“Where are they now?”: Chris Egan (Roran), Kings

Shur’tugal’s “Where are they now?” column catches up with cast members from the Eragon movie to give you an inside look at what the stars are working on today. This week we’ll be taking a look at Chris Egan, who played Roran in the Eragon movie and reviewing his new highly-recommended show, Kings.If you’ve seen the Eragon movie, you’ll likely remember Chris Egan for his brief performance as Roran. Those looking for more of a performance need only to look to the deleted scenes on the Eragon DVD, which contain two Roran-centered scenes: the extended play-fight in their barn and Roran’s departure from Carvahall (though in the movie, he takes Katrina with him and his reason for leaving is to flee the Empire’s recruiters… significantly different from the book’s plot).

Since starring in the Eragon movie, Egan has played minor roles in Resident Evil: Extinction (2007), Virgin Territory (2007), and the Pretty/Handsome pilot (2008). Egan portrays the main character in the upcoming Australian mystery/thriller movie, “Crush”, set to release in Australia later this month.

Egan has also found success as portraying the main character, David Shepherd, in NBC’s new hit drama, Kings. (Watch the Kings “Meet David” clip.) Kings is loosely based on the story of David and Goliath, set in the country of Gilboa, which resembles our current world in many ways. The series is set in motion when David Shepherd, a soldier for the Gilboan empire, single-handedly rescues a group of soldiers taken captive by enemy soldiers during their war against Goliath. After the rescue, it is revealed that one of the captive soldiers was Prince Jack, son of King Silas. Because of this, Silas rewards David with a new position in the government and a promotion in the army, thrusting David into the limelight and the center of politics.

Several of the Shur’tugal staff who have seen the show enjoy it immensely and highly recommend giving it a watch. While ratings for the show have only been average, the show has been well received by critics and is certainly worth watching. Chris Egan’s performance in the show is fantastic, as is that of the other main characters. All of the current episodes of Kings (four total, though the first episode is the length of two combined) can be watched legally, for free on Hulu.com.

Check out the trailer for Kings: