Theory Column: The Green Rider

In our first installment of the Shur’tugal Inheritance Theories column, we explore the possibilities for the Rider destined to partner with the final green egg. What could this mean for the future of Alagaesia and the battle currently being waged? Most importantly, who will be the final Rider? Join us as we tackle the most discussed theory in the Inheritance Cycle fandom and take a look at the fan favorite: Arya!

Well, here we are. Brisingr has hit the streets and we’re all ready for Book 4, but what will we find there? The last book left many questions unanswered and fans everywhere continue to answer those questions themselves. But unfortunately, opinions vary so widely on theories that it’s very rare for two fans to fully agree. New theories appear every day, some outlandish, and some almost certainly true. In this column we’re going to try and crack these theories, however hard it may be, and where better to start then the question on all of our minds since Eldest: Who will be the next Rider? There are many possibilities for the last Rider and in our first column, we will explore one of the most popular: Arya.

All the existing dragons are male except for Saphira, and all of their Riders are male, which leads many to believe that the last dragon Rider must be female. Because the fate of the dragons as a race depends on Saphira finding a mate, we can assume that the last (green) dragon will be “the one”. We can also assume that the relationship between the two dragons would effect the relationship between the two Riders – Eragon being the male, and the unknown Rider being the female. There is also the dream Eragon had in Eragon of him holding hands with another Rider while two dragons flew overhead. So, sticking with our overall theory of the last Rider being a female, we’re left with Arya, Katrina, Nasuada, and Elva as candidates.

The most popular theory amongst Inheritance fans is that of Arya becoming the final Rider of the remaining (green) egg. Arya is already an established character; one of the first we met. She’s smart, skilled (both physically and with magic) and nearly perfect to the point where some consider it to be impossible to top her perfection. She can handle swords with power and grace, is hailed as one of the most proficient magic users among the elves, and has an in-depth understanding of politics, lore and history through her position as princess of the elves.

Throughout the books, we have been shown that a Rider’s magic takes on the color (or glow) of its dragon’s scales. Eragon’s magic has always been blue (referenced several times throughout the books) and Murtagh’s magic is red to match Thorn. At the end of Eragon, we are given our first glimpse at the color of Arya’s magic as she smashes Isidar Mithrim:

“A flash of emerald light briefly illuminated the forest, and the stone vanished.” (Eragon, page 4)

“But Arya raised her palm, shouting, and an emerald ball of energy shot from her hand, killing the Urgal.” (Eragon, page 485)

“On her back was Arya: hair billowing wildly, arm uplifted, palm glowing with a nimbus of green magic.” (Eragon, page 490)

Curiously, Arya’s eyes are also emerald green. Christopher Paolini himself has confirmed that the last egg is emerald green (therefore, the last dragon will be emerald green). It could be a mere coincidence that Arya’s magic happens to share the color of the last egg. Perhaps this hint was deliberately laid to mislead fans into believing that Arya would be the Rider of the final egg’s dragon. Or perhaps we’re right!

Many fans also believe that the relationship between Eragon and Arya (or lack thereof) is another sign of a possible future for Arya as a Rider, and subsequently, a future of love between the two. Despite the fact that Eragon has been rejected by Arya, the potential for a reliationship still hangs in the air, hinting at the possibility of more occuring between the two in the future. If Arya was to become the third new Rider, their already close (but not too close!) relationship would only help further their cause as they are already used to working together to accomplish their goals, already have a mutual respect for each other, and have a “premonition dream” from book one in their favor (or so we assume).

Some say that Arya’s past sets her up to be an even stronger candidate for becoming a Rider, while others say this will hinder her. Sleuths are quick to point out that all of Alagaesia is in the middle of what could be the most important war the continent will ever see; it would be no time to spend months or even years training a new Rider. Arya’s proficiency with magic, physical combat, and politics all align in her favor. The time spent training her would be minimal, if at all… mostly centered around bonding with her dragon and the training of her dragon (by Saphira).

We must not forget that the new dragon, assuming it has not already hatched, will be months behind Saphira and Shruikan in terms of development. This fact alone could end up being a major hinderance to the new dragon and Rider but could possibly be remedied by a strong, qualified Rider… a Rider much more able than the average beginner: Arya. It could be Paolini’s intent to couple Arya with the young dragon to make up for what the dragon lacks. Certainly, the dragon within the remaining egg would know all of these things, would see the good within Arya’s heart and soul, and would understand the power their pairing could wield. Could Arya be all that the dragon has been waiting for?

Convinced already? The overwhelming evidence and pros in Arya’s favor makes it hard to even consider other candidates. Arya’s prowess with magic and physical combat is nearly unmatched; she is strong in the mind; young (to the elves), fit and healthy; and she is better suited to play a political role as Rider than any of the existing Riders. However, some fans see her age as her downfall. Some fans believe that compared to Eragon and Murtagh, Arya is too old to fit in. Other fans believe that because dragons choose their Riders when their Riders are at a young age, Arya is automatically disqualified. However, this fan does not see why this would discourage the final dragon to make the most important decision in Alagaesia: who is best suited to be the last Rider? A Rider any younger, any less talented or proficient with magic, could potentially be useless to the Varden and the future of Alagaesia.

But then again, who’s to say that the last Rider will be on the Varden’s side? Only time will tell!

Who do you believe will be the Rider of the final dragon? Do you agree or disagree with our theory of Arya being the Rider? Let us know why! If you don’t think Arya will be the last Rider, who do you think will end up becoming a Rider? And which theories would you like us to explore in the future?

This editorial was written by DD93, Lawrie, and Mike Macauley as part of’s Book 4 Theories column. The next unscheduled release of our Inheritance Theories column will discuss other possible candidates for Rider of the green dragon. Be sure to chime in with your thoughts and opinions in the comments for a chance to be featured in the next column! As always, you can join twenty thousand other Inheritance fans over at our official message boards to discuss all of your Book 4 theories in our Book 4 Theories forum.

  • swamy

    I think Murtagh and Thorn will change their true names and that Saphira will mate with Thorn. This is because Arya is already immortal but Murtagh needs a pair.So this theory leads to us believing that the last rider is none other than Nasuada.

  • Peter

    I dissagree that Arya will get that last egg. In my opinion, it will go to Orik. I dissagree with the Arya theory BECAUSE of the power she already has. She has power(both mundane and arcane) beyond most and knowledge that almost any human would kill for. If you would remember, Eragon showed no power before Saphira. Every part of me rebels at Arya getting the last egg

    I say it will go to Orik for a number of reasons, one of which is that it will catch everyone by surprise. No one would expect it to go to the dwarves, which is why it would. Another reason would be that Orik would be the first dwarf Dragon Rider in all of existance. When the pact between dragons and elves was made, it only included, you guesed it, elves and dragons. It was later amended to include humans when they arrived in Alagaesia, but it was never amended so that the dwarves would be riders. This would put a twist on the story that very few would see coming. If it doesnt go to Orik, it should at least go Roran, not Arya.

  • aryaprincess

    hey people, about the Arya becoming a rider theory: that would be WAY too predictable, and a good author should never be predictable. and didn’t CP say the next Rider would come as a surprise ?

  • aryaprincess

    CP wouldn’t make it so obvious if Arya was the next Rider, he would give more subtle hints. I think Nasuada is definitely a possibility. Has anyone noticed that, in book 3, she almost always seems to be wearing green? That is the kind of subtle hint that CP would give.

  • SaphiraArya54

    I agree with you, Nevermind, though I think that Eragon and Arya will be together, not Nasuada.

  • Nevermind

    If I can just add one more thing to my last comment about the Murtagh and Nasuada theory. If Nasuada’s charactor is changed as a result of her love for Murtagh an the bond between their dragons, then maybe Murtagh’s character will ALSO change! Then his true name will change and Galb. will have no more control over him. Problem solved. Three Riders on the Varden’s side! 🙂

  • Nevermind

    Next rider? Hmmm. I think it could possibly be Nasuada.

    Didn’t CP say that her character will undergo a major change or something along that line in book 4? She has been in all three books. She and Ergon DO actually have something going on, if you read the books carefully. In Eldest, when Eragon comes back from training, he is “surprised at how glad he is to see her”. Then in Brisingr you do get a slight impression that they are more than just friends, especially that bit with the dinner party she organizes.

    It would be a suprise if it were Nasuada, rather than Arya, which is boring and predictable in my opinion. Remember, Nasuada is ALSO of royal blood, so she is a candidate for Eragon’s affection AND she is a reasonable candidate for the next Rider, perhaps not as perfect as Arya, but hey, it’s way more unexpected!

    If Nasuada became the next Rider, than Roran can take over as leader of the Varden while she trains 🙂 Then again, I do think its also possible that Roran coul be the next Rider too with the whole Inherritance pattern going on, but that’s another matter.

    Another possibility!! I got the distinct impression from book 1 that Murtagh and Nasuada had something going on between them…perhaps the Varden capture Murtagh and Nasuada falls in love with him and THIS is the big change of her character, or something like that, just a speculation. Maybe she becomes a rider with a female green dragon and she and her dragon and Murtagh Thorn get together, rather than Eragon and Arya with Saphira and the green dragon…

    Just a speculation.

    I bet it will be Arya though…it fits too much. But it would be WAY less predictable if it were Nasuada, with Murtagh thrown in there somewhere…

  • SaphiraArya54

    Could it be Elva?

  • soccergeek56

    ” I doubt that Sloan will become the next rider. For some reason, I think that the next rider will be good. If you think about the color wheel, green is closer to blue than red. ” -Xelba

    Thank you!!! If you think of it from a writer’s point of view and a literary angle… notice how thorn and galbatorix’s dragons are red and black…. typically accepted as evil colors… Morzan’s dragon was red… a typical evil color… Saphira is blue… accepted as calm good… like the sea… relaxing and beautious… Glaedr is gold… symbolizing royalty, wisdom, radiance, and goodness… the last egg is green… another accepted “good” color… green like plants and trees… good things… the next dragon will be good…

    … also… arya is an elf… has green majic… experience politically, majically, physically… has a bond with eragon no doubt (her true intentions are left shaky)… and has carried the dragon eggs for 70 years… im just saying… if arya were not the next rider a large score of us would be left unhappy, unsatisfied, and altogether bored… after all… it is true for me that the chapter’s discussing eragon and arya’s relationship are some of my favorite highlights… i can’t Put the book down in the middle of them… just a point of veiw not only from a reader and fan but from a writer’s, editor’s, or analystic point of view… foreshadowing and symbolism points toward arya in all directions

    Eragon and Arya forever!!! <3

  • SaphiraArya54

    Ok, Arya seems to be the most likely candidate and i would love for her to become a rider but i don’t think CP would make her the rider because everyone expects it and i think he wants to make it an unexpected surprise. I don’t think it will be Roran or Katrina either. I think the rider will be Nasuada because she is a strong woman and worthy of the title of a rider. I don’t support the Sloan theory because he is blind and i really don’t think the elves will restore his vision and he is really stupid and doesn’t know much at all.

  • fred

    It cant realistically be a dwarf because they are not included in the blood oath, unless saphira (or one of the evil dragfons turned good) changed the oath to include dwarves.

    It is most likely that arya will be the next dragon, fall in love with eragon, etc. but i really hope not. Personally, i would like to see:

    -Roran become King (after advancing through the varden in the 4th book)

    -Nasuada become a rider

    -since she is immortal, her and eragon can get together (a relationship that will have plenty of time to flourish in the book, especially if eragon has to do some training)

    -she shouldn’t play a major fighting role in the overthrowing of Galbatorix as she would be too inexperienced

    This would require someone else to take over the varden though, possibly Orrin (would he also become King then?)

    This is all speculation. Most likely it will be arya and there will be no plot twist, just a massive and sudden change of heart for arya who suddenly loves eragon.

    Alternatively-Eragon marries Islanzadi? or Angela? and maybe the last dragon is born the size of a samll mountain with nuclear missiles strapped to its side-

  • oromismaster

    i think the vault of souls will be located in one of the urgal cities in the spine. and maybe even galbys first dragons eldunari. i also think the rock of kuthian is one of the forsworns eldunari.

  • Murtaga

    I would like to add to this theory that CP added Arya slaying the shade at the end of Brisingr because 1. If he was going to end his book their he wanted an equally cool battle in Eragon’s scenes as in Orromis’s and 2. He said he wanted to make Arya equal to Eragon. Whether this is for their relationship or because when she becomes the next rider she would already be on the same grounds as Eragon to some degree is unkown, but it is interesting.

  • CHristopherTorres

    i think the next rider is arya because of the dream eragon had and b/c of the hint about the dragon being green and arya using green magic

  • oromismaster

    i wouldthink arya would be the next rider just because of her green magic,but then again cp might totally surprise me. either way ithink eragon will end up with arya.

  • oromis

    i do think that the vault of souls will contain eldunari because arent eldunari pretty much souls of dragons?

  • derena

    i think its a very convincing and i think it might happen but when i read eragons guide to alagaesia ,it made it out as if he was talking to a human rider when he says that they would have no experience with elves dwarves or the ancient language . this could be said just to tell you about the other races because everybody is human and it wouldn’t be intersting but its still somthing to think about .

  • Joanna<3

    Oh, and just to those people who are saying that the two ladies in Brisingr might (one or the other) be the next riders then I must say that it has been stated that the next rider will be a well established character who has been in all three books so far (which those two are not and have not been… we only saw them for half a chapter (ish) in fact so…… i believe that neither one will be the next rider

  • Joanna<3

    Mike, we can write a theory or an editorial type thing right? Because, an editorial is opinion based and does not really have to have “theory” in it; I could write an editorial much better than a theory based article…. Could you please give a definition/ example of what an editorial article would be like so that I can more clearly understand what is allowed? 🙂

  • eragonfan

    well, this is the next best place to post this comment b/c comments have been disabled on the Q&A section of the page…ppl have stopped asking so many questions bc everything that does not have to do with the plot of the next book has been clarified. secondly…hurry up and publish the Damn Book Mr. paolini…the usfulness of this site does have a lifespan…ppls interests…hurry up!

  • BO(DK)

    It could be the eldunari from the first Eragon before the second on in the vault of souls.

  • DreamDancer

    im realy off subject but i was wondering, the vault of souls might be hiding a store of eldunari, isnt it possible? I mean, they would give eragon power wouldnt it?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Ok, well… Peace out everybody!

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Hahaha, I don’t think they would live to see another day if they tried to make Arya wear a dress. Emphasis on the TRIED.:D

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Yeah, Sloan would not be good.

    Aye, though the humans have more rules for the women (hint: Arya having to wear a dress). 😛

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Yea, I’d have to say that I can’t see Slaon as a Rider. It’s a interesting thought and would be a good twist to the book, but he’s just not a very liked character. Plus, he’s blind. It would be kind of hard to be a Rider and blind.

    Sure the elves could restore his vision, but I don’t see it happening.

    And as for medieval times being sexist, it’s true, but C.P. has it take place in Alagaesia, which is WAY different from the real world. Even humans aren’t completely sexist in Alagaesia.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    That is true, plus the odds really needs to be even, poor Eragon cannot go up against two Riders, I know he will not be alone, but the Varden needs more than one plan and person to depend upon.

  • Xelba

    I doubt that Sloan will become the next rider. For some reason, I think that the next rider will be good. If you think about the color wheel, green is closer to blue than red.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    But elves to do have the same seperating laws like the humans, come on, Arya wears leggings instead of a dress! Sloan is to arrogant and is a complete git!

  • Shrikan

    Just wanna give my theory again, that of Sloan being the next rider. I remember CP saying that the next rider will be an established character who has been in all three books. Sloan was in all three books and played quitte a major part in screwing with Eragon and Roran, and its never been said that the last rider would be good or evil. Also in Brisingr its hinted that Sloan has made a friend with one of the elves in Ellesmera, one who could possibley help him learn magic or get him near the egg when it is found. Another thing is that everyone keeps assuming that the next rider will be female for balance, but if you think back to medevil times they were extremely sexist and i dont really see that as a reason for the next rider being a woman. Lastly we all now about Sloan obessive love of his daughter, and he once stated that he would kill Galby himself to protect his daughter, and one of the only ways that he can do that is becoming a rider so he is able to nulify the spell that Eragon laid on him. I know that there are many flaws in this theory but i just thought it would be a good twist if CP did make him or someone else we werent expecting the rider, and Sloan seems the most far out yet intresting choice for a rider in my opinion.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, I did, those are my two most recent, I have a bit more on there.

  • Xelba

    Sorry, I’m sort of behind on things right now. Padfoot, did you say you posted a drawing of Elva and of Blodhgarm?

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Woo-hoo!! Yay! Can’t wait to see the Elva drawing!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    The pictures are up!!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, it is starting to feel like the old days again!

    I can’t wait for them to put the knew fan art up, I have several on there already, but the two that I am waiting on are rather humorous.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    wow 600 now…

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Yeah, she is not that bad.

  • durza

    what i ment about the red hair thing is that whenever anyone turns into a shade, their hair and eyes turn blood red. but i don’t think that this will happed to elva in the book. she can’t summon spirits.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    It is just a quick pencil sketch, bother, now I remember what I forgot! Her mark! Ah, well, her hair is covering her forehead anyway. Besides, she has black hair.

  • durza

    padfoot, it would be great if you could post that, but if you want to draw a rider/shade/whatever the heck elva is, then you need to give her blood-red hair. it would also be cool if you could show the gedewy insignia (i’m too lazy to go find a book and learn how to spell it now) and the star-shaped mark that saphira gave her on elva. good luck!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Okay, I drew it and submitted it! Just do me favor, don’t laugh too much at little Elva, I can’t draw kids or humans very well for that matter.

    I hope they update the fan art soon, I have two to go in there now.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Okay! I have a funny picture of Blodhgarm that I am trying to get put up right now.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Hahahaha!:) Tell me when you post that!:D

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I think I might draw that and put that on here one time, I have a bunch of stuff on here and that would be a funny one to do! ;D

  • durza

    ‘nuf said.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    That would be a cool drawing!

  • durza

    if you are looking for something scary, then imagine this: elva becoming a rider and then becoming a shade!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hahaha, Elva would be scary!

  • pyro

    It have to be Arya, there’s no time to train a new rider, even tough the green sword looks like a sword for Roran fighting skills, that doesn’t really matter, Arya has green magic, and the color of the dragon have to be the same with the rider’s magic color. And we don’t even know what color is Roran’s magic. I think if he can even do magic, what magic he’s good at is only covering his mind. And I don’t really like him as a hero. He’s to arrogant. He barely cares about anything besides Katrina.

  • durza

    elva on a dragon would be the perfect weapon against galbatorix, but she would sieze the empty throne and bend the world to her will. if i was eragon, i would keep greenie as far away from elva as possible!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Durza, you are right, she might be more twisted than Galby! Scary thought.

  • stuzmuffin

    hey if i now think about it i think you may be rite about angela ! thing 2 me is the way she reacted 2 brom

  • durza

    you may laugh at elva’s age, but it would be the last thing that you did before a VERY painful death. the creepy part about about elva being a rider is not her size, but what she could do with the vast powers that a dragon would give her. Oromis said in brisinger that it would be a horror to have a rider that also was a shade, and elva is almost like a shade in the way that she thinks. imagine how twisted her dragon would be!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I thought she looked like she was eight??? Ah, well, I see what you mean, she would not look very threatening!

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Hahaha!:) Try to imagine Elva riding a dragon! Imagine you’re a soldier for the Empire and suddenly look up and see this huge dragon above you and on it’s back is a….. Five year old?!:)

  • fan404

    k first of all orik cant b the next rider, and wat other dwarf would do? and eragon and murtagh have another bro, eldest er2, est 3 or more, proving they have another bro, and did u hear billy mays is dead

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, Durza, that would indeed be creepy.

  • durza

    it would be very creepy if the next rider was elva.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, I also doubt that she has enough experience to protect the young dragon. With Arya, she is powerful, but she also has powerful friends, maximizing the chance of the young dragon to survive.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Sorry mate, but she can’t be. She wasn’t in all three former books. C.P. said the newest Rider has appeared in all 3 past books. Great theory though.

  • me

    what about one of the girls from the chapter of Brisingr, “Intersecting Sagas”? I thought that it might be her when i was reading it?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Siera, but wasn’t Angela around before Selena?

  • Siera

    I had always assumed that Arya would be the last rider, and i even posted my opinion on Yahoo answers. Almost all the people dissagreed accept for one person who said they cant wait until im proven right. I also made one on if Angela is Really Selena which i am 100% for. This just backs me up, great job at all the hard work you put into this!

  • Padfoot

    She seems the logical choice to make the next Rider.

  • Jessie

    I really like Arya and I hope she is the next rider…………. its one of my book 4 theories…….

  • ?

    arya has to be the dragon rider here are some reasons (1)she has green magic. (2) the elves already have a green sword. (3)the dragon is green.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Yes, you were very wrong, there used to be a lot of spam so several of my friends and I even pretended to be fighting “Boardeaters”, we used to have so much fun! We would not get much news so after about a week we would get bored and just talk (adding something about the topic on the bottom of the comment of course so it would not be deleted! ;D
    Aye, Shurty was a chat room for many of us.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Hahaha! I took your advice, Padfoot, and checked out the older shurty, and man! I thought we were far on this collum, but I was wrong!:D

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    BO(DK), huh? Are you talking to me? Just wondering.

    This place is starting to look like the out Shurty again. Those were the good old days! ;D

  • MeghanSwiftSword


  • BO(DK)

    The same thing might happen to us in your country.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hahahaha, we forgive you, mate! ;D We just did not want you to get in trouble.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    It’s all right mate.:)

  • LittleFreakFS

    Sorry, I should cut down on my swearing…


    And my bubble is intact, I just hope it’s not Arya.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    BO(DK), I surpass you, but I agree completely with Meghan, mate. We do get a lot of young ones on here at points, plus it was in the rules that used to be up on the boards, I do not know if they are still on here.

  • BO(DK)

    Don’t look at me I am almost 16

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    Don’t really have a problem with you’re spelling mate, just be careful with your swearing.;) I usually wouldn’t care, but we’ve got some 10 year olds or younger on this site.:D

  • durza

    littlefreakfs, sorry to burst your bubble, but it is impossible for orik to be the next dragon rider. remember that the dwarves were never included in the pact between the dragons, the elves, and eventually the humans. there was never a dwarf rider, and never will be. also remember that orik hates flying, and that he has duties as the king of the dwarves that prevent him from spending the time in training with a dragon.

  • BO(DK)

    If there are dragons at one location then there are others at other locations. But I doubt that a dragon will fly across the sea to look for other dragons. And Saphira was between 6 and 7 months when they flew to Ellesmera.

  • LittleFreakFS

    And I’m very sorry about my spelling and grammar and sh*t. I come from sweden and s*ck at english… SORRY 😀

  • LittleFreakFS

    Maybe Orik? or another dwarf. Ten the green dragon don’t have to be as big to be able to fly with it’s rider? I don’t like Arya… So I really hope it won’t be her… 🙂

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer


  • durza

    zorro, I agree with your theory about the existance of wild dragons. there also may be a colony that is west of the sea.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I knew it was either six or eight. Thanks.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    She was 6 months old, if I remember correctly.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I think Greenie would have to be about, what? Five months I think it was before his Rider can ride him and he if I remember rightly will be nearly adult by eighth month? How old was Saphira going to Ellesmera the right time? Eragon mentions something about Saphira’s age at that point.

  • zorro

    there is a chance that greeni will not hatch in time to help eragon and saphira kill galbitorix. remember, greeni’s egg is locked up in the heart of uru’baen. in order to rescue greeni, eragon will have to get through galbatorix’s wards, and that means fighting galbatorix himself before getting away. the book may end before the egg hatches, or it may end at the scene of greeni’s hatching. arya(if greeni does hatch, his rider will without a doubt be arya) may never get a chance to ride greeni before the series ends. however, there may still be wild dragons left in the world. the map of alagaesia only shows the populated areas of eragon’s world. there is still land north of du weldenvarden, south of the beor mountains, and east of the edda river. it would have been easy for wild dragons to establish a colony somewhere in the uncharted places of the world. (saphira flew all the way from ellesmera to feinster in a matter of days) perhaps eragon will go in serch of these dragons, or a wild dragon will fly back to alagaesia to join the fight against the empire. (a green one, perhaps?)

  • allforarya

    i used to think that it would be nasuada,

    but now i have converted to a serious arya


    Go Arya!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hahaha, ;D

  • MeghanSwiftSword


  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, I think it is Arya.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    We got the fact that it was Eragon and Arya going together on that ship because two dragons were in the sky as they boarded. That means that the two were Dragon Riders, and as most of us(including me:) think that Arya will be the next Rider, we assumed it was Eragon and Arya.

  • Xelba

    I found something in Eldest that may point to Arya as the next rider. Somewhere close to the beginning of the book, Eragon sees Saphira and Arya standing on a hill, watching the sunrise, and he thinks how perfect they look together. I don’t know, it may be irrelevant, but who knows? Apart from CP, at least.


    Arya, definitley. It would be awesome if she became da new rider cause then Arya-Eragon relationship might strenghten and it would be them getting rid of someone like murtagh or galby on the ship and maybe tehy will end up togeder!

  • EraPuffoncemore

    Oh, one more thing. Eragon may be a so-called “mutt”, being human born, elf turned, and a legal dwarf but at least he isnt Ra’zac!

  • EraPuffagain

    Roran is very, very unlikley, if he does become a rider, it will be rather….depressing. I mean, he LOVES Katrina doesn’t he?!? yep, he does.

    So,you tell me,why in the world would he want to become immortal and live past His grandchildrens deaths?Nay, Roran wont become a rider.

    Orik is possible…..I’d like it, and it would make the dwarves stop (generally) hating the Dragons.

    But it could be Angela/Tenga! I’d sort of like that as well, because (maybe, just maybe!) if all of the first of the second generation of Dragon riders are Human(never mind whether they are magicians or immortal, and I rather doubt Angelas a half-elf, ulike some people suggested)Well, in any case, if all of the first of the second generation of Dragon riders are human, might that not make humans immortal?

    I say i’d enjoy that because then Eragon wouldn’t have to get all sad about living on and on while His family dies.

    But if we are looking at who WILL be the next rider, and not who WE WANT to be the next rider, its obviously Arya….duh.

  • EraPuff

    I find this theory rather agreable with, after all, she is very….skilled. But what i dont udnerstand is Eragon and Arya holding hands and getting onto the “strange, silver ship”. Where in the world did you fish that out?!? Those strangers could easily Be Nasuada and Orrin, Islanzadi and an elven lord, etc.

    But, in any case, I think that, in general. you are correct.So….who do i think will become the next rider?


  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, we do need more proof, but this is my theory why he will not be a Rider. I do not think it is Roran, though there is links that suggest it, surly CP would not be so mean to the poor man, I mean, he has enough to worry about, his wife, child, his cousin, he is already in the middle of the fight, yes, but not that thickly in it. Also, like someone else mentioned before, if he was to become a Rider, he would out live his family, unless Riders can forsake their immortal lives, but that would not be good for the other Riders, so surely that would be a problem.

    Another is his skill in magic, he can fight on foot, yes, but how about on a dragon? And with magic? We have seen how long it took Eragon to learn magic and I am sure he would be no different, it would most likely be harder for there is no more Oromis, no more Brom, only the son of Brom who had not finished training himself. And even he was not to partake in the final war then that would still be putting his family in danger. The dragon has to have time to grow, so if it has not hatched then most likely it will not fight, because it would take…was it not that Saphira was six months old in the battle of the Varden? If the hatchling was to hatch, it would be vunerable to attack, also putting the Rider and his/her family and/or friends in serious peril, because all of Galbatorix’s thought will be bent on that dragon and Saphira. Roran is already at risk because of his being kin with Eragon, and he has openly defide Galbatorix, he is already a quite a large threat to the king and if he was to be the next Rider, I would be worried about how much of Galbatorix’s mind will be bent on him. He has much more ties than Eragon, more things that the king can use against him, he has already used Katrina against him. I hope, for his own and his family’s sake, that it is not Roran to whom the dragon hatches to, or else they will be hard put to it to keep everyone safe and unscathed.

  • blazinrider112

    I don’t think that Arya will be the next rider. Seeing that all of the riders are seemingly related and the name is Inheritance cycle, it might be Roran. But CP said he gave clues in the books to who will be the next rider, so if someone could find clues in Eldest and Brisingr then I’d be happy to listen, but there’s just not enough proof for me to believe that it’s going to be Arya.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Murtagh is good, Eragon is good, but Brom has years of experiance on his side, even though he died, but he died a hero’s death, the best death in battle! ;D

  • Xelba

    Yeah, Arya will probably be the next rider. But just so you know…

    Murtagh. Rox.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I’m a Brom fan, mate. Eragon has abit better morals than Murtagh, but Eragon is more proud.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Sorry to all peeps who like the character Eragon, but Murtagh’s AWESOME, and I only dislike Eragon because he’s too proud to notice that Murtagh could kick his butt from Carvahall to Ellesmera.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


  • BO(DK)

    No discrase in his name, but your right.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    You know what is kind of funny? Eragon is full human, part elf, and a legal Dwarf! ;D He’s a mutt! No offense to him though.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    That’s a good theory, but I don’t think a dwarf could be a Rider because A: They were not included in the Dragons pact with the Elves, and humans got into the mix because there were still enough Dragons to add to the magic. B: I don’t think Orik’s people would want thier king to be a Dragon Rider; thry have a whole clan who hates Dragon Riders. I mean look what they did to Eragon when he became a legal Dwarf. Imagine what they would do to Orik.:( And C. Orik himself states that he doesn’t think Dwarves should be Dragon Riders. It’s a good theory though. Something to look forward to in Book 4.

