so, why did she choose to live among the humans?

  • sam


    What sort of creatures live on Vroengard?

    Will Eragon find a mate in the last book(whether it be Arya or someother)

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Do you spar to get ideas for the fight scenes, or if not, have you ever sparred a all?

  • theGreek

    Dear Christopher,

    in book one Angela claims that the Twins wouldn’t dare probe her because ”they know the efford would leave them broken and gibbering nonsense”,exactly what happened in book 3 to Captain Garven when he tested the minds of the elves sent to the Varden.Is this a sign that Angela might have an elvish parent?

    here in Greece we are amazed by your books and look forward to the last one!!

    Atra esterni ono thelduin

  • SaphiraRoxMySox

    Will there be more romance in the fourth book, considering Angela’s prophecy and the lack of it in books 2 and 3?

    Also, did the makers of the movie Eragon consult you on how Galbatorix should look?

  • RedRider

    OMG!!!!1! Can you beleve thos L0seRs who think u plajarized? Wat do u say 2 them? ERAGON ROX!!!!

  • activatedbutcantpost

    Will the man who knew who murtagh was at the battle of the burning plains who was talking to eragon in brisingr when eragon and nasuada were visting them play a role?

  • Guest123

    In Brisingr Arya states that no human except Galbatorix would be considerd an adult among her kind. But humans can reach about 65-70 years in Alagaesia? perhaps more? So at which age do elves consider themselv adults?

    And how could Arya become ambassador? When she was cleary very young among her own kind when she started.

  • SolembumRulesTheEarth

    I was at a book signing when Brisingr came out, and you said that you had to change the title of Brisingr because the original one didnt fit as well because the series needed to be extended. my question is: What was the original title of Brisingr?
    PS-you are my favorite author EVER

  • .::IceDragon::.

    IN the first book, it mentions where the elves originally came from, in the fourth book will it go in more depth about it?

  • shadeslayer333

    After the Inheritance Series is done, what will you write? Will you write a series on the Fall of the Riders before Eragon came?

  • Greeni

    Dear Christipher,
    First I just wanted to say thank you for replying to my letter I sent you earlyer this year! My question is if someone uses magic and it uses all there energy and kills them would the task still be completed?
    From your biggest fan,
    P.S. I hope to get tickets to the release party of book 4! Can you please tell me when you think book 4 will be released?

  • deloimoiboy

    Does the first Eragon and Bid’daum make an appearance in the last book? And will we finally hear what happened during the attack on Doru Araeba? Why so many Riders and Dragons fell to only thirteen others?

  • jordi

    Chris do you intend to continue being a writer after the inheritance cycle is over?

  • Herndall

    1. If the green egg were to hatch for a member of the Varden will they use magic to enhance its growth? otherwise it will take too long to grow and not be much use to the varden (this is assuming the Varden can get the egg, otherwise i guess Gallabortix would see to its growth pretty fast!)

    2. When Murtagh curses Oromis for not being there to help him and Thorn sooner, is the reason for Gallabortix intervening because Murtagh’s true name was on the verge of changing at the sight of another free rider, but a ward alerted Gallabortix? or is it simply because Gallabortix was watching the battle somehow and happened to notice Oromis and Glaedr and hoped to get them to join him?

    3. Does Jeod find any ways to enter the castle at Urubaen that aren’t yet known of?

    4. Toward the end of Brisingr Eragon appologizes to his elven protectors for not allowing them to do their job properly, does this mean that they will play a larger role in the next book?

  • Ruydragon

    1 Can there be such thing as a dragon with 2 or more heads?

    2 Chris, your books are great by the way.

    3 Where did the Lethrblaka come from?

    4 Was there ever a dragon that couldn’t fly? Or born without wings?

    5 Is it possible for anyone to fly to the moon? (I guess I asked this already).

    6 Is anyone going to ride the Dragon Wing?

  • wingsonmyheels1

    my question is if the varden will lose a major battle without galbatorix showing up because all they’ve done since eragon joined is win. if u cant anwser that will Vrongaurd play a larger part in book 4

  • Elvendiath

    Thanks saphirafreak :). um, i do not remember that where is this…i don’T even remember if read this :D…but i will reread Eldest…um, but are you sure? 🙂

  • dragonfan

    Will the hermit Tenga have an important part in the fourth book? What is the question he was serching for?

  • akul

    Well i have a bit of a confusion . About when in ERAGON Brom mentioned in the chapter TEA FOR TWO , that when the rider died so did his dragon but , in BRISNGR when Oromis dies Glaedr doesn’t and keeps on fightingThorn

  • liana

    Who was the king of alagasis before galbatorix took over was it arya’s father or someone else?

  • Bloodshooter

    Cp, will we ever find out why Galbatorix lost half of his army in the spine? Is it significant at all? If so, can you hint at why half his army was killed?

  • sonia23

    is there anything intresting or out of the ordinary that we don’t know about Eragon or any of the characters?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Yea, now I know at least two people on here has read LotRs, Gil-galad and Glofindel! Nice names, an elf king and elf lord! ;D

    Um, what other question do I have?
    What happened to all of the swords of the fallen Riders? Did the foresworn that beat them keep them as trophies?

  • soooo

    My question is if eragon can reproduce with any of the races or are they all different species now. meaning could eragon reproduce with a dwarve, elf, or urgal even a human at this point since he was changed.

  • Glorfindel

    This is like another question that has been asked. It says, I believe, at some point I think in the first book, that the eligible children would line up to touch the dragon egg. Someone said that he calculated about three weeks from when Eragon first touched the egg to when it hatched. Is there a longer period (about three weeks) where no one touches it? One kid touches it, waits three weeks, another touches it, and so on. Is the phrase, “lined up to touch it”, just an expression? And if they all touched it in swift succession, would there be a way to tell who it had hatched for? Later in Eragon, Brom says that he had the mark because he had “touched a dragon hatchling”. What if an egg hatches, and twenty children touch the hatchling? Do all receive a mark because they touched it, and only one becomes the actual rider? How exactly does this work?

    Sorry, that was kind of long.

  • Glorfindel

    YES! SOMEONE ELSE READS DAVID EDDINGS!!! To be perfectly honest here, when I read those books, I felt like Paolinin must have read them also. SO MUCH seems to be taken from them.
    Sorry Mike. I just really wanted to say that. I’ll stop now.

  • Glorfindel

    @Sorcerer’s Apprentice, “Eragon”, is a ripoff of “Aragorn”, from the Lord of the Rings.
    @DerekMace, the elves, Varden, and Dwarves don’t now about the existence of the Eldunari. Remember how in Brisingr even Arya didn’t know.
    Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have said that.
    But I do have a question.
    It talks about how it’s snowing in Carvhall. Then, as they move just a little ways south, it suddenly seems to be sunnier, and they face thunderstorms, which do not occur during the winter. Was this just a mistake, is it still winter and I just got the wrong impression, or did winter end that fast?

  • gilgalad.the.great

    1. Are there any lands beyond Alegaesia, or is like the LOTR, where the lands where the elves came from (the Undying Lands) passed beyond the boundaries of mortals?

    2. How many elves did it take to capture Gil’ead? I know that elves are supreme warriors, but I would like to know how many elves it would take to lay siege and capture a large city.

  • DerekMace

    1-I have a question regarding the ancient language.

    In Brisingr, specifically the duals between Eragon and his elven rival, it is stated that the Ancient Language is only a way to channel magic, and that knowing the Ancient Language isn’t a prerequisite to use magic, but just focus on the effect in question.

    Doesn’t that mean that everyone who can proficiently focus in a certain method can use method even if they have mediocre knowledge in the Ancient Language?

    2- So far, Galbatorix hasn’t shown any reason why he is actually evil. In fact, he provided a solid counter-argument to Oromis during his dual again Murtagh. If Galbatorix is hated throughout the empire, why is he hated?

    And if Galbatorix cannot gather more Dragon Hearts, the means to power have stopped there, and his power is limited to what he currently has.
    Instead of fighting Galbatorix head-on, why doesn’t the Varden, the Elves and the Dwarves seek out to destroy the Dragon Hearts? Such a quest is more rational than picking random fights.

    3- Regarding the Elven attack on Ceunon, did the people of Ceunon even know that by lumbering wood for the empire they would rouse the Elves? From previous books, Elves are regarded as legends and myths. The people of Ceunon couldn’t have possibly learned about the Elves, and the latter attacked a settlement oblivious to their culture.

    4-What is the reason between the quarrel of the Elves and Dwarves? It appears that Arya’s anti-theist attitude could have disturbed relationships between the two races. That doesn’t sound like professional ambassador behavior.

  • Swordsmith


    I was wondering how long it takes for a dragon to hatch once it has come in contact with it’s destined rider? Several times in the books it is said that children would line up to touch the egg hoping it would hatch for them. However, I counted about 21 days between the time Eragon first touches Saphira’s egg and the time Saphira actually hatches.

  • SorecerersApprentice

    Hey, I got a couple more questions:

    First, where did you get the names for some people and places, some are obvious, like Helgrind = Hell grind, but Eragon not so much.

    Second, I was thinking, the magician’s thoughts must still control the magic some, for example, in Brisingr Eragon makes a ball of red light that was on the ceiling in the middle of the room, but all he said was ‘red fire’ in the ancient language.

    Thanks a ton!

  • JakeWard

    In Brisingr, you didn’t make galbatorix out to be half as bad as he really is. I started to actually believe what he was saying, until i thought back to what he did, I considered him half good. I was wondering why you did this? Is it to show his persuasive skills or something else?

  • pityonmurtagh

    Oromis said that when a dragon disgorges it’s Eldunari, the power is shared between the Eldunari and the dragon’s body.

    Say, for example, Saphira had given Eragon her Eldunari. Eragon ran to, say, the Beor Mountains. He got into a fight wath a Cave Bear along the way. For some reason, his magic isn’t strong enough. So he uses the power from Saphira’s Eldunari. He uses say about half of the energy that is in it to bolster his magic. Saphira would lose that much in her body as well as in her Eldunari. They are completely connected.

    In my opinion, The energy in the Eldunari would replenish quite fast while she is alive. The reason I think that is because it has been said that an Eldunari from a dead dragon takes up to seven years to replenish itself. Seven years. That is a fact. If the dragon is still alive, and does nothing but rest, it will easily be back to full power in under a week.

    Oromis also said tha however much energy that is in a dragon as it dies will be transfered to it’s Eldunari. That means that a dragon who dies at full strength, their Elduanri will be at full strenght also. No need to recharge.

    So, given what we now know to be Fact, not what is in our minds, we can say, for sure, that the Eldunari of dead dragons, (which is all but two of Galbitorix’s hoard (assuming that he already has both Thorn and Shrukain’s Eldunarya)), do Not replenish fast.

    Is that an accurate asumption of how the Eldunari energy process goes?

  • fdgfrdyg

    How do you feel when people criticize you for small insignifant mistakes. One person even said” imagine wapping cp over the head”. I don’t care about the mistakes because the books are so good. Thankyou, you are legend.

  • saphirafreak

    Elvendiath commented on June 20th at 1:08 AM – is this what your after>its revealed somewhere in eldest or eragon that eragon is an inch taller than arya. i think what CP meant that arya was taller than most men, she was infact tall for a woman. and again i just think CP made a mistake when he said eragon was average height , murtagh is regarded as being tall and eragon is only a inch or 2 shorter than him. hope that helps

  • Ana

    What can you tell us about the lands beyond Alagaesia? Creatures, ect.

  • ROUSCat

    How would you respond to criticism of your writing?

