Book 4 Page Live, Fake Cover Reminders

We’re happy to finally release our complete guide to everything there is to know about Book 4! The page is divided into two sections: the “What We Do Know” section, comprised of definite facts about Book 4, as well as our “Loose Ends” guide, a complete list of all of the unresolved plot lines and prophecies left by the end of Brisingr. We will be keeping the entire section accurate and up-to-date during the wait for Book 4.

On a similar note: It has recently come to our attention that a Facebook group has posted a cover and title for Book 4 in the Inheritance cycle. Please note that this is not the official cover and title for Book 4 and was not created by the publisher. The cover and title for Book 4 have not yet been announced. For official notifications and news about the Inheritance cycle and Book 4 please be sure to visit and