Christopher Paolini Interview Questions Update

Because of the temporary problems we’re having on Inheritance Forums, we’ll be taking interview questions from those of you who are unable to register and post on the forums here on the Shur’tugal comments on this post only.

The questions we’re looking for are questions pertaining to Brisingr and Book 4 that we will be asking Christopher Paolini in our interview with him in the next few days. Please note that if you have already posted your questions on IF, you do not need to re-post your questions on here. This option is only for those of you who are unable to register on IF to post your questions.

  • Stenrfell

    To CP,

    I was thinking . . . The thirteen elf magicians that help Eragon . . . wouldn’t it be cool if they had those cousins of the dragons (Known as windvipers by the dwarves) for mounts? They’d be like lesser dragon riders, and it would add irony to the story, that thirteen riders are now opposing Galbatorix rather than helping him (The Forsworn). Maybe when the rest of the dwarf armies march to join the varden, they could bring some of those windvipers captive. It would be masterful and epic to see Eragon leading the the elven, dwarven, and human armies in a charge on Uru’baen, with thirteen elves on these mounts behind him. Just thinking…