  • Survival

    I know it’s probably way too late to have this read, so oh well, I’ll just post in the next QA too, but are you going to release a full map of the continent of Alagaesia? (ie, beyond the borders of the current map) I am DYING to know what is beyond there.

  • Sammyboy


    1. Could Arya of been pregnant when she was captured by Durza?
    2. Do you like the idea of Eragon having kids? Can he?
    3. Is there a possibility that galbatorix doesn’t have the last dragon egg?
    4. Would Eragon be able to teach another rider while he is at war?

    Thanks so much for the books they are great.

  • Leo

    How would you respond to allegations of plagiarism in ERAGON, specifically the passage in chapter 16 when Eragon and Brom rob the bridge keeper (source David Eddings, THE RUBY KNIGHT, chapter 3)?

  • Elvendiath

    Hi again,
    I just thought of 2 other questions.
    1.Once, Oromis said that the heirs of the old kingdom, posterity of Palancar, still live in the Palancar valley. And than, you talk about that how “noble” Garrow and Selena was. HAve these things anything to do with each other? so is it possible that Roran and Eragon are the heirs of the Bloddring kingdom?
    2.Is Eragon strong enough to defeat Arya? They didn’T fight since his test in Farthen Dur, and since than he was changed. IS he stronger than her now?

  • Elvendiath

    I want too ask that, in Eragon, you said that Arya was taller than most of the men, when Eragon first sees her awake.
    And than, in Eldest, you said that Eragon was average tall.
    Does that mean that Arya is taller than Eragon? (oh, please, no) And if yes, is it not disturbing?

    Thanks for answering:)

  • galaxyace1

    In brisingr, angela gave a fortune telling to a mysterious women and girl who eragon assumed would have important futures. Will we see them having a bigger role in book 4?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I don’t remember if I asked this already: To what extent can a elf change his body, is there a limit? Can his change himself to look almost exactly like a certain animal and can if so can they change into something as large as maybe something like a dragon?

  • bingo

    If glaedr`s eldunari were totally full of power to the max what could that amount of energy do ? for example move a mountain such as naegling.

    Is Glaedrs eldunari impacted by his dissability in any way ?

    Did Galbatorix acquire Vraels dragons eldunari?

    How many riders where there prior to The Fall and what percentage were human ?

    When Vrael fled to utgard mountain its said he `gathered his strength`, did he do this by resting and normally recuperating or is utgard more significant ?

  • navi

    The rock of kuthian…….. it echos in the elves mind like a long forgoten memory. was it from the old land of the elves? i would bet it is not in alagesia

  • Navi

    what gender is galbaltorix’s first dragon? jarnunvosk was made out to be a male on page206 of brisingr but i think it was in eldest it was a female? what do other rider swords names mean? like tamerlein and undbitr and naegling and arvindr?

  • DustinKirkley

    what is east of the map of alagaesia?

  • Animal

    I have a few qustions

    1. What inspired you to wright the Inheritance Cycle?

    2. How did you make up the Ancent Languge and Dervish? Did you use other languges or make them up yourself?

    3. Can you give us any hints to when you will be done with the book? Like begining middle end ect.

  • MaperTopaz

    When you changed the trilogy to a cycle you mentioned that now you would be able to tell the story better. Did these parts, that you wouldn’t have been able to put in otherwise, change any parts of the plot? Or are they just parts that help the reader understand the plot better? Were any of these new parts impromptu?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, mate, Mike will not permit it also, so please watch your tongue, both for your and the young ones\’ sakes.

  • richtofer

    are both the varden and the elves going to conquer urue’baen togather? if so then would eragon have the help of everyone who is fighting the empire?

  • Julius

    1) Will eragon’s promise to help the menoa tree somehow hinder him in his fight against glabatorix?

    2) Both arya and oromis say that the “Rock of Kuthian” sounds familiar, but they can’t remember why. was its name erased from the minds of elves the same way that the forsworne’s dragon’s names were?

  • RosenScales

    In Eragon, you had Murtagh mention that when he escaped from the empire he stayed with an old friend for awhile. Who was this old friend?

  • Z

    How long does it take before a human rider is equal to an elf rider? Or how long does it take before a human rider is just as strong as an elf rider?

  • DragonFireInferno

    Hey CP. Two questions-
    1) When Oromis was captured by the Forsworn, what exactly did they do to him that took away his powers, made him weaker, etc.
    2) Has anyone ever visited the lands beyond Alagaesia…AND returned to tell about it? (I doubt it…)

  • phoenixfirebluewolf

    As a fellow writer I know I draw inspiration from music, anime, the written word, as well as other different sources. What inspiration(s) have you used in your work that have made a significant impact on writing the series?

  • Seamus

    Is there a possibility we could see evil or good spirits taking sides in the war in alagaesia between the material races?

  • Bloodshooter

    1.) How old is Angela? There is a part in Brisingr which hints that she is older than humans which live to be around 100. Here i will quote it.
    “Nasuada dipped her head, taking to heart Arya’s advice. Then she smiled and said, ‘A tender age? I’m a grown woman, by our reckoning’
    Amusement gleamed in Arya’s green eyes. ‘True. But if we judge by years, and not wisdom, no human would be considered an adult amoung my kind. Except for Galbatorix, that is.’
    ‘And me,’ Angela chimed in.
    ‘Come now,’ said Nasuada, ‘you can’t be much older than I am.’
    ‘Ha! You’re confusing appearances with age. You ought to have more sense than that after being around Arya for so long.'” (Brisingr 119)

    2.) In Brisingr, Arya goes after Eragon when He decides to stay in the empire. Why does Arya not just talk to Eragon with her mind? Didn’t she say she could contact Eragon if he was in Vroengard and herself in Ellesmera or something of that nature?

  • AnthonyJMoran

    *Oh GOD he’s back…*

    Yeah, i know…

    Continuing on: where perchance did dear Angela acquire the dragon knuckle bones for her astragalomancy? It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll answer it just now, but i had to try…

    And I’m going to guess that Tenga is either an ex-flame or an old teacher to Angela, but again, i understand if that is Book 4 business…

  • AnthonyJMoran

    Are there other sentient races native to Alagaesia other than men, dwarves, elves, and dragons? Perhaps, native to the seas nearby? You’ve taken war to just about every terrain except the sea (save with Roran’s escape from Carvahall, but we’re talkin’ full scale naval battles here)

  • randdio

    In the siege of feinster eragon kills a man with a hammer. This happened in the dark. Is this random or could that be roran

  • AnthonyJMoran

    Again, its me with the odd, out of the way sort of inquiries regarding Alagaesia. In Tronjheim, there are golden statues of griffins… so this means that griffins exist in that world, right? or are they part of dwarven mythology? And do other creatures that we know as mythical exist there too? Like unicorns, and vampires, and centaurs, and harpies, and revenants, and cockatrices, and… Of course, that may be a part of your guide to your world…

  • AnthonyJMoran

    This is an odd and obscure question, but from subliminal passages from your books, I get the feeling that you do not like ravens very much… ex: \\\”… along with countless greedy crows and their larger, dagger-beaked, blue-backed, rapacious cousin, the raven.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” And even the mischievous albino raven Blagden is held as a slightly annoying character who dangles knowledge over people seemingly for the fun of it. There are other (as i said, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’obscure\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’) reasons for my thinking this, so what of it? Do you hate ravens? Or am I just huffing glue?

  • AnthonyJMoran

    The Ancient Language: A tricky subject at best. Fraught with rules and boundaries and a host of other complexities. If the language is indeed bound to the true nature of an object/item/substance/concept, then it would only make sense for this law to apply everywhere, or to, in a sense, be universal, correct? So here is my question: assuming Alagaesia is located on a planet, possibly Earth, or similar, would people from other worlds speak it as well? I know it sounds like an odd twist, to add ALIENS into a world mixed with dragons, elves, dwarves, werecats, and witches, but still… it would only seem reasonable that ‘adurna’ on Alagaesia would be ‘adurna’ on Mars, or wherever aliens that use language would be. Or is can it be changed accordingly?

  • Pub

    You stated in your books that Galbatorix doesn’t know the locations of Elven or Dwarf cities. But shouldn’t Galbatorix know the location of the Elven and Dwarf cities since he was trained to be a rider?

  • Raemo


    I was just wondering…

    when Brome and Eragon were in teirm w/ Jeod; Jeod mentioned that he new eragons namesake when he did he said that (including him) thery was 3 other people in history that wer named eragon…….so the first one this one(main charactor duh) and another….will this play an importaint role in book IV? Or is it just piece of trivia?

    Love your books

  • abhinav

    which was the place where galbatorix and morzan hid for morzan’s apprenticeship and why could the riders not venture to such a place?

  • TheElfDragonRider

    i mean the second book

  • TheElfDragonRider

    In the third book it metioned that trinna was questioning Galbotorix “black hand” would that happen to be Eragon’s and Murtagh’s mother if so then why hasen’t Eragon gone to see the “Black hand” to see if she was his mother?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    Hello everybody!

    1.What were the names of Galbatorixs teachers?

    2.Can you give a clue about the content of the 7 words that Brom told Eragon before his death?Is it a spell or sth else?


  • Xelba

    Where are the Urgal halls located, exactly? Will Eragon ever visit them?

  • BrisingrFan

    Just wondering:

    What is to prevent someone from, say, drawing energy from a place like DuWeldenVarden, which has lots of vegitation and animal life, and using it against someone, like Galbatorix?

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    1) If Galbatorix died, would his hold over Murtagh break, or would Murtagh and Thorn still have to chage their true names to be free of their oaths?

  • Alice

    1. What does the yawe look like? Is there ever a chance that you or John Jude Palancar will illustrate it for us, perhaps in a deluxe edition of one of the books, so that we can see what it looks like?

    2. Is there an elf name for Carvahall? If so, what is it?

    3. Is Rhunon old enough to have known the Grey Folk when they were still alive?

    4. Where did Az Sweldz Rak Anhuin go when they were banished?

    5. At the dwarf coronation, did the “god” actually look like the statue of Guntera, or like something else?

    6. Since the humans are also part of the spell that allows them to become Riders now, do elven riders acquire human characteristics after becoming a rider?

    7. How old was Arya’s father when he became king? Was Islanzadi his mate even then?

    8. There are two elven children in Ellesmera. Is it possible that one of them is Arya and Faolin’s?

    9. Can all humans understand the intention behind the words of the ancient language, like animals can?

    10. It was mentioned that dragons can exist in secret in other parts of the world, not just Alagaesia. Is it possible that this applies to the Grey Folk as well?

    11. Approximately how big is a dragon’s heart of hearts when it hatches?

    12. Can Lethrblaka talk to humans like the Ra’zac can?

    13. How can you tell if an object is saturated with energy? Is there a way to enchant an object so that it can hold more energy than it would be able to otherwise?

    14. What does Eragon’s name mean? Is there a specific meaning at all?

    15. How common is it to have a person’s true name change. Hypothetically, if Murtagh changes his true name, so that he can escape from Galbatorix, and then changes it back again, will Galbatorix still be able to control him if he doesn’t know that his name has chanaged back?

    16. Is it possible for a person to have more than one true name?

    17. Was Oromis’s true name “Osthato Chetowa” or “Togira Ikonoka”?

    18. What inspired you to write a story like this? Where did the storyline and all of the different creatures come from? Did you have everything—like the “laughing dead” planned out from the beginning, or was that something that occurred to you as you were writing?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I think that these books are very original, and different from anything I’ve ever read before. I think you are an amazing writer.

  • Violet

    How come the “empire” is ruled by “king” Galbatorix ? shouldn’t an empire be ruled by an emperor ?

