Alagaesia News #22 – The Premiere!

Christopher Paolini released his twenty-second “Alagaesia News” newsletter on Friday. The newsletter, which featured a photo of Christopher with actor Jeremy Irons (Brom) at the Eragon movie after party, talked about Christopher’s trip to the United Kingdom for the movie, the movie’s release, and his trip home.

    The premiere itself was everything I expected it to be: big, loud, and lots of fun. There were countless blue Christmas lights strung up around the location, several gigantic video screens playing looped footage of Saphira flying and breathing fire, loudspeakers blaring the movie music, thousands of screaming fans, hundreds of journalists, and several dozen publicists running from place to place. The most impressive thing, however, was the line of fireballs that exploded from the top of the marquee every thirty seconds or so. They were so big, I could feel the heat a good twenty feet away. As soon as I got out of the car, I began signing pictures, posters, and other miscellaneous pieces of paper. That continued for about half-an-hour, and then I moved on to the journalists and one-by-one, worked my way through them. One of the Fox publicists later told me that I did fifty-one interviews in a row that night.

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