  • beastlyargetlam

    arya is next!!!!
    not roran!!!!
    i’m right!!!!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I would doubt it, one because of them not being in the link thingy with the dragons like humans and elves, also, from what I have seen from Orik, dwarves do not like heights, and would also be concerned of a dwarf’s ability to fight from the back of a dragon. I also don’t think they really have the temperment if you get my meaning. But I might be wrong, of course, but I just don’t see it working.

  • lorddurkalk

    what about a dwarf? orik?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Haha, it would be funny if we all wrong, but I think that is unlikely. It is kind of like Katrina, it is kind of obvious.

  • BO(DK)


  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, Arya.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Alright, let’s all just say who we think the next Dragon Rider will be. Starting now.


  • Greeni

    It will be Arya!! She is perfect for eragon!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I think it will be Arya, it would be cruel to do it to poor Roran.

  • mattcrawford

    I dont no he the rider is but remember what it said during the fisrt book with angela his futer he will leave alsaike butstill it also said that there he will have a great love life or something

  • beastlyargetlam

    roran is not next it will be arya!

  • Bo(DK)

    Sorry I ment to say it was in the second or third book I forget.

  • Bo(DK)

    In the first book Saphira said that whom ever Eragon falls in love with it will effect Saphira as well so if Arya is the new rider and Saphira falls in love with the dragon than Eragon and Arya will be together.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Yeah, probably.

    I like Jeremy Irons as Brom though, they got two things right. But I do not imagine Galby’s voice to be that soft, I don’t imagine it deep, but maybe kind of like Saruman’s from the Lord of the Rings movies.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    I always imagined him like Galbatorix in the movie(thats about the only thing the movie got right:)). Kinda tall with no hair and a beard. Probably not though. That will be interesting to find out. God, I can’t wait for book 4!!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Interesting! ;D

    I wonder what Galby will look like.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    I’ve got news that I just noticed! And it’s pretty big. Some of you might already know, but I thought I’d just put it on for those who don’t.:

    I just found out that NO new major characters will be introduced in the 4th Inheritance book. So i’m very sorry to those who think a new girl will come in and be the next Rider and/or fall in love with Eragon, because obviously, it’s not going to happen. Sorry if I blew up you’re topic, I just thought I’d let you know. (If you want proof, it’s on Inheritance twitter. It’s not real recent, but it’s on the front page.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Yea, that’s another reason I think it’s going to be Arya. C.P. needs to have a female Dragon Rider, because throughout the entire series, not once does it say that a woman was ever a Dragon Rider. C.P. mentioned that there were, but the books never did. It would make a nice twist to the book.

  • BO(DK)

    It definitely has to be Arya because Eragon has no fellings for Katrina, and Katrina is already married to Roran.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, MeghanSwiftSword. Those were good times! ;D

    My money is on Arya or another woman (not being biased, just most of the women seem the most likely, mostly Arya).

  • LordSilverflame

    It won’t be roran.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    Haha, I think I’ll look. That sounds funny.;)

  • lollipopface

    No, I don’t think it would be Roran either. To me he just doesn’t seem the type to be all magicky and riding dragons and all of that stuff. I think he’s good as he is with his hammer. It will probably be Arya.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, I do not think it is Roran, though there is links that suggest it, surly CP would not be so mean to the poor man, I mean, he has enough to worry about, his wife, child, his cousin, he is already in the middle of the fight, yes, but not that thickly in it. Also, like someone else mentioned before, if he was to become a Rider, he would out live his family, unless Riders can forsake their immortal lives, but that would not be good for the other Riders, so surely that would be a problem.

    Another is his skill in magic, he can fight on foot, yes, but how about on a dragon? And with magic? We have seen how long it took Eragon to learn magic and I am sure he would be no different, it would most likely be harder for there is no more Oromis, no more Brom, only the son of Brom who had not finished training himself. And even he was not to partake in the final war then that would still be putting his family in danger. The dragon has to have time to grow, so if it has not hatched then most likely it will not fight, because it would take…was it not that Saphira was six months old in the battle of the Varden? If the hatchling was to hatch, it would be vunerable to attack, also putting the Rider and his/her family and/or friends in serious peril, because all of Galbatorix’s thought will be bent on that dragon and Saphira. Roran is already at risk because of his being kin with Eragon, and he has openly defide Galbatorix, he is already a quite a large threat to the king and if he was to be the next Rider, I would be worried about how much of Galbatorix’s mind will be bent on him. He has much more ties than Eragon, more things that the king can use against him, he has already used Katrina against him. I hope, for his own and his family’s sake, that it is not Roran to whom the dragon hatches to, or else they will be hard put to it to keep everyone safe and unscathed.

  • beastlyargetlam


    what part are you confused about, maybe i can explain

  • stuzmuffin

    i sorta agree with you though im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo confused b y it maybe i dont agree with you

  • beastlyargetlam

    i think katrina might be the rider because it seems more likely for her than roran because the way eragon acts would possibly force cp to make eragon die. the reason i think that is because eragon loves his cousin roran and if roran was a rider, eragon would be paranoid that roran would get hurt during his training for a rider and would either kill himself trying to protect roran with magic or would accidentally get killed if he walked infront of roran, trying toprotect him, and roran didn’t know it and accidentally cast a spell that would kill the closest person around him to die or at least something of that nature. i don’t think cp would want to kill eragon because if he did, everyone might not read anymore of his books, because most people probably don’t want eragon to die. also i think cp wants eragon to stay alive because he has the power to make the book anyway he wants it to be and i think he really wants eragon to live because i think he has grown to love eragon and i think it would not be the greatest thing if cp killed eragon because cp might get mad at himself for making the book like that. those are all just guesses. i don’t really know but i guess we’ll find out if i’m right soon enough. sorry if this comment is confusing.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Haha, Mike used to get so mad at us on here, we would talk about anything we wanted, you can still link onto the old boards if you look up “Unewraith” or one of the other names on here like that on Google, they are the only things that come up. The boards are still usable I think too.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    P.S.- I got 30% Saphira, 30% Arya, 20% Murtagh, 10% Brom, and 10% Eragon.:)

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Haha. I can imagine. Wow, look at how many comment pages we made! Wow, that was fun.:)

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Haha, you should have seen it in the old days. Ah, good times, good times…. 😉

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Wow we change topics fast.:)

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I dunno, I did not start it. Haha, another Brom! ;D

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    umm, dont mean to be offensive or anything, but why are we discussing the personality quiz? (i got brom, btw…sry…couldnt resist..)

  • BO(DK)

    I took the quiz again(this time a different one) and I am 40% Saphira, 30%, Arya, 10% Martagh, 10% Brom, and 10%, Eragon.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Haha, on quizzes, I am usually Brom.

  • stuzmuffin


    hey im ur friend on here (drottningu linzy) cant log on at school cuz we get suspended from the computers how long does it take @ get validated

  • beastlyargetlam


    a werecat could be a rider and even though i don’t think solembum will be a rider, i still think it’s possible(take that shadeslayer10123)

  • beastlyargetlam

    i took the personality quiz and i was 50% arya, 30% eragon, 10% murtagh, & 10% brom.

  • stuzmuffin


    i agree probaly she will but though cp may surprise us

  • Bo(DK)

    It said that Arya cast emerald magic, just to let you know that is green and the last dragon is green so it is a very high chance it is her.

  • shadeslayer10123


    their is noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way a werecat can be a rider they are not made to be one, they do their own things

  • stuzmuffin

    it has been 3weeks since i became a member on here how long does it take 2 get validated plez someone help me oh if you want 2 become my friend my name is drottningu linzy

  • beastlyaregetlam


    thank you i will go and take it now!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I’m a were fan, I am looking forward to that part very much.

  • mmhmm

    the green egg could hatch for Galbatorix (^_^)

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Yea, I heard that the origin of werecats would be more closely explored. That is something to look forward to almost as much as finding out who the Green Rider is.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    That is one of the things I can’t wait to read about in the next book. During a interview a few months back I entered a question about werecats and it was asked on the interview, CP said we will learn more about them in Book 4, so that is something I am looking forward to.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    I would assume that werecats can do magic, but Im guessing it would be like a dragon doing magic; it would be somewhat limited. However, werecats can talk with thier minds, a common trait that they can do magic.

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    @ WierdAsianFan:
    is tht really possible? that’d b sooo cool….n t cud even be maud…wait, no. she waznt in all 3 buks…
    hey, can werecats turn into people they’ve seen? coz then solembum cud turn into arya or nasuada.

    PS- can werecats do magic??

  • WeirdAsianFan

    justin, have u checked ur spam. thats where i found my account verification 😛

  • WeirdAsianFan

    my account keeps blocking me. first it says im signed in, then, after i type out a ton, it rejects me, saying im not. ive tried every day since the last time i posted, and this is the first time its worked since. help, anyone? oh, and i still think the werecat could be the rider, cuz wouldnt it be cool i he was bonded in human form, but not in cat form? that would give em some pretty huge advantages, if sum1 was trying to use solumbum to get to the dragon, or vice versa. not very likely, but im sticking to it cuz its different, and kinda cool

  • Justin


    I’ve forgotten my password and I’ve been trying to get a new one on “Inheritance Forums.”

    I’ve tried this about five times and I’ve waited for hours and I have not revieved any new passwords.

    Please someone help me! :`(

    P.S. My username is “holyknight” on Inheritance Forums.

  • Bo(DK)

    I ment to type Eragon once

  • Bo(DK)


    go to google and type eragon eragon personality test

  • stuzmuffin

    sorry i meant to say that roran would die 4 eragon i forgot to type eragon’s name.

  • shadeslayer10123

    sorry but it is the truth katrina loves that baby a lot more than anything else soooo i dont think she would be a rider

  • stuzmuffin

    @ beastlyargetlam

    maybe but still roran would die 4 and eragon would die 4 roran but roran loves eragon sooooo much(im not saying that eragon doesnt love roran) that i think roran would die 4 eragon

  • beastlyargetlam

    @ shadeslayer10123

    there’s no reason to be rude!

  • stuzmuffin

    thank you for commenting me shadeslayer10123 it means a lot

  • beastlyargetlam

    does anyone agree with my last huge comment?

  • shadeslayer10123

    2 stuzmuffin

    i think that the mysterious stranger or arya not katrina (take that beastlyargetlam) she is gonna be a mother soon and she wont do anything to harm her baby

  • beastlyargetlam


    if roran was a rider(which he won’t be!) he wouldn’t be paranoid that eragon would get hurt because he has seen eragon do magic and fight and he knows eragon is a strong magician and fighter and knows that eragon can take care of himself. i think that eragon would be more paranoid over roran because he has seen roran try to do magic and he knows that it would take a very long time for roran to be as skilled a magician as eragon is and during roran’s training(if he was a rider) eragon could think that someone might try to take advantage of roran and eragon might die because he used too much energy to try to protect roran with magic.

  • stuzmuffin

    is arya gonna be the next rider or will katrina or will nasuada or elva or the mysterious girl? comment me back on these

  • beastlyargetlam


    i also think roran will be king. i agree with you, for once!

  • stuzmuffin

    @ beastlyargetlam

    listen no offense but i think roran would be more paranoid of eragon being hurt

  • stuzmuffin

    well my dear friend (cant tell who)helped me change my mind(do that a lot ) roran will prob not gonna be the next rider(still possible)but prob the king comment me if you think so

  • beastlyargetlam


    i dont think it would be cool if roran was a rider, because eragon would be paranoid that roran would get hurt. eragon could die while trying to protect roran. i think roran should be king because, as i said before, he is an amazing leader. who agrees with me?

  • stuzmuffin

    @ Meghan swiftsword

    i think roran will get a big role in the next book either king or rider but i hope king but it would be cool if he was the next rider cuz then it would be all family

  • beastlyargetlam

    someone please tell me where you can take the personality quiz!

  • Bo(DK)

    I found it, I am more like Eragon

  • Bo(DK)

    Where do you take the personality test.

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    according to me, orrin, nasuada, islanzadi and roran r the best candidates for the throne

    Orrin: i dont think so…he’s a bit……….eccentric

    Nasuada: possible but i think she’l c roran as a better ruler

    Islanzadi: i think she aspires to rule but knows that she isn’t destined 2 b Queen of Alagaesia…besides…she’s near-immortal 2 and alagaesia duznt need another immortal ruler, good or not.

    Roran: best candidate. obvious reasons.

    has this been mentioned B4, it slips my memory…

    i’m sry if it has

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    no offence meant, to NE1

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    o, n huever mentioned the thing abt ELDEST….ever consider roran? eragon murtagh and roran make up 3 ppl……hence ELDEST….

    and ChristopherPaolini…i doubt it but if tht’s true (we’l find out wen the buk releases)…well…since i dont no hu u are i cant do NEthing, but i’l apologise…(under the circumstances, hu’s expected 2 believe u? even if it is true…)

    PPS- its only in the movie tht her magic is shown as blue when she transports (or teleports or watevr) the egg

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    @ vrael
    seriously wierd idea, but i’m reely sure it’l help cure sum of these ppl frm suggesting all sorts of outlandish ppl for being the next rider.

    BTW, wat the HECK is NGR? i mean, i no it means rider or sumthin but am i missin sumthin here?

    duz NE1 think as i do abt Elva? i dont think she’l b the next rider (tho its possible, i gess) but i think she’l find galby’s weakness for the varden….mebe she’l die try’na find it n then the varden win coz of her? i mean even after eragon removed his…”blessing”…she cud still sense the weakneses n pains of ppl around her exept she cud ignore it, so she mite use tht power fr the GOOD OF ALL MANKIND!!…sry…i mean fr the gud of the ppl of alagaesia.

    PS- i just finished rereadin the whole of the inheritance cycle n it isnt mentioned NEwhere tht arya’s magic is blue.

  • vrael

    going to try and work on a percentage chart with the percentage of what characters will be the next rider based on the posts here, what do you think?

    btw.. I’m either Arya or Brom on the personality poll.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    BROM IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is who I always get when I take a personality quiz too! ;D

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    My favorite characters are Murtagh, Arya, and Brom.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Ok. Thanks beastlyargetlam.

  • beastlyargetlam


    now that you mention it, i also think roran might be the next king of alagaesia after galby dies. he really has the power to make people follow him and trust him.

    P.S., MeghanSwiftSword, if you don’t want to write out galbatorix, you can just put galby.

  • MeghanSwiftSword


    I agree with you that Roran won’t be the next Rider. I have a suspition he might be the next king of alagaesia if they can kill Galbltorix; I mean, look how he got like everyone from Carvahall to go with him to the Varden.

  • beastlyargetlam

    @ MeghanSwiftSword

    i like your idea but i really don’t agree with you. i think it will be either nasuada or katrina.i don’t think it will be roran like some otherrs think(such as daniel and stuzmuffin)

  • beastlyargetlam

    @ stuzmuffin & daniel

    i pesonally do not think that roran will be the next rider. i think the next rider will be female and the dragon will be male. and that eragon and the rider and eragon will fall in love and the dragon will mate with saphira and dragons will have more of a chance for survival. does anyone else agree with me?????????????????????????

  • stuzmuffin

    i agree with you mc roran is a good choice 4 the next rider maybe murtagh will change and bring the egg and die protecting eragon throwing the egg to roran who is destined to be the next rider ( i mean first eragon,then murtagh,and now for the last family member,roran)

  • beastlyargetlam

    does anyone else think that galby will try to make the last egg hatch for tenga? i also think that tenga and galby could be like brothers or 1st cousins or something like that.

  • beastlyargetlam

    @ stuzmuffin

    well, that was a stupid question! that’s what this whole column is about. if anyone else thinks it was stupid, please comment!

    by the way i think either arya nasuada or katrina will be the next rider. if your theories are the same as mine, please comment!

  • stuzmuffin

    daniel i agree strongly with you No DWARF will be a rider i have given some thought 2 the matter and i sorta think roran will be the next rider he has favor in the varden already his people think of him as roran stronghammer he is eragons cousin his wife is pregnant maybe even gonna leave him to go to a safer place for the baby

  • stuzmuffin

    who do you think is gonna be the next rider,huh!!!!!!!!!!!! i think it will be arya partly cuz of eragons dream but maybe nasuada but unlikely maybe elva????????????????????????????????????????

  • beastlyargetlam

    @ stuzmuffin

    my faves are arya nasuada and saphira. i love how they can be very feminine but can also be very strong and powerful women (and dragon)

  • beastlyargetlam

    @ fan404

    how do you think eragon and murtagh have another sibling? please prove it to me by posting it as a comment. if anyone else wants proof, please comment.

  • stuzmuffin

    if u read this comment me who is your fav. charactar in the cycle mine is saphira and arya and katrina,

  • awesome

    thanks apollo

  • fan404

    @ dwarvinprincess

    you are very very very idiotic you need to finish brisingr eldest and eragon (i bet you’ve not started reading any of the books you freako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beastlyargetlam

    @ Bo(DK)

    i totally agree with you!!!!

    if anyone else agrees with Bo(DK) and me pleeeeease comment. we need more to support our theory. arya will probably be the last rider!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dwarvinprincess

    well fan404 i believe that your are stupid you need 2 finish brisngr (you havent finished it yet have you)

  • Bo(DK)

    With all the evidence above there is at least a 85 percent chance that Arya is the next rider.

  • Glorfindel

    Wow, Tamerlein matches Arya’s eyes???? What does that have to do with anything? How could that POSSIBLY make her the next rider?? Besides, do you remember how it says that Eragon felt that Tamerlein was too thick, and that it was forged for someone with a style of more chopping and slashing? And how Arya fights with what’s almost a rapier? Not the same thing.

  • Apollo

    I conpletely agree with you awsome…

    I personally think it will be Elva

  • awesome

    you have it all wrong, fan 404 unless eragon’s sibling is someone very important in all three books. it doesn’t seem very likely. it couldn’t be arya, she’s an elf. or nasuada, neither of eragon’s parents had dark skin. there’s lots of other people it couldn’t be. if anyone agrees with me, pleeease post a comment & by the way, i’m actually beastlyargetlam. i changed my name temporarily so i could post again. i really love the inheritance cycle.

  • beastlyargetlam

    hey its polly pocket 321. i changed my name ’cause it was lame-o, if you know what i mean. i think maybe galbatorix will try to make the next and final egg hatch 4 tenga. i’ve still not finished brisingr so i may have different theories and i will post them.

  • Kyle

    Luke, ur completely wrong, The last egg will hatch to someone important, or else theres no point in the egg being there. If the egg hatches to no one important, paolini will not have enough time to tell the characters story

  • luke

    so wat if the rider hatches to no1 of importance??everyone is going to be peed.. their isnt enough time for training.. unless the egg is somehow stolen before the final battle. murtagh dies thus bonding with arya, so arya eragon then thorn saphira all sail rider just flying around…nothing to exciting?

    ps dont get me wrong i love the books 😉

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hello, Daniel!

    Ganga eom shur’tugal!

  • Daniel

    Once again I’ll say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a dwarf to be a Rider. There aren’t enough strong spell-casters and dragons to ammend the spell.

    I really doubt that Sloan could become the 3rd NGR. He’s a middle-aged man, he has no skill in magic, and knows nothing about magic or the Ancient Language.

    I’m really tired of people coming on here and posting random, off-topic things on here. Please refrain from doing so.

  • ChristopherPaolini

    You are all wrong.
    The next dragon rider shall be myself.
    I will be making a guest appearance in the last book, and I will be the last dragon rider.
    My dragon shall be called Awesomezor, and together, we shall save Alagaesia from Galbatorix.
    True story.

  • Antonious

    one more thing that proves that Ayra might be the next rider is when Eragon lost Zar’rok, his first rider sword, and went to get another one from the elves, he happened across Tamerlein. “The blade of Tamerlein was colored a dark, rich green, as was its sheath. A large emerald adorned the pommel.” (Brisingr page 647). Furthermore, the owner of Tamerlein’s name was Arva, a striking resemblance to Arya.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Notice how everyone seems to be debating and deciding Arya won’t be the next Rider? I think that’s what C.P. wants us to do, so maybe he can suprise us by actually making her the Rider. Honestly, all the facts and hints seem to point at her. What do you think?

  • canoe

    For the Dwarfs that would mean the race would have to make a contract with the dragons like the Elves and Humans have already done. That would be a adventure upon itself.

  • Shari

    Though all of the afore mentioned people/elves/other could be a possibility for the next rider, i really hope it’s Arya. Just because if Eragon has to leave Alagaesia forever with someone i hope that it is she.

    Just ‘cuz i think shes awesome! 😛 lol

  • canoe

    It would be interesting and quite the challenge if a Dwarf became a rider. That would complete the circle of riders to dragons and would give more chances for a dragon species to survive. It would be interesting the interaction between the rider and the dwarf. Would the dwarf get bigger or would the Dragon be smaller but magically stronger since there is less physical substance?

  • MC

    Well one thing that I think a lot of people are overlooking is the fact the Galbatorix still has the last dragon egg, so even if Arya, Elva, Nasuada, etc were to be the next Rider, I highly doubt that they would play a major role specifically as a rider in the last novel, other than the role they already play because 1) the dragon takes 6-8 months to fully mature 2) Galbatorix undoubtedly keeps the dragon egg under close guard in Uru-Baen and thus they probably won’t have access to the egg until they siege the city, which won’t be until after they have conquered the rest of the empire.

    Maybe Roran? I think that if Roran were to be the next dragon rider he would be unstoppable.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Interesting idea, but I do not think that would happen. Selena was said to love Morzan till she saw Brom, and if Morzan took Murtagh and used him against her like he did, he would have done so with the other child also. And after Eragon was born, she died a fortnight after returning to Morzan’s place. I think Eragon and Murtagh are too close in age, plus, Morzan might have been arrogant, but not thick. So unless she had previously had been married to some farmer of blacksmith before (and the people of Carvahall and Garrow would have known about about a kid then), that is also unlikely because didn’t Selena meet Morzan in a Carvahall taven? So she could not have been married before and Carvahall seems to be a pretty moral town, so I seriously doubt that she was married and suddenly ran off with Morzan. And if she did have a kid with a prior husband Eragon would have known because Carvahall does not seem a very large place and people would likely still talk even if the kid had left Carvahall.

    Who knows, you might be right, but that is what I think. But I maybe wrong! ;D

  • fan404

    mmurtagh and eragon have another bro/sis who will be rider and i can prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ppl ELDEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eldEST!!! er 2,. est 3 or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me wat you think of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paulie14wyh

    elva also would not be a great candidate for rider because eragon’s curse removal method lowered her stamina/endurance meaning she would have less energy for combat. and she would need to grow a lot more because even an amazing swordswomen would be at a disadvantage with the body and strangth of lik what a girl between 8-13 years old?

  • Kuthian

    @ Shari

    I’m pretty certain that Paolini wouldn’t have Eragon train Elva after how he tried to remove the curse from her……. it is a possibility though.

  • Lifesk8r


    Good point I forgot about that interview


    I think u can find a video of it on youtube…….. not a 100% certain though

  • paulie14wyh

    also does any one know the interview in which paolini said the rider was in all 3 books?

  • paulie14wyh

    is any one else’s screen broken like there are endless lines of text instead of walls?

  • Shari

    What if the next dragon rider is Elva? She was in all three books. O.o

  • Glorfindel

    @ Vrael.
    I could be wrong, but I don’t believe that Orrin was in Eragon, was he? And I don’t believe that Paolini would make someone a rider, when they already have other major responsiblities, and a large role. Arya has a large role already, but she’s not tied down like Islanzade, Nasuada, ETC.

  • Jack

    Whoa, the comments just keep going up.

  • vrael

    pretty sure Jarsha is not in book one, i remember him first appearing in eldest when the counsel of elders summons eragon.

    @ thisisfuntowatchyoudebate
    just because people enjoy a book series does not make them a nerd,

    PS: i have noticed that the Orrin theory that i posted that both can prove and disprove itself, and all.hail.emperor.murtagh you seem to have a good way at disproving theories.

    PSS: on a side note i decided to just make an account to save time

  • Glorfindel

    Guys please! I’m saying this for the seventeenth time. Christopher Paolini has said in an interview “THE NEXT RIDER HAS BEEN IN ALL THREE BOOKS.” The kid in Feinster has NOT BEEN IN ALL THREE [email protected]

  • yomanargetlam

    i agree with you linzy shurtugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linzyshurtugal

    i personaly have a suspicion that tenga and galby are related (brothers,cousin,even tenga may be galbys dad) and if u 2 have a suspicion about this plez comment

  • pollypocket321

    i hope arya will be the next rider. that way eragon and arya might have a chance for romance. that is just what i hope though. i dont really have a reason for saying that she will be the next rider except for the fact that i want her to be a rider. i really hope that eragon gets a chance with arya. i think eragon loves her a lot and wants to be with her. i think he wants her to be a rider. just like i hope she’s a rider. i’ve not finished brisingr so my theories and hopes may change. i will post what i think after i finish brisingr.

  • linzy

    i love arya and i soooooo wish that she will be the next rider but it could be nasuada but i also think that katrina might get 2 just becuz it would surprise us

  • BenW

    who reckons that sloan could be the next rider? he could come back from the elves after fully redeeming himself and join the varden. if he did want to join the varden and when he asks nasuada if he can join, he could accidentely nudge the egg {when it is in her pavilion} it could hatch for him.

  • thisisfuntowatchyoualldebate

    you’re all nerds

  • stuffsayer

    What if the rock of kuthian was created by the lost portion of galby’s army?(unlikely,but the whole story has a lot of twists)

  • stuffsayer

    what abt the part where galby loses half his army in the Spine?How?It may signify something……

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    d’u think tenga gave angela the knucklebones?? (i no its completely offtopic, but hey!)

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Interesting theory, Lifesk8r.

    “Daniel, *Cough* ganga eom Shur’tugal Kvaedhia*Cough*”

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Thanks, AHKM.

    Very true about the dragon, but while the dragon is only a hatchling, that might be the only way to keep that young one alive.

    That would be a good twist.

    I had forgot about the dwarven enchanters.

    It would be interesting to see Nasuada with him, but that would be putting the young one is too much danger I think.

    Yes, that is how I thought as Elva.

    I think they were twelve, they might mature bodily the same as humans, but their minds might grow much more quickly.

    Also true.

    Yep, we never know, thanks for telling me what you thought.

  • Lifesk8r


    What about that boy that Eragon almost kills in Brisingr during the siege of Fienster……. the kid almost stabs Eragon. He might become the next Rider. Eragon even thought that the kid was a lot like him.

  • paulie14wyh

    i still think there is a riders child we dont know is a riders child. the problem with that is that it is so unlikely that there exists/ed another rider in the last 30 years(im saying 30 is like the cut off age as the mantle of rider is being passed down to the next generation. arya is not a riders child but i think she is the only elf in eragon that does not die which should make her the onl elven candidate(ormis is dead and islanzadi passes the age i think an elf should be to become a rider.

  • Daniel

    List of People Who CANNOT Become Greenwhich’s Rider:

    1. A dwarf. They were not included in the spell that binds elves (now humans) and dragons.

    2. Roran and Katrina’s child. The idea of it is absurd.

    3. Anyone that isn’t mentioned in ALL 3 OF THE BOOKS SO FAR (ex: the elven children, any elf that Eragon met while in Ellesmera that wasn’t in Eragon, etc…)

    4. Urgals. For the same reason as dwarves.

    5. Roran. He has sworn to return home to Palancar Valley to raise his family.

    Those That CAN Become Greenwhich’s Rider:

    1. Arya. Duh if you read the article.

    2. Elva. Extremely unlikely. I don’t see why but it is entirely possible…

    3. Nasuada. She could, but she already has enough stuff to keep up with, her being the leader of the Varden and all.

    4. Jarsha. If you don’t know who he is, hes a little 12-14 year old servant boy who is mentioned in all three books. He really isn’t a likely candidate, but CP could turn the tables on us.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    I was just about to totally debunk your accusations of Shruikan not being skilled, but it seems that paulie14wyh has already done so. I agree with everything they posted.

    Saphira was not “totally exhausted” at that point. It said several times throughout the battle that Saphira was faring better than Eragon. Also, as was mentioned, Eragon drained a horse and revitalized both of them. Now, I’m not saying that Saphira was at her full strength, but she wasn’t drop-dead tired either, and Thorn, after flying all the way to the Burning Plains, wasn’t necessarily operating at 100% capacity.

    Then, there are other advantages Saphira had that should be taken into account. Namely armor, superior size, and the wound Thorn received during the battle. As I’ve already mentioned, armor is always an advantage, and the weight would only slow Saphira down a little bit: it’s evenly distributed across her body. The age thing, which Saphira-fans always stress, is a clear advantage for her. Finally, Thorn was still able to match her even after he suffered a severe, nearly crippling injury from Zar’roc to the leg.

    I’m not saying Thorn was the outright victor over the Burning Plains, but he did get the better of Saphira had certain points. “He managed to kick her off for a moment . . .” etc. He also managed to successfully force her to the ground, despite that she fought him all the way. The battle was probably strictly classifiable as a stalemate(like their second fight) I think Thorn’s moves were a little more impressive, and his advantage clear, whereas in the second fight it was more like a game of ping-pong: One side hits, the other counters, back and forth and back and forth.


    Yes, Vanir has been considered, and he is impossible. The third Rider will have been in all three books, and Vanir only appeared in Eldest. He wasn’t even mentioned in the other two. If CP had intended to make him a Rider, he would at least have appeared in Brisingr.


    I agree mostly with the point about Roran. Those are some pretty good reasons why he SHOULD not become the Rider, though IMO he still has a fairly good chance compared to the others, since most candidates have already been ruled out. In my estimate, he is probably third most likely, after Arya and Nasuada, about even with Angela.

