Brisingr Tour Dates Announced

Random House has released the list of dates and locations for Christopher Paolini’s ten city Brisingr tour. The tour will begin in New York City on the eve of Brisingr‘s release, September 19th! and staff will be in attendance at this release – more information to come soon!

If you’re interested in meeting up with Christopher on his tour, we’ve put the list of tour dates on our Brisingr Tour Dates page!

  • solembumkitty

    i would like to point out something that i just noticed after reading brisingr for like the 3rd or 4th time. in one of the front pages where it says the publishers and stuff, right under the title it says “or the seven promises of eragon shadeslayer and saphira something i cant remember i wonder what that means though does it have something to do with the books? also i think arya will become a dragon rider. if katrina or roran becomes one it will unbalance them. roran might become king or something like that. orik is definitely out because he is a king but arya is advanced in magic and trained and i think her color is green like her magic and stuff. thats my theories.

  • Opkluu

    Maybe Katrina will die, Roran gets pissed, somehow gets magical abilities, and rapes all evil as a dragon rider to take revenge on the ppl who killed katrina, or that other lady who keeps saying she wants revenge on roran… lol

  • wwolfe33

    paul benitz wen angela said that about “you shall never stay on this land”, maybe she was saying that he could never truly live his life out unless he brought down galbatorix because then it would no longer b the same land, it wud b “free” i guess u cud say, but its just a theory and im probly all wrong= )

  • bookwormgrl05

    The words Brom told him were never discussed, explained, or revealed to us. I think CP mentioned in one of his interviews tha3t they are explained in the last book in the series.

  • tylerjoesson

    reading eragon, just before brom dies, he wispers in eragon’s ear 7 words,of the ancient language and he tells him what they mean, and says only use them when you are in dire need of it… was this explained, used or talked about since, could have something to do about getting into the vault of souls or somthing else,

  • Joanna

    okay, so another theory that my dad and i thought of is that maybe the vault of souls is filled with the heart of heart’s of dragons and that that’s how Eragon and Saphira defeat Galbatorix…also i think that Nasuada and Murtagh are going to get together and Arya is going to be the third dragon rider or Roran is since it’s kind of becoming a family thing!!!

  • jebuschris

    i think that arya will be the next dragon rider and i believe that eragon will travel across the seas to explore the world becsuse if u remember eragons dream from the first book he saw 2 dragons in the sky as two people boarded a silver boat(something like that i have bad don’t remember too well) and eragon has predicted the future in his dreams before

    p.s. sorry for bad spelling

  • whatever

    i agree if it had been dragons the survivors would have told about it and galby would of leveled the spine looking for them, plus if there were dragons there would probaly be some obvious signs of them like in book one when eragon tried to hide saphira in the woods by his house

  • thatguy

    chyneee: I highly doubt there are any dragons in the spine. Mainly because I doubt 1 or to dragonns could dfeat 1/2 of galbatorix’s amry, with out the other 1/2 being able to tell it was a dragon that was doing it, and also Rowan led the whole village through the mountains with out running into anything

    I’m pretty sure the loosing 1/2 his army bit was just CP’s esy of emphesizing how harsh and unpredictable the mountains are.

    I t

  • MikeR.

    I know that I’m not as perceptive as most of the people are, but I can think outside of the box. I know that CP has some wonderful ideas, and I’m not one to say that I can come up with something better. But here’s a possibility that might stun someone out there. Keep in mind…I just thought this up…so I’ll be thinking it up as I go.

    Eragon and Saphira, along with Arya, steal enough eldunari to weaken Galbatorix enough so that his dark magic over Shruikan is broken…however, since Galbatorix broke the minds of the eldunari, Eragon and Saphira are unable to recieve any help or information from them. Certain spells are also in place to prevent anyone other than Galbatorix to use their magic reservoir. So that leaves Eragon and Arya with useless eldunari…but Galbatorix weakened…Shruikan then… after thanking Eragon, Arya and Saphira… takes off into the wild, freed from Galbatorix’s control, never to be heard from again. Then, with Galbatorix weakened and without a dragon, he seizes Murtagh’s Dragon, Thorn, and attempts to kill Murtagh. Murtagh clings to life, but only just. Galbatorix thinks he is dead so he leaves him be, releasing his hold on him. Eragon finds and heals Murtagh, and Murtagh rejoins his former companions. Eragon heads out to protect the Varden from Galbatorix while Murtagh and Arya search for the last egg. When they find it, the egg hatches for Arya. Yay. Only then, do they realize that it matters not, for Galbatorix has set to destroy the Varden. On their way out to return to the Varden, Murtagh stumbles upon a dozen or so eldunari who have yet to be broken, crying out for help. they rescue these, and on the way to the Varden, Arya and Murtagh speak to the eldunari, asking for help to defeat Galbatorix. They agree to help, on the promise that once they have completed their task in killing Galbatorix, and completing Eragon’s Training, that they be smashed so they can rejoin their Riders. Lo and behold, it’s not even a close battle, but Eragon slips through the cracks of Galbatorix’s defenses by some means nobody would have ever thought possible, killing the evil king riding Murtagh’s dragon. Leaving Thorn with a choice…to willingly bond once again with Murtagh, or life in the wild. In the end, choosing to bond with Murtagh. So the three Riders and their Dragons remain… Eragon and Saphira, Arya and (unnamed as of yet), and Murtagh and Thorn. Angela’s prophecy of Eragon leaving alagaesia turns out to be false. Arya passes up her opportunity to be queen for being a Dragon Rider. In the end, they all stare out over Alagaesia, amazed at the onslaught of overwhelming peace.

    Okay, okay, I know. I’m no Christopher Paolini… But hey, I had fun writing that. (made it up as I went along)

  • BeanTheGiantDwarf

    katrina could not become rider for the same reason roran could not. It would split them up because one would live forever and one would die. also katrina is even less developed than roran and she has absolutely no training in magic or fighting. as for a civil war among the dwarf clans, this is unlikely in the extreme as it would add many more loose ends to tie up in the final book which would make it so long that he’d probably split it into two books again. if you’ve noticed, he usually saves big battles for the beginning and ends of books and doesn’t really have more than one huge battle. in the final one there may be two, even three at the most. however all of these will be necessary in fighting Galbatorix and a dwarf civil war would be a distraction which would be catastrophic. besides, much of the middle section of Brisingr was spent trying to prevent a clan war between the dwarves. if one does end up happening it would seem as if much of Brisingr was redundant. Also, as Guntera has blessed Orik, i doubt many clans would go against the chief god.

  • geniousity

    okay guys i would just like to post a theory——— i think first off arya will not be the rider because i believe that -if arya doesnt die- that islandizi would and she would become queen. 2nd off new rider: you never even thought of katrina. Who knows about her mother? also i think that the dwarfs will have a civil war. Why not? enough clans oppose orik. i hope to see a wonderful book and as for the release date nobody knows exactly when but its said too be released before 2010

  • Karen

    Some of you think Orik could become a rider, but if you read book 3, there’s a moment when Orik explains that there was a moment in time the elves has changed their magic so humans could become riders as well. He also mentioned that they did not ever change their magic on the dragons so the ‘knurlan’ could become riders, ’cause they didn’t want to have something to do with dragons. For that, i think, the egg could not hatch for Orik. Except for when the elves decide to change the spells again, but that seems unlikely.

  • Cheyenne1118

    Ok, so I have started re-reading the series. In book one you hear about Galbatorix lost half his army in the Spine. What if the dragons never left, just went into hiding in the Spine? Once Galbatorix starting killing riders and dragons, they went into hiding to keep from getting involved. Like everyone else, its just a theory.

  • JulianDelphiki

    I actually think that Murtagh will be killed by Galbatorix b/c he will betray him. (i don’t really have anything to back that up, i’m just guessing). However, i do think that Shruikin will be Galbatorix’s “weakness” (remember what Brom said in Saphira’s memory) and eragon will likely break the spells binding Shruikin to Galbatorix. But if Galbatorix gets killed by Shruikin, that would be anticlimactic, so i think that Shruikin will destroy Galbatorix’s Eldunari and then Eragon will duel him and kill him with Brisinger (both the sword and the spell).

  • Someotherguy

    Some of you guys keep going on about the ‘Empire’ title. It’s an outmoded idea. it came about because the other two books had both been six letter titles and had started with E


    Empire would have worked in that context but with an 8 letter word like brisingr it blows that idea out of the water. I do agree that Arya is most likely to be the next rider. I doubt it will be Elva because because she’s already dragonmarked with Saphira’s magic. I doubt an actual gedway ignasia would take. Roran has to be the next king because the rule would then be returned to it’s RIGHTFUL inheritor… even if his great great great (et cetera) grandfather was deposed by the people. This would hold with the theme of the books.

    Murtagh almost has to die for eragon to win so I’m not sure he’ll survive the next book, though it’s possible that Eragon will find a way to hold him until he can defeat Galbatorix, but with Murtagh sworn to defeat Eragon I don’t think it’s likely. I doubt Eragon could fend off an attack from Galbatorix and Murtagh at the same time. More later.

  • BrisingrUndbitr

    remember the title is sumthing he inherits, he cant inherit the empire maybe Aren or Undbitr….these are the 2 i think most likely but it could be sumthin entirely different

  • PaulBenitz

    I know that there are many theories on who the next rider is and all that but has anyone ever thought of katrinas child. considering the nature of it all it is a good bet that the child development will be progressed much faster than normal due to the effects eragon might emplace on it with wards and such…… i doubt along with the rest of you that it will be a underdevoloped character due to the fact that it will take to much to develop the character. as for the two people standing on the boat and the one on the shore remember angelas prophecy that eragon “shall never stay on this land” this imposing that he and saphira are one of the groups and it would only make sense that the other is either murtagh or arya. this could explain the other tall being. as for the name of the next book i think that the title is empire because that would imlpy why eragon wouldnt stay in this land because he would no longer be needed.

  • EnderWiggin

    I don’t think that roran could be a rider because if he was, then Katrina would die and he would live forever. So it would break up their relationship. as for orik CP would have to do some serious writing to make that happen, and in the end it would be not a very satisfying ending.

  • Manlyman

    I dont think arya should be the Rider I think Roran Should be But what if, i said WHAT IF!!!!!!!!! Orik Becomes the rider

  • brad

    been waiting ages for 4th book to come out, over a year now in fact, just waiting for the release date…i know Paolini is touring, but wasnt he close to finished when he released the 3rd book? so why not release it soon or set a release date and stop holding everyone in suspense until they get fed up, annoyed and lose interest like i have…anywho, thats my 2cents, sorry.

  • God

    I agree with klue2232
    Roran’s powers of persuasion and his leadership abilities are both an important part of his character.
    As for Arya there are a whole host of reasons for her to be the next rider.
    1) If she becomes rider then Saphira and her dragon will become mates, and, as Saphira said in book 1, this will affect how Eragon and Arya feel toward each other.
    2) For those of you who think that the new rider will be a new character or an undeveloped character like Vanir, this is unlikely because CP would have to spend lots of time developing the character, this would require a significant chunk of the book to be devoted to that character
    3) Eragon’s dream in book 1. this obviously shows two elves, a man and a woman, leaving on a ship, with two dragons circling overhead. Arya is the most logical choice for the woman.
    4) Arya is already trained in both sword and magic, also she already has an elven sword, and her magic is green
    If the rider is someone other than Arya then it will create many unnecessary problems that would require an extremely long book or even two books to cover.

  • whatever

    that is a really good theory katie i must admit noone has brought that up yet i dont think that saphira would willingly let eragon leave without her simply because there connection is so strong i think its more likely that saphira would try to recreate the dragon population in an uninhabited land far away from the dangers of elves. humans. dwarves, and so on but like people have said before anything is possible and i do think that would be a good question for Cp

  • bookwormgrl05

    Blodhgarm: I dont think that’s possible. remember, Oromis gave Eragon that fairth of his mother. He would have known if it was of Angela. Also Angela mentioned that she told Selena her fortune-the first book, and Selena is repeatedly mentioned as being dead by Oromis, Brom, and Jeod. However, anything is possible.


    Katie: That is a good question, though i have no idea how I would answer that. Good food for thought though! Any one else have any ideas?

  • Blödhgarm

    Is it possible that Selena and Angela are one and the same? Cp never stated that Selena died and they wer both fortune tellers. Also since Brom was pretty old at deth and Angela is also old this fits. Another fact that lends itself to this query is that Oromis was hesitant about speaking about Angela in front of Eragon and she had also visited the elves(place of meeting with Brom. Lastly Angela’s character is often looking over Eragon like Brom Did as a father and her wanting to be where the action is could account fir wanting to be Morzan’s dark hand.

  • Katie

    I recently reread the books (I actually finished Brisingr today) and I just thought of something. When a dragon hatches for a rider is it supposed to be an immediate thing? It occured to me that Eragon had Saphira in the egg for quite some time before she hatched. Therefore, if that is the standard, parading a line of elven and human children in front of an egg wouldnt make it hatch. On the other hand if Saphira sticking around in the egg while in Eragon’s posession was abnormal, why did she choose to wait so long? This was just a random thought I had and was wondering what anybody thought. Maybe it weould be a good question for CP to answer.

  • Blödhgarm

    Has anyone thought that maybe Eragon and Saphira don’t stay together after the final battle? There are a couple of reasons I think this might happen:
    1. Eragon has to leave Alagaësia forever but it never said with Saphira.
    2. The vision of the departure is with dragons circling overhead as if to say goodbye and since Saphira is the last female she has to reproduce and it is more likely to happen in her native land; not restarting the population somewhere else.
    If I am correct I believe she will give him her heart of hearts and they will be able to communicate although they are not physically together.

  • RonW.

    Well. Is no one else thinking about the old lady and her daughter whom Eragon met at the varden’s camp? I don’t necessarily think she’s the next rider but who knows? Elva doesn’t have the right personality, Roran has that lights on the outside thing, and maybe Eragon and Galbatorix are related. The elf kids have “special” powers which would be good. And i think the elves are going to leave, sort of a Lotr thing, and i think Eragon will live a lonely life, Murtagh probably gets the lady.

  • Bob

    So…what exactly is going on in here?

    I was just checking the stats and this story has an unusually high number of hits.

    Lo and behold! It’s a theories forum!

  • youwishyouwereascoolasme

    i think that none of the characters that we know of right now will become the next dragon rider. roran and katrina want to go back to carvahall, nasuada will probably become queen, elva is already too powerful and dangerous, arya and most of the other elves are either too powerful or too old to be able to become one, and angela, well, it isn’t in her nature to be tied down by anything, even dragon. so that leaves 3 choices: a new character could come up, the egg doesn’t hatch at all, or the author makes a poor decision and thrusts the burden on an unlikely subject(no offense). in the best case, roran and katrina’s child becomes the next rider, but that might not be possible, because of the age the child would be…

  • Jrome

    I really think that the guy who lost his sight, but can see energy will be pivitol in finding the vault of souls and see just where the king is keeping his eldunari

  • engel

    well it be arya as the new rider and she and ergon will fall in love . u can already see she has thus feelings for him and if you read the last book they both will leave on a book and roran will mostly likey be king
    oh and he will save his half brother

  • klue2232

    ok first things first a few of you need to read books one and two again for some of your theories are just down right wrong. let me give you a few examples.

    1 the theme of the cycle is inheritance and all of the titles of the are what eregon has inherited in that perticular book. and to who ever thinks that ther forth book is going to be titled empire is just flat out wrong. eregon will not inherit the empire that is under galbatorix’s control. because that would defeat the whole point of the cycle which is to overthrow a tyrant dragon rider that will not die. and to anyone that is a true fan knows that eregon has qero asperations to rule.

    2 the new rider will not be angela. yes the character is based on cp’s sister but in an interview he has also said that she is a secondary character.

    3 yes the most likely two to be the new rider are either roran or arya. cp is setting it up for either to become that new rider but i believe that with some carefull reading the author is setting up roran to become the king after the war ends. i believe this for two reasons the blood of past kings still runs in palencar valley and there is no way that he is going to seperate him and katrina. as for arya she is the most likely choice because when she uses magic is green just like when eregon uses magic its blue the exact same color as his dragon. put the pieces together people it just makes sense.

  • mertagh1

    i think it will be arya as the new rider and then when her and eragon kill galbatorix they will leave and together spawn a new race of dragons but… thats just what i think cp probobley has something more intresting……

  • Guest

    It would be logical if the new rider would be an elf. I think the new rider shouldn’t be too old. if arya would become a rider eragon couldn’t teach her a thing. (and she would be stronger than eragon and he would be “usless”.) And i also think she will be queen and that will give her too much power.

    i think one of the 2 elven children will become the new rider.

    I hope roran doesn’t become a king because all he wants to do is go home and work on a farm. I think nasuada will become the new queen

  • Halfcage

    Elva is going to be the new rider and roran will become the new king

  • Name

    The fact that we know Eragons leaving Alegasia forever means that he might be going to Vroengaurd (Rider Homeland that was said in the the 2nd book was a seperate naton.) and that whoever takes the thrown renames the country.

    Also, originally since there was supposed to be just three books and Brisingr was only added because it wouldve been to lengthy, the 4thbook s most likely going to be called Empire with the Last Riders green dragon as the cover.