  • VampireSlayer

    Is Shruikan evil or merely enslaved by Galbatorix?

  • chainsawsarealmostascoolasinheritancecycle

    in the siege of feinster eragon kills a man with a hammer or mace. this happens in the dark. was that insignificant or has eragon killed roran.

  • taz

    – Will Alalea, the ancestral land of the elves, have a role in Book Four?

    – By any chance, is the last dragon egg, Saphira’s sibling?

    – Does Thorn have his Eldunari in his body, or does it remain in Galbatorix’s collection?

    Thank you very much!

  • Vegtam

    it’s been well-established that your Ancient Language is based on a variety of existing ancient languages like Old Norse, Icelandic, Old English and so on. How much research did you do when creating it? How many real languages did you look at when making your Ancient Language?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    1.Does Saphira the first (Broms) exist as an Eldunari?If so,has Galbatorix found her & “broke” her mind,in order to absorb her energy?

    Youre books are the best!!!!!

  • sammyboy


    Everyone says that the dream in “deathwatch” is more than a dream, is it? Can Eldunarya shrink with magic (wink wink nudge nudge… into a ring such as Aren) The Menoa tree is like a tree on behalf of the trees, so can she control trees out side of Du Welden-varden. If Eragon were to be mates with an elf ( fingers crossed for Arya) would his children be more elf than human? Since his change at Agaeti Blodhren? Can anyone be a Magician or do you have to have a certain power? How long are Dragon pregnancies s well as elves?

    Could Gray Folk descendants be alive? Could people in Kausta maybe be those descendants. Will Eragon grow a beard..lol..

    Does Arya really love Eragon but won’t admit it? (I don’t expect you’ll answer that!)

    Thankyou sooooo much your books ROCK!!!!!!

  • Zachinheritance

    Could the two women Anagela tells the future for in Brisingr, possibly be Galbatorixs’ wife and daughter?

  • Zachinheritance

    If a riders dragon dies, is it possible that another egg will hatch for him?

  • fireswordshurugalalfakin

    1.Does Galbatorix know where the elves are exactly hidden?If so,do the elves know it?

    2.Are there any dwarves or elves who are in Galbatorixs side?

    3.Will Gilderien the Wise play an important role to the fight against Galbatorix?Also,could you mention some information about him & Rhunon?

    4.Why did Galbatorix lose almost half of his armory in the Spine?

    5.Why Galbatorix hasnt fought himself the Varden,the Dwarves,the Elves & Eragon yet?He could easily beat him.

    6.How did Galbatorix & Morzan steal Shruikan?His name is from him or from his real rider & what was the name of him?

    7.How did only Saphiras egg “escaped” & the others not?

    8.Have the Elves found Shruikans true name?If not,do they search for it?

    9.Now that Oromis is dead,where is his sword?

  • limsoll360

    what happens if the eldunari of a live dragon breaks?

  • Aren

    If as it was explained to Eragon, an item cannot hold energy to power a spell (like the hammer necklace to prevent scrying) and drains energy from the person wearing it unless it has a jewel of some kind to store energy, what will happen to Brisingr when Eragon goes to store energy in the sapphire? Will it burst into flames, and just keep burning, as it would then have power stored in it?

    Another question, since Rhunon used Eragon and both of their strength in forming Brisingr, does that mean the wards and enchantments are stronger than on any other sword Rhunon ever forged (as she would have only used her own strength for the enchantments) also, since Eragon is a rider and has access to the strength of Saphira, was her strength poured into the enchantments too?

    Did the elf children join in the song of forging Brisingr, and add their strength too?

  • PurpleEyesOfTruth

    When Nasuada is reprimanded for running off without her guards, she reassures Jorumunder that she had a hidden weapon no one knew about. Did she mean it literally or figuratively? Was she referring to Elva or something else? Will this be important?

  • Brisingrblaka(Firebird)

    I have a couple questions, I would log on but I am to lazy so I will post as a guest. Question 1- If Galbatorix dies will Murtagh be released from his oaths or will he die as well? Also if a dragon hatches for someone and someone else (other than the chosen rider) touches the hatchling first, does a bond form with the chosen rider or the person who first touches the hatchling?

  • Sataimir

    Hello there!

    I have three questions – two are related to each other, and the third is on a different topic.

    Firstly – Regarding Rider’s swords. Like a few others here, I’d very much like to know the meaning of Undbitr, Naegling, and Tamerlein – particularly Undbitr.
    My second swords question is regarding Galbatorix’s sword – what is it named?

    My last question is regarding the tower scene at the end of Brisingr (which I think is your best one yet). What was Arya saying to Eragon about working together and slaying shades when Saphira interrupted, grieving for Oromis? Or rather, what was she going to say?

    Thanks very much!


  • SerenCorban

    If Thorn hates his imprisonment so much, couldn’t he just use his anger to trigger one of his momentary flashes of Magic?

  • Kuthian’sKeeper(TEF)

    1. Does the vault of souls actually contain souls? or is it just wordplay?

    2. Will Brisingr’s making come up later in book 4?

    3. will we learn more about spirits and how to summon them?

    4. if we waited forever, would galbatorix eventually die?

  • Montanagirl

    How did the riders know when an egg had chosen its rider and was ready to hatch? Eragon had saphira’s egg for a period of time before she hatched.

  • creaturesforwar

    Will the last Dragon egg be rescued before Galbatorix is overthrown? If this question cannot be answered then I shall ask you another: Whom will overthrow Galbatorix in the end? I have one more question (as of right now) that I wish to ask if those two cannot be answered: In which manner shall Eragon and (if she wishes) will Saphira leave Alagaesia?

  • Dazhgra

    1. What made brisingr so much better than the other swords? The folds? The enchantments? The weighting?

    2. Does the amount of energy one has depend on how big they are, as in dragons having a lot of energy? If so, does a kull shaman have a huge advantage compared to the measly amoount of energy a dwarf would have?

    3. This may make me sound naive but, to my understanding a shade is formed when evil spirits take over a body, then can there be good shades formed from good spirits?

    Why do shades need to be stabbed through the heart?

    Can spirits inside shades be taken out, seeing as they got in by over powering the summoner?

    Are spirits deceased flora and fauna?

    Can you summon more than spirits?

    Sorry about the random questions. Just curious.

  • KingAngus

    What does the name of Oromis’s sword, Naegling mean in the Ancient Language?

    Aside from making the Varden win instantly thus making the books useless, is there anything stopping Eragon from taking partial energy from all lifeforms around him and completely obliterating Galbatorix?

  • naegling

    when the ra’zac said that ‘he is close to finding the name’, was this name the true name of the ancient language?

  • DanielW

    In Eragon Brom tells Eragon that the true name of the Ancient Language has never been found and that if it were know that it would give the person who knew it control over everyone who uses the Ancient Language. Is this the Name that Galbatorix is searching for?

  • EridortheGreen

    – How many eggs does a dragon lay at a time? (How many eggs would Saphira lay at one time that could become riders/wild dragons)

    – If someone is touching the mind of a baby dragon when it is in the presence of the person for who it will hatch, can the person touching its mind know that it will hatch?

    – If Galbatorix can force the mind of a dragon in a Heart of Hearts to obey him, then can he not also do this to the dragon inside an egg?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Are the Ra’zac really dead? And what will the last Ra’zac’s curse do to Eragon?

  • Sarah

    Why aren’t there any female riders? None have been mentioned so far, but nothing has been said claiming they can’t be riders as well.

  • greeniXarya

    How big of a role will the next dragon rider play in the next book.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Is an elf’s sense of smell also more advanced than a human’s?

  • MelodyofFire

    1)How is your family reacting to the fact that you are about to finish your first series?

    2) Do you listen to music while you write?

    3) Are you going to write your own autobiograph?

    4) You are soo cool! Thanks for being a great inspiration!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    What is the use of Blodhgarm’s smell?

  • contortedrecord

    With all of the talk about true names in Brisingr and especially Eragon’s interest in his own, I was curious if Saphira has either found her true name or is still searching for it also? It seems that it would be invaluable for a rider and their dragon to both know their true names; however, if she isn’t interested in it, why not? Will this be adressed in book four?

  • sonia23

    i think the last 3 books were fabulos and i’m sure the fourth book will be even better. i have a few questions:

    1. can you grow back body parts with magic?

    2. in “Brisingr” eragon learns to transport objects with magic. what i want to know is if an object is far from you, can you transport it to where you are?

    3. what happens to the riders and dragons when thery die?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Did you make Brom after someone? If so, who?

  • Suyash

    –Is Vrael an Elf or A Human?
    This could support us morally, because if Vrael was a human, then we can have hope that Eragon can defeat Galbatorix….

  • Isabella

    –What did the name of Brom’s sword mean?

    –Were the Grey Folk immortal before they lost their powers in enchanting the ancient language?

    –What is your favorite part of the published Inheritance Cycle?

    –DId you ever think that your stories would become this popular? How do you think that’s affected you?

    –Are you going to return to Alagaesia in future novels? Or are you done with this world after you complete the fourth book?

    –Which character is your favorite and why?

  • Jenny

    Question #1. What other types of books are you going to write after you are done with Eragon book 4?


  • imawesomeandyouknowit

    What was the gender of Galbatorix’s original dragon?

  • girl

    In “Eragon” Eragon has a dream about people on a boat. Is this just a dream or does it mean something?

  • RZ

    Everyone is saying they “Know” that book four is going to feature a green dragon. Is this true?

  • Dragon.of.water

    In Eldest when Eragon and Murtagh were fighting how did Murtagh (and Galbatorix I guess) know the gender of the green egg? Did he use a spell or can riders just tell?

  • Dazhgra

    Why would the riders leave such powerful eldunari out for the taking? Didn’t they know that one could drawpower from them? Couldn’t they forsee that Galbatorix would snatch up the eldunari that they just left around?

    Thank you

  • Elzeth

    Any idea when we might see the cover art for the fourth book? (Being an art fan that’s important to me)

    We know that the cover is going to feature the green dragon; however, Planacar has done a cover with a leterblaka – could it be possible that he will do one of Shruikan too? (plz plz)

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    1. If an elf lost a partner that they were in love with, would they be able to love again? For example, IF Arya was in love with Faolin, could she POSSIBLY love again?

    2. Brom said a person’s “color” of their magic varied. If a person were to become a Dragon Rider, would their “color” automatically change to the color of their dragon’s scales?

    3. In your opinion, what qualities of a person would attract a dragon to hatch for them? Is it possible to lie to a dragon to get them to hatch for you?

    4. You don’t mentoin any girl Riders. Were there girls/women as Riders?

    5. Will the words from the Ancient Language that Brom gave Eragon before he died have any affect in Book 4?

    6. In ERAGON, Eragon notices that a dragon depends on his/her tail in flight. Will Thorn’s injury at Gil’ead from Glaedr( The last three feet of his tail being bit off.) affect his flying?

  • Jigglypop

    Ok, I have a few Questions:

    What happened to Murtagh’s horse after he was taken by the twins?

    Why did the riders let Morzan name his sword “Misery” if they were ment to be peacekeepers why would this not raise alarm?

    Were there many black dragons? Or is Shruikan black because of the dark magic binding him?

    Does a dragon’s color somehow reflect thier personality?

    What was Vrael’s dragon name? What color was he?

    In Brisingr we know that Thorn is still a hachling with unnatural growth, does this mean that his ability to speak and communicate, are at the same level as Saphira’s when she was a young hachling in Eragon?

    Were all the Forsworn Humans? Or were some Elves?

