Shur’tugal and Borders: Brisingr Book Club

Borders Books has partnered with Shurtugal to help find fans interested in participating in a videotaped book club discussion with Christopher Paolini on Friday, August 22, in Chelsea, MI, near Ann Arbor. Some of you may know of the Borders Book Club from their past partnerships with The Leaky Cauldron and Pottercast to bring fans a special Harry Potter Borders Book Club discussion, as well as the Twilight Lexicon to produce a special Borders Book Club discussion with Stephenie Meyer.

In preparation for the September 20 release of Brisingr, Borders is looking for a diverse group of six to eight fans comfortable with the idea of participating in a sit down discussion of the Inheritance Trilogy with Christopher Paolini. The discussion will be taped by a professional video crew and once edited, the program will be featured on and beginning August 29th. As part of the discussion, book club participants will discuss Eragon and Eldest, plus discuss theories for the new book.

Unfortunately, Borders will not be able to pay for travel, so interested fans should note that if you do not live in the area, travel will be solely up to you! If you are a chatty fan comfortable with the idea of discussing the books and your views with Christopher Paolini and other fans for the Borders Book Club, feel free to click “The Story Continues” link to learn more!As previously stated, below are some of the requirements you must meat to be a participant:

– Participants should be chatty, comfortable in a group setting, comfortable with the idea of sharing his or her viewpoint and ideas with the author in front of others, and also comfortable with the idea of conducting this group discussion on camera
– All participants will be required to sign a release form allowing Borders to use their likeness as part of the program
– Participants under the age of 18 will have to have their parents or legal guardian sign a release form and accompany them to the shoot (Please make sure you check with your parents before you pursue this!)
– All participants are responsible for paying for their own travel expenses

Copies of Eragon and Eldest will be available at the discussion for signing by Christopher Paolini. Participants will also be allowed to bring their own copies for signing.

Please note that this will NOT be a public book signing event. Any person who requests to participate will be contacted directly by a Borders representative, but only six to eight people will be chosen.

If interested, please send an email to and a Borders representative will get in touch with you! (Shur’tugal staff will be forwarding all potential fan emails along to Borders. We will also be making our best effort to answer any questions you may have.)