Book 4 Page Live, Fake Cover Reminders

We’re happy to finally release our complete guide to everything there is to know about Book 4! The page is divided into two sections: the “What We Do Know” section, comprised of definite facts about Book 4, as well as our “Loose Ends” guide, a complete list of all of the unresolved plot lines and prophecies left by the end of Brisingr. We will be keeping the entire section accurate and up-to-date during the wait for Book 4.

On a similar note: It has recently come to our attention that a Facebook group has posted a cover and title for Book 4 in the Inheritance cycle. Please note that this is not the official cover and title for Book 4 and was not created by the publisher. The cover and title for Book 4 have not yet been announced. For official notifications and news about the Inheritance cycle and Book 4 please be sure to visit and

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  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Sorry to double post, but I need to correct something I overlooked in my last comment. I meant to say that Roran is a capable “leader” not a capable “reader.” He is the first, but definitely not the second.

    Strange, how by accidentally switching one letter, I said the exact opposite of what I was trying to say . . . writing is weird like that.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    Roran is usually the most popular choice for the next ruler of Alagaesia, especially since it is speculated that his family descends from King Palancar. While I have to admit that he definitely possesses the charisma and determination needed to be a leader, as well as the reputation, he simply isn’t kingly material in other areas. Even though he’s a capable reader, he’s rather . . . uneducated. Remember, he was raised to be a farmhand, not a member of the ruling elite, like Murtagh was. It is explicitly stated in Eldest that Roran cannot even read.(Unless you count numbers and figures.)

    And in response to your question about my posts: I don’t really count the time it takes me to make one of these, but I would say a couple of minutes would be a good estimate, a little more if the post is particularly long. These “comments”, even the long ones I write, feel like just short sentences to me, because I’m used to writing much greater quantities in my spare time.

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    Wow, looks like I have a lot to respond to!

    Lorearia: Wups, I meant “palabra,” not “cuaderno”-had a little brain lapse there. I wasn’t trying to imply that Eragon would marry Nasuada, either. I’m just making desperate swats at what might happen in book IV, and I’m statring to confuse myself between the fan fiction and the actual story. If CP said that E would get married, then I agree that it would be highly improbable for him to marry Nas, esp. when he finds out what happened to Roran. :’1

    @AHEM- first, sorry about the name, I’d forgotten you’d changed it earlier….I’m not really sure where to start. Like I said before, my knowledge of the cycle isn’t perfect, such that I should doublecheck the structure of my theories a little. And isn’t most any circumstance improbable to begin with? I was just syaing that IF these certain events occur, then this is my OPINION on what will happen in result. Lol, I think you’re prob. right about Arya, though. But what about Roran? You didn’t mention him at all, unless I missed it (which is likely, considering how long your post is.) Also, out of curiosity, how long does it take you to type one of your posts? Thx. ;v]

    @ally- are you a mod in disguise?

    @ everyone else-where is this “fake cover” anyway?

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    Please use the feedback form, not a post about a Book 4 page, to let us know of page errors.

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    mike , when you click the link for the wallpaper page it doesn’t come up

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    Ok. Sorry Mike.

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    Lets stay fully off the topics of racial prejudice and sexist comments. We’ll have neither of those on this site.

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    I see. Point taken. You do know that I was kidding about racial prejudice right?

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    wow.the site looks AMAZING!
    I haven’t been in here since,forever,,I missed u guys soo much,,

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    I hate Nasuada because she had Roran whipped unjustly. Before that, I had little or nothing against her, except that I believed her goal to destroy the Empire was misguided. With that act at the end, however, she became my least favorite of all characters in all CP’s books, along with Islanzadi. If you need further explanation, go to the forums and look under “Was anyone else mad at Nasuada?: Her actions in Brisingr” and “Roran being whipped: Roran being punished.” I posted enough of my arguments there to write a book. Oh, and I do not have anything against Nasuada on a racial ground. I don’t hate Fadawar, Ajihad, or any of the other dark-skinned peoples of Alagaesia, after all.