  • James

    Was Kialandi a male or female and was he human or elf ? What color was his dragon ?

  • Panagios

    If you had to guess, when would you say book 4 would be in front of us to read?

    Is it possible to take energy from an object not in your possession?

  • Xelba

    In Eragon, you described two golden griffin statues at one of the entrances to the

    Varden. Are there griffins in Alagaesia?

  • Xelba

    What color is Murtagh’s hair? In Eragon it was brown, but in Brisingr it somehow was black.

  • Xelba

    Will Tenga come back into the story in book 4 at all?

  • manuel

    1.Will you consider writing about Brom’s Past?

    Plp would like that i think 🙂

    2.Do dragon eggs fragments loose color over years of like 100’s of years?

    THere where some in eldest!! :0

    3. Whats your favorite music genere and movie?

    Heh 🙂

  • Xelba

    Will the seven words in the ancient language that Brom told Eragon on his deathbed play any role in book 4?

  • RiderT

    i asked this question before, but here’s the full question.

    In Eragon, the name of the first Eragon’s dragon was stated (Bid’daum). In eldest and Brisingr it was said that the name of the dragon who was chosen to represent their race couldn’t be said. Are they the same dragon, or different?

  • Xelba

    Will Elva play a major role in book 4?

  • Xelba

    Will the next rider use Tamerlein as his/her sword?

  • ACRUM555

    1.Could Eragon summon Broms Spirit in the way that a sorcerer summons spirits and ask Brom for help?

    2. Is Angela a half-elf half-human breed?

    Also, I’ve read Eragon and Eldest 20 time’s, and Brisingr 12 times, I love these books!

  • chocolatecoatedtexaspunkbunyip

    In eragon brom refers to galbatorix’s previous dragon as a female

    But in brisingr arya refers to it as a male called jarnunvosk. Why is this and is the dragon male or female?

  • Super

    Can different colored dragons have children together, and if so, are there children all different colors?

  • kldklfdskfd

    from the books I have realized that dragons reproduced sexually. So do dragons reproduce internally or externally? And are dragons like incapacitated by there like pregnancy or what ever its called by egg laying things

  • Starbuck

    I have a couple of conceptual questions…

    1. Has Brom always been Eragon’s father or did that come later?

    2. What inspired the Ra’zac and Lethrblaca?

  • eragonsnamesake

    i have 2 questions

    1. are you considering riting a book about broms past (if you arnt you should

    2. are we going to learn more about angelas misterios past?

  • VampireSlayer

    Was the dwarf god that appeared at the ceremony in “Brisingr” one of the Gray Folk?

  • Daniel

    Have you given any thought as to what the title of Book IV will be? I do NOT want to know what the title is. Rather, I’d like to know if you have anything in mind. 🙂

  • Herndall

    1. Are there any of Broms secrets still left unsaid that will be revealed in book 4

    2. The man Eragon met who could see the energy stored within people and objects and had been wounded in battle, will he be in book 4 at all and if so will it be of any importance?

    3. Will Tenga be in book 4 and answered his question or any more since Eragon met him on his return to the Varden? Also was the question of any importance he was trying to answer at the time?

    4. Will the Urgals allience with the Varden suffer any more problems in book 4?

  • Daniel

    Could there be twin dragons in one egg just as there are twins in other egg-laying animals?

  • TheDragonSlayer

    I just want to know why you can’t keep writing inheritance. Like possibly add a couple more books. I love inheritance so much I just don’t want it to end.

  • ShrrgRider

    one more question

    was the catastrophic event that almost destroyed the world (before the grey folk bound magic to their language) what caused the creation of the bor mountains, and the over-large creatures that live there.

  • ShadeKing

    In brisingr oromis said that eragon had recevied a partly education compared to what he could have with the other riders. Does that mean there are secrets of the riders that eragon hasn’t learned yet and training he hasn’t recevied. If that is true, then are those secrets lost to eragon and the next rider now that oromis is dead

  • rmccpt

    I have another question:

    is ALAGAESIA on Earth?

  • TheGreatestWarriorinFiction.

    Mr. Paolini,
    I am a big fan of your books and have read them four times already.
    Q1. Can the children of Elain and Katrina be future Dragon Riders?
    Q2.Will the future Dragon Riders use the Rider’s swords that Galbatorix has in his castle?

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Me again with another question:

    I know that Oromis was prone to seizures, but is there any way that the one when he fought Murtagh and Thorn was triggered by Galbatorix’s appearance? Maybe through fear or Galbatorix using magic?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    Sorry,I forgot a few questions.
    1.When Eragon mentioned to Arya & to Oromis about what was the Vault of Souls & the Rock of Kuthian,they answered that they knew nothing about the Vault of Souls.As far as the Rock of Kuthian,they could not remember it,even if it reminded to them sth.Who & why caused it?
    2.Why did Eragon feel some pain when he was freed by the Menoa tree?Please,give a hint.
    3.Are there any wild dragons hidden in the Spine or anywhere else?If so,will they help Eragon & Saphira in order to defeat Galbatorix?
    4.It is known that Eragon found some brightsteel under the Menoa tree,but Rhunon hasnt found it anywhere else(until now).If there isnt brightseel anymore,from what will the riders swords be made?Can this or the fact that Eragon will leave Alagaesia forever(or both of them),mean the disappearance of the dragon riders forever?(NOT the elves,the dragons,the humans,ONLY the dragon riders)

  • HB

    what was the name of Vrael’s and Morzans dragons?

    what were the names of the other Forsworn and thier dragons?

    in the days when dragon riders were around, at the time of Vrael and before galbatorix went evil, how were human riders discovered? because i might be wrong but i think Oromis says something like Brom was brought to the elves and his dragon hatched there, or something.

    Is Galbatorix’s Sword important? and is it the same colour as his first dragon? what colour was his first dragon?

  • Dylstir

    IS it possible for a human to solve the dwarf puzzel that eragon could only solve once he was half elf?? and can u give any hints on who will be the next dragon rider and is it possible there is more then 1 hidden egg?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    Hi!I have some questions.
    1.The Razac told Eragon that Galbatorix has almost found the true name, but he did not say of whom or which.Can you tell what this is or give a clue about it?
    2.Can you answer or give an evidence about what the Forsworn broke inside Oromis & why cannot he control magic?Also,are the dragon-bones that Angela has Glaedrs?
    3.Would you say sth about the history of Helgrind?
    4.What are the names of all the Forsworn?What was the name of Galbatorixs first dragon?What were the names of all the Forsworns dragons?
    5.Where was Galbatorix hidden against the riders?Why it was a frightening place for the riders?
    6.What is Galbatorixs true name?Arya had mentioned that it is not a secret anymore.
    7.Could you give some information about the life of Eragon the first and his dragon?How they died?Furthermore,what was this dragons name?Is the dragon that his name cannot be spoken?In the end,when he was in his egg,why it had been found there alone?

  • 152

    Is the world that Alagaesia is on round or flat?

  • Aren

    Not a question, but a comment… how did Brom have his ring in the “memory” Saphira had for Eragon? That memory is after Teirm, where Brom handed his ring to Jeod to take to the varden to convice them the message was from him. Which Ajihad gave to Eragon in Farthen Dur.

  • guest

    is it possible that eragon and the other rider are leaving alagaesia ,in the prophecy to search for the vault of souls . and after finding it they return to fight galbatorix

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hello, Brisingr!

  • brisingr

    Christopher, is their any reason besides laziness that Galby stays in one place all the time, the capital.

    Also, which types of object holds energy best(ex. ruby, saphire, dimaond)

  • pmurphy21

    How strong is an Eldunari compared to a certain amount of elves. Also can a HoH regain energy after using it past their initial generation period?

  • Nate

    All right here are my questions for mr Paolini.

    1. Why is Brom physically old? Riders are immortal and have everlasting youth. Brom is often described as physically old, but if he is a rider he should appear in his 20’s.

    2. Is there any reason other than laziness that keeps Galbatorix from riding out and crushing the varden.

    3. How did Galbatorix discover Murtagh’s and Thorn’s true names?

    4. Why did Murtagh name ,Thorn, Thorn.

    5. Is Vreal elf or human?

    6. who was Galbatorix’s Rider teacher? (I think it was Vrael)

    7. Will we haer more about Brom’s past.

    8. After book 4 is released are you planning any other books in Alagaesia?

    9. What does the word Alagaesia mean?

    10. What happpend to Eragon the first dragon rider?

  • Kiel

    This may have been asked a long time ago and i don’t remember reading it, or its not that big of a deal. But, is there any significance to Roran seeing the grass ship that Arya created?

  • BjornSvensson

    Dear Mr. Paolini. I have no idea as of how The Inheritance-cycle could continue on the moviescene. Is there any chance that the first movie could be redone?

    There’s just too much missing, and too little details in there to make numbers two and three viable.

    This series of books are certainly the best books i have ever read, and to have it broken down in the way the first movie did, just brakes my heart.

    Just take a look at the “Ring-triology”. Three movies, made into much more detail, and beeing nearly three hours each. So, why not just forget number one and start all over again. When it comes to the name of the movies, there’s no problem at all.

    Just call it “The Inheritance-cycle” film 1, 2, 3 and 4. The first with the underscore being “Becoming a rider.” Then you could let the other movies carry the names of their respective books. I just want more detaild movies, that don’t make the fans as downbeat as they was with the first.

    And given how things went in the “Eragon”-movie, there’s no way to keep to the story in Eldest. Theres just too much characters missing, and missinterpreted ways of events.

    But, thank you for the books, i have read all three of them, at least three times now.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    How old was Brom?

    Will that encasement that Saphira put on Brom mummify him in a way?

    What was going through Brom’s mind when he found that Eragon could not read? (Just wondering)

    How much of the Rider’s history did Brom really know?

    (Mike, may I please put a poem on here I made for Brom? Please!)

  • Navi

    since the changes from human rider to part elf slow down with age does that mean the eragon is the most pronounced in his new changes? How can the not be any hidden eldunari in dewelvarden?

  • naegling

    what are murtagh and thorns true names?

  • Mutagh/is/the/bestest/character

    back again. how tall is murtagh, exactly? can you write a detailed descirption of him? will he ever be free? how many eldunrya are in murtagh’s possition? sorry about any spelling errrors.

  • ninjadragon

    Vrael, was he human or elf? There has been some debate on that subject since it was never mentioned if he is human or elf.

  • eraryagon


    I just have a few questions.

    1) Will Tenga become more important in the fourth book…meaning that he will have a big role and surprise us with what he has in store?

    2) Will Roran be able to successfully learn/use magic?

    3)Will Solembum have a more important role in the fourth book?

    4) Will the two elven children have an important role in the fourth book? I am fascinated by what they could do in relation to Eragon or the war.

    5)Since Eragon \”found\” the true name of his sword, it is in danger of being cotrolled by his enemies?

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Lishi

    What race in Alagaesia would you live as, given the choice?

    Last month, someone asked if when a dragon hatches, someone else touched it before the intended rider, if they would be the new rider? I’d like that asked.

    Are there any other races in Alagaesia that we don’t know of yet?

    Would Eragon bless Katrina’s child?

  • PaulAshbourne

    I have a few questions:

    1 – How tall, and what was the wingspan of Thorn, Saphira, Shruikan and Glaedr?

    2 – How come when Eragon scries Roran on his way to Du Weldenvarden and while he is there and notices he has a beard? If you can only see things you’ve seen before, then how could he see that? Or if he had a bruise, etc. (anything different)

    3 – Maybe you could right a prequel to Eragon called Brom, basically Brom’s whole life through his point of view (up to when he dies, because it would be cool to see parts of Eragon through his point of view)

    4 – Will we see any chapters from Galbatorix’s or Shruikans or Murtagh or Thorn’s point of view?

