The New Shur’tugal

In just on time for the release of Brisingr is Shur’tugal’s new layout! We’ve been hard at work over the past few months on our final selection for the new design, but as many of you know, the upgrade itself has been on the table for over a year.

The website design and coding itself was done by Traumtanzer. The swords, egg borders and scroll work was done by Thaibut, a French designer who designed a version of the site we ended up not going with.

Deserving equal recognition, our content staff gave just about every informative content page a complete face lift, adding life and personality to each and every content article we have, as well as updating the few that were out of date. A big thanks also goes to our retired staff member Joelle, whose design was the face of Shur’tugal for over two years (our previous layout).

We have many more exciting changes, new features, etc. planned for the future, so keep checking back. And of course, over the next week, we’ll be bringing you extensive coverage of the Brisingr release, including live reports from the official release party in New York City!

We are all very excited to release the new version. It signifies Shur’tugal’s growth and maturation as a website, and is intended to be a design that will take us into the future in style. We hope to add more styles to the website in the near future so that visitors have a distinct choice between styles while keeping the same functionality. Thanks to all our users for being the real reason Shurty’s gotten so far, and we hope you enjoy!

Please note: Since this is a newly launched site version, we are aware that there will be some bugs. Please report them to feedback or by making a post in the comments.

We are aware of what the site looks like in Internet Explorer 6. If the site is incredibly messed up for you and you’re using Internet Explorer, upgrade! You’re using a version of IE6 that is two versions behind, full of security holes, and breaks websites. Upgrading is FREE!