  • jgsIII

    who is eragon’s love?ayra,or is the new rider female????if so will she be his love???

  • Russell

    i think the next book will be called shurtugal. the new rider i think will be someone new instead of the usual people. Roran runs off of being just what he is, a mortal man while nasuada just doesn’t have the makings of being a rider really.i believe the empire will be destroyed and set as differnt countries while eragon and the new rider leave the land to the people

  • Naman

    I think the next rider will be nasuada. This will make her live a long long time and hence her romance with murtagh will blossom. Roran will start ruling alegasia as nasuada will relinquish her crown in his favour. She ll already have too much on her plate with learning to be a rider.
    she will also be the pivotal point in turning murtagh to the good side…

  • Nads

    So i just recently herd about the inheritance series and i just finished reading them alll LOVEEDDD THEMM. I was wondering if anyone knew when the fourth one might come out ???? not necessarily a release date just like around when. ???

  • gfsd

    just an idea maby nausada becomes new rider cause all other living riders are humans… mabes shes like royalty so prophesy and mabs its sloan whos crying on the beech with roran and katrina leaving

  • BrisingrUndbitr

    guys dont forget i said earlier the title of the next book will be something that eragon inherits said paolini himself

  • Connor

    You are all wrong. The 4th book is entitled Empire and it has a green dragon on it. Roran has the highest chance of being the next rider because arya has already been shown a riders egg (although this new dragon my choose her since she hasnt tried it yet). Oriks people were not in the covenant and he is too busy being king of the dwarves. Nasuada has already been shown the eggs however she hasnt been shown this one so shes in the same boat as arya. Roran hasnt been shown the eggs and he shows the prowess of a possible rider thus making him a likely candidate

  • justme

    the name of the last book is going to be emerald. it sticks with the seven letter words beginning with e that was paulini’s original plan.

  • tommy32679

    me and my friend have talked over it alot 🙂

    weve sorta came to some conclusion.

    1) eragon will go to the vault of the souls and it will open for him with the power in broms ring, seeing how brom is his father and a dead rider, therefore maybe resting in the vault. then inside the vault, eragone will cofnront many of the great riders, who will foerr them eldunaris. the eldnnaris are in galbatorix’s possesion but if the riders offer eragon the eldunaris as inheritance they are rightfulyl his.

    2) we have specualted as the other riders identity. we decided it would not be roran or arya for resons i will state later. it could possible be roran and katrinas child — a good twist. or possibly even katrina. angela is also a possibilty and an option for romance with eragon – even if arya is in his sights ;). orik could also become the next rider, wether or not dwarves are in the agreement. there maybe royal links, making orik part elf or human.

    3) roran will lead the varden and possibly nasuda will die. roran is likely to become king of alegasia as hiseladerhsip skills are shown. thoiugh i dont think things will be so easy for him and katrina. one of them will assurely die.

    4) in the boat leaving alegasia. it oculd be murtagh and arya leaving. (if arya becoems the rider) but this is only one big specualtion.

  • chandler

    i cant believe that brom is erigons father.

  • gh

    roarn will get it i beat

  • ????????

    i saw somewhere that it’s called eldunari

    look at the picture on facebook (the fan page thing)

    also i really doubt that elva or arya will get the egg

    aryas already way 2 powerful and major in the story

    and elva should really just go back 2 normal…u no curse free!!!!!!!!1

  • whatever

    there have been guesses as to the name of the next book but i dont think an actual title has been released yet if so then i would like to know about it as well

  • InheritanceRules

    I think it is possible that Orik could receive the next egg. It would be a first, as a lot of other things in the book. Roran also might be able to get the egg. Elva, on the other hand, might get the egg, but I think she would turn evil, and support Galbatorix’s cause. No matter who, it will still be an amazing book. By the way, does anybody know the name of the next book?

  • Zachary

    Okay suppose that there is an epic magic battle and (somehow) a new island is formed and Eragon is sent there? Suppose that as payment for assistance in the war against Galbatorix the Urgals demand half of Alagaesia for themselves and The land is renamed? Suppose that the elves decide to leave the realm of humans and move Ellesmera off of the mainland with the combined power of all the elves? we could play the what If..? game forever but no guess is better than the next. As for my opinion on certain matters such as the third rider, i have two guesses, the first guess (and most likely in my opinion) is that the 3rd egg doesn’t hatch in the book but that the book ends at a cliffhanger about the egg, my second guess is that the egg will hatch for the little girl that Eragon accidently curses. (can’t remember her name right now.)

  • whatever

    that is a good theory and it could very well happen but unless im mistaken i think the prophecy also said that eragon was going to live for a very very long time

  • Jeremy

    Regarding the comment/prophecy in the first book that Eragon will leave Alagaesia for ever. What if Eragon had to sacrifice himself to defeat Galbi.?? This would successfully make him leave forever. I don’t like the thought of him dying but he would be willing to do it if it meant freedom for Roran and the rest of the Varden.

  • whatever

    i agree with manoftruth that as to whats in the vault of souls, roran ruling the empire is an interesting idea but it think its more likely to be someone who is used to controlling nations and it might not even be someone who is human, as for the new rider im thinking its more likely to be roran than arya and as for eragon leaving it the prophecy in the first book says that eragon will live alagaesia ALONE never to return that seems kind of final to me

  • manoftruth

    The vault of souls is a bunch of eldunari that are ancient wild dragons more powerful than anything therefore enough to kill galbatorix. Roran may become king (interesting theory) and as for the new rider, who knows i dont have any ideas but it may be someone eragon knows or it oculd be someone who is caught between the lines and may be influenced towards the varden or the empire

  • empirehater

    You watch its gonna be somebody compltey random (a girl) who eragon will love. Saphira will have children then they leave the land toghter never to return as roran becomes King (IF this happens i just might die of Laughter)

  • cooleragon139

    eragon book 4 will probably have to do with the rock of kuthian

  • cooleragon139

    the new rider will be either arya, roran, or someone else who eragon cares for a great deal

  • Guest

    Honestly i think that Roran will take over the Empire when Galbotorix dies. His leadership skills are shown through the second and third book, so the position of Emporer suits him. As for the last Rider, I think that Arya will become the new Rider.

  • Idea

    What if Eragon never leaves alegasia physically but alegasia is just remaned 2 get rid of all the remants of Galbatorix??….just and idea

  • wonderer101

    the last egg is green, and yes arya’s magic is green, but honestly, making her a rider, after she is already so powerful.. come on. personally, i think it will be roran, or someone you would lest expect.

  • tj10000

    just a thought, the last dragon egg is green, and so far the color of magic of all the riders is the color of their dragon arya’s is already green

  • wonderer101

    Well, its not sure if the vision eragon had is of him leaving, there are no clues. like the color of the dragons, or the looks of the figues in robes… nothing is giving to support that. but most are thinking it is eragon leaving cause of the times people have told him they wish him to leave the land. ..

  • werv

    i still dont grt why eragon has to leave alageasia…

  • billy

    Empire was going 2 be the name 3rd book

  • eragon12345

    Also, He could inherit the Empire. That would be a neat name for the last book.

  • eragon12345

    I think Birgit will take Roran and Katrina\’s son as payment…

  • RandomGuy

    I think it will be Nausada and Eragon together

  • Marcus

    Imma lol when Angela is the last rider.

  • Brom126

    Christopher Paolini posted on that he has finished a large part book4 and that what he has done so far has made him feel all warm and fuzzy. lol. He also said that the latest chapter he has finished is titled Brains. In the chapter there are no zombies he says. What a dissapointment

  • Brisingrundbitr

    the info i explained earlier…..i believe the name will either be Aren (the ring eragon got from Brom) or Undbitr (Broms sword)….

  • wondering101

    i agree. if the release date has been set for november, then all of us that are waiting for the book would know almost instantly if the release was that close. abofufbn check your sources, before mentioning… just a tip

  • whatever

    if the release date had been set for november 15th im pretty sure we would of heard something about it before this

  • jacob

    i think that bitch abofufbn is just bluffing.
    am sure it will release 2010

  • Brisingrundbitr

    the only info i can find abofufbn is:
    #1 At the conclusion of the Brisingr audiobook a short interview plays where Paolini states that the title will be something Eragon will inherit.
    #2 In August 2009, Paolini mentioned that the cover of the book would have a green dragon on it.
    i got my info from
    it also says that no release date has been given yet

  • theknow

    josh im not sure about the sloan mutterings…but jormunders uncle wasnt an elf it was a metaphor….im also interested where u heard tht abofufbn

  • joshua

    is the book really gng 2 b released on the 15th of Nov. where did u find that out abofufbn

  • joshua

    is jormundur’s uncle really an elf? Nasuada inferred that he was

  • joshua

    what did Sloan mean when he was muttering after Eragon cursed him? ” Ismira…I didnt mean to…

  • abofufbn

    the book 4 will release on November 15 2009

  • Brisingrundbitr

    hi guys as i said im rereading the books and i thought of sum more reasons to confirm a suspicion that Elva might be the next rider
    #1 she already has the Gedway Ignasia which marks her to be destined for greatness
    #2 she could read galbys feelings and say everything that would make him miserable and then her and eragon could fell him ridding Alagaesia of his madness
    also some thoughts on the rock of kuthian, i know someone said it before, but i think it is named after one of the forsworn or the first eragons dragon which would make sense because eragon has to speak HIS name

  • ray

    dude u must off missed my earlier submit i said that since galbatorix still has the final egg the only 2 ppl who would volunteer to go get it with eragon would be roran or arya.

  • whatever

    i do agree that bladgen was giving us a hint or warning towards the fate of eragon and arya but it just seems unlikely that arya is going to be able to get anywhere near the last egg for it to hatch and it also seems to convienent for that the last dragon rider would be arya if there is another rider its most likely that teenage girl or the old lady

  • Brisingrundbitr

    im rereading the books for a 3rd time….its been to long waitin for the next book….ill have forgotten everything again by the time it comes out….

  • EvonyFreak

    mate im on 82 thats the place to be

  • billy

    ianyone play evony on sever 68

  • unknown

    When Arya was telling Eragon the story of the Manoe tree they were sitting together and Blagden the annoying bird said \”wyrda\” which means fate. That is why I know Arya will be with Eragon as the next dragon rider.

  • Brisingrundbitr

    wat do you mean whatever?? of course theres going to be another rider

  • whatever

    or there could not be another dragon rider

  • Brisingrundbitr

    no it says she was a teenager

  • ForMeToknow

    She isn’t a teenager. She’s a child.

  • Albert

    maybe the next dragon rider will be that teen aged girl the eragon had given his blessings to the girl that was traveling with the old women

  • Brisingrundbitr

    doesnt everyone kyle…….

  • Kyle

    I think that the last dragon egg will hatch for Arya because Eragon likes her and in Brisinger Saphiria said to Eragon that whoever he loves, she loves because of their bond as dragon and rider and also the last egg is a male.

  • ray

    srry i forgat to add that it was normally used on women

  • igor555555555

    omg ray has gon to the gay side :p

  • ray

    i believe the thrust move is a fast penatrating move.


  • igor55555555555

    I think shadelover himself is gay :p

  • bouttime

    lol in that case i hope they skip eldest and brisingr and instead just film the next one 😛

  • Arialesbos

    I hope so Aria dose come across as a lesbian.

  • Shadlover

    Well use your imagination their AriaLesbos it is Eragon. I would bet though Arialesbos that Aria from the book Maries Naswada. I do believe she is a lesbian.

  • AriaLesbos

    So how dose the thrust attack work Shadelover? how dose it kill Galbitoriks?

  • brinsgr90210

    Wow shadelover very insightful info. I think that makes sense, Eragon a homo hmm makes sense.

  • Shadelover

    I think in the fourth book that Eragon finely comes out of the closet and admits he is gay. He then finds the hall that the cat spoke of and in all actuality is called the hall of homo. He then defeats Galbitoricks by using a new battle technique he obtained from the hall of homo, which is called the thrust attack. He will then be crowned Eragon the homo King of Alagasiea. He then inslaves all of the dragons hearts and wipes out all those who do not convert to his homo ways. Hale Eragon the Homo King of Alagasia hale…

  • ray

    i finally understand the importance of re-reading a book, i just started to re-read the eragon books and i already found something that i had missed and/or forgoten in the first 100 pages of eragon, i normally dont re-read because i remember most of the important stuff. but the one thing that gets me still is the vault of souls i must of serously missed that because i dont remember reading about it.

  • Brisingrundbitr

    man this book is taking to long to come out….
    any1 here play evony on server 82??

  • ray

    i guess he did lol

  • cory

    lol, you just want someone to yell at you?

  • Brisingrundbitr


  • wooooowwwww

    ya i know i actually love the eragon books too but whatever

  • Brisingrundbitr

    woooooooowwww i have read rangers apprentice it is a madd book cant wait till the next 1 comes out in november but why are u even on this website if u think eragons s#!t go to the rangers apprentice blog instead lol

  • wooooooooooowwwwwwww

    eragon is a dumb book. cp is insane and looney . you should read ranger’s apprentice. MAD GOOD BOOKS

  • whatever

    some things i forgot is angela probaly was a dragon rider whos dragon died or is hidden away somewhere i think that eragon will leave alageasia alone never to return maybe because he was banished for some unforseen reason also i think that all the menoa tree wanted was to just be left alone also i think that the two ladies mentioned in the third book will help eragon to bring down galby by aiding him in finding galbys name please feel free to pick apart my ideas and let me know if you have better ones i value intellegent insight thats all for now but ill let you know if i have anything else

  • whatever

    ok here im thinking that the vault of souls contains all the hoh from before the time fo the riders and that it is hidden away somewhere in the desert i also believe that yes the true name mentioned by the ra’zac is the name of the ancient language i believe this is also what tengo is looking for and third i believe that the fight between galby and eragon will end with eragon findings galbys true name

  • Enrique

    i think the ”True name” that the razac mentions is the true name of the magical langues ..

    in Eragon Brom says that if one discovers it they will achive enormes power

  • cory

    maybe the VoS does have a connection with the foresworn dragons…that would make alot of sense since the names were erased,butmaybe the vault was included?

  • nick…

    Angela is a pretty mysterious character… maybe she actually was a rider… idk.

  • dan

    i believe the rock of kuthien (the vault of souls is something to do with the dragons of the forsworn who had thier names banished as both arya and orismas said say have heard about it but cant remember were from

  • slayerofdragons

    This is Book iv theaories, if you dont care for the majorities theories please do not post anything. Guess’s are theories. Maybe Guestwashere should get a life and not comment on a site setup for people to guessing at whats to happen in book iv when it clearly irratates him.

    Also if you think our theories are stupid then at least post your own so we may ponder your theories. Thats the reason for this Site.

    Thanks (rudeness is a sign of ignorance)

  • cory

    yea, i agree. it is sad hearing all these stupid guesses. There will be no more than 1 new rider prob. The ROK and VoS are prob connected to the last eragon, but he and his drag are prob not in there. And my personal guess is that thje menoa tree will make eragon leave and because i remember her saying something about hating dragons and will prob want them to leave the land never to return yadda yadda yadda.

  • mikeminister

    i am sure we all have our own lives but we enjoy the books so much we like to contemplate what may or may not happen next. I think you need to get a life of your own and start enjoying that rather than bitch and moan on the computer all day………sado

  • Guestwashere

    I believe…..

    Wait for it…

    your over thinking it and have no life (to people who do complicated answers).

  • billy

    who do u think the next king/queen will be

  • darkfantasy

    I don’t know what to say, Eragon is definitly gona end in an unexpected way. I really like the character angela. Her wit and personality is so amazing, ud think she could kill galbatorix herself the way shes so confident

  • ismekkcheese

    your over thinking just wait and find out unless u have an obsession with guessing

  • ismellcheese

    mayby something will happen

  • igor55

    well there is a lot speculating that the last egg is a green one but in eldest I think he was going to help saphira after she attacked Glaedr and then he stept on a piece of a green egg so I think the green dragon is a wild dragon and I think they are gonna find him and it was a great honour for a dragon of a rider to mate with a wild one :p

  • Brisingrundbitr

    or in the ROK there could be some dragon eggs tht no1 nos of or maybe oromis did but he swore in the ancient language he wouldnt tell any1 about them and wouldnt try to find them and now glaedr will be able to tell eragon where it is

  • Brisingrundbitr

    i was lieing down the otha day, reading eragon for the umpteenth time and all of a sudden a thought came to me… 2 actually
    1: what if the tree asks eragon to turn her back to a mortal form (human/elf)
    2: what if in the ROK theres a bunch of dragon riders tht are kept secret from use of the ancient language like they kept oromis secret and their dragons are either with them or dead after all it says in the books riders can live forever if they dont die by other means… and eragon stumbles upon there location and they all give him their dragons HOH and they join the fight against galby
    just a wild guess…

  • billy

    belgarion it says that anglea visted ellsmara and ormis said she is a human spellcaster, but maybe tergas question is how galbs spell kills if u use his true name and somehow remove the spell or eragon will and use his true name to kill him or terga qustion may be shurkins true name because if he finds out he or eragon can free him and he will probly turn one galbtorix

  • scott

    I think the younger of the two mysterious women will be the next rider. and on a different note i wish they would scrap the first eragon movie and make another one that follows the actual timeline of events. that movie sucked in comparison to the books

  • slayerofdragons

    I believe that the Rock of K is part of the Star Rose. It is a pivotal topic in all 3 books and I believe it will play out a key in the 4th book. The theory is that part of the star rose is a eldanari of the original Dragon that the Elf’s and Dragons used to bind them. When Eragon tells it his true name it will give the power of all the Hoh’s to Eragon. Giving Eragon extreme power and rendering Galbi defenseless. I know it might be hard to swallow that Arya did not since anything from the star rose with all the time she spent with the varden or that Saphira did not encounter anything when she fixed the Star Rose. But maybe the consciousness of the Dragon is only awakened by Eragons true name.