    5 – Will we learn alot more about werecats in the next book?

    6 – Does Eragon ever find Brom’s sword?

    7 – How old was Brom exactly?

    8 – Did Saphira 1 ever get rid of her Eldunari?

    9 – Alright, about the Rock of Kuthian, whenever Eragon mentions the Rock of Kuthian to Oromis or Arya, they recognize the name, but they’re not sure from where. Is it possible that Kuthian is one of the Forsworn’s dragons? Because maybe they have trouble remembering it because of the Banishing of the Names. Could it be Kuthian’s Eldunari, or something he/she built? Or something that belonged to them.

    10 – Does Eragon speaking his name have something to do with Eragon one? Is it his true name or just Eragon that he has to speak to open the vault of souls?

    11 – What does the Menoa tree want from Eragon or what did she take when he had a odd feeling in his stomach?

    12 – How big are Eldunaris? I know they vary in size, so how big was Glaedr’s?

    Thank you.

  • Purgatory

    In addition to my earlier question (last comment page), there’s two things I’d like to ask.

    Firstly, I’d like to second Firemonkey’s question of how Nasuada knew that Arya was Islanzadí’s daughter at the end of Brisingr. While the answer is probably a simple ‘Arya told her’, it’d still be nice to know ^^

    Second, I was wondering about the inability of magic to raise the dead… Is it not possible to re-boot a body, so to speak, with magic? Can you not restart a digestive system, get a heart beating again and re-start the whole body? I realise that if a person had been dead for several minutes, their brain would no longer work as it used to, but my real question is – why do magicians die when they attempt to raise the dead? Surely reanimation such as we do it in real life, except with magic in the cycle, would be possible?

  • Firemonkey

    1. How did Nasuada know that Arya was Isanzadi’s daughter at the end of Brisingr?

    2. Over what time period do you think book 4 will take place? (ex. 3 months, one year, a decade)

    3. How far are you into writing book 4?

    4. Will there be any pictures of inheritance characters in Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia?

  • activatedbutcantpost

    1.Will Vanir play a significant role?

    2.Will the 2 elf children play a important role because oromis said that their magic is stronger?

    3.Can galbatorix melt the riders swords down and make a brightsteel armor?

    4.Will eragon change the writing on broms tomb to “He was my father” instead of “he was like a father to me”?

    5.How many urgal and kull tribes will join the varden?

    6.Will elva become a warrior?

    7. approximately how many human warriors does the varden have after the battle of feinster.

    8. approximately how many kull and urgal warriors does the varden have after the battle of feinster?

    9. Will eragon visit the urgal halls?

    10. Why didn’t the elves ever heal oromis’ mental injury at a ageati blodhren (or however its spelled)?

  • midnight

    in Eldest there is a group called the black hand in Surda does this have anything to do with the black hand in Serbia just before WW1?

  • DuGarjzlasRauthr

    Were the seven ancient words Brom taught Eragon before he died important? Will they come into play in Book Four?

  • anonymoussy

    ryan99, saphira, thorn, and the green dragon can’t be siblings because saphira’s mom only entrusted 1 egg to the riders. check eldest

    my question:

    how tall is saphira at the end of brisingr?

    what’s her wingspan?

    will saphira always be larger than thorn?

  • maxofox

    Why hello there, back again as you can quiet plainly see. I have two questions this time around, so here they are. Will another rider’s sword be made in book 4, if not will the bright steel be put to any other use? Then my other question is if there is the possibility of a fourth egg out there some where(over the rainbow?) that somehow no one elves dwarves of varden knows about?

  • TheDoctor

    Did dragons have a complex society in your world? If so, could you describe in detail just a little bit about it? If not, what did they have in place of that then?

  • argetalf

    Thanks, Ruydragon!!

  • Ryan99

    Are Saphira, Thorn, and the green dragon siblings?

    How many eggs can a dragon have at at once?

    Approximately how many elves are there?

    Can you tell us anything about Alalea?

    Are there any countries to the east of Alagaesia?

  • Stig

    I have two questions, here they are:

    Do you read any of the fan fictions people write or, do you avoid them incase they change any ideas you have?

    If you do read any of the fan fictions do any of them contain significant similarities to the actual book 4?

  • rumne

    How many warriors does the elven army consist of ?

    What would be saphiras top speed (in mph) ? (a bit random haha)

    How did Galbatorix find out the gender of the green egg ?

    Will more be learned about the parents of thorn and the green egg ?

  • ShrrgRider


    was tenga searching for the answer to control photosynthesis? it

  • feanarang

    It seems to me that Book IV will need to take place over a longer time span than any of the previous books.

    Can you tell us approximately how many months/years will be encompassed in the cycle’s conclusion?

  • ShrrgRider

    2 questions

    1) did Galbatorix steal Shruiken’s eldunari when he was a hatchling & so use it to control him, or was it a form of dark magic that Durza taught him?

    2) do the Vrenshrrg ride shrrg into battle? (plzplzplzplzplzplzplz)

  • AFreeAlagaesia

    ok i have 2 questions:

    1) In Eldest when Murtagh appeared with Thorn on the Burning Plains, we find out that Thorn hatched for Murtagh. Now knowing the past with Galbatorix, is it possible that Galbatorix used the same spells he did with Shrukin and forced Thorn to hatch for Murtagh?

    2) You mentioned in your last Q&A that it was Eragon, not Oromis that inspired the Dragons at the Blood Oath Celebration to use their magic. Also Eragon did the same for Saphira during the Dwarves’s Coronation with Isidar Mithrim, is it possible that Eragons Character, what defines him allows him to help the Dragons work their magic? by that I mean, somehow, does something about him help the Dragons – inspire if you will – to use their magic, when they would otherwise be unable to?

    Much thanks!!

  • indyfan

    i have two questions;

    1) was Morzan’s dragon male or female?

    2) Will Shruiken appear in book 4?


  • nzzn

    great books!

    Q: what color are murtagh’s eyes?

    Q: where do read about it?

  • Jana

    Does Galbatorix have Vervada’s Eldunari?

    Did Galbatorix steal Saphira’s Eldunari when she died? (Broms Saphira)

  • Anna

    In book one: Did Christopher mean to hint there was a attraction between Murtagh and Nasuada?

  • Ellen

    Will Christopher make a prequel to Eragon?

  • Uriel13

    Will Roran Learn to use magic (not necessarily as a rider)?

    will we see more of sorcery?

    Will Galby’s sword match Shurikan or his original Dragon?

    Will Eragon ever re-claim Zar’roc from Murtagh?
    – if so will he ever use it again or will he just keep it as a keepsake?

    Does the star saphire have any magic impregnated within it? (like Brom’s Ring?)

    Will Sloan learn how to fight while blind?

    Will Arya have to ascend the throne?

    Will Tamerlin ever see battle again?

    Is there a such thing as summon magic (in the book)?

    Will there be any funny scenes of Saphira being drunk again?

    Will Eragon use the final spell that Orimis had tought him (teleporting an object)?

  • luker

    How old was vrael when he was killed ?

    Do dragons prefer younger humans/elves when choosing or does age not come into the equation ?

    What age is the oldest eldunari in galbatorix`s collection ?

    Have we seen the last of the shades ?

    How many riders swords does galbatorix have ?

    Will morzans estate appear in book 4 ?

  • Ruydragon

    Can you give us the connection between Seithr oil, Raz’ac, and the slaves put up for sacrifice in Helgrind? Was Galby involved for anything to do with the flesh-eating liquid?

  • fireswordshurtugalalfakin

    I have 1 question;In Brisingr,Angela had told the future to a black-haired woman and to her companion.Will these women be shown again?If so,will they play an important role for the fate of Alagaesia?Please,at least give a clue.

  • DragonAngel

    Will we find out more about Saphira’s parents in Book 4?

  • amy(zasekr)

    a question about tenga ( the old man that eragon met in a tower lol and was a teacher to angela)

    the name that he was searching for, since i believe that it was not galbatorixs name, was tenga searching for the true name of the anceint language i.e magic itself and is this the same thing that galbatorixs is looking for as the ra’zac suggested to eragon before eragon killed it?

  • SorcerersApprentice

    Can you tell us more about Ajihad’s origins? Like why he ended up leader of the Varden instead of in the Tribes? And what about Nasuada’s mother? Or will we learn this in Book 4?

  • rmccpt

    I didn’t explained well on last coment;
    in BRISINGR, what is the height of Saphira?
    and what’s the difference between Saphira and Thorn in height, age and mind?
    is there any link between dragons, fuhrogs(or is it fanghur?) and lethrblaka?

  • ShadeKing

    Are you going to introduce any new races in book 4

  • lengy

    how much of book 4 have you written ( not asking when the book will be out just how much he has done) 😀

    also im a bit confused can all elves do magic or just a few

  • Khephran

    i have three questions if that’s ok.

    1. did you get the idea for brightsteel from brian jacques’ Mossflower?

    2. how long (estimate) is book 4?

    3. how far are you with book 4?

  • SilvaratheDragonSlayer

    Did Ormishave any children. Being the last dragon rider before Eragon came along, would the elves had wanted him to have a child to father increase the chance that they get the dragon rider?

  • Silvara

    When Murtagh fights Ormis at the end of Brisingr, Murtagh yells at Ormis for keeping himself hinden from him(Mutagh). Is Murtagh pissed that his younger brother (to him) got to learn from a proper master and that Ormis couldn’t help with his predictament with Galby.

  • Lincoln

    1) It’s common knowledge that you write to classical music and film soundtracks. Do you sometimes write to the soundtrack to Eragon at all?
    2) Can you tell us how many pages you have written towards Book IV.
    and finally:
    3) Out of the three books in the cycle so far, how big do you speculate the final book will be in comparison?
    Thanks for the chance to ask these questions,
    Link, Australia.

  • EbrithilRauhtr

    Will there Be any books following the cycle?Say, About the Fall,or Brom?

  • GuessWho

    Do dragons pick mates for life?

  • SephBoneBreaker

    Does a dragon’s egg mostly hatch for it’s rider as so as he/she touch it, or does it take a few weeks like with Saphira?

  • aryasvkna17

    1. If someone saw a person or place in another\’s mind, could they then scry that person or place even though they have not seen it with their own eyes?

    2. After his change at the Agaeti Blodren, would the Ra\’zac\’s breath have affected Eragon or is he immune now?

    3. Could a ward protect someone\’s mind from another spellcaster?

    4. In what \”roundabout\” way was Oromis pursuing Galbatorix\’s true name? Did he ever succeed?

    5. In Eldest Eragon, Saphira, and Orik all had to swear that oath of secrecy regarding Oromis and Glaedr. The oath was that they could not discuss Oromis and/or Glaedr in front of anyone without the permission of Islanzadi, Arya, or whoever succeeded Islanzadi to the throne. Now after Eragon and Arya had defeated the Shade Eragon told Arya that Oromis and Glaedr had just died in battle while Lady Lorana was standing right there. Then on the stairs when Blodgarm and the other elves ask about it Eragon needs Arya\’s permission to talk about it and only then does Arya release him and Saphira from their oath. How was Eragon able to talk about Oromis and Glaedr in front of Lady Lorana? How was he not able to talk about them when the elves asked?

    PS You ROCK Christopher!

