Happy April Fools Day

As many of you have noticed, Shur’tugal did not escape April Fools Day untouched this year. Continuing in our yearly tradition of pranking our visitors in either a subtle or not-so-subtle way, we turned the entire website bright pink and added a Hello Kitty twist to the website’s theme. Thankfully, this was only a temporary prank and everything has been reverted back to normal. We’d also like to let everyone know that the announcement of closing our fan fiction website was also a joke. Keep reading if you missed the prank or want to see some of our past pranks!Did you miss the Hello Kitty-themed Shur’tugal? You can view the entire theme here.

Back in 2007, our team set out to duplicate Google as the April Fools Day home page for Shur’tugal. We purchased the domain Shurtoogle.com and made a perfect mirror of the Google home page and Google search tools. You’ll notice that not only does the search “function” properly, but there are other hidden easter eggs as well: the Maps page works, showing a map of Alagaesia and a number of Alagaesia-themed addresses; the Advertising page had been customized for Shurtoogle; the About Shurtoogle page was customized for Shurtoogle and contained an “inside joke” about the founders. You can view Shurtoogle.com here.

In the past, we have also mirrored Shur’tugal (everything appeared backwards or upside-down) and posted fake news stories about the cast of Eragon.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s prank!

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    O my God, I know it’s May and everything, but I just figured out the whole reason for the Hello Kitty thing. In April, I got on, took one look, then logged off. Lol. 🙂

  • Trianna

    Man…I would actually be relatively pleased if ff closed

  • Evarinya

    Very nice

  • Jack

    NO! PLEASE, NO!!! I want my eyes to keep functioning by the time I’m twenty. (No offense, Mike)

  • eragon7985

    Rofl! Make a forum skin like that?

  • paulie14wyh

    aww i liked the other one can make it an optional backgreound?

  • Bob

    Oh god, oh god, oh god…I went to the pink layout again….head…hurts….brain…melting….

  • RuggishBon3

    Lol i tought i was going to have to start reading hello kitty books o.0.

  • feanarang

    It’s good to see Shurty back to normal. Not that I didn’t enjoy the joke, but I can now look at the site without wincing again.

  • swenson

    Oh boy, April Fool’s Day was fun this year, wasn’t it? 🙂