    How does Eragon figure this out? Possibly by reading the scroll that Joed gives him or maybe thru Tenga.

    I am sorry if such a theory has been beaten to death or that CP shot this idea down in a Q&A. I just became interested in the books and find myself starving for the 4th book.

    Here\’s hoping that CP puts us out of our misery soon by releasing the 4th book.

  • ray

    brain storm; not likely but the 2 ppl leaving are roran and katrina ant the one being left behind is sloan.

  • Aphrodite

    I am almost certain about the following events.

    the last egg will open for Arya, the dragon will be Emerald. Thorn and Murtagh will die in this last book and Galbatorix will be defeated although not in a way we expect. It is possible that what the Menoa tree is going to ask of Eragon is to leave. And because he disturbed her so, and took something from beneath her roots, he will have to comply. and i believe she will ask him to do this because of all the pain dragons and galbatorix have caused her and her forest. I also believe that Roran and Katrina will return to Palancar valley and raise their child or possibly just stay with the varden. Something more will happen with sloan as well.

  • InheritancegeekCP

    I also don’t think that all the dragons will return because someone in the series said that the age of dragons has come to an end. The Vault of Souls will probably have all the eldunari because the first Eragon couldn’t possibly have just sat there in the Vault of Souls doing nothing for two millennia or something.

  • InheritancegeekCP

    I think that Tenga is going to find his answer and then Eragon is going to learn it from him and defeat Galbatorix. But then Shruikan might become free and then there’s two new riders…

  • Belgarion

    Maybe CP intends to change all that… What ever happens i doubt there will be a complete “happily ever after” to this story. For one thing I’m Expecting atleast a few MORE main characters to die. It’s not good if everything goes DIRECTLY to plan. But I agree… It has to work out… OK.

  • ray

    the reason i keep coming to eragon and arya leaving together on that ship is because a great action adventure such as this cant end in sadness, grief and despair. for starters that would piss of a whole lot of people including me, almost all action adventures worth reading end in a good way with like a happily ever after thing, with the bad guy deystroyed and the love intrest working out. so thats why eragon cant be left alone in that dream. it would be sad and id feel sorry for him. thats the only reason i cant agree with eragon getting left behind.

  • jnkeis02

    what if what if in the vault of souls he found the first dragon rider and his dragon, and they help him defeat galbatorix

  • Belgarion

    yes, I’ve read the Redemption of arthulias… or however you spell it…

  • sweet

    i wish he would hurry up with the book

  • mikemnister

    maybe angala is like brom a dragon without a rider? her dragon knuckles could be from her own dragon. the reason she doesnt use magic that often and rely’s on herbs and stuff because without their dagon a riders power decreases. thats my thoughts anyway.

    have you also read the redemption of althalus?

  • cory

    eragon was able to lookj into aryas mind, and who said she did? she just read their future. i highly doubt she isnt human, even tho omris mentioned something about her that showed she was much older than she apeared…

  • Belgarion

    Ah, Someone mentioned the Belgaraid!

    ‘Mazing set of books <3 lol

    Inheritance cycle is nearly up to how good i rank the Belgariad.

    Anyway, I want to learn more about Angela and those 2 girls who refused to tell of their names to Eragon.

    Wonder why Angela would be able to look into the minds of Elves when any other human cannot? Is Angela not Human?

  • cory

    true…wouldnt be surprised if there was a book 5…and there could be too, i would like to see what happens when eragon leaves never to return…what he finds, who or what he meets, and so on

  • mikeminister

    i suppose but dont forget cp said he was gonna be able to go into ore deph i rekon when he wrote b3 it was completly different to start with and finished the series but as he continued with it he got so into it he realised there was gonna need to be a b4

  • cory

    eh, i wouldnt worry about the sword. But Random House is taking FOREVER! I expected the 4th book out very close to the third, since they were suppose to be one book, but now its almost been a year…very frustrating…

  • mikeminister

    fnishing brisngr for the, god knows how many times, and just remembered about the flaming sword (belgaraid) cos its quite simaler does iit affect copywrite? not that i dont love the series but…..well u know

  • mikeminister

    yeah i know the feling im really impatient and all i wanna do is read the last book, but to be fair i am trying t write my own fantasy novel at the moment (first one) and ive only got as far as the second hapter in draft after nearly two months but i have my story and plot and characters and stuff all over my wall, (the missus is goin nuts) so i can see why it is taking so long espescially as its an unexpected fourth book as he intended to only do a trilogy at first but i wouldmt be surpised if he did more like 5 or 6.

  • cory

    SAME! maulds says when your power is insufficient speak your name to the rock of kurlah to open the vault of souls. Isnt eldurai like a crystal soul? And many times, i heard people say that the dragons souls are still alive when the mention the eldurai. i think that there are very little possibles to such a riddle. If and if the book was done, why hasnt there been a trealese on name/cover yet? If i was paloni i would be furious at the publishing company, and it kinda helps to hear from him once in a while to know that he is alive

  • mikeminister

    yeah i see what you mean i previously thought the vault of souls is a big storage of eldinari.

  • cory

    no, i mean that to open the vault of souls, eragon must speak his name (his true name?) what if there is a connection between the two eragons

  • mikeminister

    yeah cory u got sme good points, did u mean the origanal eragon could still be alive in the rock of kuthain wth his dragons eldunari or somthing else?

  • Tanner

    i highly dout that theres going to be dwarf rider but if there was then it that would be cool…but if roran was a rider then that wouldn’t be very doutful because Eragon was trying to teach Roran magic to protect himself, and roran is Eragons cousin.

  • nerdherd

    paolini might have finished a book but it might not have been published

  • cory

    i highly doubt that valnir will be the next rider. My guess is either katriana, arya, orhas anyone thought that maybe roran could be the rider? Or maybe (and i highly doubt) a kull or dwarf rider. And what is with paloni? he says he wrote the fourth book already, yet it has been close to a year and not even a cover or a name! I think it will seem alot more likley that he is actually doing something if he updates us routinely. And what if the two people walking arm in arm with a person left behind is eragon left behind on a new land and the other 2 are returning to a far away land, never to return “(alagaeia perhaps?) All i know is that there are a bunch of doors opened in book one, 2-3 closed in book 2, but tons more opened, and finally book 3 is when doors are closing but i would like to see if my guess about the vault of souls and rock of kurlah having to do with the original eragon being right.

  • mikeministar

    ray the name your looking for is orik and he is eragons foster-brother hrothgar adopted eragon into the clan. but still i remean firm in my belief that it would take an enormous amount of energy and alot of knowlege. (gleadr’s eldunari?)

  • ray

    after consideration a dwarf rider would really tip the scale on unexpected. but if it would be a dwarf rider the only one i can think of is eragon’s cousin (i cant remeber his name at this time) the king. all the other dwarfs arent even really listed, by that i mean we don’t know alot of the other dwarfs’ names. so i still will stick to my arya or roran theme.

  • mikeministar

    yeah i agree with ray only arya or roran would volunteer an assult on urabean (spelling wrong i know) belgarath i believe the vault of souls is a place where very very ancient dragon hearts are stored. and lavjit i think no one thinks of dwarf riders as they are not included in the pack , i dont think only reragon and saphira would be able to wield the power needed to bring them into the pack either. oh and by the way the belgaraid and mallorean books are absolutly amazing!

  • lavjit

    why doesnt anyone think of a dwarf rider??

  • belgarath

    Anyone Know what the vault of souls is? Also, Arya is so going to be the dragon rider.

  • chndn09

    I think Eragon is going to defeat the king in one way or another, get the last dragon egg there is, somehow bring back all the dragons, and when Roran’s son is born the remaing egg will hatch for him.

  • I hope Arya Svitkona would be the new Dragon Rider. I think she would be a good Rider …… Plus if her dragon was green and she wore green it would be a great match 😉

  • will

    lol no problem

  • nerdherd

    also tenga the hermit’s ‘question’ is “what is the name of the ancient language?” I have formerly been posting as inheritencegeekct

  • ray

    but stil the most qualified would be arya or roran. the others are kind of bland in there chances to get the next dragon. cause the dragon is still in galbatorix’s hands so someone will have to get it and arya and roran are like the only ones who would volunteer almost instantly to go to galbatorix’s castle.

  • mikeministar

    right im not pretending i know things for a fact, as im not writing the book, but im pretty certain i have read somewhere online that its not a main character witch to me suggest’s a side character. the only characters in all three books are the carvahall villigers, jeod, roran, sloan,mutagh arya elve orik and angelica and other really non important people so there is actually alot of people to consider.

  • Belgarion

    he never said it was going to be a SIDE character. It COULD be. But the only thing i’ve read online is that he says the character has to have been in ALL 3 books. which limits out alot of the characters.

  • mikeministar

    i think galb is lookin for the true name for ancient language because as orimis told eragon if u could find that then u would have power over pretty much everything. and i personally would hate to see either arya or elva become the next rider they are already major chacters and its been hinted at that the new rider is only a side character in the first three books. maybe katrina that would be good a pregnant rider would really create some fireworks between eragon and roran. or even valnir the elf that sparred with eragon in du weldenvarden.

  • guesses…

    so, when eragon is killing the last razac, it says that galbatorix is close to finding the word… what do you think the word is?

  • who!

    it not goin to be elva its going to be arya

  • billy

    srry will i thought the name wasnt taken

  • really?

    im tellin you arya is not the rider it gonna be elva

  • Belgarion

    3. Arya is the next Dragon rider

    4. Roran doesnt die/ruins his relationship with Katrina OR Eragon. ‘cos i think he’ll… muck it all up :L

  • ray

    i really dont care about any of the other characters. but as long as these 2 things happen im going to love this book.

    1. eragon and arya get together

    2. they kill galbatorix

  • mikeministar

    ray i agree with your friend but i dont think they will burn theforest for if they succedd in converting natural energy into magic they will only need to convert the heat of the land the foce of the wind the power of the tides from the sea things like that there will be no need to create fire or natural forces when hey alreday exist within alagasia.

  • inheritencegeekct

    i think at he end of book 4 all dragons cept saphira are dead and eraon agrees to travel to other lands with her and look for other dragons

  • Ilovebooks<3

    I love the Eragon books! I really don’t know what I’ll read without them…:( Everyone thinks that Ayra will be the next rider but i really don’t know. If she is the dragon should be green totally!

  • ray

    one of my friends once told me that he thinks to kill galbatorix that thery are going to convert the natural energy into magic energy to beet him. in other words he said they might burn down du weldinor forest and convert all that fire energy to defeat galbatorix. (if you want me to tell my friend off dont yell at me for it)

  • mikeministar

    there could be ocean just the other side of the boers as we only see so much of them. i find it unlikley nasuada will replace galbatorix, as i personaly believe roran will soon replace nasuada as leader just becaause of his one minded determination to stop the empire.

  • greengirl

    I think Nasuada will take Galbatorics throne and Eragon will reter to teaching all the new riders or watever after he kills the king

  • inheritencegeekct

    idk how anyone would be leaving by boat from dwarf land… but your right they could be dwarves

  • mikeministar

    what so the rest of the poeple are dwarfs? that would be the only race that would allow for eragon to be noticably taller

  • will

    well in the vision of the dream (boat one) it just says that the two ppl in the back are taller than the rest of the ppl

  • mikeministar

    whoa just had a brain wave, if im wrong and it is eragon leaving with someone, what if katrina becomes the next rider and because of the connection betwween her and her dragon she feels an obligation to journey with eragon for saphira’s and her male dragons benifit and its roran stood on the shore cause he has become a king after finding out he is a direct descendant of old palancer

  • mikeministar

    i just had a thought beragons vision has three people in total one on the shore and two getting on the boat, all three are supposed to be quite tall but has eragon EVER been described as tall?
    what if he is seeing a past vision and the two poeple are the first eragon and his mate with thier dragons and the person left on the shore could be vreal or whoever took charge of the riders after the first eragon. maybe thier abroad stll alive i mean if rhunon is still around and she remembers the dragon war. and the question that tengor is trying to answer, the same as the kingf i think they are both trying to find the true name for magic.

  • really?

    really? if anyone knew wed all be shouting about it

  • Bman

    When is Eragon 4 coming out?

  • really?

    the roran related to king palencar sounds like it would fit togeter but him still being alive? i dont know about that, its a good thought though. as for the women eragon blesses i thought they were related to nasuada as well.

  • geekmom

    just examining all possibilities

  • jkl

    what are you crazy are something

  • geekmom

    in the dream with the boat leaving and the 1 person being left behind… the 2 people leaving are arya and faolin(whose spirit has been inhabiting eragons body and guiding him) the person being left behind is eragon

  • sweet

    angela said that a epic romance is in your future i cannot say if this passion will end happy she did not say that it will end in tragady so they mit still fet together

  • ray

    i thought of this over night what if eragon has a romantic encounter with a noble that makes arya jelous, and that can be the relationship that ends tragic. by that i mean by heart break, and then eragon and arya get to be together. just a thought but i think it could be a good one.

  • mikeministar

    i have just been reading ur comments and most people think eragon and arya end up together but do not forget angelas fortune telling that eragon was gonna have an epic romance with one of noble birth but it will end in tragady, so i dont think they would leave together. we still need no find out what the rock of whatever is wich i think is a gert dipository of elluni (dragon hearts) which i think are in the small mountains in the dessert were the wild dragons used to live. i really dont think the two mysteriuos females that eragon blessed are in any way related to nasuada as they are described to have weather beaten tanned skin not dark like nasuada’s, and guys give nasuada a break shes like what…the same age as eragon but she has the entire varden to think about so yeah sum desisions are gonna seem harsh but they are certainly for the good of the whole varden. thoughts?

  • will

    somebody is using my name

  • ray

    i think their clock is screwed up my time is 10:17 pm

  • ray

    inhertancegeek the reason they dont have a zoomed out map is because the people of alagaesia have never ventured furthur so thats why we have a limited version of the map. just like befor chistopher columbus discovered america.

  • ray

    look dude the wrist thing is a test of endurance im definately shure i wouldnt be able to do it its a way to show the cultural background of the surda people. and the soldiers fealling no pain is excactly what the book said better warriors i would never pick up a sword and fight because id fricken die of shock if i got my arm cut off but them soldiers wouldnt feel it u might as well be hittin them with a pillow. this was a good way for cp to show some culture and galbatorix’s evilness.

  • geekmom

    have to agree with all the ‘disapointed about brisingr’ writers on comment page 12. I really had to question cp’s mental stability and sanity after psychopriestchaper1 with people who glorify in chopping themsevles up. also the psycho soilders who dont feel pain was kind of unnerving and unnessecery to the plotline. And the trial of the long knives?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! ok, lets just talk about cutting our wrists when so many teanagerss today are doing that. I mean what the heck are you thinking cp?

  • inheritencegeekct

    wwhoa had a thought what if palancar is still alive(or a ghost!)in the spine? what if he was the one who killed off haldf of galbys army? what if he has some HoHs that keep him alive? even if that is false i think roran is a defenent decendent of palancar, thats where he gets his leadership and fighting skills

  • inheritencegeekct

    also i think the 2 women eragon blesses the older one is nasuadas mother? and the younger is nasuadas sister?stepsister?other relation?

  • inheritencegeekct

    you know in the books how they have a map int the first page? in the 4th book i really hope they show a zoomed out map of alagasia, like the complete alagasia; beor mountains,spine,du weldenvarden,far east…

    also the other land aleria or whatever it called

  • jaredkelley

    i think maybe eragon is the man left behind and murtagh and nasuada are the taller people leaving

  • sweet

    i agree with ray

  • ray

    i signed up whith shurtugal and i will soon be posting comments as ray the strong.

  • ray

    concerning nasuada she cant be the rider she not strong enough a leader yes but as a fighter or a wizard its not going to happen.

  • ray

    and belgarion saphira is to important a character to be gotten rid off so thats most likely not going to happen.

  • ray

    of course those two people walking arm and arm will be eragon and arya, if not i cant think of any other person strong and important enogh to not get the next egg. i mean arya also is now a shadeslayer which sets her as the strongest, important character that can ride the last dragon

  • sweet

    i think it will be eragon who leaves on the ship cause most of the book is about eragon i also think the next rider is a girl and that her and eragon mate cause in his dream he saw two people walk arm in arm

  • Belgarion

    I like sweet’s Interpretations of Eragon’s Dream. they are good siggestions but i cant help feeling Arya is tooo obvious for Dragon Rider. tbh I realy want Arya to be the Dragon rider, But Nasuada and Murtagh… could be VERY interesting ending. And if Brom’s “saphira” died because of his friend, Morzan (it only says Friend? what if Morzan was actualy Brother?) and then Murtagh Kill’s Eragon’s saphira. … erm… that idea’s a working progress lol.