  • Navi

    Will any more Large ridable magical creatures come into the mess? suh as phoenixes or griffins. The rock of kuthian seems to have a deep meaning so did the werecat me true name or regular name?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Okay, here are my unasked questions, along with some new ones and revisions:

    1. I am aware that over time, a human Dragon Rider slowly begins to look like an elf. Would a human rider also gain elven speed and strength over time? Was Eragon’s transformation merely a speed-up of this natural process?

    2. How large is Alagaesia compared to countries in earth?(e.g. as large as country A, half the size of country b, etc.) Can you give us a rough square-mileage?

    3. Would a half-elf have the superhuman speed and strength of their elven parent, or be somewhere between human and elven abilities?

    4. What were the genders of Kialandi and Formora, the two Forsworn mentioned in Brisingr? They sound vaguely feminine.

    5. Were all the Forsworn humans, or were some of them elves?

    6. Before the Fall, were there any elf settlements outside of Du Weldenvarden besides Oromis’ birthplace?(Near Lake Tudosten.)

    7. If Rhunon can make indestructible swords, could she also make indestructible armor? If so, why don’t the elves use such? Would it require Brightsteel to make it completely indestructible? Could this nearly indestrutible material be destroyed if especially powerful magic is used against it?

    8. If Galbatorix has a huge collection of Rider’s Swords, could he melt them down(with magic perhaps) to forge a suit of Brightsteel armor?(That would be so awesome . . .)

    9. Was Murtagh ever racked by pains from his scar, like Eragon was?

    10. Is there any chance of more characters dying in Book IV?

    11. How strong are Kull compared to Elves? What about the Ra’zac? Would their iron-hard exoskeletons prove to be an edge?

    12. How long do Urgals/Kull live on average?

    13. Can we get some more information about the shaft of energy that Murtagh used against Hrothgar? That was probably the most awesome magical attack in the whole book.

    14. About how many Eldunarya does Murtagh have in comparison to Galbatorix’s entire horde?

    15. Is it possible for a magician to conjure items from nothing?(Brom mentioned that a master could create gemstones with the word for “water” Adurna.)

    16. What color are Murtagh’s eyes? What about Brom’s?

    17. I noticed that during the fight between Thorn and Glaedr, Thorn surprised Glaedr by hiding in a cloud and then darting out. Interestingly enough, this was the same trick that Saphira used against Thorn earlier. Did he decide to put the technique he observed to good use himself, or was this just a coincidence?

    18. How much pressure is needed to destroy an Eldunari? How hard is the surface?

    19. Could Brightsteel cut through a dragon’s egg?

    20. Thorn is notably thicker than Saphira in the legs and neck despite his smaller size, and thus must be naturally bulkier in proportion to overall size. Is this ratio caused solely by Galbatorix’s magic, or are red/male dragons naturally more compact? Is this an individual trait of Thorn’s?

    21. How large are Lethrblaka compared to a dragon.(Say, Saphira or Thorn)Do they
    keep growing like dragons, or stop at a certain point? Are they immortal? How large would they be when they first emerge from their exoskeletons?

    22. Why was Varaug even stronger than Durza? Did it have anything to do with the number of spirits inside? If so, is there any limits to how strong a Shade can become? Furthermore, are there any disadvantages that come from a Shade having a larger number of spirits inside them?

    23. During the Battle of Feinster, the magicians’ wards successfully blocked repeated blows from Brisingr. Since Rider’s swords excell at cutting through all sorts of enchantments, how was this possible? Was it an extraordinarily powerful or creative spell, or is Brisingr not as good as other swords at penetrating wards?

    24. How old was Oromis at the time of his death? 700 years? 800? 900?

    I can’t wait to hear the answers this month . . .

  • DanLocke

    I have several questions:

    â—¦How many full rewrites have you done?
    â—¦How do you research information when writing?
    ◦Are there times when you have to take charge of your work as an author, and reject an editor’s suggestion? What suggestions have you ignored?
    â—¦What advice to you offer young writers?
    â—¦What do you think is the greatest selling point of your series?
    â—¦What is your least favorite aspect of writing?
    ◦What advice can you give to an aspiring writer on the process of editing his/her manuscript and submitting it to an agent or publisher? What tips do you have for getting one’s manuscript recognized among a pile of slush among thousands of other manuscripts sitting on an editors desk?
    â—¦Do you have anything to say to your critics? (Elaborate if necessary on criticisms)
    ◦Why have you avoided writing from Murtagh’s point of view?
    â—¦How much do you write in a day?
    â—¦What techniques do you use to improve, develop, and evolve your writing skills?
    ◦What’s the best book ever written?

    I want to know how to write like Paolini.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    How hard was it for Brom to watch Eragon grow up with Garrow and his wife and not be able to tell Eragon the truth?

    Is Eragon more like Brom in personality or Selena?

  • noonenobody!!!

    how could have arya and oromis both heard of the rock of kuthian if, according to oromis, it is not in any of the elvish writing

  • maxofox

    Will we Iorunn (grimstborith of Durgrimst Vrenshrrg) again in the fourth book, if so will she play an important role in it?

    Will the blind man that Eragon meet while he was visiting the injured with Nasuada make another appearance?

    Also, will the mother and daughter team that Angela cast the dragon bones for, and Eragon and Sapphira both gave blessings to?

    Will Nasuada and Eragon but heads again, as when she told him she wanted him to go visit the dwarves?

  • zguida09

    Will we hear and learn more about Eragon I (the elf and first rider) in book four? and His he and his dragon still alive? and Is there a dragons heart or eldumari left of them

  • inheritancebeast!!!

    brom said that the dragons and the dwarves are the only true inhabitants of alagaesia. so does it rule out any possibility of surprises concerning dragons not introduced yet?

  • Jenny

    Dear Chris,

    I Love your books, they are awsome! It must have been hard work writing them. I want to be a writer, and I have some questions about how you wrote your books. How were you able to choose what parts to leave for later books? And how were you able to come up with the plot? Also, How long did it take you to write the first book, from idea to publishing?

    Thanks for your time!


  • luke

    Thanks so much for ur time:)

    How big is Alagaesia compared to Eragon’s entire world (i.e. USA vs Earth)

    Any different races other than the ones already mentioned (human, dwarf, elf, dragon, etc…

    WONDERFUL IS ANSWERED!!… Is it possible that, if you summon enough magic, you could bring someone back from the dead – even if the “summoner” died in the process?

  • boong

    if the vardens win the war, Du Waldenvarden will probably be open to humans, too. then how could sloan refrain from seeing, touching, hearing, etc. when roran and katerina visit the elves’ forest?

  • Kay

    During the battle at the end of Brisingr, a shade was created and killed all within the span of a chapter or two. What, then, was the purpose of the shade if he was just going to die? I have heard rumors that it was so both Eragon and Arya can now be refered to as “Shadeslayer.” Is this true, and if not, what was the shade’s purpose?

  • jwandell

    i have a cpl questions for u, in book 3 eragon only felt glaedr’s mind when he was touching the hoh. how would the king keep that many hoh’s on him at one time to be that powerful? and if there dead does glaedr have all the knowlage that oromis had posessed? like his knowlage of the AL? and can he still use his memories to teach them without being able to show them

  • naegling

    in brisingr a solider says:unless we be searching for murtagh. you heard what morzans spawn said well as i did.

    what did murtagh say? i NEED to know.

  • Murtagh/is/the/bestest/character

    sorry. what do Naegling, undbitr, and tamerlein mean?

  • Chap

    In Eragon, murtagh says that in the time of the riders, the land beyond the hadarac desert was under their rule. Could the varden expect help from them in the fourth book?

  • Murtagh/is/the/bestest/character

    dear christopher,

    i apologize for hving so much to ask.

    why do you hate murtagh? you pretty much ruin his life throughout the books. why did you have to kill glaedr and oromis? what is your favorite book? who is the favorite character that you have created? can we please see/read more of/about murtagh and thorn? will we hear any more about the spirits eragon and arya encountered in the empire (they could possibly be allies against galbatorix)? where did you come up with these characters names? will there be an extermely important part that angela will play? will there be an epilog that says something like: and (insert amount of years here) years later…or and that is how ________ was populated or came to be?again i am sorry about asking so much. thank you for your time.

    rosanna f.

  • murtaghfannatic

    is the flower in eldest, the one faolin made for arya, real? if yes what is it called? or was it inspired from a real flower?

  • Zolo

    What was your inspiration for the names of people in the Inheritance Cycle?

  • Gir

    Arya couldnt send the egg all the way to the Varden, or Brom. But inside Brisingr, its stated by Oromis that it takes the same amount of energy to send it anywhere. Why couldnt Arya send it to the Varden, or Brom?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Can an elf change his or her form so much that the elf can resemble a creature such as a dragon?

  • Bookdragon

    Is it possible for Fanghur (the dragon-like creatures mentioned in Eldest) to interbreed with dragons?

    Are any of the characters that we’ve met so far elf/human hybrids?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Wow, there are a lot of good questions!

  • Fingolfin

    Rhünon said that the brightsteel under the Menoa Tree was the last brightsteel in Alagaësia. Since she also said that after Eragon got his sword that he is now a “true rider,” does that mean that after a few more swords there will be no more “true riders?”

  • davidj

    since the brightsteel under the menoa tree was the “last” of it and rhuenon said that it was only enough for a few swords does that mean that after those few swords are made there will be a new form of dragon riders or something completly different to keep the peace in alagasia

  • Evarinya

    Dear Christopher,
    Ok, I know that this question may be asked alot, But im just not entirely convinced!
    Everyone is saying that Angela is a half-elf-half-human.. Im just wondering, how can that even be possible? She may seem older than she looks, but does that mean automatically that she is a half-elf-half-human? Im just not convinced.
    – Sincerely, Evarinya

    Thanks Mike and staff for letting us be able to post our questions on here 🙂

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Oh, Mike, can I put a poem on here for CP? Please, it is about Brom! *gives puppy dog eyes*

  • Padfoot

    Are we ever going to get the full AL?

    What happened to Oromis to make like he was, Glaedr said something about it, but was it magic or physical, what was it?

    Is one’s true name more than one word or just one?

    Are ever going to learn the seven words that Brom told and translated for Eragon just preceding his death?

    What does the Ra’zac put on their weapons to make the wounds inflicted by them heal so slowly?

    Do you spar so that you can make Eragon’s fight scenes better?

  • al360ex

    Mr. Paolini,

    How is it that, at the end of Brisingr during the battle between Oromis and Murtagh/Galbatorix, Eragon’s teacher simply drops his sword ? I mean, he’s supposed to be wise and all, so why hasn’t he thought about putting wards that would prevent his sword from falling ? He knows he will probably have one of his attacks during the battle, and I can’t believe that Oromis, with his experience, would simply forget that.

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S.: I really love your books ! Continue your good work, and he hope that the fourth will even be better than Brisingr !

  • ShadeKing

    I know that this question has been prettymuch answered already, but i am still wondering because it wasn’t 100% comfirmed, so here it goes

    Is eragon ‘s mother really dead or is she hiding in secret or did galbatorix save her without anyone knowing. I know it seems unlikely, but alot of unlikely things happen in the eragon books, like for example when we find out brom is really eragon ‘s father and when murtagh comes back from the dead at the end of book 2

  • Jen

    1. Will we learn more about the pasts of characters like Arya and Angela?

    2. In Eldest, Saphira made it clear to Eragon that he had to choose wisely concerning women because her feelings would be influenced towards them as well. Would a dragon in her position treat that special person the same way they treat their Rider? Also, what if the person the Rider chooses is another Rider? Would the dragon’s feelings gravitate towards the other Rider or the other dragon?

