Interview with ILM Artist Jean Bolte

CGSociety, a society of digital graphic artists, recently interviewed Jean Bolte of Industrial Light and Magic for one of their Artist Profiles. Bolte was a key artist in the group that had worked on the special effects for the movie Eragon, including, among other things, the stunning effects for dragon Saphira. The group with ILM has disbanded, and all members of it have moved on to other films/projects, but CGSociety was able to talk with Bolte about Saphira:

    She also painted colors into the scanned textures, a task complicated by Saphira’s color, one of the challenges Bolte needed to address. The book of the same name, on which 20th Century Fox based the movie, has a bright blue dragon on its cover. “She’s big,” Bolte says of Saphira. “But in nature, brightly colored animals are small and really big ones are muted. As much as we wanted her to be stunning, her color is the least organic thing about her.”CGSociety

Check out the full article on CGSociety here. Thanks to Shurtugal fan Laubi for the tip.