  • sweet

    its cool i do that alot. maybe they will i’m not sure. but if eragon goes to live on vrongaud i hope that arya goes with him they make such a cute couple

  • will

    im probally wrong, but i think once they kill galb they might rename aleagisa to get rid of galbs rain or eragon and sappifa will go live on vrongaud srry i mispelled a lot og the words

  • sweet

    yeah she is i don’t really like her. i really hope that arya is the next rider. her and eragon will make a great couple i think that eragon and arya are the ones who board the ship i also think that murtagh dragon gets killed cause in eragon dream he see’s two dragons in the sky and one man on stays behind on the beach i think that murtagh is the one who stays behind. what do y’all think?

  • will

    you know i just realized how much of a jerk nasuada is. first she seperates eragon and Sapharia when eragon goes to the dwarf place to help orik become the king. then she makes Roran go on a mission and march on the front line after his flogging when she herself isnt fighting because of her 7 cuts. lol she isnt fighting because of 7 cuts and he is fighting with 50 whips

  • sweet

    oh and you now that dream that eragon had about that little girl who do you think she is?

  • sweet

    here’s what i think you now in the first book eragon had a dream where he saw alot of elves board a ship then he saw to poeple taller then the rest walked arm in arm it is eragon and arya or murtagh and nasuada and the guy that stayed behind is eragon or murtagh so arya are nasuada is the next dragon rider i think arya i also think that murtagh’s dragon gets killed because eragon olny saw to dragon’s in the sky. what do you think of this?

  • will

    they could be the ones that will steal the egg or murtagh might

  • cory

    that is a good assumption, i didnt even think of that. I would like to see the two girls eragon blessed come back and see how they fit in

  • Belgarion

    I think Angela’s dragon knuckles are from Gleadr’s ex-leg. I think now that Gleadr is dead they will loose their power . or not…

  • Blaze

    I want to know what oromis\’s dragon has to do with the book.

  • dsfdsdf

    Aphrodite, you play xsketch too much…

  • Aphrodite

    I don’t think the vault of souls is at the egg-shell-cliff-mountain or whatever and i don’t think the vault of souls holds hearts or is in a mountain… it would just be too obvious. I mean, Christopher has been leading up to this whole thing since the first book and so i don’t think it’s as simple as we all think… hmmm but maybe there is some connection between the rock of kuthian, the first dragon rider… eragon, and the present eragon. what possesed Selena to give Eragon that name… maybe she knew more than we think…….

  • Belgarion

    I think the Vault of souls will be another mountain (similar to the mountain which saphira and gleadr go to, the cracking of the eggs? anyway something like that) where Wild Dragons went to die. Wild Dragons were probably stronger than tame dragons because tame dragons would limit their magic. therefore If Eragon ends up with aload of Wild Dragon hohs he’ll become equal to galby’s vast amount of hohs.

  • Aphrodite

    Maybe your right cory!!! maybe that IS what the Menoa tree is going to ask of him. it makes sense anyway… but why would arya leave with him???… I don\’t know, but one thing is for sure… this last book better be pretty damn long since it\’s keeping us waiting all this time…. ;-p jk

  • cory

    i am telling you, maulds said when your power is insufficient, speak your name to the rock of kurla to open the vault of souls. what if the vault is where all the wild dragons kept their hearts. galby prob only has the dragon used by the riders. And since eragon was the first rider, i bet some spell was placed to protect it, and only eragon could enter

  • inheritencegeekct

    i don actually think their will be an urgal rider but i want to hear your thoughts

  • inheritencegeekct

    urgal rider anyone?

  • cory

    well, maybe the menoa is the reason for eragon and arya to leave in the first place. I dont exactly remember what the tree said but it mentioned hating dragons, so it would want the two to leave and never return so the race dies out.

  • Aphrodite

    I don’t believe that the Menoa tree will ask for Katrina’s child and I’m not sure she has gotten what she wants yet… but I DO believe that what she wants she will ask for after the mess with Galbatorix is cleaned up. Maybe it will even have something to do with the vault of souls. Speaking of which, I don’t think the Rock of Kuthian is just some large stone sitting around waiting to unlock the vault, but i could be wrong. I also don’t think that the vault of souls holds more hearts… I’ts possible it might, maybe the vault of souls simply holds the souls of dragons past. Maybe it doesnt hold them, maybe its more like a resting place for them.

  • Belgarion

    lol, doubt he’d be having flower children…

    as for taking Eragon’s possible children I dont think that would happen. The Menoa tree doesnt need any child to help it live? does it? why would the menoa tree need a child when the menoa tree was created because of her/it’s love. the Menoa Tree would hate all humans, realy…

  • geekmom

    the menoa tree already took what she wanted. eragon will be having flower children in about 9 months.

  • inheritencegeekct

    for what aphrodite said on august 29 about katrinas firstborn. remember nar garzhvogs story about maghara and rahna taking her firstborn because maghara promised her anything she wanted to make her pretty? well eragon promised the menoa tree anything it wanted to let him and saphira go and give them the brightsteel. i think the menoa tree will take katrinarorans child or perhaps eragons own if him and arya ever…

  • will

    well maybe varel knew galby was following him so he “hid” the vos so only someone like eragon could get to it.

  • Blegarion

    great theory, impressive. That sounds very likely too. except from the fact that if Vreal new about it, why couldnt he “gather” the “souls” and as/if this is what it means then why didnt galby get this strength either?

  • cory

    well, maybe the vault of souls is where the heart of hearts are kept. And the rock is a way for eragon to get inside there without Galbatorix noticing. Maulds said when your power is insufficent, go to the rock of kuthian and speak your name to open the vault of souls…

  • eragonsaphirarock

    hi guys. hope u are all alright. guys i think i figured something about the rock of kuthian and the vault of souls. and i wanted to discuss with u and see if u agree with me or have some other opinion.

    First of all in eragon the werecat says: “Then when all seems lost and your power is insufficent, go to the rock of kuthian and speak your name to open the vault od souls.” (pg 206).
    now brom said something similar about Vrael during the last battle. on page 34 when brom is telling the story about the fall of the riders he ” Grievously wounded, he fled to utgard mountain, where he hoped to gather strenght. but it was not to be, for Galbatorix found him.”

    This could mean he wanted to rest and get the strenght. but the word “gathers” suggest he would collect it from somewhere.

    so i want ur coment about this. also about the the green dragon we all know its arya because the only person whose colour of magic is green is arya.

  • Belgarion

    To be completely honest with you, the first thing I thought when I closed the book was “oh dear, Eragon’s deed with sloan will cause everyone trouble. Will CP be mean and make it lead to breaks in relationships revolving around Katrina, Roran and Eragon.”

    It could just be the way I think(which would suggest/show alot to myself what my personality must realy be like…) but I’ve immediately picked up on the facts about sloan being kept from katrina, she loves sloan, sloan is meant to be dead to her, if she finds out the truth? Katrina isn’t going to be completely happy with Eragon… which may or may not rub off on Roran, if Roran sides with Eragon(dobtful… but after Garrow’s death…) then ROran looses Katrina and child? and maybe even the possibility of his throne. If he sides with Katrina… it’ll have disatrouse affects on Eragon’s relationships.

    How can Katrina not be mad? Sloan’s just one of those characters that cant help being caught up in bad things.

  • Aphrodite

    Exactly!!! it wouldnt make sense if the egg chose some random person we havnt heard of yet.

  • ray

    i loved all the books and i agree with aphrodite arya becoming a dragon rider would close the gap in there relationship, thats getting better i only sat this because there getting closer to each other in the last book arya told eragon alot we didnt know about her, from my opinion with books shes openin up to him

  • Aphrodite

    oh, and remember eragon\’s dream about him and another dragon riding off… well it isnt him and murtagh… the last egg opens for Arya… i\’m positive… and her dragon is green… i think her eyes are green. its perfect though cuz when the ride off never to return (at the very end of the book it will be) the fly to a new country… eragon and arya get to be together and saphira and arya\’s dragon (which is male) will be the parents of their race!!! plus (i\’m serious about this) when thorn hatched for murtagh and eragon was getting a new blade i was thinking about what color the last dragon would be so i went the through the other colors… red, black, blue, gold, i knew it wouldnt be orange cuz thats too close to red so i thought… of course! green…and it opening for arya would make her a dragon rider and close the gap between her and eragon.

  • Aphrodite

    I hope Eragon can rescue the hearts. I’m wondering if while Eragon is fighting Galbatorix Arya or somebody will rescue the hearts… i’m sure they’d be VERY well protected but maybe… and no doubt arya and eragon will get together, maybe he saves her from death or something…and concerning all that other stuff… i think Brisingr was the best, it like made me cry when Oromis and Glaedr died. Plus, christopher had to come up with all that stuff about the hearts… I wonder if something bad will happen to Katrina’s child or at the very end they’ll live happilyeveryafter in palancar valley…l ;-p

  • Aphrodite

    ya, that movie was horrible, but at least one good thing came out of it… at least we got a basis on how the dragons and everyone else look like.

  • Ginger

    If you enjoy fantasy, as do I, check out The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It’s an adult book, not young adult like Inheritance or Harry Potter, but it’s absolutely brilliant. As for the Harry Potter series, I find the movies are lacking more and more as the series goes on. It’s truly a shame that many of the children and young adults will never read the books because they feel the movies are enough. I loved the book series and I love Inheritance. It’s funny, because I didn’t actually read the book until after I saw the abortion of a movie that was Eragon. My friend convinced me to give the books a chance and gave me Eragon and Eldest and I’m really glad he did. I’m really looking forward to book 4, and hoping that Murtagh is able to free himself and Thorn from Galbatorix. I wonder what he will do to change his true name.

  • Belgarion

    no… they were great. Now everythings been blown out of proportion because of popularity. My family (for I was unable to read when book 1 came out) have read Harry Potter since almost the begining, before anyone had heard of it. we have the first three books as 1st editions. Since HP became popular to much “other” stuff surrounds the storys. It’s fun to talk to people who DO actualy know the books well, but too many people think they know what they’re on about… and… well, In the Inheritance cycle atleast most people who’ve read them have actualy read them and dont relate to films (which happens so often to HP, btw the film of Eragon is an Epic Failure… it makes me laugh, no one, even if it was planned, could make an Eragon film worse than that. They couldn’t do a sequal at all.) anyway, those who talk about the Inheritance cycle do actualy understand and have read the books. there is only “hype” by those people who love the books, not just a general public love for something that’s meant to be good.

    -anyway, can we get back to the Inheritance cycle speculation about what happens next? PLEASE 🙂 ?

  • River

    people dont just say that the harry potter books are great bc theyre popular; theyre popular bc theyre great

  • Belgarion

    I disagree… before the fourth book came out there was no harry potter hype and it was good then. now people get all hyped if someone mentions harry potter. It’s realy makes me hate talking about it. they ARE brilliant books… but, now people just say that because it’s proving to be popular.

    Since I went off Harry Potter I’ve found an Excellent series, other than the Inheritance cycle, which i realy like called: The Belgaraid and Mallorean series, now they are pure class.

    Paolini himself read/reads them, It was through a quotation on the back of those books that i first heard of paolini and his Inheritance cycle.

  • wow

    yeah but her books are the best book series ever

  • Belgarion

    there are plenty of other books out there to read. and actualy JK takes FOREVER to write books. She Released her first book in 1991 and finnished in 2008. …hmm she realy DOES take her time…

    just because authors take along time to write does not mean it’ll be second rate work…

  • Guy

    LOL!!! abe is hilarious and probably right. paolini is starting to blow. im getting kinda tired of waiting several years for one book. if its not the most epic book ever created then his career is fubar. all you little kid dragon lovers are going to have to find a new author to invest your time in

  • abe

    look meep, this isn’t music we’re talking about here, where it doesn’t matter how long you practice, it’s how you play the song in the end.

    I’ll admit Paolini did have something going on with eldest and eragon, but as an author he waited way too long to release his third book, he put a little bit too much thought into it, and because of that he slipped. Brisingr is an example of how paolini is second guessing himself every step of the way about what is right and what’s wrong. A real author goes by his/hers inner feeling and just writes the story, but Paolini has lost that artistic flair that he had in his youth…

  • Meep

    i think paolini is briliant, he may not be the fastest writter but he is very talented and the depth of detail he goes into is no less than fantastically creative!

  • Abe

    I think Paolini is the most overrated “author” there is. Brisingr was horrible, we all know that by now, and he is probably going to release book 4 in like 2011…

    J.K Rowling could finish 14 books of Harry potter adventures by the time this untalented cesspool finishes another book. For freak’s sake, I was in like the third grade when he released “eragon” and now I’m almost close to graduating high school. Paolini, you have no creativity whatsoever

  • Guy

    Galby and them are gonna own

  • Brisingrundbitr

    unless galbys magic is so strong that he can keep his dragon at the right size or that he can speed her/him up if so than saphira and eragon are f***ed lol theyll win

  • Belgarion

    A Bigger Dragon may not always be better… Just because it’s Physically bigger does not mean it is Magically stronger… Does iT? well, put it this way, saphira will be able to outfly and dragon that’s big and bulky as it will be harder to fly… therefore if shruikan is as big as glaedr saphira should atleast be able to compete against shruikan in air-combat.

  • Brisingrundbitr

    he should be after all judging by how fast thorn grew by galbys magic imagine shurikan after however long it is galby has ruled

  • will

    how big will shrkin (galby’s dragon) be? would he be bigger than Glader?

  • River

    it was just you

  • Brisingrundbitr

    was it just me or did this site close down yesterday

  • What!

    He already said in the book that if the dragon didn’t dislodge, upchuck or whatever the heart of hearts it died w
    with him.

  • will

    they both have two names one true name and a normal name. Solembum(or w/e) told him to speak his true name which is different from Eragon #1’s name

  • cool

    what does eragons name mean?

  • Corey

    maybe that vault of souls is in the place where Galbatorix found all the hoh’s but he couldn’t get in because he didn’t know the password which i think is, Eragon.

    The elf he is named after could of put the hohs from the wild dragons they faught in the war or not.

  • River

    thats what i was thinking too. cuz chris wouldnt have put that place in the book for nothing, right?

    of course the vos could just be refering to the place where galby stores the hoh’s

  • Belgarion

    What if the Vault of Souls is like that mountain… (something to do with the cracking of the dragon’s eggs? it’s in book two…) what if their is a mountain where the dragons went to die naturaly? and so all the ORIGINAL WILD dragons’s hoh’s are there? Wild dragons were probably more stronger than tame dragons? and alot older so have more power?

    I think that if their is a mountain where the dragons are hatched/layed i think their must be a mountain where they died. Making it a vault of Dragon souls.

  • cool

    its not nice talk about yourself like that

  • Guy

    Hoho. that was a clever one. im sure chris would be disappointed to realize that his books attract morons such as yourself

  • cool

    so are you

  • River

    hehe, balls

  • Guy

    you guys are dumb as balls…

  • cool


  • What!

    Well i think i could be. But i think it has something to do about the dead like information about spells or how to kill Galby. Hell maybe hell speak to his mother?

  • will

    well i was thinking about that and i dont think it will be a bunch of Hoh’s. im pretty sure that Galby has most of them and i doubt there will be a place where a bunch of hoh’s are and if there was a place Glader (or however you spell it), Oromis, and Brom probably would of been able to find it or atleast know of it.

  • What!

    That’s a given. But yeah. Now that vault of souls thing intrigues me.

  • will

    i think that fate sounds better than wyrda. but i also think that he might try and go back to Empire for his next book

  • cooo1

    Wyrda/Fate should be the title of book IV

  • What!

    And I’d to mention I do not have acne and i get laid regularly.

  • What!

    Well going with
    mjliscio logic Arya can\\\\\\\’t be the next rider because Tamerling was a larger sword that was made for a hack and slash fighting style which from description doesn\\\\\\\’t sound like Arya. But it does sound like the other elf he mentioned.

  • will

  • Guy

    well i think you 2 morons need to get the sticks out of your asses because your getting mad over some posts. its alright though you acne infested geeks i guarantee im having more fun in life than you fools

  • cool

    thank you

  • growup

    i think that Guy needs to stop acting like a little kid and grow up a little bit…

  • mjliscio

    ok as far as who is going to be the next Dragon rider I beleave I can provide compelling evidence to at least narrow it down to a race elf/human, and from there I will draw a few conclusions based on a theory I have and in that way reveal who I feal will be the third and final dragon rider and why.

    Lets start by looking at three dead dragon riders. Those ridders I want to look at are Morzan, Brom, and Arva.

    Lets start with what we know about Morzan

    1. Had a red Dragon we know this because Zaroc his sword is red, and the sword always matched the dragons scales

    2. Had one son Mortagh

    now lets go one step further and look at mention that Mortagh has a red Dragon like his father

    now lets look at what we know about Brom

    1. Had a blue Dragon known because its stated several times

    2. Has one son Eragon

    Lets now that this one step further and mention that Eragon has a Blue Dragon like his father.

    So we have two sets of Father and Son in both cases Father and Son have the same color dragon. Almost as if the Son Inherited the dragon color from their father.

    Now as stated lets look at the last ridder of the trio Arva.