    Oh, and if any of you here disagree with me about Nasuada/Think whipping Roran was just, PLEASE do not try to start an argument here. This really isn’t the place, and I’ve debated enough rabid Nasuada fans to last me the rest of my life.

    Oh, and by the way Glorfindel, I didn’t say anything about Nasuada becoming a Rider. When I said, “even if she doesn’t become a Rider” I was referring to Arya. However, I do agree that Nasuada probably doesn’t have the brawn to be as good a Rider as Roran or Arya, though she stands a better chance of coming into contact with the egg than most characters.

  • Faolins

    Plus she may lose focus to the Varden , anyone would

  • Glorfindel

    Good Grief AHEM!! Nice “comment”. Chuckles. So, why do you hate Nasuada so much? Do I sense a racial prejudice here? Chuckles. Just kidding. Seriously though, I’m curious. I seriously doubt that a human woman would become a rider. Now, no offense to you militant feminists, but let’s face the fact that human woman are physically weaker than human men. That’s the way that God made them. A female elf is as strong as a male elf. Not so with humans.

  • Ally

    I see a lot of cool theories here. Why don’t you guys post them in some of the topics on the Forums? If you haven’t already, go ahead and register! You can join about 20,000 other Inheritance Fans in discussing what will happen in Book IV.

    I hope I’ll see you there!

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh


    Excuse me, my name is AHEM, not “AHKM.”

    I think you’re confusing Eragon’s ideas. It was HROTHGAR(and later Orrin) who said that an immortal Rider shouldn’t rule. Eragon never said that he wanted to stop any Rider from ruling, just that he wanted to stop Galbatorix(because Eragon believes he is evil and has been wronged by him in the past), and he himself wouldn’t take power if he had the opportunity. If you have a page number of Eragon saying that Riders should not rule, show me, and I’ll revise my position.

    I think the point of the series, if it is indeed against Galbatorix, is more about removing a person who is supposedly evil, corrupt, and incompetant, not just because he was a Rider. The previous era, which everyone talks about as glorious and peaceful, was ruled by immortal Riders. If the idea of Riders having power is supposed to be horrible and evil, than people wouldn’t be bad-talking Galbatorix so bad for overthrowing them.

    I’d like to point out to you that if Galbatorix was killed in battle but the Empire wasn’t crushed in the same battle(i.e. “Uru’baen has fallen!”), then Galbatorix’s possessions, lands, and titles will pass to the Empire’s No. 2 man, unless Galbatorix has had any children. Since Murtagh is the only other Imperial Dragon Rider, Galbatorix’s Right-Hand Man, and probably the only magician who knows enough about the Eldunari to use them, Galbatorix’s remaining supporters would likely crown him king. I find it hard to believe that their aren’t at least a few high-ranking nobles/magicians/etc. among the Empire’s ruling elite who don’t want the Empire to fall. If Galbatorix died on them, their only choice of action would be to look for another Dragon Rider-King who could keep the Empire strong, for without a leader, defeat is inevitable. Even if they didn’t chose Murtagh, remember that he would be freed of his bonds to Galbatorix and would likely know where the Eldunari are kept, or at least have enough knowledge to find them. If he has all of Galbatorix’s Eldunari, he’d become basically invincible, and the Empire would have no choice but to crown him if he demanded it.

    Also, I seriously doubt that Eragon would continue to fight the Empire in this scenario. Eragon expresses during an internal in Brisingr that he doesn’t hate Murtagh or blame him for what’s happened, and only considers him an enemy because Galbatorix holds him by his True Name. Eragon even told Murtagh a possible method of escaping Galbatorix. Also, seeing as how much Eragon hates the death, destruction, and massive bloodshed that the war is causing, he’d be eager to end it as soon as possible. With Galbatorix dead, the best course of action would be to try to work out a peace agreement with the new leader of the Empire, stopping the war. After all, isn’t their opposition to Galbatorix the Varden’s main point of the war? I know they want to destroy the Empire as well, but I don’t think even the Varden would be so phycopathically misguided as to continue the war with the New Empire when they have a perfectly good opportunity to stop.