  • Jeremy


    At the end of the second book, I would say that the Empire is winning the war, but after reading the third book, I would say that the Varden is winning the war… So, my question is, who is winning the war? The Empire or the Varden?

  • eragonluver


    i hade a question about the color of magic

    is it tue that a dragon rider uses the same color of magic as the his or her dragon’s


  • RiderT

    Hey Chris, I was wondering. In Eragon, I believe the Original eragon’s dragon names was stated (can’t remember it or find the page). In Eldest and Brisingr it’s said the name of the dragon who was picked to represent their reace couldn’t be named. Are they the same dragon, or different, even though they have the same color?

  • Colby

    I Was Wondering What Languege Is Kuthian Many people have arguments about this and was wondering if you might clarify.

    ps thank for your time

  • Cally

    Dear Chris,

    I was wondering if you have given any thought of writing about Eragon I and the fall of the Riders? It would be really interesting to read about the fall and Eragon I and his dragon.


  • Courtney

    Many minor characters and locations have names very similar to those in other literature works, such as beor a character in Tolkein’s geneologies and gertrude from hamlet. Were these simple coincidences or did you mean them as literary allusions?

    Also, how do you feel when others critique your work? Or do you try to avoid reading anything on that line?

    Did any other work shape your construction of the ancient language and the laws governing magic usage?

    When did you decide to start looking for the book to be published, relative to Eragon’s completion.

  • Cally

    Dear Chris,

    I know this is kinda a silly question, but I was just wondering. Writing a book such as yours has to be a job. I imagine that you would have short breaks between writing the fourth book and having a life. How do you balance it all between writing the 4th book, writing other books, and having a life outside of writing?


  • paulie14wyh

    approximately how big is saphira? how big was gledear it never comes gives any indication of size was gledear at the point where he was like a small hill? if not how old to get to that point? any thing on dragon sizes would be very welcome

  • DavidJoy

    Are the Grey Folk also the Half-Elves?

  • eccb9

    how many elves were killed in their recent campaign against the empire? it is hard to imagine that many were killed since their only enemies were normal humans and murtagh stayed out of the fight to confront Oromis

  • dave

    will you ever write a pre-sequel to the inheritance cycle?

  • shurtugal.comComments

    During his battle with Murtagh in Brisingr, Eragon told Arya that “I don’t want him or anyone else to be able to cast spells on US without OUR consent” (p.327). But why didn’t the ward stop Arya and the other elves when they healed Saphira’s wound (p.323)?

  • commentators

    Rhunon said that eragon is truly a rider when he got his own sword. does that mean there cannot be any new “true rider?”

    since it is implied in Brisingr that the brightsteel under the menoa tree is the last brightsteel in alagaesia.

  • lizarider

    in brisingr, eragon spent a lot of time contemplating religion and how it relates to him. Will this continue into Book 4?

  • commentator

    If Morzan and Eragon are unrelated, how could Zar’roc (Morzan’s sword) fit Eragon so perfectly?

  • GuestForInheritance

    how does the energy in Naegling and Aren compare?

    and could the energy in Naegling (which has the stored energy of what a dragon and multiple elves have for over a 100-year period) match the power of Galbatorix?

  • tHEInheritancecycle!!!

    there has been a discrepancy between Eragon and Brisingr. In Eragon, Brom sends away his ring (Aren) in order to prove his identity to Ajihad, but in Brisingr, it said that “The ring Aren glittered on his (Brom’s) right hand.” is it a mistake or is there a reason to it?

  • Flamingsword

    Was Galbatorixs first dragona male or female because in Eragon its stated as a female but in Brisingr is stated as a male.

  • brisingr0001

    my question is why does eragon complain more than any other character

  • activatedbutcantpost

    Some questions i have thought up.

    How the did the dwarf clan that hates eragon get so much power eragon thought it is from a very powerful magician but I don’t think one clan is capable of that.

    2. What will eragon do with gleadrs eldunari will he use it for power? Will he use it for gleadrs wisdom?

    3. What does neagling mean?

    4. What will come of oromis’ sword? Will it be used by eragon as a source of energy? Or will it be guarded by the elves like the other 2?

    5. How did galbatorix take control of murtagh? Can he do it with any ground soldier and do a lot of damage?

    6. If a soldier galbatorix was controlling like he did to murtagh died who would galbatorix die with him?

  • Elias

    Were you at all inspired by lord of the rings and the old celtic myths?

  • inheritanceatitsbest!

    has there been any twin dragon?
    in another word, could there be two dragons inside the green egg, which could level the odds for the vardans if it hatches for them

  • Anna

    Hi, I just wanted to say I love your books and can’t wait for the last one!!

    My question is: From where(or wich language) did you draw inspiration when you created the Ancient Language? I don’t know if you have mentioned this somewhere before, but i would really like to know!

    It would be really great if you answered it.

    Thanks from Norway!

  • #1inheritancefan

    In eldest on page 574 it says ‘It would be a number of days before they [Saphira and Eragon] could saturate both the ruby [in Zar’roc] and the diamonds concealed in the belt of Beloth the Wise’, however in Brisingr on page 378 it says ‘The diamonds in the belt of Beloth the Wise seemed to be able to absorb an almost unlimited amount of energy’. Why is this?

  • eragon 2

    How did Murtagh scry Eragon when he was with the elves in Eldest. Nothing can enter The elve’s forest by magicle means

  • Iellwen

    In “Eragon”, it is established beyond any doubt of a typo (with several different feminine pronouns) that Galbatorix’s first dragon was female. In “Brisingr”, it is also established beyond any doubt of a typo (with the masculine versions of the same pronouns) that Galbatorix’s first dragon was male and named Jarnunvosk. Which is it?

  • Amanda

    What does murtagh say? in brisingr when Eragon is hiding from the soldiers after helgrind.

  • dragonfan

    Why is it that when Murtagh was growing up in Galbatorix’s court, Thorn’s egg did not hatch for him; but when he is captured by the Twins, the egg hatches?

  • williamdoheny

    i have a theory that the vault of souls is a store of eldunari although i imagine you would want to keep any of the plot silent i was wondering how many eldunari originally existed at it was vague (maybe intentionally) in the book and how many of these are held by galbatorix.

  • williamdoheny

    have you ever thought about writing a algaesia novel set before the fall about a dragon rider going through proper training in the rider city?

  • Daniel

    A few serious questions:

    1) I’m not asking what Eragon’s True Name is, but has it been spoken or mentioned in the books thus far? I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, but a teaser would be nice. 🙂

    2) Are there any spells that can shrink an object (and possibly reduce its weight…)? If so, that may be a possible reason why Aren can hold so much power.

    3) How much input did you have on the painting of the Lethrblaka done by J. J. Palencar?

    4) Are werecats born, or like werewolves, made?

    5) Was Kuthian a person? Is it possible that Aren has something to do with the Vault of Souls or the Rock of Kuthian? Aren is portable and I don’t think that Eragon would be able to travel very far when “all seems lost,” and his “power is insufficient.”

    Some not so serious questions:

    1) What type of car would Eragon drive? I was thinking something like an iridescent blue Porsche 911 GT2. 🙂

    2) What type of car would Murtagh drive? A black Shelby Cobra with maroon undertones in the paint comes to mind. 🙂

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    I have another question (and keep on getting new ideas for questions, so don’t be too suprised if my name crops up often :).

    This question is: Did Garrow and Marian know that Eragon was the son of Brom and Selena, and did they know that he is related to Murtagh and Morzan (the most famous forsworn). Maybe Selena told her brother when she handed Eragon over.

  • nightowllor

    Why, throughout Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr, does Saphira call Eragon ‘little one?’ Is it simply her own nickname for him, or is it of any greater significance?

  • Tiffani

    You mentioned in Eldest that the elves’ longevity and strength with magic is a result of their bond with the dragons. You also said that the reason the humans do not share these traits is because the bond was initiated later, and was newer than the elves’. Given this information, will humans become more like elves in the future as their own bond with the dragon race strengthens?

  • Zaldia

    Heres one I though of while reading the last interview when the question “do half-elves exist?”

    Is Angela by chance something of a half breed? The way he potrays here is obviously very different from both elves and humans and she can use magic to an extent. Could it be shes a half elf herself?

  • IldredtheBeautiful

    Simple question. Will we be surprised? Are you striving to make the book unexpected, so that we will be surprised.

  • madmartigan

    Are you thinking about writing about brom’s life in the future?

  • Elizabeth

    – I have also noticed the discrepancy between the alleged sex of Galbitorix’s original dragon in ERAGON and BRISINGER. What was he/she really?
    – Are we going to hear from the unnamed “Bladsinger” and her companion from ‘Intersecting Sagas’ in the Fourth Book?
    – Is the green egg (and therefore the green dragon) going to play an important role in the fourth book or will it just be an afterthought 🙁 ?

    (going to caps lock for importance here)





    (I’m especially interested in that last one)

  • simonlaw

    dear paolini, your books are amazing, better than harry potter, i have a question.

    Will Thorn ever talk or communicate in book four? he has been mute for the previous three

  • Stanislao

    In the Star Wars franchise a complex system of canonical fiction has been created. Along the same line, should the Eragon movie and Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia be considered canonical?
    What sorts of Tea and Coffee do you drink?
    Where do the elves get the iron for their mundane tools and weapons?
    Where did you get the idea for Seithr Oil?


  • HB


    i think the grandfather he is referring to there is both his mother and his uncle Garrows father. in that case, he would have probably been told by Garrow.

    my questions:

    what happened to Saphira’s and Thorn’s parents? or will will hear about thier history in book 4?

    is the blind beggar who solemnbum spoke to important?

    When Eragon overhears some soldiers talking, they say: “Unless we be searching for Murtagh” suggested a third man “You heard what Morzans spawn said as well as I did” what did Murtagh say?

  • flóra


    I’d like to ask something about dragons. If there is -just say- a green dragon, is that mean, that she can only have another green dragon as her mate? Or if there is a brown and a gold dragon, than are their children can be only brown and gold? And if not, than what from a dragon’s colour depends? Is it possible, that Saphira’a parents were purple and silver?

    second: If Eldunarí’s prular form is Eldunarya, then Arya’s name means heart? Or is that was a stupid idea?

    I hope you will answer me, or at least my first quastion.

    (PS: I’m from Hungary, so if my English isn’t correct, just ignore it, please!)

  • Ruydragon

    Woah! I got some more questions!

    1) How do you say “Love” in Ancient Language?

    2)Will Sloan have a bigger role in Book 4?

    3)What about Blagden? Will the talking white raven be more important. Would he save another life?

    To answer your question, Argetalf, Ayra’s father, Evander, is dead. That’s why Queen Izlanzadi rules the elves herself. 🙁

  • fleetfox

    Hi, i have a question.
    What does the indigo symbol/pattern on Eragon’s ring and Arya’s shoulder look like? There was no description in the books and i was curious. Can you tell us?

  • DragonRider08

    Q#1: Once the energy in an Eldunari is used up, how long does it take to replenish the stock of energy that the Eldunari can hold?
    Q#2: If the dragon that disgorged the Eldunari is still alive, is the energy level of the dragon tied to the energy level of the Eldunari?

  • argetalf

    One: where is Arya’s father? Maybe I just missed that in the books…It’s been a little while since I read “Eldest”.

    Two: would you consider (after you finish the Inheritance Cycle) writing a book on the Ancient Language? I would really like to learn it!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! I know I have more questions, but I can’t think of them right now…

  • blinkandyoumissit

    I have a question that has driven me nuts for a year now. In the chapter “Therinsford” in Eragon, Brom tells Eragon he should name his horse. Eragon, feeling foolish, names the horse Cadoc, after his grandfather. Here’s my question. Eragon doesn’t know the identity of his father, and knows next to nothing about his mother, Selena. How can he know his grandfather’s name? It’s driving me mad. 😉

  • OromistheWise

    The next one is about Galbatorix.