    What do we know about Arva

    1. Had a green Dragon (This is known because Tamerling his sword is green).

    2. He was an elf.

    From what we know about Morzans family and Broms family I submit that the third ridder will be Arva’s heir. From this we can safely assume that the third ridder will be an Elf

    Since we don’t know if Arva had any children we must leave the rest to guess work.

    I see two likely canidates

    1. Vannir the elf that Eragons duels his parents are not mentioned and Arva could be his father.

    2. Arya. I know Ellidar the king of the elves is suposedly her father, but I beleave that Paolini is misleading us with this peace of information and her real father is going to turn out to be Arva. Keep in mind it is posible I am wrong. However there are a lot of instances both in this series and other fantasy serries where the offsprings names are variations of the parents names



    look pretty simaler I think so too.

    I therefore submit that not only will the third ridder be an elf which I am almost positive of for the reasons I gave above, but that Arya’s father is not who we think it is, and that her real father is Arva the dragon ridder

    Therefore she would be the rightful heir to tamerling and she would in essence inherit the green dragon. In other words the third dragon ridder is Arya

  • Guy

    the menoa tree took his sperm sack so he cant have any babies

  • bromson

    Eragon weohnata finna älfr true name un it weohnata waíse brisingr abr wyrda hugin eka

  • Brisingrundbitr

    i just watched the eragon movie again and i realized all the key details and even little things that turn important that were missed out , the dream , jeod , AND BROM KILLED A RAZ’ZAC AND ERAGON HUNG ! WITH KAVISTA BUT IT DOESNT SHOW IF IT DIED , these ruin the story plot for theo ther books i think they should remake the movie in a few years and than theyll be able to do the next movies

  • hunters

    i think that the ROCK OF KUTHIAN(?) is goin to be filled with dragon heart of hearts and eragon is going to use them to beat galby,

    I have been wondrin what the manoa tree took from eragon? what could it be? i think that galby, in his last moments, will use a powerful spell that will make eragon leave alagasia. What was the castle that set alone in the mountains when eragon was leavin the elves?

  • Guy

    you = gay..

  • lol22

    i think that the dwarf (i forgot his name because it has been a while ) should become the next rider now wouldnt that be a twist seein as he is afraid of flying and what not

  • What!


  • Guy

    i think if eragon was still human roran would rape him even though i hate roran. but eragon does have his nuke spell that i taught him. so eragon wins

  • Brisingrundbitr

    it wont come down to them to fightin human on human so wat do we care

  • nice

    how can i prove it?

  • No!


  • nice


  • What!

    No crap Eragon is stronger as a Rider elf human hybrid i never said he wasn’t but i said if he was only human Rohan would be stronger. And kudos you can remember a number but I couldn’t care less. Okay and whatever hammer shields spears swords their own bodies whatever he still killed them.

  • will

    well What! in the book it said Roran was more muscular but Eragon was stronger because he is part elf now. and he didnt jst use his hammer to kill the 193 soldiers.

  • nice

    thank you

  • anon

    I hate to rain on the parade, but a number of arguments, here and on other forums seem to rely heavily on the hereditary aspect of Eragon and Murtagh being riders, but c.p. said that they were exceptions to the rule. It doesn’t usually run in families. Besides, even if it did, Roran’s kid couldn’t be the next rider, Roran has no rider ancestry, the books are quite clear about who Palancer was and he definitly wasn’t a rider. My bet is that we find out that Roran is the most direct decendant of Palancer and he becomes the rightful King.

    As for the next rider, it makes sence for it to e Arya. Her magic is green, as is the dragon, she knows most things she’d need to know, and she and Eragon share most defining features. She is an elf, he is part elf, he was entitled Shadeslayer, she is now entitled Shadeslayer, he might as well be royalty (he’s the head of the rider’s order) and she is royalty.

  • Seth

    I think its way tooo obvious if either Roran or Ayra become the next rider come on there has to be sort of interesting twist to the books….. my moneys on Roran becoming king….

  • What!

    Whatever. But even in the book Rohan is described as being physically stronger. True but come on Arya is the obvious choice, where would the mystery be. But of all choices even if it possibly the least likely i want it to be Elva.

  • nice

    no eragon would still win i think your right when you say roran can’t become a rider it would have to be arya

  • Brisingrundbitr

    wtf im sure roran and eragon would be equals in combat if eragon wasnt a dragon rider though for roran to become a rider would be unlikely. he would have to be taught the ways of the rider , most of which arya already knows, the ways of magic and the ancient language which arya also knows but by the time roran learnt it they would all be dead and he hasnt the athletic abilities of an elf which means he would stand not much a chance against murtagh or galby

  • nice

    whatever roran is a loser

  • What!

    rohan is way better than eragon. without the rider powers he would kick eragon’s butt. come one he’s killed hundreds of soliders with a friggen hammer

  • Guy

    i hope eragon learns a nuke spell and blows up the world

  • rimu

    I believe Arya will be the next rider because if we want to kill Galbatorix with the help of the new dragon and it’s rider, we don’t have much time for them to learn everything. In this case, Arya will be the most suitable, not Roran.

  • nice

    i hope not i hate Roran i think Arya should be the next rider Roran and Katrina should die

  • TSG

    i think roran is going to be the next rider

  • exactly

    exactly when did she stop being his mom really brom admitted even if vaguely to (sorry about the expression) boning her and if selena wasn’t his mom rohan or garrow wouldn’t even be related to him.

  • nice

    did yay read the first book Selena is eragon’s mom she has to be cease she give birth to him at hes uncle’s house do you think his uncle lied to him about his mom?

  • will

    correct me if im wrong but in book three when Oromis (or however you spell it) was explaining about brom didnt he say he was an only child. i do think it would be cool for Angela to be his mom. when oromis gave eragon the farith of his mom the armor was described like angela’s (srry bout spelling)

  • Belgarion

    What If Tenga is also Kuthian? Kuthian is his real name? Tenga is definately a relative of the grey folk… i think. And Angela could be Tenga’s Daughter? Also It’d be quite funny if Angela turned out to be some type of relative to Eragon… Brom’s sister?… maybe not.

  • consolidatedspeciality

    I don’t know about following a blood line specifically maybe the initial traits that make a good dragon rider is hereditary like Nature over Nurture Brom and eragon were similar so were their dragons with the whole colour thing lvl. personally i think it would be awesome if Elva was the next rider (probably not likely tho) Wouldn’t it be a twist if the next dragon was unattached.

  • russ

    guy, i think angela could be mom. remember that one is able to change who they are when they do certain things. by doing good, let’s say, changes a person’s ancient name, thereby chanigng who they are. I’ve been thinking angela (“a(n) angel”??) is eragon’s mum since book two. but then, there’s her reaction to the old crazy fella eragon stumbled upon in the last book. so maybe i’m way off base.

    i wonder if roran/katrina’s baby will be the rider, but i’m more prone to believing that the dreams and arya’s position are clear pointers to her being the other rider. we’ll see. 🙂

  • Guy

    i like russ’s theory alot actually but, didnt the book say murtagh was his brother and selena his mother already? im pretty sure angela is ruled out as eragons mom.

    but i think katrina is going to die giving birth to rorans kid. and roran is going to hook up with nasuada and he`ll take galatorix’s spot once eragon defeats him.

  • russ

    since riders seem to generally (not always) follow bloodlines–Brom—>Eragon, for example–has anyone considered the very real possibility to Eragon’s niece/nephew might be the next rider? The royal blood coul very well be an analogy for the blood of hte riders, all of whom should be consdiered royalty.

    I’m more in line with Arya being the rider though. She’s the daughter of the elf queen, the dreams all seem to point to her. Riders have a connection with one another too; not as strong as with their partner dragons, but they still kind of know deep down.

    And, has anyone considered the probability that Angela (yes, the herbalist/suddenly everywhere/all-knowing in a very creepy way) is Eragon’s mum? It’s odd how she knew Brom and her response to finding out he was dead and then she basically follows Eragon wherever…you get the idea.

  • awesome:)

    they think it should come out mid 2010 although none no for sure as cp hasnt given a release date yet though cp has already started writing the 4th book wen he realized it was too long so it shouldnt take as long as the other books 🙂 i hope

  • teirmidiot

    lol when you find out tell me

  • nice

    can somebody please tell me when the next book is coming out.

  • teirmidiot

    im sure Cp does look here occasionally but it said the new rider was gonna be a character that he has already written about and was in all of the books.

  • Guy

    i think chris is reading this and/or posting on this page, which would be hilarious. and now that he knows what all you geeks are thinking he’s just going to make some random new character and make them the dragon rider. then they will have either gay or straight sex and make little dragon and elf/dwarf/human babies. its going to be awesome

  • Guy

    *** holes

  • will

    for some reason i don’t see Selana whoring around with Morzan, Brom, and Aljhad. lol just saying

    if i had to take a guess i think that it would be someone unimportant.

  • meisme

    Has anyone asked who Nesuarda’s mother is? could be selena?

  • Brisingrundbitr

    thts sum good thinkin there though not always it all depends on the author and they usually are not so basic lol but yeh i think u r right:)

  • eldunari

    well, galby’s dying, all stories end like that and eragon and arya obviously get together. in every story the girl the main character likes he ends up with. arya has got to be the next rider.murtagh becomes good again and is king of the empire and the book 4 will be called Kuthian, for the rock of kuthian.

  • will

    thats a good idea but it was destined by angela for eragon to leave Alges…(what ever its called) and never return, and for him to either live for ever or have a very long life

  • eregon

    the ship idea might be a metaphor

    the ship sailin aay forever might resemble death and the two people on the ship might be someones loved ones

  • Belgarion

    who said it was Eragon on the ship? why cant Eragon be heroically killed and Murtagh and… _____________(Insert name here 😛 ) be on the ship… and he’s seeing it now to stop this from happening. Anyway If it IS Eragon and (most probably) Arya who are on the boat then who and why is the man on the beach crying soooooo much? If it was Roran he should probably be happy for Eragon. If it’s someone else then why be upset?

    Also I think Arya more or less HAS to be the next dragon rider. CP wrote about Arya in a way which makes us all love and hope that she does have a good relationship with Eragon If she isn’t the Next Dragon Rider then most of the book fan’s will be disappointed unless CP comes up with a really confusing story-line.

  • WRHS11

    Paolini does seem to enjoy puzzling his readers with strange dreams. Whether or not they mean anything, we will just have to wait and find out in the fourth book.

  • will

    it could of just been a dream but i doubt that

  • River

    it never claims she is an elvin woman, it just says that there is a woman

  • Brisingrundbitr

    no but tht does not mean it isnt to be and besides wat about the dream eragon and an elf woman boarding a ship and 2 dragons flying in the sky above them i mean i could be wrong but surely this would mean tht the next rider is an elfish woman

  • will

    well in book 1 angela says that eragon will fall in love with someone who is of noble birth, and who was strong ect but she could not see the outcome of his love.

  • Brisingrundbitr

    no but the next dragon rider and eragon surely fall in love and angela said tht hed fall in love wif sum1 of royal blood

  • WRHS11

    You do not have to be of royal blood to become a dragon rider. Remember, Brom was not of royal blood and he became a rider. But i still stand strong behind my belief that either Arya or Roran will become the next rider.

  • Brisingrundbitr

    PPL iIT WONT BE KATRINA SHE IS NOT OF ROYAL BLOOD NOR IS NASUADA or not tht we no off who nos would be twist but not katrina cas she is wif roran and saphira and her would have too mate and than eragon would fall for her and tht would make it world war 3 for eragon and roran lol and nasuada has enough stress and responsibility jus controlling the varden and been a dragon rider would make her fall to pieces i think so it will have too be arya although i have a feeling about elva bcause of the gedway ingnisia she already has though she to is not of royal blood

  • DragonRiderMan

    u guys also need 2 consider the fact that the new dragon wil b green. so the color will pobably match the personallity. personallly i think that that would matck arya matches perfectly(vegeterian and stuff) and cp also shows how much sapheria likes arya so maybe this is a clue.

  • Leah

    Have any of you thought about Eragon and Nasuada? The fortune teller said he would fall in love with a strong women or somthing like that right? Yes Arya is strong.. But Nasuada is strong as well.. I don’t just somthing I thought about.

  • greendragon

    i think it’s gonna be arya as the new rider cus she and eragon are definitely gonna end up togather and if anyone else was the rider then saphira couldn’t mate with em because eragon would reject that kind of contact. that’s just what i think anyway.

  • rider64

    are all of you serius?? the 4th dragonrider will be someone we already know. i think jeod is going to find another entrance to the castle so the vardan can steal the dragon egg. and did any of you constiter Katrina as the next rider???

  • DUH

    i think that u should all relax about the new rider because there is no need for someone that already has a character to become a rider it could be a young elf or hell maybe a dwarf (doubt it due to the rider pact) but i trust in christopher paolini to knock us off our feet once we find out

  • Brisingrundbitr

    little bit of a stuff up wif the name and date their lol but it was me who sent tht

  • brisingrunbitr

    just copy and paste tht website link

  • will

    lol srry was trying to type fast

  • Brisingrundbitr

    i m 13 and i have much the same thoughts on such things

  • WRHS11

    I posted this a while back, but I would appreciate it if you gave me your thoughts on my predictions…

    Let us just be honest with ourselves, Eragon will defeat Galby. Paolini would not dare end Book 4 with the Varden’s defeat and Eragon fleeing Alagasia with his life. Eragon will discover the whereabouts of the Rock of Kuthian, and inside the Vault of Souls he will find a formidable amount of Eldunari. As to the location of the Rock of Kuthian, I would take a guess at Du Fells Nangoroth, the mountains in the center of the Hadarac Desert. Eragon will use these Eldunari to bring about the demise of Galby. The indentity of the new Dragon Rider still baffles me, even though I have read all of the books numerous times. I suspect that the new Rider will be either Roran or Arya, but I believe that the new Rider will not have a significant impact in the downfall of Galby. I also believe that the hermit Tenga will have a much larger impact in Book 4 than he did in Brisingr. I believe that he might be a descendent of the Grey Folk. Paolini would not have dedicated 5 entire pages introducing an old hermit and then never mention him again in Book 4. Furthermore, I believe that Nasuada will rule over all of Alagaesia after the downfall of Galby. Please do not shun my predictions too much, for I am merely 14 years of age.

  • WRHS11

    Well “tectonically”, the reason I did not include Islanzadi is because she is probably over 500 years old and it would be disgusting if Islanzadi and Eragon together. But thanks for pointing out that useless piece of information to us all, Will. And please look up how to spell “technically”.

  • Brisingrundbitr


  • will

    well tectonically your wrong CP also described islanzadi, who is the queen, and in the book when he described her he said she looked alot like arya…. but thats disgusting to think that eragon and her would get together….

    really i just said it to prove you wrong 😀

  • WRHS11

    To all of you that believe Eragon and Arya will get married, you are sadly mistaken. You musn’t forget that elves do not practice marriage. Arya and Eragon will become mates, because Eragon specifically states in Brisingr that he would only choose to spend the rest of his life with an elf. Arya is the only female elf Paolini has introduced to us so far, so it is not far-fetched that Eragon and Arya will get together. Arya is also of noble birth and very beautiful, both of which Angela described when she read Eragon’s future.

  • Brisingrundbitr

    thts a bit of an overreaction dont u think lol they hopefully will marry because i simply cant think of who else the other dragon rider is tht goes on the boat wif eragon

  • thebigestfan

    if eragon and area dont marry i will burn the first three books i own and give it a terrible review in the newyorktimes my dad is the head editor there

  • River

    yes, they will definitely be important in the 4th book. and stealing the egg is definitely a possibility. maybe the young one could be the next dragon rider? it would be a twist

  • Brisingrundbitr


  • borgin

    i think the old lady and the strong tenn eragon blessed with be attempting to steal the last egg. thats what i think

  • will

    I guess it could work, they could have Eragon go somewhere else (like hes destined to do) then Roran can stay back and guard or rule algeasia.

  • Brisingrundbitr

    hmm i thought about this and it seems too me it would work because eragon and roran are practically brothers they already have a genuine love i suppose this may help wen sapphira and the green dragon get together though wen they bang it could become a problem lol

  • will

    i think that Christoper P had Roran try and fail doing magc to prove that he is different from Eragon (someone said in one of the book 4 theories). Roran shows humans strength, Arya shows the elves strength, orik shows dwarves strength and eragon shows the riders strength.

  • alex9191

    The only problem that I see with Roran becoming the next rider is the fact that he resembles the human race and shows how strong they are just as humans. He shows the courage that they can posses even withought magic and super strength.. But they also have nasuada for that role of the human strength too. SO I don’t know though it is a toss up for me. I know nasuada will not be the new dragon rider then she would be too powerful and katrina is pregnant and angela doesn’t fit the part

  • alex9191

    I believe that Eragon’s Cousin Roran will become the new rider in the fourth book. First off throughout the three last books Roran has grown to be a fierce and courageous fighter. But the major thing that gives it away is that Roran is trying to learn to use magic towards the end of the last book. He tries lifting a pebble and through out the book tries multiple times but always fails and he seems very determined to figure it out. I believe that this is foreshadowing for the fourth book. CP isn’t just going to put some random person in as a dragon rider plus the last two riders have been related Murtagh and Eragon and so now I believe that Roran the last remaining relative will become a Rider. Plus I just don’t see Arya becoming a Rider. It seems to far fetched.