    Then there’s the matter if they will be up to continuing the fight. It would take a bloody huge load of effort to bring Galbatorix down. After all that, Eragon will be wanting to hang his sword over the mantle and be done with the war. Would he really want to challenge another dark Rider with immense powers, effectively starting the war over? I don’t think so.

    Though I absolutely loath the air she breathes and the ground she stands on, I have to admit that it’s possible Nasuada could become the next leader of Alagaesia. However, I seriously doubt that Arya will lead the Empire. Even if she doesn’t become a Rider, do you really think the humans of the Empire will want to be ruled by a member of an alien race that they haven’t been communicating with for 100 years?

    Back on topic, I’d like to point out something about the loose end on Shruikan. He never had a Rider. Didn’t CP say himself in the last interview that Galbatorix stole him before he had the chance to bond to a Rider of his own?

  • Daniel

    so r u working on fixing it now? i just checked it and it didnt go thru

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    Woops, I forgot to update the link on the left. I’ve forgotten a bit about the current layout because I’m so focused on meeting the deadline for the new one. Very, very soon.

  • lorearia

    I doubt that eragon would marry nausada or any human woman for reason already stated in brisingr.

    Alucard, cuaderno means notebook, did you know that already?
    (I speak spanish fluently)

  • alucard

    Ouch, AHKM!
    I really doubt Murtagh will become king, since like the whole point of the series is to get the evil king OUT of power and keep any rider from getting into power. If G-man dies and Murty tries to take the throne, Eragon will fight him b/c he believes a rider shouldn’t be in pwr. E can’t die, since he is doomed to leave Alagaesia. So I think Nas. will bcome the next rider, and she will leave with Eragon. And either Arya or Roran will become ruler (not necessarily king) of Alagaesia. At least that’s what I’m guessing will happen. I just hope Empire (or Eldunari, or whatever) will come out soon. Just don’t rush it, Chris.P, plez!

    @KirtashElMundodeAlagaësia: hey :)~ What country in cntrl Amer. are u from? & what does kirtash
    mean? Puedo comprender un poco espanol, pero no este cuaderno.

  • swenson

    You still haven’t linked it to the Book Four link on the left side of the page, Mike.

  • Glorfindel

    I would assume that control of the kingdom would go back to the elves.

  • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

    Here are my thoughts on the loose ends.

    From what Brom has said about the Gedwey Ignasia, you need to bond with a dragon hatchling, not just a dragon of any age. If the green dragon is already mature, and has lived this long wild, it would not be able to bond to a Rider. Maybe a forced bond by magic like what Galbatorix did, but I doubt it.

    Murtagh is most definitely on Galbatorix’s side. He doesn’t like doing everything the King tells him too, but given the choice between who won the war, he would pick the Empire. He has repeatedly expressed his distaste for the Varden and how he doesn’t want the Empire to be overthrown, and even defended Galbatorix’s ideas. However, if he had complete freedom of choice, Murtagh would probably leave Alagaesia and not be involved with either faction.

    I think one of the swordsman who could have defeated Brom might have been Tornac, the man who trained Murtagh. He was a master bladesman, and probably younger and more fit than Brom. The only problem is, how did Brom come to know the sword-fighting prowess of a man who was loyal to the Empire until he fled with Murtagh, whereupon he was immediately killed?

    The seven words were most definitely not the True Name of the Ancient Language or some clue to Brom’s history. As has been stated, Brom would have obliterated Galbatorix by now if he had found the name, and if he didn’t have the strength to use it, he would have told someone else. Such powerful information would seem more like something to be used as their main weapon against Galbatorix, rather than something for “great need” only.

    And what good would seven words that reveal a little information about Brom’s past do Eragon in great need? Those words were most likely some sort of spell or, less likely, a password.

    I think there is one Lethrblaka left. Roran smashed the head of the smaller Ra’zac, but Eragon did no such thing to the taller one. He just stabbed it once and down it went. Since we don’t know for sure that it hit a vital artery or something of the sort(Ra’zac anatomy is a little hard to guess at), it could merely have been injured and eventually gotten back up after he left. If that’s the case, it’s probably close to becoming a Lethrblaka. I would just love to see it come back and own Eragon. He’d be so shocked that a Lethrblaka is around that he would hesitate and it would take him down.(Hopefully.)

