Yearly Archive:: 2006 Staff Book Reviews

Shur’tugal has been given the unique opportunity to read and review all new Fantasy and Science Fiction books published by Random House and its subsidiaries. Because of the long wait time between Inheritance book releases, the staff of Shur’tugal are delighted to be able to recommend reading – or staying away from – other book Newsletter

Some of you may remember the past newsletter, which quickly faded away. Well, the staff are pleased to announce that we will be restarting the newsletter as of now, and it is open to new subscribers! (We’ve even gotten rid of the bugs, now!). If you would like more information, or would like to

Eragon Production Notes Online

Thanks to our contact at Fox, Shurtugal is now able to offer for download a full PDF of the Eragon Production Notes. The notes include information about transforming the book into a movie, as well as information about the fiming and thought behind many of the scenes created in Eragon the movie. In addition, short

Eragon Box Office Stats

The Box Office statistics for the release of Eragon are in, both internationally and domestically. In the opening weekend, Eragon grossed approximately $52 million USD combined. In its first week (Mon-Thurs) after release, Eragon brought in only $7.3 million domestically, followed by $7.05 million domestically on its second weekend in theatres. The current total gross

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the Shur’tugal family, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays to you and yours. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukah, or another holiday you celebrate, we hope you get everything you want (and more!) this year, and at least try to remember what the season is all

Alagaesia News #22 – The Premiere!

Christopher Paolini released his twenty-second “Alagaesia News” newsletter on Friday. The newsletter, which featured a photo of Christopher with actor Jeremy Irons (Brom) at the Eragon movie after party, talked about Christopher’s trip to the United Kingdom for the movie, the movie’s release, and his trip home. The premiere itself was everything I expected it

Shur’tugal Gear "Card Generator"

Thanks to Tim, Shur’tugal now has a Shur’tugal Gear “Gift Card” Generator! If you purchased a Shur’tugal t-shirt for a family member, friend, or anyone and want to give them a card as a sort of “place holder” until their shirt arrives (they’ll be shipped on January 2nd, for the record), you can use this

Interview with ILM Artist Jean Bolte

CGSociety, a society of digital graphic artists, recently interviewed Jean Bolte of Industrial Light and Magic for one of their Artist Profiles. Bolte was a key artist in the group that had worked on the special effects for the movie Eragon, including, among other things, the stunning effects for dragon Saphira. The group with ILM