  • Sip

    The next rider will probaly be arya. While her and eragon are bangin so will their dragons. The riders will need to have a love relationship to let their dragons bone pretty obvi.

  • Brisingr undbitr

    yeh possible and would be an unexpected twist though id be dissapointed due to i think it should be sumn1 more main

  • will

    please comment on my thought i just thought about and it seems like it would work.

  • will

    well im sure galby has wards around his hoh’s so that they cant be stolen or transported.

    i just got an idea though: maybe Trianna will become the next dragon rider. she already knows how to use magic or atleast understands it so all she will have to do is learn how to fight better with a sword and then learn the secrets of the rider

  • chevy85

    *** defense***

  • chevy85

    not sure if anyone has brought this up or not but the last spell eragon was taught was that of summoning. Better to take Galbs heart of hearts and use them against him. Perhaps the one thing he didn’t think about when setting up his deference

  • will

    i doubt that it will be Katrina she is pregnant. i think the next rider will be arya or elva. i know arya is kinda obvious but i think that will give her and eragon time to spend more time together. if elva becomes the next dragon rider she would be too unpredictable.

  • bob1234

    hey everyone, I am not a huge inheritance fan, but i like the books and i have a few ideas of what might go down:

    the next rider will be katrina. im surprised nobody has even considered this, but she is a pretty central character in the book and has a lot of the characteristics of a dragon rider (just think about it)

    theres no way it could be arya, thats way to obvious. nasuada hates magic, so that dosn’t work either. angela has been around too long. the new rider has to be someone fresh

    roran cant be the new rider either. i think roran is in the book mainly to represent the power of the human. there are so many powerful magical beings in the book that humans look weak and overshadowed, so roran is in the book to remind us of what humans can really do. theres no way he would be made into the next dragon rider, since that would defeat the purpose of why he is in the book. i think he will be appointed the king of alagaesia when the varden defeat galbatorix

  • asuthosh

    i know wat “rock of kuthian” is……

    it is the place were eragon would find more eldunaries…….i think my guess is correct…this is only my guess

  • D

    I don’t know who the next rider is, but here are my guesses:

    Roran, but that would be cruel to make him watch Katrina die while he didn’t age.

    Arya is possible but it wouldn’t be a very big twist so i doubt it’s her.

    Angela is possible too, but she doesn’t seem too likely.

    Elva would be a nice plot twist and wouldn’t be too shocking to see. We’ve seen her in all of the books and she appears to be a subplot, but don’t count her out.

    Nasuada has enough to worry about.

    It would be cool to see Carn the magician become a Rider.

    But it’s pretty obvious that galby’s looking for the name of he AL and so is Tenga.

    The only thing i Don’t have a clue about is the Rock of Kuthain.

  • Guest

    My Idea the next dragon will be a land dragon and orik Will destroy the hate of dragons and dwarves and he will be a super fast land dragon!!!!!!

  • madddo

    does anyone have any clue about how much cp has written of the fourth book and about how much longer we have too wait or an estimated release date cas i cant wait till book 4 comes out

  • teirmidiot

    i think that in book 4 murtagh will steal the last dragon egg and then will be killed by galby after. i think that the egg will hatch for arya then eragon spends time teaching arya the little bit about magic he knows that she doesn’t and saphira will teach the new dragon. then eragon and arya get together. i think it is obvious that galby is searching for the real name of the AL and maybe Tenga (the old hermit eragon met in book 3) is also.

    i would like to learn about angela’s history and i read somewhere that she might of gotten her bones from glaedr and i doubt that mainly because when eragon described her to oromis he didn’t seem to get mad (and i think he would get mad if she was teh one that stole the bones from glaedr)

  • will

    ive read the series a couple of times and at the end of brisingr they never say that Roran lives. i doubt that CP would have him die but he could start the 4th book with Roran dieing.

  • pommy

    arcticviper i believe u r right and if murtagh and thorn did steal sum heart of hearts than that would probably chnge their true names

  • ArcticViper

    Looking forward to book 4. I agree with most that Eragon will win he has to. Someone mentioned that Galby is to powerful. I believe he has lost his focus over time give the Varden the chance to steal the egg in the first place.
    Eragon has received information on why Galby has such great power. If Eragon focuses getting the dragon hearts he can weaken him and get power he needs. This could b a role of Murg and Thorn, they will be converted as Eragon suggested in the last battle.
    Of course this is only opinion…the books have been over the top…

  • nice

    dusty i think you are a idiot

  • dusty

    eragon and arya should not be together neither should arya be the next rider it would just make me mad if anything it should be venier the elf that helped train him

  • Guy

    sup fools. little 13 and 14 year olds. sup

  • unknown

    Firstly, C.P. has often hinted that the identity of the next Rider will be a surprise. This leads to the notion that A.) He is misleading us at this point and Arya will be the next Rider or B.) The next Rider is another character in the series.

    Possible solutions are obvious:

    Arya- female, elf with possible companionship ties to Eragon. Also, maintains a ‘green’ aura when performing magic, which is the color of the next dragon. By having Arya be the Rider C.P. brings balance to the series. There is the obvious sexual balance in addition to the love interest. Has it is mostly a young adult’s fantasy this successful romance has its appeal. Yet, this option seems much too obvious, but Paolini could be misdirecting us with the ‘surprise’ nonsense.

    Elva- marked by gewdey ignasia, mystical and seemingly has a greater role to play.

    Roran- I highly doubt this outcome. You must look at Paolini’s connection with other fantasy works like Lord of the Rings. Roran is synonymous with the horse cult of Rohan, which resemble the human contingency. In this case Alagaesia is the precursor to the modern Earth, like Middle-Earth was. Thus, Roran will most likely live on as a monarch in Alagaesia and lead the human race into becoming the dominant culture.

    Angela- this is an option that I only just begun to investigate. Angela is a magic-oriented herbalist/witch that has the telepathic connection with werecats. An interesting notion is that she is highly correlated with the color green vis-a-vis being a herbalist and only wearing shades of green. Disadvantage to her being the Rider is that she is an ‘older’ character in the series. For some reason I feel as if Paolini will make the next Rider a contemporary of Eragon to balance out the series.

    Nasauda- her attributes do not fit the criterion of a Rider in my view. Firstly, she is already in a position of power. Considerably a constant in fantasy is by increasing a monarch’s power is actually foreshadowing corruption; being the last book, it is unlikely. Personally, I feel as if Nasauda will die in this book and Roran will supplant her. Yet, I did hear an interesting idea that once Galbatorix is dead, Shruikan will be free and in need of a rider—Nasuada. Based on imagery again, Nasauda’s dark black skin and a black dragon…maybe.

    Conclusively, it is important to remember the significance of imagery in the Inheritance Cycle, for there has been no coincidence in the color schemes.

    What do you think?

  • pommy

    not always i mean wat about murtagh and thorn

  • children

    most of u are completely off he will not find alot of elumdi for because galbtorx will have more and squash him faster also the rider murg anmd thorn will join him along with the next rider maybe he might become the next enemy rider but i think it will be a girl most likley arya its will have the dual sexes arya eragon and the oppisote dragons

  • YoHomie

    I really hope that Eragon and Arya get together before the end of the book! I hate it when the author makes the couple get together at the VERY end of the book!

  • Kmc995

    I absolutly LOVE the Eragon series. I am a major Eragon x Arya fan! I think, related to the book four teaser, that the title “Brains” has to do with Eragon, found in the middle of an important situation ar battle, and is forced to use his brains/head to figure out the solution to his problem. Maybe he is in the middle of battle and he has to think of what his next move will be or he is trapped and he finds his enemies weakness. Or maybe even the werecat Solembum gave him another riddle or had previously gave him a riddle (beside the weapon, or bright metal, under the Menoa tree) that Eragon had finally discoverd and uncovered the answer to. As for the “warm and fuzzy’ part of the teaser, I would guess and strongly hope that he is referring to an Eragon and Arya moment. I hope that their friendship and bond grows and they become closer and KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO ERAGON AND ARYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peewee

    i hope the book comes out soon or the realese date is given so i could read the last book!!!!!!! o an i agree with everything wrsh11 says that would all be cool

  • River

    wow, WRHS11, you sound like a dork. but i agree with all the crap that you said about the rock of kuthian and the eldunari. seriously, 14? you sound like f-ing college professor analyzing the book. what happened to just reading for fun?

  • WRHS11

    Let us just be honest with ourselves, Eragon will defeat Galby. Paolini would not dare end Book 4 with the Varden’s defeat and Eragon fleeing Alagasia with his life. Eragon will discover the whereabouts of the Rock of Kuthian, and inside the Vault of Souls he will find a formidable amount of Eldunari. As to the location of the Rock of Kuthian, I would take a guess at Du Fells Nangoroth, the mountains in the center of the Hadarac Desert. Eragon will use these Eldunari to bring about the demise of Galby. The indentity of the new Dragon Rider still baffles me, even though I have read all of the books numerous times. I suspect that the new Rider will be either Roran or Arya, but I believe that the new Rider will not have a significant impact in the downfall of Galby. I also believe that the hermit Tenga will have a much larger impact in Book 4 than he did in Brisingr. I believe that he might be a descendent of the Grey Folk. Paolini would not have dedicated 5 entire pages introducing an old hermit and then never mention him again in Book 4. Furthermore, I believe that Nasuada will rule over all of Alagaesia after the downfall of Galby. Please do not shun my predictions too much, for I am merely 14 years of age.

  • AryaGirl

    If Eragon finds the Eldunari he could defeat Galbitorix.

  • iknow

    Look if you all think about it the way the book is set up its basicly impossible for eragon to ever have a chance against Galby. Galby with only 13 other riders defeated all the other riders the dragons the elves and the empire the controlled i mean god damn they were out number you would think and now eragon who isnt even that powerful is ment to beat galby who has only grown like 100% more powerful if he does then i say this whole stroy is bull how can it ever happen if galby took down the riders empire with only 13 others

  • hello

    this is regarding the noname giest saying angela is half elf, have you never read the books before Eragon is half elf not Angela so plz gtfo

  • Pommy

    (to correct that and add a few more details lol sorry i only just turned 13 today but im a huge fan of eragon)

    i have a thought what if in eragon book 1 it says Galby slayed vrael by cutting his head off with a sword of fire what if that sword was zar\\\\\\\’roc (as its iridescent red) and murtagh has zar\\\\\\\’roc now what if murtagh gets killed and galby takes up zar\\\\\\\’roc sword again assuming that he used it too slay vrael
    oromis said in brisingr or maybe it was eldest lol i cant remember 🙂 he said that noone has ever worn a gedwey ignasia when they werent a dragon rider so i think that this might mean elvas destined too become a dragon rider and that arya will then take her dragon off her because she might die or she is about to turn against them or something like that and that would also explain the dream how eragon
    sees two elves one a female and two dragons above them
    what do you think??

  • pommy

    i mean he as in galby

  • pommy

    i have a thought what if in the eragon book 1 it says he slayed vrael by cutting his head off with a sword of fire what if that sword was zar’roc (as its iridescent red) and what if murtagh gets killed and galby takes up the sword again
    oromis said in brisingr or maybe it was eldest lol i cant remember 🙂 he said that noone has ever worn a gedwy ignasia when they werent a dragon rider so i think that this might mean elvas destined too become a dragon rider and that arya will than take her dragon off her because elva dies and that would also explain the dream
    what do you think??

  • ummm…. i think… i think… it may have something to do with… if oromis showed himself sooner then murtagh may have been saved from galbitorix…. if he showed himself sooner he could have been protected… but thats not logical at all right…. so w/e

  • disturbed101

    have u guyz ever wonder what mutragh meant when he fough with oromis..”Curse you for not showing yourself sooner! Curse you! you could have helped us! you could have—-“then that’s when galby mind control him.. just a thought.. i thinkmurtagh couldve been release from his oath if oromis wouldve shown himself a liitle sooner in the story or something.. wat do u guyz think?

  • noname

    i think that angela could be half elf because she was one of the only humans to come to the elfs hall as a human and she can use magic to some degree but no one knows what a cross between elves and humans are like also i think her dragon knulebones are gladyers becuse she was at the fight where he lost his knukles also since she is part elf she might be immortal or just age slowly and she once said the i have been coming here Long before they starrted checking people the twins are afraid of what they might find there or somthing like that which means she has been going to the varden probably long before ajihad became leader and remember how nasuadas assistint looked into the elves mind and he almost went mad she said they were afraid of what they might find in her mind Thank you for reading

  • esarty1

    and then in the end of the book eragon think he senses a aura or a life sign in saphira and then she will say I AM PREGNANT. and eragon like next time use magic to protct you

  • esarty1

    looki have read youre coments and there is one thing i have noticed.

    everyone thinks arya hates eragon but HELLO she never says anything lke that she only says *i am afriad that our relationship will get you killed or hurt or somthing* she will surely get togheter in this comng book or next and she will with 75% chance be the next dragon rider.

  • esary1

    who do ou think is gonna kick galbarotrix out of his throne?

  • ?

    yeah but its still interesting to talk about…and it gives you a lot to think about if you consider different possibilities, even if it wasnt mentioned in a previous book…there are surprises

  • Darkness

    Has anyone thought of the possibility that eragon’s dream was just a regular dream and not a dream of the future? also the next dragon rider could be an entirely new character or might not even hatch until the end of the book. There were no hints of heart of hearts through out eragon and eldest only that galby had a lot of power for a reason oromis would not explain.

  • ?

    Thats a very interesting thought Wondering…what if Murtagh got hold of it…that wouldnt be a good thing

  • Wonderin

    At the end of book 3 I was more interested in finding out what happens to Orimis’ sword. It did have centuries of magic from multiple elves donating everyday stored in it before he went into battle. Will Eragon remember this and request the use of the power still remaining after it was dropped? Just a point to ponder.

  • ?

    umm….thats very interesting…

  • vodnik


  • Guy

    oh im more then likely going to do alot more then just that

  • River

    dude, youre going to make love to your dragon? thats disgusting

  • Guy

    if i had a dragon.. id be the best deer/boar/elephant/goose/duck/rat/other species of animal hunter ever.. yesir. oh and i think IM going to be the next dragon rider. and together me and my dragon will make sweet sweet love and kill lots of things. its gonna be sweet

  • Guy

    LOL a’ernglkanjgnhlkaengknaegk

  • ?

    oh, and it would be cool if Angela did turn out to be a dragon rider…i was always wondering where she got those Dragon knuclebones in the first book

  • ?

    Where did u guys read that the person who leaves on the boat with Eragon in his dream had blonde hair? and what does that have to do with anything?

    Personally I hope that Arya and Eragon do end up together…i mean there has been so much stuff built up between them and it would all mean nothing (not to mention it would have been a waste of paper to write) if they didn’t end up together! I don’t think that Katrina is going to fall in love with Eragon and leave Roran cause Katrina and Roran have been in love for a long time and Katrina didn’t give up on Roran when she was taken to the Ra’zac’s layer thing…i don’t think that love like that can just disappear! and the chances of Katrina and Roran’s kid becoming the next Dragon Rider are very slim considering he/she hasn’t even been born yet… and if there is going to be a new dragon rider it would have to be one that would be able to fight.

    I hope you guys are right about the whole vault of soul’s thing because it would be really cool if Eragon got to talk to the first Eragon…also it would be cool if Eragon found the first Eragon’s dragons heart of hearts! Either one happening is fine with me! Oh, and about the whole resurrection thing, that would be really cool…I would like it if Brom came back to life! Then he and Eragon could have the father son relationship they never got the chance to have! And it would help the Varden a lot if Oromis came back to life.

    Can’t wait to read the 4th book and find out all the answers to these questions!

  • Bae’larr

    Okay, Listen cause I’m only going to say this once.

    The Vault of Souls must contain a vast number of wild dragon Eldunari that most likely predates the time of the Riders. Or it could be something else altogether, spirit creatures even who will aid Eragon in his fight against the empire.

    Roran will not take the thrown after Galbatorix’s defeat, that is most certainly not his desire. As he said in his vows to Katrina he only wants to defeat the Empire so his life can be as it once was–he hopes for a simple life with Katrina as he intended when he left home all the way back in Eragon Book 1.

    It is an easier guess then that the next Dragon Rider (assuming the egg has not already hatched) could be Arya, but personally I find that unlikely, or the teen muscular girl Eragon and Saphire encounter and bless in Brisingr.

    Maybe Arya is not the epic love Eragon is fabled to have. We have yet to learn who Nasuada’s mother is, therefore Nasuada could indeed be of noble birth, mor do we fully understand the standing her father had among his own people.

    Elva is a wild card and I do not know heads of tails of her situation, but I am sure she will play a great role in the final book, she’s is even a great canidate to become the next Dragon Rider.

    Murtagh and Thorn will most definately manage to change their true names and be free of Galbatorix’s command, but whether they live or die in the siries in still up for debate. CP seems to want to make Murtagh’s story a tragic one. I would not be surprised to find his dead before all of this is over.

    And in closing let us just remember this oe little thing, and remember where you heard this from…the names Bae’larr, I promise you that Hrothgar and Nasuada’s Father (I can’t remember how to spell his name) will not be the only leader we see fall before this is over.