    The dragon being hidden? That’s probably the smartest action the Varden could take, considering that Thorn and Murtagh would probably be out to get them as soon as Galbatorix heard. However, I’d like to point out that the dragon probably wouldn’t appreciate being hidden 😉 Hiding seems the most practical choice, but in terms of the story, I’d probably prefer it if they stayed in Surda. It would be quite the twist if, when Eragon was away, Murtagh swooped in, beat up the green rider, and took them both captive.

    The point about the green dragon’s scent at the Stone of Broken Eggs is a good one. I’ve already argued against the egg hatching, and this is further proof.

    Dating the egg would probably be handy, but I don’t think it would really be necessary. Judging from the writing and also from CP’s comments, I find it highly unlikely that the egg shard was there for anything other than scenery.

    Agreed on the points on dwarf and urgal riders. However, I would point out that there have been mentions of dwarf magicians, and some of them, like Gannel, are skilled enchanters. They aren’t as good as the elves, but they’re at least as good as humans. Orik does prefer to keep his feet on the ground, though it seems to me that he has an enjoyment of “hunting like a fierce-eyed hawk.” That being said, I don’t think Orik is really that likely, being a dwarf and all.

    Nasuada probably would have a little too much to worry about with a dragon, but that’s one of the reasons why I like the idea of it. Makes for good drama, and I’d like to see Murtagh and Thorn come after Greeni and Nasuada’s attempts to fight them off. She’d fail spectacularly, of course, but it would be amusing to see her try.

    I think Angela and Elva are possibilities, but not very likely at all next to Arya or Nasuada. Angela wasn’t a part of the original story arc of the Inheritance Cycle, but was rather inserted by the author as a lampoon of his sister.(He actually says this in an interview.) Elva, likewise, is more of a neutral party at the moment than a definite ally for the Varden, and I don’t think she’d be of much use to either side with only the body of a child. There’s only so much her power, amazing though it is, can do against an opponent(like Murtagh or Eragon) who are physically superior and have experience with using powerful magic.

    In my estimation, the elven children are hardly worth considering, since they weren’t in Eragon and were only briefly mentioned in Eldest. I’m quite sure it wasn’t stated how elven children age, but there are two interesting points to consider: Alanna and Dusan’s age was given in the chapter “Mind over Metal”(I’m 90% sure; might have been “A Rider in Full.”) I think they were “conceived twelve years ago.” Maybe eleven, but I’m pretty sure it was twelve. So, they can’t age too much slower than human children, since they were apparently intelligent and able to walk around unattended except for Maud on occasion.

    However, Oromis mentioned(“On the Crags of Telnae’ir?”) that he and all other elf children were tested to be Riders at age twenty, twice the age of when humans were tested. According to him, elves are still considered “children” at this time. However, givent that elves are immortal and those less than a century old are considered young, twenty-year old elf children could still very well be at or nearly at the same level of maturation as a human of the same age.

    Of course, given that magic is factored into the equation, it’s all mostly guesswork. The magic in their blood could make elves actually grow faster than human children, for all we know.

  • paulie14wyh

    jac please stop
    how could shurikan not be a very capable dragon he and galby took on all of the other riders with 13 other pairs. im guessing that shurikan was trained by morzans dragon after morzan helped galby to steal it. also there were 12 other forsworn dragons that could have helped. and galby and shurikan have the letherblaka to help them train thorn which may not be as good as a dragon but who could clearly teach some things.

  • TopCat

    Has anyone ever thought of Vanir as being the next rider? -Sorry if someone said it I didn’t read all the posts.-

  • Glorfindel

    You know, we’ve all been speculating about who will be the next rider, and we’re choosing people from the “good” side. It could be on Galbatorix’s side. I’m not sure who has been in all three books, but it could. And Solembum says, “When all seems lost and your power is insufficient”, What could be more lost than when another enemy rider appears in the sky?

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    by the way, what the hell is ganga eom Shur’tugal Kvaedhia ? i cudnt find it in the glossary of brisingr and i dont hav the other 2 buks on hand @ the moment..

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    ah so gud 2 b bak!
    believe it or not i’ve read thru evry single post on this 4m (yeah…EVERY SINGLE ONE), n since i ws unable 2 cum online earlier, i’l post wat i think now, so wat i’m referring 2 mite b abt 4-5 pages behind….

    Paulie14wyh: the noble birth, i’m pretty sure, was mentioned coz Angela predicted eragon wit a relationship with sum1 of noble birth, altho its probably got nothin 2 do with bein a rider. Also, arya is immortal, (or as close 2 it as a non-rider can get) anyway, so ….aw who cares…

    Matt S- ur theory makes a lot of sense. the green dragon wud b useless unless it alredy hatched… i remember it being mentioned b4 – no one knew abt Saphira until Eragon spread it around…

    And just wat i think on sum things:
    its alredy bin sed y….2 long 2 grow up/train/battle decided by then

    Oh,and u ppl shud c this site: its the wikipedia tht has ALL the details of the buks, including the suspected fates of the main characters…

    CP said that the next rider will be someone unexpected right? well that doesn’t really rule out arya. She’s so obvious that many people just rule her out, and just because of that it would be unexpected to make her the rider…..something like expecting the unexpected…

  • jac


    Saphira and eragon had been fighting all day long before thorn and murtagh showed up and it was evident on reading that both of them were completely drained (eragon took the energy of a dying horse and gave it to her to stop her limbs from shaking).the fight above the burning plains occured between a tired dragon (saphira) and a fresh dragon(thorn) so it cant be taken as a legimate reference point to compare the skills of the two dragons in question,it is also to be noted that there was no clear victor in that battle as after some time the dragons gave up flapping their wings and merely glided to consrve energy thats when eragon decided to continue the fight on the ground.Hence, the sole fight in which thorn took on saphira without any clear advantage was the fight in brisingr which ended with thorn being driven away.

    you had mentioned in your earlier comment that torn had been trained to fight since the moment he was bornbut who trained him????shruikan ,galbys dragon was stolen when he was just a hatchling so how would he know about arial battle techniques??? Aye, galby must have explained to him how its done and so could the dragons in the heart of hearts but wouldnt that be like teaching a guy to cook be just explaining how its done???also,when glader first saw saphira he was impressed by saphira’s skill and believed that being alone in the wild had only sharped her skills ,so your point that the time saphira spent in the wild was a waste is not true. I am not questioning thorns claim to being a worthy dragon which i am sure is pretty strong given the circumstances of his upbringing he has done remarkably well but he was grown by the magic of galby and has the mind of a hatchling and his lack of experience and unfamiliarity with his grown being will only be a disadvantage to him in battle,he was grown by magic and oromis said in eldest that altering a body by magic is not helpful as the person wouldnot know how he got his body.

    also this is not about being a saphira fan or a thorn fan, im merely looking at the picture in an unbiased way and from my observation till now i would give saphira a higher rating than thorn.personally im a glader fan……!


    your comparison between the bonds of riders and dragons and imprinting by werewolves(shapeshifters)in twilight series is pretty interesting but i believe the bond between riders and dragons to be stronger as their very souls are joined at a prmary level(says so in eldest)

  • maya

    I don’t think that the egg fragments eragon’s found in ellesmers are for the expected grean dragon,if it hatched in ellesmera the elves-or gleador-would know about it,& how did it manege to stay undetected until it grew & fly away to god knows where,it doesn’t make sence.then again;writers don’t write sence.
    anyway,this theory that if the dragons are involved then the riders are too reminds me of imprenting in twilight,when they don’t have a chance. just a thought,,
    good theories by the way,,

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    What did you think of my long theory, AHEM?

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    Didn’t I already bring up that if my figures are accurate, Thorn and Saphira have been training in combat for an identical length of time? Saphira didn’t start training with Glaedr immediately after she hatched: she waited eight months before it started. Thorn, on the other hand, has been raised to fight from the start.

    It has been stated that Saphira is remarkably talented as a flier, but we don’t know that Thorn is necessarily less skilled. As I have already brought up, their fights both over the Burning Plains and in “Fire in the Sky” have been pretty much equal, and no one on the Empire’s side who’s seen Thorn be trained(Galbatorix, Murtagh, Shruikan) has said that Thorn’s skills are anything less than extraodinary. Over the Burning Plains, there was an extended period where they both “dueled with increasingly complex acrobatics.”

    *Sigh* I really wish there were less fans who have become fanatical Saphira-worshipers after being exposed to CP’s two-dimensional exposition of the war.


    Eragon lost consciousness because of the energy he needed to expend while fighting Murtagh. He and Murtagh engaged in a one-on-one magical duel, where Eragon, Saphira and all thirteen of their elf helpers maintained a spell against Murtagh until they were all literally shaking with exhaustion. Murtagh broke first and stopped using magic, because of the strain of spellcasting(Remember that Oromis said only a fraction of a spellcaster’s total strength can be converted into magic in a short period of time, e.g. one spell), and afterwards was still able to heal Thorn. Eragon passed unconscious from magic-use, and afterwards he was woken by the elves and told to release the spell before it drained all their energy, which he did.

    Oh, and by the way, Murtagh didn’t really flee first. Saphira and Thorn broke away from each other after Eragon and Murtagh tested their magic against each other. Saphira headed back to the Varden’s camp, and Thorn landed briefly before taking flight and fleeing. It looks to me like they fled at the same time.


    You’re looking for a loophole. Only inept writers try to make revelations or solve problems by using loopholes in their extablished perimeters. In Book I, their child wasn’t even conceived yet, and there was no mention of them having thoughts of children, only “courting.” This, of course, is beside the point. It will take too long for the child to be born and to mature, AND to learn magic and swordsmanship, to be a useful Rider. By that time, the war will have been decided for good or for ill.


    I agree with most of your points, except why the Rider will be female. I believe that the green rider will be female as much as most people, but I have already argued and established that two riders ARE NOT COMPELLED TO LOVE EACH OTHER IF THEIR DRAGONS ARE INVOLVED. I’ve repeated this point so often its ridiculous. Again, Riders and dragons going into relationships together is from the DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN, not INHERITANCE.

    Other than that, your theories are very well thought out and backed.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Wow, I did not realize how long that one post I made was till a reread it.

  • @[email protected][br0mss0m]

    i think the rock of kuthian is du fells nangoroth………and i think in the valut of souls will be an eldunari of eragons white dragon(not present eragon but the first rider) ,…….this is not so possible but there can also be faelnirv…..the drink…..can be possible….and also that eragon and jeod discover the elves underground way to the castle in urubean….where they steal the egg….

    keep guessing…….christopher paolini is tricky…

  • @[email protected][br0mss0n]

    i think the next rider can be angela bcause she has visited ellesmera without bein caught…..n she hinted her age is as much as arya in book 3….she is also a very skilled swordswoman and very clever…..i kno this idea is a bit farfetched but till it can be……

    it canalso be the mystery woman or arya…..but not orik cause he is a dwarf……n i kno this dat eragon will teach the new rider n dragon…

  • Clovered

    I did not mean to sound so jaded, just in my nature lol…concerning Elva: she will regard Eragon with indifference and says of Saphira that she is the one who gave her the star on her brow and “(to Saphira) You have always been kind to me I am and always shall be your faithfull servant.” Pleanty of animosity for Eragon but no vows for vengence, nothing set in stone…as you say, we will not know until we have read it for ourselves

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I don’t know about the women, but I think the old man (I think his name was Tenga) will give trouble. True, there is never a sure guess, and will not know who it is till we read that part.

  • Clovered

    …And wouldnt that just be a great twist? Movies and books become predicable when the writers and authors strive not to be predictable by doing the exact opposite of what people expect…If we all stop using the right sides of our brain im sure we can figure this next book out lol 🙂 Dose anyone think that the two women that Eragon blessed will show back up, and what of the old man in the ancient elven ruins trying to answer the unanswerable question (whom was apparently Angela’s mentor for a time)

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    You make a very good point there. She is rather his responsiblity, though I do not see her wanting him helping or teaching her (especially in the learning of the words of the Ancient Language, I see a problem there). I forgot, did she no swear for revenge or something of the sort? That would not be good.

  • clovered1

    Rock of Kuthian being the gateway to the vault of the souls; Vault of the souls being the place where the heart of hearts are being held? maybe?…I for one really want the next rider to be Arya, but Elva had all but disapeared for the last half of the book. What if she shows back up a fully grown woman or a teenager even proficient in magic via her nature…she can feel the pain of others, would that not be a great attribute for a rider? She was Eragon’s mistake and thus, his responsibility. Would it not be appropriate for him to be her mentor or tudor as dragon rider?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, I do not think it is Roran, though there is links that suggest it, surly CP would not be so mean to the poor man, I mean, he has enough to worry about, his wife, child, his cousin, he is already in the middle of the fight, yes, but not that thickly in it. Also, like someone else mentioned before, if he was to become a Rider, he would out live his family, unless Riders can forsake their immortal lives, but that would not be good for the other Riders, so surely that would be a problem.

    Another is his skill in magic, he can fight on foot, yes, but how about on a dragon? And with magic? We have seen how long it took Eragon to learn magic and I am sure he would be no different, it would most likely be harder for there is no more Oromis, no more Brom, only the son of Brom who had not finished training himself. And even he was not to partake in the final war then that would still be putting his family in danger. The dragon has to have time to grow, so if it has not hatched then most likely it will not fight, because it would take…was it not that Saphira was six months old in the battle of the Varden? If the hatchling was to hatch, it would be vunerable to attack, also putting the Rider and his/her family and/or friends in serious peril, because all of Galbatorix’s thought will be bent on that dragon and Saphira. Roran is already at risk because of his being kin with Eragon, and he has openly defide Galbatorix, he is already a quite a large threat to the king and if he was to be the next Rider, I would be worried about how much of Galbatorix’s mind will be bent on him. He has much more ties than Eragon, more things that the king can use against him, he has already used Katrina against him. I hope, for his own and his family’s sake, that it is not Roran to whom the dragon hatches to, or else they will be hard put to it to keep everyone safe and unscathed.

    The rider, whether he or she be of elf or man would have to be a good fighter, most likely both in weaponry and magic, to keep the hatchling safe, and until the dragon is old enough, he will most likely have to be hidden, most likely the best place for that would be Ellesmera or some other elven city, out where there are sure to be none or few who can tell the king of the location of the hidden dragon. There would have to be room for the dragon as he grows, someplace where the dragon and rider can train once the hatchling is old enough, someplace where they are unseen by the enemy. The dragon would most likely NOT be safe in Surda, so I do not think that if the egg does hatch, it will be kept there.

    I wish there is a way we could know how long it takes for the decomposition of a dragon’s eggshells then we might have been able to put a date on the green egg shell in that cave in Ellesmera, but I doubt that there had been any dragon in there in quite sometime or Saphira would most likely have picked up the scent. Plus, I seriously doubt that Glaedr would be teaching Saphira from another dragon’s den, that would not be very, um, nice. I mean, even if the scent of the green dragon was stale, I am sure that the scent of the other dragons linger there and that dragon’s scent would be much more fresh so she would most likely pick up the scent, though if I remember correctly, she was very preoccupied that day, but I think she would have noticed it.

    And others have said it before and I think the same, that I do not think Orik or another of the dwarves will be chosen for they were not in the pact between the elves and dragons, and I am not sure how skilled there kind is with magic, plus, judging by what we have seen with Orik, dwarves rather keep their feet on the ground. Though I might be wrong.

    And I think Eragon would die of heart failure if a urgal became Rider, though I think that is the least of those we need to ponder about, I seriously doubt, that that would happen.

    I think Nausada also has enough to worry about, I think she has too much as it is so to put in a dragon would not be good. I mean, the dragon hatchling would be very exposed if it were her, the enemy would notice if suddenly the daughter of the man that led the defence of Farthen Dur suddenly dissapeared and decided to hide. The dragon would be too much at risk, already people have tired killing her, how much more would a dragon hatchling add to the lot of men that the king will send?

    Ayra I think would be a good Rider save that I do not think she could have the patience to stay out of harm’s way and in hiding with the young dragon. Many of the things match and point to her, but the only concern I have with her is her love to be in the thick of things.

    Angela, ah yes, the seithr. She would be quite an interesting Rider. She most likely can do the hiding and we know that, in her own fashion, she is learned in magic. It would be…interesting to see how she could handle a young dragon. She seemed to handle Elva well, but she is rather harsh or words and eccentric, but she is interesting and I am sure would make a pretty good Rider, though I can’t really imagine her in a battle like that (Kind of like imagining Mrs. Wealsey on the back of a green Welsh dragon with a sword).

    Let’s see, Elva would be interesting, though I do not see her working well with Eragon if the next Rider is going to be on the Varden’s side (and let’s hope so, I don’t think Eragon can last very long against three Riders that are stronger than he). I think her anger with several people (though most of it is with good reason) will affect how she would…what she can do as a Rider and how she might treat the dragon.

    The elven children, they would most likely be the easiest to hide, though we do not know how elven children age (or I have forgotten) so we(or I) do not know how being a Rider might alter them and how fast will the dragon grow compared to his partner. Even if the green dragon is not to fight, that is rather a gap in the growing process.

    And I seriously doubt the next Rider will be a werecat so I will not even go there.

    Now, who else?

    Ah well, I think I have written enough for this post anyway, I will think of some more later.

  • Daniel

    Roran has already said that he is going to go home to raise his family.

  • Mandito

    Well I agree with you about Arya propbably being the next rider. But, The whole thing about Eragon HAVING to fall in love with the rider can be misinterperated. For those of us who have a brother or sister or any relative for that matter know how it feels to LOVE them, Why couldn’t the bond between Eragon and the new Rider just get stronger. Roran and Eragon relationship seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

  • Daniel

    Was the name of Galbatoix’s sword ever mentioned in the books?

    Has anyone given thought about someone on the Empire’s side becoming Greenwhich’s Rider?

  • Glorfindel

    Greenwing, it never says a red dragon. It just says two dragons. It doesn’t even have to mean Saphira, though it probably does. I’m assuming that you’re referring to the dream of the man on the shore.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Thank you, if they do like I said, they will give him a very well earned and fitting death, death by his own hand.

  • mmhmm

    @PadfootUnewraithSlayer, I read the other comments and i sort of agree with your old theory. Maybe saying his name into the vault of souls will stop the Eldunari from giving energy to Galbatorix somehow. (^_^)

  • Windy

    I also agree with the eldunari being in the vault of souls btw

  • mmhmm

    This is kinda off topic but is Brisingr bursting into flames really that special, because

    1. In Brom’s story, Galbatorix killed Vrael with a blazing sword

    2. Eragon set Zarroc on fire with brisingr when he killed Durza

  • Windy

    1. @ LordSilverflame: I don’t think Nasuada being a leader would make her a good candidate b/c characters have said it’s bad to have an immortal leader (cough cough Galbatorix)
    2. I think it would be awesome if the green egg had already hatched since the green egg shards were found. But then if CP used that as foreshadowing then all the green things to do with Arya would be redundant and not foreshadowing. Which would suck b/c I really want her to be the final rider.
    3. @ amyj I think it would be REALLY great if Angela were the next rider 😛
    4. The theory that it’s probably going to be someone young b/c it’s the next generation of dragon riders makes sense. So maybe it will be Nasuada… but then again, Arya is young by elf standards, so….
    5. As you can see I’m really confused and don’t know what to think. And I’m also torn between wanting the next rider to be Arya or Nasuada… Oh gosh.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    May be, those Heart of Hearts do seem to hold a dragon’s mind, so that might be the souls spoken of.

  • mmhmm

    just a suggestion,

    could the vault of souls/rock of kuthian be the place where galbatorix stores all his eldunari?

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    He found the shell in the old breeding ground of the Dragons I think near the outskirts of Ellesmera. It was when Saphira had gotten Glaedr so made and they had fought.

  • mmhmm

    does anyone know when eragon finds the green egg shards?

  • guest

    Personally I think the green dragon already is hatched,, in eldest eragon find scales of a green egg and how come galby and murtagh knew saphira is the only women dragon left?

  • mrman1234

    I personally think that the next rider is Ayra, because the green thing works out. Didnt she wear a green dress when she went to go get Eragon in the third book. and with the green magic and green eyes… it all matches up to me.

  • justin

    if u ask me roran will be the next rider sense murtagh is eragons brother and has the same bloodline as him rora shares the same bloodli to so it has to be roran because it matches they r kin to one another thats y i think roran is the next dragon rider

  • greenwing

    has everyone forgot that the dragon in Eragons vision was a red one!

    I also think that Roran should be a perfect rider, he is a natural leader and there all family… sort of. and if not he should at least be king or something.

    I bet the rock of kuthan is in the middle of the hadarac desert it’s the dragons ancestral home, makes sense…to me at least

  • amyj

    every body seems to assume that when the green dragon egg hatches and greenie mature that saphira will mate with him and eragon will fall in love with the rider of the green dragon due to the love between saphira and greenie… which means that greenies rider has to be a girl?

    but that isnt technically right. paolioni never suggested to my knowlegde that when bonded dragons mated their rider’s fell in love. so greenie and saphira could mate but eragon and the rider (if a male ) wouldnt fall in love. im not sayin that the rider couldnt be female, it could but eragon doesnt have to automatically fall in love with them… if saphira mated with thorn would eragon and murtagh fall in love???

    any way i personally want angela to be the third rider…. i would LOVE IT lol.

  • mmmmmm

    Well, I think it could be roran’s son/daughter because before you say that he/she hasn’t been tere in the last books, it has been there but in an indirect form, like in katrina and roran’s relationship. I don’t know, just a guess, even though I want Arya to be the next rider 🙂

  • It

    I believe that the vault of souls is really another name for a storage of Eldunari. I mean, think about it if Eldunari are a dragons consciousness and magic, then they’d also be they’re souls….
    On the rock of Kuthian I’m clueless so… respond if you think I’m right.

  • Matt.S.

    Hey, this is quite unrelated to the discussion, but I would appreciate any thoughts on my theory;

    1. In Eragon, I believe that Brom talks to Jeod about when he, Jeod and a hired theif infiltrated Gi’lead to steal Saphira, and for some reason, only Saphira wsa found, rather than all three eggs.

    2. This could mean that Murtagh was a Rider all along, as Thorn would already have hatched. This would then explain Thorns seemingly ‘unnatural’ growth spurt.

    3. Finally, the third, green egg would have already hatched and outside Galbatorix’s control, but possibly not stolen by the Varden.

    This would be unknown to member’s of the Varden because Galby would not advertise the fact that he had lost the final egg.

    Before anyone dismisses my theory, it cannot be said that the green egg hasn’t already hatched because CP said he had no clue about the shard of green egg in Du Weldenvarden, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of it hatching elsewhere, e.g. The Spine, where few venture, and Galby lost half his army.

    Phew, any comments?

  • Daniel

    By now, I think Galbatorix would have started bringing people to Greenwhich’s egg to see if he could add another Rider to his ranks. I don’t see why he wouldn’t, unless the egg is being held in a location that he doesn’t want to reveal to anyone that would tell the Varden about it. In that case I can see why he wouldn’t.

    Hiding it in another location would run the risk of it being stolen (I really hope that Galbatorix hid Greenwhich’s egg far away from Uru’baen for the Varden’s sake) and would be a poor decision on Galbatorix’s part. If he did hide it in another place it might be because he’s becoming madder and madder as time passes by. Of course fighting a mad enemy with the power of hundreds of dragons at his disposal would be stupid.

    I’d like to address the wards that protect Galbatorix’s True Name from being discovered. So far three elves have found out his True Name and as soon as they found it they died. I’m wondering if it would be possible to put wards around a ward or something along those lines… Has anyone else thought about this?

  • paulie14wyh

    @ lord silver flame im just wondering what these have to do with being chosen as the next rider

    how does being a noble help your chances?
    no matter who becomes the rider they will be imortal

  • LordSilverflame

    Here is the evidence:
    I think we can agree the next rider will be female, because if it was male Eragon would have to love the male rider, which I personally believe is something Paolini will go to all lengths to avoid.

    Prominent candidates:

    She is of noble birth, giving her quite a bit of backing, along with the fact that she would requite minimal training to become a rider.
    She is also of noble birth, she would be immortal if she became a rider, and would be the perfect age and in the right position to do a rider’s duties.
    After all, she is only two years old. Very unlikely.
    She is pregnant with a child. even after her pregnancy, she will be occupied as a mother. She can be ruled out.
    Unknown character:
    Maybe. I find it unlikely that Paolini would do this. They could meet a character at the beginning of the book and by the end be a rider. but I think it can be boiled down to Nasuada or Arya now.

    Nasuada is my personal favorite, simply because Arya would be too obvious. The new rider could come from overseas. Last time we were speculating about book 3, we thought the new rider would come then. We could be wrong again. I’m not Paolini.

  • wally

    i thin that it could be Jarsha the messenger boy that called Eragon after the battle in Farthern dur in the start of Eldest

    or it could be Quiembys and brigits son Novernfall

  • Ally

    @ Tetrahawk

    Do you remember the interview that CP said that in?

  • Glorfindel

    A.H.E.M. Yes, I agree for the most part. And you do come off as a rabid Murtagh fan sometimes. Chuckles. But yeah, it was pretty much a stalemate. I guess the only thing that could be shown as an edge was the fact that Murtagh and Thorn fled first. But it’s not much, if it’s anything. Also, didn’t Eragon lose consciousness because the spell was draining his energy and he couldn’t release it? I’ll check it out.

  • Sabrasher

    Come on people. Roran cannot be the next Dragon Rider. During his wedding her made a vow in front of everyone that he would go back home and build a farm for Katrina. CP puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of vows so how the heck could Roran be a rider and stll provide Katrina and his kid witha farm?

  • Nick

    Just wanted to point out that Elva has been in all 3 books. Would certainly be interesting to see her as a rider 😛 ( Not that I disagree with you all, I think it’s gonna be Arya, but no-one had suggested teh possibility yet, so I wanted to 😉 )

  • jac

    according to me arya is a fine canidate for being the next rider,for all the reasons the folks at shrutugal have pointed out.

    as for the mystery woman and girl who appear in book3 ,its said in that chapter that angela only gives predictions to those who will affect the fate of alagaesia in some way or the other……… also in book3 eragon dreams of a ruin and a woman wandering about .Could this be a vision?What if its one of the mystery women blessed by eragon?And could they know where the rock of kuthian is and give its location to eragon therby shaping the fate of alagaesia like they are destined to do so?Its already known that they are not against the varden as the younger girl wishes eragon luck

    as for speculation about will eragon summoun anyone from the dead(if he finds a way) i dont think of it as likely as it wont do any good for the plot of the book ………….i mean wats the point! the book is about eragon ,now resurrecting dead charecters will merely diminish his role its him VS galby rite?!

    the notion of the bond between dragons elves and humans being made to accomodate the dwarves is not a feasible option as such complex magic requires a lot of time and preparation as explained by glader(in eldest the chapter where he explained the bond between riders and dragons and the course of its making) and besides the varden will be trying to reach gably quickly before he unleshes some new monster on them (i.e like the pain less men) so frankly there is no time for dwarves to be included in the treaty


    you commented on thorn being better trained than saphira……i humbly disagree the fight between thorn and saphira in brisingr is proof of saphira’s competance and superiority……………saphira is by nature a excellent flier(commented by glader in eldest) and that coupled with her experience of flying gives her an edge over thorn who has comparitively lesser experience and who was given a growth spurt by galby and is yet to get used to his body

    the quest for the truth of the rock of kuthian is very exiting and i have thought a great deal over it…………… The rock of kuthian is the gate way to the ‘vault of souls’ eragon is asked to shout his name there but why his name?!? eragon was named after the first rider and what if the ‘vault’ was a storage of power for him to use and could be opened by his name being spoken?!?!it is an erratic theory but still!!!………as for what lies witin i can only guess but my guesses are quite unlikely so no point bringing it up lol!

    the comments posted by you all have given me quite a lot of interesting theories to ponder over and i thank all of you noble minded people

  • PadfootUnwraithSlayer

    Roran is family to Eragon ad Murtagh. Garrow and Selena were brother and sister if I remember correctly, so by Selena they are family, Eragon and Murtagh are cousins to him. So by marriage Morzan is family and, well, like Oromis said, Brom and Selena probably thought of each other as married. So by marriage and family line that is four.

  • Tetrahawk

    Roran has no riders in his bloodline. He is connected with Murtagh and Eragon through Selena. Brom->Eragon, Morzan->Murtagh.

    Before yet another person suggests an elf other than Arya, CP has stated that the next rider has been in all three books so far in an interview.

    The only 3 who actually seem like they have a chance are Arya, Nasuada and Roran. And Arya has the most foreshadowing.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Also true. But I just figured that out about the scars, took me long enough! ;D

    Daniel, *Cough* ganga eom Shur’tugal Kvaedhia*Cough*

  • Daniel

    If Roran were to become a Rider he would outlive both Katrina and his child.

  • Daniel

    They’re all family too. Dysfunctional and barely related, but still a family…

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Aye, poor Roran has enough to think about! The only connection that I can see that MIGHT hint that he MIGHT be the next Rider is him being scourged. I mean, Murtagh has a scar down his back from Morzan. Eragon HAD a scar down HIS back from Durza, and Roran now will have from his beating.

  • paulie14wyh

    i believe she said she would not make a weapon for a man to kill another(i may be wrong) and he would get close to the egg if he were part of the rescue force
    and runs in the family thing may be true if you remember it could either run in the fathers line so that is not viable or it could run in the mothers family in which rorans relation to garrow could push him in to the saddle

  • will

    ya but katrina is going to Surda for the duration of the war so roran would not have to worry about his family while he is training and fighting

  • Daniel

    But Roran has a wife and child to care for. I don’t think he would get near a dragon egg as not to run the risk of it hatching for him.