    Thorn’s injury is not really that severe, even if it won’t be healed entirely. It was just three feet off his tail, not nearly enough to unbalance him while flying or anything, since he should still be able to use it as a “rudder” or however dragons use their tails in flight. If it’s been lightened too much for that use, Galbatorix could just tie a weight at the end of it. Problem solved. The thought of Thorn battering Saphira with a spiked, metal ball at the end of his tail is just too awesome for words.

    Roran is fairly plausible candidate for the throne of Alagaesia, given his charisma and heroism and all, but keep in mind that he is very much uneducated. He can’t even read. Personally, I think Murtagh is at least as good a possibility, but maybe that’s just my support for Murtagh talking. 😉

  • Mike

    I deleted it to repost it with a different ending. Interesting theory, Daniel.

  • Daniel

    My Theory About the Hatched Green Egg in Eldest

    My theory is based on wether or not the hatched green egg was hatched recently (just months before to around 15 years ago+) or long ago (before Eragon and Arya’s lifetime).

    If the egg was hatched recently, it is possible that the dragon hatched in the style of wild dragons (without the influence of a chosen rider), and the fledgling dragon matured on its own. In “Eragon” it is stated that the gedwëy ignasia appears on the riders hand and the dragon feels bonded when dragon and rider first make physical contact.
    If that is so, the problem of the green dragon having to mature to an age where it would be able to fight would be solved.
    Then if the green dragon came in contact with someone that it wanted to bond with, the person that the dragon bonded with would instantly become the dragon’s Rider.
    The most likely candidate to become the dragon’s Rider is an elf. And the most convient elf for CP to bond the dragon to would be Arya, for obvious reasons that are explained in the “Complete Guide to Book IV” above.

    Thanks for reading- Daniel

  • Glorfindel

    Ah, I see. How come it was deleted and reposted?

  • KirtashElMundodeAlagaësia

    The fake cover is a fan art made with an illustration of Kerem Beyit and the fake title they used is “Eldunari”

    Can’t wait to read the fourth book!

    Greetings from Latin America,
    El Mundo de Alagaësia.

  • Faolins

    Eragon feels comfortable in the Spine when not many others do , Brom included . Is this because of the presence of the dragons, with it his destiny to be a dragon rider , mean he is not fazed by it as others are ?

    Just a theory

  • Evarinya

    Good job guys! Can’t wait to see what happens in the 4th book!

  • Faolins

    Well done Mike , the developments coming on apace and it looks really great ! Even though it is quick it does not look rushed !

    It’s great how every time I come on here there is something new added !!

    Keep it up ,WELL DONE !

  • Mike

    Thanks for catching our mistake, Glorfindel. It’s fixed now.

  • number1eragonfan

    Brom wouldnt know the name of the AL, but those words could be what unlocks a vault of sorts that has his Saphira’s heart of hearts (cant spell the word) and that would easly give us much more information about Brom’s childhood and early life, and potentially later if he kept the heart with him…

    Also there was a sentence in Eragon when him and arya where in the library Arya told eragon that there are things about being bonded to a dragon that he dosnt yet understand, to me it sounded like she was talking from her personal expericance so she may be bonded to a dragon or at least talked to a HOH

  • Mike

    Your comment wasn’t deleted, the news post itself was deleted and reposted.

  • Glorfindel

    I also feel that there’s no way that the seven words that Brom gave Eragon could be the name of the ancient language. Remember, someone says that whoever knows the name, controls it, and everyone who uses it. Selena wouldn’t have died, and Galbatorix would be dead. I am also of the opinion that the fragment of green shell that Eragon finds couldn’t be from a recently hatched dragon. “The” dragon. The elves would have felt it’s presence I think.

  • Glorfindel

    I like it a lot, but I was confused where it said that at the end of Brisingr, Murtagh kills Eragon. Did you mean Oromis?

  • Glorfindel

    Why did my comment get deleted?? I didn’t say anything about being first.