    Oromis is dead, but what about Orrin, or even Isslanzadi…

    And what small but major role does CP have in store for…what for it…Sloan. He’s not going to sit in Du Weldenvarden forever!

  • dragonman15

    I think murtag kills saphira or arya and eragon faces murtag but can’t kill him because of their friend ship and that make his true name change

  • DT12


    how do you know these people are in grade 2, any of these theories could be possible.

  • BO(DK)


    You need to quit thinking about today and think about then. Your think about this time period, our time period is going to blow up the world

  • Guy

    i think eragon is going to rebel and kill everyone and the world is going to blow up

  • Guy

    hey some of you guys type like your in second grade.. this obviously isnt a book you should be reading much less trying to come up with a theory about it.

  • shadowphoenix

    i font think the menoa tree took eragon’s love, it may of given him something for all we know, as for roran becomeing the next rider i think wont happen, nowhere in any of the books does it say that u have to be related to a rider to be a rider, and as for book 4, theres a fiew ppl i wanna find out what part they play in it, the 2 pilgrims(the fat lady and the tall muscly teen) the guy that see’s light, and eva doesnt run off she is there at the end of book 3, so maby she will play a bigger roll, and for memory eragon will take over control of the varden if nasuada dies, though roran will control it somehow, and as for angela being a rider its highly likely, she knows 2 much, and ever think that she got the knuckle bones from the gold dragon(name excapes me atm soz) and who’s to say that her dragon is dead, it might be the one hideing in the spine, maby they got sepperated, either way angela having a dragon in the spine would be a twist, and who knows maby she has the heart of hearts its still gunna be a load of information crambed into one book, i hope he doesnt cut any corners because that would suck, though CP hasnt let us down yet so, HURRY UP AND FINISH THE BOOK !! lol ooh i just noticed a discussion page bout bright steel armour, that would even things up with galby and murtagh, and i think that eragon keeping his sword will make him change his name, by takeing it with him and giving it to him, i think mutagh will come back to the “”good side”” but ppl will still treat him as a out cast, though, 2 riders VS galby and his hearts would still be a close fight, think about how meny hearts he has, still gunna be a awsome book =P


  • vodnik

    If Brom was Aryas’ dad, then she would be like Eragon, A really ugly elf

  • BO(DK)

    I never said Arya’s dad was Brom, I was trying to tell them that. But we change topic so much it is hard to keep track of what we say.

  • Emily

    Okay, everyone is saying that Arya is Brom’s daughter, but if you paid attention in Eldest, it clearly sayd that Arya’s dad was Evandar who was king and was killed by the Forsworn.

  • kjhkjhj

    With Eragons dream after the razac destroys Garrows house and ultimately kill garrow, it says to people taller than the rest of the group get on the ship with 2 dragons flying overhead. If Arya was the next dragon rider she and Eragon could be the last 2 elves and they leave Alagaesia with the dwarves on that ship 2 a new land, leaving the humans to take all of Alagaesia for their own. Roran could be the crying/yelling from the shore. not sure about that part.

  • TheDutchOne

    Hey i’m pretty sure that book 4 will come out late next year due to the fact the it definantly won’t come out before the Brisnger deluxe addition because the deluxe addition will more than likely contain a spoiler of book 4.

    Also that it would make sense for Cp to release the deluxe edition in between or close to in between the two books.

    This is purely guess work though.

  • River

    what does the color of people’s hair have to do with anything?

  • No offense or anyding, but i dont dink peoples hair got 2 b black jus 2 b a dragon rida. I mean, murtaghs hair is black, isnt it??

  • [email protected]@dy(Guest)

    I cant wait 4 da nw book 2 cum out! 2 b honest, i dont really know wat 2 expect. Arya will definetly admit she luvs eragon. I know coz dea wer clues in book 3…

  • Ninja

    I just want the book to come out!

  • jim

    I think that in Book 4. Saphira will marry Roran. Arya will marry Brom. And JFK will be ruler of Asgarnia.

  • sssss

    hey, has’nt anyone noticed this?
    how du think angela is so old
    oromis said that she used to be seen in ellesmera at the time of the riders

    dosent this mean that she COULD be a rider??

    and also remember when angela told eragons fortune?

    what did she use??

    the knucklebones of a DRAGON!
    maybe she got them from her old dragon.

    I thing she’ll find her dragons eldunari

  • dougal95

    i also noticed sumthin else every1, eragon was transformed into somethin like an elf and since he was 16 yrs old doesnt that mean now that hes the elf-equivalant age of 16? that wud make him about 80 in elf years so he and arya r actually almost the same age if im rite…

  • dougal95

    Has any1 noticed that the green sword eragon examines before makin brisingr wud be a perfect build for roran if he became the next rider. Also, Garrow says 2 roran: “take care of the land and itll take care of u. Not many things will do that”. (a dragon wud do that) But… Arya’s eyes and magic r green, the colour of the nxt dragon and there are 3 male riders (yet apparently 50% of the riders were female and the other 50% male so it wud make sense if the nxt rider was female.) Also, if saphira were 2 fall in love with the green dragon, it wud help arya and eragon get together, if she were the nxt rider because the emotions of either dragon or rider will affect the other one in the same way. Its confusin who it will be between them, if its any1 of them… Paolini has so much 2 cover in the 4th bk.

    Anyway, these r just my thoughts ive also got a theory on how everythin ends but itll take 2 long 2 fully explain. Any1 any idea wat’ll happen 2 murtagh?

  • River

    no, that doesnt really make more sense. eragon and morzan were both sons of dragon riders (brom and morzan). roran has no relation to either dragon rider. so maybe roran will become the next dragon rider but not because of his family or his relation to eragon. they are just cousins

  • sabrina

    i think roran will be the next dragon rider. thats because eragons father (brom) ,half father(morzan), and him are dragon riders. there are riders in the family so mabe eragon became a rider cause brom, is his dad was a rider. and mabe brom told the story to eragon (in the first book) because he knew that his son will be the rider of saphira . mabe roran will be the next dragon rider because he is related to eragon. doesent that make more sence?

  • Belgarion

    All of you who have gone on about Katrina becoming the next dragon rider has set my mind thinking it over… and It’s sort of a realy interesting twist for the story line. Think about it: Katrina becomes the dragon rider. she finds out what Eragon did about her father. This causes loads of upset and tension… Nasuada dies? Roran is king. Eventualy Katrina comes round and falls inlove with Eragon, leaving with him on the boat. That would upset Arya as she might finaly admit/show her love for eragon.

    even if that isnt what’s going to happen it’d create an interesting part to the story.

  • River

    i think nasuada will die so roran wont have to rebel, then he will lead the varden.

    i dont thinik the menoa took some of eragons love for arya tho. idont know, can your true name be taken away?

  • theobserver

    i think that the menoa tree took some of eragon’s love of Arya as payment also i think that Roran will rebel agenst Nasuda for the leadership of the Varden

  • River

    haha, that would be wierd if brom was her dad cuz then it would be like that mortal instruments series with the whole awkward brother-sister love thing. and thats just creepy.

  • Petika

    Thanks. That didn’t sound right.

  • BO(DK)


    It does not say Brom was Arya’s father.

  • Petika

    I was just looking at an earlier post, and maybe I’m forgetting something, but where does it say that Brom was Arya’s father? I’m not remembering seeing that.

  • firstofight

    i just had a thought a couple of days ago, what did the menoa tree take from eragon and saphira? i think that it took saphira’s heart of hearts, but thats just my opinion (probably wrong) just wanted to know what u guys thought about it.

  • Zekle

    I think that like the dwarfs that attacked Eragon, the Razac, and many other things that the vault of souls is hidden from those who try to search for it mentally and if it does contain an Eldunari, maybe if someone who has enough strength, say Galbotrix perhaps, trys to break in with magic then it will use whatever power is in the vault to stop it so that when they do successfully break in without Eragon saying his name then that means that what ever power lay within the vault will have vanished forever and left the person incredibly weak. So one of the two may happen

  • helovedher

    I think the new rider will be a girl from Murtagh’s past. Galby told him he had her killed before she could escape too, but she actually did escape after Murtagh during the first book. Maybe the shock of seeing her alive would change Murtagh’s true name and free him from the oath.

  • shotik

    I think Arya will be the next DRAGON rider and in the end of 4th book she will mary Eragon and Roran will become the best king of all times in Alageysia but , what we are talking about ??!! Alll our comments are only thoughts and we don’t know sure what will be in the 4th book! But I hope that all our thoughts will become true in the last 4th book of Eragon and good reading thanls to all. ( SHOTIK ) / ( [email protected] )

  • whatever

    it doesnt matter how old you are to be a dragon rider, in fact it would be better if the green egg hatched for an older elf because then they wouldnt have to be trained!!!!!!!

  • blueblood

    I bet Arya will be the next rider. I also believe Arya actually does like Eragon she just doesnt show it because she was afraid it might interfere with Eragon’s training. But now that she knows that Eragon’s teachers are dead so she might show her true feelings towards Eragon.

  • River

    snaps for rex! i totally agree with him about arya

  • rex

    Murtaghsgirl I do not mean to be rude or sound offending in anyway possible, but there is stong evidence that Arya will be the next dragon rider. I know you said that it would be a little bit much seeing as how she isa princess, however Arya has thrown that life away over 80 years ago. Arya took the position as a vassel for carrying the egg. So it is completely possible for her to be the next dragon rider. It is not restricted to just commonfolk to become dragon riders after all. Secondly there is the point that a persons magic tends to be the color of the dragon. We already know that the last dragon to hatch will be a green dragon and when Arya uses magic it’s green. Another and possibly weaker point would be that Arya has bee naround a dragon hatchling (even if it was still in the egg) for nearly 100 years and seeing as how Alagaesia is in a state of peril perhaps te last dragon egg will recognize that and sense Arya can help and hatch for her.

    Anyway those are my thoughts. No harm intended and anyone can disagree if they want. Im just here to put my two cents in.

  • River

    Actually, Mutaghsgirl, CP never says anything about the dragon riders having to be related to previous dragon riders, it just happens that murtagh and eragon are. so it doesnt matter that ror&katrinas kid wouldnt be related. i dont think he/she wil be the next dragon rider anyway

  • erabrom

    mtalen, if that is true, that means Brom was really ‘Active’. lol

  • MorganMcFarland

    I cant wait untill the 4th book its gonna be awesome. I think that the new dragon rider might be Nasuda but who knows?

  • MurtaghsGirl

    The next rider wouldnt be roran and katrinas kid, because he (or she) wouldnt have be a blood relative of a dragon rider. it would be pretty sweet if katrina ended up being one though. we know next to nothing about her who knows? and no one should rule out Arya becoming a rider because shes too old. she hasnt touched all of the remaining eggs, right? so one of them may hatch for her if she gets to. though it may be a bit much (what with her being a princess and such…)

    i guess we’ll just have to wait and see..i just wish we didnt have to wait so long!!!

  • shadowphoenix

    wonder whats going to happen to the guy that eragon meets with that see’s light, the one that lost his hand and his leg, and the new dragonrider cant be either arya or elva because they both have black hair, it could be the blond traveler angela does the fortune reading for and eragon blessed, because she had blond hair for memory, she is of the right age, but other then that its hard to say, CP has done his work because he hasnt made it obvious, i still think arya and eragon will happen, though wether its a short term or permanate thing i dunno, this rider may stir things up, and eragon could move on befor arya realises that she likes eragon, at this point in time its all guess work.

    either way i wish CP would hurry up and finish book 4 alredy suspence sux, though i still find it hard to beleve that in 500-1000pages he is going to A.give eragon the strength he needs to fight galby B.find the Vault of Souls C. find out what the Menoa tree took from eragon D. the end of galby and his pet rider E. the next dragon rider, and i could go on all day, its alot of things that has to be addressed in order to end the book it would not surprise me if CP makes the cycle 5 books though part of me wants him to but part of me tells him hurry up and end it man, the suspence is killing me

  • Skeeve

    I think Arya will mary Eragon, but only after he defeats Galbatorix. And she can’t be the new dragonrider, she’s too old! and by the way, AryaGirl, Arya’s hair is also black, and what does that have to do with whether or no one can be a rider?!
    I think the new rider won’t come in for several years, and he/she will be Roran and Katrina’s kid.
    And Elva won’t be the new rider because her abilities already make her special, and her personality isn’t fitting for a dragonrider.

  • River

    i agree with aryagirl. elva definitely wont be the next rider, and not just because of her hair color.she just wouldnt fit. i think (and hope) that arya will be the next rider, and she will end up with eragon

  • AryaGirl

    Elva’s hair is black so she can’t be the rider. I think Arya will be the rider of the new dragon and she will marry Eragon and Arya’s dragon will be Saphira’s mate. That would be perfect!

  • Pet’ika

    I agree that Elva is a probable next rider. With everything she can do already, she would be sick. But nothing romantic is going to happen between Arya and Eragon. Arya’s feelings for the elf that died defending Saphira’s egg are too strong.

  • shadowphoenix

    it just occured to me that elva(the baby eragon blessed/cursed), has run off about half way into brisingr by the time that they head to battle she would be 16years old just a guess but wouldnt she be a good pic for the next dragon rider, i cant rember her hair colour but still, and she even fills the place for eragons arms on the boat she even says that “i am prepared to hate you as i am love u”

    and y else would CP decide to …make her if he didnt have some plan for her other then to run off.

    i agree with the vult of soul’s i think that the first eragon’s dragons heart of hearts is in there if not more, the dragon in the spine could be though i think it was just urgal’s because they live in there as mensioned in brisingr.

    arya and eragon in a relationship, maby theres enough proof that something is gunna happen, book 1 eragon falls for arya and says little, book 2 eldest he chases her only to fail, book 3 brisingr he stops chaseing and they share personal infomation, and ayra gets closer then ever befor, book 4 ?? might see them together, if CP doesnt kill her off.

    i think roran will be king, he has to meny good traits a king needs.

  • roranasking

    Has anyone found out what the new books name is yet?

  • resurrection27

    mostly arya will marry eragon but i have a feeling dat katrina might be the one since we know dat katrinas mother died in the spine and she could be a dragon rider………. just a suggestion …….but she wont leave roran …… could also be that katrina dies and roran becomes famous but u cant deny that arya will be next dragon rider

  • River

    Meisme, the green dragon is in eragon’s vision/ dream in the first book

  • MeisMe

    I’ve gone over all three books, “Where does it say the third dragon is green?” Except on this and other internet discussions/theories, I cannot find it anywhere

  • BO(DK)

    If there is a heart of heart’s in the vault from the first Eragon then the heart of heart’s in that vault is the most powerful thing in the world. More powerful then 300 Galbys, and if it is the second Eragons heart then he will the most powerful dragon rider that ever lived because the heart of heart’s gain energy over time.

  • Angela1

    I agree that in the Vault of Souls is the first Eragons heart of hearts. But I remember that Oromis said that he searched everywhere 4 them and couldnt find one. And the Menoa tree definiently has more secrets 2 reveal. I think their is more 2 the story than the elves know about. What r ur opinions?

  • guest

    i remember someone saying on wiki answers that the third book was going to be to long so c.p. had to split brisingr into 2 books. So if c.p. had to split brisingr in half is the 4th book almost done???????

  • River

    the name eragon has already come into play (not to say that it cant later too). both were the first dragon riders of their generation. both have brought peace (well eragon probaably will bring peace atleast) to a troubled land. they are mirrors of each other

  • apallo

    i do agree that CP would do something like that, why else would there be two eragons, I have also read on a wiki page that the name of book 4 is gonna be resurrection and that some characters will get revived, hint hint.

  • Sime

    Just a thought why would Eargon’s name open the vault of souls. I have been thinking about this four a while, my conclusion is that the first Eragon’s dragon’s heart of hearts is in the vault. And it would be super powerful because he is the oldest. I mean why else make the name-sake if it would not come into play?

  • whoever

    I think that it will end up growing into a 5 book set because theres i no way that it can be resolved in one book unless paulini gets lazy and crams. The vault of souls is definately where the hearts of the remaining dragons are.

  • Ron

    ok your all missing something from the books the someone in carvahall is a descendant fro King pallincar(not sur eif i spelled it right) i think it would be Roran so wouldnt that put him in line to be king?

    and to be honest i have NO clue who is going to be the next dragon rider, just like none of you have a clue

  • thisdood223

    i hate how they are so crazy over eragon in the first book then murtagh becomes a rider, so i mean once the last dragon hatches, eragon will be the lead dood, but he is weaker than murtagh, i dont get it

  • dragonmaster

    hey whatever, there had to be a lot of chapters for the thing with Sloan. just go to chrises website and find out why

  • jugglingclown

    i hope the next rider will be a dwarf too because they’re the only ones who have never had one. And it definetely won’t by Arya that’s just to obvious

  • EragonLover19237584357

    Oh my gosh! I always thought about what the menoa tree put in Eragon. My first thouhgt was a baby since she couldnt have one. So Eragon might be havin a baby!! Just Kidding!!! Dont take me so seriously people. That was my first thought but now I dont know what to make of it. =(

  • fanness

    1. if you stayed up with all of the books, you would know that he had sent out a video saying that the trilogy was now going to be a cycle.
    2. does anyone ponder what the menoa tree took from eragon? it could be that the elf inside the menoa tree has always wanted a child but never had one of another gender to help her…

  • mtalen

    Araya is not interested in Eragon because she is his sister. by Brom and the Queen.