  • will

    I think the new rider will be roran for two reasons first off it runs in the family and second Rhunon said she would never make another riders sword she never said anything about a hammer

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    I hope I’m not coming off as a rabid Murtagh maniac who’s denying the obvious to make my hero seem to have performed better, but I don’t think driving Murtagh off could really be classified as a victory.

    In the battle, both combatants had a task they needed to accomplish:

    Murtagh: Capture Eragon and Saphira.

    Eragon: Kill or capture Murtagh and Thorn before he can capture us.

    The battle ended with both combatants heavily exhausted: Eragon and half the elves fainted, and Saphira and the remaining elves were too exhausted to fight. Murtagh and Thorn, likewise, were too worn down from the battle to continue, and fled to regain their strength. If Eragon and Saphira had completely triumphed, they would have captured Murtagh and Thorn. This was what Eragon wanted to do, remember? If Murtagh had won, he would have captured Eragon and Saphira. The result of the battle is that neither of them succeeded completely, but both managed to prevent the other from capturing them.

    I guess you could say that Eragon prevailed because he thwarted Murtagh’s intention to capture him, but at the same time, he was trying to take them as prisoners or kill them if he couldn’t. Murtagh evaded this by exhausting Eragon to the point where they couldn’t fight anymore, then both parties withdrew. Looking at these parimeters, I’d say the battle would be best classified as a stalemate, considering that Murtagh and Thorn were not permanently harmed, and both teams live to fight another day. At the very best for Eragon, it was a narrow, Pyrrhic victory.(Remember Eragon’s comments to Nasuada afterwards. “We barely escaped! Barely! And next time, I fear Murtagh may be even stronger . . .) Also, if you consider that Murtagh and Thorn “fled the battle” to be an indication of defeat, remember that Eragon and Saphira withdrew when Eragon lost consciousness. Shortly after, Murtagh healed Thorn and withdrew himself. Another indication of more of a draw that an outright victory.

    This is getting kind of off-topic, though . . .

  • Shadeslayer

    Arya is the best guess, but there is still many other choices……. what about Vanir?

  • DanielW

    I think that Arya will be the next rider.

  • Shadeslayer

    There is no way a Dwarf could be the new rider because if you remember that the dragons formed a bond between the Elves and Humans. Saphira and Thorn even with Shruikan’s help could change or add to that bond between races even with magic.

  • HB

    it doesnt seem to me that Broms ring could be Saphira’s Hoh. it just seems to be a bit small in size. and if it was her HoH why wouldnt she have revealed herself?

  • Matt

    I have been reading all 3 books at the same time, and i noticed in the first book, that Eragon asks if the ancient language has a true name, and brom says it does, and if you find it, you can control all magic, along with alagaesia.

  • Tazz

    I know this is totally unrelated to the topic of who could be the next dragon rider (i have already voiced my hopes on that score). I was just woundering if anybody has any thoughts on the jewel in Brom’s ring. It has mentioned in the last 2 books (Eldest and Brisinger) that it has unfathomable stores of energy. Is it possible that it could be Saphira the 1st heart of hearts. Please let me know your opioions as I am quite intreasted to hear what other people think about this theory.

  • paulie14wyh

    appears you are right ahem and glorfindel it does look like that scene was in eldest sorry my bad

  • Glorfindel

    Paulie14wyh, I could be wrong, but I’m quite sure that that scene was in Eldest. A.H.E.M. , I like your reasoning, I agree with what you said about those people not becoming the next rider. And yes, Thorn and Murtagh did get beaten. They took off and fled the battle. True, it was very close, or Eragon and Saphira would have taken them down. But they did get beaten.
    It’s possible I suppose, but I doubt that Paolini would do it. What would happen to Katrina and their child?

  • paulie14wyh

    Ahem first trianna was definatly in the first book there was a scene where she is showing eragon how her snake bracelet(i think it was a bracelet) can move when she adds magic, then i believe that saphira scares her away.

    i will agree that horst is not likely to become the next rider but to say he lacks the leader ship experience if you remember ergon a year ago was a farmer and while the next rider probably wont have the time eragon did i think horst is starting from a few steps above eragon in the leadership stat. also i would put him in a class of middle importence more the a meaningless name in the book like thane or loring but less then a nasuada, ormis character. he is rorans main supporting character in the books if you look closely. like saphira is to eragon.

    thorn as a mindless attack dragon i think we need to put this one to bed he is probly not as good a flier as saphira ( she was and exempliary flier if you remember)
    i think they have probably got about equal levels of training/tatics.
    yet he has matched saphira well and though i think that in the end based on pure skill saphira would eventualy win a fight it would be a very painful process for both.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    Wearing armor in a fight is always an advantage. What it would have cost Saphira in mobility would have been more than covered in the protection she would have gained. Even though she had likely spent some of her energy in the battle, it said explicitly(during “The Storm Breaks” I think) that Saphira was faring better than Eragon in the battle, except for cutting herself on Soldier’s armor. Her main attack during that battle was to stand back and breath fire at their enemies, and that wouldn’t have weakened her much. She can maintain a flame for 30 minutes at a time.

    You think Saphira “definitely upstaged Thorn” in their second fight? Then we have a disagreement in opinion, it seems. It looked like a pretty even battle to me: Thorn’s wing is broken, Murtagh heals Thorn, Saphira’s wing is ripped, the elves heal Saphira, Thorn crashes into Saphira with the force of “Saphira colliding with a mountain”, Saphira kicks Thorn, etc, etc. Both teams were heavily exhausted at the end of the battle and on the verge of collapse. At the very best for Saphira, the battle was a stalemate in which they prevented Thorn and Murtagh from absolute victory. If Saphira had really “upstaged” Thorn, then he and Murtagh would be dead or captured.

    The free side always wins? Yeah, probably. This is CP’s story, and the chances of him actually allowing the “bad” side to win are pretty slim. Of course, since the Varden are constantly painted as “good” and “free” they will inevitably win no matter how ridiculous the situations are. That really eats at me, because it destroys any feeling of suspense or suspension of disbelief.

    I’d appreciate it if you would let me know what sort of advantage being a “free” dragon supposedly brings(besides, “Oh, we’re the free side! We’re in the right! Of course we’ll win this war!”), and what really makes Thorn a “mindless attack dragon.” Thorn isn’t acting of his own free will, but he isn’t a zombie driven by nothing but Galbatorix’s orders. He still has a war to win and knows full well he’ll be punished or killed if he fails. If anything, that desperation would make him dangerous. He may be acting on the orders of others, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking for himself during this. Given his ferocity in combat, I don’t think Thorn is holding back and fighting for a cause that he hates, however he feels about Galbatorix. Remember that he was brought up around Murtagh, Galbatorix, and Shruikan, none of whom are notable for their love of the Varden or hatred for the Empire.


    Trianna wasn’t in Book I and had only a minor role in the other two. She will not be the next Rider.

    Jormundr has had only a minor role so far. I don’t see any reason for CP to make a person who’s fit solidly in the “second in command” archetype become a Rider.

    Dwarves were not included in the spell that created the Riders, and there aren’t very many dragons around today to lend their strength to an amending of the spell. There is no apparent reason why dwarves would be added to the spell or why they would even want to. Orik will not be the next rider.

    Angela was not part of the original trilogy, and was inserted by the author as a lampoon of his sister for the purpose of comic relief. Her magic is very different from a normal magician’s, and she fights with a Huthvir rather than a sword. Angela is unlikely to be the next Rider.

    Jeod has had a minor role at best. He doesn’t have much experience in magic, except by knowing a few words of the Ancient Language. Little has been said that could foreshadow him as the next Rider. It is unlikely that Jeod will be the next Rider.

    Katrina is pregant, and is not about to start riding around on dragons and fighting imperial soldiers. She has no experience with magic, combat, or the Ancient Language, and hasn’t distinguishe herself as a physically imposing character. Katrina will not be the next Rider.

    Horst is too busy to be a Rider, with a family and another child on the way. He has no experience with magic, combat, the Ancient Language, leadership, etc. His role in the series has been minor at best. It is highly unlikely that Horst will be the next dragon Rider.

    Albriech and Baldor have played a minor role in the series. Like the others, they lack any sort of experience that would help them become Riders. Also, being male harms the chances of them and the other male candidates because the next Rider is likely to be female. It is highly unlikely that Albriech or Baldor will be the next dragon Rider.

  • Tycie

    I think that the light the man was talking about is the dragon’s Heart of Heart’s.

  • paulie14wyh

    im thinking that there must be another child of a dragon rider hanging around but that would mean that another rideer survived the fall and lived another at least 80 years in hiding (assuming that all ngrs will be humans) and it seems like another one is just so much more unlikely as a dragon is hard to hide and living through your bond mates death is supposed to be rare.

    if it is an elf then well i guess we would need to see if any have rider parents.

    How about ruhunon? could she become a rider she is a little old lol but it would be cool she has probly got a kill switch in every riders blade that only she can activate that instantly saps the riders energy. yeah that would be cool lol.

  • Brian

    I think the chosen rider of the last egg will be an elf, and likely one of the two elf children that witnessed the making of Eragon’s new sword, Brisingr. I don’t expect that the rider will be chosen until after the end of the war, when the egg is brought to Du Weldenvarden for the first time.

  • justin

    I think the new rider will be Roran! The reason I think this is because both of rorans cousins are dragon riders and I think it will follow the blood.

  • Jocelyn

    I believe that Arya will be the last dragon rider. I also believe that is who Eragon will leave with if what he saw after his first flight with Saphira was true. Also, in Brisingr, on page 351:

    “I saw your brother, and he burned. But he did not burn like you. Oh no. The light from his soul shone through him, as if it came from somewhere else. He, he was a void, a shape of a man. And through that shape came the brilliance that burned. Do you understand? Others illuminated him.”

    I believe that Murtagh is not on Galbortrix’s side. I don’t even think he is really alive. I think Galbortrix is using a spell to make Galbortrix himself appear as Murtagh. All the rest of it was exactly how Galbortrix and the Twins planned it to be(Murtagh’s death, showing mercy to Eragon, ect.) To explain Thorn, however, I think that perhaps he had hatched soon after Saphira, yet Galbortrix let nobody know. The true owner of the dragon may have been killed so no real bond grew. However, Thorn must have an empty space in his heart. I can tell because he gives the same look that Shruikan must have, being forced into evil.

    I have a lot more theories, but if anyone can comment or speculate this, thatd be helpful! : )

  • paulie14wyh

    it cant be the baby the character was in all 3 books so far

  • MAK

    If you don’t remember Katrina is pregnant and her child is a good candidate for the next rider. the child unmarked by all and innocent.

    Also remember that the dwarfs want nothing to do with the dragons and they are not apart of the blood oath bond that was made. Therefore it can’t be Orik who just became King of the Dwarfs.

    At this point we can only hope and wish who we want it to be!

  • BenW

    i have other ideas on who could be the next rider. these characters were in all three books.







    other least likely characters





    what are your opinions?

  • Mitch

    Eldest, page 649.

    Murtaugh’s lips quirked. “You don’t know? Ha! There’s a fine jest. It’s not because of you; it’s because of her.” He jabbed a finger at Saphira. “The dragon inside Galbatorix’s last egg, the last dragon egg in the world, is male.”

  • paulie14wyh

    glorfindel i do not have the the book with me but it is in eldest while murtagh is talking to eragon. ergon says why not kill us or something and murtga says you really dont know? saphirea is the last female dragon the last egg is male or something

  • Glorfindel

    And did Paolini really say that the remaining dragon egg is male? I don’t think that it was said in the books.

  • Glorfindel

    I’m sorry, I meant MM.
    @Mike, can you confirm that the third rider will have been in all three books?

  • paulie14wyh

    i think part of saphiras advantage is pure skill no matter how much experience or training you have at some point you hit your limits and if you remember gleder and ormis say she is an exemplary flier. now having a great amount of natural skill does not always win either and i think that her training with gleder would likely have been more logic and thinking work

    ie if this happens what do you do/ what are your options

    with this sort of training skill is only half of what counts the other part is that your moves and reactions are like instincts so where thorn was trying to catch up to saphiras size and inherent skill advantage she was learning new and unexpected ways to over come her opponent

    as some possible evidence if thorns lower ability i believe if you look at his and gleders fight you will fing that despite his injury and despite his size and there for lower agility gleder outdoes thorn until galby takes over murtags mind i think that either shurikan or galby him self was also controling thorn because at that point he out does gleder so bad it is rediculous

    ( i dont have the book atm so if i am wrong about how well thorn did please correct me, and also the training explanation is just speculation about how any type of training works after the physical limits have been reached or come close to being reached.

  • Mitch


    Thanks for the life lessons on fantasy reading. I would suggest the same advice to you. Saphira was wearing armor as you said, which was likely heavy and slowed her down. Even if it didn’t, both Eragon and Saphira were tired from previous fighting, and not fully aware of what they were up against. Plus Murtagh and Thorn had who knows how many heart of hearts on them. The second battle saphira didnt have armor (faster), was better prepared and rested, and they had the elves on their side giving them additional power. She definitely upstaged Thorn.

    So, my opinion, which I assume you know what opinion means, is that he is still a mindless attack dragon who doesn’t have the advantage of being a free dragon. In any fantasy setting those fighting on the free side (are free or are fighting for freedom) almost always prevail.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hi, Chris!

    Yeah, green is a good color, but red is my favorite.

  • Chris

    Green is my favorite color. I’m glad the final book will be that color. 😛

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    HELLO, MIKE!!!!!!! Remember me? ;D

    Yep, it did say that Saphira was the last female dragon, that is why she was wanted alive.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    There’s something very important you should keep in mind while reading any complex fantasy work: Just because one person says it does not mean it is 100% true. In fantasy, as in real life, there are always conflicting opinions, lies, half-truths, and deceptions.

    What Saphira was saying about Thorn not having her experience was hot air. What does she know about Thorn? How does she know that Thorn hasn’t been forced by Shruikan to undergo all sorts of rigorous experiences to toughen him up? Isn’t that the whole point of him being trained? No amount of boasting on Saphira’s part can erase the fact that Thorn matched Saphira blow for blow over the Burning Plains, despite that she was wearing armor and was larger than him. His strength and experience has only been growing since.

    Also, not having much experience doesn’t make you mindless or incompetant. By that line of reasoning, Eragon must also be incompetant because he’s had only about a year or so of real world experience. For the amount of experience he’s had, Thorn is a remarkably good arial fighter.

    Also, keep this in mind. Thorn is about five months old, and Saphira is nearly a year old. Thorn’s been trained since he was a hatchling with extreme intensity. Saphira didn’t start training with Glaedr until she was alread eight months old, and spent most of Brisingr away from Glaedr. Therefore, Thorn has actually had more training than Saphira has, and also the advantage of being raised from his earliest days to it. The way I see it, this matches or counteracts Saphira’s slightly longer lifetime and the experience she gained from surviving in the wilderness and fighting urgals/ra’zac alongside Eragon.

    Murtagh stealing the egg:

    Murtagh is under Galbatorix’s control and has sworn a load of oaths of loyalty to the king and the Empire. Unless his True Name changes, it’s a little farfetched to assume he’d steal the egg and send it to the Varden, especially considering that he’s on the Empire’s side and would only be helping his enemies and reducing his chances of survival.

    I won’t say this is impossible, however, because I myself thought up an extremely intricate theory detailing how Murtagh could smuggle the egg out of Uru’baen and send it to the Varden, and why that would serve his best interests. It’s a little long to type out, though . . .

    Socks in Alagaesia:

    Where did this discussion come from?

    Anyway, socks in Alagaesia were probably made out of wool, if it was available. You could probably use magic to alter the color, so it doesn’t seem farfetched that the Green Rider could wear green socks to match. Without magic, socks were probably a dull, grayish white.

    BTW, I think this theories column is getting too long. A lot of people seem to be popping up spouting theories like “What if the Green egg has already hatched?” or “What if one of the women Eragon blessed will be the next Rider?” that have already been disproven in this thread. If any of you newcomers to this thread don’t have the time to read through 300 comments(and I can’t blame you), I’d recommend you at least read my earlier posts. I’ve pretty much debunked every ridiculous theory I’ve seen in this column so far myself. ; )

  • Daniel

    To ammend the spell would take all of the strongest spellcasters in all of Alagaesia, not just Islanzadi. It would be hard to find a loophole in the original spell that would bring dwarves into it. I think it would be nigh on impossible to do because of the wording that would be needed to alter the spell for a second time and the actual energy involved.

    Angela is the fourth down on my list of possible candidates for the 3rd NGR. On a scale of 100 she gets around a 9. Arya gets a 51 or so.

  • Bea

    So Islanzadi changes it? Does she have the power to do that? Maybe the idea is abit farfetched for the moment, maybe after all the battles and stuff and Galbatorix has been defeated (we hope), the eggs(once again, we hope) produced by Saphira, maybe they would change the bonding rules and give Orik a dragon egg that hatches for him. Or maybe im just living in fairy tales. Anyone considered Angela for a dragon rider?

  • Daniel

    The spell that originally allowed elves and dragons to bond and become a Rider pair would have to be ammended again (it was already ammended to allow humans to become Riders) to allow dwarves to become Riders.

  • Bea

    Ah ha! Forgive my ignorance, ive just read somewhere that the next dragon rider has been in all 3 books. Nevermind though, its still a slight possiblity, they never said their names, how do we know they werent in the other books, as maybe a character we over looked as just another towns person. Personally though, even though the chances are reeeaaalllyyy slim, id like Orik to be the next dragon rider. It would definatly bridge the gap between the Dragons and the Dwarves. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

  • Daniel

    The next Rider has been in all 3 books so far!

  • Bea

    Does anyone remember, in Brisingr, pages 254 to 257, there is mention of a woman and a teenage girl, having thier fourtunes read by Angela? They dont appear anywhere else in the book, and i thought, why would Paolini mention them? They will obviously be appearing in the next book. Maybe the woman or the girl might be the next dragon rider? Just a speculation. Anyone else think that? Although Arya seems the obvious choice, we dont know how strong these women are, or how experienced with dragons they maybe. They were obviously worth mentioning, so what be their purpose?

  • paulie14wyh

    and he hasnt done much for interviews since eldest really on that whole page of interviews most are pre eldest i think

  • paulie14wyh

    mike my list was a list of elves that we see or hear about in eragon not the entire series as that number is much larger and some one has said that the rider is in all 3 books

    next i just watched the borders book club interview and in the 2nd part of the theories section at around 7:40 color is brought up and he says that a persons favorite color does not normaly affect the color of a dragon that picks them but is sure to leave a hole to slip through so it seems like another piece of evidence to support arya despite my personal hopes

  • Justin

    Glorfindel, I never said anything about that.

  • Daniel

    The page is 649 in “Eldest,” Mike.

  • Daniel

    Its somewhere in the Battle of the Burning Plains If I recall correctly.

  • Mike

    I believe that (from my notes), there are a total of 34 living NAMED elves. This does not count any elves we may have encountered throughout the books that were not given names. This also does not count any elves that may have been named who were killed. So there are a few more than you think. 😛

  • Mike

    I do not believe it has been confirmed to be a male… can you cite that?

  • paulie14wyh

    alright some new things i just realized
    1 there are only a handful of elves in all 3 books
    2 most of them are dead when mentioned of have died since being mentoined
    3 the only elves i can remember in eragon the book that really limits this group are arya,ormis,arya’s 2 guards in prelude,(maybe izlanzadi,evandar,and a few other dead ones)
    4 out of these only 2 are still living arya and izlanzadi

    this i feel limits it to at those 2 elves and i personally dont think it will be the queen

    will be working on a list of possible humans using similiar reasoning over the next few days.( may take longer as i have to look at the books)

  • Daniel

    And the dragon is a male!

  • Mike

    Hi everyone:

    I checked in with the official source (Christopher) to confirm that Christopher has indeed stated in interviews that the cover of the last book will feature a green dragon and this is the case. Christopher has, in many interviews (including recent interviews and public engagements) stated that the dragon is green.

    We can now all stop casting doubt on that fact!

  • Checku

    I say I don’t care but I at least want the rider to be female I mean it would be cool if the dragon was female too because then you would have a male male pair of rider and dragon you would have a male female pair and then you would have a female female pair it would be cool

  • Glorfindel

    or blue, green, and red are common colors.
    And I’m going to say this for the last time. Why should the color of Arya’s eyes influence the dragon egg? Sure, it would be an interesting coincidence, but how does it make people so convinced that she will be the next rider? And again, I really don’t think that the green egg has hatched. The elves would have felt the presence of the dragon, and if they hadn’t, they would have noticed the absence of someone who had disappeared and become the next rider.

  • Daniel

    I think their socks would be an off-white color…

    The only solid evidence that I can recall about who the Rider will be is that they have been mentioned in all three books. Way too vague if you ask me! I’m trying to compose a list of every single candidate and rank them from “almost has to happen” to “that won’t happen in a million years!!!”

  • Bob

    In other news, the green dragon rider probably wears socks. But what color? Brown? Depends on the available bleach in their time?

  • Daniel

    Is that a refrence to the sock shrine?

  • Bob


    You gotta be cool! Can’t be in a dragon rider club without being cool!

    Plus, you gotta have lots and lots of…socks…


  • Daniel

    I’m trying to get my thougts together to narrow down the list of who will be the 3rd NGR. If anyone can post the criteria, that would be a big help! 🙂

  • Justin

    I think Thorn and Murtagh are most likely to steal the egg, they seem to know more about it’s whereabouts than anyone else.

    I’m still hoping that Nasuada will be the next Rider because, she could mostly get to touch the egg before anyone else.

  • feanarang


    Good thought, but CP has said that the new rider has been in every book. Those two women only appeared for a few pages in Brisingr. They are most likely from another story CP has planned. The biggest part that they could possibly play would be stealing the green dragon egg for the Varden. I don’t have any conclusive evidence for that theory, only that they are on a mission, and that if they will play a part in Book IV, it will be stealing the egg.

  • Nikki

    I think I found out who the third && final dragon is going to hatch for. Sure, for a while I thought it would be Arya because in the first book when she && Saphira crashed that Diamond in the Mountains, the book said that her magic was emerald green, && she has emerald green eyes, && the last dragon egg is emerald green BUT the dragons usually hatch for their rider when the rider is young it says….

    So, I’m reading Brisingr again right now, && I’ve been pondering this question of the “last dragon egg” (because in one of his dreams he sees himself holding hands with another dragon rider, meaning it will hatch for a female && Eragon && her will fall in love (or it could mean him && Murtagh made up && he overcame Galbitorix’s rule) ……. Anyways….on page 254 it starts….

    About a hundred feet from the pavilion, they chanced upon Angela the herbalist. She was kneeling between two tends, pointing at a square of leather draped acrpss a low, flat rock. One the leather lay a jumbled pile of finger-length bones branded with a different symbol on each facet: the KNUCKLEBONES OF THE DRAGON, WITH WHICH SHE HAD READ ERAGON’S FUTURE IN TEIRM.

    Opposite Angela sat a tall woman with broad shoulders; tanned, weather-beaten skin; black hair braided in a long, thick rope down her back; and a face that was still handsome despite the hard lines that the years had carved around her mouth. She wore a russet dress that had been made for a shorter woman; her wrists stuck out several inches from the ends of her sleeves. She had tied a strip of dark cloth around each wrist, but the strip on the left hand loosened and slipped toward her elbow. Eragon saw thick layers of scars one could only get from the constant chafing on manacles. At some point, he realized, she had been captured by her enemies, and she had fought-fought until she had torn open her wrists to the bone, if her scars were anything to judge by. He wondered whether she had been a criminal or a slave, and he felt his countenance darken as he considered the thought of someone being so cruel as to allow such harm to befall a prisoner under his control, even if it was self-inflicted.

    Next to the woman was A SERIOUS LOOKING TEENAGE GIRL JUST ENTERING INTO THE FULL BLOOM OF HER ADULT BEAUTY. The muscles of her forearms were unusally large, as if she had been an apprentice to a smith or swordsman, which was highly improbable for a girl, no matter how strong she might be.

    Angela had just finished saying something to the woman and her companion when Eragon and Saphira halted being the curly-haired witch. With a single motion, Angela gathered up the knucklebones in the leather square and tucked them under the yellow sash at her waist. Standing, she flashed Eragon and Saphira a brilliant smile. “MY, YOU BOTH HAVE THE MOST IMPECCABLE SENSE OF TIMING. YOU ALWAYS SEEM TO TURN UP WHENEVER THE DROP SPINDLE OF FATE BEGINS TO SPIN.”

    She then asks Eragon to bless them after that.

    Now, Eragon realizes they must be of imprortance, because she rarely draws out the dragon knucklebones, which is only done for people that can speak to Solembum.

    Now…..Solembum can sense the future…..WHY WAS HE TALKING TO THEM???

    It’s the DRAGON knucklebones….which was only done for, ERAGON, HIS MOTHER SELENA, and one other person.

    I think it will be her.

    Let me know your unput!

  • Justin

    I think the Rider shouls be Nasuada because she hasn’t been used as much as Arya has.

  • MM

    I have just noticed in Brisingr when the spirits come to Eragon and Arya when Arya touches hers it goes “between royal blue and emerald green with occasional flashed of red”….
    coincidence? i think not
    i bet arya will be the next rider

  • Aiedail~

    Hey what if the rider really is one of the women Angela had Eragon blessed. Think about it:

    The dragon is most likely already hatched. (hint, hint- Eragon stepping on green eggshell)

    Also that we wouldn’t want to read just another Eldest with Eragon having to train the rider and dragon, they don’t have the time.

    Why else would Angela have Eragon bless them, if they weren’t important? Maybe she knew…

    They could have gone to Angela searching for guidance, because they were unsure of what they should do…?

    And they could have been in all books, just in the background, one sentence, or something we just didn’t really pay attention to.

    Okay, I know it’s unlikely but I’m just trying to throw out new theories since it seems we’re just repeating them over and over agin. Arya, Roran, Nausauda, Sloan….so on…Mainly Arya it seems. I still stand by my theory: That Arya is somehow connected to Galbatorix which might explain why she won’t show her feelings toward Eragon, because she knows she shouldn’t feel for him what she does. That it would just hurt him more. She might want to get out, but doesn’t know how to get away from Glabatorix. Maybe he did something while she was imprisoned.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Robert, are you guys having problems with the fan art too? I can’t get the thumbnails to let me use the link to see the pictures up close.

    Maybe Ronan is, but I think that boy has enough things on his plate right now.

  • paulie14wyh

    this is a dumb theory but Katrina touches the egg while pregnant and both her and the baby are the rider/s

    makes no sense at all lol but what ever

  • Eragpnshadeslayer52

    you notice how all the new dragon riders are related? Murtagh is Eragon’s brother. Brom was Eragons father and Murtaghs uncle. It would make sense if the next dragon rider was Roran. we don’t know what couler rorans magic is. He is an exelant fighter. He will do whatever it takes to give Katrina the life she would have had in Carvahall. Also, he’s Eragon’s cousin and Murtaghs.

  • Justin

    I still believe that Nasuada will be the next Rider, because of the reasons people, other than myself, have stated.

    I’m also hoping CP will make a sweet ThornxSaphira scene.

    I’m sorry, but I’m really crazy on that pairing. lol.

  • DD93

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the info 😛

  • Bob

    It’s a problem with people’s e-mail accounts rejecting ours. I even changed it from [email protected] to [email protected]

    Anyone who is not receiving e-mails has an issue with their e-mail provider for rejecting them. (Spam folders, etc.)

    (I’ve looked into it quite a bit :P)

  • DD93

    Someone may wanna look into the registration. Some people aren’t receiving their emails and can’t activate their account. -_^

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hello, Mr.Cox! Have not heard from you in awhile!

    I know you can, but I am content as a guest. ;D

  • Bob

    Just an FYI to all the guests.

    It’s quick any easy to register your name forever!

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Nice to be able to talk again, Glorfindel, I have not been able to comment since they put the passwords on because I do not want an account, but a few days ago I saw they had a thing for guests.

    Still no comment about my theory, eh? ;D

    It would be the easiest way to kill Galby and kill two birds with one stone as it were, get the Hearts of Hearts and Kill him off. ;D


    Glorfindel, which Glorfindel is your name after?

  • Evan

    I think that yuouodbfhu has an idea. Although Arya being away from her dragon as much as her current actions would require, if anyone could do it, it would be Arya. THe most important piece of evidence in favor of Greenie being hatched is the fact that Eragon found a piece of a green dragon egg when he helped Saphira after she fought with Glaeder in Eldest. Is the rider Arya? Maybe. Is the Green Dragon Hatched? Most likely. After all, at the rate Paolini writes, there shan’t be much time for Greenie to grow before the war is decided.

  • Glorfindel

    and yet, you took the trouble of finding a fan website, and posting your obnoxious comments.
    @Hi Padfoot! Of course I remember you. Where have you been?

  • Mitch

    All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh, I would definitely like to see a larger role for Thorn. Its hard not to root for a red dragon. Based on your timeline I would agree that Thorn is likely developed enough to have a good understanding of himself, and he’s no doubt been trained by the black dragon (sorry don’t have the name handy). I just remember when Eragon was asking about how Thorn and Murtagh got so strong so fast and then Saphira commented on how Thorn didn’t have the real life experiences that she did. (I don’t remember the exact lines but you get the idea). She’s had the chance to make mistakes and learn from them, and live as a free dragon while Thorn has not. His entire life has been forced upon him. That is why I say mindless. That’s not to say he isnt smart or capable. I hope that is clear.

