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  • The Soul Finder

    I have to say something but cant get on the blog so here it is.

    I have found out where specificly where the Vault of Souls is. Its Brom’s grave on the sandstone Rock of Kuthian the tomb is called a vault TWICE and is also made of diamond which makes it an eternal resting place for Brom’s soul. It’s also on top of a big rock most likely the Rock of Kuthian. This also means that Eragon himself made the Vault of Souls. Solembum also says for Eragon to speak his name to the vault (presumably his true name) I think that his true name is seven words of the Ancient Language that brom told him to “Use them only in great need.” this must be his true name. So Brom’s grave is the vault of souls.

    Signed …. Christopher Edward Martin