What does your Inheritance cycle collection look like?

Random House recent started a “take a photo of your Inheritance cycle collection” fan initiative on their Random Buzzers website. Not wanting to miss out on the action, we’ve taken and labeled pictures of the “Shur’tugal.com” collection (Mike Macauley’s collection from the past five years of running Shurtugal.com). Join us after the break to view thirty six different copies of the Inheritance books, including rare editions and foreign copies, as well as a giant collection of Inheritance memorabilia collected over the years! We’ll also show you where to submit your own pictures of your collection!My Inheritance cycle collection began in December 2003 when I first borrowed a copy of Eragon from a friend. Since then, my book collection has grown to house thirty six copies of the books varying in edition, foreign publication, and more! I’ve since slowed down my collecting but still enjoy getting my hands on rare copies of the book and foreign editions with different covers.

Click the above picture to view a labeled version of the picture with explanations for each copy of the book in the collection!

As the owner of Shur’tugal, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling all over for various Inheritance cycle events, including conventions, book signings, book release parties, Eragon movie events (including the world premiere in London), and more. I keep a collection of Inheritance promotional items and merchandise from these trips and events.

Click the above picture to view a labeled version of the picture with explanations for each Inheritance item collected!

Click the above picture to view a labeled version of the picture with explanations for each Inheritance item collected!

Ad revenue sustains Shur’tugal and its subsidiaries (Inheritance Forums, Shur’tugal Fan Fiction, the Shur’tugal Galleries, etc.) and keeps all of our bills paid. During the Eragon movie, we were approached by various licensed vendors of the Eragon movie replica swords with advertising deals. Not missing a beat, we negotiated an advertising contract with one of these companies to include a few replica swords!

Click the above picture to view a labeled version of the picture with an explanation of the swords you’re seeing!

I’m thrilled to finally have an opportunity to share most of the stuff the site has collected over the years. We’ve still got a while to go and many more things to collect! A few items not pictured above include: my Random House hat signed by various authors, including Christopher Paolini, from the Book Expo America party on NYC harbor in 2005; all of the Inheritance cycle book marks, including movie book marks; a 70 lb box of posters Fox sent me during the Eragon movie promotional period; copies of the Eragon movie on DVD as well as the video games, including Eragon uno, Eragon puzzles, and more; the missing-in-action Eragon movie umbrella; the Shurtugal.com microphone cube; and even more, I’m sure!

What does your Inheritance cycle collection look like? Take a picture and link it to us in the comments below! Be sure to upload your picture to the Inheritance cycle fan collections gallery on Random Buzzers!

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