    Also, a question. How would anyone know the sex of the last dragon within the egg? I know Murtagh told Eragon that the last egg was male and that is why they want Saphira, but how can they tell? That kind of leads me to believe that maybe it has already hatched for someone.

  • Dillon

    its Angela, one of the childeren elves, or the older woman that angela told the fortune to. thats what i think

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I think Arya, but I could be wrong, and I guess no one liked my theory on how they could kill off Galby, fine then. 😉


    HELLO, GLORFINDEL, remember me??!!! ;D

  • yuouodbfhu

    Hey, maybe Greeni already hatched for Arya and she is just hiding him/her from Eragon. Maybe?

  • Sunbladedrgn

    I love theories…right or wrong, they’re great. As for this theory, I like many others believe it to be true.

    One thing I would like to say though. Nowhere in the books does it say a dragon HAS to choose it’s rider young. The only reason it was always a child was because of the way the Riders had set things up. The egg has the magic cast upon it to make it a ‘Riders Egg’…they present it to all the children. From the sounds of it, they’ve never really presented the egg to adults to see if it would hatch. If you want proof…Murtaugh was older than Eragon…19 if my memory serves. As far as humans are concerned…he’s an adult. Thorn still hatched for him.

  • Aiedail~

    Paulie14wyh- Thanks, I didn’t know that. LOL there goes my theory…well, i guess that only leaves Arya, she’s the most likely candidate. Although I still feel like CP is making it too obvious, don’t ya think? Maybe he just wants us to think of her so he can throw us off…

    HB- there is no quote saying Arya’s power is blue, becuase its green. The person/people who said that her powers were blue probably had it confused with the movie. Everyone here knows how much they screwed (please excuse my language) up the movie and changed so much. In the books, her powers are green and in the movie they made it seem blue when she transported Saphira to Eragon in the Spine. Blue is Eragon’s. Easily mistaken with seeing the movie, mixing it up with the actual book.

  • Glorfindel

    Jack, do you read Sherlock Holmes?

  • Glorfindel

    Either that, or they don’t know how to spell.
    Since you’re abbreviating Instant Message, the “im” should be capitalized. “IM”.
    And that bit about, “lazy repugnant and indicative of an inferior mind”, was a direct quote from the book. I thought people would realize that and not think that I was calling them inferior. Yeeesh, get a life.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    No, it is completely impossible to bring back the dead in any way. Brom said that magicians, sorcerers, and Riders had all “tried and failed” to resurrect the dead.(Emphasis on the “failed” part, please.) He also said that, “there is an abyss beyond all life. If you reach into it, your strength will flee and your soul will be lost.” If magic means nothing in this void, how could anything you do possibly bring someone back, even if you used all of your strength?

    Furthermore, if it was possible to raise the dead by trading your own life, don’t you think that a lot of devote elves/varden spellcasters would have willingly traded their lives to get Vrael, Beloth the Wise, Eragon I, Irnstad, and their dragons back to fight Galbatorix? Wouldn’t the Riders just keep coming back? And wouldn’t Galbatorix force some of his spellcasters to trade their lives to get the Forsworn back? Being able to bring someone back in Alagaesia would leave a whole line of gaping holes in the story behind it. It is impossible to raise the dead, and if it is possible, it hasn’t been done yet.

    By the way, I agree with you about Nasuada. If she doesn’t become a Rider, that’s definitely what should happen.

    Albriech or Baldor as Rider:

    Possible, but not probable. It seems very likely to me that not only will the third Rider have been in all three books, but they will have had significant character development in at least one of them. Albriech and Baldor were only briefly seen in Eragon and Brisingr, and even in Eldest(where their roles were the largest) they were secondary characters at best. I won’t say that it’s impossible, but I don’t see it as being very likely.

    One of the women Eragon blessed as Rider:

    CP mentioned that there was a “rather interesting subplot” in Brisingr that was cut from the final edit. Because of the title of the chapter, “Interesecting Sagas” I am led to believe that the story of these two(which was only touched upon in Brisingr) was the deleted material. If CP was setting either of these women up to become the next Rider, he would not have let them be deleted from Brisingr so easily.

    Besides, this should be obvious, but they weren’t in Eragon or Eldest.


    I don’t think Thorn is as “mindless” as you imply. Perhaps a little confused about his body, but not insane or stupid. I hammered out a very detailed timeline of all the events in every book(you can find them on the user encyclopedia here), and have gauged Thorn’s age at the end of Brisingr to be about four or five months, nearly the age he would naturally be mature at. Saphira was rather intelligent at this age(right before they arrived in Farthen Dur, she was about that old), so I wouldn’t think Thorn would be, either. Since his body would be almost mature(breathing fire) at this time, he shouldn’t be confused about having an adult body for much longer.

    Also, when the two fought at the Burning Plains and during “Fire in the Sky” they seemed pretty evenly matched to me. In fact, Thorn really got the better of Saphira during the first battle, and she was wearing armor and had the advantage of size. Maybe I’m just getting defensive because Thorn is my favorite dragon, rather than “just another dragon”, but that’s how I see it.

  • Evarinya

    I think its going to be arya.. i mean she really seems like she could be a very good rider.. all they need is time for her dragon to mature, she is already an amazing fighter, and plus that way saphira can mate and she can fall in love with Eragon..

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Wow, you lot have been busy with the theories!

    I have no idea who is going to be the next rider, I just hope however it is is not on the ‘dark side’. But I do not see Angela as one, it would be like imagining Mrs. Weasley as a Dragon Rider to me. ;D


    No, we have to wait till everyone finally gets on! *Hint* *Hint*


    Hi! Have not heard from you in awhile! Remember me?

  • HB

    so rude! if you dont like it why come on here?

    i still havent found the quote where it describes Arya’s magic as being blue, and i dont think that the colour of magic has anything to do with th Dragon. Eragon didnt have magic before he found Saphira.

  • paulie14wyh

    Aiedail it cannot be some one new cp has stated that it is some one in all 3 books and i believe he has also disproved the already hatched theory as well

  • smg

    i think the other likely candidate would be elva …and about the age didnt she go from being a newborn to 4 years old in a few weeks???who is to say that she could not be alot older in a few months

  • Aiedail~

    *Gosh I wish I didn’t have to keep posting as a guest, it’s really getting annoying. I registered about three weeks ago and still haven’t gotten my activation email. I thought I might have typed something wrong so I joined again but i STILL haven’t gotten it so….idk*

    But anyways, I personally hope that greenwich is hatched by someone NOT in the book so far. Someone totally new. I believe the dragon has already hatched (memo: remeber Eragon stepped on a peice of a green eggshell…coincidence????)

    So maybe the egg is already hatched to someone? They could come join the Varden to help- even though i think Eragon should confront Galby on his own without the help of another dragon. That would mean that it couldn’t be someone already in Eragon’s life, to have found the egg.

    Later on, Eragon and the new rider could bond…leading into the vision Angela had. Then maybe Eragon can kick Arya to the curb…Sorry, I’m just not a big fan of her and I know it’s likely she will be the rider. I just somehow don’t think so. Doesn’t feel right.

    Sometimes I even wonder if Arya might not be on the same side as the Varden. I think that maybe (and i said MAYBE) that Arya is a spy for Glaby but doesn’t know what to do because she’s grown close to Eragon and doesn’t want to be in league with Glaby anymore, but doesn’t know how to get out? That could also explain how she won’t show her feelings for Eragon because she knows that she shouldn’t feel what she feels for him. What do you think?

  • bringonbook4

    can i just ask a really stupid question?
    how do we know that in olden times riders could be women…is it mentioned in the books anywhere because I haven’t seen it!

  • vrael

    ok after checking eragon again Nolfavrell is not in book one, sorry for bringing that theory up,

    But that reminded me of Albriech and Baldor ( Horst’s sons ) they are in Eragon, and if you notice whenever something seems to be happening with Roran one of them are always close by in Eldest, although they aren’t mentioned much in Brisingr, Baldor did manage to wound the Ra’zac’s mount in Eldest, ( Escape, page 516, ” -and yet Baldor’s aim was true his arrow struck the flying creature on the right flank,”

    I am not trying to cause problems by tossing out more theories it is just crossing my mind, in fact i am happy to have them disproved, thanks for clearing that up about Nolfavrell all.hail.emperor.Murtagh.

    i am currently reading Eldest for the third time.

  • BenW

    there are 2 possible theories i have of who could become the rider of the green egg with a bit of evidence as well, the liklier being Arya. the reason for this is: as i have been reading through all 3 books (can’t wait for the fourth 1) i have notice a lot of similarities between Arya and eragon. they were both inprisoned in gil’ead, both are magic users, both are skilful with a sword, Arya is an elf and eragon(after the blood-oath celebration book 2 eldest) resembles an elf, they are both strong of body and of mind, they both have confused feelings for each other which eragon expresses and Arya tries to hide(in brisingr she is more open to eragon possibly she sees him as more matured after his training or she could always have had but was afraid of distracting eragon)and they both have killed a shade with each others assistance (eragon killing durza and Arya killing varaug). these similarities(which i have noticed after only reading the books twice) tell me that paolini wants to make Arya and Eragon near enough eachothes equal so that if they fall fully in love their age difference won’t really matter. because of these reasons i believe that paolini will make arya the next rider to over come the gap between arya and eragon so they can both fall in love and not end it because of jealousy. and just to sum it all up i belive paolini will make arya the next rider just so she is equal to eragon. also saphira is female and eragon male and the green egg is male so arya female and the green dragon male and this is also a similarity if you get my point.

    arya could also be the next rider because she is better suited to become a rider than anyone else. she would not need as much training as eragon because she is skilled with a blade, knows a lot about politics and the history of alagaesia, she is a master at magic and knows a lot about the ancient language. because of this she would not have to study or practice as much as eragon did in these areas. the only thing she really would have to do is work on strengthening her bond with the green dragon(who i like to call greeni) and practicing maneurveurs with greeni.

    she would also level out the riders because if youve noticed the riders and dragons are all male(except for saphira) and arya would be the only female rider. isn’t it clear that arya is the best possibility?

    roran is the other possibility but not as much as arya. roran is a great warrior and a good leader(i think that he could rule alagaesia because(the mad king) palancar’s blood runs in his veins and that means that he is royal). at the start of brisingr roran asks to be taught magic by eragon and eragon gives him the words to lift a stone with magic and tells him to practice. this means that we can almost be sure that roran will learn a bit of magic in book 4 possibly through greeni. roran’s fighting style is like bash and slash and the green sword tamerlein is made for that type of style and if roran becomes the next rider that sword would be perfect for him to use both because of the fighting style of it and because of it’s colour which suits greeni. but roran could also not be because of his love for katrina and he would not like to outlive her.

    paolini said that the next rider would be someone unexpected. i believe he said this to convince us that it is someone else other than roran or arya. the reason he said this i believe is because he wants to make us think it is someone else so as to make us try and find out who this person is in the hope of us not finding out too soon.

  • Jack

    Nearly 250 comments…
    Too much!

  • paulie14wyh

    but dragons cause magic to be a certain color not choose because of it

    and the skin color thing if it is sun set then the sun is on the western horizon and since the ocean is largely to the west then from the beach looking at this scene every one there would be in silhouette so all would be more shadows then normal colors. but i think the dragons wings would be their respective colors so we should have know what 2 dragons would be there

  • Nikki

    I hope with all my might that it is Ayra who the dragon hatches for. I did not even think of that “emerald green light” as the color of her magic comparing to the egg….but I find that rather “odd” …. but a part of me also feels as if Nasuada may be a choice…but in Eragon’s dream when he was holding hands with another rider…I think he would have realized WHO if the other rider was her color in his dream. I’m going crazy thinking about it until Book 4 is released…

  • Mitch

    Glorfindel, I’m with you on the IM speak. I generally just skip over the posts here that use it. The others are right about it being pretty much a way of life now, but that doesn’t mean I have to lower myself to those low standards. There could be some good theories mixed in those scrambled letters, but it’s definitely not worth my time to try and understand it.

  • jack(dublin,ire)

    well i have just finished reading brisinger for the second time and all fingers point to ayra for several reasons,

    1 her magic is green

    2 the egg is green

    3 the rider sword tamerline is green and she would be allowed to borrow it

    4 so her and eragon can connect as although i haven’t reread eragon and eldest recently i think i remember saphira saying something around trianna about eragon being careful as whoever he falls for so does she thus eragon-ayra saphira-green male dragon

    simple deduction my dear watson!!

  • luke

    glorfindel- too bad mate.

    i dont have the book on me but the blessing eragon did to that nameless girl could that have anything to do with her being the next rider?

  • paulie14wyh

    ok wasnt cambridge but there was a study done mixing of internal letters looses 11% reading rate on average 255 words per min to 227 mix last letter is 189(26%) and first was 163(36%) the study data above is from the University of Durham search spelling is not important for more info(info another im word but it is of an older date and has become widely accepted sorry gorfindel but the revolution has started, the flood gates opened and the milk spillt there is no going back)

  • paulie14wyh

    glorfindel now i am not a huge im talk user but neither do i feel that proper grammar and perfect spelling are really necessary. i do think however that your unaccepting attitude and inability to overlook the slight gramatical and spelling errors makes you seem like the one with an inferior mind

    If seen this before, but it’s still quite interesting … Can you read this? Just don’t try reading it letter by letter …

    Olny srmat poelpe can.

    cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

    and acronyms are very easy to learn and understand once you have learned them just like anything else btw by the way brb be right bac if you take the 20 seconds it takes to look them up on google then in a matter of at most 20-30 uses of the term/ acronym you have made up your time

    the world is changing we are always trying to save time energy space you name it we want to use less of it annd this is just one way of doing it

    now theory time

    wierd asin fan a werecat cant be the rider as the are not in the spell that binds the races of dragons humans and elves(well actually proof of the binding has been a linked failure so maybe since the were cats are failing they are also part of the binding but we dont know about it)


    just because something was does not mean it will always be so i dont think there were set limits on the male female ratio. i think it just ended up that way(by your reasoning in the us shoe size has a direct correlation to reading ability small feet lower reading ability. this is true yet they are not correlated it has to do with the fact that babies dont read.)

    tetrahawk i dont know if wearing a color makes you any more likely to ride a dragon of that color now if you get a dragon of a certain color you may look in to getting armor that matches that dragon just for effect.

    daniel i think he may have said that the exact opposite happened that they tried with many and it cost all of them their lives just as i think trying to see the future killed all those involved ( dont quote me on the future thing but i sure about the raise the dead)

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    whoever sed that the 3rd rider duzn’t hav 2 b a girl, listen 2 this:

    in the old days, half the dragon riders were women, girls, female, watevr. Now, since 2 of the riders are male(eragon-murtagh) it just stands 2 reason tht the nxt 2 wil b female, i.e, greeni’s rider and the 1st rider of the nxt generation (saphira and ??’s child)

    if ur sick and tired of IM talk, deal with it. its a lot easier thn typin normally

  • Tetrahawk

    Yay, Glorfindel. We should apply the same rules on the IF here.

    Were the girls with the fortune in Eragon or Eldest? No, so they aren’t an option. Back your theories with evidence at least…

    Werecat’s aren’t really part of the bloodoath, as they aren’t exactly human or elf.

  • James

    I think Angela might be the next rider. Its possible. she wears green armor. If the green egg produces a male dragon, how can it be assumed that that would save the dragon race? unless dragons have more than one egg at a time, but over time then they would be procreating with their siblings?

  • Glorfindel

    I am so SICK of people’s Instant Message talk. It’s harder to understand than regular language. And it’s “lazy, repugnant, and indicative of an inferior mind.” Sorry, I could miss that reference. Anyone? Anyone?

  • WeirdAsianFan

    eerm, sorry if im getting annoying, but i saw a link once of CP’s clues, and never found it again. can anyone tell me how to find it, or the link itself? thnx

  • WeirdAsianFan

    YES!!! it finally worked. okay. sry. anyways, i think that the werecat, solumbum, has a chance of becoming the next rider. why? cuz in some of his newsletters, CP mentioned writing some chapters on werecats, cuz solumbum gets along with saphira, so maybe greenwhich will feel the same way, cuz solumbum’s already magical and been in battle before, cuz hes pretty important and been in all the books sofar, cuz his relationship with the dragon will be drastically different (more equals than human leader, dragon pet no offense) and cuz it will give eregon ( and arya) the freedom to choose who they wanna like.

  • Mitch

    Definitely not saying Thorn is stupid. Mindless is not the same thing. Consider his entire existence. He hatched for Murtaugh but never had a chance to be free like Saphira. We can only assume that he and Murtaugh were forced to swear to serve Galbatorix almost immediately. Then Galbatorix forced Thorn to grow up at an unnatural rate, so the mind is not nearly as developed as the body. He doesn’t have the experience of growing into his body as Saphira did. His entire life has been a blur. I hope he does play a larger role but leading up to book IV, he’s just another dragon in my opinion. Perhaps that will all change if they are able to free themselves from Galbatorix’s control.

  • Kinder

    Well, she isn’t Miss Amazing. Plus the author seems to have something planned for her. Angelina talked to her and that makes her important so I think it’s likely that she could be the next Rider.

  • Daniel

    And what would be your reasons for her being Greenwhich’s Rider?

  • Kinder

    I, personally, do not want her to be the next Rider. I hope she never gets with Eragon. I do, however, hope that the mysterious girl from Brisingr will be the next rider. The one with the old lady whom Angela spoke with. I think she’ll be the next Rider.

  • Daniel


    I believe that Brom said that you could bring someone back from the dead but it would take your life and the others around you to do so. I can’t remember if that is exactly what he said, but it seems to me that he said something along those lines.

  • Daniel

    What if Eragon had never found Saphira, but became a magician? Would his magic color be blue or another color completely?

  • Daniel

    What if Book IV opens up with Greenwhich hatching to someone, after someone steals his egg and gives it to the Varden (or the Varden kill the thief and keep it for themselves) but the person that he hatches for is not named? That would speed the story along.

    Up until about two weeks beore I figured out that Katrina would end up pregnant (this was before the release of Brisingr) I thought that it would be great if she were to become the 3rd NGR.

    Oh, and on a side note, I hope Nasuada dies… Slowly and painfully. But if she does die the Varden will have trouble deciding on a new leader again (unless Jormundr grabs the position).

  • paulie14wyh

    i don’t think that he is saying thorn is dumb as far as dragons go just that his brain is not in sync with his body.

    ahem i do remember that now i don’t have the book with me at school so i couldn’t look that or a few other things up

    i agree with the arya’s magic color does not mean much as the color of a persons magic is affected by the dragon not if a persons magic is green green dragons will be attracted to them (well i that’s how i interpret it)

    have we discussed that the 2 “elves” getting on the boat are not necessarily bonded to the 2 dragons in the sky? and that it could be arya and eragon and saphira and ????? in the sky?

    i had hopped that when eragon and roran went to find katrina they found the egg and handed it to her to carry out while they together carried her and that the egg then hatched for her but alsa my theory failed i now don’t think she is even a possibility for the 3rd rider as the king would very likely have had her exposed to the egg while as a captive( though the egg could have realized that it would be a slave if it hatched then.)

    idk im bad at this

  • S.P55

    I would like to mention that there is a possibility of arya being the next rider and if she was she wouldnt entirely be so much stronger than Eragon because Eragon has Glaedr’s heart thing which is the reason Galbatorix has so much power. Glaedr, though old, is still relatively strong and kind knows everything Oromis did so he can still pass on the teachings to Eragon i think and through Eragon the new Rider if he/she is part of the Varden.

    another thing i doubt Nasuada would become the rider or Angela particularly neither of them know magic like Triana or the Twins and Angela probably would not even consider it.

    Katrina wont because i think she will give birth at the end of the series. Elva no way she’s too young and who says the new one has to be female?

    what if the elves w/ saphira gave the dwarves the ability to be a Rider if that happened Orik may be the new rider

    p.s: i havent read all the comments(too many i dont have that time) so sorry if someone else brought this up lemme know how it went

  • Justin

    Mitch, Thorn is not mindless. Thorn is a dragon just like Saphira.

    CP said in an interview that Thorn will a larger and more important role in book 4.

    Thorn is not stupid or mindless. It says so in the books that all dragons are born of great wisdom.

    In Brisingr, Saphira feels sorry for Thorn and I doubt that she wants to hurt him anymore, same goes for Thorn.

    I think in book 4, Thorn and Murtagh will join the Varden and then Saphira would be eager to talk with Thorn.

    And by the time she and Thorn grow closer and more open to each other, they may develop feelings for each other.

    I say again Thorn is not stupid or mindless.

    Does anyone agree?

  • Mitch

    Saphira, not Sapphire. I’m retarded and not thinking.

  • Mitch

    Where does the Murtaugh/Nasuada pairing that so many refer to come from? I must have seriously overlooked this. I personally think Murtaugh is the most likely main character to die. I think he will rediscover himself and change his name/fate, but I still feel someone close to Eragon is going to have to die in order to fuel his emotions enough to stand toe to toe with Galbatorix.

    I really don’t see Thorn being a match for Sapphire either. I almost feel like he is the least important dragon in the entire series because he’s been forced to grow beyond his age and that will likely be his downfall. He’s pretty much a mindless attack dragon. He’d need a lot of time to develop away from Galbatorix’s control in order to be a fair match for Sapphire.

  • Kay

    don’t forget AllHailEmperorMurtagh that the elves are quite adept to only telling part of the truth and interpreting the AL how they want (Rhuanon [sorry for spelling] being able to make eragon a sword for example). So Arya could in fact have said that the only feeling she felt were those of frienship, but she could have left off how close the friendship went.

    that explination is more awkward than i intended… oh well, i was just saying how Arya could have been leaving something out when she spoke in the AL.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Arya working for Galbatorix:

    Extremely unlikely, but I like the thought of it. Arya, the daughter of the elf queen, one of the Varden’s most powerful allies, is secretly a double-agent. The only way she could be sworn to Galbatorix, however, is if he or Durza managed to break her with torture/mental powers and use her True Name to control her. Still, if that was the case, he’d probably send his new servant to Du Weldenvarden to assassinate the leaders there who will still think she’s one of them, or to infiltrate the Varden, rather than still be in Gil’ead, under torture. Galbatorix would know a lot about the elves, dwarves, and Varden if Arya was under his control, too.

    Arya’s power vs. Eragon’s:

    It has been brought up that if Arya became a Rider, she would gain even more power and be much stronger than Eragon. I disagree. Eragon already has been given the added speed and strength of the elves during the Blood-oath Celebration, which puts his new abilities and Arya’s natural ones at about the same level. The other powers Arya would get from becoming a Rider, such as being able to draw extra power from her dragon, are nothing that Eragon doesn’t already have from his bond with Saphira. Arya would be more experienced than Eragon and probably know more spells, but other than that, they’d be pretty much even in powers.

    Bringing people back to life:

    Highly unlikely, nearly impossible. It has already been stated that reviving the dead is impossible no matter how much magical strength you have, because in the abyss beyond all life, “Magic means nothing.” I suppose it might become possible for Eragon to transfer a soul trapped in an Eldunari into a new body, but then, what about the body’s original soul? And wouldn’t the Riders, after 2595 years of using and testing magic and Eldunari, have found out how to do this already? What chance does Eragon have of learning a secret that defeated the Riders for millenia? Bringing someone back from the dead in Book IV seems to be extremely farfetched, to say the least.


    I’m not trying to insult other fans or come across as arrogant, but if I see a theory that is completely impossible, I’m going to say so, and why. I don’t believe I’ve said yet, “Anyone who believes such a dumb theory must be a retarded moron!” or anything of the sort. I only dismiss theories that are completely invalidated by either the evidence in the books or the author’s comments, such as the idea of Nolfavrell being a Rider. He can’t be, because he wasn’t in Eragon, and the third rider will have been in all three books. Fact. I admit that a theory is just a theory, but if it is invalidated by clear evidence, then that theory is incorrect, and anyone hearing it should know that.


    I agree that Book IV will likely take over a year to be resolved, though it seems that the war has been going by rather quickly in Brisingr. It will definitely take at least six months, for the dragon to hatch, and over a year is most likely. I wouldn’t be too sure, however. CP is awfully fond of making things happen faster than they would in the real world. Eragon compressed several years of sword training into only about four months, after all, and learned to read and write in a week.

    Arya has definitely “softened” towards Eragon a little, but nothing can be certain at this point. In my opinion, she still seems to be frequently . . . how do I say . . . prickled by every other thing Eragon says. If you read their conversations throughout the books, a common occurance is that Eragon will say something that isn’t offensive at all, and Arya will find some way to be insulted by it.

    Perhaps she does see Eragon as more mature, but I don’t know, it might not be quite enough. Even if Eragon is gaining “experience” in the world, he’s still 85 years younger than Arya is. Even though their both immortal, that’s quite a big difference for their lives. It wouldn’t matter quite so much in, oh, say, 500 years or so, but that’s probably beyond what will happen in the actual story unless there’s an epilogue.

    I guess its possible for Arya to return Eragon’s feelings, especially if it happens more gradually, I think it would be a bit unrealistic. Not too far of a stretch for fantasy, though.

    By the way, someone said that Arya is just stating the facts, not her feelings, and giving only logical reasons why she cannot be with Eragon. Not true. After the Blood-oath celebration, she said in the Ancient Language to him, “My feelings for you are only those for a friend, nothing more,” or something similar.(Chapter: “In a Starry Glade.”) This is why I doubt that she is actually hiding some secret feelings for him, though I admit that her feelings may have started shifting in Brisingr.

  • Matt.S.

    Hey shEEpBiTer, what’s this about eragon bringing people back to life??

  • Michael1234.

    What I invision:

    1) The vision that is mentioned so much, why are there only two dragons mentioned? It could be possible that either Thorn or Greenwhich could, be killed. I believe that it is Thorn and Saphria mentioned in being the two dragons flying overhead, and the elf Eragon is with is Arya, but couldn’t it be possible that Arya loose’s her dragon? However unlikely it is it’s a possibility.

    2) Roran will lead once Galby is overthrown( I have a theory on how he is to be overthrown) And his to-be-born son or daughter will rule after and etc. Once Galby is overthrown it will be peaceful, so it won’t be that hard to rule, and Roran is a great leader, so thats easy.

    3) Murt. will be with Nasuada, is something doesn’t happen to her.

    4) I know this goes against my number one thing, but couldn’t it be a possibility that the elf girl is the new rider? It would not be that hard for the elves to keep a dragon hidden and in training while all of this is happening. The elf children are more powerful than when they are older, so they are going to play a major part. The only thing that makes me a little hesitiant about this theory is the vision at the end. But one reason Arya couldn’t be the rider could be, just could be, that her mom gets killed in the battle against Galby, I know it’s hard to figure, but it could, so she wouldn’t get on the boat and leave with Eragon, she has to keep the elves at peace, while Nasuada and Murt. will be leaders of the Varden, or whereever the Varden goes because there is no more need for them after the battle, and Roran will be the King. I believe there will be no more need for the riders, so therefore they leave forever, Eragon and the elf, and there dragons, so back to my theroy that one dragon being killed, in this case its Thorn.

    I know I’ve contridicted myself, but oh well. (:

  • Scooby

    and also, everything does seem to point to arya, but that doesnt mean it has to be her. the more we think about it the more sure we will get and for those of us who want this, we will be pretty dissapointed and maybe if you are really serious you will dwell on it the rest of the book, besides who wants to know what already happens in a book you are really excited to read?so yeah, get involved in the forums but dont be to sure that your theories are right:D

  • Scooby

    You know, i always pictured arya as liv tyler.
    along with her part in lotr she just seems as beautiful as arya would be

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Yea, but what if C.P. does this thing where he gets you to think he won’t do something to obvious, like have Arya be the next Rider, then have Arya be the next Rider and suprise us.

  • Skyla

    There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Arya will be the rider of the green dragon, but it seems, I dunno… a little TOO obvious. :/ There are just so many clues that it would be strange if Paolini doesn’t know that the majority of fans believe Arya to be the next rider.

    I personally think it’ll be more of a surprise, but dunno 😀

  • ShEEpBiTer


    I havnt been on here in over a week so this is really old but you had posted something about Eragon bringing Brom back to life…What if he ends up bringing the owner of tamerlain back to life…his dragon was green..the sword is already made…and I dont know how old he was but he should have enough experience to hold his own against murtagh or galby

  • VinnyChambers

    I think Arya being the next rider might be the most probable but if it did happen Paolini would lose a lot of my respect. As to what regards the killing of Galbatorix i think that Shruikan will attack Galbatorix but Galbatorix will kill him. This will make galbatorix even more crazy and he will do some crazy attack and eragon will beat him because he is calm. something like that 😛

  • kurpailuvinheritancecycle

    BTW, i meant the honour of usin the room/house, not the eldunari or watevr

  • krupailuvinheritancecycle

    emperor murtagh- u seem 2 hav narrowed down the list quite a lot…

    hey i just remembered another thing tht me n my frnds thing(VERY VERY UNLIKELY, but possible)

    CP seems 2..i repeat SEEMS to hav attatched sum inportance 2 eragon sleepin in vrael’s room in ellesmera…mebe vrael had left sumthin (mebe his dragon’s eldunari??not likely…) in the room knowin tht the honor of using it wud b extended only 2 the next possible dragon rider. it’s possible tht eragon nevr extended his mind fully inside the house, therefore didnt know the presence of the eldunari or watevr it ws.
    Mebe it ws sum secret abt more dragon eggs??

    do u think NE1 wil go 2 the islands of the dragon riders? it’s possible they may find sumthin (i dunno wat) ther…

    tell me wat u think of my theories @ [email protected] !!

  • luke

    what if the green dragon hatches to say.. nasuada… then she is even more powerful and knows how to rule fairly for a long time?.. it leaves it open for murtagh to die and on the boat its eragon and arya.. and its thorn and saphira flying above them?

