New Alagaesia Newsletter

Christopher Paolini recently sent out a new Alagaesia newsletter, his first in a few months, discussing his progress with Book 3, the title and cover of Book 3, his decision to convert the trilogy into a cycle (four books), and more!

    I know from your letters that you are curious about the name and cover design of Book Three. The decision to add a fourth book to the Inheritance cycle has affected many things, this included. I promise you’ll be the first to hear as soon as the title of Book Three is announced. And, like you, I am excited to see what the cover will look like!

Christopher goes on to mention that some exciting pre-publication events for Book 3 will start this January and continue until the book’s publication on September 23th, 2008! The full newsletter can be read on our Alagaesia News archive, and as always, you can subscribe for free to Alagaesia News by visiting

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