  • Orik’sbuddy

    i think that the next dragon rider should be a dwarf.

  • guest101

    i Though brisingr could not have been better! i really enjoyed it and have continued to by reading it over and over again

  • Red

    . (guest) Arya has dark hair in the book and blonde hair in the movie. Although she could change her appearance as the elves can.

  • River

    i just dont think arya would want to have children. maybe way later after the books but i dont think that a child between arya and eragon will be part of the books at all. i think arya will be the next dragon rider

  • .

    Closetgeek, it was supposed to be a trilogy but he could not fit it all in three books. I think when he goes to the Vault of Souls he will like talk to Brom and his mother, or even Oromis. Most people think that Roran will be the next rider, but in the prophecy that Angela told, a girl with blonde hair was on a dragon leaving with him, so it could be Arya. I wonder how he is gonna steal the Edunari’s though.

  • Halee

    I think it would be really cool if eragon and Arya will have a son and he should be the next dragon rider. it would bring all the races together because she is the princess and he was excepted in the dwaves brotherhood. and it would be a twist because elves dont usually have children

  • Whatever

    Brisingr was a HUGE disappoinment. There was so much exciting stuff that had to be resolved and barely anything was! That whole thing with Sloan wasted half the book – that could’ve been one chapter, not 6! I think its too ovious for Arya to be the next rider, and I think it would be interesting if it were Nasuada…how unexpected would that be? I loved Eragon and Eldest. But Brisingr?? Not only did it ruin the trilogy but it was a waste of time and resolved nothing, except the fact that eragon got a sword and they discovered those hearts, which was at the very end of the book. The only bit I enjoyed was the last few chapters when stuff actually HAPPENED. I think he needs to make 5 books now, how the hell can he fit the rest of the story in one book, esp if its like Brisingr where Eragon mucks around for 6 chapters acheiving nothing?? Five books would make sense now, four is just weird. I’m not getting too excitied about the next book, as it could be another disappointment.

  • ClosetGeek

    Does anyone know when the 4th book is coming out?

    And it was supposed to be a TRILOGY!

    Does he not know what a trilogy is?

    I didn’t really like Brisingr kind of a let down for me Had a few good parts i guess?!

  • River

    i dont think that an elf will be king/queen bc they don’t want a ruler that will live forever like galbatorix has. It will just be a normal human, either Roran or Nasuada or somebody. I also think that there definitely will be a new dragon rider. i just dont know whether they become one before or after galby dies

  • Deleus

    I dont think there will be any more dragon riders… and an elf will be the new king/queen.

    Arya and Eragon will live happy in a relationship

  • Inspire

    I don’t think Arya should be the next rider!! Its too obvious! And ya it does say that stuff on wiki-answeres…I hope the whole resurrecting thing isn’t too wierd..but anyway just throwing this out there to all you hopers.. i dont think Arya should be the next dragon rider! I think that it shouldn’t be one of hte main characters at all…im looking back in the book and seeing if there are any small seemingly insignificant character that was overlooked. And Arya and Eragon shouldn’t happen. I almost like the theory about Katrina and the dragon thing…it adds a different twist..however I dont like the fact of Katrina being a dragon rider…

  • D17

    i just went onto wiki.answers and it doesn’t say anything about what the book is going to be called. or why it’s going to be called ‘ressurection’. And.. it was Angela’s profecy not solembum, and she said that she couldn’t se how it ended.

  • filaret

    In the first book Brom said seven words in the AL to Eragon. Maybe they will open the Rock of Kuthian. Although Eragon’s name couldn’t be 7 words long, could it? And Eragon would have reacted to the words. Still Eragon’s name could change over time and Eragon has changed, I mean he’s half an elf now, isn’t he?

  • cornbread

    C.P. left a message on wiki.answers saying the 4th book is going to be called ressurection because some of the characters will be revived. and that its done but its takes a while to be published and get a name/cover.

  • cherall1224

    i feel like eragon and arya are still unresolved because even though arya rejected eragon solembum’s prophecy predicted that eragon would fall in love w/royalty. i think it will be either arya or nasuada, but i like arya better. i think someone crucial is going to die in the fourth book

  • KKid

    -()Spoiler()-I think the reason Eragon and his Half-Brother Both where Chosen to be Riders, Was Due to the fact that There fathers Mozan and Brom, where riders Roran Has No rider connection.(Not as if it needed)-()Spoiler End()- Arya would be Kinda Obvious choice for the next rider, But it would also kinda fit the Storyline to date. Roran and Nasuada.. Thats A tuffy. Roran Showed good skills but i don’t think he would Make a good King. Nasuada Has the Will to be a Ruler .. But when Galbitoix dies She wont have anything to Strive against.. Arya already has Shown affection for Eragon SO it may even make Sence that a Child From Eragon and Arya will get the third Egg. BUT there are so many possible Endings. Isn’t that what makes waiting for the final Book(s) to be released fun ??

  • hadarac

    the dream is in the first book dragonman. i didnt notice until i reread the book.

  • Eragonlover!

    I think that Roran will become ruler or Algesia (Sorry if I spelled wrong) after that role is offered to Eragon and he refuses it. I also think Arya is going to be the next dragon rider, because of her green magic and that when she is training as a dragon rider shew will realize that Eragon has alot to teach her too and she is not the only one with all the wisdom, then they will run off and be happy together. After defeating Galbotorix they will leave Algesia with their dragons and Roran will be the man left on the beach waving bye to his brother wishing him happy travels. =)

  • Jerome

    I think the biggest key to the next book is going to be the soldier that was injured and can see magic energy. He is going to be the one to help find the Dragon Hearts so Galby will have less power

  • Michelle

    it wasn’t Eragon’s curse that made elva grow so fast., Saphira’s gift which makes elva grow as fast as a dragon. Though I do think that elva will play a key part in the last book though i don’t think she will be the next rider. I think its going to be an elf since there are already two human riders, I hope that it is Arya though it could possibly be one of the elf children, since they are supposed to have all those special ablities and greater stores of magic.

  • Dragonman

    Arya will surely be the next rider. roran will rule alegaesia. nasuada will die. eragon and arya will leave. i forgot, when does eragon have the dream that has two people and dragons leaving on a boat with a man on the shore?

  • correctomondoguy

    this is how its going to go down. Roran is going to die in battle, katrina will die giving birth and eragon and arya will act as god parents to the child and the kid will end up being the next dragon rider to live as long as eragon and arya. though now that i said this…. it wont come true and christopher will start over on the book.

  • River

    haha, myles you have wierd theories. i dont think katrina or her kid will be a big part of the story at all except for being the reason that roran fights. i think roran will end up being the general of the whole army under nasuada, im not sure he will end up being the leader of alagaesia tho

  • 300rules300

    i think that arya is going to be next rider but there is always teh posibility of some one else.

    when the 4 book comes out i will be so happy im so excited.

  • L

    I think Arya will be the next rider because in the first book Eragon has that dream with the man and the woman leaving in a boat with two dragons overhead.

  • Myles

    Katrina’s kid can rule after Nasuada—be her protege…

  • Belgarion

    Ok, first off I think that Arya will have to be the next rider. She’s got that green magic reference to the final dragon and we can more or less cancel most of the others out…

    Roran COULD be the next dragon rider but then he would not have the throne of alagaesia as no one wants another Dragon-rider king after Galbatorix.

    Nasuada (not sure if that’s spelt right but you know who I mean :P) could also be the next dragon rider as chris said something about her character would be significantly changed…

    Personaly, It’s not going to happen but I think it’d be cool, I wish Eragon could have saphira AND the green Dragon. It’d then make Eragon stand out far more than any other dragon rider… but that’ll never happen :’(

    I reckon that this final book will have a lot to do with Eragon’s name and true name! Why call Eragon after the first dragon rider? Does the first Eragon’s Dragon play a part in this and he may called Eragon for some reason linking to this?

    Before I checked this site today I’d more or less finaly stopped wanting to read those books over and over again… now I want to go and read some more!

  • River

    haha, that would be awesome! it would be a tinsy bit hard tho for katrina seeing as shes pregnant. but whatev. its a good theory

  • Myles

    My theory for the new rider…Katrina. She gets the new (male) dragon. Saphira falls in love with him, and him with her, thus also making Eragon and Katrina fall in love. She leaves Roran and goes with Eragon when he leaves Alagaesia, leaving Roran as the man on the beach fromo Eragon’s dream in Book 1.

  • River

    orik is definitely not going to be the next dragon rider. first off, dwarves arent part of the pact that binds dragons to riders. Also in eragons vision/dream, he saw him and a woman with their two dragons- i think its arya- and orik is king of the dwarves; he won’t be able to go off and fight galbatorix and risk another civil war among the clans while he is gone

  • kj

    come on… the leader of alagaesia will be Nassuada

    Elva even called her “She Who Would Be Queen of The World” and I think the new rider might not come out till the end of the book

  • Ridertheories

    I think that a good next rider would be Orik. This would bring the Dwarf Clans together and fight Galb. together as ONE…Dwarf! lol. another possiblity is Roran but unlikely 3 people who are related and are D.R’s is cool but it is far fetched even in a magical land.

    And my thoughts(some1 else) believe the Orik will also be the next rider, Roran as the warrior king Arya as a close or even closer 😉 friend to Eragon. But basically there are so many different endings possible, even Arya could resurrect Ormis and marry him! but tht is juus showin possible outcomes. I love the series or cycle and can’t wait for the rest of the books to come out….

  • Umm…

    I meant to put Murtagh instead of __. I had a blonde moment and couldn’t think of his name so i just put that there and forgot to change it. (No offense to any blondes)

  • umm…

    I think that Arya will be the next dragon rider, and Roran the next leader of Alagaesia (sorry if i spelled that wrong). Or maybe somebody new that we don’t know yet will be the next rider. I also think that Thorn and __ will switch sides but it will end up costing them their lives. The reason Eragon will leave I think is to go with Arya to live with the Elves and wait to teach the riders as they are discovered. I think that Arya and Eragon might end up together and the might not. All depends. Also if they started the movies back with book one and had a good diretor that actually read the book, then I think it would be a good idea. I’m also all for the long 2 hour movies, the only good ones they make now are Harry Potter

  • BO(DK)

    Sorry I spelled Arya wrong

  • Bo(DK)

    I’m going to stick with Ayra because the book said that she cast emerald magic and emerald is green and the last dragon is green.

  • Brittany

    The next rider will def. be Roran, because that would make the 3 new riders all “brothers”. There must be something about that family that draws dragons to them

  • Possibilities

    I think in book 4 the next rider is Elva. I mean come on Saphira just “felt the urge” to put a dragon sign on her forehead! I don’t believe that… Plus, Elva grew up so fast that she is definitely a major character… Sure Eragon’s curse was what made that happen but she wouldn’t have that big of a part for those reasons, right?

  • River

    arya being the next dragon rider seems almost too obvious, but i just cant think of anyone else that really makes since. I mean i can see roran being the next leader of alagasia, but not the next rider

  • booklover

    I hated the movie.

    In my opinion is sucked because Jeod was my face and hes major in the next books.

    I loved the books and I realllly hope he finishes them soon. I think thats it’ll be roran.

  • bndonell

    I’ve read and reread the entire series and I can’t wait for book 4! I wish Chris would hurry! Also, I believe that Arya is going to be the last dragon rider.

  • Bo(DK)

    I am going to take a guess and say some time in the middle of next year to the end

  • Wenna

    I LOVE the books! I just reread them and I can’t wait till the fourth one. Does anyone know when it’s coming out?

  • matthew

    this books are awsome i cant wait till the fourth comes out im re-reading the books im almost done with eragon

  • Liss

    no, i dont think people will come back. if it is called that it might be to do with the riders coming back, you know, ‘resurrection of the riders’. its so fustrating not being able to read it yet.

  • apallo

    the fourth book is going to be called resurrection, well that’s what I’ve herd, and if it is maybe it has something to do with Brom or Oromis coming back.

  • Bo

    I think these books should be the #1 hit for all time.

  • Bo

    It sounds like a good idea to make a long eragon move. I would like to sit down and watch a move that long. Directors don’t make long movies anymore.

  • Matthew

    I love the cycle

    im on the 3rd book right now!

    for the rest of the movies, they would have to be cut up into long long long movies like kill bill for one book, so it would be so much like lord of the rings considering of how much they left out in the 1st movie =(

  • Bo

    The reason why the first movie sucked a little bit is because the man/women who made it did not do a good job of reading the book

  • Liz

    I hope they make the rest movies too, it was the movie that convinced me to read the books. I love them all. I’ve read the books over and over (and I’m a slow reader so it took a while). I don’t care what C.P. calls the last one, I just want to read it and find out what happens. Problem is that at the same time I don’t want the story to end. 🙂 I’m 18 and absolutely love the Inheritance Cycle. I wish I could write like C.P. This series is what got me interested in fantasy/adventure books.

  • eequinn

    I don’t believe any more riders will be created. If you look at the prophesies from Angela, your gonna find that at some point Aragon is going to be banished, by the queen or by his own decision and he will do it for the good of everyone. He is also constantly being cursed by people and none people alike. He will leave alaglsia, never to return.

  • Nick

    IMHO they should make new movies but… they would have to start over they left way to much stuff out of the first movie that ruined the third book.(wasnt the town destroyed in the movie? i cant remember) I think it would be good but each movie would have to be very long and it would be a series much like Lord of the Rings.

  • Liss

    Bo, your right there. and i will have to watch the movie again, i havent seen it in a while, but i do remember thinking that they left out too much for any sequel. for instance, they don’t even introduce katrina in the movie (i might be mistaken), and she plays a vital role in the books ahead. they can repair from that, but other parts maybe not. i will watch it again, then see what i think.

  • Bo

    Liss, if they think on the next movies and do it right the next movies might be great.

    They should try to get good ideas from the adence.

  • Liss

    I disagree with Bo. they should definitely NOT bring out any more movies, they stuffed the first one up so, so bad. i dont think the fourth with be called empire coz thats what they said for the third, coz of the 6 letter starting with E thing, and it totally went off. i just want a slightest hint when it will be coming out!!!! i am so frustrated.
    Chris is a great writer, this is a great series, and i agree that it should have the story about brom and elves aswell, that would make the thrilling tale complete.

  • Matt

    These books are great and I can’t wait until the 4th one will be out. What do you think it will be called?

  • Doug

    I am 55 years old I enjoy any works about Dragons. Paolini has a definite hit with the inheritance cycle.

    ??? Where in the series does it say the third egg is green did I miss a chapter or three or what?

  • Bo

    I’m hoping they’ll come out with the last 3 movies. Pllus i read the 1 and 2 book 5 times in 1 month every tuesday for 2 hours

  • Ed

    I agree with Katherine. Eragon is a EPIC TRILOGY.
    And people don’t know that. I am addicted and have read it over 3 times while waiting for Shur’tugal.

  • ginger

    i would love to read a triligy about how the empire began like with more about mourning sage and glaedr and how Brom and his dragon saphira fought the thirteen servents including morzen. also the war between elves and dragons and the first dragon rider eragon.

  • LordDingustine

    Don’t get me wrong.. I love The inheritnace books, ive read them all at least ten times each (despised the movie though) but i must applaud Paoulini or his publishing staff for their amazing marketting ploy. seriousley he effectively added an extra 25% to his profit margins by “splitting” the final book in two.

    Just hurry Up & release it already :p

  • Miranda

    I LOVE this series. I can’t wait to find out what happens with the battle of Galbatorix. and the Eldunari. I’m 23 and I enjoy the young adult books over adult. Yes, Eragon is deeper than most think and that is another reason why I love this series. Keep ’em coming Chris! Make it a long series!!!! or at the very least a epilgoue.

  • BuddBoy

    I can’t wait for the 4th book. I Hope that Arya is the next rider.

  • zwolfe

    I want the 4th book to come out!!! I read Brisingr in 2 days after I got it! if only Paolini was a dragon rider he could use magic to speed up the process!

  • mrman

    the books are great i just finished brisingr and can’t wait for the fourth, as for me i think roran will be the next rider because of his relation with eragon. go hoptown middle tigers!

  • ranga

    is it true that the name of the 4th book is empire?? is nolfaravell the next rider ihope the naxt book comes out soon!!!

  • Katherine

    I think Eragon is a bit underated. When I reccommend it to classmates, they say it’s about a guy who rides over a great fantasyland and fights seamonsters and befriends the elves (in thier minds similar to the ones who work for “Santa”). Eragon is SO musch more and peple don’t realize this. My mom thinks the same thing everyone else does and says that Eragon is some wizard that lives in a castle somewhere. Other people laugh in my face at the thought of a fifth grader reading such a big book.(I am not the type who takes forever to read a 50 page chapter book.) I love Eragon and wish more people would read it.

  • red

    When are you releasing your 4th book. Your books are great! Please tell me it is coming out soon.

  • 1248344068

    omg i just looked up on ebay eragon swords and theres a nice little picture of a galbatorix staff could this be his weapon look it up