  • Mitch

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate his vast understanding of the series, and his attention to detail. I just think it sometimes comes across as negative is all. Anyway, not a major issue. Back to the discussion.

  • feanarang


    I believe that AHEM’s dismissal of ridiculous and impossible theories is perfectly acceptable, because he (unlike many of these theories’ creators) backs his conclusions up with evidence.

  • feanarang


    Thanks for the correction on who said that humans should be ruled by a mortal. I also agree that the final egg will hatch before the major battle against Galbatorix, because “Greenwhich” will need time to mature and learn. I know you aren’t a big Nasuada fan. What do you think of my idea that the fourth book will cover a time span of a year or more? I mentioned in an earlier post (while debunking the theory that by the time “Greenwhich’s” egg hatched, the dragon could not be of any help to the Varden) that a campaign such as faces the Varden cannot feasibly be resolved in under six months (the amount of time it takes a dragon to mature).

    I can see where you’re coming from about Arya’s relationship with Eragon. It seems to me that Arya has softened (and I know that’s not the same thing as falling in love) toward Eragon, and right before Eragon’s battle with Murtagh she says, ” ‘Be careful, Eragon. I would not want to see you broken by Murtagh. I…’ It seemed as if she was going to say more, but she hesitated, and then removed her hand from his leg…” (Brisingr page 316) This moment in particular (as well as the campfire scene where she really opens up to Eragon about her time in Gil’ead) leads me to believe that Arya’s feelings toward Eragon have changed. She now knows that he has matured much under Oromis’s training, and that he is much more experienced than he once was. I don’t believe Arya will “suddenly return Eragon’s feelings,” I belive that her feelings toward Eragon have been growing and softening throughout Brisingr as she has seen him mature.


    Good to hear from you again too. It has been a while… Killed any boardeaters lately?

  • Mitch

    All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh, you really should reconsider telling people so often that their theories are impossible or false. A theory is just a best guest, not even that in some cases, but it’s still what individual readers have pieced together on their own. I can understand wanting to clarify things that are based on false rumors but there are better ways of handling it. I think of the 200 posts here, the majority are good natured responses. some are just optimistic posts of what people would like to see. Don’t be so quick to dismiss those.

    As for Arya’s possible change of heart, I consider her rejections of Eragon to be in the best interest of the Varden, the war, and everyone involved. she’s doing what she thinks is right. By rejecting him in a cold manner, she feels she is preventing him from distracting himself from the situation at hand. All hope hangs on Eragon as the last free rider and she would put that before her own feelings. That does not mean she doesn’t care for him or even love him. She’s just being a logical thinking elf.

  • paulie14wyh

    i hope that there is not a fariy tale ending but it seems all to likely and Empror M a few small points
    1 arya could be lying about not liking eragon? i think it looks like she is trying to tell herself as much as she is telling eragon and she is using too much logic as to why it cant be ie. 100 years is not much to an imortal, she does not want to distract him from his training those are too logical and reasoned out for reasons not to love some one
    2 though 2 riders dragons falling in love may not make people like eragon and galby like each other i think that it could take eragon’s and arya’s friendly relationship to mutual loving each other

    have we thought of angela as the new rider? combat trained already magically inclined smart she seems like ahe would fit noting to back that up really though

  • Sierra

    True… Arya would be the odvious choice, but not very original. The fact that her magic is green isn’t too much evidence for me being the color-coded match because:

    1) She is an elf. Allow me to elaborate;

    a) elves have a strong connection with nature and the forest. They even help the forest grow with their songs. A sign of healthy plants is the color green.

    b) Arya is the first elf Eragon is introduced to, and is seen as the model for what most elves are like: earthy, etheral, slightly alien, ect. So there fore it makes sense that her magic would be greeen.

    2) I’m almost afraid that if Arya becomes the final rider, she’d gain so much more power that there’s no way her and Eragon could ever gain an equality in power. That may become a hinderance if they ever do pursue romance.

    I don’t have real definate pick for who else may be the rider (not Elva, even though she’s grown physically and mentally, she hasn’t matured enough to think about what everyone else needs above her own devices. Plus, her and Eragon would never be albe to work in sync, which would be necessary to defeat KingyThingy What’s His Buckettroix.)

    I’ve toyed with the idea of Katrina becoming the next rider then (not how I’d want it to end, I’m all for finding a way for most everyone to be happy) at the end, Roran dies trying to save Katrina (perhaps he kills Troix-inator) and makes Eragon promise to take care of her and their baby, therefore fulfilling the vision of leaving Alagaesia and explaining why the two were standing so close boarding the ship.

    I do know in the end I’d like Shruikan (sp?) to kill Gallbladder-troix. I know the conventional answer would be Eragon or Murtaugh, the former freeing the entire kingdom and the latter freeing himself and Thorn, but I’d see it as more poetic for the one who’d been enslaved by him the longest and forced to endure the most horrendous things of them all to finally be free.

    I don’t think Roran would be the rider because I see him as a more concrete thinker, with his feet firmly on the ground, ect ect, and whether his mind is right for thinking of such abstracts as magic and using telepathy is debatable. He wouldn’t be as comfortable with magic as Eragon is. (Remember, Eragon loved legends and stories before he found Saphira’s egg, so his mind was already used to such abstracts)

    I’m 99.999% positive that the rider will be a woman, not be being a femenist, but the possible romantic implications for Eragon. It would give a different perspective for the Varden, and everyone knows hell hath no fury like a woman scorn 😉

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Time to dismantle some more faulty theories:

    Nolfavrell as Rider:

    Impossible. Nol did not appear in Eragon, only in Eldest, and I don’t remember even a reference to him in Brisingr. Even if there was, he hasn’t been developed nearly enough to be the third rider. Also, a point that has been repeatedly emphasized is that the third rider will need a lot of training unless it’s Arya. Nolfavrell is only about 15-16, with little combat experience and no knowledge whatsoever of magic. He is not even remotely qualified to be the next Rider.

    Roran’s son/daughter being the Rider:

    Impossible. CP says he’s dropped hints in both previous books as to the identity of the Rider. Roran’s child isn’t even born yet, and his/her existence was only just acknowledged in Brisingr. Plus, in order to get any use of this third Rider, the Varden would need to wait at least sixteen years for the child to be old enough to be a Rider, and would need constant training. At the rate he’s gaining in power, Galbatorix could probably wipe out the Varden before that long passes. Even if he doesn’t, sixteen years is plenty of time for the war to be decided for good or for ill.

    Green egg already hatched:

    Did anyone pay attention to me? Why are people still spouting nonsence about the egg already being hatched? If you want to keep on believing this ridiculous theory, at least answer the points against it I raised several posts ago.


    Nasuada has shown prejudice against magic-users, but that doesn’t invalidate her as a candidate, unless the Green Dragon somehow feels “repulsed” from her because she doesn’t like magic or something. Oh, and it was HROTHGAR who said that humans should be ruled by a mortal, not Nasuada.

    I agree that Nasuada’s death is fairly likely(unless she becomes the third Rider), but I don’t think the major battles will be decided before the egg hatches. In order for the green dragon and its rider to play an important part in the book rather than just a footnote in the epilogue, it will have to happen earlier in the book.

    I agree about the liklihood of a “fairy-tale ending.” It is the most probable ending. However, I wouldn’t call it ending with Eragon and Arya together a certainty. Some authors, in fact, quite a few, end the series a little differently than they’ve made it look throughout the books, in order to surprise readers a bit more.

    The biggest problem I’ve had with Arya becoming a Rider and falling in love with Eragon is WHY she would feel that way towards him. She’s already rejected him, and not just in a hard-to-get manner, but by flatly stated that they are not suited to each other, and that her feelings for him do not go beyond that of a friend. Granted, their relationship has been developed a bit, but not very far beyond what I’d see as a typical fantasy friendship between two main characters. Why Arya would suddenly return Eragon’s feelings puzzles me, because the only gimmick that might throw out the necessity of developing their relationship further(Rider/dragon love bond) has already been debunked and proven false.

    I’d like to mention that I’m not really a fan of Nasuada. In fact, she’s one of my least favorite characters and I’d probably prefer if she was killed. The only reason why I support her as the next Rider is because I think it would be a much fresher, more original turn than the rather predictable, “fairy-tale” ending of Arya becoming a Rider and ending up with Eragon.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I guess no one likes my theory…

  • Magaly

    I’ve been thinking and Christopher says it will be someone we don’t expect so maybe it will be Roran’s son. Roran woulb be very likely to be the rider, but he has already proved that he is an excellent warrior without magic; and iy would be very obvious if Arya was the Rider and it wouldn’t be “unexpected”. Just think about it. I seriously think it will be Roran’s son.

  • Justin

    I seem to doubt it will be Arya.

  • Nusha

    I agree with the theory of Arya becoming a rider. I mean everything points to it. And after reading Tsukyo\’s comment I\’m even more certain.

    It would be really strange for Nasuada to become a Dragon Rider, for one thing, I don\’t think she survives. Of course, it could be Orik who dies, but Nusuada is so self-sufficient and determined, while Orik tends to be there for Eragon. He\’s good and clever, though not absolutely independent.

  • Jack

    Remember that Arya said that death could interfere with destiny. The story of the man who killed himself so he wouldn’t kill his son is an example of this. So Eragon could–but, honestly, won’t–die.

  • vrael

    surprised no one has thought of Nolfavrell, pretty sure he shows up in all three books, a lot happens to him in the second book, he is around the correct age since dragons pick there riders when they are young.

    also depending on how you look at it it could be Orrin he is mentioned in the first book, that can be taken as him being in it depending on how you look at it, he is in the second and third books.

    Arya is in all three books, a lot happens to her in the second and third books, but she seems to obvious as others have already stated, although that could make her seem like someone who is not very likely to become a rider.

  • BromTheFather

    Has anyone considered that Arya may be working for Galby. I mean she was imprisoned in Gil’ed for a very long time, and who knows what she has done there. Or maybe Galby knows her real name… I don’t think she will become the next rider. It is to obvious. Neither do i think Nasuada will. “The mayor Change” that will happen to her, may be she gets challenged over the lead of the Varden and will lose. CP has stated in an interview that the Varden will begin too lose trust in her lead in the 4th book. Just my Therory 😀 I think the egg wont hacth until after the “big battle” In the big battle (i know i am getting away from the topic 🙁 sorry) i think Eragon will lose, but Murthaug will sacrifice himself, because his friendship-bond to Eragon is stronger than the magic Galby have over him. Then Eragon will kill Galby and be very sad about Murthaug…

    PS – We know Eragon wont die, because Angela told him he would live an unusual long live or forever. As the three books max has taken a year the last book should last over a 100 years before Eragon could die…

  • Justin

    Why thank you, MeghanSwiftSword. lol.

    You’re very smart too.

    Let’s just all hope and pray that Murtagh and Thorn will live and not die.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Man i really hope he doesnt die, but great theories, all of you!

  • thenutlover

    Ithink murtagh will be killed, but he will break free of his bonds

  • Justin

    That’s a fascinating idea, krupailuvinheritacecycle.

    However, I get the feeling that Thorn and Murtagh the egg because they seem to know more about the Empire than anyone else.

    So, I think it’s unlikely the green dragon has already hatched.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    All Hail Emperor Murtagh:

    You are welcome!

    That is true, it was just a theory.



    Hello, feanarang, I have net heard from you in while *cough*.

    I still say Eragon and them could easily killing Galby by finding out how to take the Hearts of Hearts away from him then wait till he is doing a very powerful spell that is beyond his own strength, then take away the Hearts, he can’t stop the spell in his panic, he dies by his own lust of power.

  • krupailuvinheritacecycle

    nice, justin! but here’s wat i think. Galby has been out of sight fr years and no one knows wat he’s doin rite?
    Well my ideas fr wat he’s doin r:

    1.) lukin fr the green dragon- sum1 stole the 3rd egg around the time Brom n Jeod stole d 2nd 1, n it hatched fr them. Now they’re hidin sumwer n galby’s lukin fr em

    2.) training the green dragon-unlikely tht he’s gonna train NE1 himself, coz he seems 2 like power n not 2 share it

    3.) he’s dead- VERY unlikely, coz he possesed Murtagh wen he ws fightin oromis/gleadr, but it cud’ve bin a ploy…i mean noone’s seen him fr years n no one knows wat he’s upto…
    O, n another idea i’ve had:

    the rock of kuthian tht leads 2 d vault of souls…has NE1 thot of wat the vault of souls is? i think it’s very likely tht it is where galby keeps the eldunari…i mean, i no heart n soul r different but not all THAT different….so it’s this really secure place (Vault) wer he keeps the dragons’ eldunari, therefore their minds and their knowledge (or in other words, Souls)
    make sense? me n my frnds think it duz

    tell me wat u think of my theories @ [email protected]

  • Justin

    I think that is a great idea, MeghanSwiftSword.

    However, I get the feeling that Thorn, Saphira, and maybe Greeni will fight Shruikan but not kill him.

    Afterwards, while Eragon and Murtagh battle Galbatorix, they become outmatched by Galbatorix’s strength.

    And then just when Galbatorix is about to kill them, Shruikan comes in and Galbatorix orders him to Eragon and Murtagh.

    Instead, Shruikan kills Galbatorix.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    I actually think Murtagh will kill Galbatorix. What about you guys?

  • Ruydragon

    I have returned! Yay! Anyway, if Arya will turn Rider, this will make Eragon abit smaller. Yes he is strong, but she is ALOT stronger. I do believe the fact that Arya may be already Rider to the greenie guy. She probably had training with Oromis before he left to Gil’ead. Eragon may not notice or feel the bond of dragon because either this was wisely hidden by magic of Arya, or he is just crazy for her. The forest is just perfect habitat for the green guy. I have so many predictions on this, it’s just wacky. I think before Galby totally kills Eragon, Shruikan will betray his fake master.

  • handee

    A funny thing that could happen, is that Roran and Katrinas son or daughter could become a dragonrider…

  • Mitch

    Perhaps since Elva was able to force herself to grow up in order to better handle her powers, her connection to the green dragon(if she became the rider) could in turn help it mature faster.

  • feanarang


    I can see where your idea that Nasuada could be the next rider comes from. However, here is why I believe she will not.

    Nasuada has shown herself to be afraid of or prejudiced against magic. She believes that humans should be ruled over by another mortal (though perhaps her becoming a Rider would leave her position as leader of the Varden open to Roran, who is seemingly being built up to eventually becoming king. Hmmm, worth considering). I am of the belief that Nasuada will be killed in the final battle against Galbatorix, and the Varden will appoint Roran their leader.

    One the biggest reasons why I believe that Arya will be the Greenwhich’s (thanks, Daniel, writing “the green dragon” or “the third dragon” was getting tedious) is because of CP’s writing style. The IC is going to be one of those series with a fairy-tale ending: main-character-guy defeats evil king, wins the heart of the princess, and lives happily ever after (though likely leaving Alagaesia will turn out to be rather bittersweet).

    Beyond CP’s writing style and the fact that the IC will have a happy ending, Arya is being put on an equal footing with Eragon. The biggest example of this is her killing of the Shade, Varug (sp?), at the end of Brisingr. The other little clue (maybe only coincidence) is that we now have Eragon and Arya Shadeslayer. Mr. and Mrs. Shadeslayer. Considering CP’s love of riddles and obscure clues (especially concerning Eragon’s parentage), I find it quite likely that this is a hint of what is to come.

    Now, I realize that just because two dragons mate does not mean that their Riders will fall in love. I believe that Eragon and Arya will fall in love fairly early in Book IV, and Greenwhich’s egg will be stolen and hatch for Arya soon afterward.

    Who will steal the remaining egg? It could be anyone, but unless the two women whose fortune Angela told play a role in CP’s Intersecting Sagas, I believe that they will perform the theft/rescue. If, on the other hand, they are simply in Brisingr to provide a link to the Intersecting Sagas (which is quite likely), then the egg could be stolen by anyone. Things would come full circle if Jeod were to find a way for both Brom (I know, they hired a thief, but you see where I’m going with this) and Eragon to steal an egg, and this is, after all, the Inheritance Cycle.

  • Eragonfanatic4

    Arya would be forced to love Eragon!

  • ErikPange

    I origionally thought that Roran would be the third rider (thus keeping it within eragon’s family), but have lately taken to the idea that he would become king after Galbatorix. This leaves only a few options. First of all, the dragon will need to hatch early on in the next book, and of the canidates I find myself keen to Arya who would then need less training and would perhaps be drawn closer to Eragon, as well as having so many heavy hints (Arya’s magic and eyes being green; eragon steping on a green dragon egg-shell when Saphira was facing some ‘difficulties’ where romance is concerned-just like Eragon with Arya). Plus she’s an elf, and a woman- which would satisfy the so-far-lacking balance in the series’ dragon riders, who are all male and (if counting just the new and/or still living riders) human. Sometimes CP is a little obvious, like with Brom being Eragon’s actual father (honestly, who didn’t have it figured out before opening Brisingr?!) Nasuada and Elva, besides being two of my least favorite main characters, are overall poor canidates. I am curious however as to whether or not the people who Eragon blessed in Brisingir will play a large role… (perhaps the girl could become rider, making her immortal human and able to understand Eragon’s experiences and thus taking over as love interest, seeing as how many times arya has shut him down). They are truly mysterious characters so far who I find myself thinking of as somehow improtant, though I feel like Eragon and Arya became much closer in Brisingr, and am hoping Arya will accept Eragon (though I would hope we could get rid of this annoying atheist & vegitarian thing of the elves… they should marry, or if CP won’t do that- the closest thing to it in elvin culture, having a child together(just for the record, I absolutely DESPISE the practice of fornication!). …..and I still don’t get what went on at Orik’s crowning, but it seemed kind of dumb to me). ~Man, I need to read book3 again, I can’t remember exact names and details like usual…I’m working on the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind right now~ …I suppose Angela’s mentor, I can’t remember his name right now, will play a large role (I like the theory of him teaching Eragon to manipulate the elements’ energy -this could be the answer to his “question”- though I find that somewhat far-fetched. It should be interesting to see how his character plays out though.) I really wish that CP would just go ahead and make 5 books, because I just can’t see him doing the story justice in only one more book!!!!

  • Jack


    Really, it’s unrealistic for there to be this many theories. Let’s just face the facts…
    We don’t really know, and we won’t until Book 4 comes out.

  • Justin

    What if it doesn’t take up half of the book, Tetrahawk?

  • Tetrahawk

    Justin, Red blue = magenta. We’re obviously talking about the 3 primary colours of light, or else the third egg would be yellow… They’re similar, just felt like pointing that out.

    Honestly, do we really have to read about Eragon training Roran/Nasuada for half of the book, like Oromis and Eragon in Eldest? I would think not. It’s easier to add more to Arya’s overloaded list of achievements. It’s been said heaps of times before, that Aren was a Sapphire gem, not a sapphire coloured eldurnari.

  • Aiedail~

    Again I say that Roran should NOT be the rider. For one thing- I think the dragon has alreay hatched so therefore Roran could not be the rider. Another thing is this: Do you really think it’s a good idea for Roran to leave Katrina while she’s pregnant? Do you know how much stress that would put on her, and that would not be healthy. He is needed to care for her and his soon-to-be son or daughter. CP would be cruel if he made Roran the rider especially if he were killed…that would be awful. So we can count Roran out!

  • Kay

    All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh has some pretty good points. I don’t agree with the last one though. I think that Arya has been set up to be the green rider wayyyy too much for it to be Nasuada who is the green rider. plus, the two people in eragon’s dream-vision were elves. one was eragon, and the other can’t be nasuada since she isn’t an elf. 🙂

  • paulie14wyh

    alright pad foot well stated she probably is not the mother

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Okay, more faulty theories I think I need to smooth out. *Takes a deep breath*

    Nasuada’s mother being Selena:

    Impossible. Firstly, consider the actual thought of one woman having three children by three different fathers in three years.(Murtagh = 18, Nasuada = 17, Eragon = 16) While the numbers make it possible, you have to consider why Selena would sleep with three different men, and how Ajihad would get close enough to do it with her right under Morzan’s nose. Brom only managed it after a good deal of time and planning setting up to meeting and seducing Selena, and he had vast amounts of knowledge, experience, and power to help him.

    Also, remember that Fadawar(sp?), a chief or something of the dark-skinned peoples of Alagaesia, is said to be Nasuada’s cousin on her mother’s side. Selena came from Carvahall, and couldn’t possibly have been even remoted related to the people of the wandering tribes.(This information comes from the chapter, “Trial of the Long Knives” early in Brisingr.)

    Brom’s Ring being Saphira I’s Eldunari:

    Impossible. Eldunari are round: The Sapphire on the ring is flat. Brom got the ring from Islanzadi, he did not make it himself. Eldunari could not be carved, else they would shatter/bust. Brom stated in the chapter “Legacy of a Rider” that Saphira I was young when she was killed, and Glaedr stated in “Souls of Stone” that Riders were not told of their dragon’s Eldunari until they were older and more mature. Brom could not have gotten or even known about Saphira I’s Eldunari before she was killed, whereupon it would dissolve. When Eragon touched the ring with his mind, he did not feel anything resembling a consciousness. Finally, Glaedr states that the amount of energy an Eldunari can hold is limited by its size. A very small Eldunari like the young Saphira I’s, and certainly an Eldunari small enough to fit on a ring, would not be able to hold that much energy.


    Kventha, and welcome back. Thanks for the, err, enthusiastic greeting.

    I agree that the pregnancy was pretty easy to guess, but I’m not so sure about the point of Eragon and Arya being on the same “level.” They both already have waaaaaay too many achievements heaped onto them(IMO), and CP already went out of the way to get them on the same page with making Arya a Shadeslayer. One of the reasons why I would prefer Nasuada as the next Rider is that it would be one less achievement to Arya’s already overloaded background of superpowers and exploits.

  • Justin

    Even if it turns out to be a human, it may not take as long as it did with Eragon. It could take even shorter time than Eragon.

    If it turns out be Nasuada, it may take very long as she is battle hardened.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    You know what they can do to kill of Galby easily?

    Fine out how to take the Hearts of Hearts away from him then wait till he is doing a very powerful spell that is beyond his own strength, then take away the Hearts, he can’t stop the spell in his panic, he dies by his own lust of power.

  • Tsukyo

    Remember that any human rider would also have to be trained, most likely in a way that would resemble Eragon’s training. This is not a nice way to pace the final book, with in depth training, much of which we have already seen Eragon go through. It would be far more original and different than anything we have read before to see the relationship between the 100 year old elf, and a hatchling dragon, and would be an opportunity to write an interesting relationship.

    I also am of the belief that the egg needs to hatch prior to the final battle, mainly due to the fact that if it hatches after the final battle, the new dragon is largely irrelevant except for tying up the epilogue. This event is one of high anticipation and not one to be squandered on the last couple of chapters. This is similar to having Arya and Eragon get together after Galbatorix is killed, which just wraps things up without any development. This is Paolini’s chance to develop a romance within a novel, and not just end it with the romance. For the same reason, the egg is Paolini’s chance to make a deeper storyline in the novel, rather than just closing with fan service, finishing the novel. Putting the egg in the last few chapters or epilogue is just removing an interesting element that could have been utilized for a stronger story. Making Arya the rider fits in perfectly with the developing story, and leaves time open for more events and character development, rather than squandering time training a new rider.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I know, Justin, it’s just some people don\’t like the idea of her and Eragon.

    I don’t want it to be Elva, maybe Eragon and Roran together.

  • Justin

    Nobody is griping PadfootUnewraithSlayer.

    There are many ways to expand the relationship between Eragon and Arya, even if she doesn’t become the next Rider.

  • Matt.S.

    I know it sounds stupid, but I would be really pissed off if Elva turns out to be the one who kills galby, because the story is meant to be about Eragon, and it’s kinda not right, that in the very last part of the series, after all the work eragon, saphira and the others have done, that a child like Elva takes all the credit. It would be just like that ‘Doomsday’ series of books by Cliff McNish, where at the very end of the series a baby turns out to defeat the evil one etc.

    I was so annoyed at that ending…

    I also support the theory of Saphira I being in Brom’s ring (huge source of power/energy etc)

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Wow, lots of theories! I think it might be Arya (I know, please don’t gripe), it would put Arya and Eragon more on the same, you know, level almost as it were.

  • Justin

    No problem, MeghanSwiftSword. 😉

    I just hope people understand my points.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Thanks Justin.

  • Justin

    I actually agree with MeghanSwiftSword.

    Even if Arya doesn’t become the next Rider (which I hope Nasuada does), she and Eragon would come together.

    Even if Thorn and Saphira fall in love (which I hope happens), Eragon will still end up together. I think the green dragon wants them together.

  • Daniel

    Eragon and Arya’s reltaionship changes drastically throughout Brisingr.

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Whoever had the idea of this subject rocks! Thanks. Ok, so about the whole Arya falling in love with Eragon just because she could possibly(Well most likely; Im all for her being the next Rider.) be the next Rider is retarded. Dont get me wrong, I actually want them to fall in love, but dont you think if they do fall in love, it will be because they want to fall in love? I mean, if they fall in love, dragons SHOULDNT be the cause of it. There is tons of more reasons for them to fall in love! Dont you think?

  • Tycie

    Oromis was in every book and brom Mentioned in every book too. But somebody told me that Chirstopher Paolini said the 3rd rider has been in every book.

  • Daniel

    I meant to post this at the end of my last post.


  • Daniel

    Orimis, Glaedr, Thorn, and Brom weren’t in all three books and they were extremely important. I don’t see why the 3rd NGR couldn’t be someone mentioned in only 1 or 2 of the books if Arya wasn’t such a strong candidate.

  • Tycie

    But the elf children haven’t been in all three books.

  • hdemonfire

    The next rider will have to be one of the elf children in Elesmera, because as it says in book 3 they are more powerful then matured elves and they are the right age so as not to totally confuse and screw with the newborn dragon…

  • Tycie

    I think Elva has a big part in bring down Galbitorix and finding his weekness but, can he hide he fears and stuff from her like Angela? If he can then i don’t know haw she’s going to do it.

  • Justin

    I really like your ideas paulie14wyh.

    But I think Murtagh and Nasuada will most likely end up together as there are many pointers for it.

    Nasuada does have a big chance.

    On the other hand, if Nasuada became the green dragons Rider.

    I would prefer the following pairings;




    Green DragonxViolet Dragon (Thorn and Saphira’s daughter. Red Blue= Violet)

    I’m not so sure about Shruikan.

  • paulie14wyh

    what if elva can sense fears of eldunari and there for track down galny’s stock pile or if she can sense that he fears his true name ******** ****** ***** will get discovered? that or just sense a different weakness

  • Apollo

    I think that Elva will be key in Galbys downfall..In Birsinger, i think Nasuda makes some comment about how she can tell anyones secrets and fears..Could she be the one to finally kill him.

    Anyone thought if the Varden Lose the war?

  • paulie14wyh

    so lets look at the current new riders murtagh and eragon what do they have in common? both had riders as fathers and both had selena for a mother so my question is what other rider knew about her and could have gotten past morzan? there are very few who fit this profile, Galbatorix, and who ever selena let near her and or went to. now let me say a few things 1 before brisinger i hoped for roran,2 i have always hated the arya as rider #3(too obvious), 3 never thought that nasuada had a chance. after book 3 roran seems to be out (though he was really good with mind shielding could mean something), arya still looks like she will but nasuada, we still know very little about her mother now running on the selena as a mother= rider theory could it be that selena is nasuadas mother? realizing that if i remember correctly she was beautiful.

    Also ajihad was a human yet he not only survived his encounter with durza but was only barely stopped from piercing his heart. now we know that eragon was one of the best swordsmen in the world and he was not even close to a match for durza. so either ajihad was more then human or he was orders of magnitude better then eragon. now remember that brom said he knew of only like 3 or so people who could have beaten him as ergon did and none with their left hand making it sound like ergon was the best human swordsman brom had ever met. now brom would have obviously met ajihad so either ajihad was not as good as eragon or he didnt fit into the criteria as not having super human abilities. so could ajihad have been a rider, with a dead dragon that had a child with selena? this does seem unlikely but so does a mear human coming even close to matching a shade. and for those of you that say well a rider would have survived his death remember that the were ambushed and that the twins obscured vision, so we have seen eragon beaten buy ambushes numerous times and the twins were a tough match for eragon even with saphira’s help meaning a dragonless rider would have been way out of his league against the pair of them especially when he was surprised.

    remember now that many feelthat roran wil be and want him to be king after it is over so he has to get buy nasuada some how. which leaves a few options she steps down, she dies or she is some how made unfit to rule.I dont think she is the type to step down, and dont think she will die, and the varden feels that an imortal ruler is wrong, so being a rider would make her unfit to rule. this also fits with the murtagh on the beach crying because she/greeny love eragon/saphira (which even if there is little evidence of saphira loving greeny would strenghten their at least strong friendship)

    this would also fit in with the nasuada getting a big change

    well thats my theory so thoughts comments?

    ps sorry for the wall of slightly random and over all rough grammer

  • Shayzlan2

    I would agree. What you think about how Arya may be old, she is very skilled in comabt and strong in spirit. Thats what it seems like dragons look for in the riders the choose. I also would have to agree with the part where she could help the dragon, a lot more than any other rider could theirs, catch up in combat and physical shape ect. I think that this column is on the right track, but Mr. Paolini can be very suprising sometimes….

    Thanks, Shayzlan

  • Animal

    i have a few thorys hope u agree

    1 Greenwitch could have already hached to one of the two weman. that would explain the troops geting killed in the spine. and them talking to solumbum. and greenwitch would be ready for battle

    2 greenwitch could have hacced for any of the other careracters like arya, Tenga, Jeod, the elv childeren, Islanzadí, Rhunön, Blodhgarm ect. that would also explain the troops on the spian.

