New Layout – Sneak Peak

After leaving the fans in the dark for a bit over a month, we’ve decided to offer you guys the first sneak peak at Shur’tugal’s new layout (project currently unnamed)! In this blog post, we fill you in on a few secrets and show you our “placement layout”, which gives you a large insight into the organization and functionality of the new site layout. We look forward to keeping you posted!

Note: As stated (multiple times) in the blog post – the picture of the “new layout” is of placement and size only! The new layout is going to look nothing like that in terms of graphics, color, etc. – only placement and size.

As a reminder, to help with the rising costs (over $15,000 a year) to run, we’re asking for your help. How can you help us out? Summer’s here – look snazzy in one of Shur’tugal’s cheap but inexpensive t-shirts! Or if you’d prefer, you can make a donation of any amount. Thanks in advance for your support!