    1} There is the Empire but why is their ruler Galbatorix continuosly referred to as Dark king or just king and not the rightful title of emperor.

    2}Galabatorix when he holds Oromis and Glaedr in mid air, he confronts them and says

    At that Galbatorix uttered a foul oath. “Your philosophy does not constrain me, elf! I am the greates of magicians and soon I will be even greater. Death shall not take me” Brisingr page 733.

    Now this statement has implications, Galbatorix is already powerful and he cane be more powerful? Has this something to do with the secret the Razac told Eragon before he killed him, the secret of finding ‘the’ true name.

    3}Gilead is farther from Urabean than the burning plains and galbatorix could have held Eragon in place when he fought murtagh or atleast the second time near Jiet river. Looking at the map, Gilead is much farther than the Burning plains is to Urebean.

  • OromistheWise

    This has got to do something with the Identity of the fourth rider but please read on as I am not asking you who it is but rather …well read on.

    The next rider is not arya despite her being the most popular candidate.Let me explain

    The recent announcement of a book called Eragon’s guide to Alagaesia is good news because it gives us a better view of the world that has been not completely explained in the books. However it also discloses the identity of the green rider. The Book Eragon’s guide to Alagaesia is a book that Eragon gifts to the new rider that is the green rider.

    All riders and elves study about the history of their world and the significance of various events etc. Basically an Elf or a Full Rider like Eragon will have learned all this from their studies. Now if we are to assume that Arya is the next rider she would not need the book as she would have studied all of it and more and as paolini often makes it painfully clear, Arya is more knowledgable than Eragon so why on earth would he have to gift a book to her about a world she knows better?? This is why the next rider is not Arya.

    If it is not Arya, the most likely candidate is Nasuada as it is unlikely a male would become the last rider.

    Please rephrase the para, this is i think a momentous event in figuring out the identity of the fourth rider

  • adamtheant

    Does an Eldunari recover energy in the same way as the riders and therefore die if too much energy is used?

  • Zachinheritance

    It says in BRISINGR that there were no living things on Helgrind. Did it become like that when the Raza’ac moved in or before? If before, then why?

    Why is it that it seems like only the Raza’ac are intelligent and not the Lethrblaka ( not talking and stuff) ?

  • Alison

    what is eragon\’s playlist? i mean, what music do you listen to to get inside his head?

  • Zachinheritence

    It says in BRISINGR that there were no living things on Helgrind. Did it become like that when the Raza’ac moved in or after? If before, then why?

    Why is it that it seems like only the Raza’ac are intelligent and not the Lethrblaka ( not talking and stuff) ?

  • MobieWeb

    Will we see a few chapters with Galbatorix’s view?

    Will we see more from Saphira?

  • mk14

    What century is the Inheritance cycle set in? There are several hints in the story (e.g. what they do, things they have, technology they use, …) that can be traced down to some time between the 14th and the 17th century. Did you actually choose a specific year the story is set in (if so, which one and why) or are those hints just coincidental?

  • Ukrainian dude

    Will we be seeing Orik in the 4th book?And if so, will he play a relatively large role like he did in Eldest, or a minor role like in Brisingr?

  • alucard

    My question:
    Did the movie portray Galbatorix similarly to how [Christopher Paolini] pictured him.

    Xelba asked this on another thread, and I thought it could be asked in the interview:

    Was Saphira aware of her Eldunari’s potential before it was revealed to Eragon by Oromis in “Brisingr”? Earlier in the book, Eragon had wished for a way to communicate internally with Saphira from long distances, and Saphira had a strange reaction when Eragon shared his thought with her.

    Thank you.

    PS: Questions that involve the future (ie have the word “will” in them) will almost certainly not be asked.

  • knighthawk754

    do you look at sites like shurtugal and read peoples theorys on book 4 and does this effect what you are going to write or do you avoid them to stop them influencing the plot

  • kdespina

    I just want to ask if Angela’s prophecy will be true about Eragon.
    Also if the elves and Eragon leaves alagaesia will we know or see anything about the new land they are going?
    How far are you with book 4?
    p.s.Please answer my questions i would be so glad!!:)

  • Ruydragon

    `Brom (in Eragon) said that Galby\’s 1st dragon was a SHE. Arya (In Brisingr) said that the same dragon was a HE. Is this this some type of mistake, or is it that one of them is not right? I\’ve been suspicious about it ever since I read Arya\’s phrase.

    `Will Eragon return to Carvahall?

    `Are you going to add in an idea from the Beyond the Borders contest? I know it\’s been a while, but was it worth a try?

    `Is there more to Selena\’s life?

    `Is the 1st Rider Eragon still alive? If so, how did he die?

    `Remember the mural of 1st Rider\’s portrait? with the elf formation, does Eragon look like the 1st Rider?

    Is there such thing as Black Fire? I would love to see that!

  • Katja

    Hey, I just re-read book two and then I stumbled upon something I hope you might explain 🙂

    In the start of the book where the Twins and Murtagh disappear, Eragon asks Arya to go searching for them in the tunnels, but she comes back with the message that they almost certainly are dead. But later (or before?) Arya has told Eragon that her mind is so strong that she would be able to contact him even if they were thousands miles apart (I think she said something about him being at Vroengard and she being in Du Weldenwarden).

    So my question is why didn’t she try to find Murtagh and the Twins with her mind?? She should be strong enough to do it and smart enough to think of it. I don’t suppose Arya is working undercover for the Empire, so did she just forget it? Or did she decide not to use furhter time on it as she already thought them dead, when she found their closet? Or is Galbatorix able to protect minds from being discovered by other minds?

    PS. I love your books 🙂

  • SorcerersApprentice

    Everybody probably knows this, but here it goes:

    How did you get the idea for Eragon? What inspired you to put it down on paper?

    Can you estimate (I emphasize estimate) how long it is until you finish writing Book 4?

  • VampireSlayer

    Have any dragons that we now of disgorged their Eldunari (aside from Glaedr)?

  • rmccpt

    in BRISINGR, what is the height of Saphira?
    and what’s the difference between Saphira and Thorn?
    is there any link between dragons, fuhrogs(i think is that the name) and lethrblaka?

  • kennethpennock

    will there be a teaser of the book like you did with brisingr where you told us about the chapter that was eragon and roran’s attack on helgrind

  • ShadeKing

    Hi again I have about three question this time, but you can ignore the last one if you think its stupid,but i would like to see it answered

    1- Can only humans become shades or can other races become them aswell

    2- Were the Twins mentally linked all the time like eragon and saphira

    3- If humans and elves have ten toes and urgals and dwarves have seven, how many toes do ra’zac have

  • pityonmurtagh

    During Eragon’s second encounter with Murtagh, (the one with the elves backing him up) It was said that Murtagh had the speed and strenght of an elf, without the apperance. How is this possible? Did Galbitorix give him the energy? if he did, did he lose that much speed and strenght, like Eragon told Roran would happen? Or did he use the energy from the Eldunarya?

    Thanks for considering my question.

  • Ganon:RiderofArgorok

    Why do you not show the eastern coast of Alageasia on the map? I read somewhere that it was because its attached to a continant, but I also read that it is its own continant made up of Surda, the Empire and the small islands like Vroenengard and Sharktooth.

    If it is attached to a continant, would the people from other countries or provinces help the Varden or would Galbatorix trie to gain control over them?

  • Purgatory

    During the fights Eragon had with Murtagh, as well as the fight between Oromis/Glaedr and Murtagh (and later Galbatorix), Murtagh and Galbatorix used up a lot of energy. When Murtagh lost against Eragon and the elven spellweavers, the Eldunarya that powered his magic must have been depleted, and when Galbatorix held Glaedr and Thorn high up in the air from leagues away, he must have used enormous amounts of energy.

    Now my question is – how quickly will they regain this energy? Or more accurately, \’How quickly do eldunarya regenerate their energy?\’

    It was stated that they could take up to seven years to gain their maximum potential, so this would indicate that an eldunarí that had its energy used up would be useless for at least several months.

  • FatherofPurity

    – Is it confirmed that we will definitely get a “green” rider in Book 4? Not who it is, but will there definitely be one because for now its all speculation.

    – Upon returning to the Varden, eragon encountered two un-named characters who didn’t want to tell us their names and were portrayed as quite secretive. Will we be seeing them again?

    – Is the stone in Eragon’s Brisingr able to store a similar amount of energy to Aren?

    – Have we met all the races of beings that exist? Will we ever find out what lies beyond Alagaesia?

    – Will other Real ethnicities be portrayed in Book 4? e.g. Nasuada had african descent, wo will there be any Asian, Arab or Polynesian races?

    – Is there a possibility of seeing other dragons other than Skruikan, Thorn, Saphira, “Green Dragon in Book 4?

    BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, were any of the events in Brisingr “random” or were they all there for a reason. e.g. Angela’s teacher, Un-named people etc.

    Thank You Shurtugal.com. And thanks Christoper Paolini for providing us with experiences in the beautiful world of Alagaesia that we would have missed out on, if it weren’t for you.

  • Anie

    Can you tell us more (a picture would be great) about your childhood/growing up in such a remote but beautiful area?

  • DJDshadeslayerMSIII

    What exactly is an Illuminator?

    Riders’ swords are adept at “ignoring” wards and combating magic. When Eragon and Arya were trying to stop the magicians in Feinster from summoning the Shade, Varaug, why did Brisingr (the sword) have such a difficult time slicing through those pesky wards?

    There are a few places Eragon, and we as readers, have not yet visited. Is it likely that we will be lucky enough to visit, or just glimpse, such places, namely Ristvak’baen or Vroengard?

    I am looking forward to the new edition of Brisingr in a few months, especially because of the “deleted scenes.” How many scenes can we expect to be added? I love extra content!

    I noticed when Eragon searched for the minds of the Ra’zac in Helgrind that he couldn’t sense either of them or the Lethrblaka? How is this possible? Are their minds so different from humans/elves/dwarves/urgals? Or did Galbatorix play a role in this?

    Can you please write us a book weaving the tale of Brom?!

    Thanks guys for considering my questions!

  • Taz

    wil you make an other tour some day and will that tour include comming to Europe and the Netherlands. there are a lot fans around here that would like to meet you.

    In my dutch translation is sais at page 427 (this is where Eragon and Saphira meet after they have been seperated) that saphira has a saphireGREEN iris. i alwais thought they were blue just like the rest of her body.

    Last months interview you said aren was specialy crafted to contain that mush energy but the diamond in oromis sword contain a lot anergie as wel. was this diamond also specialy crafted and if is is every get in a riders sword?

  • EragonSaphiraNZ

    Will we learn more of Angela’s past? Like how Oromis knew of her and why she could enter the Varden without having her mind examined?
    Can Angela use magic?
    What determines a dragon’s color?
    Is there anything a dragon can’t eat?
    Can dragon’s dream?
    Why were Durza’s parents called oath breakers?
    Why don’t elves sleep?
    Who taught Garrow how to read and why did he not teach Eragon and Roran how to?
    Are there any inanimate objects (other than crystals) that can hold energy?
    If Galbatorix created the Helgrind illusion with magic why didn’t Brom or Oromis know? Surely both of them had been to Dras Leona before the Fall and afterwards noticed it’s strange appearance? And wouldn’t they have been able to sense the energy being used there?
    Has there ever been any female riders?