    3 the wemon would go steal eggs that would explain the fortion telling to maybe see if they succeded and why eragon blessed them. and if that happened i think there should ba an elvish rider

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Jack, c’mon, mate, if we have an excuse to do something that we usually aren’t allowed to do (talking about theories on comment board for istance) you know that we are going to take full advange of it! ;D

    Oh, bye the way, hi, Mike, nice to be back! ;D

  • Mitch

    I suppose I could see Nasuada being the next rider but I still think whoever it is, it won’t happen until after Galbatorix is defeated and the egg is recovered that way. It could just as easily be stolen before hand but I think it’s better left for a happily ever after story instead of being the story. As someone said before, there is too much importance on Eragon being the last rider and all hopes hang on him.

    Even if Nasuada is the rider that does not mean they’ll instantly fall in love. Eragon made a reference to her reminding him of his aunt I think and you don’t make that kind of reference towards someone you have feelings for. she is his first real female friend and that’s it.

    I kind of assume that Selena is ruled out because she’s either dead, or she was likely exposed to the eggs long ago when she was with Morzan. I’m sure Galbatorix brings everyone on his side before the eggs. I don’t recall reading anything to support that, but if the elves do it, he likely does too. It’s only natural.

    I wonder what role the old hermit in the tower will play? I’m thinking he’s got someone’s name in those lists of the ancient language. I also wonder if perhaps brom and Eragon have the same true name and that’s why the egg ended up with Eragon instead of Brom. (I assume Arya was trying to send it to Brom for protection but I’d have to look back to confirm the exact details)

    One last thing (it’s a novel already, sorry) I think people should put less focus on how important Arya or anyone would be to the overall cause. I think the dragon within that egg could care less about who is strong in magic and with a weapon, or who is a good leader. Those things matter to the Varden, not to the dragon within.

    So many possibilities!

  • Jack

    Nearly 150 comments…not so many since Brisingr was announced.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer


    The pregnacy was easy to guess, this is not so.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Okay, I’d like to correct a few things:


    Shruikan never had a Rider. CP stated in the first interview after Brisingr that Galbatorix stole him before he had a chance to bond to a dragon. It was during the question, “When Galbatorix stole Shruikan, did he also steal his Rider’s black sword?” Trust, me, I know the books cover to cover, and Shruikan’s Rider was never named. That Shruikan never had a Rider was confirmed by CP. He hatched for someone, but he never got a chance to bond to them.


    Time to stop pushing that theory. That the Green egg has already hatched is absolutely ridiculous. CP was asked in an interview or on forums(I’m not sure where; I think it was right before the release of Brisingr), about the green fragment on the stone of broken eggs. He didn’t even know what they were talking about. He wasn’t playing dumb; when CP doesn’t want to talk about a sensitive subject, he always says, “No comment.” This completely invalidates the thought that the green egg fragment was anything more than minor scenary that certain fans of the book attach too much significance to.

    On the subject of Rider-love:

    Riders do not fall in love because their dragons are in love. Again, this was said in an earlier interview with CP. He talked about the effects of two dragons with Riders mating. He said that it might cause problems, but they wouldn’t necessarily fall in love. It is a common misconception that Riders fall in love with their dragons, just as it is a common error for fans of the Inheritance Cycle to put the noun after the adjective in the Ancient Language. This misconception was probably founded out of a confusion with Saphira telling Eragon that their feelings become involved with each other when they have strong feelings(hate, love, lust, etc.) towards a certain person. It simply doesn’t work the way most people think it does: that’s the way the bond works in the Dragonriders of Pern, but not in the Inheritance Cycle.

    Now, on the subject of Arya becoming the Rider:

    It’s the most common theory, and probably the most likely. However, I do not think it is anywhere close to a certainly. In my mind, it is narrowed down to Arya and Nasuada. Though I loath Nasuada, she’s the only other person I can see becoming the Rider, though Roran has a small, small chance. It would fit in with what CP has said of her having a “major change” and would also make sense with her, as the leader of the Varden, getting access to the egg before virtually anyone else. Besides, considering that she’s had her own POV and Arya hasn’t, and since CP has spent(wasted) so much page time developing her personality, that she is one of the more important characters of Inheritance. Even though I hate her, I think Nasuada becoming the Rider(and probably being captured by Murtagh and Thorn) would be much more interesting than Arya becoming the Rider like almost everyone believes. Still, with all this evidence, I have to admit that Arya is still the most likely candidate.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer


  • Daniel

    He was named in the beginning of Brisingr or the end of Eldest

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    I don’t remember him being named, but I do remember something saying he died.

  • Daniel

    I’m almost positive that Shruikan’s Rider was named in the books and he was killed.

  • wes

    Isnt it possible that arya may be A rider but not the green rider.  It has never been said what destroyed gabys army in the spine.  Also I remember a comment about eragon and saphira going to an old breeding ground after its all over. I think this could mean that there are still wild ones in hiding.I think the young girl that talk to the werecat in brisingre could be the green rider since he did talk to her and there was a mention of green egg shells.and finaly I dont think angela could be the green rider because in some ways it is hinted that she is the original black(galbys dragon) rider.  I dont remember reading any thing about the rider for sure being killed

  • PadfootUnwraithSlayer

    True, because there are not any elf children, but it might work.

    Daniel, *Cough* ganga eom Shur’tugal Kvaedhia*Cough*

  • Daniel

    The elf children seem very sheltered to me.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Also true, though they might be really honored.

  • Matt

    Can sombody help me narrow down the group using CP’s clues?
    The list of characters is here :

  • Daniel

    I’m not so sure that they would be able to handle being a Rider emotionally.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    The elf children would be a pretty good one.

  • Daniel

    Well to get an urgal or dwarf to be a Rider, the spell that bound elves and then humans would have to be ammended again and there simply not enought powerful magicians that would be able to do that

  • Jierda

    Okay so I’m new to this site… Let me introduce a couple of ideas, which I hope haven’t already been stated and discarded.

    What about the elf children? They seem to be important enough (by the way they are introduced) to become main characters.

    Also, what if by an extreme twist in the plot, a dwarf or urgal became the last dragon rider?
    Yes I know the dwarfs or urgals never wanted to be involved, as orik stated, but why not?

  • Daniel

    I really don’t care what happens as long as the story is awesome and makes sense.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Also true, but I really want to read of another hatching.

  • Daniel

    Yeah. But he never said a lot of things that happened in the books.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    True, never thought of that, mate.

    But of course he might not fight at all, I never rightly remember CP saying that Greenie would fight.

  • Daniel

    The only logical way for Greenwhich to be ready for battle is for him to be already hatched and select a strong person to be his Rider (Arya maybe…).

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Oh, it feels so good to be back!

    I think that was not that dragon’s egg, I mean, it was a nest spot and one point if I remember rightly.

  • Daniel

    If that were true, why would Arya not have her dragon with her? Eragon would have sensed if Arya was linked to Greenwhich already.

  • dayna

    the egg has already hatched! in eldest when eragon is trying to comfort saphira after her fight with glaedr, he steps on a GREEN dragon egg shell up in the crags!!! all the evidence in the books point to arya being a dragon rider right now!!! she uses GREEN magic and it comes from her palm!!! i’ve been pushing this one since i finished eldest!!!

  • Paige~

    Okay so we all pretty much agree with the possibilty of it being Arya (which is likely) and Roran (Better not be…he has a family to take care now…) They are both good theories and expected but CP isn’t predictable usually SO…Let’s look at our options.

    There is still Angela, Sloan, the two women who Eragon blessed, Nausuada (which I personally doubt) and ever thought of Katrina? I know she’s pregnant but who knows…?

    Sloan I beleive is important because why else would CP keep him in all three books if he weren’t? I’m not saying he’s going to be i rider, which i doubt. I just think he’ll play an important part.

    Angela. All I can say is: Why not Angela? She’s been there for Eragon the entire time so whose to say she wouldn’t be a good rider? I think she would.

    Nasuada. I doubt it. She hates magic, which of course people can change but i don’t think she will. But she’s skilled in war and defence and quick thinking so she could make a good rider.

    Roran. As I said before: He would be a perfect rider BUT i don’t think he SHOULD be a rider because he has Katrina and a baby to worry about not to mention being a rider having to leave and fight Galby. Plus, CP shouldn’t do that to Katrina.

    The two women blessed by Eragon. IDK but they just feel important to me. They must have some importance.

  • PadfootUnewraithSlayer

    Hahahaha, I’m back!!!!!!!!

    I think Priya is right that there is songthing about that girl. I think that whoever is the next Rider will be a girl, maybe Arya or someone like that.

  • Galatea

    I have a feeling that Elva might be the next Dragon Rider. She has been in all three books so it could be her.

    I hope it’s not Arya though. Don’t get me wrong, I like her a lot. But I think it would be just a little too perfect and too predictable if she was the next Dragon Rider. You know what I mean?

  • HB

    How can you be so sure? there might be a huge plot twist at the end, and we all could be wrong yet.

  • londonxlove

    here’s what i posted in the shurtugal fanfiction forums about arya:

    As for Arya and Eragon getting together, that is definitely going to happen, whether you want it to or not.
    Eragon has to end up with SOMEbody at the end, and here are the reasons it’s going to be with Arya:

    1)It has to be somebody already introduced in the books; CP isn’t going to add a new character in the very last book and make her an extremely important character by having her end up with Eragon. It’s just not going to happen.
    2)It can’t be Nasuada because neither of them have shown any interest at all in the other, and if you re-read Eragon (the book) again, it’s obvious Nasuada and Murtagh had (or once had) feelings for each other.
    3)It can’t be Trianna because she really doesn’t even have that large of a role in the books, Saphira doesn’t like her, and Christopher Paolini made readers not really like her after Eragon had to argue with her over who would control Du Vrangr Gata in the Battle of Burning Plains in Eldest.
    4)Eragon’s vision, as well as Angela’s prediction that he would leave Alagaesia forever, in the first book is extremely important. In the vision, Eragon is obviously the male “elf” because the boat is obviously the one that’s taking him to leave Alagaesia forever. The woman in the vision is an elf, and, going back to what I said in #1, what other women elves have already been introduced that Eragon would fall in love with? He clearly isn’t going to end up with Islandzadi or Rhunon. Therefore, the elf that’s arm is linked to his must be Arya. It is the only option.

    Oh, and what’s more, Thorn is probably going to die since in the vision, just TWO dragons were flying in the sky – almost positively Saphira and the green dragon. The lone man on the side is probably Murtagh, since another pointed out before me that if it were Roran, Katrina would probably be with him. Murtagh is probably screaming/yelling/whatever-he-was-doing because not only is Eragon, his half-brother, leaving forever, but his dragon is dead.

    On another note, Arya is going to be the Green Rider because when she’s getting on the boat with Eragon, it’s her dragon and Saphira that are flying above. The only other valid possibility for the Green Rider is Roran, but he is going to end up being King once Galbatorix is killed. Paolini has made it a clear point to show how well of a leader he is. Furthermore, the people of Alagaesia, especially the Varden, will not support another Rider King. Then again, it is possible Nasuada may rule, but she could get killed in the 4th book. Who knows.

    However, two things are absolutely certain: Arya will become the Green Rider, and she will end up with Eragon.

  • Tycie

    What do you mean be in all three books? Be physicly there in, known about in, or mentioned in all three books?

  • feanarang

    Tycie and Glorfindel:
    I would love for Vanir to be the next rider, but he hasn’t appeared in all three books. Only Eldest (unless there was a brief appearance in Brisingr that I’m forgetting).

  • Tycie

    Who has been in all three books be sides the Obvious ones like Arya, Orik, Nasuada, Roran, and Jeod?

  • Kay

    it was in an interview. i didn’t see the interview myself, but as many people (and a mod too i think) said that the next rider has been in all three books, i went with it. 🙂

    it’d be cool if murtagh changed his true name… i hope thorn would then too so that both of them can be freed from galby’s control instead of just murtagh

  • Tycie

    I think the green egg has already hatched. If not i think Murtag will change his true name and steal the egg before Galbitorix finds out and flees to the Varden.

    i think the lady who Eragon blessed mite be Seleana and the girl a half sister to Eragon, or she mite be the next rider. Either way i believe the next rider will be related to eragon some how.

  • Jack

    He said it in several interviews…even one hosted by Shur’tugal, I believe.

  • HB

    I am rather curious to know that myself. when and where did CP say that the rider would be in all 3 books?

  • Matt.S.

    When did CP say the rider would be in all of the other three books?

  • Kay

    it’s IMPOSSIBLE for orik to be the last rider, Tazz. a race has to be part of the “circle of magic” FIRST. also, he’s already king of the dwarves. having him be the next rider would be sorta stupid on CP’s part…

    HaissanNeiman, the girl that angela told her fortune can’t be the next rider-she isn’t in all three books. also, the Shur’tugal Staff doesn’t really need to cite the last egg being green. it was stated so in all three books so far. if not all three, at least it was in Eragon.

  • jamesparsh

    first things first how would they get the final egg because in the first book brom says that he has the last two guarded so well that it would be suicide to try to steal them plus if they did steal them they would not get far because murtauge would be on him like butter on bread and then that just might tick off galbitorix to the point where he goes skrew this i am tired of this and goes out and destroys eragon or the gods smile on him he gets away and it hatches for ayra boom that brings up a bunch of other problems for example we wont have to worry about training ayra to much but even if arya is the next rider the dragon would be a newborn and would not be strong enough to ride for months let alone fight murtauge thorn and galbitorix so that makes things kind of dificult unless they ecellerate its growth with magic whitch is hard not to mention dangerous.

  • Glorfindel

    Question, about the “moral dilemma”. Paolini said that it would require a one hundred page retrogression. If the moral quandary was about Sloan, what about the one hundred page flashback?

  • Glorfindel

    I think that Jeod is kind of… used. If that make sense, I really don’t think that it would be him. Tycie, FINALLY someone who wants Vanir to be the next rider. YES! I want him to be, but I don’t think that he will.
    @Daniel, chuckles. Sorry. I thought that you were throwing out a name for everyone to use rather than, “the green dragon”. I wasn’t trying to steal it, just use it. Chuckles. Yeah, I agree about Arya’s emotional age.

  • Matt

    What about Jeod as the rider,he was close to Brom and has appeared in all 3 stories (YES, i did confirm this). He also aspires to be a dragon rider very much and if i am correct, he helped Brom steal the Dragon eggs from Galbotorix once, so mabye he and eragon will steal the green one.

  • Tazz

    I think that the new rider might be Orik, being the new king of the dwarfs he somehow manages to overcome the dwarfs age old aversion to dragons (which saphira went a long way in doing when she mended thier rose gem). Having done this the dwarfs join the varden in battle and Orik ends up helping Eragon to steal the last egg in the hopes that it will hatch for someone. At that point it hatches for Orik thus the Elves now have to include the dwarfs into thier enchantment thus Orik now becomes the first dwarf dragon rider, bringing much pride to the dwarf colonies and healing the rifts between dragons, dwarfs and elves. He is already battle hardened so he would not need much training in that respect and Eragon and Ayra would be able to train him in the use of magic, Ayra would be glad with this arrangment far from feeling rejected when the egg hatchaed for Orik she would know that this situation will ultimatley help to heal the rifts between all the races. The races of Alglesia will need to pull together if they are to defeat Galbotorix

  • HaissanNeiman

    Perhaps the new rider will be Roran’s baby… it would be a real shocker wouldn’t it?

  • HaissanNeiman

    In my opinion, the third new rider probably won’t be revealed until the end, makes for a nice ending. As to whom the dragon hatches for, no telling, I don’t think Arya’s green attributes have much to do with it tho. Possible candidates to me would be Arya (admittedly I don’t think it will be, but hey I’ll be a sport), Roran (His path is already set, so I doubt him as well), and the unnamed young lady from the chapter “intersecting sagas” in Brisingr. Granted its a short list and has been suggested by many people, but it would not surprise me if it was a miscellaneous person for whom a legend is to begin.

    Oh, I remembered, some person was wondering where the new rider would get a new blade, I think I just had an epiphany while writing this sentence. The teenage girl from Chapter “Intersecting Sagas” had very thick arms like she was apprenticed to a smith or swordsman. If she was to be the next rider it would not be a thing for Rhunon(I cannot put the Umlaut on the “o”) to do what she did with Eragon, especially since she had enough brightsteel for “several swords”. Makes sense then that the new rider will not go with out one of these special rider swords.

    I also think this article and it’s publisher is duty bound to quote the exact interview with links and/or citations with dates, locations, and publisher’s name when Christopher Paolini “admitted” the third dragon egg is green. It is bad journalism otherwise.

  • Mike

    I doubt she was a Rider. As far as Selena being dead… it was stated several times in the books by both Murtagh and Oromis (retelling Brom’s story), and perhaps even by Brom (I don’t have time to fact check, but he may have said so during his “memory” stored within Saphira’s mind).

    My only theory (which I think has been debunked by IF theory fanatics) regarding Selena is that she could possibly be Angela…

  • Mark

    One thing occurs to me. We never find out if Selena dies do we? What if she is still alive and the Green rider? Far fetched but interesting. My thought on this is that Angela has read, Eragon, Brom, and Selena’s futures. Could it be that she was and is a rider? How was she that powerful as the Black Hand. I don’t know just a thought.

  • Jack

    CP stated that Brom WILL NOT be coming back.

  • Daniel

    I just thought of something that would fill the requirements for “when all hope is lost,” when Solembum is talking about the Vault of Souls. Maybe the Vault of Souls is like an after life, sort of a heaven or hell. Someone important to Eragon could die (probably Saphira [tear, tear; she’s such a great character]) and Eragon could travel to the Vault of Souls to get that person/dragon/etc. Another possibility is someone in Eragon’s life that is already dead could be brought back via the Vault (Brom and his Saphira). If Brom and his Saphira came back that would give the Varden an edge.

    If it is Brom that is brought through the Vault, then that would explain why he told Eragon those seven words. Brom might have figured out the password, so to say, to the Vault and knowing that he would die, told them to Eragon.

  • Daniel

    I don’t think that the girl will become a Rider, but I do think that she will be very important. Mayhaps she is a strong spellcasters or one of the mysterious Grey Folk.

  • Priya

    I think the new rider will be the mysterious girl that Eragon finds with Angela. Since Angela told her fortune, there must be something important about her. I think it is very likely that she could be the new rider. The problem with this is of course her supposed lack of experience. I think she is definitely a candidate.

  • Daniel

    I’ve posted my theory about getting Greenwhich (the “mysterious green dragon”) to a battle-ready age. Tell me what you think of it. 🙂

  • Daniel

    You stole my name for the green dragon Glorfindel (I really don’t care though)! And I like to imagine the emotions of the characters in books. Apparently Mitch does the same thing. Imagining emotions in books helps me to express myself in my own writing. 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about ages to the elves. Arya, if she were human, I would have to say that she would be around 21-27. A very mature 21-27. Does anyone else agree? I know she is 100 and has experienced everyone of those 100 years of life but emotionally she seems like she’s in her 20’s.

  • ShEEpBiTer

    To inheritance staff:

    You for sure know there is a green dragon? How do you know that the cover wasnt a fake? CP even said on the webcast for the release of Brisingr that he never mentioned anything about a green dragon. Sure I would like to believe in this mysterious green dragon but honestly I dont think there will be enuff time for a dragon to “grow up” and be useful. Unless Eragon tries to make it grow up and not be strong enough thus needing the vault of souls. My only thought was it might be wild but if thats the case where are they going to find it?

  • hhgfhrgoihdrth


  • Matt

    Mabye we should make a list of EVERY character, big or small, name or no name, and try and figure it out by ruling out the ones using the clues CP gives us.

  • Tycie

    I thing maybe Vanir, the elf Eragon spars with in Ellesmira, mite be the next rider. He tells Eragon he’s unworthy to be called a Dragon Rider where as every body else loves him. And after Eragon is trasformed and beat him he says he is now worthy of the title but how should he know what makes a rider worthy or not? He’s also pretty young even for elves so why wouldn’t an older more experienced elf spar with him?

  • Me

    it will be someone like Roran or some one close to Eragon but i dont think it will be Arya its just to obvious to be Arya

  • Bob

    I’ve gotta say, never seen so many people write so much in their comments! Nice stuff.

  • Tetrahawk

    CP did say that the person would have a logic inevitability, and that they have appeared in all 3 books (which means that the girls with their fortunes told are counted off). Sloan fits the second requirement, but that’s just plain silly. He needs to regain sight, train for like, ages to get the same amount of skill Eragon had before the AB! That’s a total waste. The free forces need someone that can at least match Eragon, if not overshadow, if they don’t wish to get annihilated and obliterated at Uru’baen! Does it make sense for a leader-type person to be a rider? Obviously not. But then again, it would nice to see how in Alagaesia is Eragon going to defeat 3 twisted riders if the green egg hatches for someone on Galby’s side. And no, Angela becoming a rider would just be strange…

    As for the ExN thing, there’s a topic with 600 posts on the forums and of the half that are supporting, they all have no good arguments.

  • Jack

    The comments are getting kind of high…

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Yah, the vault of souls couldn’t be a Shade. And didn’t Solembum say something about the Rock of Kuthian or something? I think that might be some sort of entrance to the vault of souls.

    P.s.- I love this website. 🙂

  • Kay

    ok, so i saw multiple people say sloan will be the next rider, but that is impossible! his purpose was to give eragon a moral dilemma (to kill or not to kill, the never resolved question…). he is also blind, stuck in Du Weldenvarden, and despises eragon.

    also, to the people who say that a dwarf should be the next rider. not only do dwarves as a race despise dragons (remember the fighting between dwarves and dragons mentioned in Eragon?), but the dwarves are also not part of the “circle of magic” that the humans, dragons, and elves are a part of in order to create the riders. and since there are the aforementioned feelings toward dragons coming from dwarves, i doubt that they will enter the “circle” any time soon.

    i also doubt the woman who eragon blessed is selana and the girl is therefore his sister. wouldn’t you expect some sort of reaction to seeing eragon all grown up if it was selana?

    @Matt.S – idk means i don’t know. it’s chatspeak. 🙂

  • Goldielover

    When Arya was talking to Eragon right before he flew off to fight Murtagh in Brisingr, she started to say something but stopped. Does anyone else think she stoppped speaking beacause she was speaking to Eragon in the Ancient Language?

  • Rithal

    I am seriously undecided regarding this particular conflict in the fourth book. I feel that if an Elf were to become a dragon rider (particularly Arya), Eragon would be a bit overshadowed by Arya in magical and phsyical skill. Therefore I believe that the best possible canidate would be human, possibly Nasuada, or Angela or a character yet to be revealed.

  • DuVrangrGata

    Has anyone considered the posibility that angela could be the next rider. She is already highly trained in magic and she is skilled with her dwarven double bladed weapon. Also she is deeply connected within the varden. The only problem is that she would have to learn some dragon lore and prehaps the more guarded secrets of magic.

  • Justin

    I think that Nasuada seems to be having a certain logical inevitability.

    Even if she becomes the next Rider, she’ll get over her hate of magic.

    She does make a lot more sense than Roran, that’s for sure.

    The only evidence I found for Nasuada is that she is battle hardened, she’s been through all the books, most people believe she’s in love with Murtagh, she is also willing to do anything for her people.

    If she becomes the next Rider, she would be immortal and she and Murtagh will live happily ever after along with;

    Eragon and Arya

    Thorn and Saphira

    Green Dragon and Violet Dragon (Thorn and Saphira’s daughter. Imagine mixing red and blue. lol.)

    I don’t know about Shruikan but, maybe a wild dragon.

    CP has also said that Nasuada will have a “strong change” in book 4. She could become the next Rider, which is what I believe.

    She may have to train as well. Since she may have a lot more experience in war than Eragon, she may not take as long as Eragon has.

  • Barzul

    Oh, and a book is only worth reading, in my opinion, if it manages to make you enter its realm, and be a whithess of the action, feel what is given to you, see what is presented to you… that, I think, is what makes a book good… go, go CP!!:)

  • feanarang

    I believe that the Rider of the green dragon will be Arya. What else could CP be building her up to be? CP said that the choice of the new rider has “a certain inevitability to it,” and that we’ll most likely think that it makes sense. Roran for the next dragon rider doesn’t make sense, because if he were to become immortal, his relationship with Katrina could never be a happy one. Roran wouldn’t age, and Katrina would. Nasuada doesn’t make sense because she has repeatedly stated that she hates magic, is afraid of magic, and that she blames magic for Galbatorix’s rule of terror. The new Rider needs to be proficient in magic. Perhaps the fourth book will take place over a longer period of time than the other books, although it does only take 6 months for a dragon to be able to breathe fire (Eragon was riding Saphira before she could breathe fire. How long before we don’t know, but it was probably at least 2 months.), and that’s the earliest age you would want to take them into battle. The first book took about that long. A campaign such as faces the Varden cannot feasibly be resolved in 6 months. Laying a city to seige could take months at a time, even with the aid of Eragon and Saphira.

    Moreover, the Varden must conquer every city south of Uru’baen, for if they do not, they are vulnerable to attack from behind, or soldiers could attack Surda and the Varden would be forced to retreat. This campaign may be sped up through the powerful magics of Eragon and the elves, but Galbatorix has spellcasters on his side as well. We are looking at a book that will likely span an entire year. Saphira most likely isn’t even a year old yet! She would be a year and a quarter at the absolute most (You can tell because Elain [Horst’s wife] hasn’t given birth yet, and she was pregnant before the villagers left Carvahall.)! The point of this rant? There is PLENTY of time for a newly hatched dragon to mature before he has to confront Thorn or Shruikan.

    As for the two women whose fortunes Angela read (who refused to tell Eragon their names) and whom Eragon blessed, I believe that they may be going to steal the remaining egg from Uru’baen. Either that, or they are part of some other saga that CP has planned for the world of Alagaesia (He has said that he’s left clues sprinkled throughout the books that connect to another story).

    Thank you.

  • Barzul

    I, too believe Arya will be Dragon Rider. That, I think, seems a bit obvious, although it’s not bad to fantasize about other characters… The questions are How?, How?, When?, Why?…

    How will Eragon defeat Galbatorix? How will the egg be found? When will it hatch and Why will Eragon leave Alagaesia. The last question answered, we could understand everything that happenes on that beach… Finding out that dragons still survived across the sea, Eragon sets off with Arya to bring them back. Galbatorix-now understanding his mistake and craving to go see the dragons himself for one last time before he dies, as the final battle left him crippled-// or Murtagh- now free of the vow, thanks to Eragon and Sloan and he too craving to have been offered a new dragon, as his was murdered in the final battle-// or Roran- desperate because his cousin is also leaving, having already lost Katrina to the war, but not her baby- gives a heat-throbbing wail of regret. this is how I imagine it… The new dragon is found with the help of that lady and her daughter, either hatched already or -having received Eragons blessing, which we should have a look again- still an egg stolen right from under Galby’s nose or is hatched after the war or after Galby loses his dragon again in the battle and as a final battle tries himself to open the vault of souls-the race to open it first between Eragon and Galby- and in that stuggle somehow is set free of his inner demons- this giving the newly hatched dragon book time to grow up… or the Greenwich is dopped with the vault of souls and engulfs many HOHs with the sole condition that they would be freed in the end back to their primordial lands accross the sea and big enough to fight now helps Eragon defeat Galby… there are many more things to be said but I’d write a new novel out of it, and it would be just stupid and boring, as Paolini has an amazing singular style:D…

    So in the end, the problem is to find out where everyone fits in the story, and linking everything up, to anticipate more correctly the way things could finally be.

    @ matt : I’ve always imagined the vault would be near thet unnamed rock in the desert but it might also be near thet lake you speak of… the wierd, old wise man Eragon stumbles upon while travelling on foot back to the varden in Brisingr is the key element to finding that Vault, I suppose and, to finding Eragon’s true name, and maybe even Murtagh’s, without even shrinking the role Sloan could have in the exact same thing:D

  • Justin

    That’s the thing HB. Dragons don’t choose their Riders for the color of their eyes and magic. They choose them for what they feel is best.

    I believe Nasuada needs the green dragon as stated in my other post.

  • Tazz

    Has anyone woundered about Broms ring that he gave to Eragon. In Brisinger it talks about how much energy the gem is holding. Is it possible that it could be Broms dragon’s heart of hearts. If it is Eragon would now have 2 as Glaedr gave his to Eragon this would surley help to smite Glabotorix. Also I bet this is why Glaedr gave it to Eragon, he knew he and Orimis where going to thier deaths and wanted to give Eragon everything he needs to take his best shot at Glabotorix.

  • HB

    I don’t think that just because it says her magic glows green, even though it has once been described as blue, doesn’t necessarily mean that Arya will be the next rider. I am going to read Eragon in a bit and try to find the quote.

    I still think that Nasuada and Eragon have a chance. In brisingr, they both want what Roran and Katrina have, and after the battle, in both Eldest and Brisingr, Nasuada worries about Eragon, and hugs him after the battle at the end of Eldest.

  • Mitch

    If there is a new rider that isn’t evil, I think it will happen after Galbatorix is dead and the egg is rescued. In a perfect world it would be Arya and then she and Eragon and their two dragons would all hook up and live happily ever after. However I think that there is a chance that Arya might die. Eragon is going to have to suffer some great loss in order to kill Galbatorix. Maybe it’s his brother, or Roran, Arya, or even the loss of the last egg. Brom went on to kill Morzan because of the loss he suffered when his dragon died. I think Eragon will need to be fueled by the same kind of emotions in order to kill Galbatorix.

    The sloan thing seems a stretch to me. He wasn’t kept around to be a rider. His story is important because it is how Eragon will eventually discover his own name, and how he will be able to help his brother change his.

    The one problem I have with Arya being the last rider is if she is so qualified, why didn’t saphira pick her? Just a thought.

    I didn’t read all of these but what about Roran? Garrow and Selena were brother and sister, so the blood line is there. Maybe he gets captured and goes the same way as Murtagh. Forced to serve. I doubt CP would force Eragon to have to save two people from the same fate but it’s a thought.

    And I gotta add, if you aren’t feeling emotions when you are reading, you aren’t truly reading. I almost hate to read books such as these because I open myself up to the world and let my imagination run wild. At the end I am left with something of a void because that part of my mind that was opened up comes to an end.

  • Glorfindel

    Maya, I guess it’s possible for Eragon to be the man on the shore. I considered the possibility, but discounted it as unlikely. Since they’re walking toward the ship, one of the two people is probably Eragon. My guess is that the man on the shore is Murtagh, remaining behind to train the next generation of riders perhaps?

  • brisingrreisa

    i think its arya she’ll be with the varden

    but lets show some other possobleitys

    what if… the riders evil or with galbatorix

    what if… its nasuada(unlikely)

    what if… its angela(highly unlikely)

    what if… its arya(likely)

    what if… its blodhgarm(very unlikely because he is blue and the eggs green, but a nice thought.)

    what if… its solombum(unlikely)

  • Matt

    Nobody seems to care about the unnamed lake by ceunon. Nor why the hadarac desert, the spine, and Du Weldenvarden, and the beor mountains are all “natural barriers” between humans. dwarves, elves, and if you count the sea as possibly one of those barriers, the inhabitants of those islands (werent they Dragon riders and Dragons?). I believe some greater being must have created those boundaries so that an all out war between races would begin.

  • InheritanceFanatic

    i think Arya will be the next Dragon Rider, but then again it seems too obvious. I think maybe CP will surprise us

  • BrisingrRaudhr

    I’m also curious about the girls in Brisingr. But I don’t think they’re the rider. And Sloan, I think CP keep him in the story because he’s sorry and maybe Sloan will make a big change. Such as helping Murtagh changes his True Name maybe? I don’t know. but I will never agree to CP if the next Dragonrider IS Sloan!
    Eragon should just ask Nasuada if he should kill him or not! and Nasuada should say yes, and Sloan. YOU DIE! muahahahahaha

  • Matthew

    Ok i have many opinions on who the rider might be but i would like to mention that it is quite likely that the dragon has already hatched. The fact that they need one that is capable to fight and won’t have much time if it is just to hatch gives me this idea. However if this is the case then there is no chance of it beening Arya as they would never send her out like she had been if she was the next rider. We cannot forget the green dragon shell that Eragon saw when he was at the hill of broken eggs or wateva it was.

  • BrisingrRaudhr

    I really, really wish that Arya will be the next dragonrider. not the LAST because if they finally have the last dragon egg, that green dragon will be Saphira’s mate.
    And I hope that Arya and Eragon will end up together, like Eragon said he SHOULD married with an Immortal person. IF Arya doesn’t end up as a dragonrider, she still be Eragon’s perfect match. Not Nasuada. because I read in Interwiki that Eragon and Nasuada POSSIBLY end up together.
    And for Glorfindel, if someone really in to a book, it’s like that they were real, and we can feel the same like them. In Brisingr it’s almost obvious that Arya starting to like Eragon.
    I think Arya is the Next Dragonrider!

  • Matt.S.

    This is dementing! I joined this conversation in the hope there would be some interesting theories, and the only one that hasn’t been saying the exact same thing as everyone else over and over is maya-

    If indeed eragon is on the shore, then it would been murtagh and the other rider, who would then be far more likely to be Nasuada who would be leading.

    This could then point to Roran as the new King, since Nasuada would be leaving. However, three times in the series so far, Eragon has been ‘cursed’ and told he would leave Alagaesia forever. So, in actual fact, though it is a nice theory, I still think Eragon is one of the Riders leaving the shore.

    PS, what does idk mean? Am I missing something?

  • Luke

    what about those two women that eragon blessed are not also candidates, or… What if their related to eragon, like half sisters or something… just saying.

  • Mark


    Your thinking is great but when I read I get sucked into a book and try to feel what the author is feeling! I feel the same as Daniel, I think when you read about the two of them you can sense the feelings and emotion that CP is trying to put together with Arya and Eragon. It is a forbidden Love of Arya and Eragon, but it makes them pull together that much more. Who is to say that Arya and Eragon don\\\\\\\’t have a child together? The Green Dragon may hatch for their child. I know far fetched but an idea.

    Daniel always read with emotion it will make the story that much better. Try to figure out want the author is feeling. Good job. I do the same!

  • Mark

    I would almost count Nasuada out. She hates magic. She has said it over and over. She wouldn\\\’t make a good rider because they have to be strong in body and magic. She wouldn\\\’t be good at it. I think that \\\”girl\\\” has more to show. CP even says there is something big that is going to happen with her! Makes more and more sense.

  • Mark


    That was my theory also that the girl may be the new rider. If you look at the very first post, that is what I thought. I also thought that the old Woman is the Black Hand(Selena). That would make the Young girl Eragon’s sister or half sister. But who would be the father? Brom would already be gone and couldn’t have been the father. If Brom isn’t her father then she would most likely not be a rider. One of the only reasons that Murtagh and Eragon are rider are from their fathers. However, could be that Eragon has a twin though. Would make sense for her to be the new green Rider. I am not sure if anyone else read or heard, but CP has already said the new Dragon will be Green.

    Also Arya’s magic is green not blue. It has said it many times that it has a green glow.

    Has anyone else thought that the knuckle bones that Angela reads futures from may be Glaedr’s?

  • eragon7985

    I’ve always wanted Orik to be the rider, but I think it probably will be Arya.

  • Merklin

    I believe Sloan will be the next Dragon Rider. There was no point in bringing him back into the story unless he had some larger role to play.

  • Holly

    Oh i am really hoping that Arya is the new Dragon Rider, and there is a part in Eldest that makes me think that Ayra is starting to like Eragon. When he is flying out to try and defeat Murtaugh and Thorn she starts to say something to Eragon but stops suddenly as if she is embarrassed. Hmmmmm………. makes me wonder.

  • maya

    ok,,did it occure to anyone that the man on the shore is eragon???
    just a thought,,

  • Crinsomsahde

    I think Arya will be the third rider because in brisingr she starts bondin with eragon if you noticed she is gonna be called shadeslayer and she started worrying about eragon

  • Glorfindel

    Hmmm…. a rough sketch of my idea for the ending. I feel that the dream that Eragon has of two dragons in the sky will be Saphira and Greenwhich. He and Arya are walking toward the ship. Then again, maybe the man on the shore is Murtagh, remaining behind to train the new riders, and thorn is dead. Who knows? I have so many ideas it would take way to long to type.

  • Glorfindel

    Wow, okay, where to start. First of all, Daniel, my dear boy, with all due respect, you said that you could “FEEL the emotional link between Arya and Eragon”???? It’s a book, not a real life scene. If you can feel things that aren’t written, when you’re doing nothing more than reading a book, then you are truly gifted.
    I would also like to say that “Arya having green eyes”, really doesn’t make her case any stronger for her being the next rider. Neither does the color of magic that she already has. I”m not discounting the possibility, but I don’t think that using green would make the new egg hatch for her.
    I also think that the green egg MIGHT not hatch until after the war

    “Galbatorix stood before the prostrate Eragon, hate burning in his eyes. Eragon raised a hand as if to ward off the impending blow. As Galbatorix lifted his sword, Murtagh, standing behind him, screamed in rage and anger. Straining with all his might, seeing his brother about to die, and the free world crushed, he broke the hold that bound him to Galbatorix. He drew back his sword and swung at Galbatorix. Zar’roc glanced off the Black King’s armor. He turned and saw Murtagh, pale faced and shaking. “Obey me!”, screamed Galbatorix. “No!”, shouted Murtagh. “You have held me in bondage long enough. I would sooner die than be your slave any longer”. Galbatorix drew back his sword to kill Murtagh. “As you wish then”, he hissed. Eragon, fearful for the life of his brother, kicked Galbatorix in the back of his leg. “Eragon raised himself from the floor, sword in hand. “You’ll do no more murder today”, he said, “your reign is ended”. Quick as a flash, Galbatorix stabbed at him. Murtagh lunged for the evil king. Galbatorix swung around and stabbed Murtagh through the chest. Nooooo” screamed Eragon. In a blind rage, he raised his sword and smote off Galbatorix’s head. The black emperor fell to his knees as his head rolled down the dais. Eragon dropped his sword and ran to his dying brother. Murtagh stared into his eyes, pain and anguish and regret, etched in lines of fire behind his eyes. “Forgive me”, gasped Murtagh, and died.

  • matt

    DONT FORGET! The unnamed lake bu ceunon could be where the Vos is. Or it doesnt physically exist, but rather a state of being.

  • TinTin

    I think Arya would be the best candidate for the new rider except for Murtagh and Eragon because it could give Eragon and her a chance of being together which is what a lot of fans want to happen; with her dragon and Saphira as pairs too.

    And just like their powers–Eragon-blue, murtagh-red, and they said that the last gragon egg is green and Arya’s power is also green… Is there something wrong about age? No… Arya is already a hundred but she is still strong… stronger than Eragon in magic. She also killed a shade. and besides she still looks and acts like she’s the same age as eragon.

    If ARya and eragon work together against galbatorix along side with their dragons, they’re unbeatable… So their a good pair–dragons and riders.

    That is All…

    P.S. I want to know if there’s a sequel to the eragon movie and if CP is already revising the 4th book… I’m so excited,Ãœ

  • Cookies

    I think your theory may be correct cause of the facts that you stated Ayra could be the last one

  • Aiedail~

    You guys have great theories, but I still believe that Eragon will have to defeat Galbatorix on his own without the new dragon egg hatched. If you think about it, CP wouldn’t set Eragon up and build up his character just so that someone can be there holding his hand while he defeats his enemy. He has to stand up and use everything he’s learned to defeat him.

    But maybe the egg could already be hatched somewhere…? Anyone thought of that? No one knew about Saphira until Eragon went out and told everyone. So what if there already is a rider and the dragon is already grown and trained? There’s plenty of places in Alegasia that a dragon could be and no one knows. They could come join the Varden at the last minute and be a huge shocker…? IDK

    I also agree that the two people that Angela was telling their fortune are going to pop up somewhere again. Why would Angela take the time in introducing them to Eragon if she didn’t think they were important? And why would CP put a pointless little scene in his book if it means nothing? Maybe it’s one of them that will find the egg.

    I also don’t think it will be Roran. He has a baby on the way and CP shouldn’t do that to Katrina! Could you imagine what that would cause if he became the rider? He needs to be with Katrina and with her to support his child. End of story.

    It could be anyone, unexpected. Like…someone from Carvahall…or even Sloan? He keeps coming back into the picture. I know, he’s blind and he’s too old and unable to be a rider. but you never know. why would CP keep him in, when he could have just thrown him away and left him there in the Ra’zac cave? He must be important.

    hmmm…I guess this is going to be nagging us for the next couple of years…*sigh* I wish CP could hurry up with his amazingly awesome masterpeice 😛

  • Tanker457

    Ok most of us have determined or thought of at least being the last rider. BUT I don’t think this will happen til the end because A) How will they get in and out of Galbitrox’s castle. B) It would have to happen at the very beginning or early middle because the dragon would have to be old enough to ride. C) Unless Murtaugh decides to steal it NOT

  • Ximoor

    Angella’s prophecy of Eragon being betrayed by one of his own family has come true in a literal manner. However, if we take the word family as “the people you grew up with and love you” kind of way, that leaves only Roran. If Katrina were to get the egg and Saphira hooked up the the new dragon then Katrina and Eragon would fall in love (though probably reluctantly since Katrina and Roran are already married and Katrina is carrying Roran’s baby.) This would cause a massive rift between Eragon and Roran and Roran would probably want to kill Eragon for stealing Katrina. Thus, Roran’s betrayal. I don’t know how likely this is, or if Paolini would be that mean to Roran, but it would be a crazy plot twist.

  • Daniel

    CP, in my eyes, has set up Arya as the third Next Generation Rider (for future refrence Eragon, Murtagh, and whoever ends up being the third new rider will be referred to as a whole as “NGRs”). I could feel the emotional link betwixt Arya and Eragon after they killed the Shade in the Battle of Feinster as if I were watching a movie or looking on from a few feet away. Though I never did want Arya to end up the third NGR, it seems that the series would have to be expanded once again, this time to 5 or possibly 6 books if she were not the third NGR.That would be a waste of time for CP and fans of Inheritance.

    Previously I thought that the third NGR could have been a briefly mentioned character (the underdog… sort of) that was mentioned in every book (Jarsha the Varden servant boy, Elva [she has developed into an important character though], and multiple Carvahall villagers), but it seems that this will not happen.

    The most practical thing for CP to do as a writer, in my opinion, would be to introduce the emerald dragon (let’s call him Greenwich) as already six months old or more. The reason why this is possible, you ask? Dragon hatchlings only bond when they are touched for the first time by a human or an elf they want to bond to. Let’s say Greenwich’s egg was lost or stolen but lost years ago and Galbatorix did not want to reveal that. Greenwhich could have hatched in the fashions of wild dragons, when the conditions were right. Then the only thing that CP would have to do to introduce Greenwhich as the third NGR’s dragon would be for the third NGR (whoever that may be) to find the fire-breathing, flight-capable Greenwhich and bond with him. If that Rider is Arya, then only training that they would need would be on how to sense each others intentions in battle and how to fly together.

    Having a new Rider brings up another question. Where would this Rider obtain a Rider’s Blade? The answer is simple. That Rider would simply use one of the Rider’s Blades left in elven hands as long as they found that blade comfortable to use (I think they would have to find it comfortable; there isn’t any more Bright Steel). If I recall correctly, one of those remaining blades is EMERALD GREEN. That would be the ideal weapon for the Rider of an emerald green dragon! Let’s just hope, for Alagaesia’s and the Varden’s sake, that Arya likes the remaining sword.

  • Solumbum

    I believe the last rider will be a dwarf, it would be a great plot twist, considering there has never been a rider who was a true dwarf. Since Eragon was adopted, so to speak, by the former dwarf king from the first two books, he really should not be considered the dwarves’ representive rider.

  • Matt

    Arya is a very good candidate. Roran is also and it would sort of make sence if he became the rider because all three new riders would be related.

    Also I think that Saphira will end up with Shruikan, he is only under galbotorix’s control and I don’t think Eragon and Saphira could bring themselves to kill him and will while fighting break down those ties.

    Maybe Nasuada will die which would make Eragon leader of the Varden… also possibly triggering some sort of change in Thorn and Murtagh… or even Thorn and Murtagh killing Nasuada or Galbatorix killing her through them.

  • Ajihad

    Let us not forget the two strange women that Angela Told Their Future to and asked Eragon to give them a blessing, Might Anglea have seen one of them being the future dragon Rider thus asking Eragon to bless them on their way. CP would not have put those Characters in the book if they had no meaning… Might one be Eragons Mother? Personally I think Not But It Is A Good Idea.

  • Justin

    Tetrahawk, if you look back in Eldest, there is a point where Nasuada hugged Eragon. That is what makes people believe a NasuadaxEragon pairing will come up.

    So far, we are not even sure if Arya would even want to be a Rider so, that still leaves many chances for others.

    Don’t just assume that there aren’t any, you should take the time to look back at the books.

    And you never how Nasuada or even Roran could develop into a potential Rider. It could take shorter than Eragon.

  • Tetrahawk

    Since when does it even hint that Nasuada loves Eragon? There’s even an entire 40 page topic in IF BIV theories, and none of them have given any good evidence.

    Nasuada would be a total blunder to train, she would need to get over her magicphobia, learn the AL, become even better at fighting, yet will still only have the strength of a human rider. Roran has been developed as some sort of uber fighting leader guy, who has the potential to be a great king. Plus, he will only have a strength of a human rider, if he gets the dragon. The final battle is the most relevant, do you want 2 elven riders or 1 human 1 elven rider facing Galbatorix? It sounds hard enough for the former to do it, let alone the latter.

    Arya won’t be a burden to train (although she would be pretty pissed being subordinate to Eragon, who’s like a fifth of her age…), she only needs those rider secrets. She would far exceed the ability of Roran or Nasuada, making her by far the most useful.

  • Aiedail~

    I do agree with QueenMindi about Nasuada deserving to be the rider, but her being with Eragon…I’m not so sure. Their personalities don’t fit for me but idk it could work out. I’m not crazy about Arya either. She is kind of selfish and inconsiderate in my opinion ( …) But I do agree that most likely Arya and Eragon will end up together (blah) I’m not sure though. But who will the rider be? Don’t anyone forget that CP could pull something from his hat that is sooo unexpected and unlikely that we’re not even pondering about….

  • QueenMindi

    I’m casting my vote for Nasuada. I could list all my theories about how Nasuada is in love with Eragon (and there is a possibility of him reciprocating, if he ever stops mooning over Arya), and how she’s subtly revealed to be royal/beautiful beyond compare, AND how she’d be a good Rider because she’s the strongest woman character in the entire cycle, characterized as neither a damsel in distress nor a sex object (like a certain elf I could mention)–but I won’t go there. I’ll just say she deserves to be the next Rider because she’s totally awesome, and leave it at that. 🙂

  • HB

    I dont know if Arya will be the next rider, everyone says her magic is green, but somewhere, I cant remember where, but its described as being blue.

    I think that Nasuada could be a possible candidate for the next rider. but saying that, i dont particularly like Arya as a character. (meaning no offence to those who do)

    I think that the vault of souls, could be where Galbatorix keeps all his eldunari, and maybe Glaedr’s eldurnari could tell them information that was not told before Glaedr and Oromis died.

  • Aiedail~

    I agree that all evidence points to Arya. BUT I think it would make more sense for her not to be the rider. I think that the egg won’t be found until after the “big battle” between Galbitorix and Eragon. CP has spent all three books building up Eragon and I think he should take on the battle and win himself, not with the help of another strong dragon and rider. He’s grown, learned, and is stronger than he used to be so I think he should confront Galbitorix, with help from the Varden of course, but less them and more himself to be the big hero that he truly is. Then when everything is over, THEN Arya can find the egg and live happily ever after 😉 (with Eragon hopefully) SO…Thats my opinion/theory

  • Matt

    it also has appeared to me that there is a lake by the spine, that goes into the anora river ( its by ceunon. the lake has no name.

  • Justin

    I know that people will probably hate me for this but, I think it would be a neat twist if Nasuada became the next Rider.

    If someone is bound by their dragon, then they are immortal, right? If Murtagh and Nasuada are most likely to end up together, as many fans hope for, then should she be immortal like him?

    Nasuada is a woman, she has been through all the books, she is battle hardened, and she is also willing to do anything for her people.

    Christopher Paolini also said something about Nasuada having a “majorly strong change in book 4.”

    Nasuada may hate magic and magic users, but Eragon and Arya are magic users and she may learn to get over it.

    If the green egg is delivered to the Varden, she may also become the first one to come in contact with it.

    She can also learn tricks from Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Glaedr’s hoh, and hopefully Murtagh and Thorn if they are freed.

    Thorn could also help Saphira and Glaedr’s hoh teach the green dragon some tricks.

    I know some people may start attacking me for this, but I think Thorn and Saphira will end up together. Saphira feels sorry for him and she already knows Thorn is not really a bad dragon, just unwillingly forced.

    Christopher Paolini also said that “Saphira’s feelings to Thorn aren’t as extreme as they are to Shruikan.”

    I think it would be sweet if Thorn made a promise to Saphira that he would help her avenge Glaedr and put his on the line for her.

  • jeff

    i think arya does have lots of evidence in favor of her. if she becomes the next rider, the varden will have a better chance of winning. they also need the heart of hearts to help them

  • Katja

    I am almost certain that the new Rider will be Arya. CP said that he had hinted it in the first books, and with Arya’s eyes and magic and all that it almost can’t get more obvious.

    Unless of course CP did it to trick us! Then I would guess that Roran would be the new Rider, as CP obviously likes writing about him.

    And I hope that Murtagh will eventually redeem himself! 😀

  • Looie

    Ok, well I know that the evidence for Arya to be the next rider is overwhelming, but I sincerely believe that Roran will be the next rider. He is strong willed (he moved all of Carvahal to Surda) a good leader, and a great fighter (if his pile of bodies in Brisingr indicates anything). In Brisingr, Eragon also taught Roran the spell to lift the pebble, and I know Roran tried at it and hasn’t gotten it yet, I think he will eventually get it and he will become the next rider. He also could become king too.

  • Lucaith

    Lol, second thoughts x]

    What about the rock of Kuthian? I’ve just looked at the map, an =d can’t remember the significance of the mountain marked as Marna, by Gil’ead. Idk, possibly?

  • Lucaith

    No-one seems to be even considering the the new rider will be on Galby’s side. Could it be possible that (if he’s truly an unwilling servant of galby) Murtagh could turn over to Eragons side? ‘Cause Eragon said he’s try and work out a way to free Murtagh, so if he did then Murtagh would probably switch sides, leaving space on Galbys side for the new rider.

    I think that could even out the odds considerably, as it would be Eragon and Murtagh, two considerably powerful riders, against Galby and the new rider, a really powerful rider and a newby, so that would even out some.

    So if the new rider was on Galbys side, and he’d obviously have to be someone we’ve met somewhere of another, then couldn’t we ask ourselves who on Galbys side he could possible be? I admit here that I can’t think of anybody off hand, but a lot of you out there know more about the books than I do, having only read them once or twice so far >.< Just consider it…? Please?

  • Icetoe

    the next rider will be Roran. Paolini said he gave many hints in Eldest as to the next rider. hewrote half of the book in Roran’s point of view and pratically the same in Brisingr. So i believe Roran is the best candidate.

  • spartacus

    i believe that galbatorix will bond with the emerald dragon and some where along the lines arya will bond with shruikan since galby would have forsaken him.

  • Edhatzi

    The vault of souls is probably a mound of ancient Eldunari, because even if a dragons body has died, it still has a sould doesn’t it.

  • Jack

    And technically, Murtagh and Eragon aren’t even brothers; they’re HALF-brothers.

  • Matt.S.


    Roran and eragon aren’t brothers, they are cousins

  • brandon

    eragon is a good person he wouldn’t hurt people that are innocent.

  • Matthew

    I think the green rider could be Roran because it would sort of make sense as then all 3 riders would be brothers. What do you think of that? 🙂

  • Matt.S.


    Galbys name has been discovered by three elves (I think) and they were all killed by a spell he set up.

    I also agree with kylanicole that if the green dragon is involved in battles etc. in book4, it only would make sense for it to be fully grown.

    Does anyone know if Murtagh’s/Thorn’s HoH’s are responsible for Thorns accelerated growth? Or is it just galby’s meddling?

  • KylaNicole

    Can i just ask why everyone is assuming the next rider will be green? The only indication we have for this is CP, in an interview, saying that there will be a green dragon in the fouth book. He never actually says if this dragon is the one in the egg, and we are never told what the egg colour is in any of the books.

    True that this is the best we have to go on, and there is a good chance that the green dragon CP talks about is the dragon in the egg. But there is also a possibility of Eragon and Sapira searching for dragons that still exist, or coming accross the existance of this green dragon somewhere else.

    Because i don’t believe that the last egg will hatch until after the Varden win/lose the battle to free Alegesia. . . So if there is a green dragon, it would make more sense to me for it to be full-grown and able to lead Eragon through some struggles he faces in the next book. . . But thats just my theory

  • Matt

    lets also not forget that galbotorix’s true name hasnt been discovered yet. Is it possibly that galby isnt a sentient being, but rather a collection of thousands of souls that come to make one physical being? Sort of like a shade but with the HoH and not souls.

  • Matt

    yes, or no. He could become a shade, but will somehow have full control of the souls. Or get people with strong enough willpower to call upon them, while eragon controls the souls, or promises them a way to heaven ( i know they dont call it that)

  • Glorfindel

    @Kay. Do you seriously believe that Roran as the next rider is sexist?
    @Matt, are you saying that Eragon will have a group of shades under his command?

  • Matt

    The excerpt “when all is lost” also ties with my idea of shades, as they are a last resort sometimes.

  • Guest

    All these thoughts revolve around the Varden winning…Not to be a spoiled sport… Given all the info i have a hunch that the Varden will actually loose this War and be “forced across the seas”..Like Nasuda said to Eragon in book one…Don’t know the page number

  • Mike

    I think the big question about the Vault of Souls (not to venture too off topic) is: has “all been lost” yet? I think the Varden and elves certainly are set back by the loss of Oromis and Glaedr but remember, few of them knew of them before their death so their death changes little, if anything (except for perhaps the usefulness of one last secret weapon, which will be slightly carried over by Glaedr’s Heart of Hearts). Also good to remember: the elves won their battles and the Varden captured Feinster. I think it’s likely we haven’t yet encountered the “when all seems lost” part of the prophecy…

  • Matt.S

    Does anyone else think that the green rider (whoever it is) will have the green sword belonging to that elf lord we met in Brisingr?

    Also, i don’t think eragon could be able to take energy from his sword, as creating the flames takes energy from him anyway!

  • Ravi

    First of all i think that Arya will be the green rider.

    second of all Eldurani are supposed to be souls and there could be a lot of them in the vault of souls. Since solembum said that he should seek it when he needs power and when everything is lost.

    thirdly in eldest eragon asked orimis if he could take energy from fire. orimis said no but eragon does have a magic flaming sword. couldn’t he take energy from that?

    lastly i do think that roran will be king and that nasuada will marry in the next book to whoom i don’t know.

    I can’t wait till it comes out!

  • JuanPeezy

    @Jack – I also believe that all of the three books are important. For example, part of Solebum’s advice is yet to come true.

    Which brings me to a point: Am I the only one who thinks that the Vault of Souls is where Brom grew up?! Seriously, the Rock’s name and the name of the town are almost identical.

    And I feel it is blatantly obvious that Arya is going to become the next rider. Otherwise, Paolini has wasted a lot of good paper on a storyline that would effectively finish with the egg hatching for someone else.

    Also, the younger girl who got her fortune read by Angela will turn out to be Eragon’s twin sister or something crazy like that.

  • Mike

    @Jack – I don’t think that facts in Brisingr are any more or any less relevant in comparison to the other books simply because Book 3 and Book 4 were originally planned as one book. I think every fact and every clue in Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and beyond are equally relevant. Don’t let that cloud your sleuthing!

  • Siddharth


    this comment is about your seconds comment about making the green dragon as big and powerful as thron with galby’s methods, he doesnt have to suck energy out of anything really he still has broms ring and ofcourse glaedr’s eldunari and glaedr could help him if neeeded in what to do witht he dragon how to help it improve and all. why suck energy out of humans he really hates that .. plus he has elves for that.

  • Jack

    We’ll have to keep in mind that Brisingr and Book 4 are really two sections of the same book, so anything mentioned in Brisingr should be carefully analized. I’m leaning toward Arya…and Roran as the next king. Honestly, haven’t you guys seen Star Wars?

  • Mike

    I’m sure you could call a Shade a “vault of souls” but I’m willing to bet the Vault of Souls isn’t a Shade.

  • Matt

    Isn’t a vault of souls also considered a shade?

  • Mike

    @Mark – I hadn’t thought of one of the two women we met in Brisingr. I’ll have to think about that while writing the next installment…

    @Kay – I’d actually really like it if Arya was the Rider, simply for all the reasons listed in the article itself. I think it’d be bad if it hatched for someone like Eragon pre-Saphira and I think it’d be worse if a random character with the strength and abilities of Eragon or Arya popped up to be the Rider. Plus I think Arya is an interesting character.

    It’d be fun to discuss the next king. It won’t be the next article (the next article is part two to this one) but we’ll see about discussing it in the third!

    @Matt – As for Brisingr playing a key role in Book 4… maybe? But it seems a bit unlikely to me when you take into account the fact that Paolini’s idea for the flaming sword came from his father and not his own plans.

  • Matt

    the varden already discussed who will become king/queen, i believe they said nobody shall own all of the land as king. Eragon could also help the new dragon grow in the same way as galbotorix made thorn grow, if he only knew.I believe if Eragon could suck the strength out of the beings around him, possibly human slaves, he could use that strength to put into brisingr, or into the new dragon.

    Onto a more interesting story.
    Maybe the newly forged Brisingr and its flaming powers will be an important role in book four (can’t it also stop spells?)

    Question:Would it be possible to take control of a being, and make it speak in the ancient language? Because then Murtagh would not actually be speaking the words, the spellcaster would, thus possibly breaking the bond that makes him work for galbotorix

  • Kay

    I would love it if the green rider could be someone else than Arya (given the intense amount of mary-sueness that surrounds her) but she seems to be the only possible choice who is a girl. I have talked to many people who say Roran should be the next rider, but that isn’t just sexist. it’s also illogical (to me) since I believe he’ll be dubbed king once Galbatorix is taken down. not only does he have the blood of the kings from before galby, he also is able to convince complete strangers to loyally follow him.

    On that note, could you possibly discuss who’ll be king in the next chapter of Alagaesia’s history?

  • Mark

    I see the names of the women that “could” be the new rider, however, has anyone considered that it may be the girl that Solembum talked to? Angela is very Guarded when it comes to using the Dragon bones to read someone future but she did for the girl and woman. This could be a clue. Just a thought. Also has anyone ever thought that the knuckle bones that Angela uses could be Glaedr’s? That is just something I keep thinking.